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									                                                                     STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT
                                                                     HOW TO COMMUNICATE, CONSULT, COLLABORATE, AND
                                                                     CO-CREATE IN A NETWORKED WORLD

                                                                     A TWO-DAY WORKSHOP WITH INTERNATIONAL STAKEHOLDER
                                                                     ENGAGEMENT EXPERT ANN SVENDSEN

                                                                     MELBOURNE | 14-15 APRIL 2010
                                                                     SYDNEY | 20-21 APRIL 2010
                                                                     9.00AM-5.00PM (ALL DATES)

Stakeholder engagement is no longer optional in today’s complex and           TOOLS YOU WILL GAIN
fast-moving world. To get the results you need and solve the problems         Workshop participants will take away new tools and resources
you face, you need to understand how to develop and participate in            including:
multi-stakeholder networks.
                                                                              •	 The	Spectrum	of	Co-Creative	Engagement:		
Multi-stakeholder networks abound in industries from health to                   A diagnostic framework for determining the best engagement
environment and finance. Organisations are working with and through              strategy.
stakeholder networks to develop innovative and cost effective solutions       •	 Engagement	Planning	Framework:
to organisational and societal issues. To move solutions forward, they are       A roadmap for designing and implementing an effective
actively engaging diverse stakeholders and the public.                           engagement process from planning and preparation to outreach,
This two-day workshop will enhance your strategic abilities and skills in        collaborative action and evaluation.
building and convening stakeholder networks. You will explore leading-        •	 Business	Case	for	Stakeholder	Engagement:	
edge thinking, models and tools for productive stakeholder engagement.           The argument and resources needed to build a business case for a
                                                                                 new approach to stakeholder engagement.
WHAT YOU WILL LEARN                                                           •	 Network	Map:	
Workshop participants will gain the insights, knowledge and skills               A template and process for developing a stakeholder network
necessary to:                                                                    map.
•   Increase stakeholder support                                              •	 Stakeholder	Prioritisation	Grid:	
•   Reduce conflict and risk                                                     A new tool for categorising and prioritising stakeholders based on
•   Obtain insights of others to improve plans and projects                      influence and interest.
•   Stimulate discovery, creativity, and innovation
                                                                              •	 Dialogue	Skill	Building:	
•   Pool and leverage the expertise and assets of others
                                                                                 A new role-playing simulation to increase your confidence and
•   Gain access to new markets, knowledge, communication channels
•   Extend networks for greater impact
•   Engage others to fuel transformation                                      •	 Cases	and	Colleagues:	
                                                                                 Case studies and best practice examples from leading
WHO IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR?                                                        organisations around the world.
Are you responsible for deciding when to involve others in projects and
decisions, who to involve, and how to establish priorities and targeted       WORKSHOP PROGRAM
engagement strategies? Are you charged with bringing the outside in, to        DAY	ONE                            DAY	TWO
affect change or lead system reform? If so, this workshop is for you.
                                                                               MORNING                            MORNING
You may be working in CSR, sustainability, corporate affairs, strategy,        • Complexity, Interdependence      • The Essentials of Dialogue
legal & compliance, marketing, finance, general management, operations           and Networks                     • Finding Common Ground
                                                                               • The Spectrum of Co-Creative        through Conversation
or human resources. You may be working in a company, a government
                                                                                 Engagement                       • New Engagement Methods and
business or department, local government or a social or environmental          • Developing a Business Case         Tools
                                                                               AFTERNOON                          AFTERNOON

             BOOK THIS WORKSHOP BY                                             • A Systems View of Stakeholder    • Effective Partnership Strategies
                                                                                 Relationships                    • How to Build and Convene a
             COMPLETING THE REGISTRATION                                       • Mapping Stakeholder Networks       Network
             FORM AVAILABLE AT:                                                • Developing an Engagement Plan    • Co-Creative Leadership
                                                                                                                  • Taking it Home

WHO SHOULD ATTEND THIS WORKSHOP                                                             PAST PARTICIPANTS SAY...
This two-day workshop is ideal for CSR practitioners, executive directors, community        “Integrated, holistic workshop modelling
relations managers and other leaders from business, government and civil society
                                                                                            the essential elements of co-creative
organisations who want to enhance their strategic abilities and skills in building and
convening stakeholder networks. You will explore leading-edge thinking, models and          stakeholder engagement. Stimulating and
tools for productive stakeholder engagement.                                                respectful experience.” Ros Williams, Former
                                                                                            Organisational / Communications Director, CSL
ABOUT ANN SVENDSEN                                                                          Limited
Ann Svendsen is a leader in the stakeholder engagement
field, where for over 20 years she has helped corporations,                                 “I found the most valuable part was being able
government agencies and NGOs forge stronger, more strategic,                                to workshop my own stakeholder engagement
and profitable relationships with their customers, suppliers,                               project throughout the workshop. Learning
employees, and community stakeholders. She is also an                                       about a concept and applying it to a practical
internationally recognised author and speaker on stakeholder                                example.” Australian workshop participant
issues. Her book The Stakeholder Strategy: Profiting from
Collaborative Business Relationships has been acknowledged                                  “The seminar provided me with an excellent
as the first major publication to lay out a practical approach                              stakeholder engagement framework and tools
to building stakeholder relationships. Ann is a Principal with                              that can be easily transported back to the
CoreRelation Consulting Inc., as well as part-time Adjunct                                  workplace and are applicable at all levels of
Professor and Executive Director of the Collaborative Learning and Innovation Group
                                                                                            the organization - not just for executives!”
at Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Sustainable Community Development.
                                                                                            Jennifer Ryan, MM Program Manager,
Ann Svendsen’s stakeholder engagement workshop has been completed by                        Leadership & Management Development Group,
hundreds of managers in Canada and the USA, to transform their organisation’s               Intel Corporation
stakeholder engagement capabilities and outcomes. This program has been hosted
                                                                                            “I can now directly contribute to developing
by Simon Fraser University, the University of Toronto and Boston College Center for
Corporate Citizenship in the United States. The Australian Centre for Corporate Social      our capability for this process of engagement.”
Responsibility is delighted to bring this program back to Australia.                        Australian workshop participant
                                                                                            “As we continue to work through health
                                                                                            system reform, it is increasingly vital to
SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT                                                                        engage diverse stakeholders to solve complex
This workshop is eligible for Recognised Prior Learning or for credit towards the           health issues. No one group can do it alone.
Graduate Certificate in Corporate Responsibility at La Trobe University Graduate School     This workshop has helped me to apply an
of Management.                                                                              effective and consistent approach to my
                                                                                            multi-stakeholder efforts.” Maribeth Scott,
For more information about learning with La Trobe GSM, visit:
                                                                                            Senior Manager, Health Innovation, AstraZeneca
                                                                                            Canada Inc
                                                                                            “I love these workshops – they are my CSR
                                                                                            brainfood.” Robyn Leeson, Former Program
                                                                                            Manager, EPA Victoria
ACCSR helps organisations create lasting value through responsible business strategies
and productive stakeholder relationships. Our unique capability-building approach
helps organisations identify and understand their social responsibilities, capacity
and impact and develop strategies and tactics to reduce social risks and improve
both performance and social responsiveness. Our learning programs build individual
                                                                                            COMPANIES THAT HAVE ATTENDED
capability for managing social responsibility and underpin the professionalisation of the
                                                                                            THIS PROGRAM IN AUSTRALIA AND
corporate responsibility management function.

                                                                                            AstraZeneca Canada Inc., CSL Ltd, EPA
                                                                                            Victoria, Transurban, Coles, BHP Billiton,
                                                                                            Rio Tinto, Integral Energy, Hydro Tasmania,
                                                                                            World Vision, City of Vancouver, Duke Energy
                                                                                            Gas Transmission, GlaxoSmithKline, Intel
                                                                                            Corporation, Nike, Sanofi-Aventis, Alcoa
                                                                                            Aluminerie de Deschambault, Suncor Energy,
                                                                                            Talisman Energy Inc., Vancity Savings Credit
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