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Shiamak Davar Academy    Shirt Company       Jawed Habib
  for performing Arts                    Hair And Beauty Ltd.
                                                                                           Hey Girls
                                                                                           We are Celebrating Barbie’s Birthday at Inorbit and here is your chance to be a part of
                                                                                                                            Barbie Pink Celebrations!
                                                                                           Checkout the Barbie Pink House Display at the atrium and make sure you participate in
                                                                                           all the amazing activities.
                                                                                           Get a “I am a Barbie Girl” special Photo opportunity in Barbie Apparel
                                                                                           Participate in “Me N Mom Dress Designer Contest”
From 22nd May to 7th June, get set for an unforgettable experience as the best             Dress your Barbie Doll with your mom’s help and the best style WINS!
from the worlds of Barbie, Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price arrive at InOrbit Mall:             And many more exciting games and contests.
Malad and Vashi.
                                                                                           Buy Rs.299 and above worth of Barbie Products# from the In orbit Mall and participate in
Check out the stores in InOrbit for amazing offers and participate in some fun
                                                                                           Participate in “Be A Barbie Princess Contest ”
activities in the Barbie and Hot Wheels zones at the Atrium and the Fisher-Price
                                                                                           Dress up like your favourite Barbie Princess from Barbie Movies and say the lines from
Fun House.                                                                                 the movie. The best girl gets crowned as Barbie Princess.
Girls, can celebrate Barbie’s birthday and live their Barbie Dream by participating        Win the products on display in the Barbie Pink House
in various contests each weekend. Barbie brings to them some great associations
and opportunities of learning and fun this summer with Hair Shows and                      Buy Rs.699 and above worth of Barbie Products# and get
Makeovers from Jawed Habib and performances from Shiamak Davar’s Institute                 Makeovers from Jawed Habib
of Performing Arts and win fabulous goodies from the entire range of Barbie                Barbie N Me Caricature
Boys, you can experience the thrills, spills and chills of being a Hot Wheeler!            Get a Portrait with Barbie, a treasure you will love to show off!

Head to the Hot Wheels Speed Zone and win great gifts on the spot! Grab
                                                                                           Barbie’s Biggest Collector hunt
any Hot Wheels product from an Inorbit store and win awesome Hot Wheels
                                                                                           Barbie announces the “Hunt for the Biggest Barbie Collector in India”
merchandise! Zoom to the Hot Wheels Room, get your picture clicked with the
                                                                                           Are you the One??
Hot Wheels gear on, and be the star of the moment! Participate in the Great
                                                                                           Come with ALL that you own of Barbie - Buy any Barbie products# -- ALL should be
Hot Wheels Trick Tracks Treasure Hunt, get an assured goody bag and win Hot
                                                                                           ORIGINAL Barbie MERCHANDISE , register with us and join the race to be the Biggest
Wheels gift hampers worth thousands! Phew!                                                 Barbie Collector in India.
All this and a lot more! So push your pedal to the metal and vroooom to the Hot            The Winner Gets Barbie Gift Hamper of 50 Barbie products to add to her Collection!
Wheels Zone!                                                                               #Barbie Range- dolls, sunglasses, shoes, school bags, apparel, clips, hair accessories,
                                                                                           DVDs, VCDs, Bed Linen, toothpaste, shampoos, tooth brushes, perfumes, stationery,
For all folk with little ones (or folk who’d like to be little again!), just head across   books, sporting goods – skates, balls, bicycles, activity playsets, puzzles, sleepware,
to the Fisher-Price Fun House for some awesome contests, amazing prizes, and a             innerware , swimware, bags, play cosmetic sets, ceramic tableware, tiffin boxes, water
                                                                                           bottles, role play toys.
world of fun!
DATE     GAME/EVENT                                    MALAD       VASHI
22 May   JAWED HABIB Live show                         5pm
         - Barbie- Makeovers-                                                   Just Walk in and win! The Hot Wheels Speed Zone – The Play Arena:
22 May   Mom-N Me Dress up -Barbie Contest             6pm         5pm          A Hot Wheels® Dino at the entrance sets you up for the pulsating action ahead! Race
23 May   Be-Who-You Wanna Be-Contest                   5pm         5pm          away with pouncing Raptors & deadly Dinos in the Hot Wheels Trick Tracks Jurassic Park
24 May   SDIPA Performance                             5pm; 6pm                 Zone! Experience thrills down your spine by racing on the Hot Wheels Downhill Raceway
24 May   Jawed Habib-Live Makeover Show-By JHBL        6.30pm      6pm          Tracks! Transform into a new adventure with Hot Wheels Colour Shifter cars! Puzzle your
         team                                                                   mind with the Ferrari My Size Puzzle! Every adventure of yours at the Hot Wheels Speed
25 May   Make-A _Card- Fun Art with Barbie             6pm         6pm          Zone is guaranteed to fill your moments with some hi-octane action. That’s not all! There
26 May   Make- Barbie-World Contest                    5-6pm       5-6pm        are some amazing Hot Wheels gifts to be won here, on every step of your way!
27 May   Barbie- Story Play                            5-6pm       5-6pm        Hot Wheels Trick Tracks Jurassic Park Zone!
28 May   Barbie- game Fantasy-Video Game Contest       5-6pm       5-6pm        A world of connectable stunts with deadly dinos awaits you here! Connect all the
29 May   Barbie Puzzle _mania                          12noon;;6pm 12noon;6pm   tracksets together and win awesome prizes!
29 May   Barbie n-Me- Caricature                       5-6pm       5-6pm        Hot Wheels Downhill Raceway!
30 May   Be- A Barbie Princess Contest                 5-7pm       5-7pm        Zoom ahead with the fastest Hot Wheel cars. Participate in the Race & win prizes!
30 May   Barbie Stamp-Fun Tattoos                      12-7pm      12-7pm
                                                                                The Hot Wheels Colour Shifters Zone!
30 May   Mom-N Me Dress up -Barbie Contest             6pm         6pm          Experience the magical transformation of the colour of the cars with water! It’s like two
31 May   Barbie-Magic Box                              6-7pm       6-7pm        cars in one, and double the fun! Give a cool deco to the car and win great gifts on the
31 May   Barbie Puzzle _mania                          12am;;6pm   12am;6pm     spot!
31 May   BarbieBirthday Wishing contest                5-6pm       5-6pm        The Great Hot Wheels Trick Tracks Treasure Hunt!
                                                                                Participate in this grand-slam event at FUNORBIT. Solve the clues at the pit stops and get
1 June   Make- Barbie-World Contest                    5-6pm       5-6pm        nearer to the grand treasure! Win early bird prizes for entering. Get assured goody bag
2 June   Barbie Puzzle _mania                          4pm;6pm     4pm;6pm      on completing the race. And grand prizes of Rs.10, 000/-, Rs.5000/- and Rs.3000/- worth
3 June   Make-A _Card- Fun Art with Barbie             6pm         6pm          Hot Wheels gift hampers on winning the race!
4 June   Barbie-Magic Box                              6-7pm       6-7pm        Race kick-starts at 6 pm every day and every one hour thereafter!
5 June   SDIPA Performance                                         5pm;6pm      The Hot Wheels Room!
5 June   Barbie n-Me- Caricature                       6-7pm                    Ever wondered how a Hot Wheeler lives? Come in and have a look!
6 June   Prize Distribution-Biggest Barbie Collector   5pm                      The world of Hot Wheels Trick Tracks
                                                                                Buy any Hot Wheels product and win all the grand articles on display at the Hot Wheels
6 June   Be A Fashionista- Fashion Show                6-7pm
                                                                                room! It’s easy, just show your proof of purchase, fill the Hot Wheels raffle coupon given
7 June   Prize Distribution-Biggest Barbie Collector               6-7pm
                                                                                with this leaflet and drop it at the Hot Wheels Zone! You get one raffle coupon on every
                                                                                purchase of Rs. 199/-
7 June   Be A Fashionista- Fashion Show                            6-7pm
7 June   Make- Barbie-World Contest                    5.15-6pm
Be The Star Of The Moment!
                                                                                              Fisher-Price Fun House
Buying any Hot Wheels product from any Inorbit store gives you the rare chance to pose
                                                                                              A world of fun for children (and parents!). Daily contests and fun activities
as a Formula race winner and be clicked in Hot Wheels racing attire! Just walk into the
                                                                                              for toddlers to 5 year olds.
Hot Wheels room with your proof of purchase, stand on the Podium and we would do
the rest!                                                                                     PLUS assured gifts for everyone: walk right in and get yours now*! (no
                                                                                              purchase necessary)
Guess The Number Of Cars And Win Them All!
We have filled a mammoth jar with more Hot Wheels cars than you can count! And with           Dunk n’ Cheer Basketball
Just one car Hot Wheels car, you can win them all! All you have to do is take a wild guess    Try for the maximum number of baskets from a fixed distance and win
on the number of cars in the jar and if you are the nearest and lucky, you take them all!     on-the-spot gifts!
Proof of purchase of one Hot Wheels car is all you need!
                                                                                              I can do Bowling
Just One Hot Wheels Car Leads You To A Chance To Fly To Singapore & Watch The
                                                                                              Strike the Pins and win gifts…everyone’s a winner!
Formula One Race Live With Your Dad!
                                                                                              Viewmaster & Doodle Pro contest
Purchase a Hot Wheels car at any store in Inorbit and you get your own FREE Starter Kit
on the spot at the Hot Wheels Zone! Your Starter Kit is the ticket to the Hot Wheels Race     (For 3 Years and older)
to the Races contest. It’s your starting point in building a Hot Wheels collection that can   A fun activity for you & your creative one. Guess what your child is
take you and your dad to Singapore to watch the Formula One Race Live! The Starter Kits       drawing and win a fun gift!
also shows you how you can win assured gifts with your Hot Wheels car! The Starter Kit
                                                                                              Doodle Pro ½ n’ ½ contest
comprises of – A Wall size Hot Wheels Poster + A 24 page Collectability Guide + A school
kit with Pencils, eraser and ruler + your own Hot Wheels License to Zoom                      Does your imagination match with that of your child’s? Let your child draw
                                                                                              half a picture & you have a chance to win if you can complete the other
The Hot Wheels License to Zoom!
                                                                                              half correctly. No points for cheating! 
Like your dad has a driving license, you can have your own Hot Wheels License to Zoom.
Just fill the Hot Wheels License to Zoom form with your Starter Kit.                          Ticket to Fun House

Be a Hot Wheeler – Fashion Show!                                                              Simply step into the Fisher-Price Fun House for an assured gift!* (NO
Check out the latest Hot Wheels Fashion and accessories in the Be a Hot Wheeler               PURCHASE NECESSARY)
Fashion Show.                                                                                 More than Rs. 10,000 worth of prizes to be won!
Inorbit Malad:    June-6 6-7pm                                                                “Fortune Cookie Surprise” Lucky Draw
Inorbit-Vashi:    June-7 6-7pm                                                                Buying something from Fisher-Price? We’ll add to your joy with the
Be a part of the excitement every day from 22nd May to 7th June at the Hot Wheels             “Fortune Cookie Surprise” lucky draw!
Zone                                                                                          Over 1,000 prizes* up for grabs* More than Rs. 1.5 Lakhs worth of prizes
                                                                                              to be won*!
                                                                                              *Conditions apply

*Conditions apply
                                TERMS AND CONDITIONS:
 The contest is open from 22nd May to 6th June, 2009.
 Participation / Contest is open to children in the age group of 3 years to 14 years.
 Entries must be dropped in the designated coupon boxes by 6th June, 2009.
 All decisions pertaining to contest are at the sole discretion of Mattel Toys (India)
Private Limited.
 Employees (and their relatives) of Mattel Toys (India) Private Limited are not eligible
to participate in the contest.
 Incomplete / inaccurate entries will not be entertained and will be rejected.
 Mattel Toys (India) Private Limited and its associates are not responsible for the non-
receipt of entries.
 Winners shall be selected on the basis of the correct answers. Incomplete entries
shall be disqualified.
 Prizes shall be declared at the sole discretion of Mattel Toys (India) Private Limited.
 The prizes are listed on the contest leaflet and other promotional materials.
 In case of non-availability of specified prizes at the time of claim Mattel Toys (India)
Private Limited reserves the right to substitute those prizes with their equivalents.
 Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other item.
 Winners shall be intimated individually at the address provided by them on the entry
form, personally or by phone.
 Mattel Toys (India) Private Limited shall not be responsible if the address on the
entry form is incorrectly entered or if the winner is unavailable at the address despite
reasonable attempts being made to inform him/her.
 Prizes must be claimed by the winners within 7 days of announcement of prizes.
 All disputes related to the contest shall be the subject matter of the jurisdiction of
Courts in Mumbai only.
 Mattel Toys (India) Private Limited reserves the right to amend any or all of the terms
of the participation or the prizes at any time without prior notice.

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