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									                 SouthweSt wire
                  Volume 19                                  Number 2                              wiNter, 2009/2010
                                                 office of Public relatioNS
                  11914 DragoN laNe                                       SaN aNtoNio, tX 78252

                            Band and Athletics Shine During Fall Semester
   The Dragon Marching Band earned a unanimous Division I            Rodriguez, Jason Hernandez, Joshua De La Cruz, Zach
“Superior” rating at the UIL Region XI Marching Contest in           Cochran, James Hernandez, Omar Gomez, Jesse Brombly, and
October under the direction of Richard Flores.                       Chris Cooper. Also players Herbert Gonzales, Daniel Huerta,
                                                                     Ivan Rodriguez, Kevin Martinez, William Alvarado, Eric Zurita,
   The Southwest High School Band was selected to perform for        John Castillo, Robert Aguillar, Nick Cabello, Jonathan
the U.S. Army All-American Bowl on January 9th, earning this honor   Samudio, Jonathan DeLaGarza, Rudy Rodriguez, Joseph Cerda,
by garnering the most audience text votes from the Thursday Night    Daniel Padilla, Ryan Rodriguez, Alex Villareal, Chris Salazar,
Lights performance on September 10th during the Medievel Bowl        Malcolm Rios, Josue Fernandez, Joe Sodulcan, Juan Perez,
                                                                     Jesus Contreras, Ivan Gomez, Zach Salazar, Kyle Baldwin,
(Southwest vs. Steele game). The Cheerleaders, Dance Team, and
                                                                     Braulio Sepulveda, Tim Flores, Jesus Lopez, Vernon Hicks,
Pep Squad also participated.                                         Louis Vega, Blake Sandoval, Kyle Salings, Alex Martinez, Jacob
  The Lady Dragons Volleyball Team went to the Regional              Hernandez, Raul Estrada, Bryan Lockridge, Justin Mohler, and
Semifinal Round for the 2nd consecutive year in the 2009 season!     Davonte Russel filled the roster with talent and spirit to take
The hard work paid off for teammates Nicole Habib, Gabrielle         down their opponents. Directing the students through another
Sanchez, Alexandria Cruz, Suzette Pena, April Martinez, Elexis       winning season were Athletic Director/Head Football Coach Matt
Suarez, Destiny Butler, Janelle Solis, Kelsey Betus, Miranda         Elliott; Varsity Coaches: A. Aguilar, B. Conger, T. Chessher, B.
Medina, Allie Habib, Angelique Vidaurri, Vivian Tijerina,            Crisp, S. Flores, L. James, R. Ollendieck, M. Owen, J. Tarvin, J.
Galyssa Guzman, Kassandra Ruiz, Julisa Saenz, Shirley                Velasquez, P. Wagner, and B. Weston. Training Staff included
Brownlow, and Michelle Torres. The team was under the                M. Hinson and M. Barrera.
direction of Head Coach, Shannon Wolfe and Assistant Coaches
Sonia Almanza, Fernando Luna, and Rob Thomas. Athletic
Trainer was Mike Barrera and Student Trainer, Kasey Garcia.
  The Dragon Football Team scored their second consecutive
District crown and went on to the attain the Bi-District
Championship as well during the 2009 season. Athletes Abraham
Mora, Markell Thomas, Felix Castillo, Chris Santibanez,
Bryant Gaines, Frankie Sanchez, Julius Anderson, Johnny
Maldonado, Matt White, Adrian Guerra, John Castillo, Aaron
Kelley, Steven Lacivita, JC Salinas, Nick Mazon, Jacob Saucedo,
Eleazar, Moscorro, Genaro Aguilar, Terrance Jenkins, Isaac
Vasquez, Orrin Peterman, Marc Martinez, DJ Cavazos, Johnny
Martinez, Brandon Torres, Cliffford Carter, Trevion Johnson,
Justin Torres, Chris Favella, Clayton Ripps, Gerrard                         See related stories for middle schools on pages 4-5.

                caleNDar corNer                                      April
                                                                     2         Good Friday holiday
                                                                     20        Board Mtg., 6p, CO
February, 2010                                                       23        Fiesta holiday
16     Board Mtg., 6p, CO                                            May
March                                                                18        Board Mtg., 6p, CO
12     Early Out, one hour                                           31        Memorial Day holiday
15-19  Spring Break                                                  June
TBA    Board Mtg., 6p, CO                                            4         Graduation, 7p, Alamodome
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                                                  District Science Fair Winners
  Kriewald Road hosted the annual District Science Fair in November. Each elementary campus sent their top two winners for the contest
which included the science display and student interview. Julie Becker coordinated the Fair. Winners and their place included:
Kindergarten                                 1st Grade                          2nd Grade
1st     Brandon Patterson, SH                Carolyn Driesse, SWE               Marcus Garcia, BH
2nd     Andrew Babi, SV                      Trista Miller, KRE                 Mariam Carrman, BH
3rd     Aramis Rodriguez, KRE                Ricardo Natal, BH                  Hannah Verstuyft, SWE
4th     Luke Elliot, SWE                     Jonathan Vidaurri, BC              Arlye Deluna, SH
5th     Gwyndalynn Castillo, SH              Cesar Gaza, SH                     Alexandreia Zapata, KR

3rd Grade                                     4th Grade                                   5th Grade
1st     Daniela Cruz, SV                      Matthew Tamayo, EC                 Alex Gonzalez, KR
2nd     Allison Maddox, EC                    Isaac Pope, BH                     Gabriel Lucio, IC
3rd     Joel Guerro, SWE                      Allie Austin, SWE                  Brittany Morey, SWE
4th     Salvador Camacho, BC                  Megan Castillo, KR                 Nicholas Entzi, IC
5th     Caroline Bowman, BC                   Journey Riggs, BC                  Chris Bernal, BH

                                                                                        Sky Harbour
                                                                                   Receives Rampage Visit
                                                                                      On December 15 at Sky
                                                                                   Harbour, Mrs. Gratteau’s 4th
                                                                                   grade class received a visit from
                                                                                   two San Antonio Rampage
                                                                                   players and their mascot. Mrs.
                                                                                   Gratteau submitted her class
                                                                                   goal of reading 30 minutes a day for 30 days. Ninety
                                                                                   percent of her class had to complete this goal in
                                                                                   order to receive this visit. Reaching their goal, they
                                                                                   were chosen from several entries to receive a visit.
                                                                                   The mascot “T-Bone” and players Sean Sullivan
                                                                                   and Chad Kolarik came to the class to hand out
                                                                                   prizes, read a story to the class, sign autographs,
                                                                                   and speak to the students about studying hard in
                                                                                                 school and going to college.

    Hidden Cove Upgrade Scheduled                                                                   Elm Creek 5th Graders
   After 15 years, Hidden Cove Elementary is                                                       Learn About Pearl Harbour
scheduled for an upgrade next year to bring that                                                     A visit from a survivor of the Pearl
campus on par with other elementary schools in                                                     Harbour bombing that brought
the Southwest District. Built in 1985, Hidden Cove                                                 World War II to the United States
received classroom additions in 1992 and again in                                                  kept 5th graders on the edge of their
1995. The 2010-11 remodeling will include leveling                                                 seats as they heard her recall her ex-
of the original foundation, an enlarged library,                                                   periences during that December 7th
cafetorium with greater capacity, updated kitchen                                                  day in Hawaii. Related through the
facility, gymnasium, science lab modernization, and                                                memories of a 12-year-old who lived
technological upgrades throughout the campus.                                                      through the ordeal, students could
                                                                                                   relate to her feelings and the days
  In order to facilitate the move of students and                                                  after as Americans began to put their
staff at the Hidden Cove campus next year, the                                                     lives back together. A map of Oahu
Growth and Planning Committee has met several                                                      showing strategic placement of ships,
times and is considering two proposed options                                                      Hickam Field and photos and news
that will be presented to the community after the                                                  clippings of the aftermath helped
holidays. With a one-year construction timeline,                                                   students to visualize the incident.
changes are scheduled to be completed and all                                                      Fifth grade teacher Linda Tankersly
students on their home campuses for the Fall                                                       secured the speaker for Elm Creek.
semester of 2011.
          Page 3                                       SouthweSt wire                                        wiNter        2009
                           Big Country Recognized as
                                                                          Jesse Garcia,
                               Performing School                        Hidden Cove 5th
                                                                        Grade      Science
                                                                        Teacher,      was
                     Big Country received notification that
they have been recognized by the National Center for Edu-               awarded          the
cational Achievement (NCEA) as part of the 2009 Just                    KENS5       ExCel
for the Kids Campaign for Higher Performing Schools                     Award on Decem-
in Texas for growth in Grades 4 and 5 in Writing. Schools               ber 8th. He re-
recognized for growth achieved better improvement rates                 ceived a Golden
for their students compared with other schools with similar                                     Sharing lunch at Elm Creek...
                                                                        Apple Award from
demographics. A ceremony on January 19th in Austin will
formally recognize Big Country for their achievement.                   KENS5      and     a
                                                                        $1,000 check from San Antonio Credit Union. His award presenta-
                                                                        tion piece will be shown on KENS5 TV on Thursday, December
                                                Fire Prevention
                                                                        10th during the 6p News and the next morning on KENS5 at the 6a
                                                  a Hot Item
                                                                        News slot and again on Saturday morning between 7:30a - 9a.

                                                  Kriewald Road
                                              first grader Trista
                                                                                                            Veterans Honored
                                              Miller placed 5th in
                                              city competition for
                                              the First Grade Divi-                                      Staff Sergeant Thomas Peebles
                                              sion in the San An-
                                              tonio Fire Prevention                                      receives a big hug from pre-K
                                              Poster contest. She
                                                                                                         son, Aiden, after his Dad was
                                              was awarded a tro-
                                              phy and several                                            the speaker at the Veterans’ day
                                              prizes for her efforts.
                                              At Elm Creek, Fire                                         celebration at Big Country
Prevention winners included Abram Perez, 2nd grade, 4th place
in his division; Haley Smith, 3rd grade, 3rd place.

  Active military personnel from Lackland AFB showed up at Hidden Cove in early December in military trucks to deliver more
                                than 20 bikes to boys and girls as an early Christmas surprise
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    H1N1 Vaccinations Safeguard 1750 Students
  Hats off to the following heroes who made the task of vaccinating
1750 SWISD Elementary students against the H1N1 virus possible:
Our “Shooters:” Sherry Knox, Lilly Kunz, Michelle Martinez,
Sara McKee, and Beckie Rodriguez - amazing nurses who spent
five days vaccinating the brave, the fearful but stoic, and the
downright resistant students who walked (or were pulled by their
parents) into the clinics.
Our “Organizers:” The incredible Elementary Principals and their
Office Staff who did incredible jobs greeting parents, pairing them
up with their children, assigning numbers and directing them to
clinic sights….while still managing to carry on day to day
responsibilities and host spelling bees. All of this was accomplished
with friendly faces and without complaining about the burden
placed on them.
The “Left Behind:” Elementary Nurses, Shanna Davenport, Angel
Finney, Valerie Maldonado, and Christina Villanueva “behind             Superintendent Dr. Velma Villegas converses with Scobee
the scenes” nurses who developed the vaccination plans for their         students during the Creative Lab Fair featuring robotics,
clinics and worked with their campus staffs to ensure smooth             pneumatics, computer design projects. The Fair was also
operations during the events and responded to calls from campuses                   attended by several Board Members.
whose nurses were out of their offices during the vaccination
events. Secondary Nurses: Dawn Friesenhahn, Kelly Howell, Cindy            Murphy Spells His Way to City Competition
Salinas, and Marsha Owings, nurses who were available to                Can you spell words like salmonella or pacifism? McAuliffe
respond to schools with absent nurses during the H1N1 Vaccination Middle School had more than 40 spellers learning words for the
Week.                                                                         Regional Spelling Bee. Winners of the 2009-2010 campus
The “Protector” Not only was                                                  Spelling Bee included: placing 5th - Juan Hernandez
Chief Vasquez from our SWISD
Police Department present at every                                            (6th grade); 4th - Jocelyn Compean (8th grade); 3rd -
clinic to ensure the safety of all,                                           Monica Ramirez (7th grade); and 2nd - Juan Pena (6th
but he pitched in to assist with the                                          grade). The 1st place winner representing McAuliffe at
flow of the clinics.                                                          the San Antonio Express News Regional Spelling Bee
The “Bosses” The success of our                                               was 6th grader Joshua Murphy, vying to make it to the
vaccination events would not have
been possible without the support                                             National Spelling Bee Competition.
of Dr. Villegas, Mr. Rodriguez,
and Mr. Verstuyft who placed their
                                                                               Maddox Named Spurs Teacher of the Game
trust in the Health Services                                                    Dodie Maddox, McAuliffe CIT, was nominated by her
Department to get the job done.                                               campus for Spurs Teacher of the Game and was
  It is at times like these that we are reminded that in SWISD, “the awarded her prizes at the December 3rd Spurs game versus the
whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts!”                    Boston Celtics.
                                           Better Understanding of Autism Available
   Every student is different. Some students may have physical          exhibit any combination of behaviors in any degree of severity.
differences, developmental delays or other challenges. The goal         Two children, both with the same diagnosis, can act completely
of the Special Education Department is for all children in Southwest    different from one another and have varying capabilities. Every
Independent School District to understand and accept every child        person with autism is an individual, and like all individuals, has a
for who they are, and make everyone’s academic, as well as social       unique personality and combination of characteristics. The goal
and emotional development, an experience that is positive, long         at Southwest ISD is to help children empathize with those who
lasting and as productive as possible. Efforts to accommodate           have disabilities, which will lead to greater acceptance and tolerance
children with various types of disabilities make awareness and          for all types of differences when they become adults. The following
sensitivity in the classroom even more imperative in order for all      websites can be accessed for more information on autism to assist
children to better understand their differences. The key to             in discussing sensitivity and acceptance of others with your child
acceptance and understanding of others’ differences is through          so that 2009-2010 will be a successful year for all children:
awareness and education.                                       and For more
                                                                        information about autism, please contact one of the campus special
   As each new school year begins, a child may have a student in        education teachers or Albrey Hogan, District Behavioral Specialist
their class with autism. Autism is a spectrum disorder, and although    at (210) 622-4355 or for more information.
it is defined by a certain set of behaviors, children with autism can
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  McAuliffe Science Teacher Awarded Outstanding                         Scobee Volleyball and 8th Grade Football Take
               Teacher of the Gifted                                                 Big 16 Conference
  Roxanne Hammonds, 6th Grade Science teacher from Christa            Scobee Middle School 7th grade Volleyball girls went 10-1 to win
McAuliffe MS was awarded the Outstanding Teacher of the Gifted      the “Big 16 Conference” Championship for the second consecu-
award from the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented        tive year. Team members included Maravia Smith, Briana Solis,
(TAGT). This award is presented to one teacher from each region     Alyssa Acosta, Courtney Meurett, Alyssa Lopez, Zoe Marin,
in recognition of outstanding service, contribution, and            Chisara Ndubuisi, Serena Soliz, Maya Ibanez, Lindsey Calderon,
commitment to gifted education. Ms. Hammonds received this          Meika Carmicle, and Dori Martinez . Their coach is Karen Roland.
recognition for the Region 20 area.                                   The Scobee MS 8th grade football team won their second straight
                                                                    “Big 16 West Division Championship” under Coaches Steve Young,
                                                                    Roger Fisher, Jose Sosa, Rex McPherson, Jesus Alvarado, and
          McAuliffe 7th Grade Football Wins                         Bart Freeman. Members included Erin Mack, Nigel Thompson,
                 Big 16 Conference                                  Christopher Pautin, Chris Williamson, Joshua Valles, Duran
  McAuliffe Middle School 7th grade football team was crowned       Patino, Andrew Leyva, Matthew Duque, Alphonse Douglas, Darrin
“Big 16 Conference” Football Champions with 7-0 record this year.   Tinajero, Johnathan Rios, Nicholoas Hernandez, Preston Howard,
(Coaches - Manuel Tamayo, Juan Cantu, Samuel Gallegos); Scobee      Jeremy Blanco, Mitchell Martinez, Joshoua Gloria, Victor
Middle School: 7th grade Volleyball girls “Big 16 Conference”       Lupercio, Brian Rios, Isaiah Martinez, Pedro Arriaga, Aaron Vidal,
                   Champions with a 10-1 record, 2nd                Michael Tonne and Dominick Lopez. Also, Sergio Luera, Alejandro
                   consecutive year (Coached by Karen               Quesada, Andrew Herrera, Antony Mattos-Martinez, Andrew
                   Roland); 8th grade boys football second          Gonzales, Juan Castro, Julian Haris, Jay Bannister, Juan Bonilla,
                   straight “Big 16 West Division Championship”     Aaron Mendoza, Adolph Cardenas, Bryan Estrada, Alan Rodriguez,
                   and 2nd year undefeated (Coached by Steve        D’Angelo Rayford, Mathew Elizondo, Roland Litterio, OliverAmaya,
                   Young, Roger Fisher, Jose Sosa, and Jacob        Roger Avila, Bryan Campa, Robert Contreras, Jesse Ruiz, Marcus
                   Rodriguez).                                      Vasquez, Eli Pacheco, and Derrick Tinayero.

    McNair Band Makes Television Appearance                                McAuliffe’s Montes Recognized by Spurs
  The McNair Jazz Band taped “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,            McAuliffe 8th grader Michelle Montes was nominated by her
 I’ll be home for Christmas, and Jingle Bell Rock” for KABB Fox29   Reading teacher, Elizabeth Griego and selected as a Tim Duncan
 as part of the station’s Christmas morning presentation. Thirty-   Character Award winner. She was given a t-shirt, certificate and
                                                                    tickets to the Spurs game on December 6 when they took on the
 six students performed with a solo by Salvador Martinez in “God
                                                                    Denver Nuggets.
 Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” The band is under the Direction of
 Hector Telles Jr.

  McAuliffe CIS/Diplomas Now Case Manager, Beverly King and her class made a December visit to St. Francis Nursing Home
  and personally delivered 40 greeting cards to the residents and wished them a Happy Holiday. The cards were handmade by the
                                  girls who enjoyed the opportunity to spread a little holiday cheer.
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College Readiness Prepares Students and Families                                 CTE Holds Focus 4 Safety Day
  For the 2009-2010 school year, the College Readiness Program
includes ten parent/guardian workshops to inform students and
the community about college transition, offer hands-on computer        For the 7th consecutive school year, the Focus 4 Safety
access, answer questions, and assist families .The new “GOAL          Work Day was held in the Pecan Bottom for all Career
LAB” in room 3, (Go Out And Learn) serves students/parents/           and Tech students wanting to receive information or earn a
guardians by providing college readiness activities. Sessions in-
                                                                      certification in safety. The Apprentice Day highlighted the
clude: ApplyTexas Applications, Making College &Career Plans,
Financial Aid Night, PAC/SAC/SPC/NWV, and Financial Aid Pro-          ABC program for high school graduates in the trades of
cessing. For more information, call Iantha Britt at 622-4500 x2021.   carpentry, electrical, plumbing and sheet metal.

        Melanie Gomez accepts                                         Justin Alexander signs a national letter of intent to play basket-
        certificate for swim title                                      ball for Central Connecticut State University. CCSU is an
           Census Forms Assist in Funding
                                                                         NCAA Division 1 program that competes in the Northeast
     Every 10 years, as mandated by the U.S. Constitution,
                                                                       Conference. Looking on with pride are his parents and Coach
our nation conducts a census — an effort to count every                                        Ryan Purtell.
person living in the United States. This multibillion-dollar
operation requires years of planning and more than a half
million temporary workers. Participation is critical, as the
results determine how Congress is apportioned and how
more than $400 billion in federal funds are distributed
annually to state, local and tribal areas.

    “We want the 2010 Census to be the most accurate yet,
                                                                           Accounting Department Brings Home Gold!
and we are again calling upon Complete Count Committees
                                                                         The Southwest ISD Accounting Department
to help us achieve that goal,” said Dr. Robert Groves, director         received a “Gold Certificate for Financial
                                                                        Transparency” from the Texas Comptroller’s
of the U.S. Census Bureau. “To ensure an accurate count                 Leadership Circle. Of 15 criteria points, they met 14!
                                                                        A Gold insignia will be placed on the Texas
and distribution of funds for schools, roads and elderly                Comptroller’s “Transparency Check UP” web site to
                                                                        indicate the recognition. Patrick Skees, Director,
services, the support of local Complete Count Committees                Donna Schweers, Accountant, Peggy Biela, Annie
                                                                        Britton, Lois Lassere, Estella Mora, Monica
is vital.” The information is not shared with any other entity          Moreno, and Sandy Richter, clerks, received the
                                                                        great news in December. Roger Campos, Website
and is confidential for 72 years. Look for the survey in the            Technician, placed the pertinent information on the
mail by April 1st.
       Page 7                                                  SouthweSt wire                                             wiNter 2009
                                                  Students Wow                         Southwest Ranks 9th in National Technology
                                                 National Audience                          Survey for Medium-sized Schools
                                                   “Amazing Maizie”                 Winners of the sixth annual Digital School Districts Survey have
                                                from Seussical The Mu-            been announced by Republic’s Center for Digital Education, the
                                                sical was among the               National School Boards Association and Converge Online
                                                group of students who             magazine. The Survey’s purpose is to recognize school districts
                                                started the National              and school boards across the nation whose use of digital
                                                Dropout Prevention                technology in interfacing with students, parents
                                                Conference off on a high          and community, district governing, and bettering
                                                note at the Plaza Hotel.          of operations proved exceptional. Southwest ISD
                                                The Mariachi de Luna              placed 9th in the nation for 2009 for implementation
                                                roused the audience with          and integration throughout the District under
                                                their energetic talent be-
                                                                                  Rick Martinez, Assistant Superintendent.
                                                fore the NJROTC posted
                                                colors and Cassandra
                                                Salinas sang the Na-                               High School Honors Veterans
                                                tional Anthem with a
                                                Texas twist. The “Mag-              The NJROTC teamed up with the Gourmet Dragon and prepared
                                                nificent birds” from the          a formal breakfast to honor veterans on Veterans’ Day. Guests were
                                                summer Performing Arts            seated at tables with linen table cloths and were served a hot break-
                                                musical then took the             fast of their choice. Veterans and administrators also received a
                                                stage and brought down            special commemorative mug that changes from black to reveal a
                                                the house with their              flag and a dragon when warm liquid fills the cup.
excerpt from the production.

     Ruben Trevino Awarded Theatre Scholarship                                        National Honor Society Inducts New Members
 Southwest High School drama senior Ruben Trevino was one of                         The newest members of NHS are Mary
                                                                                  Acevedo, Marisol Acosta, Buckner Alexandria,
only 200 students across the nation to be admitted to the New                     Elvira Carias, Manuel Cerillo, Emmanuel Del
York University Tish School of Theatre for the 2010-2011 aca-                     Fin, Victoria Flores, Kayla Friesenhahn, Greg
                                                                                  Gonzalez, Johana Guerra, Elizabeth
demic year. From a field of nearly 10,000 applicants, Trevino was
                                                                                  Gutierrez, Justin Gutierrez, Brooke Hacker,
selected after a November, 2009 audition and interview session.                   Abigail Hernandez, Roy Hernandez, Marissa
He was awarded a scholarship valued at $58,100, a grant and a                     Jenkins and Savanna Lee Keller. Also, Raven
                                                                                  Keener, Mackenzie Mann, Armando Manrique, Andre Martinez,
$4,000 loan package for his freshman year. This scholarship                       Brenda Miranda Samantha Ramirez, Mauro Rodriguez, Marissa
equates to a “full ride” at the top university for theatre arts in the            Rodriguez, Marisol Ruvalcaba, Kyle Sailings, Vivian Santillan,
                                                                                  Victoria Solis, Joe Sudolcan, Melinda Wright, Rebecca Zuniga,
United States. He is a student of Linda Adami, Fine Arts Director
                                                                                  and Edward Zurita. The NHS sponsor is Joel Guajardo.
and Kary Driesse, Southwest High School.

    Southwest ISD does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national
 origin, gender, sex or disability in providing education services, activities, and programs,                Sixteen FFA and 4-H
 including vocational programs, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of                      Projects Go To Market
 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972; and Section 504 of
 the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. Ms. Jeanette Ball, 210 622-4330, has been
                                                                                                  The Bexar County Show proved lucrative for sixteen
 designated to coordinate compliance with these requirements as Title IX Coordinator
 regarding discrimination on the basis of sex. Ms. Virginia Aguilar, 622-4335 is the            ag students when their animals qualified to be sold at
 Section 504 Coordinator regarding discrimination on the basis of disability.                   auction. Going to market were goats raised by Kyndall
                                                                                                Snider and Emily Stewart. Kyle Smith sent his rabbits,
  El distrito de Southwest no discrimina en contra de ninguna religion, raza, color,
 nacionalidad, sexo, o deshabilidad en proveer servicios educatives, actividades incluyendo
                                                                                                Clayton Ripps sent broilers, Travis Fields sent turkeys
 programas vocacionales de acuendo al Titulo VI del Acto de Derechos Civiles de 1964, de        and Braden Tondre sent sheep to the sale. Market swine
 acuerdo a la enmienda; el Titulo IX de las Enmiendas de 1972, y la Seccion 504 del Acto        were shipped off by Mikala Tondre, Kayla Friesenhahn,
 de Rehabilitacion de 1973, de acuerdo a la enmienda. Ms. Jeanette Ball, 210 622-4330,          Tillman Haby, Kyle Baldwin, Katie Jagge, Taylor
 han sido designados para coordinar el seguimiento de estos requisitos para del Titulo IX,
 para asuntos de discriminacion en base al sexo.Ms. Virginia Aguilar, 622-4335, han sido
                                                                                                Baldwin, Brett Verstraeten, Alecia Foxworth, Savanna
 designado para Seccion 504, para asuntos de discriminacion en base a una deshabilidad.         Keller, and Analicia Coronado.
                                                                                                 Placements were not available at press time.
Transportation Department Awarded Congressional
       Certificate of Special Recognition                                   Message from the Superintendent
  The Southwest ISD Transportation Department received a Cer-                      Dr. Velma Villegas
tificate of Special Recognition from Congressman Ciro D.
Rodriguez for making a difference in our air quality and the envi-
                                                                             The Southwest ISD received a letter from
                                                                           Robert Scott, Commissioner of Education,
  The recognition was based on the efforts to run cleaner diesel            dated December 17, 2009, stating that the
engines with the installation of the Eco System on all diesel en-
gines, the installation of a retrofit to clean the diesel engine’s ex-    Southwest School District’s appeal on AYP
haust on older buses, and the purchase of new propane engine             (Average Yearly Progress) had been accepted.
school buses.
                                                                          The 2009 AYP status for Southwest ISD and
 The Transportation Department is under the Direction of Juan               Southwest High School is MEETS AYP.

                                                        Flood Control Near Elm Creek
                    A community meeting held at Elm Creek in early December revealed that a Bexar County Flood Control project on
                   Shepherd Road was planned for 2010. Elm Creek crosses Shepherd Road near the railroad tracks and floods quickly.
                   Officials presented infomation on the project and stated that the Fall of 2010 would likely see a High Water Detection
                   System Stream Gauge with Flashing Lights installed. This will be an excellent safety feature for the Southwest

                                                          Contributing Writers
                             Sharon Woldhagen, Exec. Administrator, PR Printing, Southwest Print Shop
 Pam Garcia, Elm Creek; Judy Newman, Debby Rice, Iantha Britt, High School; Melanie Matthews, Health Services Director;
 Fran Gerber, McAuliffe; Nilda Castellanos, Sky Harbour

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                                                            CR - RT WS
                                                        Residential Customer

        Board of Trustees
    Mike Frazier, President
Sylvester Vasquez, Jr., Vice Pres.
    Ida Sudolcan, Secretary
 James Sullivan, Jr., Asst. Sec.
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