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         E AGLES ’ E YE V IEW
                                 V OLUME 2, ISSUE 1   M ARCH 2009

By Seth Lachacz                   til the age of ten. Then, Obama          that he would run for presi-
                                  returned to Hawaii and lived with        dent in 2008.
                                  his grandparents until he gradu-   On November 4, 2008
                                  ated from high school in 1979. voters chose Obama to be our
                                  Obama received a degree in Po- 44th president of the United
                                  litical Science in 1983. In 1988,
                                                                 States. He received 53% of the
                                  he joined Harvard Law Review.  votes for victory over John
                                  He graduated from Harvard Law  McCain. On January 20th,
                                  School in 1991.                2009 Obama was sworn in as
                                   After moving back to Illinois our president for the next four
                              he taught constitutional law and years. His new address is
                              worked as a civil rights lawyer.   1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Wash-
     Barack Obama was born in He met Michelle Robinson, also a ington, DC, 20500.
Hawaii on August 4, 1961. His lawyer, and the two were married
nickname was Barry. His fa-   in 1992. They have two children,
thers name was Barack Obama both girls. Malia is ten and Sasha
Sr. He was from Kenya, Af-    is seven.
rica. His mother Ann Dunham        Obama’s political career be-
was from Kansas. Obama’s      gan in 1996 when he was elected
parents divorced when Obama to the Illinois senate. He was re-
was 2. His mom married a      elected in 1998 and again in
man named Lolo from Indone- 2002. Obama then ran for the US
sia.                          senate in 2004 and won by the
   Obama lived in Indonesia       largest margin in Illinois state his-
and attended local schools un-    tory. In 2007 Obama announced

     Many thanks to our hard-     McNeal-Tidwell, Brandon                     This issue of the Eagles’ Eye
working staff of third through    Miller, Stella Mooy, Maya Niz-          View explores news and inter-
fifth graders! Our staff mem-     inski, Joshua Noonan, Emma              esting stories in our Nation, in
bers are: Virginia Blanton,       Ravenberg, and Lillie Soukup.           North Carolina, and at Sharon
Adele Campbell, Seth Capizzi,                                             Elementary!
Graceson Clements, Mac Cor-                                                   We have also included book
bin, Braedyn Davis, Sidra             Thanks also to the Newspa-
                                  per Advisory Team: Melissa              and movie reviews, recipes, a
Dorofi, Sydney Dougan, Wil-                                               new comic strip, poetry, and a
liam Doyle, Sarah Hebeisen,       DeLeon, Michelle Hart, Elisa-
                                  beth Lee, Camilla Mazzotta,             challenging seek and find. En-
Seth Lachacz, Jack Lee, Emily                                             joy!
Lord, Liza Lunsford, Raivyn       and Beverly Wiseman.
P AGE 2                                                                                 E AGLES ’ E YE V IEW


 By Seth Capizzi                        war. Their Indian tribe was at        What do you think the
      A famous local mystery that       war with another Indian tribe.     glow could be?
 still baffles scientists is about a        There are other very dif-
 mountain in Morganton, NC.             ferent explanations for the
 This mystery is known as the           mystery. One explanation is
 Brown Mountain lights. It is           from Geraud de Brahm, a
 known as a mystery because             German Engineer. He thought
 there are unexplained lights           it was caused by vapors mixed
 which some believe to be dead          with wind sulphurates and de-
 spirits dancing and singing on the     teriorates. Scientists are still
 glowing mountain. The reason           trying to find out what the un-
 they dance and sing is because of      solved glow really is.

 By Sidra Dorofi                       Ohio. He graduated from Ca-         consecutive terms. He will not
                                       tawba College in 1978 with          seek an 8th term. McCrory
                                       a .B.A. degree in Political Sci-    ran for governor but lost. Bev-
                                       ence. He got married in 1988.       erly Purdue is North Carolina’s
                                       He married Ann Gordon. The          new governor.
                                       McCrory`s have a yellow Lab-            Some of the things
                                       rador retriever named Mic.          McCrory has accomplished
                                       McCrory has a sister and a          while in office include: reduc-
                                       nephew.                             ing the crime rate, introducing
                                           In November 2007, Mayor         the light rail system, and bring-
                                       McCrory became the longest          ing the NASCAR Hall of Fame
    Pat McCrory was born Oc-           serving mayor in the history of     to Charlotte.
 tober 17, 1956 in Columbus            the city of Charlotte, serving 7

By Lillie Soukup                           The Animal Control’s mis-       needed at Animal Control for:
                                       sion is to provide homes for ani-   bathing and grooming, exer-
    Do you like dogs? I know I         mals. The center increases          cising animals, photographing
do. If you like dogs too, you          adoptions and decreases eutha-      animals, greeting customers
might want to learn more about         nasia, which means putting ani-     and answering questions, feed-
the Animal Control Center of           mals to sleep. There are dogs,      ing animals, and cleaning ken-
Charlotte –Mecklenburg                 cats, rodents, fish and lizards!    nels.
County. I got my dog there! Her
name is Audrey, and she was                The animals go to the Animal            To get more informa-
there for ten weeks! A person          Control Center because the          tion go to
was fostering our dog and              owners can’t take care of them.     This site gives you information
needed to find a permanent             Some of the animals are also        about the shelter and its ani-
home for her.                          stray animals. Volunteers are       mals.
V OLUME 2,    ISSUE   1                                                                              P AGE 3


By Virginia Blanton                                                        from around JA Biztown! The
                                          My job at Biztown was            newspaper had articles and ads
    JA Biztown is a place where       Mayor. I got to write and            from the town.
kids get to act like an adult for a   make speeches, sign payroll
day. On January 21st, the 4th         checks and do a lot more! Be-            JA Biztown was really fun!
graders from Sharon went on a         ing mayor was really fun! I          I think you will enjoy it when
field trip to this pretend city to    was very lucky!                      you are in the 4th grade. If you
experience the life of an adult. It                                        like art you’ll love the sign
                                    At Biztown you have two                shop. If you love to cook then
prepares kids for what you will periods of “free time” to shop
need to know later on in life.                                             you might want to work in the
                                around town with the money                 food court. There were so
You learn how to write and use  you earned from working
checks, pay back loans, write                                              many things for us to do!
                                there.You could buy things
deposit slips and work hard. In like buttons or a
JA Biztown each 4th grader gets newspaper. Kids ac-
a job, such as mayor, DJ, or doc-
                                tually made the news-
tor just to name a few.         paper! The students
   To prepare for JA Biztown    from Sharon were
my class had to work hard. We   reporters, editors,
had to work together with our   photographers and
group too. We learned how to    writers. They wrote
write checks, deposit slips and about the Mayor and
more. It was complicated but we Mr.Younis. They
made it!                        published information

By Jack Lee                           member of the MI Express, the         was at the Festival in the
                                      first step is the audition. When I    Park. During the holiday sea-
                                      auditioned, Mr. Brown played          son, we got to sing at the
                                      some notes on an electric key-        South Park Christmas Tree
                                      board, and then I had to sing         Lighting. We got to be on TV,
                                      them. Next, he hummed some            even if it was only for a few
                                      notes, and I had to sing them.        seconds. This spring, we’ll
                                      Finally, I sang a short song for      sing the national anthem at a
                                      him. The next Friday, I got a         Charlotte Knights game, and
                                      letter saying that I was in MI Ex-    we will perform at a music
                                      press! I was very surprised and       festival at Carowinds. Next
                                      excited!                              time the MI Express per-
                                         Now that I’m in MI Express,        forms, come check us out!
   Have you ever wondered           it’s a LOT of work! We practice             Hopefully now, you have
what it takes to be in Sharon’s     every Thursday for one and a            an idea about what it is like to
MI Express? Now is your             half hours. We practice hard so         be in MI Express. If it sounds
chance to find out! My name is we can do well in our perform-               like something you want to
Jack Lee, and this is my first year ances. We have performed at all         do, make sure to give it a try
in MI Express. To become a          kinds of events this year. Our          next year!
                                    first performance of the year
P AGE 4                                                                                   E AGLES ’ E YE V IEW

                                       stories about the colonial          you would be your partner.
                                       times in Williamsburg. One of       When we got back on the bus,
                                       the stories dealt with a slave      we were all sad that the tour
                                       whose children had just disap-      was over!
                                       peared. People have said that    Another great place was
                                       he haunts children looking for
                                                                    the Governor’s Palace. When
                                       his own. All of us had a hardyou walked in you saw guns
                                       time going to sleep that night!
                                                                    and rifles lined up on the
                                       We went to a place called walls. The palace also had sil-
                                   Michie’s Tavern. It used to be ver tea sets and the most
                                   a hotel which in colonial times amazing furniture. We learned
                                   was called a tavern. During a that if you were the most im-
By Sarah Hebeisen                  tour they showed us a room       portant person at a meeting,
    In October 2008 the fifth      where women would sit and        you sat in the biggest and most
grade and I went to Colonial       chat during the day. It had      comfortable chair.
Williamsburg, Virginia. I had      games and old tea sets. Up in        I loved going to Colonial
lots of fun on this trip. Here are the ballroom we learned how Williamsburg. Fourth graders,
some of the experiences that we to do a dance that people did you will love it too! It is really
enjoyed.                           back then. In the dance you      something to look forward to
                                   would line up, girls parallel to in fifth grade!
    We went on a spooky ghost boys. The person across from
tour. The guides told us chilling

By Emily Lord                                          A. My favorite subject to teach is reading and
Q.What inspired you to become a teacher?               my favorite subject when I was a kid was math.
A: My love for children inspired me to be a            Q. How many years have you’ve been teaching?
teacher. I think I have always had a gift for re-      A. This is my 7th year teaching. I taught 5 years
lating to kids and so I followed my heart and it       in 6th grade, 1 year in 3rd grade. This is my first
lead me to elementary education.                       year teaching 4th grade.
Q.What do you do while you are teaching?               Q.Were did you come from?
A: I try to make sure that my students always          A. I was born and raised in Louisiana and at-
have a comfortable learning environment.               tended L.S.U.
Q.What are your sports or hobbies?                     Q.What are your favorite books, movie and type of ice
A: I love to dance, listen to music, cook and          cream?
hang out with my family.                               A. My favorite books are the Twilight series,
Q.Tell us about your family.                           the movie is Father of the Bride. My favorite
                                                       ice cream is vanilla with heath bar.
A: I am the youngest of 4 kids. I have three
older brothers. I am married to Jeff. I have a
3 ½ year old son Riley and I have a black lab
named Marley.
Q.What is your favorite subject while you are teach-
ing and what was your favorite subject when you
were a child?
V OLUME 2,     ISSUE   1                                                                             P AGE 5

By Josh Noonan                            Louis Sachar puts reality and
    This is a funny and action       fiction together to make a must
packed adventure. Stanley gets       read. It is a puzzling novel with
in trouble that you will soon see. some mystery but I’m sure
It is full of laughs and sorrows. It you’ll like it. I loved this book
tells about the past and present and so will you. The story al-
of the camp. The relationships       most made me feel like I was in
between the characters are sure the book. Oh, watch out for the
to warm your heart. This is an       yellow spotted lizards!
outstanding read-aloud book.

By Stella Mooy                           ears. The other mice teased        touching, very exciting, happy
                                         him for his big ears. Desper-      and excellent. I think you will
                                         aux doesn’t really care that       love it because it has a couple
                                         they are teasing him. He is dif-   of awesome characters, like
                                         ferent from the other mice.        Despereaux, the Princess Pea,
                                             Unlike other mice, Des-        Miggery Sow, Roscuro and a
                                         peraux falls in love with a hu-    bunch of rats.
                                         man princess. Rats kidnap her          Some of these characters
                                         and Desperaux saves her! After     are kind while some are evil.
                                         Desperaux saves the princess,      Some are scary and some are
                                         the mice treat Desperaux with      all of the above. No matter
                                         more respect, and Desperaux        what kind of character you
                                         becomes the hero.                  like, you can find them in this
    In the movie The Tale of Desper- This was a wonderful                   movie. I would rate this movie
aux, Desperaux is the main char- movie! I loved The Tale of                 a 5 star. I hope you enjoy this
acter. He was born with HUGE Despereaux because it was                      movie!

By Adele Campbell
    In January, the Eagle’s Eye View staff asked Sharon students to complete a survey to see what they like
to read. The results have been tallied and are displayed below.
                 Girls      Boys     K           1          2         3        4         5
      TOTAL      26         19       0           1          15        14       9         5

    More girls completed the surveys than boys. The second and third grade classes completed the most
surveys. Kindergarten did not complete any surveys probably because they are still working on the basics
of reading and writing. Keep up the good work, and hopefully, you can fill out a survey next year!
       The books that received the most votes were Diary of A Wimpy Kid and its sequel Roderick
Rules with a total of five points. The Harry Potter series received three points. Lawn Boy and Lily’s
Purple Plastic Purse both received two points. 32 other books each received one vote. See Ms. Maz-
zotta, Media Specialist, for a complete list of the books. I can’t wait to check these books out at the Me-
dia Center!
P AGE 6                                                                                     E AGLES ’ E YE V IEW

By Raivyn McNeal-Tidwell and
Liza Lunsford
    The winners of the art contest are
Katherine Allen in Mr. Ashley’s class,
Aidan Fulton in Mrs. Wiseman’s class, and
Emily Taylor in Mrs. Irwin’s class. Every-
one that entered submitted great work!
Even if you did not win, you are still a good
                                                       Katherine Allen, Aidan Fulton, and Emily Taylor

       P OETRY           By Braedyn Davis
          LUCY                                          DOGS
          My dog Lucy                                   Dachshunds are long,
          BARKS, BARKS, and BARKS.                      Labs are BRAVE,
          She barks at other people                     Poodles prance and
          Running or walking                            German Shepherds save.
          Barks at OTHER dogs,                          Jack Russells pounce,
          And barks at the doorbell.                    Hyper too and Border Collies jump high
          She’s so NAUGHTY.                             for you.
          “Bad dog!” I sometimes say.                   St.Bernards are kind and loyal.
          My dog just                                   Huskies are royal.
          barks all the time.

                                               S PORTS
By Mac Corbin                          Tampa Bay 27-3, and Atlanta 45-        passed Wesley Walls record
    Are you a Panther fan? Did         28. They were 8-1 at home.             with 49 touchdowns. John
you follow the Panther’s season        They made it to the NFL play-          Kasay made 28 field goals this
this year? The Panthers had a          offs. The only team they played        season. That is a very good
great season overall. Their            in the playoffs were the Arizona       number!
schedule this year had them up         Cardinals. From a Panther fan’s            The Panthers players have
against some tough opponents.          point of view, it was a bad game.      talented skills. Maybe next
The Panthers ended their sea-              This season, Steve Smith ran       year they will win the Super
son 12-5 and won the NFC               1,421 yards for the team. That         Bowl. These are just a few
South division. They beat San          is awesome! Coming back to             facts about the Panthers 2008
Diego 26-24, Chicago 20-17,            the team, Muhsin Muhammad              – 2009 season. GO PAN-
Atlanta 24-9, Kansas City 34-0,        earned a record for receiving          THERS!
New Orleans 30-7, Arizona 27-          touchdowns. Muhsin Muham-
23, Oakland17-6, Detroit 31-           mad shares the record with
22, Green Bay 35-31, Tampa             Steve Smith for the most receiv-
Bay 35-23, and Denver 30-10.           ing touchdowns as a Panther.
They lost to Minnesota 20-10,          Muhsin Muhammed also sur-
V OLUME 2,   ISSUE   1                                                                           P AGE 7

By Sydney Dougan
    Have you ever come home from school on a cold, rainy day and just wanted a hot, steaming bowl
of soup? Eventually, you get tired of soup. Here are some unique alternatives you can try that all are
Lebanese. I got these recipes from my Dad who is from Lebanon. He immigrated here when he was
19. My Mom is from New York and likes to cook and eat these recipes. I hope you enjoy them too!!

             Breakfast                        Lunch/Dinner                            Dessert
       Sahlab (seh-leb)               Riz bajeej (riz-ba-jeej)          Riza haleeb(riza- ha –leeb)
A creamy, sweet breakfast with       Rice with chicken, cinnamon, and            Rice pudding.
croissants.                                  toasted almonds.           ½ gallon milk
2 ½ cups milk                       32 oz. chicken broth
                                                                        1 cup sugar
2 ½ tablespoons cornstarch          3 lb cooked chicken (separate
                                    from bones)
                                                                        1 cup rice
¾ cups sugar                                                            2 tablespoons cornstarch
                                    1 tablespoon cinnamon
Fresh croissants
                                    2 cups basmati rice
1-2 teaspoons of cinnamon
                                    ¼ cups slivered almonds (toasted) Boil milk on medium heat. Add
                                                                     rice and cook on low heat for
                                    1 tablespoon butter or margarine
Take milk, cornstarch, and                                           about 30 minutes, stirring oc-
sugar and stir in medium sauce-                                      casionally. Mix cornstarch with
                                    Place broth, rice, and cinnamon  some cold water. Add corn-
pan. Cook on medium heat un-        in microwave- safe dish, cover
til it comes to a boil. Then re-                                     starch and sugar to rice mix-
                                    and microwave for seven minutes ture; cook another five minutes
duce to low. Serve hot with a       on high power. Stir in chicken
dash of cinnamon and fresh                                           until it begins to thicken. Pour
                                    and microwave for 20 minutes on
croissants for dipping.             50% power. Toast almonds in      into custard cups. Cool to
                                    oven at 350◦ F or on stove in    room temperature and refriger-
                                    saucepan with margarine. Add     ate. Serve cold with some cin-
                                    salt and pepper for taste. Serve namon* or pistachio crumbs*.
                                    with almonds on top of rice and     *=optional
                                    chicken and yogurt in side bowl.

By Maya Nizinski
    I did a survey on 5th
grader’s favorite desserts. The
choices were cake, cookie,              12
pie, ice cream, and other. I            10
chose the topic of desserts
because a lot of kids like des-                                                                  Wade
sert and it would be an easy             6                                                       Rowell
question for them to answer.             4                                                       Ashley
                                             Cake              Pie            Other
V OLUME 2,   ISSUE    1                                                                         P AGE 8

By Emma Ravenberg                                  Q: My friend is mean to other people but not me.
Q: How do you become friends again with a person   What should I do?
you don’t like?                                    -By a Bully Becomer
-a Flustered Friend
Emma Says:                                         Emma Says:
    I think that you can become friends with a       Your friend has no right to be mean to other
person you don’t like anymore. You can start       people. Quietly tell her alone that she is being
by leaving a nice note on the person’s desk.       mean. When she is bullying other people tell her
Start talking to them more often. Take it          not to be mean in front of the person that is being
slow. If you had a big fight with your friend      bullied. Remember, if you are standing around
they may be mad at you. Start hanging out          while someone else is being bullied, you are a
with them more. Walk the track together.           bully too. Show your friend the bullying posters.
Soon you guys will be great buddies again!         Also, tell a teacher!

P ENCIL P ALS by Brandon Miller

  Seek and Find by Graceson Clements
Can you spot the differences between the two pictures below? There are 12 things that are different!