Tiffany Diamond Engagement Rings

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                       Tiffany Diamond Engagement Rings

The engagement ring as we know it today, and the romantic traditions that surround it, are in large part
the creation of world-renowned jeweler Tiffany & Co. With the introduction of the Tiffany® Setting in
1886, the jeweler started a trend that grew into a cherished custom. This innovative, six-prong setting
lifts the diamond away from the band, permitting a more complete return of light and generating a
stunning radiance that captures love’s fire and intensity. A design of timeless beauty, the Tiffany Setting
remains a popular and worthy symbol of lifelong commitment.

Throughout its history, Tiffany has been renowned for the incomparable quality of its diamonds.
The jeweler outshines all others with the sheer charisma of what are, measurably and demonstrably,
the world’s finest diamonds, mounted in exquisite platinum or 18k gold settings.

Tiffany’s diamond standards are far more stringent than those established by the industry. The jeweler
accepts only two percent of gem-quality stones, which are graded at the Tiffany Gemological
Laboratory, one of few such facilities operated by jewelry retailers. The laboratory’s Master Diamond
Graders give individual grades for cut, color, clarity, carat weight and presence. In the process, other
diamond reports are frequently overruled.

These top-tier diamonds are placed in the hands of skilled diamond cutters who cut for brilliance,
adhering to a strict geometric plan with exacting measurements, including precision of cut and
symmetry. Together these factors give Tiffany diamonds their extraordinary presence: a breathtaking
show of light, with utmost dispersion and scintillation created when light enters the stone, reaching the
perfectly positioned facets and mirrored directly back through the crown.

Lucida®, one of the first patented diamond cuts, with a setting of clean, sensuous curves, further
established Tiffany as the foremost jeweler for diamond engagement rings. The diamond’s square
mixed-cut shape, with wide corners, combines the classic elegance of a step-cut crown and a brilliant-
cut pavilion. Together these two faceting styles strike a balance between period cutting, with an
emphasis on line, and modern-style cutting, with an emphasis on brilliance.

The Tiffany Legacy Collection™ captures the opulence of the Edwardian period with a patented
cushion-cut center stone and a lavish setting encrusted with bezel-set diamonds and handcrafted
milgraining that fully reveals the center diamond’s exclusive cut and the setting’s luminous depth.
Tiffany Novo, a brilliant cushion cut inspired by the faceting of the famed Tiffany Diamond, epitomizes
style now and for all time, with every subtlety of chic and originality brought to stunning fruition
in the perfectly aligned facets. Set in a customized mounting of four sleek, tapered prongs, the


diamond generates an extraordinary show of light that continuously bursts forth and intensifies with
every movement.

Tiffany also offers dazzling diamond engagement rings inspired by jewelry in the Tiffany & Co.
Archives. These original designs share a timeless beauty that reflects the jeweler’s tradition of
unerring taste.

All Tiffany diamonds are set within customized mountings to accommodate the specific size and
shape of the diamond. With attention to balance and individual scale, Tiffany Master Setters,
connoisseurs of their craft, create a cohesive, hand-finished and hand-polished setting that shoulders
the diamond with consummate grace and respect. In addition, the diamonds are set in platinum with
a higher level of purity, which complements the diamond’s high color grade as well as strongly securing
the stone in its setting.

A Tiffany Diamond Certificate, with grading and gemological information specific to the diamond,
accompanies every ring. There is a no more trusted or comprehensive gemological certificate in the
world. Tiffany also offers lifetime services including cleaning, inspection and ring sizing. The extended
services and certificate documenting a Tiffany diamond’s preeminence are proof positive of the
company’s authority and commitment to a celebrated heritage of excellence and cutting-edge design.


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