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					                                                                                                                                                           October 2007

                                                                        Back to
                                                                          On a sunny first day of school,
                                                                            students in the Patchogue-
                                                                         Medford School District arrived
                                                                          donning their newest apparel,
                                                                           equipped with a new set of
                                                                         school supplies, ready to learn.
                                                                        Students showed smiles from ear
                                                                           to ear, as they embarked on
Briana Lambre and Donte Velez step off the bus for their first day of                                       Romeo Holder, Patrick Evens, and Taylor DiPasquale are on the bus
                                                                         another productive school year.    waiting to start a new, productive year at school with their friends.

Providing an In-Depth                                                                             EDUCATION MATTERS: A FOCUS                     ON INSTRUCTION

                                                                                                  Monday, October 22, 2007 @ Oregon Middle School:
               Look at Instruction                                                                Positive Alternatives for Student Suspension (PASS) Program

                                                                                                  Monday, November 19, 2007 @ Bay Elementary School:
   In an effort to provide the community with a better look into some of                          ESL Instruction: A closer look at the Apple iPod program at
the best practices for instruction that are being applied in classrooms                           the high school
throughout the Patchogue-Medford School District, Assistant
Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction David Gamberg has                                   Monday, December 17, 2007 @ Saxton Middle School:
developed a calendar of educational presentations entitled “Education                             State of the Instructional Union: A comprehensive look at
Matters: A Focus on Instruction” being held at the onset of public Board                          assessment data and key indicators of academic achievement
                                                                                                  and performance
of Education meetings during the 2007/08 school year.
   Highlighting this year’s calendar of presentations is the “State of the                        Tuesday, January 22, 2008 @ South Ocean Middle School:
Instructional Union” which will provide a comprehensive look at                                   What is a Standards-Based Education and why does it serve
assessment data and key indicators of academic achievement, including                             our students well?
Advanced Placement and college-level course participation and graduation
and college acceptance rates, among other areas.This presentation is                              Monday, February 11, 2008 @ Eagle Elementary School:
scheduled for the December 17, 2007 Board of Education meeting at                                 Ian Jukes:Technology and the future of teaching and learning
                                                                                                  in the Patchogue-Medford School District
Saxton Middle School, beginning at 7:30 p.m.
   “There is a wide spectrum of indicators that measure student success,”                         Monday, March 17, 2008 @ River Elementary School:
said Mr. Gamberg. “The State of the Instructional Union will delve into all                       What does it mean to “Break Ranks” and the case for
of them and provide residents with an in-depth picture of teaching and                            Smaller Learning Communities
learning in Patchogue-Medford.We will address both areas where we are
exceeding expectations and areas where there is room for improvement.”                            Monday, April 14, 2008 @ Medford Elementary School:
   Superintendent of Schools Michael Mostow and Board of Education                                Teaching the “Whole-Child”:The importance of music, art,
                                                                                                  and physical fitness in the achievement of students.
President Michael Miles share the belief that incorporating instructional
presentations at Board meetings will not only inform parents, but can                             Monday, May 19, 2008 @ Canaan Elementary School:
educate them on how to best prepare children to meet greater academic                             Social Studies: Our civic responsibility and a focus on
requirements.This further strengthens the home-school connection.                                 learning history
   To the right is a list of presentations scheduled for the remainder of the
2007/08 school year. All Board of Education meetings begin at 7:30 p.m.                           Monday, June 16, 2008 @ Tremont Elementary School:
                                                                                                  Celebrating Our Work: A look back and a look ahead
The schedule is subject to change.

                                        Patchogue-Medford School District
                        241 South Ocean Avenue, Patchogue, New York 11772 (631) 687-6300
  A Message from Your Superintendent
 Dear Parents and Residents,                                            website and have added a “Tips Hotline” for anyone to report
                                                                        problems that they hear of or see (page 8 for more details). Our
     The 2007-2008 school year had one of the smoothest starts in       staff will respond quickly to anything that is reported.
 memory. Staffing was finished and building repairs and renovations        I hope all of you have a healthy and happy upcoming holiday
 are almost complete.We are all thankful for our success and are        season.
 working hard to provide our teaching staff with the necessary          Sincerely,
 supplies, equipment, and staff development to make this year very
 successful for your children.
     Your Board of Education and I are also working hard to direct
 all of our efforts to improve communication and educational            Michael H. Mostow
 programs for the benefit of all.We are working on updating our         Superintendent of Schools

   The Board of Education is currently             Potential improvement projects are              The District currently receives 73% in
researching the possibility of proposing a      currently being identified and prioritized.     state building aid on community-approved
“no cost” facilities improvement bond issue     Among these projects are technology             capital improvement projects and is eligible
to provide much-needed repairs at a             upgrades; video surveillance equipment          for an additional $2.79 million under the
                                                around the district; improved internal
number of schools. Any bond is subject to                                                       EXCEL grant, which is a one-time grant
                                                communication/public address systems at
a community vote, and this one would                                                            that is restricted to health and safety,
                                                certain schools; auditorium upgrades at
capitalize on state aid and a special New       certain schools; and elevators for compliance   educational technology, energy efficiency,
York State grant under the Expanding            with the Americans with Disabilities Act.       and disability compliance projects. Any
Children’s Education and Learning                  Any plan that is developed will be           plan would be structured so that the
(EXCEL) initiative, resulting in no cost to     advertised to the community and more            combination of these two funding sources
taxpayers.                                      detailed information will become available.     would cover the entire cost.

 Introducing Dr. Peter Nicolino                                     EAGLE ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL WINS
                                                                     2007 ING Unsung Heroes Award
   After serving the last
two years as Assistant                                            Eagle Elementary School Principal Neil
Principal at Oregon                                            Katz has been recognized by ING with its
Middle School, Dr. Peter                                       Unsung Heroes Award for creating the
                                                               “Eagle’s Nest Bookstore and Café”
Nicolino has been
                                                               designed to promote literacy and nurture
appointed as Principal at                                      his students’ love for reading.
Bay Avenue Elementary                                             Taking his inspiration from the coffee
School. Mr. Nicolino has a                                     shops found in bookstores today, Mr. Katz
total of 17 years of                                           has appointed fourth and fifth-grade
professional experience in                                     students to manage and operate the
education, having begun                                        bookstore café, which will serve more
his career as an elementary                                    than 600 students during lunch and all
                                                               school-related evening functions. Students
school teacher in the
                                                               can enjoy hot chocolate as they browse
South Huntington School                                        the stacks of books.They will not
District.                                                      purchase books as one would in a
   “Right now I am getting acclimated with the Bay way         bookstore; but rather, they may exchange a book to “purchase” another.
and listening to and learning more and more about our          Unlike a library, however, students will not be required to return their
school community,” said Dr. Nicolino. “My goal for the         books when they are finished reading them.
year is to maintain the tradition of excellence that exists       In addition to literacy-based benefits, the program will introduce
here already.”                                                 students to basic business management skills as they market, advertise,
                                                               and promote the bookstore café to the local community.The café-style
   Dr. Nicolino possesses a Bachelor’s degree from
                                                               environment provides students with an inviting atmosphere for relaxing
Springfield College in Massachusetts and received              with a book of choice and encourages them to read during their lunch
Master’s degrees from Stony Brook University and Long          periods.
Island University. Dr. Nicolino also earned his                   “Literacy is the foundation of all academic subjects,” said Mr. Katz. “The
Administration degree from Stony Brook, and continued          Eagle’s Nest Bookstore and Café provides a fun, true-to-life experience
his education at Dowling, where he acquired his                that we anticipate will spark an interest in reading for many of our young
Doctorate.                                                     students that we hope will carry on into adolescence and adulthood.”
  A DayMade Better                                               Music, Music, Music
     On October 2, OfficeMax employees surprised                    Under the direction of music teachers throughout the district, several Patchogue-Medford
  Medford Elementary School inclusion teacher                    High School students have been selected to participate in this year’s Suffolk County 11th and
  Maryann Krawczyk with school supplies for the                  12th grade All-County Music Festival. This is a great accomplishment for these young
  “A Day Made Better” program. Medford Principal                 musicians. The festival will be held during November.
  Fran Lizewski nominated Ms. Krawczyk for the                      A select group of students have also been selected to represent the District at the Annual
  OfficeMax and Adopt-A-Classroom’s program,                     New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) All-State Convention. Congratulations
  which is in response to the fact that teachers                 to these talented students.
  spend much of their own money throughout the
  school year on classroom supplies.
     Ms. Krawczyk was one of 1,000 teachers
  nationwide to receive a variety of school supplies
  such as a new chair, digital camera, a cart, stickers,
  maps, and others, totaling more than $1,400.
     “Mrs. Krawczyk is a teacher who epitomizes in
  person and practice all of the characteristics of
  excellence in teaching,” said Ms. Lizewski. “This
  year, she begins her 25th year, yet her enthusiasm
  and commitment to the students of our
  community has not diminished over time. If
  anything, Mrs. Krawczyk continues to consistently
  provide students with appropriate and challenging
  work while recognizing the differently abled
  children of her classroom. She supports and
  appreciates the efforts of all her children.”

                                                                    District Receives Large Donation
                                                                    from Knapp-Swezey Foundation
                                                                    The Patchogue-Medford Board of Education recently accepted a donation of
                                                                 $240,000 from the Knapp-Swezey Foundation on behalf of the Patchogue-Medford
                                                                 School District.The funds will be used to support student activities, such as club
                                                                 activities, intramurals, and related programs.
                                                                    John Jay Roe III, a member of the Board of Directors for the Knapp-Swezey
                                                                 Foundation, made the announcement at the August Board of Education meeting. Mr.
                                                                 Roe spoke of how he encountered a recent Pat-Med graduate, Patricia Millard, who is
                                                                 now attending Touro Law School thanks to a four-year scholarship she received from
                                                                 the Foundation. Patricia is one of about 15 students who have received scholarship
Saxton Middle School a                                           grants from the Knapp-Swezey Foundation since they began the scholarship program
                                                                 six years ago.
Red Cross Shelter Site                                              “[Patricia] learned in middle school that the Foundation was to select 30 students
                                                                 who would be mentored in their schoolwork and if they continued the program,
   Saxton Middle School is a designated Red                      maintained their grades, and worked hard, then they might be eligible for a four-year
Cross Emergency Sheltering Site. The                             scholarship to college upon graduation from Patchogue-Medford High School,” said Mr.
building has been set up as a central storage facility           Roe. “This opportunity led to inspiration. Inspiration led to curiosity. Curiosity led to
and contains supplies and equipment that are readily available   achievement. Achievement led to reward.”
to the community in the event of an emergency. Community            “Our students really appreciate this,” said Board of Education President Michael L.
members are urged to take advantage of the site in the event     Miles. “We will be the guardians for this money and ensure that students reap the
of a health or weather-related emergency. District employees     benefits of this generous donation.”
have undergone training and may be called upon to volunteer
their time in the event of such an emergency.
   “Safety and security continue to be a priority of the
Patchogue-Medford School District,” said District Director
of Security Joseph Comparato. “As the world we live in
becomes more complex, we must be prepared as a school
district and as a community to respond in the event of a
health or weather-related emergency.”
   Two years ago, Patchogue-Medford High School hosted
an emergency drill involving District security staff,
administrators, instructional staff, some students, Suffolk      John Jay Roe III of the Knapp-Swezey Foundation visited the August Board of Ed meeting to present a
County Police, and various emergency responders. The drill       donation to the school district on behalf of the foundation. Pictured left to right are: Board of Education
simulated a hostage situation to best prepare staff, while       Student Representative Kevin Friedman,Trustee Christie Jo Lang,Vice President Anthony Russo, President
providing emergency personnel an opportunity to conduct a        Michael L. Miles, Mr. Roe, Superintendent of Schools Michael H. Mostow, and Trustees Miguel Perez,
hands-on exercise.                                               Thomas P. Donofrio, Joseph P. LoSchiavo, and William LaVelle, Esq.
Football, Pride,Cheer
                                                          &   Parades

   Homecoming 2007 was a true community event
that brought local officials, faculty, families, and
students together to boast their Raider pride. The
morning commenced with a parade showcasing
students’ floats as they marched from Tremont
Elementary School north on Route 112. Community
members lined the streets as each class displayed their
grade-level float, and the band and Raiderettes
entertained the spectators.
   Following the parade, students put on a small
variety show at Patchogue-Medford High School.
Students wrote and performed their own skits to help
motivate their fellow classmates who would be
playing in the afternoon’s game against Sachem.
   Pat-Med fans, dressed in red, black, and white,
filled the bleachers for the game, cheering the Raiders
as they took the field. During halftime, the high
school band, Raiderettes and cheerleaders all
performed. Homecoming Court winners were also
   It was a bittersweet afternoon as the Raiders were
defeated on the gridiron by a score of 12-7. Trailing
late in the game, the team drove down the field, only
to be stopped just short on 4th and 2 on Sachem’s
20-yard line. The Raider defense, a highlight all year,
continued its strong play. Although they didn’t win in
points, the team and community came away as
winners in spirit.
Homecoming 2007
 Elementary Schools Open New
     Libraries for Students
    The Patchogue-Medford School District was proud to hold ribbon-cutting
ceremonies for two of the most important improvements to the district’s
facilities, the new libraries at Tremont and Eagle Elementary Schools. Thanks to
the support of the community, the district has completely renovated several of its
libraries to provide students with greater access to state-of-the-art research tools
and technology resources.
    Board of Education members, administrators, faculty and students attended
both ceremonies to celebrate the improvements in each building. The two classes
that were the first to utilize the new facilities joined in the festivities by helping
cut the ribbons and share their excitement for the new resources by reading               (from l to r) Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Nancy Hancock,
passages they wrote.                                                                      Tremont PTA President Christine Dillon, Superintendent of Schools Michael
    “The purpose of a new media center is so you can explore on the computer              Mostow, students Kaylie Murphy and Kevin Schelling, Tremont Principal Joey
and on paper in books. I know all the students will enjoy this new library,” stated       Cohen, Board of Education Vice President Anthony Russo, Assistant
                                                                                          Superintendent for Instruction David Gamberg, and Tremont Librarian Dawn
Superintendent of Schools Michael Mostow. “Thank you to all the parents and
                                                                                          Franzese were in attendance at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new library
teachers for your efforts. I am proud and pleased to share this facility with you.”       at Tremont Elementary School.
    Both libraries were completely gutted and revamped, are now larger, and have
all new shelving, carpeting, and upgraded technology.
New computers, as well as a big screen television, are
available for whole-class instruction. The libraries will
also offer projectors for presentations.

      (back from l to r) Eagle Librarian Cathy Reid, Assistant
        Superintendent for Human Resources Nancy Hancock,
   Superintendent of Schools Michael Mostow, Administrative
  Assistant for Elementary Education and Community Affairs
      Christine Finn, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
     David Gamberg, Eagle Principal Neil Katz, (front l to r)
         students Nicholas Paredas and Alex Slovensky were in
 attendance at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new library
                                   at Eagle Elementary School.

  SOUTH OCEAN REDEDICATES 9/11                                                    Summer Reading
   MEMORIAL FOR LOCAL FAMILIES                                                      A Treat for Medford Students
      On the front lawn of South Ocean Middle School, students,                         What began as a grant-funded initiative five years ago to promote literacy and
   administrators, faculty, and community members gathered as the                   encourage young students to read during the dog days of summer has grown
   school rededicated its September 11th Memorial.The current                       into tradition. While many youngsters wait in front of their homes with
   memorial was recently expanded to include four flagpoles, which                  excitement for the ice cream man to come by with a refreshing treat, students
   will now fly flags from the Village,Town, County, and State                      from Medford Elementary School can head to their bus stops or walk along their
   government offices. In addition, an American Navy vessel in the                  regular route to school and look for their principal, Fran Lizewski, behind the
   Persian Gulf gifted South Ocean with a new American flag that will
                                                                                    wheel of her 1993 Ford Explorer, also known as “The Bookmobile.”
   be flown overhead.
      South Ocean Middle School honored the Stahlman, Maler, and                        With the help of some teachers, Ms. Lizewski stocks the Bookmobile with
   Healey families, who lost loved ones in the tragic events on                     stacks of books and travels through the residential streets in the vicinity of the
   September 11th six years ago.With more than 500 students in                      school for a few weeks during the summer. The mobile is decorated with signs
   attendance, they showed their compassion and empathy for these                   so that students can see it coming down their block. Once they hail the
   families by presenting each with a card.                                         mobile, they can choose from an array of age-appropriate offerings, for which
                                                                                    they need not pay; essentially, a “library on wheels.”
                                                                                        More than 100 books were distributed to Medford Elementary School students
                                                                                    over the course of three weeks this past
                                                                                    summer. Assistant Superintendent
                                                                                    for Instruction David Gamberg
                                                                                    started the Bookmobile
                                                                                    program when he served as
                                                                                    the school’s principal.
                                                                                    Medford teacher Margaret
                                                                                    King wrote the initial
 South Ocean Middle School rededicated their September 11th memorial in             grant to fund the
 honor of (l to r) Ms. Healey, Mr. and Mrs. Stahlman, and Mr. and Mrs. Maler,       program and continues
 who all suffered a loss due to the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001.      to assist Ms. Lizewski.
 100 Years
        IN THE                         MAKING
   Many of us cannot remember a time when a loaf of bread was five cents, a
house on average was sold for $4,500, Theodore Roosevelt was President of
the United States of America, or when Albert Einstein introduced his theory
of E=mc2. Through the years, the student body and staff at Bay Elementary
School have seen and experienced these changes in history and for 100 years,
the walls of Bay have stood as a strong foundation of education for students
in the community.
   Bay Elementary commemorated its centennial year by throwing a 100-Year
Celebration. Students, faculty, former faculty, elected officials, and
community members attended the festivities, which included archived
photos, documents, and other memorabilia chronicling the history the school
has evolved through.
   Current Bay students greeted invited guests with the pledge of allegiance
and the singing of our national anthem.
    “When I think of the school turning 100 years old, I think of all the
changes and people who have walked through the doors of Bay,” said
Principal Dr. Peter Nicolino. “In 100 years, Bay has educated students who
have traveled on horseback, and others in automated vehicles. This
community has always supported a better life for its children, and Bay has
helped them achieve that.”
   Patchogue Village Mayor Paul Pontieri, Assemblywoman Patricia
Eddington, and Suffolk County Legislator Jack Eddington were also in
attendance, and presented the school with proclamations and citations for
reaching 100 years of service to the community.
   “It is a unique experience to be in a building that has this much history.
This school has provided an education base for tens of thousands of students
over its 100 years,” stated Superintendent of Schools Michael Mostow.
   Patchogue-Medford Board of Education President Michael Miles noted,
“It is important to reflect on our past in order to see where to go in the
future. While the faces and names may have changed, the inherent culture of
this building will never change.”
   Community member Bob Gillman, who was celebrating his 50th high
school reunion that evening, epitomized the spirit of the celebration by
singing the ABC’s to his granddaughter, who is currently a student at Bay.
According to Mr. Gillman, it was just as he learned when he was a student at
the school.
   Elected officials, faculty, former faculty, students and community members
enjoyed food provided by local restaurants. A special thanks goes to Doreen
Bullard and the rest of the Bay PTA for helping to put together this
wonderful event.

     “It is a unique experience
   to be in a building that has
      this much history. This
      school has provided an
    education base for tens of
    thousands of students over
           its 100 years.”
         Superintendent of Schools
             Michael Mostow.
        Ancient Civilizations
                           TO      LIFE AT SOUTH OCEAN
                                                                                                             TIP HOTLINE
                                                                                                    In an effort to ensure the safety and security of all
   The sixth-grade hallway of South Ocean Middle School has been transformed                     of our students, the district will be implementing a
from plain, painted walls to a cave painting mural. Students studied ancient                     confidential tip hotline, (631) 687-TELL, 24 hours a
civilizations as part of their sixth-grade social studies curriculum. As a                       day, seven days a week.
culminating activity they used their knowledge of what they learned in the
                                                                   classroom to                  (631) 687-TELL will allow students, staff, parents, and
                                                                   decorate the                  community to anonymously report:
                                                                                                 • Harassment or hazing
                                                                                                 • Threats
                                                                                                 • Violence
                                                                     Students (l to r) who       • Issues concerning drugs, weapons or alcohol
                                                                     participated in the cave
                                                                     painting mural included
                                                                     Patrick Griffiths, Aaron       Calls will be reviewed daily by district security and
                                                                     Rodriguez, Paula            will be forwarded to school officials for review and
                                                                     Cortezano, Olivia           action. Please provide as much detail and information
                                                                     Calisi, Amanda Matises,     as you can to allow for proper follow-up and
                                                                     and Nelly Hurtado.

    Start Your Engines
     Fourth-grade students in Thomas Stock’s class at Medford Elementary
  School started the year off with a getting-to-know-you exercise unlike
  any other. Students were asked to design their own NASCAR.The goal of
  the project was to have each student create a car to educate classmates
  about them. Students chose a sponsor, a color scheme, a number, and
  explained their rationale and how each characteristic relates to them.
     What first began as a writing assignment soon transformed into a
  science project. Every student in the fourth grade created a “puff
  mobile” out of one piece of paper, paper clips, lifesavers, straws, and
  tape. Students then “raced” their cars down the hallway by blowing
  air at them.
     As a culminating activity, Mr. Stock invited his father,Thomas Stock, and
  friend Scott Maliszewski, both of whom race stock cars at Riverhead                   Medford Elementary student Shartee Qiuck-Bonner was able to get
  Raceway, to the class. Both served as an inspiration for the activity. Each          behind the wheel of Thomas Stock’s racecar to see what it was like to be
  man brought their race car to the school for the students to see. Both               behind the wheel and in the shoes of a race car driver.
  men discussed the different sponsors on both cars and how
  the characteristics of their cars – including the number –
  relate to them.
     Mr. Stock and Mr. Maliszewski also explained the safety
  features of their cars and specific equipment they wear. Mr.
  Stock stressed the importance of using the correct gear and
  wearing a seatbelt. He shared a story from the last time he
  raced, when he collided with another car at 60 miles per hour,
  but walked away without harm thanks to a seatbelt, helmet,
  and other protective measures.
     After the students saw the cars and had the opportunity to
  sit in them, they asked questions about the vehicles and racing. Medford Elementary teacher Thomas Stock incorporated his love for race cars into his
  Each student then received a photo of each car, signed by the       students’ curriculum. He then invited his father,Thomas Stock (far left) to share with the
  drivers.                                                            entire fourth-grade class his real-life race car, after students completed several
                                                                               multicurriculum projects pertaining to a race car.

                                                                                                Board of Education
                                                                        Michael L. Miles, President                            Anthony Russo, Vice President
                                                                   Thomas P. Donofrio                      Christie Jo Lang               William Lavelle, Esq.
                                                                            Joseph P. LoSchiavo,                                        Miguel Perez

                                                                                        Michael H. Mostow, Superintendent of Schools