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Katherine Nakamura

John de Beck
Vice President

Luis Acle

Shelia Jackson

Mitz Lee

Terry B. Grier, Ed.D.
Classified Employees of the Year
May 22, 2008

Today, the San Diego Unified School District Board of Education
and Superintendent honor the contributions of our 8,115 dedicated
classified employees who ensure the education success of 135,053

Classified employees, together with teachers, administrators and
the Board of Education, work in support of the district’s
commitment to providing challenging education for our students.
Their tireless efforts provide the foundation for making our
schools, offices, and facilities operate efficiently, effectively and
safely, providing a positive and safe learning environment for our

During Classified Employees Week, May 18-24, 2008, we
recognize that the success of our students in their adult endeavors
is largely determined by the skills, knowledge, and philosophies
acquired while a student in our district.

Thank you, classified employees, especially the Classified
Employees of the Year in attendance today, for your contributions
to our community. Parents, students, teachers, administrators and
others, please join us in celebrating Classified Employees Week by
recognizing and thanking these important individuals.
Ceremony Proceedings
Presentation of Colors
Lincoln High School Army-JROTC Color Guard

   •   Cadet 2nd LT Rigoverto Castellanos
   •   Cadet 1st LT Steve Prathoumthong
   •   Cadet 2nd LT Steven Perez
   •   Cadet Captain Karen Encino

Our National Anthem
Mira Mesa High School Madrigal Singers

Katherine Nakamura, President, Board of Education

Master of Ceremonies Introductions
Terry Grier, Superintendent

   •   Introduction of the Site Classified Representatives and Nominees of the Year
   •   Introduction of the Classified Woman of the Year Second Runner-Up
   •   Introduction of the Classified Woman of the Year First Runner-Up
   •   Introduction of the Classified Man of the Year Second Runner-Up
   •   Introduction of the Classified Man of the Year First Runner-Up

Introduction of the Classified Woman of the Year
Kathy Reed, 2007 Winner

Introduction of the Classified Man of the Year
Preston Robinson, 2007 Winner

Presentations to the Classified Employees of the Year
   •   California School Employees Association Chapter 759 – Jane Bausa
   •   California School Employees Association Chapter 788 – Sharon Powell
   •   California School Employees Association Chapter 724 – Ethel Larkins
   •   Administrators Association of San Diego City Schools – Dr. Elizabeth Cook
   •   San Diego City Schools Police Officer’s Association – Jesus Montana
   •   California Coast Credit Union – Tricia Link and Patrick Cager
   •   Mission Federal Credit Union – Robyn Quaco
   •   ProFlowers – Terry Grier on behalf of Erin Christensen

Concluding Remarks – Terry Grier
Site Classified Employees of the Year

Caesar Aguirre                         Ana Brady
Knox Elementary                        Washington Elementary

Wanda Aiello*                          Madai Briones*
Carver Elementary                      SANDAPP Program

Chuck Allen                            Pam Brown*
Standards Assessment and               Serra High School
                                       Clara Brown
Jo Anna Andrea                         Crawford Multimedia and Visual Arts
NCLB Private School Services
Department                             David Burnett
                                       Physical Plant Operations
Carmela Austria
Dewey Child Development Center         Theresa Bush*
                                       Encanto Elementary
Michael Bailund
Old Town Program                       Leslie Caporale*
                                       Literacy Department – Central Office
Kerry Barajas
Roosevelt Middle School                Susan Castiglione
                                       Farb Middle School
Brian Beisigl
Taft Middle School                     Vicki Champoux
                                       Ericson Elementary
Shannon Belson
Cubberley Elementary                   Penny Clark
                                       Bell Middle School
Nancy Benson*
Kearny School of Science Connections   Rita Clegg
Technology                             P. E. Department
Deborah Clemons*                    Trudy Gingery*
Transdisciplinary Services Wiggin   LCI/ED Polinsky School
                                    Lidia Gomez
Catherine Condra*                   Balboa Elementary
                                    Cynthia Gonzalez
Silvia Cortez                       Marshall Elementary
San Diego High Ed Complex-CIMA
                                    Glenda Griesgraber*
Deby Cowan*                         San Diego School of Creative and
Hoover High School                  Performing Arts

Kathy Darnell                       Paula Grooms*
Sunset View Elementary              Miramar Ranch Elementary

Pamela Dowling*                     Maria Guardado
Point Loma High School              Kearny High School – Digital Media &
Beverly Edwards
Bethune Elementary School           Adrienne Heinzelman
                                    Human Resource Services Division
Sharon Eslava
Hancock Elementary                  William Hilliard
                                    Kearny High School – School of
Janet Fairchild*                    International Business
CPMA Middle School
                                    Eric Hoch*
Maria Lupe Figueroa                 TRACE Program
Chollas-Mead Elementary
                                    Connie Hovda
Teri Freese*                        Carson Elementary
McKinley Elementary
                                    Toni Hudgins*
Leona Gerety*                       Kimbrough Elementary
Adams Elementary
Laura Huezo*             Irma Martinez*
Twain/Morse Satellite    Dingeman Elementary

Martha Huezo             Esperanza ‘Tina’ Martinez
Ballard Parent Center    San Diego High School – School of Arts

Tammie Jeter             Antonio Martinez
Distribution Services    Golden Hill Elementary

Semadar Johnson*         Arthur Marx*
ALBA High School         Miller Elementary

Maria Johnson            Gail McClendon*
Program Monitoring       Dailard Elementary

Susan Kincade*           Mark McGee*
Wegeforth Elementary     Point Loma High School

Margaret Lathan*         Barbara McLeod
VAPA Department          Roosevelt Middle School

Michael Lawson           Luisa Medina*
La Jolla High School     Ocean Beach Elementary

Jaime Lillo*             Brenda Mitchell
Mann Middle School       Rowan Elementary

Crus Lira                Frances Montano*
Mail Services            Rodriguez Elementary

Guillermo Lopez          Jennifer Morehouse*
Hage Elementary          Roosevelt Middle School

Rival Denese Manning*    Carolina Munoz
Palomar Outdoor School   Florence Child Development Center
Kristin Nelson              Delores Reed*
Lafayette Elementary        Johnson Elementary

Marie Norman*               Karen Reed
De Portola Middle School    Hamilton Elementary School

Erika Oortgiese             Linda Ridgeway*
Clark Middle School         Chesterton Elementary

Sheila Ortega*              Jan Riel*
Spreckels Elementary        Marshall Middle School

Gustavo Padilla             Joann Rochau
Mt. Everest Academy         Boone Elementary

Belinda Patrick             Carla Rodman
Old Town Program            Madison High School

Liz Pedarvis                Maria Rodriguez
Loma Portal Elementary      North Park Elementary

Ana Pena-Aguilar*           Luciano Rodriguez
Cherokee Point              Educational Technology

Lupe Perez                  Rosalinda Rojas*
Normal Heights Elementary   Office of College, Career and Technology

Cathy Perry*                Cheryl Roper
Custodial Services Unit     Holmes Elementary

Terry Piper                 Damon Ross
Marvin Elementary           Material Control

Miguel Ramos                Janice Roy*
Ross Elementary             Sequoia Elementary
Delores Rutherford                        Dawn Suda*
Sessions Elementary                       Henry High School

Isaac Santillian*                         Maddie Tolpen
Ibarra Elementary                         Point Loma High School

Linda Schott*                             Mary Trombley*
Montgomery Middle School                  Madison High School

Amy Sebens*                               Gina Vazquez
Special Education –Marston Satellite      Wagenheim Middle School

Toni Shaw*                                Vincent Viola*
Crawford High Complex – CHAMPS            Hoover High School

Bill Shimmin*                             Josefina Viorato*
Rodriguez Elementary                      Financial Operations Division

Stephanie Sorensen*                       Lydia White
Hamilton Elementary                       Webster Elementary

Deanna Stieff                             Mary Wood*
Office of Resource Development            San Diego High School Science
Pupil Accounting                          Technology

Jeanne Stifter*                           Betty Workman*
Kumeyaay Elementary                       Walker Elementary

*SDUSD Classified Employee of the Year Nominee
Evaluators Panel 2008-09

Terri Miracle
California Coast Credit Union

Jarvis Gresham
Police Officer’s Association

Erika Culley
California School Employees Association Chapter 759

Bonnie Remington
Administrators Association of San Diego

Alberto Castelo
Operations Support Services
California School Employees Association Chapter 724

Sharon Powell
Office-Technical and Business Services
California School Employees Association Chapter 788
2008 Classified Employees of the Year
Second Runners-Up

Dawn Suda
Second Runner-up, Classified Woman of the Year
School Clerk II, Patrick Henry High School

“Dawn Suda is the glue that holds the counselors and the counseling office
together. Her expertise in scholarships and opportunities for students makes her
indispensable to students and their parents. She has a calm and patient attitude
even in the midst of what seems to be counseling office chaos. I can always count
on Dawn to answer my questions and come to my aid for anything. She deserves
this honor a hundred times over. Parents, students and teachers are not always
aware of the incredible resource she is to all of us. She volunteers her time to
attend award ceremonies for students and supports their efforts with scholarships,
college applications and financial aid. Dawn is our organizer, our den mother and
our treasure.
---- Co-workers, Henry High School

Jaime Lillo
Second Runner-up, Classified Man of the Year
Supervising Administrative Assistant II, Mann Middle School

“Jaime Lillo is an example of an outstanding employee. Not only is he highly
skilled in his ability to multi-task projects and assignments, his effort in managing,
coordinating and leading others is exemplary. Jaime is dedicated to the common
goal of moving students forward in achieving academic excellence and has
demonstrated the ability to work with individuals of differing personalities and
backgrounds. He is very dedicated and enthusiastic. He has developed a wonderful
rapport with staff members and students alike. He is definitely a team player and
goes out of his way to assist and support staff members whenever the need arises.
His service, involvement and accomplishments can only be described in
superlative terms.
--- Co-workers, Mann Middle School
2008 Classified Employees of the Year
First Runners-up

Janice Roy
First Runner-up, Classified Woman of the Year
Attendance Clerk/Guidance Aide, Sequoia Elementary School

“Janice Roy is an invaluable asset to our Sequoia Elementary School community
of learners. She is a leader in the office, handling any situation with confidence
and wisdom. She works very diligently to maintain our school attendance records
and makes our school family-friendly, knowing most students and parents by
name. When Janice is not fulfilling her attendance clerk duties, she wears many
different hats including nurse, counselor, office clerk and duty relief person. Janice
has a sixth sense for how to care for a child who is sick or discouraged. She goes
above and beyond the duties of her job to help others. She recently organized and
ran our Pasta for Pennies fundraiser, netting $1,639 for the Leukemia and
Lymphoma Society. Janice is a team player that is willing to fill in wherever
needed and to work for as long as it takes to get the task done. It is a pleasure to
work with her everyday.”
--- Co-workers, Sequoia Elementary School

Eric Hoch
First Runner-up, Classified Man of the Year
Computer Support Technician, TRACE Program

“Eric Hoch’s work ethic is an inspiration. His dedication to his job and the success
of the students in the TRACE program is beyond measure. He has a willingness to
go above and beyond his job duties and is always available for questions or last
minute projects. He is the heart of everything TRACE is and enables all staff to be
better prepared, competent and productive in all areas of technology. He
consistently demonstrates an ability to rise to any challenge thrown his way with a
positive, “can do” attitude. For him, no problem is too great and no issue
unsolvable. He has the ability to think outside the box in terms of technology
which greatly benefits students with disabilities and services teachers can provide.
His expertise in technology and desire to assist in providing support to students
has an amazing impact on their accomplishments. The students are truly the
--- Co-workers, TRACE Program
                          Arthur Marx
                          2008 Classified Man of the Year
                          Classroom Assistant, Miller Elementary School

                          For Arthur Marx, rewards come from the unique military
                          community at Miller Elementary and when he can “watch the
                          light bulb come on” with one of his special education students.

                        Now in his fourth year as a Classroom Assistant at the Murphy
                        Canyon neighborhood school, “Mr. Art” works as an assistant to
Physical Education prep teacher Patrick Ricci. He also acts as the on-site technician for
the school’s computer system.

“I get the satisfaction of knowing that I’m helping kids,” said Marx. “When I see that
light bulb come on, it just makes my day.”
That satisfaction extends to his home life, where, in his spare time, he works with the
cross-country and track coaches at his sons’ school, Mount Miguel High School in Spring

“Art does all the physical things I cannot do because I am a quadriplegic,” wrote Ricci in
the nomination petition for Classified Employee Man of the Year. “Performing all the
physical things I cannot do does not even start to tell the story of how valuable he is to
the students, teachers and me at Miller.”

Teacher Sue Edelstein said “Mr. Art” is the “go-to guy for campus computer problems,
“which is often,” she wrote.

“Each and every time, Art is there to help very quickly and is always polite and
professional. He never makes one feel as computer-challenged as they may actually be.”
Edelstein also said his position with the PE department makes him known – and have a
positive influence on – every student at Miller.

“He is very visible member of our school community and positive role model for all of
our students,” she wrote, “especially our upper-grade boys, who need this sort of male
presence in their lives.”

Teacher Christine Estioco called Mr. Art the “glue to this staff and to this school,” in his
nomination petition.

“He is a person who carries and delivers the qualities of an exceptional staff member. He
is diligent, driven punctual, responsible, and just really cares about our staff, the
programs we have here, and most importantly, our students.”
                         Linda Ridgeway
                         2008 Classified Woman of the Year
                         Clerk Typist 1, Chesterton Elementary School

                         Classified Woman of the Year Linda Ridgeway has been a
                         member of the school community at Chesterton for more than
                         26 years; nearly 24 years as an employee.

                         Her grown children attended the Linda Vista school and her
                         grandchildren are now proud Chesterton Cheetahs.

“I really like working with the kids,” said Linda, who said she was “shocked” when she
was told that she was the 2008 Classified Woman of the Year. “I was speechless that day
because I didn’t know what was going on.”

Scheduled to retire this year, Linda spends more time at the school “off the clock” than
her three hours a day as a Clerk Typist I. She arrives around 7 a.m. to help principal Jean
Richmond start the day. Her shift begins after 8 a.m., working copy production, acting as
volunteer coordinator, supervising on the playground and handling “other duties as

Her paid day ends around 2 p.m., but she doesn’t scamper home from Chesterton right

“My grandkids are here, so I’ll just stay here and help out,” she said. A longtime member
of the school’s PTA, her after-hours duties include selling ice cream on Fridays.

“Many hours are dedicated to fundraisers, school carnivals and fifth grade activities,”
wrote teacher Jennifer Fortune in Linda’s nomination petition. “She provides direction
and leadership for parents and volunteers.”

And that volunteer service extends in many directions.

“She also provides day care service for many of parent meetings/in-services,” wrote Jan
Kosaka, Chesterton’s School Secretary. “Her support of these projects for our parents
(many times after her normal work hours) is also important and priceless.”
First grade teacher Tracy King wrote Linda is “dedicated and goes beyond the call” of

“She ‘takes off running’ the moment she hits our campus,” wrote King. “She does all of
this with a smile on her face. She makes our lives here at Chesterton better.”
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