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					                                                          HT-18 ORM of Tiltrotor Syllabus

  Hazard Description           Potential Casual         Potential effects        Risk        Hazard Control               Effects of    Verification of
                                   Factors                                    Assessment    Recommendations           recommendations      control
                                                                                 Code                                     on RAC
                                                                                              Tiltrotor SNAs
   SNAs have lower          SNA have less total/and     Mid-air collision        C I, 2    observe BI, RI flights          D I, 3       MPTS Change
 SA/trouble clearing the    model flight hours than                                           Observer req on
        a/c right                their peers.                 CFIT                               T4403-5,
                                                                                           Maintain extra altitude
                                                                                            on navigation routes

SNAs may be less adept      SNA have less total/and       Less able to           C I, 2    Announce titlrotor on           D I, 3        HT-18 SOP
maneuvering a/c, trouble    model flight hours than    maintain lane, clear                splitting. Include
     clearing a/c                their peers.               a/c right                      tiltrotor in callsign.

SNAs may be less adept      SNA have less total/and     Hard landing, tail      C III, 4        NVG Stan IP               D III, 5      MPTS Change
  maneuvering a/c           model flight hours than        strike, roll
                                 their peers.

  SNAs may complete          No check rides in the     Less capable SNA         C IV, 5       C4203 Checkride             C IV, 5       MPTS change
    syllabus without              syllabus                                                     C4801/2 Stan
adequate standardization                                                                        instructors

                                                                                           Mandate linear
SNAs may be less adept       Too many variables in       Poor product,          C IV, 5    tiltrotor syllabus flow.       D IV, 5        HT-18 SOP
maneuvering, piloting a/c   syllabus. Unable to pin     course flow not                    Fams, Tranfam, Ships,
                            point inefficient course   conducive to SNA                    BI, LL nav, Form,
                                     flow.               development                       Night contact, NVG

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