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Rotary Masthead 2009 2010 The Rotary Club of Calgary District


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									                                The Rotary Club of Calgary

                                                                                                           District No. 5360
VOL. 27 N0. 23                   Next Week’s Speaker                John Gilchrist Xmas Luncheon                       December 8, 2009
                           Our own Carl          under the presidency of Bob Junker and Steve    finished grade 12 but opted to forgo the award
                           Smith, who neither    Allan, men who shared the vision and saw        and not continue with further education.
                           needed nor wanted     the potential. To provide the necessary tax
                           any introduction,     receipts for donations a partnership with The   Carl’s vision has become a reality. This club
                           got a fine one        Calgary Foundation was formed. The first        is fortunate to be able to share in the efforts
                           anyway          by    students were enrolled in 1995. After Carl’s    and success of Carl’s dream. Club members
                           President Larry. If   years leading the initiative Hank Popoff took   who are involved as volunteers in the stay in
                           anyone wondered if    the leadership reigns and chaired the           school program gain a lot of personal
                           we were getting       committee. He did a yeoman’s job to move        satisfaction in seeing young people succeed.
                           ‘bang for the buck’   the program forward. Today John Lindenbach      That satisfaction was shared by the entire club
Our writer this week,      with our stay in      is providing excellent leadership and Carl      when we next heard from Kathy Nguyen,
Eva Friesen...             school program,       remains in an advisory role.                    Loretta Reikie and Quan Ly.
they certainly wonder no longer. Carl took
us back to the early days of how the stay in                                                     Kathy Nguyen was a student at Holy Cross
school program got started and developed.                                                        and selected for the program in 1998. We
Then three very impressive young people,                                                         learned that her father passed away in the
recipients of the stay in school scholarships                                                    same year as she was selected for the
as long as 10 years ago, took the podium and                                                     program. She was thus doubly motivated to
shared their journey with us telling us how                                                      succeed in her education. She attended
the scholarship and Rotary support made a                                                        Father Lacomb School taking the IB program.
huge difference in their lives.                                                                  She graduated from University in 2008 after
                                                                                                 studying Mandarin, Biology and Calculus.
In 1991 the Federal Government sponsored a                                                       While in University she took a page from
Stay-In-School initiative. Under the                                                             Rotary and volunteered in her community.
leadership of Curly Galbraith and Don                                                            She was president of the student marketing
Campbell the Rotary joined the effort and a                                                      association and volunteered for the Walk In
national program known as Canadian Rotary                                                        Closet for women in need and Ronald
Stay-In-School was developed. Many clubs                                                         McDonald House. She worked as a summer
in Canada created local programs suited to                                                       student for Husky in 2007 and in 2008 got a
their specific market. Our club set up a                                                         FT job with Husky as an oil and gas analyst.
program encouraging club members to mentor                                                       Kathy expressed her appreciation for the
children in selected Elementary Schools.                                                         Rotary Club and stated she would not have
Today we still have a number of members (the     Our speaker, Carl Smith...                      had this success without the program.
Popoff’s, Jim Sinclair, Maggie Redmond and
Allan Stretch who regularly act as mentors to    Today’s program has expanded to 5               Loretta Reikie was a former student at
children at Valleyview school. John              elementary schools located in East Calgary.     Valleyview Elementary and was one of the
Lindenbach is the sole weekly volunteer at       Between 90 and 100 students are continuously    students in the very first group in 1995. After
West Dover – here is an opportunity for more     being mentored at various levels of their       grade 6 it was Loretta’s dream to become a
involvement by other Rotarians.                  highschool and post secondary programs.         mechanic or a building designer. Loretta’s
                                                 Students are selected when they are finished    sense of humor and public speaking ability
In 1994, motivated by his vision to help         grade 6 (about 12 years old). This is when      were developed well beyond her young years.
financially disadvantaged students get a kick-   mentoring starts and continues for about the    She had the club in stitches several times. At
start towards their post secondary education,    next 6 years. This is a huge commitment and     the time she was selected for the program she
Carl led the development of the stay-in-school   a big thanks is extended to the club members    was not aware she came from a low income
scholarship program. His early target was to     who help make it happen. To date 16 students    family and that statistics showed she was
raise $125,000, which would provide 5 awards     have graduated from post secondary and are      more likely to drop out of school and enter a
at $5,000 each for 5 years. Too rich for the     working. Another 29 students have graduated     circle of poverty. She did not know that
club coffers at that day, Carl was not           from grade 12 and are in various stages of      money could limit who she could become and
dissuaded. He found an annonomous donor          their post secondary. Only 9 have dropped       that education was a tool to shape herself and
who contributed $75,000 and the rotary club      out of the program. Some of these 9 have        her future. She credited her own success to
contributed the remaining $50,000. This was                                                      the many phone calls from Carl over the years

                                      Calgary, Alberta • Chartered April 1914 • Club # 113
                       Suite 310, The Kahanoff Centre, 1202 Centre Street S., Calgary Alberta T2G 5A5
          • Tel: (403) 398-9969 • Fax:(403) 264-2393 • Website: rotaryclubofcalgary.org • email: rotary1@telus.net
                 Tina Jarrett, Manager of Administration • Office Hours: 7:00a.m. - 3:30p.m. Monday to Friday
Carl Smith presents Paul Harris Fellow awards to Peter McKeen          Our three speakers today, scholarsip award recipients, Kathy
and to Donna L’amarca for her father, Jack Carter ...                  Nguyen,Quan Ly and Loretta Reicke...
and his encouragement of her efforts. Today
Loretta is an inter-provincially certified Red The Meeting:
Seal Journeyman Cabinetmaker. She designs
and builds structurally sound and beautifully The brilliant Frank McKitrick thumped the
sculpted pieces of custom furniture from keys to bring in the head table team and
bedroom sets, to built in libraries to dream lead us in a rapid rendition of the national
kitchens. She works in a small shop where anthem. A thoughtful invocation was
environmentally friendly materials are a delivered by Aldo Brussoni.
priority. She wants to leave the world a better
place. She does everything from pricing, Ralph Lundberg took a walk down memory
designing using auto CAD and drafting lane of the Rotary Show of Steve Allan’s
programs, to building with her own two hands, year. We saw the usual gorgeous girl
staining or painting and delivering and dancers, the less gorgeous men dressed as
installing. She is passionate about her work girl dancers, and Larry Shelley kicking up
and grateful to the Rotary Club for providing his slightly younger heels. Ah, those were
her the opportunity. She is married and her the days.
proud husband was in attendance at this
meeting.                                         Thanks to Ian Viner and Superior
                                                 Autobody/Economy Glass for the
Quan Ly is not a stranger to the club, having sponsorship of the COG.
spoken on a few other occasions. He was a
student at Valleyview Elementary School and Thanks to Chris Harper and Bob Merett for
part of the 1997 group of students selected taking your money at the door.                       Betty Percy, aged 100, is a guest at our
for the program. Quan went to Western                                                            Seniors Christmas Party..
                                                 New member Tanya Eklund did a suberb
Canada High School, then the U of A to study
finance and accounting. Today he works at job introducing the guests today. Catherine
Deloitte and Touche and is working on getting Brownlee’s Club was duly noted and
                                                 received considerable applause.
his CA designation. He took the exams for
the first time in September, and just learned Michael Halliwell’s very willing and
that he was not successful. However, he
                                                 capable assistance to the president was
informed us this was a mere hurdle that would noted and appreciated. Thanks to our great
only make him stronger and he was VP!
determined to be successful on the next effort.
We believe he will be and wish him well.         Brian Guichon thanked the club for a very
                                                 successful seniors Christmas lunch event on
The Stay-In-School program would not be Sunday. Nearly 1000 seniors attended.
successful without tremendous financial
support from the Jack Carter Golf Classic. Bill Redmond encouraged club attendance
Since its inception 13 years ago this event has at the district conference to be held in
raised more than $350,000 towards the Banff in May, 2010.
program. Appreciation was expressed to the
long term sponsors and the many club David Arther updated us on the Christmas
members who have volunteered and Hamper program.
contributed over the years. Special thanks to
our own club member, Peter McKeen, who Bill Avery invited members to volunteer for
brought the Jack Carter group on as a partner. the Young Canadian’s Show for needy
Jack Carter and Peter McKeen were families being put on at Jack Singer this
recognized by the club with a Paul Harris Saturday.                                              Brian Guichon reports on Seniors Christmas
Fellow award, one of the highest honours a                                                       Party...
Rotary Club can bestow upon a person.            AND Tina is 50 this week!
                                                    THE ROTARY CLUB OF CALGARY
     Dec. 15 - Richard White
  Director of Strategic Initiatives         NEW MEMBERSHIP PROCESS - WHITE SLIP
  Riddell Kurczaba Architecture
  “Calgary the Adolescent City”                             Dec 15 & Dec 22, 2009

   Dec. 22 - Partners Christmas       NAME:                     Kerry Longpré
                                      PROFESSION:               Communications
          John Gilchrist
   Author and Restaurant Critic
                                      COMPANY                   The Calgary Foundation
 ``Blood oranges, garbanzo beans
  and goji berries - A fun look at    CLASSIFICATION:       Associations – The Calgary
  what we will be eating in 2010``    Foundation,Communications

                                      PROPOSED BY:              Eva Friesen and Roy Boettger
   Dec. 29 - Informal Meeting
           No Speaker                 DATE:                     December 9, 2009

Jan. 5 - Theoren Fleury - (Retired
   NHL player, former Calgary
Flames team member and author)                                 Curly Has Moved

       Jan. 12 - Brent King           To all the good folks who visit Curly Galbraith, let it be known that he
  (VP Operations Tenet Medical        has been moved to 215 Beverly Care Centre, 1729 - 90 Ave S W , T2V
    Engineering and Manning           4S1, phone 403-255-4662.
 Innovation Award Winner 2009)
``Creating innovation with impact``

   Jan. 19 - Dave Bronconnier                                      Frank n’Stein
     Mayor City of Calgary                  Glencoe Club - 4.30 - 6.30 p.m. Thursday December 17th\
“Annual State of the City Address”                    Contact Frank Sparks for more details

      Jan. 26 - Lorne Motley
  Editor-in-Chief Calgary Herald
“Canada’a Team in the 2010 Winter
                                              Last Day to Register for Christmas Luncheon
            Olympics”                 The luncheon on December 22nd will be our Partners Christmas Lunch in
                                      the Crystal Ballroom at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel. This will be a plated
     Feb. 2 - Randy Williams          lunch; therefore we will need to know how many members and guests
President & CEO Tourism Calgary       will be in attendance on that day. Please invite your spouses, partners and
  “Tourism - A Changing of the        guests to this festive occasion, when our guest speaker will be restaurant
              Guard”                  critic and author, John Gilchrist. His presentation will be entitled “Blood
                                      oranges, garbanzo beans and goji berries – a fun look at what we will be
       Feb. 9 - Dave Mowat            eating in 2010”.
       CEO ATB Financial                    To reserve seats for this luncheon for you and your guests, please
                                      sign up through Clubrunner. Cutoff for registration will be Tuesday
                                      December 15th.

   Klaus Reichwald - Scottsdale,                  The 2009 Christmas Hamper Campaign
                                                    Contact Carol Rosdobutko at 402 681 4222.
                                                 Donation forms are available at the Tuesday meetings
                                               NEW MEMBER PROFILE
                                                            by John Ink

                        “Call 310           years he had formed his first company      Included in the history is an innovative
                        Greg” (A            cribbing and framing. (Cribbing is the     off spring called Renoworks. This
                        testament to the    industry term for building the forms for   company was a pioneer in visualization
                        old adage –         concrete basement walls and framing is     software. The system allowed his sales
                        advertising         what it says, the wood sticks and planks   people to digitally alter images of
                        pays)               above grade)                               different combinations of exterior
                                                                                       cladding, windows and doors to allow
   Greg Martineau        Greg Martineau     In the same year he obtained a real        customers to see virtual images of what
                         began his career   estate license and formed a home           their renovated home is going to look
in the construction industry after          building company which thrived until       like, and, incidentally, allowing “she
receiving his high school matriculation     cursed NEP decimated Greg’s business       who must be obeyed” to make changes
from St Francis in 1972 and is now in       along with so many others.                 before the order is put in the system.
his 37th year in the same industry.
                                            Misery liking company, he joined           He remains involved in the management
Greg was introduced to the Club last        Statesman Corporation as their             of both companies commuting to his
month by Bill Andrews, seconded by          construction manager before once again     office via his helicopter.
Dave Richardson - no doubt both of          branching out on his own, running the
them hoping for a break on new              window & door replacement division of      Greg sponsors a number of charity golf
windows!                                    Gienow Building Products.                  tournaments and he is deeply involved
                                                                                       in his support of the Adolescent
However before starting his own very        In 1995 he started Greg Martineau          Recovery Centre.
successful exterior renovation company      Projects Inc. expanding window and
(advertising pays) he began his career      door replacement to include exterior       Greg and his wife Patti have 3 children,
at the bottom so to speak cribbing          cladding replacement as well. And, the     a boy in college and 2 girls in high
basement walls. Within a couple of          rest as they say is history.               school.

                                 LOUSON INVESTMENTS LIMITED

                                              • Land Development
                                            • Property Management
                                             • Heritage Restoration
                                               • Hotel Consulting
         This issue of the Cog
             sponsored by                             403 262 1956
             Larry Ryder

                 The Rotary Club of Calgary is an organization of professional and community leaders who come
         together through commitment and fellowship to create opportunities and a better future for generations to follow.

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