How Marwell Uses ICT Worksheet ANSWERS by mbw16088


									                                     How Marwell Uses ICT Worksheet ANSWERS
 How Marwell Uses ICT:       For each department think of the types of programmes and software they might use for their jobs

                               Animal                                                                         Membership /
                 Animal                                                                  Communications
                               Record      Conservation      Commercial      Finance                           Adoptions /        Education
                Husbandry                                                                  / Marketing
                               Keeping                                                                         Volunteers
Name of
                 MS Word                      MS Word                                         MS Word                             MS Word


Name of                                                                     Excel and
software:                                                                     Sage
Name of                        ARKS &        PM 2000 &
                                                                                             Key Point           Progress          Access
software:                       ISIS          SPARKS
Email and
Name of                          MS                                                          MS Outlook,
                MS Outlook                  MS Outlook
software:                      Outlook                                                    Internet Explorer
Design and
Name of                                                                                   Adobe Illustrator                    Adobe Illustrator
software:                                                                                  & Photoshop                          & Photoshop
Point of Sale
Name of                                                     Geller Super
software:                                                      Stock
                    How Marwell Uses ICT Worksheet

Q: Is ICT important, or unimportant, within the role of a …………?

   1.   Head Keeper                                            Important    /   Unimportant
   2.   Visitor Services Manager                               Important    /   Unimportant
   3.   Press & Public Relations Officer                       Important    /   Unimportant
   4.   Coordinator of Volunteers                              Important    /   Unimportant
   5.   Education Officer                                      Important    /   Unimportant

Use the space below to make notes on your ideas about how each person uses ICT:

  Duty / Role                                           Use of ICT

Head Keeper         At Marwell, the animal keepers are the front line in gaining information on our
                    animals – they deal with them every day, 365 days a year! The keepers have to
                    fill in a Word report sheet at the end of each day, detailing anything that has
                    happened with the animals that day.

Visitor Services    At the entrance gate we use an EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) system. The
Manager             tilling system has different buttons for each pricing structure. The tills produce a
                    receipt for the customer (a legal requirement) and the information of the sale is
                    logged in the system’s internal memory. All of the tills are linked to a central
                    processing unit with operating system. At end of the day the daily sales figures
                    from each till are collated by a central processing unit operating system and
                    sent electronically, via a modem, to the main finance processing unit where the
                    data is inputted into the appropriate database system software.

Press & Public      Communication is vital for P.R. so email and the internet are vital ICT
Relations           resources.

Coordinator of      One Database stores information for membership, adoptions and volunteers.
Volunteers          The Coordinator of Volunteers may need to store information on each
                    volunteer’s skills and the activities they carry out within the park.

Education           Data storage of school addresses, telephone numbers, contact teacher’s name
Officer             along with information on previous visits and the session they had last time.
                    Interpretation and graphics around the park are produced using design

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