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March 27, 3003

       The School Board of Roanoke County met in regular session at 5:55 p.m.
Present were Chairman Marion G. Roark; Vice-chairman Jerry L. Canada; C. Drew
Barrineau, William A. Irvin, III; and Michael W. Stovall; Superintendent Linda H. Weber;
Deputy Superintendent James A. Gallion; Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
Lorraine S. Lange; Assistant Superintendent of Personnel Thompson H. Hall; Attorney
D. Patrick Lacy; Deputy Clerk Darlene M. Ratliff; and Clerk Brenda F. Chastain.


       Moved by Mr. Canada and duly seconded, the board convened in closed session
at 6:00 p.m. in Conference Room C within the provisions of the Freedom of Information
Act and in accordance with Code of Virginia Section 2.2-3711A (2) to hear a request for
a student expulsion. Present were board members; Dr. Weber; Dr. Gallion; Mrs. Ratliff;
Mrs. Chastain; Principal Richard Turner; Assistant Principal Otis Dowdy; Student
Assistance Program Administrator JoAnn Burkholder; and a student and parent.


       Chairman Roark reconvened the board in open session at 7:08 p.m. Mrs.
Roark stated that it has been the history of the School Board of Roanoke County to
begin each school board meeting with a brief nondenominational prayer or invocation.
Participation is strictly voluntary.


      The invocation was given by Assistant Superintendent Lange, followed by the
pledge of allegiance to the United States flag.


MOTION:      Jerry L. Canada                    Resolution No.: 288
SECOND:      Michael W. Stovall                 Meeting Date: March 27, 2003


         WHEREAS, the County School Board of Roanoke County has convened a

closed meeting on this date pursuant to an affirmative recorded vote and in accordance
with the provisions of The Virginia Freedom of Information Act; and

         WHEREAS, Section 2.1-344.1D of the Code of Virginia requires a certification
by the County School Board of Roanoke County that such closed meeting was
conducted in conformity with Virginia law;

          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the County School Board of
Roanoke County hereby certifies that, to the best of each member=s knowledge, (i) only
public business matters lawfully exempted from open meeting requirements by Virginia
law were discussed in the closed meeting to which this certification applies, and (ii) only
such public business matters as were identified in the motion convening the executive
meeting were heard, discussed or considered by the County School Board of Roanoke

VOTE: AYES:       5                NAYS:     0          ABSENT:       0

                         Clerk, County School Board of Roanoke County


       Moved by Mr. Stovall and duly seconded, the imposition of the expulsion of
student in case 2002-2003 number eighteen was suspended based upon student’s
voluntary withdrawal from Roanoke County Public Schools.


       Clerk Chastain announced the addition of item VI.2C – Consideration of a waiver
and release for Cave Spring High School cross country run event. Moved by Mr.
Barrineau and duly seconded, the agenda was approved with the announced addition.


       The following presentations and recognitions were made:

       1. All-State Band and All-State Chorus Winners:
          A. Nastassia Dingman, Cave Spring High School
          B. Bobby Menkedick, William Byrd High School
          C. Ashley Hartman, Glenvar High School
          D. Charissa Lell, Glenvar High School

       2. Cave Spring High School Symphonic Band received Superior Rating at the
          District Concert Band Festival.

       3. Cave Spring High School Awards:
          A. Varsity Volleyball Team – 2003 State Champions
             1. Coach Tamalyn Tanis named Coach of the Year for the District,
                 Region and State
             2. Courtney Fitzpatrick, State Player of the Year, 1st Team All-State, 1st
                 Team All-Region, 1st Team All-District
             3. Sarah Lyon, 2nd Team All-State, 1st Team All-Region, 1st Team All-
             4. Melissa Berry, 1st Team All-District
             5. Claire Kerr, 2nd Team All-District
             6. Katie Morrison, 3rd Team All-District
             7. Emily Harvey, 3rd Team All-District
          B. Jonathan Lanier, named in the top 5 percent of Black American High
             School Students for Outstanding Achievement in the 2003 National
             Achievement Scholarship Program
          C. Daniel Crane, Nastassia Dingman and Jillian Kilcullen, National Merit
             Scholarship Finalists

       4. Youth Art Month, March 2003.

       5. Mrs. Cynthia Sheppard, Northside Middle School, Roanoke County-Salem
          Chamber of Commerce Teacher of the Year.

       6. Miss Jordan Vrescak, Northside High School, received a Citation for
          Excellence in the Council for America’s First Freedom Student Competition.

       7. Miss Jennifer Beury, Hidden Valley High School, 3rd in the State cross country
          competition, and 1st place in the 3200 meter indoor State track meet.


      Moved by Mr. Canada and duly seconded, the following items under the
“Consent Agenda” were approved:

1.     Personnel changes including supplement:


Cindy Hensley              6/13/03            Grade 6               Cave Spring Middle
                           Was on leave of absence
Jill Boggs                 6/12/03            Grade 1               Glenvar Elementary

Drema McClung             6/13/03             School Nurse       Wm. Byrd Middle
Kristen Bell              6/12/03             Librarian          Oak Grove
Holly Franz               6/13/03             Grade 3            W. E. Cundiff
Tammy Peters              6/13/03             ED                 Cave Spring Middle
Jessica Jones             6/13/03             Biology            Wm. Byrd High
Beth Haynes               6/13/03             LD                 Northside Middle
Laura Heidt               6/13/03             LD                 Northside Middle
Christina Heptinstall     6/13/03             Social Studies     Wm. Byrd Middle
                          Following Maternity Leave
Garnett Simmers           6/12/02             Physics            Northside High
                          Following Leave Of Absence

Susan Neate*              3/17/03             ESL                      Green Valley


Leave of Absence for 2003-2004
Jennifer Faulkner        6/13/03              Reading            Glen Cove
Jane Dellinger           5/23/03              English            Cave Spring Middle
                         Maternity leave followed by leave of absence for 2003-2004
Patricia Clevenger       6/13/03              Music              Wm. Byrd Middle
                         Maternity leave followed by leave of absence for first sem.
Jonathan Underwood       6/13/03              History            Northside Middle
Krista Winningham        3/7/03                                  Burlington

Mark Jones                8/18/03             Technology          From RCCC
                                                                  To Cave Spr. High
Milton McWhorter          8/18/03             Carpentry           From ARBTC
                                                                  To RCCC
Janet Washington                              Math                Hidden Valley High
                                              From Part-time to Full-time
Allison McWhorter         8/18/03             Biology             From Cave Spr. Hi.
                                                                  To Hid. Val. High
Deborah Myers             8/18/03             Math                From Cave Spr. Hi.
                                                                  To Hid. Val. High
Rebecca Lupton            8/18/03             Math                From Cave Spr. Hi.
                                                                  To Hid. Val. High
Kellie Jenkins            8/18/03             English             From Cave Spr. Hi.
                                                                  To Hid. Val. High
Elizabeth Griffin         8/18/03             English             From Cave Spr. Hi.
                                                                  To Hid. Val. High
Edrie Bays                8/18/03             English/Drama       From Glenvar High
                                                                  To Wm. Byrd High
Michael Higgins           8/18/03             English             From Cave Spr. Hi.

                                                                     To Glenvar High
Jennifer Crozier          8/18/03              Biology               From N’side Mid.
                                                                     To Glenvar High

Edward Francisco          6/14/03              Technology            ARBTC

Martha Hooker             6/30/03              Marketing             Glenvar High

Reinstatement (Previous Nonrenewal)
Patricia Ammen           6/13/03               Work/Fam Studies Hidden Valley High


Brent Brewer              3/19/03              Computer Spec.      Administration
Terri Henley              3/17/03              Instructional Asst. Mt. Pleasant
Patricia Naff             6/02                 Instructional Asst. Mt. Pleasant
                                               Following Leave of Ab. for 2002-2003

Dana Rutherford           4/1/03               Cafeteria             Back Creek
Sara Hensler              3/17/03              Instructional Asst.   Mason’s Cove
Troyleena Pate            3/18/03              Instructional Asst.   Bonsack

Bruce Walker              3/7/03               Mechanic              Administration

2.    Minutes of the March 6, 11 and 13, 2003 school board meetings.
3.    Monthly financial reports for February 2003.


        Patron Lawrence Landolt addressed the board regarding the Phase II
redistricting of South County elementary schools. Mr. Landolt commended Mr.
Barrineau for presenting the redistricting proposals to the residents in the affected
areas. He advised that the proposals do not address the goal of the residents of
Clearview Heights for the students to remain at Oak Grove Elementary School. Mr.
Landolt presented a plan that would keep the students in Clearview Heights at Oak
Grove Elementary School, as well as those in lower Garst Mill. He advised that the plan
would move the students who live in the Mews and Sans Souci Apartments to Green
Valley, and that the number of students being moved was similar to the plan proposed
by the school board. Mr. Landolt stated that approximately 130 residents signed a
petition opposing the school board’s plan. He discussed the reasons that residents felt

strongly about the students remaining at Oak Grove Elementary School. Mr. Landolt
stated that one concern in particular was that the Standards of Learning scores are
lower at Green Valley. Mr. Landolt expressed appreciation for the opportunity to voice
his opinions.


        Director of Budget and Finance Penny Hodge presented the 2003-2004 budget
for school board adoption. Mrs. Hodge stated that the budget would provide an average
two percent salary increase for employees and would address the beginning salary
scales for instructional assistants, janitors and custodians. She advised that the budget
would also include the addition of grade twelve at Hidden Valley High School for 2003-
2004, employment of additional special education teachers to address the requirements
of the “No Child Left Behind” act, opening of two new preschool programs, operating
costs for the laptop initiative, and a permanent line item for school bus replacements.
Mrs. Hodge reported that the total 2003-2004 school budget would be $123.3 million,
and did not include the $200,000 state funding for teacher salaries which is scheduled
to be received in January 2004. She advised that a request to appropriate the state
funding will be made to the school board upon receipt of the funds.

        Mr. Stovall expressed appreciation to Mrs. Hodge, Superintendent Weber and
staff for their work on the budget. He stated that replacement of buses was a huge
issue when he joined the school board in 1995, and now a permanent line item will be
placed in the budget for buses. Mr. Canada stated the importance of recognizing the
support of the board of supervisors. Mr. Irvin concurred with Mr. Canada noting that the
budget does not include the funds provided by the governing body for debt service. Mr.
Barrineau concurred with all previous statements. He stated that according to the Joint
Legislative Audit Review Committee (JLARC), the school division is unfunded by
approximately $10 million. Mr. Barrineau further stated that redistricting may not have
been necessary if the stated had provided adequate funding. Board members urged
citizens to continue contacting legislators. Mrs. Roark expressed appreciation for the
hard work on the budget. She stated that the school board is fortunate to be able to
provide a two percent salary increase for employees and wished it could have been


       Associate Administrator of Career and Technical Education Ben Helmandollar
reported that the Virginia Department of Education provides Roanoke County Schools
with an annual Carl Perkins entitlement for Career and Technical Education. Dr.
Helmandollar reported that the school division was notified that it would receive a
$2,441 supplement to the entitlement from funds unexpended by other school divisions
during the 2001-2002 school year. Moved by Mr. Irvin and duly seconded, the school

board approved to request appropriation of the $2,441 supplement by the board of
supervisors as requested.


        Principal Martha Cobble reported that representatives from Cave Spring High
School met with the construction committee regarding the Knight Running Project. Dr.
Cobble stated that concern was expressed regarding liability on behalf of the school
system. She advised that Attorney Lacy reviewed and approved a waiver and release
agreement. Former Cave Spring High School Student Lawrence Loesel spoke about
the event which he proposed. Mr. Loesel stated the hope of raising $1.5 million to
refurbish the track and a new soccer field at the school. He reported that he and
friends plan to take a recreational vehicle (RV) to San Francisco on May 5, 2003 and
run back to Roanoke. Mr. Loesel stated that different participants would run for 5 miles
at a time for a total of approximately 45 miles per day. He reported that grants were
being explored as well as pledges and matching funds. Mr. Irvin stated the need for
board approval of the waiver and release agreement which would release the school
system from any liabilities and would allow time for letters to be distributed. He further
stated that the school system would not incur any costs for the event. Moved by Mr.
Irvin and duly seconded, the waiver and release agreement was approved.


       Associate Administrator of Career and Technical Education Ben Helmandollar
reported that each year, the Career and Technical Education program submits a local
plan and budget to the Virginia Department of Career and Technical Education. Dr.
Helmandollar reported that local school boards must approve the submission of the
plan. He advised that input in the plan was provided by students, teachers, parents,
and the business/industry community which included the Student School Board
Advisory Council and the Career and Technical Education General Advisory Council.
Dr. Helmandollar stated that should the plan be approved, the school system would
receive federal Perkins Funds totaling $142,487. School board consideration of the
plan will be given at its April 10, 2003 meeting.


       Assistant Superintendent of Personnel Tom Hall reported that in 2000 it became
apparent that the Early Retirement Incentive Plan was not in compliance with age
discrimination regulations in the Equal Employment Opportunity Council’s (EEOC)
Compliance Manual. Mr. Hall stated that the plan was revised and renamed to the
Employee Extended Work Plan. The plan was approved by the school board on
January 25, 2001, and requires approval by the school board each year in order for the

plan to be effective. He advised that no new revisions have been recommended.
School board consideration of Policy 5.48 Employee Extended Work Plan will be given
at its April 10, 2003 meeting.


        Executive Assistant for Operations Richard Flora reported that On October 23,
2002, the school board received a report from staff which recommended a plan to
redistrict the elementary schools in the South County area. Mr. Flora stated that the
plan consisted of two phases. He advised that Phase I of the plan was adopted at the
following school board meeting. Mr. Flora reported that Phase II consisted of moving
students from Cave Spring Elementary School to Oak Grove Elementary School,
moving students from Oak Grove Elementary School to Green Valley Elementary
School, and moving students from Green Valley Elementary School to Clearbrook
Elementary School. He stated that Phase II was intended to be adopted following the
opportunity for public comment. Mr. Flora advised that as a result of public comments,
a review of Phase II was requested. He reported that as a result of the review,
changes were recommended. Mr. Flora stated that additional areas now located in the
Oak Grove district are recommended to be moved to Green Valley, including the area
bounded by Garst Mill Road, Grandin Road, Willowlawn Street and Halevan Road.
Also, the area, generally, between Rt. 419, Garst Mill Road and Cresthill Drive, except
Normandy Knoll would be moved to Green Valley (the Mews and San Souci would stay
at Oak Grove). He reported that the two areas represent thirty-five elementary students.
Mr. Flora advised that in addition, it was recommended that the area between Electric
Road (the Roanoke City Limits, and Norfolk Southern railroad), and including
Honeywood Apartments be moved from Green Valley to Clearbrook, which represents
19 elementary school students.

       Mr. Flora reported that the effective date of Phase II would be at the beginning of
the 2003-2004 school year, and the implementation of the plan would begin in fall 2005
at which time the renovations to Oak Grove Elementary School would be complete. He
stated that students enrolled through 2004-2005 could remain at the school, and
siblings would be grandfathered through 2005-2006. Mr. Flora reported that
transportation would be provided for both schools until 2009-2010, and siblings would
be transported through the same year.

       Mr. Flora stated that he had sent board members a proposal from the citizens of
Larson Oaks as an informational item. Mr. Stovall expressed concern about the
citizens’ proposal. He commended Mr. Barrineau for his representation of the citizens
in the Windsor Hills Magisterial District. Mr. Stovall stated that policy recommendations
are not usually made by citizens. He made a motion that the school board consider
only staff’s recommended proposal for Phase II redistricting at its April 10, 2003
meeting. The motion was duly seconded and carried on the following roll call vote: 4
Ayes and 1 Nay (Mr. Barrineau).

       Mr. Irvin and Mr. Canada expressed concern about previous remarks made by
Mr. Landolt regarding SOL scores at Green Valley. Both noted that all Roanoke County
schools are fully accredited by the state and that Green Valley is an excellent school
with teachers who work very hard. School board consideration of the plan
recommended by staff will be given at its April 10, 2003 meeting.


       Director of Budget and Finance Penny Hodge reported that Roanoke County and
Roanoke County Schools participate in a joint health insurance program, and are
currently in the third year of a contract with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (formerly
Trigon). Mrs. Hodge reported that in February 2003, Anthem presented a renewal
proposal for FY 2003-04 which reflected a 3.7% increase. She stated that the increase
was significantly lower than anticipated compared to the national trend in medical costs
(15-16% range), and was due primarily to lower and/or less expensive utilization by
school and county employees in the past year. Mrs. Hodge reported that following the
receipt of the renewal quote, the insurance consultant, Palmer & Cay, worked with
Anthem to analyze claims and further negotiate the trends used to project our claims
into next year. She stated that as a result, the school system was able to reduce the
increase to 1.34%, and based on such a low rate increase, a final plea was made to
Anthem to reduce it to a 0% increase and was successful. Mrs. Hodge reported that In
exchange for level rates, the school system agreed to implement the Disease
Management program, which provides voluntary support and assistance to employees
and their families who are dealing with diabetes, asthma, and heart disease. She
advised that retirees are also eligible for the state retiree health credit of $75 per month
paid through the Virginia Retirement System; however, the school system is now
responsible for the cost as mandated by the General Assembly in the 2002 session.

       Mrs. Hodge reported that as of January 1, 2004, the pharmacy management
portion of the plan would change to an Anthem subsidiary, and at that time, Anthem will
issue new identification cards to school and county employees enrolled in the health
plan. She stated that the current three tier drug plan will continue but some drugs may
be classified differently under the new drug management company.

        Mrs. Hodge reported that in addition to health insurance, the school system
participates in a dental insurance plan offered through the Roanoke Valley Insurance
Consortium with Delta Dental. She advised that the dental rates will not increase for
2003-04. School board consideration of the health and dental insurance rates for
school employees for 2003-2004 will be given at its April 10, 2003 meeting.


      Preschool Program Coordinator Sharon Sheppard reported that the school
system currently operates eleven preschool classrooms, and each program provides

services for sixteen preschool children. Mrs. Sheppard stated that prior to August 2000,
the program served only children with special needs; however, currently seven
classrooms are integrated serving eight children of normal development funded by the
Preschool Initiative Grant. She advised that four of the eleven sites accept tuition
paying children, and all classrooms are licensed through the Department of Social
Services as State Licensed Preschool Programs. Mrs. Sheppard reported that
beginning in fall 2003, fees for the tuition site will be $85 per week with no option for
payment on a daily basis. She stated that the tuition sites would remain open for thirty
minutes following the dismissal of schools in the event of inclement weather. Mrs.
Shepard requested school board approval of the change in tuition at its April 10, 2003
meeting. She stated that the increase would be utilized to expand and enhance the


        Student Advisory Council Chairman Garth Patterson reported that members of
the council met with Superintendent Weber on March 26, 2003 and discussed plans to
distribute the student survey and questionnaire, refining the council election process to
make it more uniform, the process of determining valedictorians, a possible budget for
the council, and the nutrition services video. Mr. Stovall requested that Mr. Patterson
inform the representative from the Roanoke County Career Center that uniforms for the
students at the school may be explored.


      Dr. Weber commended board members for their courage and the time and
energy that they give to their positions, especially during recent budget deliberations
and Roanoke County Career Center discussions. She stated that teachers make the
school system look good; however, the school division could not operate well if the
school board did not operate well.


The following accounts were paid for the month of February 2003:

      Payments to Vendors:                                    $3,730,572.48

      02/14/03                                                 2,212,412.33
      02/28/03                                                 2,114,705.97

      Total Accounts Paid                                     $8,057,690.78


      Chairman Roark adjourned the meeting at 8:40 p.m.

___________________________________         ________________________________
           Clerk                                         Chairman

                                                               March 27, 2003

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