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A Quick Guide to Using MS Frontpage by guy21


									A Quick Guide to Using MS Frontpage
  1. Create a folder on the F: drive in Gawron AP Websites folder with your last

  2. Open up FrontPage

  3. Click “File, New” at the top menu
4. At the side click on New “One Page Website”

5. At the side of the wizard, hit browse to “specify the location of the web”
   You want to place a “One Page Web Site” in F:/Gawron AP Websites/<your
6. Select View – Page

7. You have what is now called an index page in your left window. Double click.

8. You can create this page in much the same way as you create a word document.

9. If you’d like to hyperlink, type text, highlight it and right click, go to hyperlink
   (you can type in a URL, link it to another document by clicking on the file in the
   list, or to another place on the page). If you’d like to link to a place in the
   document you must go to that place and “Insert, bookmark” at that site. Then
   when you are in the hyperlink menu you can select that bookmark.
10. You can insert clip art or photos by going to “Insert, picture” at the top

11. You can make a background by going to “Format, background” at the top. If you
    want a picture, click the box for picture and you can browse for the file.

12. If you want to add word documents, pictures, or any other files to be part of your
    web you can go to “File, import” at the top and then hyperlink them.
13. If you’d like to make more than one page, click on the “new_page_1” tab. You
   can save that under any name you’d like. To create any more new pages you can
   go to “File, new” and on the menu at the right, click “new page.”

14. Once you have more than one page and you’d like to connect them or to apply a
    theme, click “View, Navigation” from the top menus. You can drag your pages
    from the left window pane over to the navigation pane and place them under the
    index page. You can right click and rename them.
15. After you get fancy and have a bunch of pages, you can see the handout for
    applying themes.

16. Most of this is intuitive (like Word) so if you right click and play around some
    you can figure out most of what you need.

17. One note: if you are working on a page and you have not yet saved it, you will
    notice a star next to the name of the page on the upper tab. Once you save it, the
    star will disappear.

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