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  Raider Communicator
                           A Publication of Kirk Academy– Grenada, Mississippi
 Board of Directors         October 2008                                                              Volume 11 Number 3
 Tommy Jones– President
    Coley Bailey, Jr.                                  “From the Heart of the Head”
       Robert Box                                           Embree H. Bolton, Headmaster
    Brad Branscome
     Mike Campbell                ‘Tis the season for change. I’m not talking about all the political rhetoric that we are being
       Karl Grubb            bombarded with these days. There is plenty of change needed in that regard.
      Chuck Rose                  As we head into the fall season this week, we know that change is coming. There is already
     Donnie Sultan           a coolness in the air. Leaves are turning, as well as turning loose—as evidenced by my drive-
      Sandy Taylor           way and back deck. Although this is a welcome change from some of the heat and humidity of
    Patrick Thimmes          recent weeks, that’s not the change I’m referring to either.
     Brent Thomas
                                  The change I would like to see is the way we treat each other—the way we live our lives.
                             Christ himself said to “repent” and this means to change direction. We had a challenging mes-
 **Please note change**      sage from Brother Terry Walton of FBC in chapel in which he challenged us to do some self
 Teacher Development         examination and change those things that are not pleasing or honoring to God.
 Day has been resched-            Just when we thought it couldn’t get any lower, this political season drooped even further. I
uled from October 21 to      think it is time for us Christians to stand up and be counted. No longer should we remain the
       October 22.           “silent majority.” We see where that has led us. I think it’s time to change our movie habits,
     Students will be        television channels, and places we shop. I think we should demand a change to ridiculing Chris-
  dismissed at noon on       tians and for this biased media somehow to get the message from us. Since when did movie
       October 22.           stars, TV personalities, and “celebrities” earn the right to discredit someone’s character? I heard
   October 21 will be a      a TV personality talk about Mr. Palin and incest. A Canadian anchor woman called Sarah Palin
   regular school day.       and her supporters, “trailer trash,” and referred to her as a porn queen. They were relentless on
                             the Emmy Awards.
 Kirk Activities October          It is likely that all of us need to make some spiritual changes. Our children are watching us,
 Calendar on website–        so let’s be careful of all we say and do, and of all the things that we don’t say and don’t do.
      EVENTS page                       Obviously, the country is ripe for a good old time revival. That’s a change---change of
                             heart, change of mind, and change of actions. It starts with one. Are you up for the change?

 Nine Weeks Tests for Secondary will be October 13-17. Monday– 1st & 4th periods; Tuesday– 2nd & 6th
              periods; Wednesday– 5th period; Thursday– 3rd Period; Friday– 7th period.

                                   6th Annual Fall Family Festival
The PTO is hard at work on our 6th annual Fall Family Festival. It will be held Tuesday, October 28th
on Raider Field from 5-8pm. We will have new events this year including a pizza-eating contest,
pumpkin-carving contest, corn-shelling contest and a new ball-drop bingo! The classes are sponsor-
ing many games, inflatables, spin art, a mini train, cotton candy, and the ever-popular jail. There will
be a talent showcase, silent auction and raffle of $500 in gas. The 6th grade will be serving up deli-
cious homemade treats as well as dinner items, so come hungry! The public is invited. Adults get in
free. Armbands will be pre-sold for $12, then $15 at the gate for all students. We would like for the
entire Kirk Academy family to be a part of this fun-filled night. We think that there is truly something
for all ages at this event. Come and join the fun! See you there!
6th Grade News: Our 6th grade has held several fund raisers for our trip to St. Louis. Thank you to everyone who supported the
spaghetti supper and Pee Wee Jamboree. Our next fund raiser will be concessions at the Fall Fest. The students came up with the
idea to do a mission project while in St. Louis. We look forward to that in the Spring.
Handicap Parking Spaces: Please be respectful and leave these parking spaces for those who need them. A handicap tag or
sticker is needed to park in these spots. We have designated parking places at each building, gym, and football field.
9/11 Commemoration: Mrs. Leverette’s speech class recently commemorated the seventh anniversary of the 9/11/01 terrorist
attacks on America and remembered those whose lives were so suddenly and violently taken. They also paid respect to all of the
courageous people who tried to help others when these atrocities occurred. To begin the commemoration, Ann Elizabeth Walker
asked the entire students body to bow their heads for a minute’s silent prayer; then she ended this with Father Mychal’s Prayer.
Father Mychal was the chaplain to one of the fire department’s in New York City, and he was killed in the attack after giving last rites
to a dying firefighter. In the speech class, each student chose and presented his/her commemorative prose or poetry selection. Jeri
Faye Matthews read a poem entitled “9/11,” which summarized people’s reactions, and was followed by Sam Edward’s “Survivor.”
Paige Juchheim then gave an account of Barbara Olson, a news reporter who was killed on one of the attacked planes when she
flew home to spend time with her husband on his birthday. Ann Elizabeth Walker gave an account of Todd Beamer’s “Let’s Roll,” and
Emily McRee told the story of Melissa Doi, who was trapped on the 87th floor of one of the Twin Towers and whose voice was re-
corded as she pleaded for help; Emily played a recording of this tape, and it really recalled the event to these students who had
been in the 4th or 5th grades when these attacked occurred. Ann Claire Blakely presented part of President Bush’s speech in re-
sponse to these attacks and then played the song “Have You Forgotten.” Brent Bowman brought the commemoration to a close
with his reading of “Where was God?” As many people asked this question following 9/11, the poem tell us that “God was not in the
hearts of the people that caused these inhumane events. However, God was indeed there, where He was needed the most.
He was in the rescue workers, in the two men who carried a wheelchair-bound woman down 70 flights of stairs to safety, in the peo-
ple giving blood, and in the hearts of everyday heroes, most of whom were never in the news. Indeed, God was with us that day!”

     Congratulations to our 2008 Homecoming Court:                    Show Choir: Music is in the air! The show choirs are rehearsing
7th Grade: Anna Kate Brown                                            diligently each week as we prepare for performances in the near
                                                                      future. Both Encore and Crescendo performed September 13 at
8th Grade: Beth Tillman
                                                                      Grenada’s Downtown Jubilee on the square. Great job, every-
9th Grade: Karah Holland                                              one! You represented us well!
10th Grade: Katie Lee Jones and Jenni Kilburn                         Our annual Song-n-Sweets concert is Tuesday, October 7 at 6:30
11th Grade: Jayla Anthony and Emily McRee                             pm in the break area and gym. Encore and Crescendo will present
12th Grade: Samantha Edwards, Stephanie Stanford, and Ann             their fall show. Tickets are $5.00 in advance and $6.00 at the door
Elizabeth Walker                                                      and available from any seventh through twelfth grade show choir
                                                                      member. Come join us for an evening of delicious homemade
Flower Girls: Skylar Taylor and Campbell Thomas
                                                                      sweets and enjoyable song.
                                                                      The younger choirs are preparing to visit local nursing homes later
                     2008-2009 Whos Who                               in the month. All choirs and their parents are busy ordering
Mr & Miss Kirk Academy: Brent Bowman & Stephanie Stanford             dresses and tuxedos to be worn at our show choir concerts.
Most Dependable: Rob Dambrino & Stephanie Stanford                    Kirk’s PTO will host our annual Fall Festival on Tuesday, October 28
Most Likely to Succeed: John William White & Paige Juchheim           from 5 to 7. We would like to invite all students to showcase your
Best Sportsmanship: Scott Graham & Audra Woods                        talent that night. Forms have been made available to all 7th
Most Spirited: Michael Lundy & Morgan Wilson                          through 12th grade students in the high school office, and forms
Most Talented: Garrison Toole & Sarah Beth Stiles                     have recently been included in the elementary communicator. Sign
Best All Round: Luke Vaughn & Ann Claire Blakely                      up and return your form to the elementary or high school of-
Friendliest: Daniel Hamilton & Samantha Edwards                       fice. We anticipate a great evening of entertainment by our show
Most Popular: Rob Dambrino & Stephanie Stanford                       choirs and individual soloists and acts.
Sophisticated Seniors: Brent Bowman & Treasure Jones                  Our gifted Kirk musicians lead in worship and present solos each
                                                                      week in chapel. Thanks to all who have offered their talents to our
Jolly Juniors: Rett Dyre & Jayla Anthony
                                                                      Lord! We appreciate Mrs. Dambrino scheduling our special music
Silly Sophomores: Brandon Hubbard & Maggie Thompson
                                                                      each week.
Green Freshmen: Cade Moody & Lexi Vaughn
                                                                      Soloists performing the National Anthem at our home football and
Mr & Miss JH Kirk Academy: Reid Walker & Lexi Vaughn                  softball games have done a wonderful job. How blessed we are at
Class Favorites:                                                      Kirk with such amazing talent! Offer these musicians a word of
7th: Travis Taylor & Anna Kate Brown                                  thanks and encouragement when you see them.
8th: Tyler Kirk & Beth Tillman                                        Happy Fall to all from the Kirk Music Department!
9th: Cade Moody & Emily Lundy
10th: Joseph Starnes & Haley Morgan                                   Most Beautiful Reunion will be Saturday, October 18 at the
11th: Rett Dyre & Ann Claire Blakely                                  High School Beauty Revue. The JH Beauty Revue will be
12th: Daniel Hamilton & Sarah Beth Stiles                             Monday, October 20. Little Mr and Miss Raider will be during
Beaus: Taylor Sultan, Channing Martin, Brent Bowman, Daniel           the JH Revue.
Hamilton and Houston Harper
High School and Junior High Most Handsome will be announced at        Lions Club will perform eye screening on all elementary chil-
the Beauty Revues                                                     dren on Monday, October 13.

Congratulations to all these students!! Whos Who pictures will PTO- Tuesday, October 14 at 5:30 p.m.
be taken October 22 beginning at 8:00 a.m.                     Grandparent’s Meeting– Monday, October 27, @5:00 in Library

  Check the website daily for updates, schedules, pictures, calendars, information, etc.

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