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									                                                   “Empowering family leaders who contribute to the development and academic achievement of our students”
With Multilingual Presentations
Promoting Multicultural Understanding

• Michael Hanson, Keynote Speaker
  Superintendent, Fresno Unified School District

• Juanita Stevenson, Mistress of Ceremonies
  News Director for KJWL Radio Station

• Promoting District, Community, and Family



            Family Involvement

        Community Partnerships

Hoover High School

Saturday, September 29,

       Fresno Unified’s Family Leadership Conference
7:30 am - 8:30 am
      Continental Breakfast/Exhibitors

8:30 am – 9:30 am
      Opening Session
      Presentation of Colors
             Fresno High School J.R.O.T.C. Color Guard
      National Anthem
             Jasmine Ellard, 2007 Graduate of Sunnyside High School
      Pledge of allegiance
             Ebony Gonzales (Dunlap Mono Indian), Bridget Moua (Hmong)
             Marquise Harris (African American), Vance Cooper (Caucasian),
             Brittany Alvarado (Spanish)
      Multilingual welcome
             Jittapaun Inthavong (Lao), Phalla Eam (Khmer),
             Babara Singh (Indian), Stella Ossieladja (French from Africa),
             Duweda Maltie (African American), Alyson Schletewitz (Caucasian)
             Ajan. Sudee Charnsamorn (Lao), Maria Alvarado (Spanish),
             Chau Chinh (Vietnamese), Leng Moua (Hmong), Anas Alhargan

      Welcome to Hoover High
             Toby Wait, Principal, Hoover High

                                                                                                                                                                 3335 N. Arthur Ave., Fresno, CA 93705; Tel: (559) 248-7130
                                                                                                                       Community and Family Engagement Network
      Welcome to the Conference
             Juanita Stevenson, Misstress of Ceremonies

      Introduction of community guests
             Juanita Stevenson, Misstress of Ceremonies

      Introduction of Michael Hanson
             Juanita Stevenson, Misstress of Ceremonies

      Introduction of FUSD Board of Trustees
             Michael Hanson, FUSD Superintendent

      Introduction of FUSD administrators and staff
             Michael Hanson, FUSD Superintendent

      Keynote Address
             Michael Hanson, FUSD Superintendent

9:30 am - 12:00 pm
      Session 1:
             Spanish Language Presentations- Event Center
             Hmong Language Presentations- Men’s Gym
             English and other Language Presentations– Cafeteria

12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
       Lunch, Entertainment, Raffle, and Exhibitors
       Optional breakout sessions available from 12:30-1:00 pm and
       repeat from 1:00-1:30 pm
             English Learner Services in room 51
             Special Education Services in room 50

1:30 pm-3:30 pm
      Sessions 2:                                                               Visit us at
             Spanish Language Presentations- Event Center                                             3
             Hmong Language Presentations- Men’s Gym
             English and other Language Presentations– Cafeteria
                                 Michael E. Hanson,                                        Juanita Stevenson,
                                 FUSD Superintendent                                       KJWL Radio Station Director

                                 Keynote      Speaker                                      Mistress of Ceremomies

English (Cafeteria)                        Spanish (Event Center)                    Hmong (Men’s Gym)

                Deborah Johnson,                          Ermelinda Sanchez,                       Misty Her, Principal
                President                                 Principal                                Burroughs Elementary
                FUSD Parent Teacher                       Aynesworth Elementary                    School
                Association                               School                                   Topic: Six Ways to Get
                Topic: Six Ways to Get                    Topic: Six Ways to Get                   Involved at Your Child’s
                Involved at Your Child’s                  Involved at Your Child’s                 School
                School                                    School

                Kay Davies, Principal                     Miguel Naranjo,                          Xee Moua, VP
                Ericson Elementary                        Principal                                Mayfair Elementary
                School                                    Lowell Elementary                        School
                Topic: 6 developmental                    School                                   Topic: 6 developmental
                Pathways                                  Topic: 6 developmental                   Pathways

                Bryan Wells,                              Juanita Varela,                          Ricky Vang, Principal
                Principal                                 Principal                                Academy for New
                Terronez Middle School                    Addams Elementary                        Americans
                Topic: Creating a                         School                                   Topic: Creating a
                Culture for Student                       Topic: Creating a                        Culture for Student
                Success                                   Culture for Student                      Success

                Karen Walker, VP                          Maria Romero,                            Choua Mouavangsou
                Teacher on Special                        Principal                                Counselor
                Assignment                                Fresno Adult School                      Roosevelt High School
                Topic: Requirements for                   Topic: Requirements for                  Topic: Requirements for
                Grade Advancement                         Grade Advancement                        Grade Advancement

                Julie Goorabian-                          Frank Duran,                             Molly Yang,
                Raley, Principal                          Principal                                Academic Counselor
                Scandinavian Middle                       Dewolf High School                       Yosemite Middle School
                School                                    Topic: Beyond High                       Topic: Beyond High
                Topic: Beyond High                        School                                   School

           Sue Fuentes,            Yolanda Juarez,
           Principal               Project Coordinator
           Bullard Talent
           Elementary School

           Rosylin Bessard,       Brian Radtke,
           School Choice          Principal
           Director               Phoenix Academy
                                  Elementary School


           Froylan Ramirez,
           Principal              Bill Serns,
           Jefferson Elementary   Principal
           School                 Mayfair Elementary

           Tom Fuentes,           Mike Perez,
           Principal              Principal
           Jackson Elementary     Winchell Elementary
           School                 School


           Cher Vang,             Lee Vang,
           Counselor              Literacy Coach
           McLane High School     Addams Elementary

           Cha Vang,              Mary Cha,
           Vice Principal         Literacy Coach
           Ericson Elementary     Burroughs Elementary
           School                 School

                       9:40 AM
                              English: Deborah Johnson, President of FUSD Parent Teacher
                              Association (PTA)
                              Spanish: Ermelinda Sanchez, Principal, Aynesworth Elementary
                              Hmong: Misty Her, Principal, Burroughs Elementary School

                       Six Ways to Get Involved at Your Child’s School
                       1- Communicating, 2- Learning at Home, 3- Parenting, 4- Volunteering,
                       5- Leadership Skills/Decision Making, and 6- Collaborating with the
Presenters & Program

                       • Know how to support and work with schools to improve your child’s education
                       • Awareness of families’ voices in school decisions
                       • Awareness of community resources, and community contributions to the school

                       10:25 AM

                                                                                                             Session 1
                              English: Kay Davies, Principal, Ericson Elementary School
                              Spanish: Miguel Naranjo, Principal, Lowell Elementary School
                              Hmong: Xee Moua, Vice Principal, Mayfair Elementary School

                       6 Developmental Pathways
                       1- Physical Development, 2- Cognitive Development, 3- Language, 4- Social
                       Development, 5- Psychological, and 6- Ethical

                       • Understand and recognize a child’s developmental process
                       • Develop interpersonal relationships with children in a variety of social settings
                       • Encourage children to make conscious decisions, and use appropriate behavior

                       11:10 AM
                              English: Bryan Wells, Principal, Terronez Middle School
                              Spanish: Juanita Varela, Principal, Addams Elementary School
                              Hmong: Ricky Vang, Principal, Academy for New Americans

                       Creating a Culture for Student Success
                       1- Character Counts (Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness,
                       Caring, Citizenship), 2- Dress Code, 3- Positive Communication

                       • Understand the link between character education and academic success
                       • Know and support the FUSD dress code
                       • Understand the importance of a calm, supportive, and loving home
                       • Know the importance of good communication with school personnel                        6
                       Special Break-out Presentations during Lunch Time

                       12:30 PM - 1:00 PM and 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM (Repeat of presentation)
                       Presenter: Gloria Watts, Retired Administrator
                       Topic 1: English Learner Services
                       Location: Room 51

                       Presenter: Special Education Staff
                       Topic 2: Special Education Services
Presenters & Program
                       Location: Room 50

                       1:35 PM
                              English: Karen Walker, VP on Special Assignment, Elementary
                              Spanish: Maria Romero, Principal, Fresno Adult School
                              Hmong: Choua Mouavangsou, Counselor, Roosevelt High School

                                                                                                          Session 2
                       Requirements for Grade Advancement

                       • Understand the requirements needed to be promoted at each grade level
                       • Know the requirements needed to graduate from high school
                       • Become familiar with Standardized Tests

                       2:30 PM
                              English: Julie Goorabian-Raley, Principal, Scandinavian Middle
                              Spanish: Frank Duran, Principal, Dewolf High School
                              Hmong: Molly Yang, Academic Counselor

                       Beyond High School

                       • Learn the key strategies to prepare your child for college
                       • Understand Grade Point Averages and the impact on entrance to a university
                       • Know the prerequisites for getting accepted into a university

                       3:20 PM

504 Program
Adult School Program
After School Programs: KEEP and FLOC
California State University, Fresno/Student Outreach
Career Paths
Centro la Familia
Comprehensive Youth Services
Coordinator of Emergency Planning and Crisis Response
Crime Stoppers
District DELAC
Doctor’s Academy, Sunnyside High
Duncan Magnet Program
Early Childhood Development
First Five
Fresno Center for New Americans
Fresno City College, College Relations Office
Fresno County Library
Fresno Interdenominational Refugee Ministries, Inc.b
Fresno Pacific University
Fresno Police Dept. Graffiti Bureau
Fresno State University Outreach
FUSD/Food Service Free and Reduced Lunch/Nutrition
Girl Scouts-Golden Valley Council
Healthy Kids
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Human Resources
Indian Ed. Parent Committee
Magnet Schools
Mayors Gang Initiative
Migrant Program
Operation School Bell
Parent Teacher Assoc.
Prevention & Intervention
Project Access
Read Fresno
Safe Place
State & Federal Programs
Student Health Services
United Way of Fresno County
Volunteer Center of Fresno County-Adult Volunteer Crossing   8
Guard Program
* Alert-O-Lite, Inc.
* Asian Super Market
* Bank of America
* Bed Bath & Beyond Corporate Office
* Brendel E. Jackson, CFEN Manager
* Carrie Altintop, McLane High
* Cherise Harrington
* Debbie Von Berg
* Dr. Pam Dungy, CFEN Director
* Educational Employees Credit Union
* Ericson Elementary School: Kay Davies, Principal
* ES Market
* Fresno County Federal Credit Union
* Fresno County Library
* Friends Community Church
* FUSD Early Childhood Education
* Gloria Solis, Benefits/Risk Management
* Hispanic Scholarship Fund
* Kashian Family Foundation
* KC Super Market
* Lily’s Café
* Mayfair Elementary School: Bill Serns, Principal
* Migrant Education
* Nina Kong, Wolters School
* Ramada Inn
* U.C. Cooperation Extension “Nutrition Program”
* United Way of Fresno
                     ♦   Dr. Pam Dungy, CFEN Director
                     ♦   Xee Yang, CFEN Manager
                     ♦   Brendel Jackson, CFEN Manager
                     ♦   Corina Onato, CFEN Mentor Facilitator
                     ♦   Judy Reynoso, CFEN Mentor Facilitator
                     ♦   Khamphou Sinpraseuth, CFEN Liaison
                     ♦   Andy Moua, CFEN Liaison
                     ♦   Olivia Gonzalez, CFEN Liaison
                     ♦   Arlene Harris, CFEN Liaison
                     ♦   Manny Vidal, CFEN Liaison
                     ♦   Sereyvuth Var, CFEN Liaison
Planning Committee

                     ♦   Louise Appodaca, Indian Ed. School/Community Liaison
                     ♦   Cecelia DeAnda, Indian Ed. School/Community Liaison
                     ♦   Luis Romero, Migrant Ed.
                     ♦   Liz Andrade-Stiffler, Early Childhood Education
                     ♦   Madeline Kronberg, Early Childhood Education
                     ♦   Natalie Galvan, CFEN Office Manager
                     ♦   Soua Moua, CFEN Office Assistant
                     ♦   Phong Xiong, CFEN Office Assistant
                     ♦   Heidi Heltne, CFEN Office Assistant
                     ♦   Paul Garcia, EL Services Director
                     ♦   Warren Vang, Migrant Ed.
                     ♦   Jose Castro, DELAC
                     ♦   Guillermo Berumen, Migrant Ed.
                     ♦   Debra Johnson, PTA President

Leadership Cohort          Rodriguez, Jose                  Lemus, Adolfo
                           Rowden, Sally                    Lim, Kunthear
Alvarez, Gerado            Sams, Anna                       Lomeli, Janette
Anderson, Michele          Stogbauer, Kathy                 Long, Nick
Bride, Andrew              Tatum, Kevin                     Lopez, Sandra
Burns, Allyson             Tatum, Latoya                    Marigual, Brittany
Chang, John                Vang, Cher                       Martinez, Noemi
Cuevas, Eustorgio          Vang, Ker                        Mendoza, Amelia
Day, Rhonda                Vang, Kia                        Moats, Emily
Domingo, Andrea            Virivong, Ajan-Bounmy            Molina, Sum
Duyst, Robert              Wayne, Nancy                     Moua, Evelyn
Fernandez, Sarah           Williams, Sandra                 Moua, Nancy
Gimbarti, Kristin          Xiong, Bee                       Moua, Tao
Gonzalez, Rudy                                              Mouavangsou, Chong Toua
Guzman, Jose               ♦   Parks and Recreation Staff   Mouavangsou, Kao Zong
Harrington, Cherise        ♦   Project ASCEND               Mouavangsou, Pang
Hernandez, Patty                                            Muñoz, Flor
Johnson, Tina
                           ♦   Fresno Fire Department
                                                            Paris, Kelsey
Jordan-Smith, Lisa                                          Parrales, Luis
Kusch, Shelby              ♦   Fresno County Library        Perez, Maria
Lee, Yua                       Staff                        Pizarro, Abigail
LeMesurier, Sally                                           Ram, Alecia
McCollom, Rick             Student Volunteers               Ramirez, Dena
Munoz, Joey                                                 Romero, Dulce
Perkins, Karen             Alhargan, Anas                   Saito, Parker
Rodriguez, Tina            Anderes, Shannon                 Smith, Donal
Salazar, Lisa              Barcenas, Michelle               Som, Nathan
Sue, Kevin                 Barrera, Lizeth                  Soria, Megan
Thao, Chong                Bermudez, Marco                  Stephens, Stephynie
Williams, Daniella         Bonecher, Rebecca                Tamura, Jaclyn
Zalapa, Jose               Bracamonte, Celestial            Thao, Mai
Zoller, Stephen            Castillo, Destinie               Torres, Charlyn
                           Castro, Geovanni                 Tran, Minh
FUSD Staff and Community   Cha, Choua                       Valedez, Garline
                           Chavez, Juan                     Vang, Becky
Avila, Monique             Chjnear, Kim                     Vang, Chia
Bordona, Dan               Cole, Moniesha                   Vang, Nancy
Borrego, Rosemary          Cooper, Raven                    Vang, Sylvia
Buelina, Frances           Cruz, Arely                      Var, Sotheary
Charnsamonn, Ajan-Sudee    De La Cruz, Maria                Vasquez, Haidie
Clark, Lee                 Diaz, Anel                       Vaughn, Troy
Duyst, Robert              Dolata, Alyssa                   Viana, Maria
Eam, Phalla                Drew, Shanteal                   Voss, Amie
Flores, Gloria             Eng, Rachel                      Wallace, Carrie
Flores, Rick               Falcon, Lisa                     Williams, Jessica
Gaona, Yvonne              Flores, Rocio                    Xiong, Tria
Graves, Margaret           Garcia, Edward                   Yang, Amanda
Graves, Roy                Giles, Elizabeth
Guzman, Dayra              Gomez, Brenda
Her, Michelle Yer          Gonzales, Ariel
Inthavong, Jittapaun       Gonzales, Johnathan
Joyner, Reba               Guitron, Johnathan
Lo, Sophea                 Guzman, Julia
Long, Ruth                 Hayes, Nathan
Medina, Martha             Her, Choua
Mekdara, Laddavone         Her, Xai
Mendoza, Maria             Herrera, Lorena
Moua, Leng                 Iñiguez, Noel
Noriega, Toni              Jimenez, Maricela
Pitton, Helen              Schmidt, Kate
Plangarvut, Ajan-Anan      Kendricks, Eric
Ramos, Lupe                Kong , Chao
Rios, Barbara              Kong , Chia
Rocha, Nora                Lao, Molly
Rodriguez, Celestino       Lee, Bee
Rodriguez, Diana           Lee, Jennifer
                                               Marimba Gonzalez Band
                                                  Led by Dionicio Gonzalez

                                    Jazz Ensemble– Hoover High School
                                                Led by Sheldon Schlesinger

                Mexican Folkloric Dance– Leavenworth Elementary School
                                                  Led by Rafaela Lucatero

                             Hmong Dance Troup- Sequoia Middle School
                                                         Led by Molly Her

                 African American Dance Troup– King Elementary School
                                                      Led by Mona Tatum

                 Celtic Motion Dance Company– California Arts Academy
                                                   Led by Julie Ann Keller

                                               Arax Armenian Dancers
                                                  Led by Zar Mugdrechian

                                                     The Way of Dance
                                                      Led by Nileen Clark

                                                   Greek Dance Group
                                                 Led by George Papingalin

Barstow Ave.

                    First St.


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