Unsolicited Letter of Application by zrv16048


									                                                 Chapter 21

     Unsolicited Letter of Application

This type of letter has four main parts:
     1. A paragraph introducing yourself to the potential
     2. An explanation of the type of position you are
        looking for and are qualified to undertake. State
        what you have to offer the employer
     3. A paragraph saying why you have chosen this
        organisation as a potential employer
     4. A statement indicating where and how you may be
                                               Chapter 21

                  A Good Job Application

A job application has two parts:

     1. The resume.
     2. The covering letter, or letter of application
                           Chapter 21

                 Types of Resume

•   Basic (General)

•   Functional

•   Specific
                                      Chapter 21

       Main Sections in a Resume

•   Name, address, telephone number
•   Employment objective
•   Educational qualifications
•   Professional or work experience
•   Achievements
•   Activities and interests
•   referees
                                                             Chapter 21

          Sections in a Covering Letter

•   The letter of application has three main
     •   The introduction expresses interest in the job, and applies for
     •   The body points out specific qualities, qualifications and
         experiences mentioned in your resume, and states your
         interest in this organisation
     •   The conclusion indicates where and how you can be reached
         for interview.
                                     Chapter 21

                    Before the Interview

•   Find out about the position

•   Identify your strengths

•   Use a job search control sheet

•   Practise your presentation
                                           Chapter 21

        Three Parts to a Job Interview

Think about the interview as:

     • The beginning section or introduction
     • The middle section or body
     • The closing section or conclusion
                                Chapter 21

                After the Interview

•   Evaluate your performance

•   Follow up

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