APPLICATION FORM

                                LETTER OF ACKNOWLEDGEMENT
I, ______________________________________________I.D. NUIMBER:____________________________
                                    (Full Names and ID No. of Individual or Company Representative)

REPRESENTING _________________________________________________________________________
                                    (Company Name – if applicable)



Neither the Organiser nor the Venue Lessor, or any of the Directors, Employees or Agents of either one, will be liable to the
Client/Exhibitor for personal injury to, or the death of any person, or loss, or damage to property, of whatever nature, on
the property or at the Venue, however arising or caused.

The Client indemnifies the Organiser, the ICC Durban and its Directors, Employees or Agents against any claim of whatever
nature, which may be against any of them arising out of any of the afore-mentioned

  This Booking is confirmed upon signing this form and making full payment. NO exclusivity of goods
(i.e. possessing sole rights to sell a particular item) is offered to any exhibitor. No requests for refunds
      will be entertained at any time during or after the show. Cancellation means that you forfeit all
  payments made and you are liable for all outstanding payments which will be handed to a collection
 agency and the exhibitor will bear all legal costs associated with recovering the outstanding amount.
                                FULL PAYMENT is required prior to the show.

____________________                                                              _______________________
EXHIBITOR/ STANDHOLDER                                                            For and on behalf of   THE ORGANISER
DATED:_________________                                                           DATED:______________________

                                                 EXHIBITOR DETAILS
  FULL NAME:                                                 ADDRESS:

 HOME TEL:                                                WORK TEL:
 MOBILE:                                                  FAX / EMAIL:
                                                PAYMENT DETAILS
                   DETAILS OF PAYMENT                                    AMOUNT
 STAND based on size
 Additional BADGES

                                         TOTAL AMOUNT DUE


     SIZE (2X2) (3X2) (3X3) (3X4) m2                TYPE (Exhibition/Shell Scheme/Floor Space)                            PRICE

(Full package including prime space, spotlights, plug point and fascia name)

SHELL SCHEME Structure only does NOT include fascia or plugs. Includes ONE florescent light only

Furniture may be collected from the security checkpoint outside Hall 2-west. Additional furniture may be ordered at a cost:

              DESCRIPTION                        QUANTITY             UNIT PRICE          INSTALLATION COST                 AMOUNT DUE
 15 Amp Plug Point
 1.5m Florescent Fitted
 Qis Spotlights Fitted
 Access Badges
                                                                                                 TOTAL DUE R

                                         RULES & REGULATIONS
In order to comply with all regulations pertaining to safety and fire hazards the following have to be adhered to. This is also to maintain the
aesthetic quality and ambience of the show. All points have been covered in the exhibitor contract but are highlighted for the convenience
of our exhibitors.
A.1          Aisle Encroachment
Disaster management rules and fire regulations at all conferences and exhibition venues require that all aisles and access to fire doors are
kept free and open at all times. Exhibitors are required to take adequate space to accommodate their full display and no encroachment into
the aisles is permitted. No stallholder/ exhibitor may utilize the aisles to display their products.
A.2           Banners
No banners or teardrop standing banners are permitted in any of the halls, unless permission is obtained from the Organiser. Permission
will also be required for banners placed outdoors, (applicable to co-sponsors only).
A.3           Product List
Exhibitors will only be allowed to sell the products listed on his/ her application, and which have been verified and approved by the Event
Organisers. In the event of the exhibitor selling any product other than those specified and approved by the Organisers, the Event
Organiser reserves the right to remove and confiscate such goods or request the exhibitor to leave the exhibition hall.
Exhibitors will forfeit all amounts paid to the organisers and shall not claim refunds in the event of him/ her carrying or selling products other
than those specified and approved by the organisers.
A.4           Cancellation
The organisers will not permit cancellations. A no-show will constitute cancellation and the exhibitor will forfeit the total amount paid.
A.5           Distribution of Brochures
No brochures will be allowed to be distributed from any area other than your stand.
A.6           PA Systems/Audio/Visual Equipment
No PA Systems are permitted on any stands where exhibitors are required to demonstrate products.
Exhibitors displaying audio/visual equipment (for branding purposes only) are requested to keep the volume as low as possible or use
A.7           Signage
Signage must be professionally produced. No hand-written, Sale or Show-Special, or price tags signs are permitted. Exhibitors may not
display any signs or logos on the fascias. Please note that gobo’s are not permitted. Photocopied signs stuck with prestick will not be
A.8           Stall Maintenance
Exhibitors must ensure that the demarcated area of his/ her stall is maintained in a clean, tidy and sanitary condition and must not allow the
accumulation of refuse in/ outside the area of his/ her stall.

A.9           Approval of Stands
In the interest of superior quality at the show the organisers will inspect all stands 2 hours before the show opens. Should the rules not be
adhered to the exhibitor will be given notice to rectify the problem within 2 hours or the stand will be closed.
Stand build-up has to be completed by the designated time of the show opening.
                                           SECTION B. EXHIBITION INFORMATION
B.1         Accounts / Payments
It is important to note that all stands must be paid for in full. If you have a query regarding your account please contact Accounts
Department on: 031 2081601.All stands have to be paid for in full upon booking. Exhibitors who have not paid in full will not be allowed to
enter the show.
B.2         Build-up Information
You will be advised of your build-up and registration in your Exhibitor pack.
B.3        Breakdown Information
The Exhibition Hall will close promptly to the public at 22h00 on the final date of the show. Exhibitors may not start to breakdown his/ her
stand before closure. After the closure of the exhibition, exhibitors will be allowed to remove goods.
Please note: The loading doors will not be opened at this time. Vehicles are not permitted within the venue.
Of any nature affixed Exhibitors must ensure that during breakdown he/ she will remove all refuse, advertising material, or fixtures and
accumulated by the exhibitor. The Organizers will not be held responsible for loss of goods or equipment from stands
during build-up, break-down and Show times. It is strongly suggested that a representative is present at your stand at
all times. For security reasons, no exhibitor or contractor will be allowed access to the venue, during Breakdown
without an access badge.
B.4      Cameras
Our policy is that no cameras or video equipment will be allowed into the exhibition unless prior approval is obtained from the Organisers.
Any Exhibitors wishing to use their own photographers should obtain prior permission from the Organiser for his/her access to your stand.
B.5     Electrical Procedures and Regulations
Electrical Installations must be of a nature to ensure safety in the use of electricity and must be carried out in a competent manner by the
registered electrician (details of preferred service provider can be obtained from the Organiser upon bookings. Where a fault becomes
apparent, the equipment must not be used until the fault has been rectified. All electrical installations must comply with the requirements of
the Occupational Health & Safety Act (85 of 1983) as amended by the Occupational Health & Safety Act (181 of 1983) and the Labour
Relations Act (66 of 1995).
Any electrical installation must comply as follows:
                             Each installation shall be effectively bonded to earth
                             Wiring shall be three core twin and earth not less than 1.5mm cross sectional and be PVC electrometric or other
                             plastic sheathing.
                             Joints shall not be made except where connecting into a circuit and insulated.
                             Screwed connectors shall be used and totally enclosed in insulated enclosures.
                             All wiring shall be effectively protected and fixed to prevent damage and risk of injury.
                             Cables placed under carpets are prohibited unless suitably protected.
Complete the Section- Electrical Hire should you require additional lighting, plugs or electrical installations etc.
B.6 Electrical Supply
The cost of an exhibition stand package is inclusive of two spotlights, one plug point. Additional lighting may be ordered from the
organisers. Shell scheme stands do not have electrical fittings and additional lighting. Please complete the section -Electrical Hire as
required, Floor space only exhibitors please order a single-phase distribution board to get a source of electricity to your stand: Please
complete the section-Electrical Hire.
      Caterers to confirm electrical requirements upon booking.
      No gas equipment will be permitted indoors.
B.7 Caterers
Both indoors and outdoors require the City Health Department a clearance certificate and the Fire Department fire clearance certificate.
Documents are to be submitted to the organiser upon booking. Final inspection will take place at the venue on the day of the opening of the
show, by both the Health Department and the Fire Department.
B.8 Opening & Closing
The Trade Fair officially opens to the public daily from 11am and closes at 10:00pm unless otherwise advised. Exhibitors are reminded not
to leave their stands unattended before the public has left the show. Closure times on weekends will be advised. Please refer to your
exhibitor diary.
B.9 Entrance Fees
The Entrance fee for visitors to the exhibition is determined by the underwriters of the show and will be advertised prior to the event. Tickets
will be on sale at the visitor’s gates.
These prices are final. The Organisers will not entertain any discussion relating to the entrance fees from Exhibitors. Objections, petitions
etc. relating to the above will be considered an infringement of the rules and the Event Organiser reserves the right to have the violator(s),
removed with no negotiation for compensation for loss of business.
B.10 Complimentary Tickets
The issue of complimentary tickets have been discontinued.
B.11 Access Cards
Exhibitor access cards will be allocated on a pro-rata basis according to stand size:
            All Stands                       =          5 badges
Additional access cards may be purchased at R25 each by completing Section – Access Cards.
B.12        Code of Conduct
The aim of the organiser is to maintain and improve the standards, service and professionalism of all its members within the industry,
which, operates within a framework of a Code of Conduct for the benefit of the exhibitor and the entire industry as a whole.
B.13 Fascia Name Board
A Fascia board is included in your stand cost (applicable to Exhibition stands only). You may not replace it with another type of fascia.
Company logos may be presented within the stand parameters in a tasteful, discreet manner. Please complete the section – Fascia Name
Board to confirm your name requirements.
B.14 Fire Regulations
The Fire Department has laid down the following regulations concerning exhibition stands:
(All stands are subject to inspection by the Fire Department).

      No stand, other than standard shell scheme, shall be constructed either inside or outside a building, unless or until the Organiser has
      approved a plan of the proposed construction and general layout.
      All structures require a stability certificate, issued by a registered structural engineer.
      No highly combustible material such as Hessian, straw, polystyrene, etc… shall be used in or on the stand without the approval of the
      organiser and without fire retardation treatment being applied to the combustible material.
      No solid ceiling may be erected without the approval of the Organiser.
      No exhibitor shall exceed, in any way, the boundary of his stand, unless arrangements have been made in writing and approved by
      the Organiser.
      Written permission will be required for the storage of or use of hazardous substances, flammable liquids, gas cylinders, open fires and
      demonstrations with naked flames.
      No structure or display shall be placed or constructed so as to impede the ordinary movement of people, nor shall the existing facilities
      or signs be constructed by any structure or display.
      Fire extinguishers on walls, floors or elsewhere may not be removed or obstructed.
      All aisles and exhibits must be clear at all times.
      Absolutely no storage of any kind will be permitted within the confines of the exhibition floor or placed behind the stand or against the
      walls or curtains.
      It is compulsory to have a fire extinguisher on each level of a double story display and at each stand in the catering area- indoors and
B.15 Firearm
No personal firearms may be carried in the venue during the show period.
B.16 Floor Space only Stands
All stand designers, stand builders and ‘floor space only’ Exhibitors must obtain a copy of the Safe Working Practices requirements, (from
the organiser), and submit a complete plan of their stand, at least 60 days prior to the show. No stand construction will be allowed, without
the organisers receiving the Service Form-Notice of Intent, (available on request). Designs for floor space only stands, must be submitted
to the Organisers who reserve the right to reject a design which unreasonably obscures or affects other nearby sites in any way.
B.17 Smoking
Due to government legislation, no smoking will be permitted in the venue.
B.18 Security
There will be 24-hour security from build-up, up until the date of breakdown. The security provided by the organisers is general hall security
and not individual stand security. The official security contractor is the only security allowed in the venue. The organisers are not liable for
the loss, theft or damage of any goods.
B.19 Transfer
Under no circumstances will Exhibitors be allowed to lease or re-sell their stands to person/s unknown to the Organisers. In the event of
such an occurrence, the organiser reserves the right to confiscate all goods at the stand and request the Exhibitor to leave the show
immediately. Organisers will request positive identification to authentic ownership. All payments will be forfeited.
B.20 Good’s Removal and Selling from Stands
Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that an appropriate receipt to validate the sale accompanies any goods leaving their stands during
the Exhibition. Receipts must be supplied to visitors who purchase goods from the exhibitors’ stands during the show.
B.21 Furniture
Furniture, that is, tables and chairs, can be hired by completing the section – Furniture Orders. No equipment will be available on show
days if not previously ordered and paid for in full, two weeks prior to the exhibition. Exhibitors will not remove from the premises any item
may be hired from the service provider on site during build up.
B.22 Insurance
The event, sponsors and partners are not responsible for the insurance of Exhibitors goods. Each Exhibitor must arrange his/her own
insurance cover for all goods and display materials. Public liability cover has been taken out for the duration of the exhibition.
B.23         Parking
Kindly ensure your vehicle is parked in the demarcated area only. Parking bays are available if the space can be provided and can be
purchased from the organisers. Ensure that the parking disc is displayed on the windscreen of the vehicle
B.24         Structured Stability
All materials used for decorative finishes to stands shall be:
Able to pass a test of flammability or for surface spread of flame
Be fixed taut or in tight pleats to a solid backing
Be secured at floor level
Any paint used shall be water-based. Paint spraying within the venue is not permitted
Cavities and spaces around stands shall not be used for storage or empty crates, cartons, boxes or packaging material.
B.25         Late opening
All Exhibitors/ Stand-holders must be at their stands by 10h30 on show-days. Loading will take place each morning between 9h45 and
10h45 on show-days. Exhibitors must remove their vehicles as soon as they have off-loaded. Vehicles may not be left unattended at the
front entrance. Packaging should be cleared away on a daily basis.
B.26         Enquiries an Complaints
All enquiries and complaints may be addressed with the Organiser or the Coordinator who will be based in the

            WARNING             WARNING           WARNING            WARNING              WARNING             WARNING
        The correct procedure should be followed when laying a complaint. Any Exhibitor / Stand-holder inciting others,
        signing petitions and in any way disrupting the show will be considered a trespasser. The party concerned will be
                        removed by security and excluded from participating in the remainder of the show.
                                                  All payments will be forfeited.
          The concerned party will be blacklisted and not allowed to participate in any future trade fairs, exhibitions etc.

No discussion pertaining to lowering of gate tariffs or refunds on the stand rentals will be entertained. Exhibitors involved will be
             removed from the show and will face legal action. All stands have to be paid for in full upon booking.

                  Exhibitors who do not produce the accredited access badges will not be allowed into the venue.


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