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					     George Washington
Birthplace - Virginia
Born February 22, 1832
In May 1775, Washington of
  of Virginia, was elected
  commander in chief of the
  Continental Army.
His favorite horse was named
  Nelson.                        1st President
Washington loved to help fight   1789 - 1797
          John Adams
Birthplace - Massachusetts
Born October 30, 1735
Signer – Declaration of
Adams was the first President
  to live in the White House.
His son, John Quincy, became
  president.                  2nd President
Died July 4, 1826 same day     1797 - 1801
  as Jefferson.
      Thomas Jefferson
Birthplace - Virginia
Born April 13, 1743
At age 33, he drafted the
  Declaration of Independence.
Purchased Louisiana Territory
  from France, commissioned
  Lewis & Clark Expedition.
                               3rd President
Died July 4, 1826 same day as
  Adams.                        1801 - 1809
         James Madison
Birthplace - Virginia
Born March 16, 1751
He helped form the Bill of
In 1814 the British burned
  White House and forced
  Madison to flee to Virginia
  during War of 1812.           4th President
                                 1809 - 1817
          James Monroe
Birthplace - Virginia
Born April 28, 1758
He was the first president
  to ride a steamboat.
He proclaimed the
  “Monroe Doctrine”.
Acquired Florida from
  Spain.                     5th President
                              1817 - 1825
      John Quincy Adams
Birthplace - Massachusetts
Born July 11, 1767
His father was president.
After his presidency he served in
  the House of Representatives
  from 1831 – 1846.
He was the 1st president to have    6th President
  his photograph taken in 1843.
                                    1825 - 1829
       Andrew Jackson
Birthplace – South Carolina
Born March 15, 1767
Jackson was the first
  President to ride in a train.
He was a General in the war
  of 1812. “Battle of New
His nickname was “Old             7th President
  Hickory”.                       1829 - 1837
     Martin Van Buren
Birthplace - New York
Born December 5, 1782
He gave us the word "OK"
  or "Okay" which was an
  abbreviation for the
  name of his New York
  home "Old Kinderhook."
Van Buren owned two        8th President
  tiger cubs as pets.
                            1837 - 1841
William Henry Harrison
Birthplace - Virginia
Born February 9, 1773
He was the first president to
  die in office, 32 days after
  he was elected.
Harrison was the first
  President to study
  medicine.                      9th President
            John Tyler
Birthplace - Virginia
Born March 29, 1790
He was the President to have
  the most children. He had 15.
He was playing marbles when
  he learned that he was to be
Loved to play the violin.      10th President
                               1841 - 1845
              James Polk
Birthplace – North Carolina
Born November 2, 1795
Polk was the first President to
  have his inauguration
  reported by telegraph.
During his term, gaslights
  were first installed in the
  White House, so he could        11th President
  read late into the night.
                                   1845 - 1849
         Zachary Taylor
Birthplace – Virginia
Born November 24, 1784
He served as General in the
  Mexican War.
He spent July 4, 1850 at a ceremony
  at the Washington Monument he
  got sick from the heat and died
  five days later, the second       12th President
  president to die in office.        1849 - 1850
Abraham Lincoln gave the eulogy at
  his funeral.
         Millard Fillmore

Birthplace - New York
Born January 7, 1800
His wife, Abigail, started the
White House library
Had the first "running-water
bathtub" installed in the
White House.                     13th President
                                  1850 - 1853
        Franklin Pierce
Birthplace - New Hampshire
Born November 23, 1804
Served in Mexican War as a
He installed the first central-
  heating system in the White
Pierce was an avid fisherman.     14th President
                                   1853 - 1857
       James Buchanan
Birthplace - Pennsylvania
Born April 23, 1791
Only President who never
  married. His niece Harriet
  Lane acted as First Lady.
He is said to have the neatest
  handwriting of all the
  president.                   15th President
                               1857 -1861
      Abraham Lincoln
Birthplace - Kentucky
Born February 12, 1809
He loved to read.
Lincoln was the only president
  to receive a patent, for a
  device for lifting boats over
Died in Office - assassinated 16th President
Tallest President – 6” 4”       1861 - 1865
         Andrew Johnson
Birthplace – North Carolina
Born December 29, 1808
His wife, Eliza, taught him to read.
He was a general in Civil War.
He was impeached by the U.S.
  House of Representatives in
  1868, but he was later acquitted 17th President
  by the Senate by one vote.
                                     1865 - 1869
Elected to Senate from Tennessee
  after his presidency, 1874.
        Ulysses S. Grant
Birthplace - Ohio
Born April 27, 1822
He was a Civil War
  General. Fought in the
  Mexican War.
While president, Ulysses S.
  Grant was arrested for
  riding his horse too fast.   18th President
  He was fined $20.
                                1869 - 1877
      Rutherford Hayes
Birthplace - Ohio
Born October 4, 1822
Was wounded 5 times in
  Civil War, became a
He was the first President to
  use a telephone while in
                                19th President
  office. The first telephone
  was installed in the White     1877 - 1881
  House in 1879.
         James Garfield
Birthplace - Ohio
Born November 19, 1831
General in Civil War
He was the first left-handed
Garfield was the only
  president to have been a
  preacher.                     20th President
Died in Office - assassinated        1881
        Chester Arthur

Birthplace - New York
Born October 5, 1829
General in Civil War
He was the first president
  to take the Oath of Office
  in his own home.
He destroyed all of his
  personal papers before       21st President
  his death.                    1881 - 1885
        Grover Cleveland
Birthplace - New York
Born – March 18, 1837
Only President to serve two terms
  that were not consecutive.
Cleveland was the only president to
  be married in the White House.
The Baby Ruth candy bar was           22nd President
  named after Cleveland's baby           1885 1889
  daughter, Ruth.                     24th President
                                         1893 - 1897
      Benjamin Harrison
Birthplace – Ohio
Born August 20, 1833
His grandfather, William Henry
  Harrison was president.
General in Civil War
He was the first president to use
  electricity in the White House.
                                    23rd President
Harrison once made 140
                                      1889 - 1893
  completely different speeches
  in 30 days.
       William McKinley
Birthplace - Ohio
Born January 29, 1843
McKinley was the first
  President to ride in an
He kept a parrot in the White
  House that could whistle
  "Yankee Doodle." McKinley       25th President
  would whistle the first part,
                                    1897 - 1901
  and the bird would finish it.
Died in Office - assassinated
    Theodore Roosevelt
Birthplace – New York
Born October 27, 1858
Was the youngest president
First President to win the
  Nobel Peace Prize in 1906.
He was the first President to
  ride in an airplane.
                                26th President
The teddy bear is named          1901 - 1909
  after Theodore Roosevelt.
         William H. Taft
Birthplace – Ohio
Born September 15, 1857
First President to become
  Chief Justice of the
  Supreme Court, 1920.
First President to open a
  baseball season.
He called the White House       27th President
  "the loneliest place in the     1909 - 1913
      Woodrow Wilson
Birthplace - Virginia
Born December 29, 1856
He was the first president to
  cross the Atlantic Ocean
  while in office.
He won the Nobel Peace
  Prize in 1920 for his efforts
  in seeking peace after        28th President
  World War I and supporting
                                 1913 - 1921
  the League of Nations.
     Warren G. Harding
Birthplace – Ohio
Born November 2, 1865
Harding was the first
  president to speak over
  the radio.
He died with a heart attack
  while president.
                              29th President
                                1921 - 1923
         Calvin Coolidge
Birthplace – Vermont
Born July 4, 1872
Coolidge's family spoke in sign
  language when they did not
  wish to be overheard.
He refused to use the
  telephone while he was in
  office.                       30th President
His name was "Silent Cal."        1923 - 1929
        Herbert Hoover
Birthplace – Iowa
Born August 10, 1874
Served as Secretary of
He was the first president to
  donate his salary to
He approved "The Star-          31st President
  Spangled Banner" as the         1929 - 1933
  national anthem.
  Franklin D. Roosevelt
Birthplace - New York
Born January 30, 1882
Elected to 4 terms
Suffered from Polio
Led during Depression and
  World War II.
He was the first president to
  have a presidential           32nd President
  aircraft.                       1933 - 1945
Died in Office
       Harry S. Truman
Birthplace – Missouri
Born May 8, 1884
He was a captain in World War I.
He was playing Poker when he
  learned he was to be president.
He was the first president to give
  a speech on television.
                                 33rd President
                                1945 - 1953
 Dwight D. Eisenhower
Birthplace – Texas
Born October 14, 1890
Served as General during
  WW II.
He was the first president to
  ride in a helicopter while
He was also a wonderful         34th President
  cook, who specialized in        1953 - 1961
  barbecued steaks.
       John F. Kennedy
Birthplace - Massachusetts
Born May 29, 1917
He won a Pulitzer Prize for his
  book "Profiles in Courage."
Kennedy was the first
  President to hold a press
  conference on television.
                                  35th President
Died in Office - assassinated
                                    1961 - 1963
      Lyndon B. Johnson

Birthplace - Texas
Born – August 27, 1908
He was the first President to
  name an African American
  cabinet member, Robert C
  Weaver, HUD.
He signed a civil rights bill,
  established Great Society      36th President
  programs.                        1963 - 1969
           Richard Nixon

Birthplace - California
Born January 9, 1913
Nixon was the first president
  to visit all 50 states.
He was the first president to
  visit China while in office
He was the only president to    37th President
  resign from office.
                                  1969 - 1974
             Gerald Ford

Birthplace - Nebraska
Born July 14, 1913
He was the only President
  to serve who was not
  elected by U.S. voters
  either as President or
  Vice President.
                               38th President
Ford was the first President
  to have been an Eagle          1974 - 1977
          Jimmy Carter
Birthplace – Georgia
Born October 1, 1924
Jimmy Carter is a speed
  reader. He has been
  recorded reading 2000
  words per minute.
He won the Nobel Peace
  Prize in 2002, making him     39th President
  the third President to win.
                                 1977 - 1981
         Ronald Reagan
 Birthplace – Illinois
Born February 6, 1911
Reagan was the oldest
  president in history.
He was shot by a would-be
  assassin and quickly
Jellybeans were his favorite   40th President
  candy.                         1981 - 1989
      George H.W. Bush
Birthplace – Massachusetts
Born – June 12, 1924
When he received his
  commission in 1943, he
  became, at 19, the youngest
  pilot then in the Navy, flying
  58 combat missions during
  World War II.
He was the first President to 41st President
  be Ambassador to the           1989 - 1993
  United Nations.
Father of President
         William Clinton
Birthplace - Arkansas
Born August 19, 1946
While in high school, he once
  met President John Kennedy
  in the White House.
His favorite sandwich is peanut
  butter and banana.
In 1998 Clinton was impeached 42nd President
  by the U.S. House of          1993 - 2001
  Representatives but acquitted
  by the Senate.
        George W. Bush
Birthplace – Connecticut
Born July 6, 1946
He was the first president to
  hold Little League baseball
  tryouts on the White House
First President to begin
  serving in the 21st Century. 43rd President
Father was President.           2001 - present
       Barack H. Obama
Birthplace – Hawaii
Born – August 4, 1961
His story is the American story
  of hard work and education
  as the means of getting
  ahead, and the conviction
  that a life so blessed should
  be lived in service to others 44rd President
1st African American elected     2009 - present
The President’s Pictures used in this presentation were
  colored by fifth-graders from Abingdon Elementary
  School in Arlington, Virginia with additional photo of
  Barack Obama done by Mollie Enck

        Complied & edited by Susan Ging Lent