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                                                                    TAJUK                                             TAHUN KUANTIT
Management of dengue and dengue haemorrhagic fever in the paediatric population (CPG01)                                1999    2
Management of idiopathic nephrotic syndrome in childhood (CPG 01)                                                      1999    2
Guidelines for the rational use of antibiotics (CPG 01)                                                                1993    1
Guidelines on management of adult asthma consensus statement of the Malaysian Thoracic Society (CPG 01)                1996    1
Guidelines on management of tuberculosis (CPG 01)
Consensus on management of gallstone disease (CPG 01)                                                                 1997     1
Consensus on management of peptic ulcer disease (CPG 01)                                                              1996     1
Clinical practice guidelines on the management of osteoarthritis (CPG 01)                                             2002     1
British guideline on the management of asthma                                                                         2003     1
Clinical practice guidelines : Diabetic retinopathy (CPG 01)                                                          1996     1
Concensus statement on brain death (CPG 01)                                                                           1993     1
Clinical practice guidelines for Radiotherapy : Breast cancer (CPG1)                                                  2000     1
Role of Hormone Replenishment Therapy (HRT) during menopause in Malaysian women (CPG 02)                               1999    2
Consensus statement on the management of ischaemic stroke.-2000 (CPG02)                                               2000
Guidelines for diagnosis of nosocomial infections (CPG02)                                                              1992    1
Consensus on the screening for hepatocellular carcinoma and its treatment (CPG02)                                     CPG02
Clinical practice guidelines on heart disease in pregnancy.-2001 (CPG02)                                               2001
Malaysian guidelines for good clinical practice (CPG02)                                                               CPG02
Guidelines on infection control in the intensive care unit (CPG02)                                                    CPG02
Consensus statement on the management of hyperlipidaemia.-2/e , 1998 (CPG02)                                           1998    1
Malaysian hypertension consensus guidelines 1998 (CPG 02)                                                             CPG02
Guidelines on the control of hospital acquired infections (CPG02)                                                     CPG02
Principles and guide to ethical use of laboratory animals.- 2000 (CPG02)                                              CPG02
Recommendations for standards of monitoring during anaesthesia and recovery (CPG03)                                   CPG03
Consensus guidelines on the management of staphylococcus aureus infections.-2000 (CPG03)      CPG03
Guidelines on couselling of HIV infection and AIDS.- AID series 1 (CPG03)                     CPG03
A guide to AIDS education programme.- AIDS series 2 (CPG03)                                   CPG03
Guidelines for nursing managemnet of people infected with HIV/AIDS.-AIDS Series 4 (CPG03)     CPG03
Guidelines on the management of infected health care workers. AIDS series 5 (CPG03)           CPG03
Universal infection control precuations.- AIDS series 6 (CPG03)                               CPG03
Standard precaution for AIDS/STI (CPG03)                                                      CPG03
Management guidelines in venous thromboembolism : diagnosis of pulmonary embolism (CPG03)     CPG03
Consensus guidelines on the management of atopic dermatitis (CPG03)                           CPG03
Consensus Statement on brain death 2003 (CPG03)                                               CPG03
Diagnosis and management of chronic myeloproliferative disorders(CPG03)                       CPG03
Management of sore throat (CPG03)                                                             CPG03
Management of dengue infection in the paediatric population ( CPG 04)                         CPG04
Screening for colorectal cancer in Malaysia ( CPG 04)                                         CPG04
Concensus statement on the rationale use of growth harmone ( CPG 04)                          CPG04
Consensus statement of the treatment of end stage renal disease by hemodialysis (CPG 04)      CPG04
Practice guidelines for diabetes mellitus : the Malaysian consensus 1996 (CPG 04)             CPG04
Practice guideline of adjuvant therapy of colorectal cancer (CPG 04)                          CPG04
Consensus statement on breast cancer in Malaysia (CPG 04)                                     CPG04
Management of dengue fever in adult (CPG 04)                                                  CPG04
Management of dengue fever in children (CPG 04)                                               CPG04
Mx. postnatal corticosteroids for the prevention of chronic lung disease in preterm infants   CPG 04
Clinical practice guidelines on heart failure 2000 ( CPG 05)                                  CPG 5
Clinical practice guidelines on acute myocardial infarction 2001 (CPG 05)                     CPG 5
Clinical practice guidelines on UA/NSTEMI 2002 (CPG 05)                                       CPG 5
Clinical practice guidelines on the management of hypertension 2002 (CPG 05)                  2002     1
Clinical practice guidelines on management of jaundice in healthy term newborns (CPG 05)      CPG 5
Practice guidelines for the control and management of tuberculosis 2002 (CPG 05)              CPG 5
Clinical practice guidelines on management of avulsed permanent anterior teeth in children (CPG 05)          CPG 5
Antibiotic prophylaxis against wound infection for oral surgical procedures 2003 (CPG 05)                    CPG 5
Perioperative blood transfusion (CPG 05)                                                                     CPG 5
Management ofdiabetic foot (CPG 06)                                                                          CPG06
Management of non-variceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding (CPG 06)                                          CPG06
Retinopathy of prematurity ( CPG 06 )                                                                        CPG06
Rational antibiotic utilisation in selected paediatric conditions (CPG 06)                                   CPG06
Clinical practice guidelines on management of dyslipidemia .- 2004 (CPG 06)                                  CPG06
Transfusion practice guidelines for clinicains and laboratory personnel (CPG 06 )                            CPG06
Guidelines for credentialing and privileging in the Ministry of Health, Malaysia (CPG06)                     CPG06
Garispanduaan pencegahan umum dirumah (CPG07)                                                                CPG07
Garispanduan umum kawalan wabak penyakit tifoid .-Jilid 2 (CPG07)                                            CPG07
Garispanduan pengurusan wabak penyakit hepatitis A ; -Jilid 6 (CPG07)                                        CPG07
Garispanduan pengurusan wabak penyakit keracunan makanan.- Jilid 4 (CPG07)                                   CPG07
Manual Pengurusan Program kawalan TIBI (CPG07)                                                               CPG07
Garispanduaan perawatan pesakit HIV/AIDS di rumah (CPG07)                                                    CPG07
Panduan Saringan HIV sukarela tanpa nama (CPG07)                                                             CPG07
Garispanduan kaunseling untuk keselamatan kanak-kanak dan remaja (CPG07)                                     CPG07
Garispanduan pelaksanaan Program Imunisasi Hepatitis B (CPG07)                                               CPG07
Garispanduan bedah siasat mayat menurut perspektif Islam (CPG07)                                             CPG07   2
Buku panduan program bebas denggi di kemudahan kesihatan (CPG07)                                             CPG07
Panduan Pendidikan Penyusuan susu ibu mengandung program inisiatif Hospital Rakan Bayi (CPG07)               CPG07
Garispanduan pemeriksaan kesihatan Jemaah Haji (CPG08)                                                       CPG08
Panduan Pencegahan Dan Kawalan Penyakit demam denggi/demam denggi berdarah (CPG08)                           CPG07
Childhood immunisation (CPG08)                                                                               CPG08
Clinical gudielines for the use of buprenorphine in the treatment of heroin dependence in Malaysia (CPG08)   CPG08
Diabetic nephropathy (CPG08)                                                                                 CPG08
Management of osteoporosisi (CPG08)                                                                          CPG08
Consensus on antiretroviral treatment (2nd ed).-2001(CPG08)                                                                      CPG08
Manual on adverse drug reactions monitoring & pharmaceutical product complaints (CPG08)                                          CPG08
Management of cervical cancer (CPG08)                                                                                            CPG08
Garispanduan Bagi penggalakan Penyusuan Ibu :Breastfedding (CPG08)                                                               CPG08
Guide to safety and health aspects of base stations and mobile phone                                                             CPG09
Management of acute of variceal bleeding .- 2007 (CPG 09 )                                                                       CPG09
Management of major depressive disorder.-2007 ( CPG 09 )                                                                         CPG09
Management of HIV infection in pregnant women (CPG 09)                                                                           CPG09    4
Guidelines for the clinical Management of Thalassaemia (CPG09)
Garispanduan penyerahan mayat-mayat yang tidak dituntut di hospital KKM kepada Fakulti Perubatan Universiti… (CPG09)                      4
Manual of Hansen's disease counselling (CPG09)                                                                                            1
Garispanduan pengendalian kes-kes malaria (CPG09)                                                                                         1
Prevention of cardiovascular disease in women .- 2008 (CPG09)                                                                             2
Garispanduan pengendalain diabetes (CPG09)                                                                                                2
Management of Gout ( CPG 10)                                                                                                       2008   2
Management of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents ( CPG 10 )                                      2008   3
Transfusion practice guidelines for clinicains and laboratory personnel.-3/e (CPG 06 )                                             2008   1
Management of dengue infection in adults .-2/e :quick reference for healthcare provider ( CPG 10 )                                        1
Management of type 2 diabetes mellitus .-4th ed. May 2009 (CPG 10)                                                                 2009
Management schizophrenia in adult. May 2009 (CPG 11)
Management of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) 2009 (CPG 11)
Guidelines for high risk neonatal hearing secreening .- August 2009 (CPG 11)
Standard operating procedure (SOP) for hearing aid prescription and fitting.-Januari 2008 ( CPG 11 )
Panduan solat bagi pesakit di hospital ( CPG 11)
Garispanduan bedah-siasat mayat di hospital-hospital Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia.-Oktober 2008 (CPG 11)
Garispanduan rujukan dan perpindahan pesakit di antara hospital-hospital Kementerian Kesihatan.- Me9i 2009 ( CPG 11)
Guidelines on occupational exposure (CPG 11)                                                                                       2007       1
Guidelines on management of health care workers (HCW) infected with Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) Hepatitis B virus (HBV)                1
Standard operating procedure for potention infectious diseaseSyndromic notification and laboratory investigation
Syndromic notification and laboratory investigation manualf
Case definitions for infectious diseases in Malaysia
Alert, enhanced survellance and public health management of SARS in the psot-outbreak period
Disinfection and sterilizaton policy and practice .-4/ed ( 2002 )
Standard operating procedure for potential infectious disease
Infectious diseases outbreak rapid response manual
tahun          kuantiti

        2006              1

        2003              3
Report of Health Sytem Research on Nosomial Infection Control :Project ; Nursing Procedures Survey
Garispanduan pencegahan kemalangan di tempat kerja (OSH)
Ministry of health Hospital Admissions report in occupational health , Malaysia 1999 - 2003 on
International statistical classification of diseases and related health problems in occupational heatlh
Occupational Health: a manual for primary health care workers
QA manual: incidence rate of needlestick injuries among the health care workers within the Ministry of Health
Pocket guide of dermatology for occupational health service provider
A guide to notification of occupational accident, poisoning and occupational disease for Ministry of health facilities

OSHA          2

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