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									 Hall of Fame nominations
 accepted until Feb. 1
                                                                                 z                                    Parkway Alumni News
          n the fall of 2008, the Parkway School District’s
                                                                   Parkway Alumni
                                                                                                                       FALL ‘07         •   •   A newsletter for graduates of the Parkway School District
          Alumni Association will induct its third class into
          the Parkway Alumni Association Hall of Fame.
          The individuals selected for this honor have led
lives of importance and distinguished themselves by mak-
ing significant contributions to their respective fields.
                                                                   Craft Fair                                               INSIDE
                                                                                                                                                          PA R K WAY
       The eligibility guidelines and criteria for nominating                                                         High school connections..1
                                                                                                                      •South to pay tribute to
Parkway graduates who might qualify for selection to this
honor should be considered carefully. Nominees will be
                                                                         November 3-4                                 PSH veterans
evaluated for a lifetime of excellence, accomplishment
and recognition in their field or fields.
       The nominee must have graduated from Parkway
                                                                             10 a.m.-4 p.m.                           •Fern Ridge to gather
                                                                                                                      alums for 1st reunion
at least 10 years prior to nomination. Graduates are en-
                                                                      North High School                               •North teacher brings
couraged to self nominate. Posthumous nominations will
be considered, as well.
       Nominations will be taken starting Nov. 1, 2007,
                                                                  12860 Fee Fee Rd. • Creve Coeur                     math into digital age

                                                                                                                      •West invites alumni
and ending Feb. 1, 2008. A complete list of guidelines               Public Invited • Free Parking                    to ESPN & homecoming
and the nomination forms can be obtained on the PAA
website (, or by calling Jan Misuraca
                           at 314-415-8074.
                                  The Hall of Fame Selection
                                                                          Strollers Welcome!

                                                                  For information on booth rentals,
                                                                                                                      games; celebrates 40th

                                                                                                                      •Central invites alumni
                                                                                                                      back for gridiron fun
                           Committee eagerly awaits an en-         call 314-631-0601 or 314-415-8074.
                           thusiastic response to this en-
                           deavor, and hopes that all gradu-
                           ates, current students, current and
                                                                   Proceeds will benefit the PAA, whose
                                                                  mission is to encourage communication
                                                                                                                      New alumni directory
                                                                                                                      project gets started ...... 2
                           former staff, citizens and patrons                                                         President’s Letter ......... 2
                           of Parkway share in the pride we      among alumni and to foster programs that
                           take in our distinguished alumni.        serve and support the community.                  Events ....................... 3

                                                                                                                      Class Notes ................ 4
                                                                                                                      •Kimberly Cook Davis
                                                                                                                      •Brianna Borger

                                                Parkway Alumni Association                  Non-Profit Organization
                   Parkway Alumni                                                                                     In Memoriam .............. 7
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                   News is published            455 N. Woods Mill Rd.
                   two times per year by        Chesterfield, MO 63017                        Permit No. 2239         Reunion Update ........... 8
                   the Parkway Alumni                                                          St. Louis, MO
                   Association, 455 N.                                                                                Ways to Give ............. 10
                   Woods Mill Rd.,
                   Chesterfield, Mo.,                                                                                 Donations & Tributes ... 10
                   63017. For infor-
                                                                                                                      The Al Burr Fund: Giving
                                                                                                                                                         The connection that counts!
mation on how to donate to the Alumni
Association, see page 10 of this                                                                                      new teachers a boost .. 11
publication. To submit information for
the next issue, mail your information to
Jan Misuraca at the above address, or call
(314) 415-8074, fax (314) 415-8009, or
email to
Parkway Alumni News
 Fall 2007 • • A newsletter for graduates of the Parkway School District

Parkway high schools maintain alumni connections
through events, projects and classroom leaders

e         ach year, when a new crop of graduates exits the doors of their Parkway alma mater, they go out into the world equipped with their
          education to support them. Fortunately, some of Parkway’s best return to the district at some point to keep that tradition alive. The
          following high schools have recent projects, events or activities that alumni have planned or achieved.

South High begins construction
of Freedom Memorial to honor vets                                                    Fern Ridge plans all-class reunion
                                           The “Freedom Memorial” is cur-                             All students and staff who are or have ever
                                     rently under construction at South High                    been a part of Fern Ridge High School are in-
                                     to honor its alumni, faculty and staff                     vited to the school’s first ever alumni/homecom-
                                     who have served or who are currently                       ing event at FRHS on Oct. 26, 2007, from 2-6
                                     serving in the armed forces.                    p.m. A tree-planting ceremony and dedication will be held, as
                                           The library will house the memo-          well as other activities. Visit the website
                                     rial, which will stand approximately 11’        and click on the “Fern Ridge Reunion” link to learn more about
                                     x 8’. More information about the No-            the event and to fill out information forms. Call Jennifer Frank
                                     vember dedication ceremony will be              [FR’94] at 314-610-4347, or the school at 314-415-6900.
                                     posted on the PAA website later this fall
While on military duty in Iraq, CPL        Perhaps the tribute’s most domi-
Jacob Fleischer [S’97] was killed on
Nov. 24, 2004.
                                     nant quality is the military Oath of En-    New Central High principal
                                     listment, written below the Freedom         invites alumni back for 50th
Memorial titles. Below these words of allegiance and devotion will be a
                                                                                                                    Principal Tim Gannon extends an invi-
special oak panel honoring those who have given their full measure of
                                                                                                              tation to all PCH alumni to come back and
devotion to America.
                                                                                                              visit the school campus. In May 2008, Cen-
      For this phase of the tribute, there are 264 brass name plates avail-
                                                                                                              tral will hold commencement ceremonies for
able with plans for a future expansion in place. At this time, 171 Park-
                                                                                                              its 50th graduating class!
way South Patriots have been identified. The brass plates will display
                                                                                                                    For a quick update on what is going on
each Patriot’s name, graduation year, and branch of service.
                                                                                 lately at PCH, visit the school website at
      The school is asking anyone who is or who knows of a South
                                                                                 centralh/intro.htm. An invitation is also extended to attend a home foot-
grad, faculty or staff member (past or current) who has served in the
                                                                                 ball game vs. Parkway North on Friday, Oct. 26, 2007, at 7 p.m. Bring
military to provide a name, graduation year, service branch and contact
                                                                                 your family and cheer on the Colts!
information, but any information will be accepted. Contact Lewis Smith
at 314-415-5578 or Information also can be sent
                                                                                 Parkway West celebrates 40th!
to Jan Misuraca at
                                                                                       Parkway West alumni, you are a part of 40 years of excellence, so
                                                                                 don’t miss two great opportunities to join in the celebration!
North math teacher meets                                                               On Friday, Oct. 5, ESPN will telecast the Parkway West vs.
tech-savvy students on their level                                               Parkway North Varsity Football game as their National High
                       At North High, Wendy Freebersyser [N’88]                  School Game of the Week. The Longhorns play host to the Vikings
                  teaches math in a classroom packed with technology—            at 7 pm. Come early to enjoy the festivities!
                  a SMART Board and a computer for every student—                      Our 40th Homecoming will be held Friday, Oct. 12, when the
                  so she can reach kids on the tech-savvy level where            Longhorns will play University City. Join us on campus for the pa-
                  they are comfortable.                                          rade at 5 pm and kickoff at 7 pm. Be sure to stop by the alumni tent
      This type of classroom is a familiar environment for students who          prior to the game for some food and fun. Visit with your classmates,
have grown up using computers. Freebersyser makes audio web casts                laugh through past yearbooks with friends, and capture new memories
of all her lessons so students can go over the lessons at home.                  with our photographer!
      “I don’t have hard numbers on whether the students are doing                     Parkway West graduates can use the coupon below to receive free
better on SAT and MAP tests, but every student survey I’ve conducted             admission to a home regular season event. We look forward to seeing
comes back telling me the students are highly engaged,” she says.                you on campus during the next 40 years! GO LONGHORNS!
      She’s excited that advanced technology allows her to monitor the
progress of students inconspicuously as they work on the TI Navigator
system, which provides wireless communication between the students’
                                                                                                   This coupon entitles
graphing calculators and Freebersyser’s PC computer.
                                                                                                Parkway West Graduates
      Technology is not the focus, she adds, but it’s a tool to engage the
                                                                                                   1 FREE ADMISSION
students AND the teacher. Her students were surprised one day when
                                                                                        to a regular season home sporting event
they saw her lesson displaying a 2:30 a.m. time stamp on the SMART
                                                                                             during the 2007-08 school year
board in class, and wanted to know how she could stay up so late work-
                                                                                                 at Parkway West High
ing. Her answer? “I’m excited about coming to school every day!”
2 Parkway Alumni News
Newest Parkway alumni directory                                                                                                     Parkway
                                                                                                                                Alumni Association
to offer improved ‘connectivity’                                                                                                Board of Directors

                                                                                         graduates, and have an
                                                                                                                              President: Wally Flick, West ‘80
                                                                                         online component, as
                                                                                                                              Treasurer: Randy Aldrich, South ‘79
                                                                                         well, password protected
                                                                                         for safety. The PAA has              Secretary: Cyndi Clamp, Central ‘88
                                                                                         had an online directory,
                                                                                         but it is currently down as          Rick Blaha, North Retiree
                                                                                         the change in vendors                Amy (Cohen) Brunig, North ‘86
                                                                                         takes place, so look for the
                                                                                                                              Susan Brusca, South ‘84
                                                                                         new online directory to be
                                                                                         available in October 2007.           Dana (Ernst) Campbell, West ’78
                                                                                         It will feature more exten-          Mark Duecker, South ‘79
                                                                                         sive networking opportu-             Sharon (Lenger) Farley, Central ‘65
                                                                                         nities and sites for all             Mimi (Spener) Holder, Central ‘79
                                                                                                                              Jenny (Skinner) Hosch, West ‘78
                                                                                               Graduates will be
Randy and Jason Sklar [N’90] were doing a comedy show in Arlington, Vir., when they
                                                                                         able to specify what infor-          Ruth Jones, West Retiree
reconnected with a family friend and fellow North grad, Erica Steen [N’90].
                                                                                         mation they want avail-              Liz Kriegshauser, Central ‘79
                                                                                         able to other graduates              Carol (Strain) Link, West ‘73

   p            arkway alumni are scattered across the when they call in to update their information. Check
                country and around the world. But no out the PAA website for updates on the directory
                matter where their lives have led them, project. To update your infor mation, go to
                our alumni all share a common bond , then click on http://
                – the place they went to high school.
      That’s why the Parkway Alumni Association is                 To make sure our directory is as up-to-date as
                                                                                                                              Arlene (Rosen) O’Connell, Central ‘72
                                                                                                                              Ken Safran, Central ’83
                                                                                                                              Netta (Koslow) Silverstein, Central ‘71
                                                                                                                              Susie (Fitzsimmons) Veron, Central ‘79

working on a new directory designed to help bring possible, the publisher, Harris Connect, will begin                         Executive Director: Jan (Wall)
our alumni back together. Plus, there will be a spe- contacting alumni in October to verify that the in-
                                                                                                                              Misuraca, North ‘76
cial section about each high school to help gradu- formation that will be printed is accurate and com-
ates reminisce as they read about the district’s past plete. Harris Connect has more than 40 years of ex-
and learn what’s in store for the future.                    perience in researching and publishing alumni and                     Honorary Board
      The directory will be the most up-to-date and membership directories.                                                   Jeff Altman, Central ‘79
complete reference ever compiled on Parkway                        Please help us make this publication full of the           Frank Burke, Central Retiree
alumni and feature detailed personal and professional latest information about Parkway’s alumni. It will be                   Al Burr, Central and West Retiree
information on graduates from all class years—mak- fun to reference and helpful for keeping people in
                                                                                                                              Robert Dean, West ‘78
ing it easier to find old friends as well as to network touch!
                                                                                                                              David Detering
professionally.                                                    So purchase the directory and find out who may
      The directory will be available to Parkway be living or working in a city near you!                                     Steve Friedman, North ‘76
                                                                                                                              William Glastris, West ‘78
President’s Letter                                                                                                            Don Goldman, Central ’72
                         Greetings, and Happy Spring, PAA! Yes, I know it’s September, but with all the new things            Greg Guest, South ‘79
                      sprouting up, it seems like another season of renewal for us. Just a few of the new and improved
                                                                                                                              Jere Hochman
                      items coming your way this year include a new web site, a new alumni directory, and a new board
                      president.                                                                                              Mark Kaltenrieder, North ‘76
                         First, I’d like to thank Mimi Holder for her extraordinary leadership over the past two years. The   Mark Lincoln, North ’76
                      quickest way to relate the growth of PAA’s programs under Mimi’s direction is to tell you that the      William Myer
                      board now meets 10 times througout the year. We are far too busy to take all three months of
                                                                                                                              Owen Nagel, South High Retiree
   summer off! Mimi, I look forward to your continued contributions.
       Next, after many months of discussion on what our website should accomplish, we have redesigned the site with          Karen (Stehnach) O’Brien, Central ‘73
   more photos, more coverage of events and news, and a plan to update the site more frequently. Please take a few            Beth Plunkett, West High Faculty
   minutes to visit the site and tell us what you think. Go to                                         Bob Schapp, North ‘75
       Keep an eye out in October for a mailing from Harris Connect, a company that will be compiling information to
                                                                                                                              Don Senti
   publish the most complete directory of Parkway alumni ever. Additionally, our alumni will have access to an online
   community that includes extensive alumni profiles, discussion forums, Yellow Pages and more.                               Gloria (Small) Sexton, Parkway ‘59
       As a quick introduction, I am a 1980 graduate of West Senior High. While at West, I participated on the swim team,     John Siemers
   water polo team and other activities. It’s a great honor to continue the tradition of helping reunite/connect our
                                                                                                                              Doris (Detmer) Theiss, Central ‘61
   60,000+ alumni and help provide additional enrichment to hundreds of current Parkway students.
       Have a wonderful fall, and please consult the website or the Events section of this newsletter (page 3) for the
                                                                                                                              Pete Wittmann, Central ‘67
   latest happenings and upcoming PAA events.
                                                                                                        Wally Flick
                                                                                      Parkway Alumni News                                                               3

The winning foursome was made up of South ’79 grads: Paul Spotanski, Randy Aldrich,   Ken Joyce and Joe Miller with grads Paul Battis and Kevin McMahon.
Jim Warner and Bryan Malzahn.

South grads capture title at PAA golf tournament

t        he Parkway Alumni Association held its Annual Golf Tourna-
         ment on June 4, 2007. The weather was great and the prizes
         plentiful! The lunch, dinner and 18-hole format was a huge
         success with over a hundred golfers turning out for the event.
Mark your calendars now for Friday, May 30, 2008, for the next golf
                                                                                       Tournament Sponsors: Johnson Controls, Kenny Schrader Racing

                                                                                       Hole Sponsors: AC Systems • Advance Presort • Alan A. Mueller Architect, Inc. • Albert
                                                                                       Arno Heating and Cooling • Jeff Altman – Kurt Schoor Memorial Fund • Automatic Controls
                                                                                       Equipment Systems • Battis and Assoc. LLC • Car Docs • Coldwell Banker/Gundaker Office
                                                                                       -Chesterfield Towne Centre • FRI-Resources • Hood’s • Just Clean • Keith Coons Scholarship
                                                                                       Fund • Lou Fusz Soccer • Mike Duffy’s Restaurant – Clayton and Woods Mill • Montgomery
      Special thanks goes to the committee for planning a fantastic event!             Bank • Moore Jaguar Aston Martin • Nationwide Insurance • Phillip Services Corporation
Chairman Mike Baugus [C’90] had lots of help with the tournament,                      • Pooltron • Pulaski Bank • Southwest Oral Surgery • Varsity Reunion Services • Westcal
with a mix of seasoned committee people and a few new ones! Thanks                     Mortgage
go to Susie (Fitzsimmons) Veron [C’79], Kevin McMahon [W’70], John
                                                                                       Prize Donations: Advance Presort • Aldrich Family • Anheuser Busch • Aqua Vin
Smith [C’71], Jenny (Skinner) Hosch [W’78], Mimi (Spener) Holder                       Restaurant • Ben & Jerry’s • Beth Boyd Public Accountant • Birdie Golf • Build a Bear •
[C’79], Susan Brusca [S ’84], Jan (Wall) Misuraca [N’76] and Parkway                   Carney Show • Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate - Chesterfield • Coldwell Banker Gundaker
staff members, Greg Bergner, Craig Maxwell, Jason Kozdron, Desi                        Corporation • Corporate Apparel • Corporate Interiors • Creative Memories – Kim
                                                                                       Montgomery • Curves – Chesterfield • Dobbs Tire and Auto • Eagle Springs Golf Course •
Kirchhofer, Mike Gohn and Pattie Spencer.
                                                                                       First Watch Restaurant • Forever Studios • Frito Lay • Funny Bone Comedy Club • Geistler
      The event emcee was PAA’s current president, Wally Flick. Rob                    Family Footcare/Perry Geistler • Grand Prix Speedway • Hosch Family • Houlihan’s
Weiman proved to be a great auctioneer who entertained everyone and                    Restaurant • Innsbrook Resort • Kid’s Sportsworld • Kreis Restaurant • Lofts at Century
auctioned off some great packages, thanks to the generous donations                    Farm/John Smith • The Melting Pot • Mimi’s Café • Misuraca Family • Pulaski Bank •
of alumni, community members and businesses. Thanks also go to                         Prestige Portraits • Red Robin • River City Rascals • Shank Investment • Sheraton Westport
                                                                                       Plaza • Six Flags St. Louis • St. Louis Cardinals • St. Louis Rams • Stir Crazy • Tan-Tara
Kelly Dolan, [W’00], who was the “Designated Driver” as a fundraiser                   Resort and Golf • Time for Dinner, LLC • Travel Plex • Walters Golf • Wehrenberg Theatres
for the Keith Coons Scholarship Fund.                                                  • West NewsMagazine

                                                                                                                        Parkway South Softball
                                       EVENTS                                                                                  Alumni Game
                                                                                                                                  & BBQ
           OCTOBER ’07                                                Other events to note...                                 Oct. 14, 2007 - 12 p.m.
                                                             PAA’s Trivia Night will be held Friday, April
   5 West vs. North on ESPN, 7 pm
                                                             4, 2008, at the Maryland Heights Community                        Parkway South
   6* Coach Martin HOF induction                             Center.
                                                                                                                           Varsity Softball Fields
  13 South ’82 Reunion
                                                             PAA’s Golf Tournament will be held Friday,
                                                                                                                         801 Hanna Rd., Manchester
  14 South Alumni Softball Game
                                                             May 30, 2008, at the Missouri Bluffs Golf
      & BBQ (see notice, right)                              Course.                                                            Please RSVP by Oct. 7
  26 Fern Ridge Reunion -                                                                                                   to Erin Campbell: 314-249-8577
      All Classes                                            *Former Parkway Central and North                        
                                                             Wrestling Coach Fran Martin is being
                                                             inducted into the National Wrestling Coaches
        NOVEMBER ’07                                         and Officials Association Hall of Fame on
  3-4 PAA Craft Fair at North High                           Saturday, Oct. 6, 2007. He is already a
  23 West ’97 Reunion                                        member of the Missouri Wrestling Hall of Fame.
                                                             For more information, contact Dennis Rogan at
  24 Central ’97 Reunion                            Thanks for your           
  24 North ’97 Reunion                                       support of Coach Martin!                                   Keep up to date on South Softball!
4 Parkway Alumni News
                                                     son, Ben, just finished his first year at Yale Uni- 1980
                                                     versity and is a member of the football team.            J. Scott Blake [North ’80] recently cel-
                                                     Their younger son, John, just finished his first ebrated 15 years with his partner, Greg Land.

                                                     year in high school and hopes to play college Scott and Greg reside in New Jersey.
                                                     ball as well. Louisa retired from ARCO Oil &
                                                     Gas Company (now British Petroleum) in 1997. 1981
                                                     She serves on the Dallas Achieves Commis-                                     Mary (Margrieter)

      NOTES                                          sion – a panel of community and business lead-
                                                     ers who helped to develop a holistic plan to
                                                     transform Dallas ISD into a top-performing
                                                                                                                              Hediger [Central ’81],
                                                                                                                              principal for Big Bang
                                                                                                                              Marketing Consultants,
                                                     urban school district. In 2006, Louisa was                               LLC, and independent
                                                     named Dallas ISD Secondary Volunteer of the                              contractor for Sequel,
                                                     Year.                                                                    LLC, received the 2006-
1970                                                                                                                          07 PR Professional of
      Karen (Harbutte) Young [West ’70]              1976                                                                     the Year Award from the
was a featured teller for the St. Louis                    Brad W. Warner, M.D. [North ’76], has Community Service Public Relations Council,
Storytelling Festival, which was held May 2-5,       been named pediatric surgeon-in-chief at a St. Louis-based organization for non-profit
2007. She also was selected as a regional teller     Washington University School of Medicine in professionals. Mary was honored at CSPRC’s
for the National Storytelling Conference in St.      St. Louis and St. Louis Children’s Hospital. He President’s Luncheon in June. She has more
Louis, which was held July 13, 2007. She has         has also been appointed the Apolline Blair St. than 23 years experience in marketing, adver-
been a professional storyteller since 1992 and       Louis Children’s Hospital Professor of Surgery, tising and public relations, with an emphasis in
perfor ms throughout the Midwest (                   an endowed chair of the medical school and non-profit work. She resides in St. Charles.                                the hospital. Warner is widely recognized for            Terry Likes [Central ’81] has won a re-
                                                     his clinical expertise in pediatric cancer surgery gional Edward R. Murrow award from the Ra-
1972                                                 and surgical procedures for short bowel syn- dio/Television News Directors Association for
      Ronald Rogan [West ’72] has started a          drome and inflammatory bowel disease. His his radio documentary entitled, “The Chang-
real estate company at Missouri’s Lake of the        research has been funded by the National In- ing Faces of the Evening News.” This report
Ozarks (                  stitutes of Health for over 10 years. He has also won a national award from the Broadcast
                                                     served as president of the Society of Univer- Education Association. Likes is a professor and
1974                                                 sity Surgeons, is the upcoming chairman of the former radio/television reporter who has been
      Lauren Suffian [Central ’74] had the           American Academy of Pediatrics’ surgical sec- teaching at Western Kentucky University since
pleasure of having her prom-related email read       tion, and holds multiple leadership positions 1988.
on the air during the “Talk of the Nation” pro-      within the American College of Surgeons, the             Terri Ginsberg [West ’81], has published
gram on National Public Radio this spring. The       American Pediatric Surgical Association, and her seconed book, a monograph entitled “Ho-
section was called “Ask the Prom,”          the Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract. locaust Film: The Political Aesthetics of Ide-
and read as follows:“My senior high prom                                                                 ology.” You can read all about it by surfing
theme was ‘tropical’ in the gymnasium. I didn’t      1979                                                onto the following website: http://www.c-s-
have enough money for a dress so I sewed my                Terry Serres [Central ’79] is pursuing—The-Political-Aesthet-
own floor length wrap dress pattern from a           graduate studies in forest ecolog y at ics-of-Ideology.htm. Terri is currently Visiting As-
new designer no one in my school had heard           the University of Minnesota. He is involved in sistant Professor of Film Studies at North
of, Diane Von Furstenberg. The material was          regional and national hiking organizations. As Carolina State University in Raleigh.
new, too— baby blue jersey with a huge bird          a sideline he immerses himself in the history
of paradise flower print. My best friend was in      of French song. He has lived in Minneapolis
charge of the paper mache goldfish pond and          with his partner, Victor, since 1997.
couldn’t leave until she had caught the fish and           Jean (Mermoud) Mrasek [West ’79] 1982
emptied the pond, but the fish were slippery.        was re-elected as National President of Chi              Ellie Grossman [North ’82] writes a
So I kicked off my heels, hiked up my formal,        Omega Fraternity at the national convention weekly parenting humor column called
stepped into the pond and caught them all. Un-       in Washington D.C. Jean’s brother, Frank “Mishegas of Motherhood” for the St. Louis
fortunately the orange tempera paint stained         Mermoud [West ’74], who resides in D.C., Jewish Light (think Erma Bombeck with a Jew-
my dress, so it spent the rest of its existence as   and high school friend Cheryl (Trumbull) ish twist). Since graduating in 1986 from the
a very classy nightgown.” Cheri (Spener)             Gamache [West ’79] were present for some University of Missouri’s School of Journalism,
Favier [Central ’75] was in charge of the gold       of the festivities. Jean is serving a second two- she has written feature, business and news ar-
fish pond and was Suffian’s lifelong best friend.    year term. Under Jean’s leadership, the govern- ticles for a variety of local and national news-
                                                     ing council worked with headquarters staff and papers and magazines. She plans to syndicate
1975                                                 national leaders to launch the rebranding cam- her column and expand her writing into books
     Michelle (Gordon) Martin [North ‘75]            paign that included redesign of the fraternity’s and speaking engagements as well. Visit her
welcomed a new grandson, Justin Luther, born         magazine, website, extension materials and website at
on March 19, 2007.                                   other publications. Convention 2008 will be              Cory Heligman [Central ’82] is cur-
     Louisa (Orr) Meyer [Central ’75] will           held in Jean’s hometown of St. Louis next sum- rently working as an elementary school coun-
celebrate 25 years of marriage to her husband        mer. Jean lives with her husband, Michael, and selor in the Meramec Valley R-3 school dis-
Jim in August 2007. They met at Southern             three children, Allison, Nick and Elizabeth, in trict in Missouri. Cory is single and is involved
Methodist University in Dallas. Their eldest         Southlake, Texas.                                   in community/school activities.
                                                                                       Parkway Alumni News                                                5
                                                                                                                   was elected president of the Alabama Defense
  Cook Davis named to SLBJ’s elite lists                                                                           Lawyers Association, an organization for which
                                                                                                                   he has served on the Board of Directors since
  of successful St. Louis business women                                                                           1999. With over 1,230 members, the ADLA is
         With several years of legal experience and volun-                                                         the fifth-largest state civil defense lawyer or-
  teer efforts under her belt, Kimberly Cook Davis [South                                                          ganization in the country. Bruce is also active
  ‘92] recently attracted recognition from the St. Louis Busi-                                                     in his community, serving on the board of di-
  ness Journal and was selected as one of St. Louis’ 25                                                            rectors of The Bell Center, an organization that
  Most Influential Business Women and as one of the                                                                provides services to children with developmen-
  city’s Top 40 Under 40 Professionals.                                                                            tal delays, and as a member of the church coun-
         For the past seven years, Cook Davis has served as                                                        cil of Canterbury United Methodist Church.
  legal counsel for Clayco, Inc., a large construction and
  design firm located in Clayton, Mo. There, she has pro-
  vided effective legal counsel regarding corporate gover-
                                                                                                                         Kevin Hart [South ’85] is the chief in-
  nance and compliance, contract and construction law, hu-
                                                                                                                   formation officer for Level 3 Communications.
  man resources, drafting and negotiating legal documents,
  insurance claims, environmental issues, dispute resolution
                                                                                                                   Under Kevin’s leadership, Level 3 earned a CIO
  and operations. She has drafted, negotiated, and reviewed contracts totaling more than $5 billion and            100 award from CIO Magazine in 2007. The
  managed over $50 million worth of construction and insurance related claims.                                     annual awards program recognizes organiza-
         She also has been involved for the past six years in regulating labor and employment law and              tions and leadership around the world that ex-
  establishing and implementing diversity initiatives at Clayco. Under her direction, Clayco’s diversity program   emplify the highest level of operational and
  has received awards for excellence in diversity efforts, mentorship programs, and significantly increasing       strategic excellence in information technology.
  minority subcontractor participation. Her marketing of Clayco’s diversity program has resulted in over $400      The CIO award recipients serve as industry role
  million in project awards.                                                                                       models for business and IT excellence.
         Although she is a strongly self-motivated person, Cook Davis remains appreciative of teachers at
  South who encouraged her to try new things, making her less afraid of failure and more inclined to stretch       1987
  her horizons.                                                                                                         Rachel Wiggins [West ’87] lived in New
         “Parkway gave me an opportunity to think globally about what I wanted to be,” she says. “There were
                                                                                                                   Orleans when Katrina occurred and her house
  so many options to choose from, but I always felt that there were no limitations on what I could do. And I
                                                                                                                   was flooded during the levee breaks. She and
  didn’t feel uncomfortable at college because there were so many resources at South. I felt like I had been
                                                                                                                   her husband, Chris Friend, relocated to
  trained to think outside the box. Parkway is good at instilling that thought process in its students.”
                                                                                                                   Mandeville, just north of Lake Pontchartrain.
         Cook Davis was trained as civil mediator at the Washington University School of Law. She received
  her juris doctorate in ‘01 at University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law, and graduated with a B.S.
                                                                                                                   They welcomed Martha to the family in No-
  degree in business administration from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1997. In April this year, she      vember 2006.
  married Robert Davis, Jr., a West Point graduate who is now a general manager at Cintas in St. Louis.
                                                                                                                         Jami (Granger) Hunt [North ’88] has
                                                                                                                   left Companion Technologies after eight years
1983                                                      of Anesthesia at Arlington Memorial Hospi-               to begin a career as a health and welfare imple-
      Rosemary Mrazik [Central ’83] re-                   tal, chairman of the Perinatal Committee at the          mentation consultant with ADP. She is based
ceived her bachelor of science in business ad-            Medical Center of Arlington, and chairman of             in Salt Lake City, where she lives with her hus-
ministration from the University of Missouri-             the Performance Improvement/Quality Assur-               band, James, and three “fur babies.” If you
St. Louis in 1988. She studied pre-med and                ance Committee at USMD Medical Center in                 have a moment, drop her a line at
worked full time at Hunter Engineering until              Arlington. This July, Chris has accepted a po- 
2003.                                                     sition as a Senior Clinical Anesthetist at the Uni-            Bill Gaeng [South ’88] is married to
      Marcia (Day) Bates, [Central ‘83], is a             versity of Auckland’s School of Medicine in              Mindy and they have two children, Matt, 6, and
staff auditor for the General Council of the              New Zealand. He will be accompanied by his               Olivia, 1.
Assemblies of God, where she has been em-                 partner, Mario Santander, and their two chil-                  Michelle (Knepper) Robenalt [West
ployed since Dec. ‘88. She and her husband,               dren, Nicholas and Lauren (twins, age 2). They           ’88] and her husband, John, have welcomed
Tom, have 3 children: Sarah, 19, Nikki, 12, and           wish a hearty kia ora! to their family, friends          their first child to the family. Charles Durbin
Stephen, 9. She and her family live in Spring-            and colleagues back in the States and are happy          Robenalt was born in Cincinnati on May 7,
field, Mo. Friends can email her at                       to welcome any adventurous visitors! Keep up             2007. Michelle is director of supply chain op-                                 with Chris’ south seas adventure by contacting           erations at Cincinnati Bell.
      Christopher Westerheide, M.D. [West                 him at                               George Liyeos [Central ’88] received a
’83], earned his doctor of medicine degree in                    Bruce Barze [West ’83] lives in Birming-          degree in political science and a masters de-
1989 from the University of Missouri-Kansas               ham, Ala., with his wife, Missy, and their two           gree in public administration from the Univer-
City. Chris completed his residency in anes-              children, Murphy, 10, and Sarah Patrick, 1. Af-          sity of Missouri-Columbia in 1992 and 1995,
thesiology at the University of Texas-San An-             ter graduation from Vanderbilt University,               respectively. George is the city administrator
tonio and subsequently entered active duty                Bruce attended the University of Alabama’s               for the City of Rock Hill and has received a
military practice in the USAF. In 1996, he re-            School of Law, where he graduated summa cum              Fannie Mae Fellowship to attend the John F.
signed his commission as major and entered                laude. Upon graduation, he joined the law firm           Kennedy School of Government at Harvard
private practice in Dallas, where he currently            of Balch & Bingham, LLP, where he now prac-              University for senior state and local govern-
is a partner in Pinnacle Partners in Medicine.            tices in the environmental litigation and busi-          ment executives. He and his wife, Lisa, have
He has served as chairman of the Department               ness litigation practice groups. In June, Bruce          two daughters, Sofia and Evie.
6 Parkway Alumni News

     NOTES                                                                 provide photo credit here...

      Valerie (Brothers) Whitsell [South ’89]
and her husband, Charlie, announce the birth         Borger hits high notes
of their first daughters (triplets!) – Madelaine
Anne, Sophia Belle and Samantha Lee Whitsell,
                                                     on Broadway & Asia tour                                                    provide photo credit here...

born on March 5, 2007. In addition, Valerie’s            Fresh on the heels of playing the role of Anna in “The King and I,” Brianna Borger [West ‘98] is now
second book was released this summer: The Se-        looking ahead to where her career will take her back in the States. Being a performer has not always been
nior Solution: A Family Guide to Keeping Seniors     easy, but doing what she loves and having a supportive family and friends makes it worthwhile for her.
Home for Life! She can be emailed at                     Q: What experiences or teachers in Parkway helped you in choosing your career or current life path?                                A: I think that my career path was likely coded onto my genes long ago - everyone in our family is
                                                     involved with the performing arts in some manner! My brother Tom (Parkway West ’02) is a playwright and
1990                                                 director in Minneapolis, my mom directs children’s choirs and runs drama ministry at our church, and my
      Mike Bolen [Central ‘90] and his wife          dad works for the St. Louis Muny.
Jody (Michaelsen) [Central ‘91] have opened              I was lucky to have spectacular teachers while at Parkway West who all encouraged me to grow and try
                                                     new things. Janine Burmeister at West Middle was my first real drama teacher. I was in awe of the fact that
the MBFA art gallery in Napa Valley, Cal. The
                                                     she worked as a professional performer at Stages St. Louis while still being a fabulous teacher. At West
gallery opened with two of New York City’s
                                                     High, I was blessed with two wonderful choir teachers - Judy Merritt and Kay Wunder - as well as the two
hottest artists, Olive Ayhens, whose studio was
                                                     women that truly made my high school years magical - Peggy Dersch, who coached the speech & debate
on the 92nd floor of the World Trade Center,
                                                     team, and Jacquie Devino, our drama director. These women were so influential in developing my talent,
and Guy Stanley Philoche, a 28-year-old ce-          and really prepared me for college and the journey ahead of me.
lebrity artist. The opening event received broad         Q: What has been one of the more challenging things you’ve done since high school?
national news coverage. Mike and Jody also               A: Moving to New York in 2005 was a huge challenge, but I am so glad that I did it. Auditioning is hard
own Intero Real Estate Services in Napa Val-         work - you get up at 5 a.m. to wait in line for hours with a whole bunch of people who look just like you, and
ley and Sonoma ( Mike      if you get seen, you’ll sing for maybe 30 seconds. I was temping and babysitting to make ends meet. You
and Jody moved to Napa Valley from St. Louis         have to deal with so much rejection in this business, but you get through it.
in 2005 and now reside with their three chil-            After I had gotten my “King & I” job (which I needed to crawl my way out of post-college debt!), I was
dren Maxwell, George and Beverly, at the Napa        informed that our tour was being postponed. Since I knew that I couldn’t afford to live in New York
Valley Yacht Club. Mike can be contacted at          anymore, I took a big leap and moved to Chicago. I had very few contacts there and was living on a dime,                                   but I made it work.
                                                         Q: What are your plans, now that “The King and I” has wrapped?
                                                         A: Unemployment! But I am overjoyed to be back with my friends, my family and my kitchen! I’m taking
1991                                                 some time off with my boyfriend and my family, then I’ll start back auditioning and looking for work. I’m not
      Josephine Meadows (Schmitt) Kelso
                                                     sure if I’ll end up in Chicago or New York or on tour again - wherever the work is, that is where I’ll go!
(North ’91) and her husband, Charles Kelso
IV, are expecting a baby girl in September! They
also have a son, Charlie, 3 yrs. The family re-    1997
sides in Fremont, Cal.                              Katie (Schneider) Miller [Central ’97]                  gree. As an undergraduate, he was vice presi-
                                               and her husband John announce the birth of                   dent and treasurer of the Mizzou Bike Club in
1993                                           Mackenzie Grace on March 23, 2007. She joins                 Columbia. At noon on the eve of graduation,
      Karyl Lin [Central ’93] and Davin 3-year-old brother, Cameron.                                        he competed in the college town’s bike race to
Thigpen [West ’93] were married on April                                                                    launch its Bike, Walk and Wheel Week. As a
28, 2007, in New York City. Despite having 1999                                                             member of the Mizzou team, Elli rode in the
lived within a few miles of each other in West      Jennifer (Kirkton) Meier [North ’99]                    National Collegiate Bike Race in Angel Fire,
St. Louis County, the couple met at Columbia and her husband David are excited to announce                  New Mexico, in October 2006. He was the first
University in New York, where they each re- the birth of their new baby girl. Delaney Grace                 of the competitors from the lowland states to
ceived an M.B.A. Karyl currently works in was born on March 6, 2007, and has been an                        cross the finish line in his races. He was beaten
brand development merchandising for exciting addition to their family.                                      only by riders from the mountain states (they
Victoria’s Secret Beauty and Davin is a vice        Erin (Guyer) Schreiber [West ’99], and                  were accustomed to racing at 8,600-10,600 ft.
president in the investment banking group for Marc Schreiber [Central ’93], were                            elevation, so they had a bit of an advantage).
Bear Sterns in New York.                       married May 6, 2007.                                         With his business degree now in hand, he cur-
                                                                                                            rently is building, repairing and racing bicycles.
1995                                               2002
      Holly (Miller) Fischer [West ’95] mar-              Elliott Usher [North ‘02] graduated               2004
ried Jason Fischer in Cincinnati on April 21,      from Mizzou with a BS in business (hallelu-                   Kory Belcher [South ’04] and Amanda
2007. Holly is currently working at Procter &      jah!). He wore size 22 white tennis shoes over           Ingold [South ’04] were married at Hillside
Gamble as a reliability engineer. Holly and Ja-    his own size 12 to walk with dignity across the          Presbyterian Church in January 2007.
son will continue to reside in Cincinnati.         stage in black cap and gown to receive his de-
                                                                  Parkway Alumni News                                       7
                                                    In .Memoriam
    Lloyd Guelbert [Parkway High                  Brian Stanley [West ’77] passed away       Thomas Elliott Mirguet, Jr.
’61], passed away in May 2007.             on March 1, 2007, from small cell lung can- [South ’96] passed away on July 17,
                                           cer. Brian leaves behind his wife, Roma, and 2007, in West Palm Beach, Florida. Tom
    Mabel (Arnold) Powers [Park- three children— Jessica Thomas, Steven is survived by his parents, Thomas Sr.
way High ’62] passed away on June 28, Stanley and Briana Stanley; his mother, and Lynn Mirguet; his sister, Michelle
2007, from cancer. She was the beloved Rose McDermott, and three siblings. He (Brian) Komorech [South ’92]; his
wife of John D. Powers [Parkway worked for Frito Lay for 20 years and be- brother, John Michael Mirguet [South
High ’59]; dear mother of Todd D. (Jen- longed to Local 688. He was a committee ’97]; and nephews Vaughn Komorech
nifer) and Trent (Julianna) Powers; member of Boy Scout Troop 760. His lov- and Boden Komorech. Tom is also sur-
grandmother of Lydia, Elizabeth, Madi- ing smile and quick wit will be missed by vived by extended family and dozens of
son and Kaitlin Powers; dear sister, aunt all.                                           friends. Tom embraced life and lived it
and special daughter of Esther Klepzig.                                                  to the fullest and will be missed dearly
                                                  Kenneth Pieper [West ’77] passed by all who were lucky enough to know
    Shelley (Haas) Spicer [Central away on June 30, 2007, from a heart attack. him.
‘68], passed away in April 2007.           He is survived by his brother, Karl [West
                                           ’76], and sister, Kathryn [West ’79], and         Brian J. Blaha [Central ’99]
    Deb (Schneider) Jendusa [Cen- former wife, Elaine (Cearlock) Pieper passed away on July 10, 2007. His par-
tral ‘70] passed away Feb. 19, 2007, of [West ’77]. Ken was an avid fisherman and ents, Michael and Jean Blaha, and sister
breast cancer. She was the great wife of outdoorsman, and he will be remembered Karen [Central ’04] survive him. Brian
Scott Jendusa [Central ’70].               for his fun-loving nature and sense of hu- was working on his doctoral degree in
                                           mor.                                          computer engineering.
    Michael R. Remley [West ‘72]
passed away on Feb. 13, 2007. He was              Susan “Suzy” Esstman [North ‘81]           Lyndon Hubbell Wells [Central
the dear son of Bernice and the late passed away on July 8, 2007. She was the ’03] passed away in May 2005.
David Remley; dear brother of Carolynn beloved wife of Don Esstman; loving
Horan, Dianne Hough, Rita Gerard and mother of Andrew, Joe, and Laurel; beloved              Nicole Allen [North ‘04] was
the late David Remley, Jr.; dear uncle, daughter of Nelson and Joan Zucker; dear killed in a car accident in April 2007. She
great-uncle and brother-in-law.            sister of Rick (Julie) Zucker [North ’78] was the beloved daughter of Denise
                                           and Hank (Deirdre) Zucker; and beloved Buchholz and Mike Allen; stepdaughter
    Jenny Hyman [West ’77] passed daughter-in-law of Bernice and the late of Brian Buchholz and Anita Allen; dear
away in 2005. She is survived by her Leonard Esstman.                                    sister of Quin Allen; dear relative; and
brother, Vince Hyman [West ’75].                                                         friend of many. Nicole was attending
                                                  Sean Cullen [Central ’95] died of un- UMSL and majoring in photography ser-
    Barbara Jean (Lasswell) Davis known causes on May 3, 2007, while in vices.
[Central ‘77] passed away due to can- Bangkok, Thailand. The police are conduct-
cer in April 2006. She was a wonderful ing an investigation. He is survived by his           Le’ad Rosenblith [Central ’07]
wife to Robert Todd Davis, as well as a father, Brian Cullen; his brother, Patrick passed away in April 2007. He is sur-
successful co-owner and office manager Cullen [Central ’93]; his stepmother, vived by his parents, Betty Berger and
for R. Todd Davis Photography, an in- Michel Roberts; and her two sons, Joseph Zohar Rosenblith, and his brother, Edo
ternationally successful photography Roberts and Brad Vipond. He was preceded Rosenblith [Central ’07].
business, and a warm and loving step- in death by his mother, Faith Edwards
mother to Lisa Corley Davis Flick.         Cullen. Sean loved to travel and Thailand
                                           was one of his favorite destinations.
8 Parkway Alumni News
          U pd ate

Lori (Edwards) Lander, Kathy Beauchamp and friends     Cindy (Hoelscher) Park, Will Tipton, Alys (Brasfield) Shorter and Janet (Wegescheide) Shrum [West ’77].
[Central ’87].

Candy (Marglous) Parisi, Joan (Monash) Weis and Lisa   Toni (Langan) Arnold, Dena( Eckelman) Watts, Gwen              Christine Feager, Annette (Schmitt) Bloomfield and Jenn
(Jablonow) Raider [Central ‘77].                       (Bilyk) Rosemann and Nancy (Bruder) Pridnia [South ’87].       (Mabury) Petrowsky [South ’87].

Parkway ‘59 Can you believe it? We can’t! The planning for our
 arkway                                                                              the 30th reunion in 2012. We’re kind of scrambling at the last minute,
50-year reunion is underway! Gloria (Small) Sexton, Margie (Guelbert)                but we figured better late than never!
Kern, Gerard Froesel, Bill Wappelhorst and Lucile (Viefhaus) Naylor
are getting the planning started. Contact information can be sent to                 North ‘87        Save this weekend, Sept. 28-30, 2007, for the 20-year
Gloria Sexton at, Margie Kern at                             reunion! Friday night will be a happy hour at Satchmo’s and Saturday, Gerard Froesel at, Bill Wapelhorst          evening will be a dinner/dance at the Doubletree Hotel in Chester-
at, or Lucile Naylor at We are             field. There will be a family picnic Saturday afternoon at Creve Coeur
excited to see everyone!                                                             Park. Please contact Sharon (Dunski) Vermont with your email ad-
                                                                                     dress and contact infor mation and send it to her at
Central ‘69 Start looking forward to your 40 year- reunion! Barb
Central                                                                     to be included in the celebration!
(Gilmore) Baker is getting a committee formed to plan it! Call her at 1-
877-763-3155 or email her at .                                   South ‘88
                                                                                         Plans are underway for our 20-year reunion! Look for
                                                                         a postcard announcing the date this fall. Kristin (Rossberg) Ludwig
West ‘73 Bob Burkhardt is getting the committee started for and Michelle (Hall) Pappas are chairing the reunion committee. Up-
the 35 year reunion in 2008! Send us your updated info to be sure to be date your mailing address by contacting Varsity Reunion Services at
included! Jan                                         314.962.3212, toll-free at 1.877.844.1014, e-mail
                                                                         We hope to see you in 2008!
North ‘78 The planning is underway for your 30-year reunion,
so save these dates: Open House and Happy Hour on Friday, Oct. 10, Central ‘88 Mark June 21, 2008, on your calendar for our 20-
Reunion Main Event on Saturday, Oct. 11, and a picnic on Sunday, year reunion! We’re planning a fantastic weekend of activities, includ-
Oct. 12, 2008! Mark your calendars and watch for details on the website, ing a party and celebration at the Mad Art Gallery! We hope you’ll . Mary (McCubbin) Sinclair is forming a com- make plans now to attend! Lisa (Podolsky) Gubernik (
mittee, please contact her at and update your and Derek Rudman are chairing the reunion committee. Look for a
address info at                                  Save-the-Date postcard in June and check out our myspace page at http:/
                                                                         / Contact Varsity Reunion Services to update
South ‘82 The reunion committee has chosen a location for the your address at 314.962.3212, toll-free at 1.877.844.1014, e-mail at
event - Mike Duffy’s Pub and Grill, 124 West Jefferson, Kirkwood,
63122. The date and time: Oct. 13, 2007, 7 p.m. to ? We are planning
this as a happy hour to get reconnected and we want to start talking up
                                                                                           Parkway Alumni News                                                            9

Chris Gaal, Bridget Rubin, Steve Rubin, Ray Oberlin, Sue Eatherton, Bill Casey, Debby         Karen Krispin, Lori (Hay) Welsh, Elizabeth (Daegele) Estes, Juliet (Lechman) Buettner,
(Goldstein) Gaal, Al Burr, Katy Burr and Phyliss Casey at Central ‘67 reunion.                Kathy (Furrow) Lanpher and friends [North ’77].

                                                               North ‘97        Our 10-year reunion will be             to, and to Beth at
                                                             held on Saturday, Nov. 24, 2007! Join us for a    , or call 314-212-
                                                             fabulous reunion evening at CJ Muggs in                    2138.
                                                             Clayton. Jason Lehtman and Jenny (Hoffman)
                                                             Mentle are co-chairing our event! Invitations              South ‘98 Jaime (Meade) Seitrich is gath-
                                                             were mailed this summer! Please contact Var-               ering names to form a committee to plan the
                                                             sity Reunion Services to update your mailing               10-year reunion. Contact her about the reunion
                                                             address. Call 314.962.3212 or call toll-free at            at with your current
Steve Rubin, Peggy (Schatz) Mayfield, Bob Dresser, Bridget
Rubin, Hisako Yagi Nakayama and Elaine Uchiyama Brunjes 1.877.844.1014. Send reunion e-mail messages                    contact info to get involved!
at Central ‘67 reunion. Hisako traveled from Tokyo to attend to
the event!
                                                                                                                        North ‘99
                                                                                                                               Even though the class did not
                                                               North ‘98 Mitch Morgan is getting the have a 5-year reunion, we will be having a 10-
                                                               reunion rolling! So give him an email to year reunion. For more information visit the
North ‘88         Our reunion planning is get-                 help out! To sign up, send him an class website at
ting started! Courtney (Sandford) Birkel is gath-              email note at or
ering names to form a committee to plan the                               Fern Ridge-All Class Years      Yearars
20-year reunion, contact her at 636-391-4887.                                                                  Fern Ridge High School is holding a 15-year
Update your address information by emailing                    Central
                                                               Central ‘98 Lindsay Meyer and Michael ALL-CLASS YEAR reunion on Oct. 26, 2007, today!                                   Hoffman are forming a committee to plan the from 2-6 pm at the high school. A tree-plant-
                                                               10-year reunion! Email ing ceremony and dedication will be held, as
West ‘97
West                 Save the date! Our 10-year                or to help out. well as other activities. Visit the website
reunion will be Friday, Nov. 23, at the Mad Art                Send your updated infor mation to and click on the “Fern
Gallery. Christine (Goldmann) Welsh and               to be included!          Ridge Reunion” link to learn more about the
Megan Korns are chairing our reunion plans.                                                                    event and to fill out information forms. Call
Reunion invitations were mailed this summer.                   West
                                                               West ‘98 Beth Garrison is forming a Jennifer Frank at 314-610-4347, or the school
Update your mailing address by contacting Var-                 committee to plan the reunion. To be included, at 314-415-6900.
sity Reunion Services at 314-962-3212, or call                 please send your updated contact information
toll-free at 1-877-844-1014. Send email to We hope to see you in
November!                                                             Let A Parkway Graduate Plan Your Reunion!

Central ‘97
Central              Save the date! Our 10-year
reunion is Saturday, Nov. 24, 2007. Join our
class as we reminisce over dinner and drinks at
Spazio’s in Westport. Details can be found
on our class blog at http://
                                                                         Complete event coordination, including: Invitations
were sent at the end of summer. In the mean-                        •All facility and food arrangements •Entertainment
time, contact Varsity Reunion Services toll-free                                •Mailings (postage and printing)
at 1-877-844-1014 or to                           •No upfront costs and all-inclusive tickets
update your mail and email address. Stacy
                                                                  •Professional staff to take your plans and make them happen!
(Sapot) Abeles and Jessica (Stillwell) Mueller
are co-chairing the reunion and are putting a
committee together to plan this great event,                                            Please contact us at: Varsity Reunion Services
please let them know if you are interested in                                                  (314) 962-3212 or 1-877-844-1014
helping out; their contact information is on the                                        
class blog.
10 Parkway Alumni News
Remember your classmates… your teachers… your schools… with a gift to the Parkway Alumni Association!

Learn how to play a supporting role in the PAA
      If helping students by joining others in a commitment to quality education in Parkway is
important to you, then please consider supporting the Parkway Alumni Association! Through
the PAA’s activities and newsletter, it’s possible to bring back memories of fun and hard work,
of victories and losses, of friends and mentors, and growing up in Parkway. Additionally, the
PAA is the ideal source to connect you with classmates, teachers, and schools, and to help
create new memories for today’s students that will last them a lifetime.
      The PAA is made up of fellow alumni who want to stay in touch with each other, to let
Parkway know we value its role in shaping our lives, and to help current students have the same Jan (Wall) Misuraca [N’76] and Mimi (Spener) Holder
                                                                                                                   [C’79] provided cool scoops to customers at the Ben &
exceptional experiences we shared in school. Donations to the PAA will be used exclusively Jerry’s Ice Cream fundraiser in May 2007. Mark Heller
for these purposes. Substantial donors are welcome to contact the PAA to establish guidelines [N’74], who owns the ice cream store, donated a
and special purposes for their donations.                                                                          percentage of sales to the Parkway Alumni Association
                                                                                                                   that night.
      The PAA welcomes current and deferred gifts:
      • Checks payable to the Parkway Alumni Association by mail • Credit cards by phone
      • Gifts of securities by prior arrangement with PAA
      • Planned giving can be done by including the PAA in your will or trust documents
      Additional information is available from the PAA by phone or at our website:
      Do you have a story you’d like to share that might inspire others, a compelling reason for supporting the Parkway Alumni Association through a financial gift?
Do you have a company matching fund drive, a plan to donate your estate, or other idea that could motivate other alums to support their educational alma mater? Let
us know! We’d love to hear from you! Contact Jan Misuraca, executive director, at 314-415-8074; email

                                                                                                                                       Would you

                            DONATIONS & TRIBUTES
                                                                                                                                       like to be a
  Andrea Cohen Fine Arts Fund                 Mr. Brian Johnson                       Barry Boehm, Central ‘69                        (it’s a chance to be
  Mr. & Mrs. Jack Fridkin                     Ms. Diane Johnson                       Karen (Lerner) Borenstein, Central ‘79          really appreciated!)
  Mr. & Mrs. Vince Misuraca                   Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Johnson               Robert Burkhardt, West’73

                                              Mr. Virgil Johnson                      Dana (Ernst) Campbell, West ‘78                             We’d like to
  Keith Coons Scholarship Fund                Ora & Gregory Kibby                     Karen (Kopadt) Discala, Central ‘69                         think we can do
  Teresa Campbell                             Mr. James Killion III                   Marla (Radinsky) Felton, North ‘88                          everything all
  Donna Carboni                               Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Kramer               Susan (Harris) Graham, Central ‘78             by ourselves, but the truth
  Theresa Coons                               Dr. & Mrs. Jerold Kreisman              Rick Grosz, Central ‘73
  Kevin and Brenda Hogan                      Ms. Delores Manwar                      Mark Gubernik, North ‘88
                                                                                                                                     is, we can’t. We need help.
  Leonard and Christie Ortiz                  Mr. Frank Miskit                        Sheldon Harber, North ‘75                            So, if you have some
  Mary Esther Balenko Tucker                  Mr. David Newman                        Steven Kleiman, Central ‘79                    extra time and you’d like
  Dennis and Diane Ryll                       Mr. Jeff Rose                           Liz Kriegshauser, Central ‘79                  to help make the alumni
  W. Charles and Janice Weir and family       Mr. Robert Rothman                      Mary (Gilliland) Lehr, West ‘74
                                                                                                                                     organization run like a well-
                                              Dr. Valerie Walker                      Peter Mani, West ‘72
  Kurt Schoor Memorial Fund                   Rev. & Mrs. Walls                       Susan (Watkins) March, Central ‘77             oiled machine, give us a
  Mr. Leo McClay Gibbons                      Mr. Lonzo Williams                      Kevin McMahon, West ‘70                        call! We can’t promise you
  Ms. Liz Kriegshauser                        Mr. & Mrs. Darryl Worth                 Louisa (Orr) Meyer, Central ‘75                a corner office with a win-
  Mr. & Mrs. Bill McNutt                                                              Rosemary Mrazik, Central ‘83
                                                                                                                                     dow, but we can promise
  Mr. and Mrs. Randy Zimring                  Thanks to the following groups          Elizabeth (Gast) Napolitano, North ‘84
                                              for their generous donations:           David Newman, North ‘89                        you a clean table, a
  Jason Johnson Memorial Fund                 The Parkway Six Flags Committee         Debra (Benda) Nuckolls, South ‘79              nametag and lots of
  Mr. & Mrs. Melroy Auslander                 Parkway Central High School PTO         Robert Ruby, Central ‘81                       thanks!
  Mr. Daniel Berglund                         Central 1967 Reunion                    Ted Schenberg, Central ‘70                           We have many event
  Ms. Lisa Billlings                          West 1977 Reunion                       Ann (Sherman) Schubert, North ‘80
  Mr. Rick Blaha                              North 1977 Reunion                      Dan Schumacher, North ‘76
                                                                                                                                     committees that could use
  Blives Consulting                           Central 1977 Reunion                    Stephen Smith, West ‘90                        your input, as well as
  Mr. & Mrs. Scott Buehler                    South 1987 Reunion                      Jacqueline (Shore) Smith, North ‘94            “drop-in” sessions for vol-
  Mr. & Mrs. Bob Bunton                       Central 1987 Reunion                    Daniel Staton, Central ‘71                     unteers ready to lend a
  State Farm Ins., Don Johnson                                                        Judy (Carter) Trafton, Central ‘71
                                                                                                                                     hand with office tasks.
  Mr. & Mrs. Neil Finbloom                    2007 Annual Fund                        Steven Underriter, Central ‘69
  Mr. & Mrs. Ken Goldman                      Randy Aldrich, South ‘79                Donald Walla, Central ‘72                            For more details on
  Mr. Leroy Grossman                          Chad Armour, West ‘71                   Linda (Newberry) Wilson, West ‘79              this ongoing opportunity,
  Mr. & Mrs. Willie Holloway                  Sue (Beydler) Atwell, Central ‘73       Sandy (Etz) Wysocki, West ‘75                  please call Jan Misuraca,
  Mr. Andrew Hurwitz                          Rick Blaha, North Retiree
                                                                                                                                     PAA executive director, at
                                                                                    Parkway Alumni News                                            11
Burr’s Make-A-Difference Fund encourages
new teachers to go the distance for students
t          he Al Burr Make-a-Difference Fund
           was started by a group of Hall of
           Fame inductees in 2005. It has grown
           from a compilation of Al’s inspira-
tional speeches into a multi-faceted fund to
support Parkway’s continuing efforts to pro-
                                                            year teachers meant to motivate and inspire the
                                                            great teaching that we all want for our students.
                                                            Other professions have Oscars and Emmys,
                                                            and now we have the Albert Award. It will in-
                                                            clude a memento as well as a $1,000 cash award
                                                            to each recipient. There will be awardees from
                                                                                                                send us letters about teachers/staff who made
                                                                                                                a difference in their lives, will also expand. We
                                                                                                                will continue to publish the letters for new
                                                                                                                teachers and alumni to read, but now Al and
                                                                                                                Katy Burr will attempt to connect the teacher/
                                                                                                                staff member and the student, and set up a
vide the best education possible to its students.           each level, elementary, middle and high school.     system to acknowledge the recognition.
      The fund has added three new areas:                   The recipients will be presented with the                 Donations can be made to this fund by
        The letters that graduates write about              awards at the Parkway Appreciation night in         cash, check or credit card by calling 314-415-
teachers/staff who made a difference in their               May, and also be recognized at the Hall of          8074. This is a great way to say “thank you” to
lives will be bound and given to the new Park-              Fame Celebration in November.                       a current or retired teacher - make a donation
way teachers as required reading material.                          The teacher/staff recognition area of       in their honor!
        There will be a new award for 1st – 5th             the program, which encourages graduates to

   Dear Make-a-Difference,
                                 My metal shop instructor,                               Teachers Who Made
                                 Nelson Hewgley, showed
                                 me the way to lead this
                                 independent lifestyle that I
                                                                                         a Difference to Someone
                                 enjoy so much. This shop
                                 has provided repairs, modi-
                                 fications, fabrication and                               Dear Make-a-Difference:
                                 inspection for my industrial                                    When I think of the teachers who have inspired me, my
   customers for 25 years. The people I have crossed tracks                               mind immediately goes to Bob Bus.
   with and the relationships I have built are more valuable                                     He taught me in advanced algebra and calculus (West,
   than gold. Mr. Hewgley, wherever you are, I owe you.
                                                                                          1969-1970) at a time when calculus was not commonly
   Jud H. Hirschfeld [N‘74]                                                               taught in high schools. I remember him always having a
   Hirschfeld Welding Services, Pagedale, MO                                              smile and gentle demeanor and he always found a way to
                                                                                          bring humor into the class. Here’s a typical problem (made up,
                                                                                          but it represents his off-beat approach):
    Hello Committee,                                                                             “A rabbit is sitting eating a carrot 50 meters away from
           I have been wanting to do this for a while, but always put it off. Thinking    its hole. A fox is chasing the rabbit at 5 meters/sec. The
                                                                                          rabbit has a top speed of 60 meters/sec and can accelerate
    yeah, yeah, someday. Well, if the teacher that made a difference in my life           at 10 meters/sec/sec. How close can the rabbit let the fox
    would have been that way, she wouldn’t have made a difference, would she?             approach before starting his escape and live to tell about it?”
           I believe my career direction choice was because of a great teacher. That             He prepared me well for college, allowing me to place out
    teacher is Helen Hume. I use “is” because I still have a relationship with her.       of first semester calculus (I recall the college not knowing
    We cross paths in the art world these days and I email her. She actually does         how to handle my situation because I was one of the first
    what she taught. I don’t think many other teachers walked the talk.                   students that ever tried to place out of calculus).
           She was my Art Teacher at a time I couldnn’t have cared less about                    The example he gave me has influenced me through-
    graduating high school. She didn’t just give me a grade to keep me from flunking.     out my college and professional career to look at things
                                                                                          analytically, yet with some humor. While not a teacher by
    She actually made me feel like I was a good artist, capable of anything I put my      profession, I often find myself in a teaching role for technical
    effort in to. That was a contrast from the 3 “R”’ classes, which made me feel         subjects with either customers or colleagues, and hope that a
    completely stupid.                                                                    little bit of Bob Bus shines through.
           She had plenty of her own concerns. She had just lost her daughter. I think           I’ve searched for Bob Bus on the internet, but have not
    we helped her get through those days and I know she helped me get by. My              been able to find anything. If you are able to get in touch with
    parents were divorced and I was a pissed off teen.                                    him, please forward my contact information.
           I have a 16-year-old high school sophomore, and when I ask her about her              Other teachers that come to mind:
    art classes it’s barely a blip on her radar. I feel sad she doesn’t have that                Herb Joerling, science teacher, who really knew his stuff
                                                                                          and knew how to present it in spite of our adolescent behavior.
    support and relationship with her art teacher that made school worth going to for
                                                                                                 Roland Klein, social studies teacher, for his lively class
    me. I can only hope there is another teacher that will mean as much to her one        discussions and for his first-hand tours of Europe. He always
    day. Thank you Helen!                                                                 found a way to push us to excel.

     Linda (Newberry) Wilson [W‘79]                                                       Todd A. Brun [W’70]
    Photographer (                                                        Lead Engineer, Rockwell Automation
                                                                                          Phoenix, AZ

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