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Why have a promotion?
The beauty of promotions is that they bring your most active prospects and customers to you.
Promotions allow you to demonstrate products, answer questions, overcome objections and
meet your market face-to-face.
At a promotion you can harness all five senses to drive home your message – visitors can
touch, hear, see, taste and smell. This will provide you with the opportunity and environment
to form long lasting sales relationships.

      COURT            LEVEL       SIZE        PRICE            SURROUNDING TENANTS
                                             (per week)
                                                           Truworths Ltd., Crocs, Naartjie
Barrow Court
                       Lower     25m²       R6 500         Main Court in Shopping Centre

                                                           Mango, Frank Fowden, Gant, La Playa,
Lampside Court         Upper     20m²       R6 000         Accessorize, Esprit, Sunglass Hut

Edgars Court                                               Edgars, Hugo Boss, Lacoste,
                       Upper     12m²       R4 500

                                                           Kamaldien Jewellers, Olga Jewellers,
Kamaldien Court
                       Upper     12m²       R4 500         Demin Gallery

Levi’s Court                                               Levi’s, CNA, Truworths
                       Lower     12m²       R4 500

MAC Cosmetics
                       Lower                               MAC Cosmetics, Woolworths
Court                            8m²        R3 000

Spilhaus Court                                             Spilhaus, Woolworths
                       Lower     8m²        R3 000

Woolworths West                             R3 000         Woolworths, Pure Solid
                       Upper     8m²

Woolworths East                                            Woolworths, Old English Shop, Keedo
                       Upper     8m²        R3 000
Please note:
        All costs exclude VAT, security, parking and carpeting – this is for the exhibitors
        No set-up will be allowed without a signed promotional agreement, an approved visual
         of the proposed set up, signed floor plan and full payment.
        Court hiring periods are per week (Tuesday – Monday).


1.       A written proposal should be submitted detailing the following:
         Familiarise yourself with our Rules and Regulations below

      Concept
      Promotional content / visual content / proposed floor plan or pictures of previous
      Requested dates (Court hiring periods are per week - Tuesday to Monday)
      Sizes and dimensions of all display collateral taking into consideration that we have a
       height restriction of 1.5m
      The manning hours of the display
      Security requirements (see point 12. under Rules and Regulations)
      Setup and breakdown dates and times (see point 4. Under Rules and Regulations)

         Proposals not detailing the above information will not be successful.

2.       On acceptance of the proposal, Retail Promotions will set up a meeting to
         discuss the finer details of the promotion and any requirements the promoter
         has will be discussed.

3.       A floor plan and a Promotional Agreement to be completed and submitted by the
         promoter. The Promotional Agreement serves as a binding contract between
         Lexshell 44 General Trading (Pty) Ltd. and the Promoter.

4.       Once returned, the booking will be taken as confirmed and will be inserted into
         the booking schedule. Please note that no set-up will be allowed without a
         signed promotional agreement, floor plan and full payment.


1.       Aesthetics / visual appeal.

2.       Interest value for the V&A Waterfront’s target market.

3.       Retail orientation.

4.       Size of the promotion/product profile.

5.       Physical features, noise levels and height.

6.       Shopper incentive / reward / participation.

1.     Approval, acceptance and confirmation of booking is subject to the above. Retail
       reserve the right to reject a proposal if it contravenes any of the criteria mentioned

2.     Full payment is required seven (7) days prior to the promotion.

3.     A signed floor plan must be submitted for approval by Retail Marketing.
       Please note that a height restriction of 1.5 applies to all promotional courts; shell
       scheme and solid display boards will not be permitted if they are deemed to
       constitute a blocking wall that will obstruct the sight lines of the surrounding


Security for the duration of the event is the responsibility of the promoter and is an optional
Only V&A Waterfront security may be used within the shopping centre.
Requests are to be included in the proposal.


Set-up: All set building and erection of exhibits or promotional material must be undertaken
and be completed before trading begins at 09h00 on Tuesday morning.

Breakdown: All set break down and take down of exhibition and promotional material must
be undertaken after 19h00 on Monday evening.

Arrangements must be made with the Retail Marketing Department regarding access through
the shopping centre entrances to set up and breakdown. Vehicles are not permitted into the
shopping centre during trading hours (09h00 to 21h00). The retail marketing team will be on
the premises to supervise the wet up and breakdown of promotions.

Set-up: Should promotional collateral not be set-up completely by 09h00 on Tuesday
morning, a fine of R500 will be enforced.
Break-down: Should promotional collateral still be onsite at 08h00 the following
Tuesday morning, a fine of R500 will be enforced.

1.    The V&A Waterfront requires a high standard of exhibition quality, which must be
      compatible with the image and brand of Lexshell 44 General Trading (Pty) Ltd.

2.    A 1.5m height restriction applies to all promotional courts; shell schemes and solid
      display boards will not be permitted if they are deemed to constitute a blocking wall
      that will obstruct the sight lines of the surrounding stores.

3.    Manning hours must take place for the duration of shopping hours 09h00 until 21h00
      daily, exceptions can be made if authorised by the Retail Marketing Department.
      Promotions need to be confined to within the parameters of the promotional court.
      Also note that no eating or drinking can take place at the promotional courts.

4.    No branding or display material shall be permitted on any pillars or railings. All
      signage must be professionally printed, no hand written signs are permitted. Prior to
      printing please submit a proof for approval by Retail Promotions.

5.    No promoter is allowed to have any communication of competitor Shopping Centres
      whilst exhibiting in the promotional courts in the Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre.

6.    All promotional areas must be carpeted with standard carpet squares secured with
      double sided cloth tape. Carpets can be hired from Oasys on 021-526 3200. Please
      note that promoters must ensure that cloth tape be removed from floor when breaking

7.    Please note that the area must be reinstated to its original state after every promotion,
      failing which the V&A Waterfront will be entitled to reinstate at the cost of the Promoter.

8.    A single phase electrical point is available at all promotional courts. Promoters must
      provide a suitable quality extension cable, of sufficient length to reach the court from
      the nearest plug outlet. The extension cable and ALL wiring are to be fixed to the floor
      with silver duct tape. No cables may be exposed in any way.

9.    If any cooking demonstrations/food tastings are to take place, food must be prepared
      off site.

10.   The use of audio visual equipment has to be approved by the Retail Promotions
      department. Noise levels must be kept to a minimum at all times.

11.   Parking and security for all promotions is the responsibility of the promoter and can be
      arranged with our Parking and Security Departments. For parking the email address is For security email Deon at
12.   Attractive professionally printed double sided drop banners may be hung from the
      ceiling at the Barrow Court. Drop banners may not exceed 1m in width. Rigging costs
      are for the account of the promoter. Banners will only be allowed to be erected once
      approved by the Retail Marketing Department.
13.   Payment Terms: All accounts are payable seven (7) days prior to set up of the
      promotion and no promotion will be allowed if payment has not been received.
      Banking Details: Lexshell 44 General Trading (Pty) Ltd., ABSA Bank, Heerengracht,
      Account Number: 406 708 3732, Branch Code: 506 009.

14.   Upon approval of the Promotional Agreement and Indemnity Forms the promotion is
      deemed confirmed and will be written into the Retail Booking Schedule. Please note
      that no set-up will be allowed without a signed promotional agreement, indemnity form,
      presentation of required insurance certificates and full payment

      Should the promoter wish to cancel after signing the Promotional Agreement, the
      promoter will be liable for the full fee of the requested promotional court.

15.   Lexshell 44 General Trading (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to immediately cancel or evict
      promoters if the display contravenes any of the above mentioned criteria. Should the
      promoter require the services of a stylist/merchandiser, we recommend Trevor
      contactable on telephone 076 200 5539.


      The Promoter will be responsible for the management of the insurance related
      to equipment used which belong to them during the course of the Promotion.

      The Promoter shall, subject to the limitations that may be prescribed by the V &
      A Waterfront in writing from time to time, attend to their own adequate and
      proper insurance naming Lexshell 44 General Trading (Pty) Ltd as a co-
      insured, including at least:
      - Professional indemnity;
      - Special risk insurance;
      - Events Insurance;
      - Public Liability for an amount of at least R10,000,000.00 (ten million rands)
         per incident; and
      - Any other insurance considered necessary or prudent by agreement
         between the parties, for the duration of the event.

      The Promoter shall furnish Lexshell with a certificate from its insurer’s
      confirming such insurance within 7 (seven) days of signature hereof or 48 (forty
      eight) hours prior to the Promotion, whichever is the earlier.

            All bookings should be emailed to