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									Nov. 2, 2009      The Prudential Spirit of Community Award-Top
                  finalists in school chosen and eligible to win $1,000 or
                  more, a medallion, and a trip to Washington D.C.                   (access key: spirit)
                  Community involvement and volunteer activity are the
                  basis for consideration. See Ms. Gentry as soon as possible.
                  **Must submit online application to Ms. Gentry by Nov. 2

    No Date
                  Art Institutes- Many scholarships offered from The Art  www.aia

  Oct. 22, 2009
                  Grammy In the Schools-A musically based opportunity            www.grammyintheschools.
                  including scholarships, grants, summer camps, a trip to the            com
                  Grammy Awards, etc.

 Sept. 25, 2009
                  Bryan Scholarship from Davidson College- honors
                  scholar athletes who have strong academic records and are
                  leaders both in the classroom and in their sport. Players in        *See Ms. Gentry
                  18 out of 21 varsity programs are eligible for a scholarship
                  of up to $30,000. (Excluded sports include football and
                  men and women’s basketball)
                  *See Ms. Gentry for nomination and application

 Nov. 15, 2009
                  Belk Scholarship from Davidson College- recognizes                  *See Ms. Gentry
                  students who demonstrate outstanding intellectual and
                  personal achievement and significant leadership ability
                  with a scholarship of up to $45,030.
                  *See Ms. Gentry by Oct. 9, 2009
 Available Mid     Scholarship-Two $1,500 scholarships awarded to high
     Oct.          school seniors who plan a career in teaching and who are
                   enrolled or have completed Teacher Cadet I and/or Teacher
                   Cadet II. Also, FTA awards 11 scholarships to FTA
                   seniors planning a career in teaching valued between $500
                   and $1000.

 Sept. 14, 2009-   Suntrust-(A 1,000 scholarship sweepstakes) one winner is
 May 14, 2010      chosen every two weeks from beginning Oct. 30th. Entry is
                   free and one winner is chosen every two weeks, enter
                   beginning Sept. 14.

                   The Thomas Wolfe Scholarship-
  Nov 2, 2009      (UNC Chapel Hill)- This scholarship provides full    
                   undergraduate support for student writers. Visit website for              ive/tws
                   more information.

                   Young American Creative Patriotic Awards- A VFW
March 31, 2010     award for 9th-12th graders which offers scholarships/awards
                   of up to $10,000. This award requires one to submit a      
                   patriotic piece of art and a voice recording describing the
                   submitted piece. Visit website for more information

  Nov 1, 2009      Voice of Democracy Contest- This scholarship is
                   available for those in grades 9 through 12. Requirements   
                   include a paper and audio recording on the topic “Does
                   America Still Have Heroes”.

  Dec 1, 2009      Boston University Trustee Scholarship Competition-
                   This scholarship includes a full four year scholarship to
                   Boston University. Scholars are usually in the top tenth of         *See Ms. Gentry
                   their class and are active leaders in their communities.

  1st Part of
Application due    Teaching Fellows Scholarship- This scholarship is
   Oct. 16         available to those pursuing a degree in education, and              *See Ms. Gentry
                   attending a NC college or University.

Deadlines Vary     Navy/ROTC Scholarships- These scholarships pay full
                   tuition, textbooks, living allowance, etc. Four year
                   scholarships of up to $180,000, with your choice of                 *See Ms. Gentry
                   bachelor’s degree are offered. Must meet minimum test
                   score requirements (SAT-530 reading, and 520 math; ACT-
                   22 English, 21 Math). Application is not a full
Teacher            commitment.
April 26, 2010    The Fountainhead (Ayn Rand) Essay Contest- (for 11th
                  and 12th graders) An essay contest which requires an 800-
                  1600 word essay about Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead” on
                  one of the three topics posted on the website.       

                  Anthem (Ayn Rand) Essay Contest- (For 9th and 10th
March 20, 2010    graders) An essay contest requiring an essay written on
                  Ayn Rand’s “Anthem” centered on one of the three essay
                  questions posted online.                             

                  National Commission for Cooperative Education- A
                  scholarship offered to those attending one of eight targeted
 February 15,     institutions (Johnson and Wales being the closest). One
    2010          hundred seventy merit co-op renewable scholarships of
                  $6,000 dollars each will be awarded. Visit site for more 
                  extensive information.

                  2010 Profile in Courage Essay Contest- A scholarship
January 9, 2010   contest offering a grand prize of $10,000. Visit website for
                  further information.

                  UNC-Chapel Hill Pogue Scholarship- This scholarship is
                  based on the admissions application (it requires no
    None          additional application). Applicants are considered based on        See Ms. Gentry
                  academics, service, diversity, leadership, and preference to
                  first generation students.

                  Elks National Foundation Scholarship- Scholarships
                  awardees are at or near the top of their class, active in or see
Early November    school and community activities, leaders, and need                 Ms. Gentry
                  financial assistance to attend college.

                  NC Division of Veterans Affair Scholarship- Children of
                  disable, deceased, combat, or POW/MIA veterans are               Jeneane S. McGee
                  considered for this scholarship. This is a full tuition        Phone- (828) 430-7136
                  scholarship from the state of NC.                    

                  Quattlebaum and Founders Scholarships at
   Nov. 15        Presbyterian College- If college application is sent before
                  November 15, students will be automatically considered for
                  these scholarships.
January 15, 2010   NC Society of Hispanic Professionals Scholarships-
                   These scholarships range from $500-$2,500 and are     
                   awarded to deserving and talented Hispanic youth in NC.         es/students/nc_hispanic_co
                   One must have a GPA of 2.5 or better on a 4.0 scale and be      llege_fund.shtml
                   of Hispanic/Latino background.

 June 19, 2010     Abbott and Fenner Scholarship- A scholarship available          http://www.abbottandfenne
                   to juniors and seniors requiring a written essay as posted on
                   the site.

October 6, 2009    AES Engineers Scholarships-Students will submit an    
                   essay on one of the two topics provided on the website.             m/scholarships.htm
                   $500 is awarded to the winner each year.

January 11, 2010   Gates Millennium Scholarships- Open to senior students     
                   of ethnic origin

                   Levine Scholarship (UNC Charlotte)- This is a four year
                   full scholarship with summer program/travel. One must               See your teacher or
                   commit to community service, have a passion for learning,         counselor no later than
                   posses an excellent academic record, and have a capacity              November 11
                   for ethical leadership. Students interested must be
                   nominated by a teacher to apply for/receive this

 April 20, 2010    Professional Construction Estimators Association
                   Scholarships- Scholarships for students interested in           www.pecacatawbavalley.or
                   careers in construction related fields.                                    g

                   ASU Scholarships are available based on admissions
                   applications, and must be submitted by November 18, 2009
 November 15       (with the exception of Academic Promise, Phi Theta
                   Kappa, and College of Ed. Scholarships which have a   
                   deadline of March 2, 2010).                                               edu
                    To apply log on to
January 15, 2010   Washington Crossing Foundation Scholarship-for
                   seniors that are planning careers in government service.  
                   Each interested student is invited to write a one-page essay
                   stating why he or she plans a career in government service.

  February 27,     NC National Teenager Scholarship Organization- A
     2010          scholarship pageant based on academics, community               See Ms. Gentry for rules
                   service, interview, evening gown, personal expression, and          and entry form
                   on stage question. ($25 fee required for participation)

                   Michael A. Demayo Scholarship-This scholarship is
                   available to graduating seniors, having the best presentation     See Ms. Gentry for
 March 1, 2010     on selected topics and who will attend a 4 year institution     application and further
                   of higher learning in fall of 2010. (Application,                    information
                   presentation, transcript, SAT scores, and two letters of
                   recommendation are required)

                   2010 KFC Colonel’s Scholar’s Program-up to $5,000 per
                   year (for four years) for tuition, fees, books, and room and
                   board. Applicants must have a high school cumulative GPA
 Dec. 1, 2009-     of 2.75 or higher, must be enrolling in a public in-state
 Feb. 10, 2010     college or university, must be pursuing a bachelor’s degree,
                   and must be a U.S. permanent resident.

                   Glen R. Yoder Scholarship- This scholarship is offered
March 15, 2010     through the Valdese Lions Club and is awarded based on            See Ms Gentry for
                   financial need and personal character (a minimum 2.5 GPA             application
                   is required)

                   National Commission for Cooperative Education
  February 15,     Scholarship This scholarship is available to high school  
     2010          students with a GPA of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scales and be
                   accepted to college/university for the 2010-2011 academic
                   year at one of the partner institutions listed.

 November 15,      Presbyterian College Scholarships-These scholarships are
    2009           given based on admissions application, and include
                   scholarships ranging from $500 to full tuition.
December 18,     Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Scholarship is a
   2009          high school student exchange program which is fully
                 funded. This scholarship allows students to live and study
                 in Germany on a one year scholarship.

 February 16,    Ronald McDonald House Charities Scholarship Program
    2010         is a scholarship program offering scholarship money to   
                 graduating high school seniors.

  As Soon as     Citadel Scholarships are available to those who qualify as
   Possible      minority students. Students need to see Ms. Gentry as soon
                 as possible to apply and register for the SAT/ACT.                 *See Ms. Gentry

                 DECA Scholarships are available to members of the
Deadlines Vary   DECA club, many scholarships are available, and further
                 information can be obtained by Ms. Gentry                          *See Ms. Gentry

                 2010 Young Entrepreneur scholarships are available,
                 and require a recommendation from a member of the NFIB
December 31,     (Must obtain a signature from an NFIB member).      
   2010          Scholarship application can be found online, see Ms.                     A
                 Gentry for further information.

April 15, 2010   SEANC Scholarship- The applicant or parent guardian
                 must be a member of SEANC (Students whose parents are
                 state employees but not SEANC members are not eligible
                 for the scholarship). Applicants must apply through a local
                 SEANC district. Applications and further information can
                 be downloaded from the SEANC website.

                 Janice M. Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund- Six $2,500
March 31, 2010   scholarships are available to individuals exhibiting
                 excellence in academics, community service, and writing,          See Ms. Gentry for
                 financial need is also considered.                              application and further

                 Mount Holyoke College offers various scholarships upon
                   admission; see the website for further information.    
                   Vanderbilt University offers various scholarships as well
                   as loan programs to incoming students; visit the website for   rships
                   further information.

                   Sallie Southall Cotton Scholarship is available to high
 January 2010      school seniors who are in the upper fourth of their               See Ms. Gentry for
                   graduating class and plan to attend a four year NC college     application and guidelines
                   or University. Awards range from $500 to $24,000.
March 31, 2010
                   Prospective Educator Scholarships- Must be a high
                   school senior intending to major in education who is either
                   a member of future educators Association, child or       
                   grandchild of Kappan in good standing, or reference letter
                   written by Kappan in good standing (Dottie Hayes).visit
                   website for full list of scholarships.

 Dec. 31, 2009     United States JCI Enate Foundation Scholarship
                   Program- $1,000 grants are awarded to high school seniors         See Ms. Gentry for
                   who plan to continue education at accredited                          application
                   colleges/universities or technical schools.

 March 5, 2010     Milk Scholarship- A $7500 scholarship available to High
                   School Seniors involved in athletics. Visit website for  

                   Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship- This scholarship is
February 5, 2010   available to high school seniors with an unweighted GPA             See Ms. Gentry
                   of 3.5 and a combined SAT of at least 1875. Those
                   interested must see Ms. Gentry for the online scholarship
                   application code. Applications are due to Ms. Gentry by
                   February 5.

                   Larry and Louise Huffman Scholarship-
                   teaching/coaching scholarship(s) awarded based on service
March 17, 2010     to others, academic and athletic achievements, financial          See Ms. Gentry for
                   need, and evidence of good character. Applicants must                 application
                   have already been accepted to the college/university they
                   plan to attend.

March 25, 2010     People Helping People (SECU) Scholarship- Each
                   traditional high school will be able to award (1) $10,000          See Ms. Gentry for
                   scholarship to a selected applicant who will attend one of        required application
                   the 16 UNC System campuses.                                           information

  February 16,     NCSEAA Scholarship- Available to seniors who plan to
     2010          attend a UNC system school; awarded based on academics,           See Ms. Gentry for
                   need, extra curricular activities, and leadership.                    application
                  The Rotary Club of Valdese Scholarship- Available to
March 15, 2010    high school seniors living in Burke County planning to
                  attend a 2/ 4 year college/university; applicants must have a
                  GPA of 2.5 unweighted.

                  Wynne and Otto Woerner Endowment Scholarship-
  February 20,    $2,500 scholarship available to High School Seniors based
     2010         on financial need, top half of class, and commitment to           See Ms. Gentry for
                  complete a four year degree.                                          application

                  Woerner Carolina Shoe Scholarship- $2,500 scholarship
                  available to a graduating senior; criteria include: (1) Direct
  February 20,    descendent of Carolina Shoe Company Employee (2)
     2010         Financial need (3) Top half of class (4) Commitment to            See Ms. Gentry for
                  complete a four year degree.                                          application

                  Casey and Courtney Childers Scholarship-Must have
March 12, 2010    attended Ray Childers Elementary School for at least one
                  year, and must be planning a career in education.                 See Ms. Gentry for

  May 3, 2010     Morganton Kiwanis Foundation Scholarship-$550
                  (renewable yearly) offered to all students, but special
                  consideration given to those with distinct financial need.
                                                                                    See Ms. Gentry for
                  East Burke Athletic Boosters- for EBHS Athletes
                  pursuing a career that is directly related to athletics
  April 1, 2010   (teaching/coaching, sports management, sports training,
                  etc). GPA of at least 2.5, application, and 2 reference letters   See Ms. Gentry for
                  required.                                                             application

  April 1, 2010   Carrols LLC Community Scholarship Fund
                  Application (Burger King)-available to all seniors;
                  application form, and transcripts required.                       See Ms. Gentry for

  April 1, 2010   NC Bar Association Scholarship Program-available to
                  students who are children of NC law enforcement officers
                  killed or permanently injured or killed in the line of duty.      See Ms. Gentry for

March 16, 2010    WKBC Scholarship-for students interested in the business
                  of broadcasting, offering a $2500 scholarship to such a
                  student.                                                          See Ms. Gentry for

                  Patrick Beaver Scholarship Foundations-Available to               See Ms. Gentry for
March 1, 2010     seniors with A/B average, extraordinary character, and                application
 April 7, 2010   Pilot Club Scholarship-Available to any student pursuing
                 a post-secondary education. Scholarships awarded based on
                 need, service, academics, and extra-curricular activities

                 E.D. Andrews Memorial Scholarship-Must fill out
March 1, 2010    application which includes a paragraph explaining personal
                 discoveries of Andrews in the field of conservation.

                  The Following 8 listings are SEAA Grant
                         Programs through CFNC
March 15, 2010
                                 Golden LEAF Scholarship             
Contact campus
 financial aid
   office for
   deadline                Millennium Teacher Scholarship Loan           

 Mid February
                                NC Student Incentive Grant                      Complete FAFSA before
                                                                                    mid February
 May 1, 2010
                     NC Student Loan Program for Health, Science, and    

Contact Campus
 financial aid
   office for                Nurse Education Scholarship Loan           

 May 3, 2010
                 Nurse Scholars Program (2 year associate degree students)

 February 28,
    2010         Nurse Scholars Program (4 year associate degree students)

April 15, 2010
                           Prospective Teacher Scholarship Loan          

April 15, 2010   John Engle Scholarship is available to students in need of
                  financial aid, with at least a 3.0 GPA who will attend a 4       Counseling Dept.
                    year university and pursue a degree in a medical field.

March 17, 2010   Jimmy C. Draughn Scholarship Endowment-available to
                 an outstanding social studies student who is committed to         Counseling Dept.
                 acquiring a 4 year degree, has at least a 3.0 GPA, and
                 preference given to a student pursuing a career in
 May 28, 2010     B. Davis Scholarship- available to all high school juniors
                  and seniors; no age restriction; not an academic scholarship
                  but would like to know academic standing. To apply for
                  scholarship, a 1000 word essay is required on the prompt
                  “Describe 3 characteristics of leadership that you value
                  most. Discuss whether you believe you posses some or all
                  of these qualities, and describe an experience where you
                  developed and/or demonstrated some or all of these traits.

                                                                                        Submit to:
                  AES Engineering Scholarship- (available to wide range          awards@studentawardsearc
October 8, 2010   of majors) $500 award available to students based on          
                  character as exhibited in essay response. Essay must be no
                  longer than 1000 words, in answer to one of the following 2

                     1) If you had the authority to change your school in a
                        positive way, what specific changes would you
                     2) How has your family background affected the way                   Submit to
                        you see the world?                                       scholarships@aesengineers

                  AABE (American Association of Blacks in Energy)-
March 19, 2010    scholarship available based on criteria as defined in
                  scholarship packet (Most importantly: of specific ethnic
                  background and majoring in a specific field)

                                                                                   See Counseling Center
March 31, 2010    Alpha Nu Chapter Scholarship is available to women
                  planning to pursue a degree in education Application,
                  essay, and transcript required.

                                                                                   See Counseling Center
                  Men’s Club of Morganton has three scholarships
April 15, 2010    available to any graduating senior studying any specific
                  field. See application for further details

April 13, 2010    Judy Braswell Memorial Scholarship-A $600.00                      Counseling Center
                  scholarship awarded to a high school senior who has at
                  least a 3.0 GPA and plans to major in education.
                                                                                    Counseling Center

                  CVCC Scholarship Application- Application, transcript,
April 30, 2010    FAFSA, and Essay required for consideration for CVCC
                  scholarships for the 2010-2011 school year.                       Counseling Center
April 23, 2010   Home Builders Association-Applicants must be a high
                 school senior, applicant at an accredited university/college,
                 GPA of 3.0 or better, extra curricular/community activities,    Counseling Center
                 overall high standards, and a degree in a construction
                 related field.

April 30, 2010   Eddie Erwin-financial aid report (can be obtained from
                 school now attending), application, and complete the
                 authorization to release transcript and send it to the          Counseling Center
                 registrar of school you now attend.

April 16, 2010   Bob R. Mcguire Memorial Scholarship-Available to
                 students having at least one parent who is a member of the
                 NC Child Support Council. Student must also be a resident
                 of NC, maintained at least a 2.0 GPA, have been accepted        Counseling Center
                 by an accredited NC College/University/Comm
                 College/Tech School, and complete application.

April 15, 2010   Prospective Teacher Scholarship Loan-a competitive,
                 merit based scholarship loan program created by NC
                 General Assembly. Recommendation by a school official,          Counseling Center
                 2.5 or better GPA, 900 or better on SAT (ACT of 19),
                 enrolled full time at an accredited eligible NC institution,
                 and demonstrate commitment to teach in public school

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