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					       Content Alignment for Elementary Social Studies - Geography Strand
                 Kindergarten         First Grade            Second Grade                Third Grade                Fourth Grade                     Fifth Grade
Map Skills/   • simple maps       • simple maps           • construct/interpret     • maps of selected         • maps of Texas & the        • construct and interpret maps
Geography     • location words    • map elements title,     maps to show               places and regions         Western Hemisphere          of the United States
Concepts      − top/bottom           symbols,               places & routes         • map elements             • map elements including     • map elements including
              − over/ under          legend/key           • map elements               including title,           legends, symbols,           legends, symbols, compass
              − near/far          • locate                  including title,           symbols, legend/key,       compass rose), grid         rose , grid systems (latitude
                                     objects/places on      symbols,                   compass rose, simple       systems (latitude &         & longitude), scale
                                     simple maps using      legend/key,                grid systems               longitude), scale         • locate the fifty states
                                     the four cardinal      compass rose            • variations in physical   • regions of Texas           • regions of the United States
                                     directions           • global address            environment                 resulting from physical   − Northeast
                                  • locate San              (street, city, state,   − climate                     characteristics           − Middle West
                                     Antonio, Texas,        nation, continent)      − landforms                − landforms                  − Southeast
                                     and the United       • continents and          − natural resources        − climate                    − Southwest
                                     States                 oceans                  − natural hazards          − vegetation                 − West
                                  • location words        • how people              • modifying the            • geographic factors that
                                  − north                   depend on the             environment                influence patterns of
                                  − south                   environment and         − clearing land              settlement
                                  − east                    natural resources       − building roads           − landforms
                                  − west                    to satisfy basic        − mining                   − climate and weather
                                  • physical / human        needs                   − irrigating crops           patterns
                                    characteristics of                              − building dams            − natural resources
                                    places                                          • consequences of
                                                                                      human modification of
                                                                                      the environment
Significant   • home and school   • school and            • landmarks in the        • local communities        • places in Texas and the    • historical significance of
Places                              community               community, state,       • communities around         Western Hemisphere           places in the US
                                                            and nation                 the world

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      Content Alignment for Elementary Social Studies – Culture and Economic Strands
               Kindergarten           First Grade            Second Grade               Third Grade               Fourth Grade                    Fifth Grade
Concepts    • ways people are     Customs/traditions       • influences of         • characteristics of      • ways of life of Native     • immigrant groups (past and
About         alike & different   associated with            cultural groups in      Native American           American groups in           present)
Culture                           selected celebrations      the community,          groups, past and          Texas and the Western      • contributions and
                                  • birthdays                including Mexican       present                   Hemisphere                   influences of cultural
                                  • global winter            Americans             • characteristics of      • cultural groups in Texas     groups to our national
                                     celebrations such                               selected world          − Mexican Texans               identity
                                     as Christmas,                                   communities             − German Texans
                                     Hanukkah,                                                               − Polish Texans
                                     Kwanzaa & Asian                                                         − Chinese Texans
                                     New Year                                                                − African-American

Economic    • basic human         • goods & services       • earning, spending     • how a simple business   • growth and                 • impact of mass production
Concepts      needs               • scarcity                 & saving money          operates:                 development of cattle &      & specialization of labor
            • identify/describe   • describe the           • producing &           − capital resources         oil industries             • supply & demand
              jobs in the home,     requirements and         consuming             − natural resources       • earning a living in        • equilibrium price (market
              school and            responsibilities of    • trace the             − human resources           different regions of         clearing price)
              community             various jobs             development of a      − specialization            Texas
                                  • describe the             product from          − entrepreneurs           • interdependence
                                    characteristics of a     natural resource to                               (Texas, the U.S., & the
                                    job well-performed       finished product                                  rest of the world)
                                                                                                             • imports
                                                                                                             • exports

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       Content Alignment for Elementary Social Studies – History Strand
                 Kindergarten           First Grade         Second Grade              Third Grade                 Fourth Grade                      Fifth Grade
Historical    • sequence daily      • vocabulary-         • simple timelines    • timelines of historical   • timeline of events in      • timeline of events in U.S.
Thinking/       classroom events      - yesterday         • vocabulary- past,     events                      Texas history                history
Chronology    • vocabulary            - today               present, & future   • vocabulary- years,        • exploration and            • colonization of the U.S.
                - first               - tomorrow                                  decades, & centuries        colonization of Texas      • American Revolution
                - last                                                                                        (& the Western             • impact of westward
                - next                                                                                        Hemisphere)                  expansion on Native
                - before                                                                                    • Texas Revolution and         Americans
                - after                                                                                       Republic of Texas          • Civil War
                                                                                                                                         • issues/events of the 20th
                                                                                                                                           century (such as: Great
                                                                                                                                           Depression and world wars)
 Historical   • Abraham Lincoln     • Christopher         • George              • Christopher               • european explorers         • Revolutionary period:
  Figures     • George Washington     Columbus              Washington                Columbus              • empresarios:               −   George Washington
              • George W. Bush      • Dr. Martin Luther   • Abraham Lincoln     • Merriwether Lewis         − Stephen F. Austin          −   Thomas Jefferson
                                      King, Jr.                                 • William Clark             − Moses Austin               −   John Adams
                                                                                • Sacajawea                 • Texas revolution:          −   Samuel Adams
                                                                                • individuals who have      − Sam Houston                −   Benjamin Franklin
                                                                                                            − Anson Jones                −   James Madison
                                                                                  had an impact on our
                                                                                  nation:                   − Mirabeau B.Lamar           • Civil War period:
                                                                                −   Eleanor Roosevelt       •   20th   Century Texans:   −   Frederick Douglass
                                                                                −   César Chávez            −   Audie Murphy             −   Harriet Tubman
                                                                                −   John F. Kennedy         −   Cleto Rodriguez          −   Abraham Lincoln
                                                                                −   Lady Bird Johnson       −   Chester Nimitz           −   Jefferson Davis
                                                                                −   Helen Keller            −   Lyndon Johnson           −   Ulysses S. Grant
                                                                                −   Benjamin Franklin       −   Barbara Jordon           −   W.T. Sherman
                                                                                −   John Glenn              −   Henry B. Gonzalez        −   Robert E. Lee
                                                                                −   Neil Armstrong          −   John Tower               • 20th Century Americans:
                                                                                −   Jackie Robinson         −    Miriam Ferguson         − Dwight Eisenhower
                                                                                −   Roberto Clemente        −   George W. Bush           − Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
                                                                                −   Maya Lin                                             − Rosa Parks
                                                                                −   Clara Barton                                         − Colin Powell
                                                                                −   Jane Addams                                          − Susan B. Anthony
                                                                                −   Amelia Earhart                                       − Sojourner Truth
                                                                                                                                         − Franklin D. Roosevelt
                                                                                                                                         − Thurgood Marshall

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       Content Alignment for Elementary Social Studies – Government and Citizenship Strands
                 Kindergarten              First Grade           Second Grade                Third Grade               Fourth Grade                     Fifth Grade
Citizenship    • characteristics of   • characteristics of     • characteristics of a   • impact of individuals    • importance of            • rights guaranteed by the Bill
Concepts &       good classroom          good citizenship        responsible citizen      on our community            participating in           of Rights and other
 Patriotic       citizens             • national anthem and    • participate in a         and nation                  democratic process         amendments to the
 Symbols/      • use of voting as a     state song               school/ community      • participate in a            (voting & contacting       Constitution
 Practices       way to make          • recite Pledge of         project                  school/ community           elected and appointed • participate in a school/
                 decisions              Allegiance             • importance of our        project                     leaders in state govt.)    community project
               • Texas flag & U.S.    • symbols that             national flag                                     • six flags that have      • important national symbols
                 flag                   represent the state    • sing the national                                    flown over Texas
                                        of Texas                 anthem                                            • state song
                                                               • recite/explain the                                • Pledge to the Texas
                                                                 meaning of the                                      flag
                                                                 Pledge of                                         • participate in a
                                                                 Allegiance                                           school/ community

Government     • importance of        • importance of          • roles of elected       • structure and            • purpose and basic        • purpose and importance of
                  classroom &           community laws           public officials         purpose of local           functions of three         the Declaration of
                  school rules        • current leaders in       (mayor, governor,        government                 branches of state          Independence
               • consequences           state & nation           & president)           • roles of local govt.       government               • purposes of U.S. Constitution
                  for choosing not    • responsibilities of    • government               officials (mayor, city   − executive                  as identified in the Preamble
                  to follow rules       authority figures in     services (parks,         council members,         − legislative              • system of checks and
               • persons of             the community            schools, libraries)      city manager )           − judicial                   balances among branches of
                  authority (home                                                       • how local govt.                                       U.S. government
                  & school)                                                               officials are chosen
               • current president                                                        (elected/ appointed)
                  of the U.S.                                                           • govt. services
 Local and     • Presidents’ Day      • Columbus Day           • Fiesta (local                                     • state celebrations       • Independence Day
  National                            • Veterans’ Day            community)                                          including Juneteenth
 Holidays &                           • Dr. Martin Luther      • Thanksgiving
Celebrations                            King, Jr. Day          • Independence

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       Content Alignment for Elementary Social Studies – Science and Technology Strand
                Kindergarten          First Grade            Second Grade          Third Grade               Fourth Grade                    Fifth Grade
  Science  • identify examples    • contributions of       • ways education   • ways science and         • Texan inventors and    • American inventors and
     &       of technology          notable inventors        and recreation     technology have            scientists               scientists
Technology   /machines found      − Thomas Edison            have changed       changed                  − Gail Borden            −   George Washington Carver
               in the home and    − Alexander Graham         over time          communication            − Joseph Glidden         −   Eli Whitney
               school                 Bell                                    • predict how scientific   • impact of inventions   −   Cyrus McCormick
             • explain how        • uses of inventions                          discoveries and                                   −   Thomas Edison
               technology/        − light bulb                                  technology may                                    −   Alexander Graham Bell
               machines help us                                                 affect life in the                                −   Jonas Salk
                                  − telephone
               in everyday life                                                 future                                            −   Benjamin Banneker
                                  • transportation                                                                                −   Roger Fulton
                                      (past and present)                                                                          −   John Audubon
                                                                                                                                  −   Carl Sagan
                                                                                                                                  −   Clarence Birdseye
                                                                                                                                  • Ways the transcontinental
                                                                                                                                    railroad changed life in the
                                                                                                                                    United States

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     Content Alignment for Elementary Social Studies – Social Studies Skills Strand

              Kindergarten             First Grade         Second Grade              Third Grade                   Fourth Grade                        Fifth Grade
 Social    • share information    • access, interpret,   • access, interpret,   • access, interpret,        •   access, interpret,        •   use critical thinking skills to
Studies      gathered from a        and share              organize, and          organize, and apply           organize, and apply           organize and apply
 Skills      variety of sources     information            apply information      information gathered          information gathered          information gathered from a
                                    gathered from a        gathered from a        from a variety of             from a variety of             variety of sources
                                    variety of sources     variety of sources     sources                       sources                   •   identify points of view about a
                                                         • apply problem-       • apply problem-            •   identify points of view       topic or issue
                                                           solving and            solving and decision-         about a topic or issue    •   apply problem-solving and
                                                           decision-making        making processes          •   apply problem-solving         decision-making processes
                                                           skills in second     • communicate ideas             and decision-making       •   communicate ideas effectively
                                                           grade situations       effectively in written,       processes                     in written, oral, and visual
                                                         • communicate            oral, and visual          •   communicate ideas             forms
                                                           acquired               forms                         effectively in written,
                                                           knowledge in                                         oral, and visual forms
                                                           written, oral, and
                                                           visual forms

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