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					                                        Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth: make a
Vol. 8; Ed. 20   January 21, 2009
                                         loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise. - Psalms 98:4

            This Week
                          Old Faithful
                                      From the Music Stand...
Anthem:                               Brent has been on vacation...check back next week!
 Softly and Tenderly
         (William L. Thompson)                                                           ...Brent

                                                                                                    Official Newsletter of the Pinnacle Presbyterian Chancel Choir
 January 21
       Carl Svedeen
 January 28
       Betty Lou Summers

                                               Happy Birthday to...
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                                           hot off the press!
   Member of the Presbyterian             celebrate christmas
          Church (USA).                        dvds ~ $10!
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Rehearsals: Wednesday Evenings,
   7:20 PM in the Sanctuary.                 Cleanliness is next to
   Pinnacle Presbyterian Church
   25150 North Pima Road
   Scottsdale, AZ 85255
   Church Office: 480.585.9448                       So isn’t it time you
   Director of Music: Brent Hylton
   480.585.9448 x 213
   Meeting Time: Wed, 7:10 - 9 PM
   Place: PPC Sanctuary
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   News Deadline: Sunday PM
Vol. 8; Ed. 20   January 21, 2009    “Singing “hallelujah” everywhere does not prove piety”
                                                        - African Proverb

Spotlight is On...
Hi! This week’s Chancel Choir member spotlight is on soprano (Dr.) Harriet Clark, retired
anesthesiologist. After first trying splitting her retirement local between Punta Gorda FL
and Bloomfield Hills, MI, Harriet chose Scottsdale as her permanent new retirement home!
She is happy to be living with three feline friends: Mischief, a Balinese; Scamper, a Sia-
mese mix (part feral); and CoCo, Seal Point Siamese. The cats pictured below are not
Harriet’s cats, but likenesses of:

                                                                                                 Official Newsletter of the Pinnacle Presbyterian Chancel Choir
   Feral Siamese

                                                                     Seal Point Siamese


                        Musically speaking, Harriet joined Glee Club in elementary school, and
                        moved on to choral group in middle school. She joined the children’s
                        church choir at age 10. For about four years she belonged to local
                        church group that put on concerts twice a year, with various kinds of
                        music, but mainly religious works: Mendelssohn’s Elijah, Brahms’s
                        Requiem, Rutter’s Gloria and Mozart’s Solemn Vespers. Yes, not-so-
                        easy choral works!

                  At PPC, the best-in-the-West Recruiter Darlene encouraged Harriet to
                  join Chancel Choir...even though she was in limbo for almost a year
                  because a shortage of robes! Her other PPC activities include Women’s
Bible Study and Rev. Fran Park’s Wednesday SAGE classes.

For hobbies, Harriet excells in Traditional Japanese Embroidery; she also likes to read and
work crossword puzzles. She takes piano lessons for her own enjoyment; (Editor’s note:
Harriet gifted PPC and future Choirs with the splendid Rehearsal Hall piano).Harriet enjoys
classical music. For fun, she recently started a themed collection of ‘Peanuts’ memorabilia.

Although she has visited 100 countries, Harriet would like to make a trip to the Galapa-
gos Islands, even though the scariest moment of her life was on a plane. On a flight from
Detroit to San Francisco a baggage door blew off leaving a gaping hole in the plane. The
crew jettisoned the fuel and returned to Detroit safely.

In 1965, Harriet worked a month at the Albert Sweitzer Hospital in Haiti; She also was a
Spelling Bee champion and competed in the Detroit-metro Spelling Bee competition....
Darlene Leonard (alto)
Vol. 8; Ed. 20   January 21, 2009         “Singing “hallelujah” everywhere does not prove piety”
                                                             - African Proverb

   Prayers and Concerns...
   Dear Lord, we ask you hold these friends in your loving arms:

   Prayers of sympathy for Jenafer Forrest and family in the passing of their
   beloved dog and family member Frisco Boomer, who joined the elite dog
   team in doggie heaven on December 26.

   Prayers of healing and concern for Ned (tenor) and Sue (alto) Larson as
   they work with doctors and medical staff for Ned. Please see the additional article in this week’s Old Faith-
   ful to read more in Ned’s words in his new Medical Blog.

   Prayers of healing and concern for Carole (alto) and husband Greg Vandersteeg as he is in the second

                                                                                                                      Official Newsletter of the Pinnacle Presbyterian Chancel Choir
   week of radiation treatments for bladder cancer.

   Prayers of healing and concern for chancel choir member Herb Nagel (section?) as he begins begins treat-
   ment for Valley Fever. Marti, his wife, is an alto.

   Prayers of healing and concern for former choir member Virginia Malmquist for health issues.

 Anthem Schedule
                                                   DATE                              ANTHEM
                                              January 24        Softly and Tenderly (William L. Thompson)
                                              February 1        And Then Shall Your Light Break Forth (Mendelssohn)
                                              February ??       Saul (Egil Hoviland)

                                                                   DID YOU KNOW?
                                                                 Our Choir Loft is
                                                                Perfume (Women) &
                                                                Cologne (Men) FREE!

                                                                (Yes, that means you!)
Vol. 8; Ed. 20   January 21, 2009      “Singing “hallelujah” everywhere does not prove piety”
                                                          - African Proverb

        Devotions Designee on Deck
        The following Chancel Choir members have devotions on the date listed.
        If unable to fulfill your date, you are responsible for working out a deal to
        trade places with someone else!

                 Wednesday,     January 21, 2009                  Carl Svedeen
                 Wednesday,     January 28, 2009                  Betty Lou Summers
                 Wednesday,     February 4, 2009                  Howard Pearson
                 Wednesday,     February 11, 2009                 Marlene Crane
                 Wednesday,     February 18, 2009                 Herb Nagel
                 Wednesday,     February 25, 2009                 Ash Wednesday

                                                                                                Official Newsletter of the Pinnacle Presbyterian Chancel Choir
                 Wednesday,     March 4, 2009                     Nancy Houston
                 Wednesday,     March 11, 2009                    Jeff Hayes
                 Wednesday,     March 18, 2009                    Molly Edwards
                 Wednesday,     March 29, 2009                    Jenafer Forrest
                 Wednesday,     April 1, 2009                     Barb Dios
                 Wednesday,     April 8, 2009                     Carole Vandersteeg
                 Wednesday,     April 15, 2009                    Cory Zimmerman
                 Wednesday,     April 22, 2009                    Tanya Rosenfeld
                 Wednesday,     April 29, 2009                    Marilyn Sorenson
                 Wednesday,     May 6, 2009                       Paula Thoms
                 Wednesday,     May 13, 2009                      Linda Elliot

                 Christian One Liners...submitted by Merrill Turley (alto)
                      I don’t know why some people change churches;
                      What difference does it make which one you stay home from?!

                      A lot of church members singing “Standing on the Promises”
                      Are just sitting on the premises.

                      We’re called to be witnesses, not lawyers or judges.

                      Be ye fishers of men. You catch ‘em - He’ll clean ‘em.

                      Stop, Drop, and Roll won’t work in Hell.


                      Coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous.
Vol. 8; Ed. 20   January 21, 2009    “Singing “hallelujah” everywhere does not prove piety”
                                                        - African Proverb

  Visit Ned Larson’s Medical Journal Blog!
  Ned Larson has set up a blog site for people to keep track of what’s going on with him these
  days. It can be found at:

  This is a site set up for friends to keep track of ill
  friends. The Larsons thought it might lighten Ned’s load
  of answering e-mails and phone calls.

  Caring Bridge offers free, personalized websites that support and connect loved ones dur-
  ing critical illness, treatment and recovery. A CaringBridge website helps keep loved ones
  informed during difficult times. In return, family and friends give patient and caregiver sup-

                                                                                                      Official Newsletter of the Pinnacle Presbyterian Chancel Choir
  port through guestbook messages.

  Many users in clued a Patient care journal to update family and friends, so Ned or Sue will
  make updates to his blog journal.

                                    As Ned writes “The CaringBridge site has been created to
                                    keep friends and family updated about my journey. I have
                                    just been diagnosed with a tumor on my pancreas and a
                                    biopsy has found cancer cells in the pancreatic duct.

                                    You may get journal entries from me or my spouse, Sue.”

                                       You need to register with the site to post messages to Ned.
                                       You sign up to be a ‘Guest” and sign Ned’s guestbook.
                                       After getting onto Ned’s site, go to the bottom of the page:
                                       Guestbook. Click on Visit Guestbook. You’ll be asked to log
                                       in. After entering your information (e-mail address), you
  will need to fill in the mini- registration form before you can to leave a message for Ned. You
  will be known as a ‘Visitor’.

  If you have problems, e-mail Meredith ( and she will try to walk
  you through the registration process. Be aware that some internet providers may not let you
  sign up. For example, Meredith could not register from her work, but could from home.

  Also. carefully review what you write. Once you post it, you can not make any changes!!!

Vol. 8; Ed. 20   January 21, 2009     “Singing “hallelujah” everywhere does not prove piety”
                                                         - African Proverb

Celebrating the Arts...
1st Annual East Valley Ecumenical Chorus
More than thirty Chancel Choir members joined 170+ other voices to make
the first North Scottsdale Ecumenical Choir at the recent La Casa de Cristo
Lutheran Church Organ Dedication Concert held Sunday afternoon, January
11, 2009.
Guest Conductor Weston Noble is a highly accomplished and honored
American music educator and conductor. Now the Johnson Professor
Emeritus of Music, Mr. Noble had a fifty-seven year tenure as a conductor
and teacher at Luther College in Decorah, IA. He has received acclaim from
across the country and the world as the conductor of the Luther College
Nordic Choir from 1948 to 2005, the Luther College Concert Band from 1948

                                                                                                           Official Newsletter of the Pinnacle Presbyterian Chancel Choir
to 1973, and as guest director for over 900 All-State
bands, orchestras, choirs, and festivals across four conti-

La Casa de Cristo Lutheran Church commissioned
Berghaus Pipe Organ Builders Inc. of Bellwood, Illinois,
to build and install a new sanctuary pipe organ. It was
completed on December 6, 2008. The organ has 92 ranks,
or sets of pipes, comprising 5,067 pipes in all. A four-
manual and pedal console controls the pipes. The instru-
ment is the largest church pipe organ in Arizona.

A special feature of the organ are the Trompette en-Chamade, as pictured. These copper pipes extend high
above the altar.

The Elixir of Love by Gaetano Donizetti ...
                            Our own beau Ryan Keller (tenor) is in the chorus of the
                            Arizona Opera’s upcoming production, “L’elisir d’amore”,
                            (The Elixir of Love) Performance dates at Phoenix Sym-
                            phony Hall are Thursday – Saturday: Jan 22 – 24 @ 7:30
                            PM ; Sun 25 @ 2 PM.
                            Everyone can visit the website for more info on the opera
                            and who is performing-- Tickets can
                            be purchased by calling the Arizona Opera Box Office
                            at 602-266-7464. They are open weekdays from 10:00am-
                            4:30pm. Or call Ticketmaster at 602-938-ARTS.

The Elixir of Love by Gaetano Donizetti...

In a picturesque early 20th century American town, love
triumphs with the aid of a willing heart and a “magic
potion.” Donizetti’s The Elixir of Love is sure to win the
audience’s heart just as Nemorino wins his lady’s through
the magic of music. Critically acclaimed bass Donato Di
Stefano assumes the role of the traveling salesman, adding
spice and hilarity to this comic story of true love.

Sung in Italian with English surtitles.
Vol. 8; Ed. 20   January 21, 2009   “Singing “hallelujah” everywhere does not prove piety”
                                                       - African Proverb

                                                                                             Official Newsletter of the Pinnacle Presbyterian Chancel Choir

                                                Christmas Party 2008
Vol. 8; Ed. 20   January 21, 2009   “Singing “hallelujah” everywhere does not prove piety”
                                                       - African Proverb

                                                                                             Official Newsletter of the Pinnacle Presbyterian Chancel Choir
                 Christmas Party 2008
Vol. 8; Ed. 20   January 21, 2009   “Singing “hallelujah” everywhere does not prove piety”
                                                       - African Proverb

                                                                                             Official Newsletter of the Pinnacle Presbyterian Chancel Choir

         Christmas Party 2008
  Worship Style 5 -The Caregiver: Loving God by Caring for His People
“For Caregivers, giving care isn’t a chore but a form of worship” (p.135-Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas)

Having just come off of Ned Larson’s journal blog website (and drying my eyes due to the many heartfelt messages) I
come to realize what fertile ground for caregivers is to be found right here in our PPC Chancel Choir. Paul admonishes
“If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse
than an unbeliever”. (1 Tim. 5:8). And this is where caregivng is to begin. However, I have never associated with any
other church choir that spends so much time and energy helping our fellow members. As Molly once told me “we care
for our own”. I feel as most of you do, that we are family, or relatives as Paul puts it. I’ll never forget Mary showing up at
my doorstep with enough food to feed an army when Shannon was hospitalized last spring and knowing it came from all of
my brothers and sisters in choir. Your prayers for her recovery were also answered as she has become an active caregiver
herself in our community and church.
Speaking of church, venues for caregiving through Pinnacle Pres. are so numerous I doubt I could list them all in this
column. Besides, I’m sure you are all aware of them and are active in several. Thus we have felt the need to go beyond
caring for our own and reaching out to the church body as well as the community. So I will focus on some of the activities a
Caregiver can engage in and you can ask yourself “does caregiving rise above the other styles of worship for me?”
Nursing sick people is the first that comes to mind when we think of caregiving. Certainly, this is one of the highest
callings when it comes to caring for others. It takes a special form of love (loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves)
to bathe, feed and clean up after those beyond our immediate family. God gives that gift only to those He knows can handle
it. The rest of us are given other gifts that would arouse our passion to serve others in alternative ways. These gifts can be
broken down into two types of caregiving-Direct and Indirect.
                              Direct                                                        Indirect
Visiting prisoners. Several organizations such as                     Missions. Supporting PPC missions with donations,
“Kyros” that provide a safe environment to visit inmates              skills and/or prayers. See PPC missions committee,
one-on-one or in a group for encouragement and caring.                Habitat for Humanity or Knitwits for information.
Serving in a soup kitchen. PPC sponsors Andre                         On-line support. Web sites such as CaringBridge
House where several church members car-pool to this                   allows us to give support and encouragement to those in
downtown shelter to prepare and serve food to the                     health crises while checking on their progress. ( a good
homeless and destitude.                                               way to keep abreast of our own Ned Larson’s health
Soul Food. Another PPC outreach to cook and deliver                   concerns
meals to shut-ins. (new baby, sick or in a crisis)                    Contributions. Above and beyond or regular church
Helping a disabled neighbor. Drive them to medical                    giving. Hospitals and non-profit organizations are hav-
appointments, shopping, etc. Take them for a walk.                    ing to cut back for lack of funds in this crippled economy.
(As this caregiver, pictured below is doing.)                         Adopt a Child. Children in third-world countries (as
                                                More ways to          well as our own) need financial support for food, medi-
                                                serve.                cine and clothing.
                                                Be a Big Brother      Volunteer. It doesn’t have to be a with a benevolent
                                                or Sister.            society to qualify as a true Caregiver. If your passion
                                                Lend money to         takes you to helping others to enjoy or appreciate God’s
                                                someone in need.                                                      creation-
                                                One-on-one                                                            Go for it!
                                                counseling.                                                         (Left- a family
                                                                                                                    works together
                                                Teaching skills,                                                    at Mirada
                                                language, art                                                       Park’s Desert
                                                and crafts.                                                         Center to
                                                Visit the sick at                                                   new cacti).
                                                home or hospital.                                                    and again,
                                                Last but not least-                                                 don’t forget
                                                One-on-one                                                          intercessory
                                                    Prayer                                                          Prayer
Conclusion: “It’s one thing to say we believe; it’s another to show compassion to others, to inconvenience ourselves
because we believe.” (p. 149 Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas). There is no greater caregiver than Jesus Himself-
Healing the sick, demon-possessed and the lost, compassion for the multitudes, urging His followers to give to the
poor, counseling and praying (either one-on-one or intercessory). He then tells us to “Love the Lord your God....and
love your neighbor as yourself” (Luke 10:27).We can obey this dual commandment when we follow His example as
the ultimate caregiver. Even if it is not our foremost style of worship, it is one in which we can all participate-bring-
ing glory and honor to our Heavenly Father.                                                 Rodger Wilson (Tenor)

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