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Community Conversation: _Parent Meeting @ Harvey Milk Academy ES_5/19/2009
Please remember: Write participants’ comments under the appropriate section and press “return” with each
new participant’s comments. Write exactly what participants say. Don’t summarize or paraphrase if
possible (don’t worry about spelling or grammar). Quotes are very useful! We are as interested in why
people value certain areas as we are in what those areas are. Participant’s responses to questions should
remain anonymous throughout note taking.

Total participants: 9 parents

SFUSD and PEEF Overview questions from participants?

1. What else do students still need to succeed that they may not be getting?
       I think we are lacking in the tech lit. area; we don’t have computers for our kids; we don’t have
anybody to take care of computers; no tech in library; those are just the first things that come to mind; well
because it’s the reality of the world to leave school to not be computer literate you need in high school in
research projects and jobs you need there’s no point to learn it only in college; it’s part of the core
This year we did get 4 computers in each classroom; the kids are playing games and the teachers are
uncomfortable incorporate in their curriculum at least we have them I’m really excited about it and to have a
computer person or teacher or incorporate in the library.
The communication skills is very important; I don’t see the kids practicing that I think the kids knew how to
stop and think before they talk; after they calm down stop and relax and not anybody has taught him my
son; starts conversation and not be afraid to talk to anybody; I think they just had just dialogue it’s not an
open dialogue teachers just give yes and no answers from the kids
In the classroom time; my kid needs more challenge my homework is boring; she is giving need the one-on-
one help; she is being overlooked; not to be overlooked in that sense; just a good balance in the classroom
with challenge
On my teachers say that some kids master that grade level teacher has to get the other kids to get up speed
of the others are aren’t mastering; have time for another classroom gifted and talented not just about
standardized test but for
Access to university for older kids, tai chi and movement classes, more trips and discounts to plays and
electronic music tech.
Field trips; take the information they learn from the field trips and contextualize in their learning; I think
along with what they said about tech. the outside world to contextual to be able to learn on the outside book
learning is great book learning stops about 22 and you get in the real world and listen to people
Just to have fun field trips made school fun
Life science teachers onsite science composting projects the recycling projects; if we could have someone
onsite who has that talent it would be great

(Facilitator may ask follow-up questions as needed)
     Why is that important?

     What would that look like?

     What difference would that make?

2. What impact has PEEF had on student success?
Public Education Enrichment Fund: Community Conversations                                           Page 1 of 4
Spring 2009

                         San Francisco Unified School District • City and County of San Francisco
      Having a librarian has definitely impacted this school; there were parent librarians they only
worked for a few hours; I would love to see someone here everyday; having a dedicated librarian;
has been a huge change; Work with teachers and incorporate it in the curriculum
Send kids in small groups to the library and do research projects
Whole trailer full of equipment; we don’t have that 5 years ago; I just see them playing street
hockey, engaging them, working together, they are just not kicking a ball
It’s not only they are playing but learning the rules of the games
Is the artist in residence included in this funding and just the upper grades or not?
How much of it is from the districts or from the parents?
Kids aren’t getting the quality music from the district guy; we have visual arts

(Facilitator may ask follow-up questions as needed)
Have all students had access to PEEF supports?
Does PEEF help students become “joyful learners?” If so, how?
Has PEEF supported parents in their student's education? If so, how?
Has PEEF supported staff in their student's education? If so, how?

3.      What priorities did participants suggest?
        Cooking class; afterschool they will cook I think it’s fabulous; he talks about it it
incorporates math even though he doesn’t know it; it brings the whole class together; they are
quiet; it’s healthy and good
        Business classes for youth; being an entrepreneur; in the job world
        I want a full time library and tech.
        Onsite education
        More mental health resources for students and for parents one can lead to the other
        The life sciences two kids in the fostering science in their academic
        Life skill training interacting with the community and culture end of up in the school
bubble push outside of the school
        Full time PE teachers;it’s good for you kids need to learn organized directed team sports so
they learn how to play
        Lunch program providing fresh organic food; we live in San Francisco afterall

Capture what the post-its say and anything participants say about them. Again, capture why they prioritize
programs and supports as well as the priorities themselves.
Parent liason (2)
Technology (4)
Life science instruction (3)
Full time PE coach providing yoga, breathing/calming techniques (4)
Cooking class (2)
Student advisors (1)
Mental health (4)
Mandatory bi-lingual education (1)
Nutrition education (2)
Arts education (3)
Culture/community enrichment/life skills training (2)
More money to SLAM (1)
Lunch program that provides organic, fresh healthy food (1)
Violence prevention nonviolent communication (1)
Smaller class size (1)
Business classes for youth (1)
Public Education Enrichment Fund: Community Conversations                                           Page 2 of 4
Spring 2009

                         San Francisco Unified School District • City and County of San Francisco
Full time librarian/technology teacher (2)
Online catalog/database in library (1)
Field trips (4)

If you use stickers or verbal votes, which post-its have stickers next to them? How many? Why?
What did participants say about the priorities the group talked about?
What did they notice about the sheet?
What values do they see in each others’ choices?

4.      Do you have any additional questions?

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Spring 2009

                         San Francisco Unified School District • City and County of San Francisco
Discussion Leader Reflection Worksheet
Please take some time to reflect on the conversation. Did you notice anything about the process that we
should remember that is not in the notes above (one person said the same point ten times, other dynamics
about who spoke and who didn’t)?

What were people’s perceptions of the Public Education Enrichment Fund? Were different views
represented in the conversation? If so, what were they?

What questions do people have about Public Education Enrichment Fund?

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Spring 2009

                         San Francisco Unified School District • City and County of San Francisco