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					 BlackBerry Roadmap

Keith Collyer
Technical Account Manager for BT
RIM UK Limited


• RIM growth
• Latest BlackBerry phones
• BlackBerry Handheld OS 5.0
• BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0
• Open Discussion/AOB

•   Founded 1984; based in Waterloo, Canada
      –   Offices in North America, Central and Latin America,
          Europe and Asia Pacific

•   Listed on stock market
      –   NASDAQ: RIMM, Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: RIM)

•   First wireless data developer in N America (1988)
•   World’s largest wireless design group dedicated to wireless
    data innovation
•   Focus on wireless research and development
      •   R&D Expenditures of $181 million (Q2 FY09)

•   RIM infrastructure routes 3,145,728GB every month
•   Excellence in wireless product manufacturing
      •   Best of breed, dedicated Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
          manufacturing process
      •   240,000 square ft manufacturing facility
      •   National quality award winner
 •   Working with BT since 2002
       –   MVNO launch Nov 2004
       –   Now 1K+ activations a week
 •   Largest European BlackBerry customer
       –   11,000 own-use handsets
 •   Sales support for wide range of customers
       –   Government agencies, Police forces, large and small businesses, SoHo users
       –   Executive/VIP support during porting process
 •   BT/RIM relationship
       –   Business Unit in RIM dedicated to working with BT to serve their BlackBerry customers
             • Sales, marketing + technical support
       –   Significant and valued channel-to-market, especially given BT focus on UC and Mobile applications
       –   BT has a MVNO network arrangement with Vodafone but RIM treats BT as an independent carrier

 •   Benefits
       –   Personalised service
       –   Roadmap briefings and updates
       –   Customer Architectural reviews/health checks and technical advice
             Resilience/Disaster Recovery
             Upgrade readiness
       –   Application partners
Strong BlackBerry subscriber growth

                                 • Approximately 36
        Subscribers (Millions)
                                   million subscribers at
                                   end of Q3 (November
                                   28, 2009)
                                 • Net subscriber adds
                                   of approximately 4.4
                                   million in Q3
                                 • Carrier support and
                                   positive reception to
                                   new products
Accelerating revenue growth

• Revenue generated from
  hardware, service, software
  & support                                      Revenue (US$M)
• Q3 FY10 revenue grew 41%
  over same quarter last year
  ($2.78B to $3.92B)
• Q4 FY10 revenue guidance
  of $4.2 – 4.4 billion*
• Drivers are:
    New product launches
    Execution by our carrier
    Global expansion of the
     BlackBerry platform
   *   As per the Q3 FY10 results announcement
       conference call on December 17, 2009

      20 Carriers in 10 Countries

      Countries with local BlackBerry coverage in place or announced
BlackBerry Coverage: Q3 2010
Over 530 Carriers & Distribution Partners in >170 Countries

          Countries with local BlackBerry coverage in place or announced

  Pearl       Curve     Bold   Javelin
8100/8120   8300/8320   9000    8900
Latest BlackBerry Phone

     •BlackBerry Curve 8520 (4.2 code)
     •BlackBerry Bold 9700 (5.1 code)
BlackBerry Curve 8520 – The Product

                                    MEDIA PLAY/PAUSE and PHONE MUTE

                               MEDIA FORWARD               SIDE BAND
                                                        (Two Shot Rubber)

BlackBerry® Curve 8520 - The Product

 • Enhanced Interaction
        Easy-to-use, accurate trackpad
        External media control keys
        Full QWERTY keyboard
        320 x 240 LCD Screen

 • Approachable Design
        Soft, rounded edges
        Lightweight, with a comfortable in-hand experience
        Slim and sleek (109x60x13.88mm)
BlackBerry® Curve 8520 - The Product

• Wi-Fi
          Wi-Fi® 802.11 b/g compatible
          Supports an incredible media streaming experience
          Enables UMA voice calls
          Provides access to data services in areas where service doesn’t
           exist, or signals are weak

• Camera
          2.0MP, seamless zoom
          Video recording supported
          Enables immediate sharing of moments and memories via IM,
            MMS, web albums, email, etc.

• Multimedia Capabilities
          Fully-featured media player (music, videos etc)
          Stereo Bluetooth compatibility supports the use of multiple
            accessories - extends the possibilities
            of music on the go, at home and on the road
          Expandable memory via microSD
          3.5mm stereo headset jack
       Bold 9700 Distinguishing Features
                  Lock Key   Mute Key

                                               Camera    Flash
Headset Jack

  Micro USB
                                                                 MicroSD Card
 Customizable                                                    Reader
 Key                                                             (below the battery

                                                                 Battery Door
                                                                 (with leatherette

                                        Volume and
       Keyboard                         Camera Shutter
Bold 9700
 –3G (HSDPA)
 –Quad-band GSM
 –624MHz processor
 –OS: Hand-held code v5.0
 –Wi-Fi b/g
 –HVGA+ display (480x360)
 –Camera: 3.2 MP, auto focus, LED flash, digital zoom (x2)
 –Dimensions: 109mm x 60mm x 14.1mm
  (cf Bold 9000: 114mm x 66mm x 15mm)
 –Weight: 122 gm (cf Bold 9000: 136gm)

 –QWERTY key-pad
 –Leather accent on battery door
 –Charcoal rails
 –Flash: 256 MB
 –RAM: 256 MB SDR
 –Expandable MicroSD memory (compatibility with
  16GB SDHC cards at launch)
Bold 9700 (cont’d)
         –   2100/1900/850/800 MHz (Bands 1,2,5/6),
         –   2100/1700/900 MHz (Bands 1,4,8)

         –   1900/1800/900/850 MHz

 –Bluetooth 2.1
 –3.5 mm headset
 –Micro-USB tethered or wireless sync and modem

 –1500 mAh
 –Talk-time: up to 5.5 hrs
 –Up to 30 hours of music playback (target)

 –Functional hard keys: volume, camera,
  user-configurable key
 –Speakerphone, dedicated media keys
Latest BlackBerry Phone

Available Feb’ 2010 with BT

BlackBerry STORM 2
The BlackBerry® Storm2™ 9520

•Value Proposition
– The NEW touch screen smartphone from BlackBerry:
– The latest technology in a modern design, packed with
  features and simple to use
– All in one device:
  State of the art multimedia features
  Ease of communication
  A responsive, dynamic browsing experience to help
      you get the information you need, when you need it
Building on the Storm’s Success

•Storm Created a Successful New
– High-end multimedia BlackBerry for consumers
– BlackBerry Internet Service was almost 80% of total activations
  on Storm

•Demonstrated Multimedia Success!
– Storm represents 46% of total carrier music store downloads
– Next best handset accounts for only 9%
– 4 Million video clips watched on Storm YouTube client

•Navigation applications
– Nearly 50% penetration amongst Storm users
– Storm2 building on the Storm’s success
Building on the Storm’s Success

•What’s New?

               • Preinstalled BlackBerry App World
               • 256 MB Flash +
                 2 GB onboard memory
               • Best BlackBerry browsing
               • Wi-Fi
               • Enhanced SurePress™ touch
               • Software enhancements
               • Sleeker Design
Where does Storm2 fit?
BlackBerry Portfolio Positioning


                                                   Bold Series

                                        BlackBerry                 8800 Series
                     BlackBerry           Series
                     Pearl Series

Consumer                                                                          Enterprise
           • Storm2 is the evolution of the successful Storm franchise
           • Storm2 will enhance the Storm experience
           • Storm2 will be the first BlackBerry Storm smartphone launched with Wi-Fi®
           • Storm2 will broaden the reach of the BlackBerry consumer-based portfolio
The NEW BlackBerry Storm2

•Consumer Wow Features:
– Large high resolution screen for a great viewing
  and browsing experience
– Next Generation SurePress™ technology for
  easy, fast and accurate touch screen typing
– More Memory - 2 GB Internal memory and up to
  32 GB expandable memory on a Micro SD card
– Long battery life – 12.7 days standby, 5 hours
– BlackBerry App World™ preloaded
– Wi-Fi for faster downloads and web browsing
The NEW BlackBerry Storm2

– Audio and video
  Media Sync - synchronise your music library incl iTunes from
     your desktop to your smartphone
– Sharing
  Upload your videos and photos instantly to your favourite
     social networking sites
– App World
  Gain access to a range of multimedia applications directly
     onto your Storm2
– 3.5mm headset jack
– Stereo Bluetooth
– 3.2 MP built-in camera
  Auto Focus, Image Stabilization & 2x zoom
  Built-in flash
  Video recording
Facebook® at your Fingertips

• Award winning RIM BlackBerry application—
  one click away
• Easily accessible—preloaded & integrated to
  take advantage of device camera and
  contacts enabling a truly seamless customer
• BlackBerry Push Technology—always
     • Send & receive messages, wall posts
       and pokes
     • Check your friends’ status, update your
       own, and reply to status comments
     • Integrate with your BlackBerry calendar,
       contacts and message list
     • Snap a photo with your BlackBerry
       smartphone’s camera, then post, tag
       and comment on it—all in two clicks
     • View albums in an easy-to-use
       slideshow format
BlackBerry Messenger®
Premium Mobile to Mobile Social Communication

• Easily Accessible
     • BlackBerry TRUE push technology—always
     • Preloaded—one click away
     • FREE and EXCLUSIVE to BlackBerry users
• Experience a true REALTIME mobile
  communication service
     • Messages sent immediately
     • Integrated text messaging—all your closest
       contacts & messages in one place
     • Stay in touch in a whole new way.
     • Create groups of friends, family or colleagues–
       share calendars, lists, real-time conversations
       and updates with each other instantly
     • Track message deliveries
     • Never lose contacts—simple back up and
       restore—no need for desktop manager
BlackBerry Messenger®

• Share Multimedia
    • Exchange photos, video, voicenotes
       and more—all as they happen
• Multitask
    • Move seamlessly between posting
       pictures on Facebook® , listening to
       your favourite music, checking an
       email, playing a game—all without
       having to worry about missing your
       updates on BlackBerry Messenger
• Fun—Share your PIN or Bar Code
    • Add a contact to your BlackBerry
       Messenger by scanning a 2-
       dimentional bar code
    • Capture with your BlackBerry
       device camera
BlackBerry Handheld OS Features

                        BlackBerry Smartphone OS v5.0

NB Requires BES 5.0 for HH OS 5.0 new features to work
                                                                  Requires BES 5.0
 BlackBerry Handheld Software v5.0
 Enterprise Features – Email

• Flag For Follow up Support
     – Flags appear next to messages in the
       message list
     – Can specify the same properties as you
       can from your desktop (e.g. Outlook)

                                                           Message View with Flags

• Folder Management
     – Can manage mail folders like on the
       Desktop (add, move, rename, and delete)

                                                         Folder Management Options

NB Requires BES 5.0 for HH OS 5.0 new features to work
                                                                                                Requires BES 5.0
 BlackBerry Handheld Software v5.0
 Other Enterprise Features

• Ability to View Attachments in a Meeting Request and/or
  Calendar Entry
• Ability to Forward Calendar Appointments
• Remote File Access to Windows Shares on Intranet
     –   Save, view, edit, and email documents from remote file shares

• Wireless Contact Synchronization Improvements
     –   Synchronization of multiple Contact Folders
     –   Personal Distribution Lists                                                    Viewing Attachments
     –   Contacts in public/shared folders                                               In a Calendar Entry
• Web Platform Improvements
     –   Support for BlackBerry ―Widgets‖
           Java Applications that can leverage the BlackBerry ―BrowserField‖ API
     –   Google Gears Support
           Support more powerful web-based applications with local storage and
     –   Improved Support for Web Standards
           Add Partial HTML 5, DOM L2, XML style-sheet, and SVG Tiny 1.1

                                                                                   File Explorer to Remotely Access
                                                                                           Windows Shares
NB Requires BES 5.0 for HH OS 5.0 new features to work
 BlackBerry Handheld Software v5.0
 BlackBerry Maps Improvements

• Faster Map Rendering
   –   ~100% improvement with panning and zooming

• Improved Search Interface
   –   All searches initiated from a single screen

• Pictures Application Integration
   –   View multiple geo-tagged photos from the media library on the map

• Improved Routing
   –   Current heading of travel is taken into consideration

• Address Recognition
   –   Automatically highlight and view addresses on e-mails, web pages

• Google Local Search Improvements
   –   Includes ratings and reviews of businesses in local search results

                                                                            Geo-Tagged Photo View
BlackBerry Handheld Software v5.0
Other Usability Improvements*

• Easier Adding of Contacts, Memos and Tasks
• Full QWERTY Devices will now have Shortcuts
  like SureType
     –   # for Vibrate from Home Screen
     –   * for Lock from Home Screen

• Display ―Custom Ring Tone‖ Field within Edit
  Address for both Phone and Message alerts            Set Custom Ring Tone Within
                                                            Address Book Entry
• Continuous Spell Checking

                                                       User Clicks on Incorrect Word

                                                 *Included in BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.6
BlackBerry Enterprise Sever 5.0

      What's New in BES 5.0
What’s New in BES5 - Manageability

New Administration Service & Console
•   Dynamic Web User Interface Based on a User’s Role
•   Multi-Level & Multi-Tiered Group Support
•   Plug-in Framework for Extending & Integrating Administration
•   Both Java APIs & Web Services to FULLY Control/Automate Admin Functionality
 What’s New in BES5 – Application

• Deploying 100’s of apps to 1000’s of users with ease
   –   User’s can now belong to multiple groups
   –   Groups can contain both users and other groups
   –   Users inherit applications based on IT Policies and rules defined by the group (set by the Administrator)
What’s New in BES5 –
Application Deployment

• Enhanced Job Management, Throttling & Scheduling
    – An Admin action may queue a job comprised of many tasks
•   – Individual Device Updates are referred to as ―tasks‖
    – Jobs can be scheduled
        Solves problem of Admin team needing to work Ops hours
    – Jobs & Tasks can both be throttled
    – Individual Throttling Thresholds available for varying types of tasks:
        IT Policies
        Application Distribution
        Device Software Distribution
        Device Software Application Settings
What’s New in BES5 - Monitoring

• BlackBerry Monitoring System
   –   BES Components heavily
       instrumented in 5.0
   –   BMS polls BES monitoring agents
       for real time data
   –   Set System Level triggers &
       User Level triggers
   –   Scalable architecture
What’s New in BES5 - Diagnostics

• Enhanced Device Activation Diagnostics
   – Search for activation status based on multiple criteria
       User data
       Activation time period
       Activation state
   – Activation events stored in database
       View chronological list of related events
 What’s New in BES5 – High
                                                                      Primary BES Host

• Automated Failover                                                                     Active Connection

                                                                                   BES DB

• Multi-Faceted strategy:                                 Messaging

  – Fault Tolerant Controller
  – Failover for Core Components
      Automated and/or Manual Modes                       Standby BES Host

      Core BES Host, Database, MDS-CS, Instant Messaging, Router
  – Load Balancing Available for Shared Service Components
      Attachment Service, MDSS, IM, BAS, Router
    What’s New in BES5 – High

•   Administrator Defined Health Scores
•   State DB Replication
•   SRP Lockout Avoidance
•   Other Applications
     – Manual Switchover for Maintenance Windows
     – Upgrades & Rollback
BlackBerry Enterprise Server

                               The Groupwise BES
                               communicates to
                               Groupwise using the Novell
                               Groupwise Client, either via
                               the SOAP API or Object