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					Key words                        Title
Heat Transfer, Barrel            Cast-In Heaters
Control, Temperature             Stepless and 3 Postition Temperature Controls for Extrusion Equipment
Design                           Problems and Trends in European Extruder Design
Analysis, Rheology               Viscosity Data for Extruder Flow Equations
Devolatilization                 A New Development in Extraction-Extrusion-The Vacuum Extruder Screw
Rheology, Instability            Melt Fracture - Extrudate Roughness in Plastics Extrusion
Thickness, Control               Beta Gauge Measurement and Control of Plastic Thickness and Area Weight
Metering, Analysis               The Effect of Relative Channel Depth and curvature on Screw-Extruder Pumping Capacity
PE, Power, Heat Transfer         Power and Heat Energy Relations in Polyethylene Extrusion
Analysis                         Extrusion Theory
Properties, Pipe, PE             Effect of Extrusion Conditions on Strength and Appearance of Polyethylene Pipe
Pipe, PE                         Rigid Polyethylene Pipe
PE, Monofilament                 Polyethylene Monofilaments
Sheet, HDPE                      Sheet Extrusion and Vacuum Thermo Forming of Higher Density Polyethylenes
Film, Properties, PE             Extrusion of Polyethylene Film with Controlled Properties
Wire Coating, PVC                Polyvinyl Chloride Dry Blend Extrusion in the Wire Coating Field
Film, Nylon, Properties          Nylon Film Properties
Mixing, Analysis, Metering       A Visual Analysis of Flow and Mixing in Extruder Screws
Pressure                         Application of Extruder Pressure Measurement Equipment
Rheology                         Continuous Extrusion and Thermal Curing of Insulation
Rheology                         The Significant Flow Properties of Thermoplastics
Sheet                            Sheet Extrusion Problems and Solutions
Sheet, PS                        Extrusion Variables Affecting High Impact Styrene Sheet Manufacture
Analysis                         Extrusion: Described by Experimentally Determined Equations
Film, Casting, PP                The Chill Roll Extrusion of Polypropylene Film
Metering, Pressure               Pressure Development in Extruder Screws
Mixing                           Flow Patterns in a Single-Screw Extruder
Mixing                           Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate in Cellulose Acetate Extrusions
                                 Rapid Response Recording of Extrudate Temperature and Pressure--Typical Use in Evaluating Extruder Performance
Performance, Melt, Temperature, Pressure
Profile, Pipe, HDPE              Techniques in the Extrusion of High Density Polyethylene Tubing and Profiles
Properties, Monofilament         Monofilament Tester
Analysis, Mixing                 Flow Patterns in a Non-Newtonian Fluid in a Single-Screw Extruder
Heat Transfer                    Heating Capacity Limitations of Extruder Screws
Plastication                     Extrusion Plastification
Pressure                         Application Guide to Extruder Pressure Measurements
Analysis                         Process Dynamics of Screw Extrusion
Analysis, Two-Stage              Theory and Operation of the Two Stage, Single Screw Extruder
Control                          Dynamic Valving vs. Static Valving
Metering, Performance, Acrylic Performance Characteristics of Metering Type Screws on Acrylic Materials
Performance, Analysis            Experimental Illustration of Dynamic Extrusion Theory
                                 What is and Extruder?
Screw Design, Drives, Gearing, Heat Transfer
Sheet, PS                        Extrusion and Evaluation of Thin Gauge High Impact Polystyrene Sheet
Sheet, PS, Optics, Properties Techniques for Securing Gloss on Extruded High Impact Polystyrene Sheet and their Effect on Sheet Properties
ABS, Orientation                 Deep Draw Bubble Forming Techniques of ABS Polymers
Control, Thickness               Methods of Controlling Wall Distribution in Blow Molded Parts
Dies, Design                     Blow Molding Die Design
Dies, Profile, Film, Sheet, Pipe Principles of Die Design: A. Shape and Profile Dies B. Flat Film and Sheeting Dies C. Pipe Dies
                                 Effects of Transition Section Length on Screw Performance for Extruding Cast Polyethlene Film
Performance, Film, PE, Plastication
                                 QLT* A New Concept in Extrusion
Analysis                         Future of Extrusion
Barrel                           Mechanical Aspects of Extruder Cylinders
Dies, Quality                    Effect of Monofilament Die Characteristics on Processability and Extrudate Quality
Elastic, Melt                    The Elastic Melt Extruder Grows Up
                                 Flow Rate
Performance, Screw Design, Multi-Section and Pressure Drop Relationships for Multi-Section Screw Extruders
Processing, Multi-Screw          Recent Developments in Processing Plastics on Single and Multiple Screw Extruders
Analysis, Film, Thickness        Description and Analysis of Tracerlab's Single Gauge and Dual Gauge Cross Axis Systems
Analysis, Metering               Metering Screw Performance with Temperature Gradients- III. Conclusions from Computer Simulation
Dies                             Pre-Centered Pressure Coating Die
Draw Resonance, Rheology         Draw Resonance: Its Correlation to Molecular Parameters
Metering, Performance            Metering Screw Performance with Temperature Gradients- I. Experiments
Metering, Simulation             Metering Screw Performance with Temperature Gradients- II. Comparison of Calculated and Measured Performance
Nylon, Extrusion Coating         Nylon Extrusion coating
Rheology, Instability, Melt, DrawPhenomenon of Draw Resonance in Polymeric Melts
                                 The Prediction of ABS Extruded Sheet Surface Quality by Rheometer Behavior
Rheology, Sheet, Quality, Surface, ABS
                                 Residual Strains in Extruders
Analysis, Melting, Plastication Fundamentals of Plasticating Extrusion - A Theoretical Model for Melting
Analysis, Melting, Plastication Fundamentals of Plasticating Extrusion - Experiments
Devolatilization                 Improved Method and Apparatus for Venting in Extrusion
Film , Properties, ABS           Enhancing the Properties of ABS through the Lamination of NonABS Films
Film, Blown, Control, Thickness Control of Extruded Blown Film Thickness
Film, Vinyl                      Rigid Vinyl Film by the Extrusion-Method
Melt, Cooling, PE                Extrusion Cooling of Polyethylene Melt
Performance, Flight, Clearance Effects of Radial Screw Clearance on Extruder Performance
Plastication, Simulation, MeltingFundamentals of Plasticating Extruison - Development of a Mathematical Model
Screw Design, Polysulfone        Extrusion Screw Design for Polysulfone
Sheet, Film, Winding             The Principles of Curved Rolls in the Plastic Sheet Industry
Rheology                         Introduction to Melt Rheology and Applications to Extrusion
Plastication, Melting, Analysis Melting in Plasticating Extruders - Theory and Experiments
Mixing, Screw Design             An Improved Mixing Screw Design
Solid Conveying, Melting         Effect of Feed Condition on Screw Conveying and Plastifying
Processing, Nylon, Heat Transfer Heat Transfer Effects During Processing of Nylon Resins
Film                             Polyolefin Composite Films
Composites                       The Interfacial Stresses in Particulate Composite Systems
Film , Coextrusion, Properties Some Physical Properties of Multilayered Films
Film , Coextrusion, Optics       Physical Optics of Iridescent Multilayered Plastic films
Viscosity, Injection, Molding    Thermoset Melt Viscosity Determination Using Instrumented Spiral Flow
Viscosity, Injection, Molding    Viscosity Measurements in Injection Molding
Simulation, PS, Rheology         Analog Simulation of Polystyrene Capillary Flow
HMW-HDPE                         Extrusion of Extra High Molecular Weight High Density Polyethylene
Solid State Extrusion            The Extrusion of Polymers, below their Melting Temperatures, by the Application of High Pressures
Control, Temperature, Melt       Extruder Melt Temperature Control
Sheet, Economics                 Factors Affecting Cost of Extruding Sheet
Economics                        The Role of the Raw Material Supplier in Affecting the Costs of Conversion by Extrusion
Copolymer, PE, Adhesive          The Extrusion of Adhesive Polyethylene Copolymers
Foam, Reaction, Energy           The Use of Energy Balance Techniques to Monitor Chemical Reactions Occurring in the Extrusion of Foamed Plastics
Friction                         Friction Coefficients of Plastics and Steel
Dies, Rheology                   Entrance Flows of Polymeric Materials: Part. I Pressure Drop
Dies, Rheology                   Entrance Flows of Polymeric Materials: Part. II: Flow Patterns
Melt , Pumping                   Screw Extrusion of Polymer Melts
Profile, PVC, Sizing             A System for Rigid PVC Profile Extrusion Production Employing High Speed Extrusion and Sizing Techniques
Two-Stage, Analysis, Performance Development of a New Extruder - The Two Stage Processing Extruder
Analysis, Simulation, Melting Melting Zone of Extruders-Analysis and Calculations
Melting                          Melting Zone of the Extruder
Melting, Instability             Melting Instability in Screw Extruders
Melting                          Melting in a Single Screw Extruder
Drives, Design                   Considerations in Choosing Extruder Drives
Economics                        Cost-Profit Monitoring in a Custom Processing Plant
Economics                        A Standard Cost Based Plastics Information System
PVC, Temperature, Melt           Studies on the Melt Temperature Profiles of PVC in the Extruder Head
Venting, Surging, Pressure      Studies in Pressure, Flow and Surging in a Vented Extruder with Rear Valving
Quality, Performance            Extrusion - Designing for Quality Performance
Scale-up, Elastic, Melt         Scale-Up Studies of the Elastic Melt Extruder
Analysis, Plastication          Plasticating Theory and Experiments for Single-Screw Extruders
PVC, Surface, Roughness         Roughness in Flexible PVC Compounds
Analysis, Solid Conveying       Solids Conveying and Melting in Single Screw Extruders - Part I - Solids Conveying
Analysis, Melting               Solids Conveying and Melting in Single Screw Extruders - Part II - Beginning of Melting
Simulation, Solid Conveying     Solids Conveying and Melting in Single Screw Extruders - Part III- Solids Conveying - Studies by Computer Simulation
Optimization                    Method of Optimizing Extruder-Lay-Out by Statistical Analysis of Processing Data
                                Extruders as Used in Processing Grains and Vegetable Proteins
NonPolymer, Food Extrusion, Protein
Analysis, Melting               Analysis of Melting Processes in Single-Screw Extruder
Dies, Design, Analysis          Analysis for Extrusion Die Design
Drives                          Application of Adjustable Speed A-C Drives for Industry
                                Cooling and Drawing of Blown Film
Film, Orientation, Blown, Cooling
Twin Screw                      Twin-Screw Extruders - Where To use Them and Why
Compounding                     One-Step Continuous Enforced-Order Variable Intensity Compounding and Extrusion with the Transfermix
Profile, Optics, PVC            Gloss Control for Rigid PVC Profiles
PVC, Rheology                   Influence of Shear Dependent Lubricant Characteristics on Melt Rheology of PVC
Profile, Foam, PVC              Cellular Vinyl, a New Concept in Rigid Profile Extrusion
Sheet                           Calender VS. Extruder
Welding, Acetal                 Ultrasonic Welding of Acetal Copolymer
Injection, Molding              New Miniature Injection Molding System for Test Specimens
Processing, Analysis            New Concepts in Plastics Processing
Fiber                           Extrusion and Spinning of Molten Fibers
Flow, Instability               A Study of Polymer Melt Flow Instabilities in Extrusion
Control, Temperature, Melt      Improvement in Extruder Melt Temperature Control
Twin Screw, PVC, Pipe, Quality Processing PVC Powder on Twin-Screw Extruders to Pressure Pipes of a Constant Good Quality
Performance, ABS, Lab           Brabender Plasti-Corder and Lab Extrusion Studies of ABS Resins
Analysis, Melting, Pressure     Melting in Plasticating Extruders and its Effect on Axial Pressure Profile
Analysis, Melting, Performance A New Method of Analyzing Extruder Screw Performance
Tubing, Pipe                    Corrugaged Plastic Tubing - 1972
Drying, ABS                     Absorption Drying of ABS Resin Utilizing Continuous Desiccant Dryers
Slitting, Winding, Film, Sheet Updating Slitting and Winding Operations
Film, Blown, LDPE               Some Aspects to the Film Blowing Process of LDPE
Coextrusion, Proerties          Co-Extrusion for Economy, Performance Properties and Products
Scale-up, Output, Performance Ultra High Output Extrusion on a Commercial Scale
Analysis                        A Novel Concept for Single-Screw-Machines
Quality, Melt                   Melt Quality Control in Extrusion Processes
Testing                         Dynamic Testing of Plastics Extrusion System
Analysis, Performance           How Theory Compares with Practice in Commercial Extrusion
Analysis, Horsepower, Scale-upScrew Horsepower Dependence on Screw Speed and Size - Theory and Experiment
Analysis, Plastication          Dynamic Model of a Plasticating Extruder
                                Theoretical Model for Non Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruders
Twin Screw, Analysis, Non-Intermeshing
Wave Screw, Performance         New Applications of Wave Screw Designs for Ultra High Output Extrusion
Mixing, Design                  Extrusion Design of Fluted Mixing Sections
Cleaning                        New Concept in Cleaning Plastics from Extruder Parts and Related Equipment
Mixing, Static Mixer            A New Inline, Continuous Concept in Mixing and Processing of Polymers
Devolatilization                Advances in Devolatilizing Extrusion Techniques
                                Flat Sheet
Dies, Coextrusion, Feed-Block, Film,Die Coextrusion of Film and Sheet by the Feed-Block Method
Pipe, Welding                   Welding of Thermoplastic Pipe
                                Optimization of a Twin Screw Extrusion System for Making PVC Pipe
Twin Screw, PVC, Pipe, Optimization
Pelletizing                     Underwater Granulating a Quiet, Automatic Strand Pelletizing System
Control, Automatic              Automatic Control of a Plastic Extrusion Machine
Metering, Feeding, Analysis     A New Method of Solving the Feeding and Melting Zone Problem in Extruders
Safety                          OSHA's Effect on the Small Extrusion Plant
Safety, Profile                 How a Custom Profile Extrusion Company is Coping with the Problem of O.S.H.A. Compliance
Safety, Cost                    O.S.H.A. and Its Financial Impact on Your Extrusion Plant
Safety                          Du Pont Approach to Safety
                                Statistics Evaluation of Motionless Mixer Performance
Mixing, Static Mixer, Performance
                                Minimum Shear Compounding Mechanism of Ko-Kneading
Compounding, Analysis, Ko-Kneader
Composites                      Exploratory Development of Composite Missile Fuselages
Film, Blown, Strain             Strain History of Melt in Film Blowing
Mixing, Homogenization          Post Extruder Mixing & Thermal Homogenization of Plastic Melt
                                Thermal Homogenization & Fiber Optic Melt Temperature Measurements in Extrusion
Temperature, Homogenization, Fiber Optics
Rycycle, Film, Reclaim          A Modern Method for the Reclamation & Recycling of Thermoplastic Film Waste
Film, Blown, Gels, Nylon6,6     Factors Affecting Gels in Blown Film Extrusion of Nylon6,6
PS., Rheology                   The Effect of Extrusion on the Molecular & Rheological Properties of General-Purpose Polystyrene
PP, Compounding, Properties Influence of Talc Ore & Particle Size Distribution on Properties of Talc Filled Polypropylene
Simulation, Optimization, Screw Design & Optimization of Single Screw Extruder by Computer Simulation
                                The Effect
Performance, Flight Clearance, Plasticationof Flight Clearance on the Performance of Plasticating Extruders
Heat Transfer, Transition       Heat Transfer in the Transition Section of a Plasticating Extruder
                                A Double Flighted Mixing Screw
Mixing, Screw Design, Performance
Analysis, Power                 Power for Multi-Section Melt Screw Extruders
Friction, Solid Conveying       Coefficients of Friction for Solid Polymers in Various Forms
Dies, Analysis, Wire Coating, Simulation of a Cross Head Die with the Flow Analysis Network (FAN) Method
Dies, Simulation, Design, Film Computer Designed Dies for Tubular Film
Performance, PVC                PVC-Processing with Improved Single Screw Extruders
Dies, Simulation, Temperature How to Predict Temperature Fields in Dies
Filtration, Melt                Media Selection for Melt Polymer Filtration
Surging                         Application of Spectral Analysis to Extruder Flow Surge Problems
Recycling, Analysis             Recycle Calculations in Plasticating Extrusion
Solid Conveying, Analysis       Alternative Approaches to Extrusion Feeding
Sheet, Pipe, ABS                ABS Sheet/Pipe Extrusion Without Predrying
Compounding                     Extrusion Compounding of Heat & Shear Sensitive Polymers
Control, Film, Blown, PE        Digital Control System for a Blown Polyethylene Film Line
Devolatilization                Polymer Devolatilization
Film , Plastication             The processing of Films on A novel Ultra High-Pressure Plasticizing Unit
Copolymer, PE                   The Extrusion of Adhesive Polyethylene Copolymers
Orientation, Foam, Sheet        Extruded Foam Sheet Orientation
Dies, Design                    Design of Coat-Hanger Type Extrusion Die for Isothermal Power Law Fluids
Dies, Coextrusion               Development of a Dual Extrusion Die
Control, Extrusion, Coating     Measurement and Control of the Extrusion Coating Process
Orientation, Control            Orientation Birefringence - A Sensor for Extrusion Process Control
Analysis, Friction              Frictional Behavior of Glassy Polymers on Metal Surface
Analysis, Solid Conveying       Fundamental Mechanisms Related to Single Screw Extruder Feeding
Performance, Solid Conveying Feeding Characteristics of Single Screw Extruders
Grooved Feed, Performance       Effects of Grooved Feed Throat on Extruder Performance
Mixing, Flight Clearance, Performance of flight Clearance on Mixing Characteristics in Plasticating Extruders
Performance, Rubber             Practical Aspects of Extruding Uniroyal TPR Thermoplastic Rubbers
Performance, Mixing             Processing Versatility with a New Mixing Extruder
Multi-Screw                     The Multiscrew Extruder for the Long "Stretch"
Sheet, Cut-Off                  A New Cutoff Device for High Rate Sheet Extrusion
Filtration, Design, Performance Design and Operation of Screen Packs
Filtration, Gels                Gel Removal Through Porous Media
Pyrolysis, Pollution            Vacuum Pyrolysis of Polymer vs. Pollution
Film, Blown, Cooling            Two Side Cooling of Blown Film
Dies                            Effects on Flow in Sheet Dies
Film, Coextrusion,Sheet         "Co-Extru-Lamination" A New Process for Combining Incompatible Polymer Films and Sheet
Mixing                          Intromix: An In-Line Static Mixer
Recycling, PVC, PE              Cable Works Recycles Polyvinyl chloride and Black Polyethylene
Quality, LDPE, Mixing           Melt Homogenization of LD-Polyethylene: Improved Quality at Reduced Costs
Compounding, Twin Screw         Twin Screw Reinforced Plastics Compounding
Mixing                          High Speed Mixing and Extrusion
Performance, Screw Design       New Advances in Multi-Stage Single Screw Extrusion
Melting, Pressure, Analysis     Pressure Development in the Melting Zone of a Single Screw Extruder
Performance, Grooved Feed       How Grooved Feed Throat Design Effects Extruder Performance
Screw Design, Performance       A New Concept for Designing High Perfomrance Screws for Thermoplastic Material
Solid Conveying                 Solids Conveying in Plasticating Extruders
Performance, Analysis           How Recent Advances in Extrusion Technology Affect Application of Extrusion Theory to Optimized Commercial Practice
                                Studies on Multilayer Film Coextrusion I. Rheology of Flat-Film Coextrusion
Film, Coextrusion, Sheet, Rheology
                                Studies on Multilayer Film Coextrusion II. Rheology of Blown Film Coextrusion
Film, Coextrusion, Blown, Rheology
Rheology, Filled, Polymer       Rheological Properties of Highly Filled Polyolefin/Ceramic Systems Suited for Injection Molding
Control                         The Computerized Process Control System as a Process Engineering Tool
Barrel, Control                 Depth of Sensors in Extruder Barrels
Dies, Viscosity                 More Information for Extrusion Die Design and Processing-From Melt Flow Index to General Viscosity Function
Simulation, Viscosity           Computer Simulation of Steady State Non-isothermal Melt Flow in Tubes
Dies, Simulation, Viscosity     Calculation of the Elastic Deformation (Swelling Potential) in Extrusion Dies - hints on Die Design
Simulation, Heat Transfer       Heat Transfer to Polymer Melts Flowing Through Narrow Channels
Wire Coating, Rheology          Studies on Wire Coating Extrusion I. The Rheology of Wire Coating Extrusion
Wire Coating, Coextrusion       Studies on Wire Coating Extrusion II. Multilayer Wire Coating Coextrusion
Coextrusion, Instability        Interfacial Flow Instability in Multilayer Coextrusion
Film , Blown, HDPE              Preparation of Balanced HDPE Blown Films
Simulation, Heat Transfer, Pump Heat Transfer in Melt-Feed Screw Pumps: An Improved Mathematical Model and Solution for Design Applications
Twin Screw, Devolatilization    Devolatilization in Residual Styrene Monomers in Twin Screw Extruders
Scale-up, Plastication, Grooved Scale-up Theory and Applications for Plasticating Single Screw Extruders of Conventional Design and with Grooved Feed Se
Control, Temperature            Application of Digital Infrared Sensors to Extrusion Control
Wave Screw, Performance         Extruder Screws with Long Twin-Channel Metering Wave Sections
                                Effect of Screw Design on Melt Temperature Uniformity
Screw Design, Temperature, Performance
Analysis, Multi-Screw           A Comprehensive Analysis of the Multi-Screw Extruder Mechanisms
Analysis, Melting               Melting Behavior of Solid Polymers on Metal Surface: I. Experimental Results and Comparison with the Present Melting Mo
Analysis, Screw Design, MeltingA Scientific Screw Design Method Based on Experimental Melting Rate
Simulation, Coal                The Continuous Extrusion of Coal Simulation of the Coal Pump
Pelletizing                     A General Strategy for the Selection of Pellet Dimensions and Operating Parameters to Maximize Pellet Production Rate
Wear                            Wear in Plastic Extrusion Machinery
Wear, Lubrication               Rheodynamic Lubrication of Screw Flights to Reduce Wear in Single Screw Extruders
Dies, Analysis, Wire Coating    Realistic Analysis of Flow in Wire-Coating Dies
Wire Coating, Cooling           Thermal Capacitance and Cooling Length in the Wire Coating Process
Dies, Coextrusion               Flow in Coextrusion Dies
Film, Coextrusion               The New Development in Multi-Step Coextrusion Film
Film, Blown, Cooling            Studies on Blown Film Cooling
Compounding                     High Loadings of Pigments, Filled and Reinforced Thermoplastic Materials
Performance, Control            The Dynamic Behaviour of Extruders
Mixing, Analysis                New Fundamental Considerations on Mixing in Laminar Flow
Performance, Surging            Surging in Screw Extruders
Analysis, Twin Screw            An Analysis of the Conveying Characteristics of Twin Screw Extruder Mechanisms
Solid Conveying, Performance Extruder Performance in the Metered-Starved Feeding Mode
                                Forced-Feeding Zones Improve the Extrusion Properties
Feeding, Craming, Solid Conveying
Analysis, Melting, Plastication On the Melting of an Ideally Rigid Fusible Solid on a Hot Moving Surface
Solid Conveying                 Plasticating Extrusion-The Solids Conveying Zone
COF, Friction                   Frictional Properties of Thermoplastic Solids
Performance, Temperature        Measuring of Local Mass Temperatures Inside of Extruders by Temperature Indicating Materials
Residence Time, RTD             Potential Applications of Tracers in Extrusion
Residence Time, RTD, Foam, LDPE of Residence Time Distribution on Extruded Low Density Polyethylene Foam
Elastic, Viscosity, Melt        Measurements of the Elastic Properties of Polymer Melts
Control, Temperature            Three Mode Temperature Controller Pre-Tuning
Control, Thickness, Pipe        100% On-Line Inspection of Plastic Pipe Via Rotational Ultrasonic Technique
Control, Temperature, Melt      Autogenic Melt Temperature Control System for Plastic Extrusion
Control, Quality, Melt          Continuous Quality Control of Polymer Melts
Control, Dies                   A Flat Die Extruder Control System Using Distributed Digital Processors
Control, Profile                Automatic Profile Control: Technology and Application
Dies, Rheology, Swell           Extrudate Swell From Slit and Capillary Dies: An Experimental and Theoretical Study
Dies, Design                    Practical Principles of Die Design
Dies, Profile, Orientation      Shape Changes During Drawing of Non-Circular Extruded Profiles
Simulation, Cooling             Calculation of Cooling Processes in Extrusion
                                Theoretical Prediction of the Pressure Gradients in Coextrusion of Non-Newtonian Fluids
Simulation, Coextrusion, Pressure
Solid Conveying, Friction       Frictional Properties of Thermoplastic Solids-Effect on Extrusion
Solid Bed, Bulk Density         Behavior of Polymeric Particulate Solids Under Pressure
Grooved Feed, Solid Conveying Solids Conveying in Single Screw Extruders with Helical Grooves in the Barrel
Control, Output                 Valve Control of Extruder Output
                                Temperature Induced Pressure Gradient in the Clearance Between Screw Flight and Barrel of a Single Screw Extruder
Analysis, Leakage, Screw Clearance
Plastication, Analysis          A New Plasticating Model and Experimental Verification for Solid Polymers at Processing Conditions
                                 Screw, Co-Rotating
Analysis, Solid Conveying, Twin An Analysis of the Conveying Characteristics of Twin Screw Co-Rotating Extruders
Screw Speed                     Ultra High Speed Extrusion
Analysis, Plastication, Disk    A Novel Polymer Processing Machine-Theory and Experimental Results
Design, Plastication, Disk      Applications and Design of a Novel Polymer Processing Machine
Mixing, LDPE, Design            A New Screw Design for Melt Homogenizing LDPE
Control, Temperature            Digital Temperature Control-A Way to Improve the Extrusion Process
Twin Screw, Energy, Control     Energy Control in Twin Screw Extruders
                                The Dispersion of Carbon Black Masterbatch in the Extrusion of Polyethylene
Compounding, Polyethylene, Dispersion, PE
Analysis, Melting, Solid Bed    A New Technique for Melting Polymer Granules Part I-Theoretical Analysis PartII-Design and Experimental Results
Performance                     Performance Characteristics of SDS Type Extrusion Screws
Mixing                          Illustrations of Mixing in Laminar Flow
Analysis, Dispersion, Liquid    Modeling Liquid Phase Dispersions in Single Screw Extruders
Film                            How Do Your Handle a Plastic Web? Very Carefully
Film , Heat Sealing             A Fundamental Study of Heat Sealing of Composite Polyolefin Films
Film , Polyethylene, PE         Polyethylene Film
Film , Packaging, PET           Polyester Films for Packaging Applications
Film , Orientation, Biaxial     Future Outlook on Process and Equipment for the Biaxial Orientation of Plastic Films
Film , Treatment                Surface Activation of Plastic Films with Corona Discharge
Film , Treatment                Corona-Discharge Treatment of Polymeric Films, II: Chemical Studies
Devolatilization, Analysis      Fundamental Aspects of Batch Devolatilization
Twin Screw, Co-Rotating         Development Tendencies for Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
Film, Blown, LDPE, Properties The Influence of Adjustable Plant Parameters on The Mechanical Properties of Blown LDPE Film
Twin Screw, PVC                 Investigations on The Extrusion of Rigid PVC on Twin Screw Extruders
Film, Sheet, Gauge Control      A New Method for Thickness Control in Flat Film and Sheet Extrusion
Cellulose, Slurries             Extrusion of Concentrated Cellulosic/Polymer Slurries
Film, Blown, HDPE               Advances in HDPE Tubular Film Extrusion
                                Applying Basic Solids Conveying Measurements to Design and Operation of Single Screw Extruders
Solid Conveying, Analysis, Design
Compounding                     New Techniques for Polyolefin Extrusion Using Carbon Black Masterbatch and Liquid Colours
Film, Sheet, Cooling            Heat Transfer in the Cooling of Extruded Flat Film Sheet
Barrier                         Barrier Screws-Step in the Right Direction
Residence Time                  A New Method for the On-Line Determination of Residence Time Distributions in Extruders
Mixing, Analysis                Relating Mixing Theory to Experiments
Filtration, Analysis            Flow Equations for High Viscosity Polymer Melts in Cylindrical Cartridge Filters
                                Calculation of Three-Dimensional Velocity and Temperature Fields in Flow Channels
Simulation, Temperature, Velocity
Control, Start-up               Strategies for Computer-Controlled Start-up of Extruders
Dies, Viscosity, Stress         A Stress Distribution of Polymers in Extrusion Through a Converging Die
                                The Effect of
Twin Screw, Analysis, Co-Rotating, Leakage Leakage and Cross Channel Flows on the Performance of Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
Analysis, Design                Theoretical Approach to Extruder Screw Design and Optimization
Film, Treatment                 A Comparison of Gas Plasma and Traditional Surface Treatment Techniques
Film, Treatment                   Corona Discharge Electrode Concepts in Film Surface Treatment
                                  The Effect
Film, Irradiation, Resin, Extrusion, Coating of Electron Beam Radiation on Film Properties of Film and Extrusion Coating Resins
Film, HMW-HDPE, Rheology Some Rheological Aspects of High Molecular Weight High Density Polyethylene Film Resins
                                  Mathematical Analysis of Transport Properties of Polymer Films for Food Packaging-IV. Prediction of Shelf-Life of Food Pac
Analysis, Film , Packaging, Barrier
HMW-HDPE, Crosslinking            Chemical Crosslinking of High Molecular Weight HDPE
Reactor, Cellulose                Continuous Cellulose Hydrolysis
Twin Screw, Reactor, Co-Rotating  Close Intermeshing Co-Rotating Twin Screws for Reaction of Fiscous Materials
Analysis, Twin Screw              Analysis and Experimental Evaluation of Twin Screw Extruders
Devolatilization                  Efficient Use of Extruders for Polymer Devolatilization
Mixing                            Vertical Single Screw Mixing Extruder
Scale-Up                          Scale-Up of Single Screw Extruders
Mixing                            Experiments in Extensive Mixing in Laminar Flow: II The Single Screw Extruder With Mixing Section
Devolatilization, Design, Analysis esign of Two-Stage Extractor-Screws
Energy Efficiency                 Optimizing Energy Utilization in Extrusion Processing
Plastication, Viscosity, Friction Stress at Polymer/Metal Interface During Melting in Extrusion
Melting, Solid Bed                Conductive Melting of Pressurized Polymer Particulate Beds
Wear, Corrosion, Compounding Wear Attenuation in Plastics Processing Machinery Conveying Filled and Corrosive Polymers
Film , Liquid Crystal, Solution Extrusion and Evaluation of Films of Poly (P Phenylene Terephthalamide) From Liquid Crystalline Solutions
                                  Bulk Density
Solid Bed, Bulk Density, Analysis, Feeding Behavior of Chip/Flake Blends Compared with Micropacking Theory
Solid Bed, Friction, Feeding      Friction Measurements on Plastics Powders and Granules for Extruder Feed Zone Design
Bulk Density, Friction            The Coefficient of Friction and Bulk Density of Polymers in Powder and Pellet Form
Grooved Feed                      Grooved Feed Extrusion
Mixing                            Novel Mixing Screw
Dies, Coextrusion, Non-Isothermal Isothermal Flow in Co-Extrusion Dies
Dies, Design, Viscosity, Swell Designing Extrusion Dies On The Basis of Die Swell Calculations
Dies, Viscosity, Stress           Stress Relaxation and Build-up in The Entrance Region of Slit Dies
                                  Coextrusion for Barrier Packaging
Twin Screw, Counter-Rotating Aspects of Melt Flow in Counter-Rotating, Tangential Twin Screw Extruders, an Experimental Study
                                  Residence Time
Twin Screw, Counter-Rotating, Residence Time Distribution of a Counter-Rotating, Non-Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruder
Performance, Slurries             Performance of Single Screw Extruders Upon Concentrated Slurries
Devolatilization, Melt            Devolatilization of Polymer Melts in Single Screw Extruders
Performance                       Hazards in Extrusion Performance Comparisons
Fiber, Compounding                Fiber Breakage in Extrusion
Performance, Wear, Temperature Studies on Screw Wear and its Effect on Output, Stock Temperature, Uniformity and Processor Economics
Film, Blown, LLDPE                A Study on Blown Film Extrusion of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene
Film, HDPE, Properties            The Effect of Certain Extrusion Variables on High Density Polyethylene Film Properties
Pelletizing                       CXP-A Revolutionary New Pelletizer
Filtration                        Influence of Porous Media on Extrusion
Polyethylene, Crosslinking, PE A New Methode for Crosslinking Polyethylene-Insulations
Dies                              Mechanical Design of Extrusion Dies
Simulation, Plastication          Numerical Simulation of a Single Screw Plasticating Extruder
Simulation, Melting               Mathematical Modeling of Melting of Polymers in Screw Extruders-Part I
Simulation, Melting               Mathematical Modeling of Melting of Polymers in Screw Extruders-Part II
Simulation, Mixing                Computer Analysis of Mixing in Single Screw Extruders
Control, Temperature              Temperature Control in Polymer Processing Machinery with Closely Wiped Walls
Dies, Viscosity                   Entrance Pressure Drop and Die Swell in Capillaries vs. Slits
Film, Coextrusion, Melt DisturbanceInterfacial Instability in Multilayer Film Coextrusion
Coextrusion                       Layer Distribution in Coextrusion
Viscosity                         Obtaining Viscosity Data From Laboratory Extruders
Blends, Polypropylene, Nylon66,Polypropylene/Nylon-6 Blends: Phase Distribution Morphology, Rheological Measurements and Melt Spinning Behavior
Temperature                       Extruder Temperature Behaviour
Polypropylene, PP                 Variation of Extrusion Conditions-Change of Polypropylene Properties
Control, Film, Blown              Self-Tuning Control of Film Thickness in a Blown Film Process
Mixing, Performance               Analysis of the Performance of Maddock Head Mixer
Compounding, Blends, Mixing An Evaluation of Mixing Devices for Extruders Fed with Masterbatched Additives and Polymer Blends
Mixing, Twin Screw, Counter-Rotating in Counter-Rotating Tangential Twin Screw Extruders
Mixing                             Investigations into the Determination of Mixing Homogeneity in Extrudates
Mixing, Analysis                   A Novel Technique for Analyzing Mixing in Processing Equipment
Mixing                             Automated Mixing Analysis
                                   Expanding Uses for Counter-Rotating, Intermeshing, Twin Screw Extruders
Twin Screw, Intermeshing, Counter-Rotating
                                   Pumping Characteristics of Counter-Rotating Tangential Twin-Screw Extruders
Twin Screw, Melt Pumping, Counter-Rotating
Melting, Twin Screw, Counter-Rotating in Counter-Rotating, Tangential Twin Screw Extruders
Devolatilization                   The Length of a Transfer Unit (LTU) for Polymer Devolatilization Processes in Screw Extruders
Polypropylene, Spinning, PP        Extrusion and Melt Spinning Characteristics of Thermally Degraded Polypropylene
Grooved Feed                       Grooved Intensively Cooled Extruders-Are They Suitable for all Polyolefins?
LLDPE                              Analysis of Extrusion Characteristics of LLDPE
Film, Blown, PE                    An Experimental Study of the Dynamics of Tubular Film Extrusion of Polyethylene
                                   An Investigation of
Film, Optics, Orientation, Polyethylene, Blown, PE Optical Clarity and Crystalline Orientation in Polyethylene Tubular Film
Gear Pump, Pressure                Integrated Gear Pump Optimizes Pressure Build-up and Discharge in Extruder Operations
Pelletizing                        Centrifugal Pelletizer Performance
Screw Design, Energy Efficiency Novel Energy Efficient Screw Design
Performance                        Theory and Performance Characteristics of SDS Screws
Output, Performance                Investigations into the Throughput Behavior of Conventional Single-Screw Machines
Simulation, Wire Coating           A Finite Element Model for Cable Jacketing Simulation
Simulation, Coextrusion, Wire Coating, Dies Flow of Two Fluids in a Tapered Wire Coating Die-A Theoretical Treatment
Two-Stage, Design, Simulation Two-Stage Extruder Screws Part I. Designing for Functional Requirements Part II. Optimization of the Pump Section Part III
Cooling                            Design of Cooling Sections in Extrusion Lines
Polyethylene, Crosslinking, PE Crosslinked Polyethylene Extrusions Using Direct Silane Injection
Simulation, Twin Screw, Counter-RotatingPerformance Characteristics of Counter-Rotating Tangential Twin Screw Extruders
sheet                              Direct Sheet Extrusion
                                   Two Stage Co-Rotating Twin
Compounding, Twin Screw, Co-Rotating, Energy Efficiency Screw Extruder: A New Development for Energy Efficient Compounding
                                   Instability Phenomena in Cast and Tubular Film Extrusion of Polyethylenes
Instability, Film, Casting, Polyethylene
Film, Blown                        Improving Thickness and Shrinkage Uniformity of Blown Film Products
Film, Blown, LLDPE                 High Performance LLDPE Blown Film Equipment
Film, Copolymer, PP                New Polypropylene Random Copolymers Contribute Improved Film Properties
Film, Blown, Copolymer StyreneA New Clear Blown Film Produced from Butadiene-Styrene Copolymer
Film, Orientation, Nylon66         Properties of a New Biaxially Oriented Nylon 66 Film
Film, Blown, Cooling               Air Ring Effects in Blown Film Extrusion
Simulation, Film, Blown            Mathematical Modelling of the Tubular Film-Blowing Process
Dies, Sheet                        Design of Dies for the Extrusion of Sheets and Annular Parisons: The Distribution Probelm
Simulation, Dies                   Finite Element Analysis of Flow Through Dies and Extruder Channels
Mixing, Design                     Design of Fluted Mixing Sections
Simulation, dies                   Approximation to Flow Phenomena of a Polymer Power Law Fluid in Small Shearing Gaps
PVC                                Analysis of the Wall Slip Effect in Extrusion.Lubricated PVC Formulations
Simulation, Melting                Mathematical Modeling of Melting of Polymers in Single-Screw Extruders: A Critical Review
Simulation, Plastication           Dynamic Modelling of a Single Screw Plasticating Extruder
Simulation, Plastication           A Three Dimensional Model for Plasticating Extrusion Screw Design
Grooved Feed                       Optimal Design of Grooved Barrel Sections
Grooved Feed, Feeding              A Study of Grooved Feeding in the Extrusion of Polymeric Powder
Profile                            Analysis of Size and Shape Changes Along an Extrusion Line
Profile                            New Aspects on Profile Processing
Melt, Pressure                     Melt Pressure Measurement: Environmental Effects
Residence Time                     Investigations into the Residence-Time Behavior of Conventional Plasticating Single Screw Extruders
Control                            Computer Control of a Non-Steady-State Extrusion Process
Mixing                             Measurement of Mixing in Polymer Melts by Focused Ultrasound
Gear Pump                          Gear Pump Assisted Two Stage Extrusion
Pelletizing                        Mini-Pellets
Simulation, Devolatization         A Fundamental Study of Polymer Melt Devolatilization
Foam, Devolatization               The Mechanism of Foam Devolatilization in Partially Filled Screw Devolatilizers
Solution                           Extrusion Isolation of Polymers from Solution
Rotating, Devolitilization       A Rotating Drum Devolatilizer
Gear Pump                        Gear Pump Characteristics and Application
Performance, Melt Pumping        Throughput-Pressure Relationships for Power Law Fluids in Single Screw Extruders
Compounding                      Hicap Extrusion Technology for Black Jacketing Compounds
Saran, PVDC                      Extrusion of Saran Resins
Residence Time                   Determination of the Residence Time Distribution in a Plasticating Extruder Using an Ionomer Tracer
Mixing, Twin Screw, Co-Rotating  Mixing Studies in Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
Composites, Simulation, Solution redicting Component Concentration Fluctuations in Extruded Polymer Composites
Control                          Dynamic Behavior of a Single Screw Plasticating Extruder
Barrier, Analysis                Analysis of Barrier Type Extruder Screws
Melting, Solid Conveying         On the Melting of a Compressed Polymer Bed in an Annular Cell
Solid Conveying, Friction        Solids Conveying Friction Factors from Extruder Flow Data
Simulation, Solid Conveying      The Mathematical Model of Solid Conveying Zone in Single Screw Extruder
Melt Temperature                 Melt Temperature Measurement in a Single Screw Extruder
Orientation, Film, PP, Optics    The Influence of Processing Conditions on the Optical and Mechanical Properties of Extruded and Biaxially Stretched PP Film
Film , Dies                      Causes of Edge Beads in Flat Cast Films
                                 Deformational and Temperature History Comparison for LLDPE and LDPE Elements in the Bubble Expansion Region of Blow
Film, Blown, Orientation, LLDPE, LDPE
Film, Blown, Cooling             Countercurrent Cooling of Blown Film
Film, Recycling, LDPE            The Recycling of Low Density Poly(ethylene) Film
Coextrusion, Recycling, Saran, PVDC of Saran-Containing Scrap in Multilayer Coextrusion
Dies, Instability                New Process for the Reduction of Draw Resonance in Melt Embossing and Extrusion Coating
High Speed, Energy Efficiency The Extrusor-A High Speed, Low Shear, Energy Efficient Extruder
Performance, Melt Pressure       A Novel Melt Pressure Intensifier Improves Extruder Screw Performance
Control, Profile                 Multidimensional Control of Profile Extrusion by Thermal Methods
Profile, Cooling                 Lay-Out of Cooling Sections in Profile-Extrusion Plants
                                 Control Pipe
Control, Coextrusion, Orientation, Fiber, of Fiber Orientation in Pipe Coextrusion
Compounding, Dies, LDPE          Die Flow Characteristics of Compounds of Low Density Polyethylene with Small Particulates
Pelletizing, Dies, Temperature The Effect of Die Plate Temperature Gradients on Pellet Size Distribution from Underwater Die-Face Pelletizers
Analysis, Wire Coating           Wire-Coating Analysis without the Lubrication Approximation
Dies                             Effects of Secondary Cavities, Inertia and Gravity on Extrusion Dies
Devolatilization, Simulation, Foam Fundamental Study of Polymer Melt Devolatilization. II A. Theory for Foam-Enhanced DV
                                 Polymer Devolatilization II. Model for Foaming Devolatilization
Simulation, Foam, Devolatilization
Devolatilization, Twin Screw     Single Screw versus Twin Screw Extruder for Polymer Melt Devolatilization
                                 Application of
Devolatilization, Twin Screw, Counter-RotatingNovel Counter-Rotating Intermeshed Twin Extruder for Degassing Operation
Mixing                           The Effect of Viscosity Ratio on Laminar Mixing in the Twisted Tape Motionless Mixer
Mixing, Performance              Distributive Mixing Performance of Two Dynamic Mixers
Mixing, Blends                   Effect of Mixing History on Phase Morphology of a Polyalloy (Tentative Results for Three Mixers)
Blends, Mixing                   Flow Visualization of Blending of Elastomers and Thermoplastics in an Internal Mixer
Mixing                           A Modular System of Dynamic Melt Mixers
Film, Optics                     Experimental Study of the Mechanisms of Light Scattering and Surface Roughness of Tubular Film
Film, Casting, Dies              Elimination of Edge Beads in Cast Polymer Films
Reclaim, LDPE                    An Investigation into the Problems Associated with Extrusion of Reground LDPE
Simulation, Film, Blown          Blowing Film Modeling-Die to Frostline
Film, Scale-up                   Studies on Scale-Up of Tubular Film Extrusion
Dies                             Flow Distribution in Spiral Mandrel Dies
Simulation, Dies, Pressure       Dimensionless Curves for Pressure of a Heated Die Slot
Simulation, Dies                 Simulation of Nonisothermal Extrusion of Viscoelastic Melt in Slit Die
Coextrusion, Compounding, Fiber, Sheet and Thermoforming of Coextruded Short Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic Sheets
                                 Coextrusion of Short Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Pipes
Coextrusion Compounding, Fiber, Pipe
Wear, Grooved Feed               General Research Concerning the Cause and Minimization of Abrasive Wear in the Grooved Feed Zone of Single-Screw Ext
                                 Capillary Die Freeze-Off in Underwater Pelletization of Polystyrene
Pelletizing, Polystyrene, Dies, PS
Melting, Wave Screw              The Study of the Melting Mechanism in a Twin-Channel Wave Screw Extruder
Rotation                         Morphological and Mechanical Property Studies of Polymer Extrudates Obtained by the Rotational Extrusion Process
Scale-up                         Scale-Up of Single Screw Extruders
Simulation, Performance, Melt Pumping Analysis of the Temperature Profile in the Melt Conveying Section of a Single Screw Extruder: Comparison with E
Control                          A Study of the Dynamics and Control of a Single-Screw Extruder
Power, Melt Pumping              Power Consumption for Extrusion of Non-Newtonian Melt
                                 A Mathematical Model for Non-Newtonian Melt Flow over Cylindrical Compounders in Non-Intermeshing Twin Screw Extrude
Simulation, Twin Screw Non-Intermeshing
Pressure, Control                Microcomputer-Based Melt Pressure Measurement for Extrusion Process Control
Cooling, Extruder                Extruder Barrel Cooling
Film, Blown HMW-HDPE             Effect of Molecular Weight of HMW-HDPE Blown Film Extusion
Feeding, Optimization            Approaches to Optimizing Feeding in Single Screw Extruders
Control, Profile                 Multivariable Feedforward Control of Profile Extrusion
LLDPE, Metering, Performance Performance Study of Variable Pitch Metering Screws for Processing LLDPE Melts
Barrier, Performance, Melting Performance Study of Barrier Screws in the Transition Zone
Metering, Output                 Output characteristics of Power Law Fluids in Screw Pumps
Metering, Power                  Energy Consumption of Power Law Fluids in Screw Pumps
Metering, Performance, Pump Effect of Internal Screw Heating on the Performance of Pump-Assisted Extruders
Barrier, Film, Blown, HMW-HDPEarrier Screw Considerations for HMW-HDPE Blown Film Extrusion
Devolatilization                 Progress in Devolatilization of Polymer Melts in Injection Molding and Extrusion
Simulation, Devolitilization, Foam Fundamental Study of Polymer Melt Devolatilization: IV some Theories and Models for Foam-Enhanced DV
                                 Devolatilization of Concentrated Polymeric Solutions in Extensional Flow
Devolatilization, Extensional Flow
Devolatilization, Solution, Flow Concentration, Temperature and Deformation Effects in Concentrated Polymer Solutions with Volatile Solvents
                                 Dimensionless Curves for Extruder Melt Temperature and Flow
Simulation, Melt, Temperature, Flow
Simulation, LDPE                 Computer Simulation of LDPE Extrusion
Coextrusion                      Interface Determination in Multilayer Extrusion
Simulation                       Megapus-A Program Package for the Layout of Extrusion Lines
Performance, Foam, Cooling Analysis of the Performance of Cooling Extruder in Thermoplastic Foam Extrusion
                                 Counter-Rotating, Nonintermeshing Extruders as Continuous Reactors
Reactor, Twin Screw, Counter-Rotating, Non-intermeshing
                                 Counter-Rotating Twin
Devolatilization, Reactor, Counter-Rotating, Twin ScrewScrew Extruder as a Devolatilizer and as a Continuous Polymer Reactor
Mixing, Polyoxymethylene         Mixing Mechanisms for Polyoxymethylene
Reactor, Methyl Methacrylate Reactive Extrusion of Methyl Methacrylate
                                 Performing Continuous Polymer Reactions on Co-Rotating Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruders
Reactor, Twin Screw, Co-Rotating, Intermeshing
                                 Isothermal Flow of Viscous Liquids in the Mixing Section of a Buss Kneader
Mixing, Flow, Simulation, Buss Kneader
                                 Experimental Comparison
Performance, Twin Screw Counter-Rotating, Co-Rotating Between Counter-Rotation and Co-Rotation on the Twin Screw Extrusion Performance
Compounding, Solution            Solvent Assisted Compounding of Highly Filled Thermoplastics
Compounding, Quality             Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Via On-Line Controlled Compounding
Mixing, Simulation               Criteria for the Prediction of Mixing in Laminar Mixers
Mixing                           Automated Measures of Mixing for Laminar Flows
Barrier, Film, Blown, Dies       Barrier Screw Performance at Several Blown Film Die Gaps
Film, Dies, Quality              Film Quality improvements Through Effective Die Design
Film, Blown                      Blown Film Bubble Collapsing Improvement
Orientation, Polypropylene       Polypropylene Biaxial Orientation from a Morphological Viewpoint
Film, Optics                     Optics-Principle Sources of Haze & Gloss
Dies, Profile                    Streamlined Dies and Profile Extrusion
Dies, Coextrusion                Flow of Thermoplastics in Dies With Oscillating Boundary
Dies                             Edge Control of Slot dies
Simulation, Dies, Performance Numerical Simulation on the Flow of Polymer Melts Through a Coat-Hanger Die and Analysis of the Results
Polypropylene                    Extrusion Characteristics of Polypropylene Resins
Pipe                             Analysis of Slump in Plastic Pipe Extrusion
Liability                        Product Liability-Who Pays for It?
Performance                      Evaluating Extruder Screw Performance
Additives                        On-Line Additive Injection in the Extrusion Process
Heat Transfer                    Heat Transfer in Twin Screw Extruders
                                 Mixing Performance in a Non-intermeshing, Counter-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder: Experimental Study of Key Parameters A
Twin Screw, Co-Rotating, Counter-Rotating
Mixing, Co-rotating, Twin Screw Towards a Better Understanding of Mixing in a Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
Heat Transfer, Twin Screw        Heat Transfer in Twin Screw Extruders
                                 A Comparative Study of Single and Twin Screw Devolatilizers
Devolatilization, Twin Screw, Single Screw
Compounding                      Optimisation of Compounding Machines
                                 Scaleup of Counter-Rotating Non-Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruders
Counter-Rotating, Non-Intermeshing, Twin Screw
                                A Numerical Twin Screw
Mixing, Non-Intermeshing, Counter-Rotating, Procedure for Evaluation of Mixing in the Nip Region of a Non-Intermeshing, Counter-Rotating Twin Screw Extru
Simulation, Twin Screw          Simulation of Flow of Polymer Melts in Intermeshing Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
Simulation, Twin Screw          Finite Element Modeling of a Counter-Rotating, Tangential(CRT) Twin Screw Extruder
Blends, Twin Screw Design       Current Developments in Twin Screw Design and Its Application in the Preparation of Polymer Blends
Design, Grooved Feed, FeedingFeed Mechanism and Screw Design for Grooved Feed Extruders
Feeding                         The Compressibility of the Resin Solid Feed Bed in Extrusion
Pipe, Polyethylene              Extrusion of Polyethylene Pipe Compounds with Double Flight Screws
Melting, Gear Pump              An Enhanced Plasticating System Using a Combination of a High-Speed Extruder and Gear Pump
Screw, Analysis                 Extruder Screw Analysis
Simulation, Melt Temperature Temperature Development in Pure Drag Flow, Exact Analytical Solution
Melt Temperature                Dependence of Melt Temperatuer on Screw Speed and Size in Extrusion
Simulation, Dies, Flow          Polycad: A Finite Element Program for Polymer Flow Analysis Through Extrusion Dies
Simulation                      A heuristic Approach to Modeling Viscoelasticity in Polymer Processing
Simulation, Mixing              Analysis of Fluted Mixing Devices for Single Screw Extruders
Film, Blown, orientation        Blown Stretch Film Processing Parameters
LLDPE, Film, Blown              Equipment and Processing Update for the Blown Film Extrusion of Linear Low Density Polyethylene
Film, Blown                     Review of Developments in Blown Film Machinery Over the Last Decade
Film, Coextrusion, Barrier      Practical Considerations in Barrier Film Coextrusion
Coextrusion                     On-Line Layer Discrimination of Multi-Layer Structures
Dies, Simulation                Experimental/Theoretical Studies on a Special Sheet Die
Coextrusion Simulation          The Analysis of Non-Isothermal Multi-Layer Coextrusion Flows-A New Approach
Film, Dies, Blown               Automatic Blown Film Dies for High Quality Film
Simulation, Dies                Predicting Flow Performance of Spiral Mandrel Dies
Film, Blown, orientation, LLDPE Correlation Between Orientation and Tear Strengths on Blown Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) Films
Orientation, PET, Film          Double Bubble Tubular Film Extrusion Process to Produce Biaxially oriented Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Films
Control, Pressure               Utilization of Pressure Transducers for Improved Control of the Extrusion Process
Melt Pressure                   New Melt Pressure Transducer Enhancements
Quality, Rebuilding Output      Maximizing Extruder Throughput and Product Quality Between Screw Installation and Rebuilding
Orientation, Casting, sheet     The Processing Functions of Polish and Draw Roll Stands in Plastic Sheet Production
Film, Optics, LLDPE, CompoundingAddition of Branched Molecules and High Molecular Weight Molecules to Improve Optical Proeprties of LLDPE Film
Rheology, LLDPE, Orientation Resistance to Draw Resonance of Linear Low Density Polyethylene through Improved Resin Design
Sheet, Orientation              Orientation and Residual Stress Distribution in Plastic Sheet Extrusion
Film, Blown, Temperature        Simultaneous Surface and Bulk Temperature Measurement of Polyethylene During Film Blowing
Film, Cast, Blown               Guidelines for Comparing the Blown and Cast Film Processes
Mixing, Twin Screw, Co-Rotating Simulation of Mixing in Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
Simulation, Twin Screw Counter-Rotating of Flow in Modular Tangential Counter-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders: Screw Flight Staggering and Backward Pu
Simulation, Mixing, KoKneader Modelling Flow in the Mixing Section of a KoKneader (Buss)
Optimization                    Computer-Assisted Optimization of Working Points in Plastics Processing
Simulation, Mixing, Fluted MixerThree-Dimensional Computational Analysis of Fluted Mixing Devices
Dies, Simulation, Profile       Computer Design Aids for Non-Axis-Symmetric Profile Dies
Dies, Simulation, Rheology      Multi-Imaginative Network Approach for Polymer Reologic Analyses
Solid Conveying, Bulk Density Bulk Density of Solid Polymer Resins as a Function of Temperature and Pressure
Solid Conveying, Grooved Feed,Grooved Feed Extruder Screw Performance
Solid Conveying , Analysis      Non-Plug Flow Solid Conveying Theory
Analysis, Plastication          Studies on Theory of Single Screw Plasticating Extrusion: PartI, Physical Model of Extrusion
                                The Optimum Barrel Temperature Distribution in Plasticating Extrusion
Barrel, Temperature, Optimization, Melting
                                Barrier vs. Mixing Screw Design for Linear Low Density Polyethylene: An Experimental Comparison
LLDPE, Barrier, Mixing, Performance, Screw
Melting, Analysis               Conduction Melting of Polymer Pellets
Melting, Analysis               Melting of a Temperature Dependent Power Law Fluid
Performance, Flight, Clearance The Effect of Increased Flight Clearance on Extruder Performance
Melting, Bulk Density, Analysis The Influence of Resin Compressibility on Melting in Extrusion
Mixing, Analysis                Modeling Mixing in Continuous Mixers
                                Mixing of Incompatible Polymer Systems in Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
Mixing, Compounding, Twin Screw, Co-Rotating, Blends
Mixing, Twin Screw, Co-Rotating, Intermeshing of Distributive Mixing in Fully-intermeshing, Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
                                A New
Mixing, Analysis, Performance, Blends Technique for Characterizing Mixing in Polymer Blends Tested with Various Processing Devices
Mixing, Analysis                  Automated Evaluation of Mixing-Visual Studies
Devolatilization, Analysis        Measurement of Diffusion Coefficients of Organic Volatile Components in Polymer Melts
                                  Visualization and Separation Experiments on Foam-Enhanced Melt Devolatilization: A New Apparatus and Some Experimen
Performance, Devolatilization, PMMA, MMA, Foam
                                  A Comprehensive Model of Devolatilization in Twin Screw Extruders
Analysis, Twin Screw, Devolatilization
Simulation, Foam, DevolatilizationStochastic Simulation of Foaming Devolatilization
                                  Finite Element Modelling of a
Simulation, Twin Screw, Counter-Rotating, Non-Intermeshing Counter-Rotating, Non-Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruder II
Analysis, Pumping                 The Influence of Cross-Channel Shear on Isothermal Conveying of Power Law Fluids in Extruding Channels-An Analytical So
                                  Experimental Verification of a Numerical, 2-D Model for Prediction of Mixing the Nip Region of a Counter-Rotating Twin Screw
Analysis, Simulation, Performance, Twin Screw, Counter-Rotating
Twin Screw, Flow                  Drag and Pressure Flow in Twin Screw Extruders
Film , PE, Temperature            Infrared Characteristics of Thin Polymer Film: Temperature Measurement of Polyethylene
Pelletizing                       Direct Pelletizing with Rotating-Oscillating Kneaders
                                  Optimizing Cut Length Accuracy of Extruded Tubing and Profiles
Optimization, Profile, Cutting, Tubing
PP, Packaging                     Processing Mineral Filled Polypropylenes for Quality Packaging
Rheology, Melt , corrections      Viscoelastic Origin of Bagley Correction in Polymer Melts
Rheology, Compounding, InstabilityUnstable Flows During Compounding of Highly Filled Suspensions
Dies, Performance                 Polymer Flow through Spiral Mandrel Dies: An Experimental Study
Liquid Crystal                    The Extrusion of Liquid Crystal Polymers
Rheology, Profile, Orientation Extrudate Swell and Drawdown in Profile Extrusion
Coextrusion, Instability, AnalysisResearch of Instable Interface Mechanism in Coextrusion
Properties, Extrusion             Flow Behavior and Properties in High Strength Polymer Extrusion
Drives                            Drive Systems For Extrusion
Bulk Density, Single Screw        Effects of Resin Particulate Sizes On Single Screw Extrusion
Mixing, Design, Analysis          Design And Analysis of a Mixer Incorporating Lateral Mixing to Laminar Convective Mixing for Polymer Melts
Gear Pump, Analysis               Analysis of Gear Pump Assisted Extrusion
Rheology, Blends, Flow            Segregation in the Flow of Polymeric Particulates with Two Constituents
Filtration, Melt                  The Positive Value of Fine Melt Filtration in Extrusion
Wave Screw, Analysis              Fundamentals of Wave Screw Extrusion
Optimization                      Optimizing the Extrusion Process
Film, Orientation, LLDPE          Influence of Extruder Conditions on Orientation Distribution in LLDPE Films
                                  Biaxial Rheological Analysis Using the Blown Film Process
Rheology, Film, Biaxial, Orientation
Film, Casting, PP, Properties Investigation of Cast Film Machine Process Conditions and Physical Properties of Several Homopolymer and Copolymer Pol
Film, Biaxial, Orientation, PPS A Double Bubble Tubular Film Extrusion Process for P-phenylene Sulfide
                                  Comparitive Orientation
PC, Injection Molding, Compression Molding,Critical Study of Birefringence Character of Injection and Compression Molded Polycarbonate
Mixing, Twin Screw                Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging Studies of Mixing in a Twin-Screw Extruder
                                  Twin-Screw Compounding of Slip Concentrates. A Case Comparison of Intermeshing Co-rotation and Counterrotation
Compounding, Twin Screw, Co-rotating, Counter-rotating, Intermeshing
Compounding, Filled, Co-rotating, Twin Screw Techniques for Highly Filled Polymers on Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruders
Devolatization, Design            Devolatization of Polymer Melts: Machine Geometry Effects
                                  New Insights into
Modeling, Co-rotating, Intermeshing, Twin Screw the Modeling of Co-rotating Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruders
                                  3-D Analysis of the Flow in Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruders
Flow, Analysis, Co-rotating, Twin Screw
                                  Cross Channel Screw
Flow, Counter-rotating, Non-intermeshing, Twin Flow in a Counter Rotating Non-intermeshing Twin Screw Extruder
                                  Prediction and Verification of the Simulation
Twin Screw, Conveying, Performance, Co-rotating, Intermeshing, Performance of Conveying Elements within the Corotating, Fully Intermeshing Twin Screw E
                                  The Investigation Screw
Mixing, Pumping, Co-rotating, Intermeshing, Twin on Melt Pumping and Mixing Mechanism of Kneading Disc in Co-rotating Intermeshing Twin Screw Extrude
Coextrusion, Melt, Flow, Elastic Viscoelastic Effects in Coextrusion Flows of Polymer Melts
Rheology, Filled, Single Screw Single Screw Extrusion Processing of Highly Filled Suspensions Including Wall Slip
Mixing, Design, Rheology          Non-Newtonian, Non-Isothermal Flow between Non-Parallel Plates in Relative Motion. Applications to Mixer Design
Film, Die, Flow, Simulation       Simulating the Flow In a Film Die Using Finite Element Analysis
Single Screw, Simulation, Barrier Computer Model for the Simulation of Conventional and Barrier Screws
Output, Performance, Single Screw Extruder Output Prediction and Linearization
                                  Influence of LLDPE Blends
Coextrusion, Film, Blends, Properties, LLDPE, HMW-HDPE and Coextrusions on HMW-HDPE Film Properties
Reaction                          Future Trends in Extruder Reactions
Mixing, Twin Screw, Starve-Fed Mixing in Twin Screw Extruders Under Starve-Fed Conditions
Reaction, Dispersion, Process, PE Reactive Extrusion of Polyethylene: Process Improvements For Initiator Dispersion
                                  Reactive Processing for Toughness Improvement of Thermosetting Materials with Rubbers
Reaction, Process, Properties, Thermoset
Reaction, Blends, Polyolefin      Polyolefin Blends Modified through Peroxide Initiated Reactions
                                  The Maleic
Reaction, Grafting, PP, Maleic Anhydride Anhydride Grafting of Polypropylene with Organic Peroxides
                                  Modifications of Nylon-6/Polypropylene Blends through Reactive Compatibilization
Reaction, Blends, Mixing, PP, Nylon-6
Reaction, Nylon-6                 Reactive Extrusion of Nylon 6-Aspects of Industrial Use
Reaction, Rheology, Process Rheokinetics: An Aid in the Design of Reactive Extrusion Processes
Reaction, Blends, Crosslinking Controlling the Crosslink Density of Co-reactive Polymers In an Extruder Reactor
mixing, simulation                Slow Motion Filming and Predictive Modelling of a Gelimat K-Mixer
Tubing, Sizing                    Extrusion Vacuum Sizing Techniques for Flexible Tubes
Pressure, Control,Pump            Using Piston Pumps to Generate Extruder Discharge Pressure and Regulate Back Pressure
Melt temperature                  A Cam Driven Probe for Measurement of the Temperature Distribution In an Extruder Channel
Dies, Wire Coating, Simulation Computer Aided Design of Wire Coating Dies
Coextrusion, Quality, Sheet, Film Experimental Study of the Factors Affecting the Layer Thickness Uniformity of Coextruded Structures
Polypropylene, PP, Processing Influence of Extrusion Parameters on the Degradation of Polypropylene
Screw, Performance                Effects of Molecular Weight Distribution on Single Screw Extrusion
Optics, PMMA, Processing,Fiber nvestigation into the Effect of Processing Conditions on the Properties of Polymer Optical Fibers Consisting of PMMA
Optimization                      Use of Statistical Methods to Optimize the Extrusion Process
Barrier, Performance              Barrier Screw Performance of Small Extruders
                                  Starve-Fed Flow in Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
Twin Screw, co-rotating, starve-fed
Mixing, Additives, Single screw Mixing of Solid and Liquid Additives into Polymers Using Single Screw Extruders
Compounding, Simulation, Process  Fundimental of Polymer Compounding-Part II: Simulation of Polymer Compounding Process
Mixing, Single screw              Mixing in Single Screw Extruders: The Effect of Mixing Pins
Reactor, Intermeshing             The Continious Thin Film Reactor Using Ten Intermeshing Screws
Compounding,Rheology,             Experimental Identification of the Distribution of Fluid Stresses in Continuous Melt Compounders, Part II
Devolatillzation                  Devolitillzation of Polymer Melts: II. More Machine Geometry Effects
                                  Die Design for
Dies, Compounding, Twin Screw, Co-rotating Compounding Fiberglass Strand on the Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder
                                  The Investigation on Melt Conveying and
Wave Screw, Mixing, Twin screw, Co-rotating, Intermeshing, Conveying Mixing Mechanism of Wave Screw Element in Co-rotating intermeshing Twin Screw
Mixing, Single Screw              Demixing Effects in Single Screw Extruders
Mixing, Flow, Simulation          Flow and Mixing Analysis in a Rhombic Mixing Element
Mixing, Simulation                Modeling Mixing in Continious Mixers: Effect of Backmixing
Mixing, Simulation                A Study of the Mixing Abilities of the NITSE Using a Newtonian Fluid
Mixing, Twin screw, Co-rotating Experimental Study of Distributive Mixing in a Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder
Grooved Feed                      Versatility of Grooved Feed Extrusion
                                  Blown Film
Blown Film, Optimization, Screw, Analysis Extrusion Optimization-Control and Screws
Blown Film, Scale-up              Determining Equipment Size for Blown Barrier Film Extrusion
                                  Effects Properties, Cooling
Blown Film, Heat transfer, HMW-HDPE,of Bubble Cooling on Performance and Properties of HMW-HDPE Film Resins
                                  Barrier vs Conventional Screw Design: A Field Performance Study
Screw design, Barrier, Single Screw, Performance
Coextrusion, Film, Gear Pumps,Gear Pumps in Film Applications-Mono, Coextrusion, and Recycling
Blown Film, Instability, Analysis The Use of Real Time Video Techniques In The Analysis of Blown Film Instability
Sheet, Optimization, Stress       Optimizing Sheet Extrusion Conditions to Minimize Internal Stresses in Thermoformed Sheet
Blown Film, Polyethylene, Rheology Use of Deformation Rates in the Scale-up of Polyethylene Blown Film
Blown Film, LLDPE                 LLDPE Resins for High Output Blown Film Extrusion
                                  Film Properties and Applications for LLDPE and High Pressure LDPE Blends
Blends, Film, Properties, LLDPE, LDPE
Analysis, Flow, Extrusion         Experimental Investigation of the Drag Flow Assumption in Extruder Analysis
Simulation, Feeding               A Model for Feeder-Extruder Interactions
Simulation, Extrusion             Comparison of Two Models for Single-Screw Extrusion
Blend, Mixing, Single Screw       Blend Morphology Development in a Single Screw Extruder
Reactive Extrusion                Imidization Kinetics of Maleic Anhydride Polymer during Reactive Extrusion
                                  Experimental Study Screw Extruder
Dewatering and Devolatilization , Intermeshing Twin on Dewatering and Devolatilization Operations Using Intermeshed Twin Screw Extruder
                                  Optimization of the Discharge Extruders
Optimization, the Discharge Section, Co-Rotating Twin Screw Section of Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
                                  Optimization of Screw Screw Design
Optimization, Screw and Die Design, Co-Rotating Twinand DieExtruderfor Compounding Fiberglass Strand on the Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
                                  A Numerical Analysis of the Mixing Performance Nip
Numerical Analysis, Mixing Performance, Non-lntermeshing Twin Screw Extruder of the Non-lntermeshing Twin Screw Extruder Nip
Modeling Leakage Flow in Gear Modeling Leakage Flow in Gear Pumps for Polymers
                                  Controlling a Gear
Control, Gear Pump Assisted Degassing Extruder Pump Assisted Degassing Extruder via Dual Pressure Sensing
Extrusion Flows of Polymer Melts. . of Die Length in Extrusion Flows of Polymer Melts. .
                                  Dynamics of Multilayer Polymer Melt Flow:
Multilayer Polymer Melt Flow: An Experimental and Numerical Investigation An Experimental and Numerical Investigation
Design, Profile Dies              Designing Profile Extrusion Dies: A Systematic Approach
Directed Flow Extrusion Technology . . Formation Using Directed Flow Extrusion Technology . .
                                  An Experimental Evaluation of Melt Temperature Sensors for Thermoplastic Extrusion . .
Melt Temperature Sensors Evaluation
Melt Temperature Prediction       Predicting Melt Temperatures Using an Adjustable, Exposed Tip Thermocouple
Melt Temperature Measurementx elt Temperature Measurement in a Twin-Screw Extruder with Infrared Fiber Optic Probes
Melt Rheology                     Developing Critical Extrusion Parameters for Nylon 6, Nylon 66, and Nylon 4-6 Polyamide Materials from the Melt Rheology D
                                  Modelling .
Modelling, Distributive Mixing Elements . . of Flow Fields in Distributive Mixing Elements . . .
                                  Non-Newtonian Screw Extruder
Model Non-lntermeshing Counter-Rotating Twin and Non-lsothermal Analysis of Flow in a Model Non-lntermeshing Counter-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
                                   Mixing, Two Dimensional, Co-Rotating of Chaotic Mixing in Two-Tipped Kneading Paddles of Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extrud
Computational Study of Chaotic Two Dimensional Computational Study Twin Screw Extruders
                                  A Numerical Analysis Screw Extruder.
Numerical Analysis of the Mixing Performance, Single of the Mixing Performance of a Single Screw Extruder.
                                  Simulation of
Simulation, Co-Rotating Twin Screw ExtrusionNon-lsothermal Flow in Modular Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extrusion
                                  Modeling Counter-Rotating Study of Flow in an Intermeshing Counter-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
Modeling and Experimental, Intermeshing and Experimental Twin Screw Extruder
Phase Inversion, Polymer Blending Evidence for Phase Inversion during Morphology Development in Polymer Blending
                                  Statistical Measurements of Mixtures
Statistical Measurements of Mixtures
                                  Distributive Mixing of Non-Newtonian Fluids in the Partially-Filled Non-lntermeshing Twin Screw Extruder
Non-lntermeshing Twin Screw Extruder
Mixing-Energy Efficiency          A Measurement of Mixing-Energy Efficiency
Blending in a Twin-Screw Extruder Morphological Study of Polyethylene/Polystyrene Blending in a Twin-Screw Extruder
                                   IBC Systems . HMW HDPE Film Properties Utilizing IBC Systems . .
Optimization, HMW HDPE Film, Optimization of .
                                  Melt Temperature Influence of Processing
Blown Film, Melt Temperature Influence of Processing and Properties in and Properties in Blown Film
                                  Process Modelling of Contact Extrusion and Coextrusion
Modelling of Contact Extrusion and Coextrusion
Coextrusion Die for Tubular Film. The Development of a New Coextrusion Die for Tubular Film.
                                  Innovative BOPP Packaging Films for Flexible Packaging
BOPP Packaging Films, Flexible Packaging
                                   A Non-lsothermal Model of Single Screw Extrusion Processing of Viscoplastic Materials Subject to Wall Slip
Non-lsothermal Model of Single Screw Extrusion, Viscoplastic Materials Subject to Wall Slip
                                  Effects of Material Variation
Extrusion Behavior of Cellulose Fiber Filled Polypropylene and Processing Conditions on the Extrusion Behavior ofCellulose Fiber Filled Polypropylene
                                  Extrusion Stability of Polyolefin Resins with Different Molecular Weight Distribution
Extrusion Stability of Polyolefin Resins, MWD
                                   Procedures on Productivity . .
Impact of New Screw InspectionImpact of New Screw Inspection Procedures on Productivity . .
                                  Follow-up Studies of the Effects of Screw Wear on Barrier Type Screws .
Screw Wear on Barrier Type Screws .
                                  Draw Resonance Instability in Coextrusion Fiber Spinning
Draw Resonance, Instability,Coextrusion Fiber Spinning
Melting, Kneading Blocks          Melting of Plastics in Kneading Blocks
                                  Modeling of the Solids-Conveying Section of a Starve-Fed Single-Screw Plasticating Extruder
Modeling of the Solids-Conveying,a Starve-Fed Single-Screw Plasticating Extruder
                                    Polyethylene Dynamic
Coefficients of Dynamic Friction,Coefficients of Resins Friction as a Function of Temperature, Pressure, and Velocity for Several Polyethylene Resins
                                  Comparison of Elongational Viscosity Relationship with Regard to Utility in Biaxial and Uniaxial Flows
Elongational Viscosity, Biaxial and Uniaxial Flows
                                  Effect of Sharkskin
Sharkskin Melt Fracture on LLDPE Film Properties Melt Fracture on LLDPE Film Properties
                                  Comparison of Mixing Elements in Single Screw Reactive
Reactive Extrusion, Single Screw, Compatibilization of Nylon 6 and Polypropylene BlendsExtrusion: Compatibilization of Nylon 6 and Polypropylene Blends
                                  Modeling Control of a
Reactive Extrusion Process Modeling and and Control of a Reactive Extrusion Process
Reactor, A Backmix Drag-Flow A Backmix Drag-Flow Reactor
Reactive Extrusion                Non-Newtonian and Non-Isothermal Analysis of Flow During Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate in a Model Twin Screw E
Reactive Extrusion                Acceleration of Chemical Reaction in Boiling Polymer Solutions
Recycle                           Performance Differences Observed Between Structures Containing Simulated Post-Consumer Recycle Resin
Linear Ethylene Polymers          A New Family of Linear Ethylene Polymers with Enhanced Sealing Performance Designed for the Multilayer Barrier Food Pac
                                  Blown Film Bubble Forming and Quenching Effects on Film Properties
Blown Film, Bubble Forming, Quenching, Film Properties
Ethylene Copolymers               Flexomer Polyoleflns, A Unique Class of Ethylene Copolymers for Low Temperature Applications
                                  CGCT: New Rules for Ethylene Alpha-Olefin Interpolymers—Processing-Structure-Property Relationships in Blown Films
Ethylene Alpha-Olefin Interpolymers
                                  Correlating the
Linear Low Density Polyethylene Blown Film Plastic Strain with the Properties of the Linear Low Density Polyethylene Blown Film
                                  A New Look at Melt
Melt Fracture in Linear Low Density Polyethylene Fracture in Linear Low Density Polyethylene
Sharkskin Patterns in Film Extrusion Control of Sharkskin Patterns in Film Extrusion
Sharkskin Melt Fracture of LLDPE  Post-Die Effects on Sharkskin Melt Fracture of LLDPE
Stability, Blown Film             Blown Film Stability
Blown Films                       Investigation of Processing-Structure-Properties Relationships in Polyethylene Blown Films
Reactive Extrusion                Characterization of Polyamide 6 Synthesised in a Twin-Screw Extruder
Blends                            Processing and Properties of Polyamide 6/Polyethyleneterephthalate Blends
Reactive Extrusion                Reactive Extrusion Grafting of Polyglutarimides to Polyamides
Recycle, Post-Consumer MixedThermoplastic Composites from Post-Consumer Mixed Plastics Modified for Improved Adhesion
Reactive Melt Blending            In-Situ Compatibilization of PPE/Polyolefin Copolymer Blends by Reactive Melt Blending
Reactive Extrusion                Continuous Thermal Degradation of Polypropylene in Single and Twin Screw Extruders
                                  Application of
Devolatilization of Reacting Polymer Solutions Engineering Science to the Extruder Isolation of Polymers from Solution
Devolatilization of Reacting Polymer Solutions of Reacting Polymer Solutions
                                  Effect of Stripping Agents for the Devolatilizing of Highly Viscous Polymer Melts
Devolatilizing of Highly Viscous Polymer Melts
Melt Conveying                    Melt Conveying in Extruders
                                  Three Dimensional Analysis
Metering Section of a Single-Screw Extruder, 3D Analysis of the Metering Section of a Single-Screw Extruder
Mixing Element Evaluator          The Mixing Element Evaluator
                                  Evaluation of Screw Designs for Extrusion Coating Polymers
Screw Designs for Extrusion Coating Polymers
                                  A Study of Acetal and the Extrusion Variables, Screw Design, and Mew Temperature on the Thermal and Rheological Char
Thermal and Rheological Characteristicsof the Effect ofNylon 66
ISO-9000                          *ISO-9000; "What, Why and How" for the Plastics Extrusion Industry
                                  *Continuous Measuring
Measuring and Surface Inspection of Extrusion Profiles and Surface Inspection of Extrusion Profiles
 On-Line Quality Control          *The Application of Fuzzy Cluster Analysis to On-Line Quality Control of the Plastics Processing
Process Data Processing           *New Aspects in Process Data Processing on Extrusion Lines
Melting Theory, Dispersed Solids  Dispersed Solids Melting Theory
Residence Time Distribution       Residence Time Distribution in Non-Intermeshing Counter-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruders
                                  Calculating the
Temperature Calculation in the Flight ClearanceTemperature in the Flight Clearance
Cooling in Single Screw Extruders Cooling in Single Screw Extruders
Utrasonic Technique               Measuring On-Line Polymer Properties Using an Ultrasonic Technique
                                  Transient Twin Screw Extruders
Calculation, Transient Flow of Co-RotatingFlow Calculation of Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
                                  The Influence of Curvature on
Simulation, Tangential Counter-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder the Simulation of Flow in a Tangential Counter-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
                                  A Numerical Model PVC
Numerical Model, Plasticating Screw Extruders withfor Plasticating Screw Extruders with PVC
Boundary Element Method           Simulating the Flow and Heat Transfer Effects During Polymer Processing Using the Boundary Element Method
Extrusion of Viscoplastic Fluids Extrusion of Viscoplastic Fluids Subject to Different Slip Coefficients at Screw and Barrel Surfaces
Mixing Window in Chaotic Systems the Mixing Window in Chaotic Systems
                                  The Study on Melt Conveying and
Non-lntermeshing Counter-Rotating Wave Twin-Screw Extruders Mixing Characteristics of Staggered Non-lntermeshing Counter-Rotating Wave Twin-Screw
Design, Profile Dies              A Network Approach for the Design of Profile Dies
Slip Mechanism for Extrusion Compressible Viscous Flow in Slits and Tubes - A Slip Mechanism for Extrusion
Laser Doppler Velocimetry         Velocity Measurement in Single and Multi-Layer Flow Using Laser Doppler Velocimetry
Coextrusion Layer Rearrangement   Coextrusion Layer Rearrangement in Different Geometric Channels
                                  Investigating Interface Instabilities in Coextrusion
Coextrusion Interface Instabilities
                                  Screw Extruder- Experimental
Co-Rotating, Intermeshing Twin The Extrusion Performance of Co-Rotating, Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruder Screw Elements-An Experimental Investigatio
                                  The Effects of
Co-Rotating Intermeshing Twin Screw ExtruderPolymer Viscoelasticity on Fiberglass Attrition When Compounding Fiberglass Strand on the Co-Rotating Inter
                                  Co-Rotating Fully Intermeshing
Co-Rotating Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruder- Mixing AnalysisTwin Screw Extruder Mixing Analysis
                                  Three dimensional Analysis of Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extrusion Using Tools of dynamics
Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extrusion - Three Dimensional Analysis of
                                  Simulation of flow in a Modular Corotating Intermeshing Twin System with Multiple Extrusion Vents
Simulation of flow in a Modular Corotating Intermeshing Twin Screw Compounding Extrusion Screw Compounding Feeds and System with Multiple Feeds an
Film                              Interlayer Adhesion between Acrylic Acid Copolymers and Low Density Polyethylene: Test Method Development and Impact
Film                              Blown Film Frost Line-Freeze Line Interactions
Film                              The Influence of Polymer Processing Additives on the Surface, Mechanical, and Optical Properties of LLDPE Blown Film
Film                              Residence Time Distribution in Spiral Mandrel Die Design
Film                              Predicting Film Strength Properties of PCR/LLDPE Blends           38
Reactive Extrusion, Compounding New Approach to Reactive Compounding
Reactive Extrusion, Starch        Preparation of Starch Derivatives by Reactive Extrusion
Reactive Extrusion, PP-g-AA Reactive Extrusion of PP-g-AA with Alkyl Amines
Reactive Extrusion                Poly(isoprene-g-styrene) by Reactive Extrusion
Modeling, Flow, Spiral Dies       Modeling of Polymer Flow in Single Spiral Dies. .
Modeling, Flow, Manifold          Comparison of Experimental Velocity Measurements in the Manifold of an Extrusion Die with Numerical Predictions
                                  Thermal Effects
Coextrusion Layer Uniformity, Thermal Effects on Layer Uniformity of Coextrusion Flows
                                  Flow Birefringence, Manifold, Extrusion Die
Flow Birefringence, Manifold, Extrusion Die
                                  Coextrusion Layer Thickness
Coextrusion Layer Thickness Variation-Effects of Geometry Variation-Effects of Geometry on Layer Rearrangement .
Modeling, Die, Extruded SiliconeUse of Die Modeling to Improve the Manufacturing Process for Extruded Silicone Rubber.
                                  Melt Grafting of TSE
Reactive Extrusion, Melt Grafting, Polyethylene, a Basic Monomer onto Polyethylene in a Twin Screw Extruder .
                                   on Grafting of Polystyrene on Starch in a Twin-Screw Extruder.
Reactive Extrusion, Grafting, PSThe Starch, TSE
Reactive Extrusion                Continuous Polymerization in a Back-Mixed Drag Flow Reactor
Reactive Extrusion                Continuous Polymerization of Caprolactam m a Twin Screw Extruder On-Line Blending and Melt Spinning to Form Blend Fibe
Reactive Extrusion                Non-Homogeneous Mixing Rates and Conversion
Reactive Extrusion                Evaluation of Chemically Modified Polypropylene with Various Glass Fiber Types for Performance Enhancement in Glass Fill
Reactive Extrusion, EVA           Transesterification of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer in a Modular Intermeshing Corotating Twin Screw Extruder with Diffe
Stability, P Effects              Effect of Head Pressure Variation on Stability: An Experimental Verification
Sheet Forming, Melt Bank          A Melt Bank Monitoring and Control System for Sheet Forming
Extrusion, HIPS on ABS Screws . . Extruding HIPS on ABS Screws . .
                                  Continuous Three-Dimensional
Extruded Shapes, Continuous Three-Dimensional Forming of Forming of Extruded Shapes
Debugging, Optimizing ExtruderDebugging and Optimizing Extruder Performance Using Process Data Collected with a Data Acquisition System
RTD, Ultrasonic Technicque        Residence Time Distribution in Extruders Determined by In-Line Ultrasonic Measurements
                                   ZSK Extruder .
Heat Transfer, Polymer Melting, Heat Transfer during Polymer Melting in ZSK Extruder .
Intelligent Advisor               Intelligent Advisor to Assist Extruder Operators: A Case Study
                                  Multicomponent Extrusion
Control Strategy, Screw Speed, Screw Speed Control Strategy for Multicomponent Extrusion
Twin-Screw-Extruder/Gear Pump Systems Throughput Control for Twin-Screw-Extruder/Gear Pump Systems .
                                  The Use of Bubble Processing-Property Analysis
Blown Film Process, Bubble Kinematics, Scale Up, Kinematics in the Scale Up and Processing-Property Analysis of the Blown Film Process
                                  of LLDPE
Blown Film Extrusion, Scale-Up Scale-Up of LLDPE Blown Film Extrusion
Cast Film Extrusion               Cast Film Extrusion with Water Bath Cooling
                                  ofLDPE & between
Blown Films, Strain - Properties CorrelationLLDPE the Plastic Strain and the Properties of the Low and Linear Low Density Polyethylene Blown Films .
                                  Counter-Rotating Die
Blown (Micro) Film Line, Counter-Rotating Die Design Design in Micro Blown Film Line.
Devolatilization of PDMS Gums Devolatilization of PDMS Gums: A Performance Comparison of Co- and Counter-Rotating TSEs
                                  Scale-Up Study of Intermeshing
Twin Screw Extruders, Scale-Up, Co-Rotating FullyCo-Rotating Fully Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruders Using 47 mm, 69 mm, and 96.5 mm Diameters
                                  Effect of Screw Root Profile on PMMA Melting in Profile on PMMA Melting
Twin Screw Extruders, Counter-Rotating Non-Intermeshmg, Effect of Screw Root Counter-Rotating Non-Intermeshmg Twin Screw Extruder
Mixing                            Specific Throughput as an Operating Parameter for Mixing
Twin Screw Extruders, Geometry    The Geometry of Self Cleaning Twin Screw Extruders
                                  The Effect of Viscosity Ratio of Two Miscible Fluids
Twin Screw Extruders, Non-Intermeshing, Distributive Mixing and Volume Fraction on the Distributive Mixing of Two Miscible Fluids in the NITSE
                                  The Twin-Screw Mixing Element Evaluator: On-Line Performance Evaluation of Modular Twin-Screw Mixing Elements
Twin-Screw Mixing Element Evaluator
                                   Flight Clearances .
Developing Melt Temperature in Developing Melt Temperature in Flight Clearances .
                                  Barrel Cooling Effects in PET Extrusion .
Barrel Cooling Effects in PET Extrusion .
                                  A Device to Study Solids Compaction and Conveying in Single Screw Extrusion . . .
Single Screw Extrusion, Solids Compaction and Conveying in
                                  Material Selection, and Process Optimization Using
Expert Systems, Material Selection, Screw Design, Screw Design, and Process Optimization Using Expert Systems
Single Screw Extruders, FEA of FEA of Flow in Single Screw Extruders
                                  The Effect of Elongational
Extrusion Dies . Elongational Viscosity, Melt Distribution. Viscosity on Polymer Melt Distribution in Extrusion Dies .
Mixing Prediction                 Area Deformation as a Basis for Mixing Prediction
                                  Fully Transient Analysis
Heat Transfer in Single and Twin Screw Mixing Elementsof Heat Transfer in Single and Twin Screw Mixing Elements
                                  3D Finite-Element Analysis of Region in the Intermeshing Region of Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
Twin Screw Extruders, 3D FEA of the Flow in the Intermeshingthe Flowof Co-Rotating
                                  Three Dimensional Numerical Analysis
Single Screw Extruder,3-D Numerical Analysi, (ET) Screw Section of a of an Energy Transfer (ET) Screw Section of a Single-Screw Extruder
Simulation,Mixing in the Extrusion Process Mixing in the Extrusion Process
Heat Sealing                      Heat Sealing Linear Ethylene Plastomers to Monomers or LLDPEs
Nonlinear Viscoelastic Creep ModelA Nonlinear Viscoelastic Creep Model
                                  New Materials for Heavy Duty Packaging Applications—For Conventional and High Stalk Extrusion
New Materials for Heavy Duty Packaging Applications
                                  Barrier Screw
Barrier Screw, Cast Film, Extrusion Coating. Considerations for Cast Film and Extrusion Coating.
Design Coextrusion Blown Film Dies Considerations for Concentric Mandrel and Stackable Coextrusion Blown Film Dies
Design, Sheeting Dies             Optimal Design of Polymer Sheeting Dies
Fluoropolymers, Unstable Melt FlowExtrusion of Fluoropolymers: Effect of the Polymer/Metal Interface in the Die on Onset of the Unstable Melt Flow
Flexible Membranes in Flat Sheet Dies . Choker Bars by Flexible Membranes in Flat Sheet Dies .
                                  Thermal Effects in
Co-Extrusion of Polymer Melts- Thermal Effects in Co-Extrusion of Polymer Melts
Extrusion Dies, Flow KinematicsEffect of Die Geometry on Flow Kinematics in Extrusion Dies .
                                  Coextrusion Layer Thickness Variation—Effect of Uniformity
Coextrusion Layer Thickness Variation—Effect of Polymer Viscoelasticity on LayerPolymer Viscoelasticity on Layer Uniformity
Extruder Drive Selection          Optimizing Extruder Drive Selection—A Review of the Factors Involved
                                  The Effect of Metal Surface Roughness on the Frictional Properties of Resins .
Friction Coefficients, Metal Surface Roughness
Thin Film                         New Concept to Run Thin Film with Outstanding Surface Quality through a Polishing Stack
Melting Mechanisms in ZSK Extruders . Mechanisms in ZSK Extruders .
                                  Effects of Polypropylene Crystallinity on Extrusion
Extrusion, Effects of Polypropylene Crystallinity on
                                  Comparative Study in
Twin Screw Extruders, Comparative Study of Mixingof Mixing in Twin Screw Extruders
                                   of a Field Analysis of a Multi-Cut Transfer Mix
Transfer Mix Flow Field AnalysisFlow Multi-Cut
                                   of the Mixing Process in a . . .
Transfermix Extruder EvaluationEvaluation of the Mixing Process in a Transfermix Extruder . . .
                                  Flow and Fluids, Wavy Wall Channel
Flow and Mixing Analysis, Highly Viscous Mixing Analysis of Highly Viscous Fluids in a Wavy Wall Channel
Chaotic Mixing, Kenics Static Mixer. . Mixing in the Kenics Static Mixer. .
                                  The Use of "On-Line Optical Microscopy" for Monitoring
On-Line Optical Microscopy, Monitoring, Compounding, Polymer Processing Operations Compounding and Other Polymer Processing Operations
                                  An Experimental Comparison of Heat Removal in Water or Air Cooled Cast Aluminum Extruder Barrel Coolers
Heat Removal, Extruder Barrel Coolers
                                   Velocity Measurements in the Nip Region of
 Laser Doppler Anemometry, Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruder Nip Region a Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruder Using Laser Doppler Anemometry
                                   Extruder Temperature Control with Adaptive Reset
Extruder, Temperature Control with Adaptive Reset
Blown Film Process, Heat Transfer CoefficientDetermination of Heat Transfer Coefficient in Blown Film Process.
Fluoropolymers on LLDPE Processing of Fluoropolymers on LLDPE Processing: Some Quantitative Aspects
                                   The Determination of
Spherilene Process HDPE Matrix, Cast Film ExtrusionPolymer Additive Effects in a Spherilene Process HDPE Matrix upon Water Carry Over in Water Quenc
                                    Coextrusion, Polyethylene Resins
Interfacial Instability, Blown FilmInterfacial Instability Phenomena in Blown Film Coextrusion of Polyethylene Resins
                                   Investigation of Blown Film Extrusion Using the Laser Doppler Velocimetry
Laser Doppler Velocimetry, Blown Film Extrusion
                                   Numerical Simulation of Viscoelastic Polymer Flow—Effect of
Numerical Simulation, Viscoelastic Polymer Flow, Secondary Flows on Multilayer Coextrusion Secondary Flows on Multilayer Coextrusion
                                   A Nonisothermal Finite Difference Flow and Heat Flow and
Co-Rotating TSE, Nonisothermal Finite Difference Analysis of the Analysis of the Transfer Heat Transfer in a Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
                                   Fluid Flow and and Particle Trajectories in
Single Screw Pumps and Extruders, Fluid Flow Particle Trajectories in Single Screw Pumps and Extruders 201
                                   Models of Composite—Modular List/Buss Kokneter and Crosshead Screw Extruder
Models of Flow and Experimental Studies, Flow and Experimental Studies on a Composite—Modular List/Buss Kokneter and Crosshead Screw Extruder
                                   Bicomponent Extrusion
Viscoelastic Effects in Stratified Viscoelastic Effects in Stratified Bicomponent Extrusion
                                   Numerical Analysis of the Screw Section
Numerical Analysis, Thermal Mixing, Energy Transfer (ET)Thermal Mixing Effects of an Energy Transfer (ET) Screw Section
                                   *The Working Domain
Reactive Extrusion: The Effect of Pre-Polymerisation . .in Reactive Extrusion: The Effect of Pre-Polymerisation . .
                                   *IR Temperature Measurement in Extruders . .
IR Temperature Measurement, Extruders
                                   *Studies of Maleation of Polypropylene, JSW Modular Maleation Extruder
Thermal/Peroxide Induced Degradation andThermal/Peroxide Induced Degradation andTwin Screwof Polypropylene in a JSW Modular Twin Screw Extruder:
                                   *The Multi-Screw Extruder "MSE" for Nylon 6
Multi-Screw Extruder "MSE", Nylon 6 Devolatilization, PET Post CondensationDevolatilization and Post Condensation with PET
                                   Coefficients of Dynamic Friction and the Resins . . .
Friction, Mechanical Melting Mechanism, Vinylidene Chloride Copolymer Mechanical Melting Mechanism for Vinylidene Chloride Copolymer Resins . . .
                                   Solids Conveying in Low
Solids Conveying, Low Friction and Starve Fed Extruders Friction and Starve Fed Extruders
                                   Developing Melt in the Screw
Melt Temperature in Extruders, Heat Conduction Temperature in Extruders Including Heat Conduction in the Screw
                                   Elimination of a Restriction at the Entrance of Barrier Flighted Extruder Screw Sections.
Barrier Flighted Extruder, Elimination of a Restriction
Kneading Block Melting Study Kneading Block Melting Study
                                   Twin-Screw Extruders, Farrel Asymmetric Modular Mixing Elements (FAMME)
Mixing, Corotating Intermeshing Mixing in Corotating Intermeshing Twin-Screw Extruders with Farrel Asymmetric Modular Mixing Elements (FAMME)
                                    Co-Rotating/Counter-Rotating Twin JSW Extruder
Blending Process, JSW ModularA Study of the Blending Process in aScrewModular Co-Rotating/Counter-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder at Different Barrel Te
Extruded Thermoplastic Starch, The Influence of Plasticizer on Extruded Thermoplastic Starch
                                   Scaleup of Dispersive CRNI Cylindrical Extruders
Scaleup, Dispersive Mixing, Cylindrical Compounders, MixingTwin Screw Compounders in CRNI Twin Screw Extruders
                                   Study on the Visual and Dynamic
Solid Conveying, Co-Rotating Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruder Extrusion Process in the Co-Rotating Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruder—Focus on the So
                                    Copolymers with Long Chain Branching:
Homogeneous Ethylene/a-OlefinHomogeneous Ethylene/a-Olefin Copolymers with Long Chain Branching:
                                    Wall Slip, Die Flow of Concentrated Suspensions
Motion Analysis,Development ofMotion Analysis of Development of Wall Slip during Die Flow of Concentrated Suspensions
                                   Rheology of Reactive Polystyrene/Ethylene-Propylene Rubber Blends
Rheology, Reactive Polystyrene/Ethylene-Propylene Rubber Blends
Rheological and Optical Quality Control Rheological and Optical Quality Control in Polymer Production and Processing
                                   A Non-Newtonian Simulation Method
Non-Newtonian Simulation Method for Moving Boundary Problems for Moving Boundary Problems
Breakup Mechanisms in Cavity Flow of Breakup Mechanisms in Cavity Flow
                                   Rheology-Driven Mixing Mechanisms in TSMEE Kneading Blocks: Dispersion Rates and Morphology Stabilization
Rheology-Driven Mixing Mechanisms in TSMEE Kneading Blocks
                                   HDPE/PS Blends, Interfacial Modification
Co-Continuity, Phase Inversion, Co-Continuity and Phase Inversion in HDPE/PS Blends: The Role of Interfacial Modification
                                   Morphology Development of Polymer Blends in a Tangential Counter-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
Tangential Counter-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder, Morphology Development of Polymer Blends in a
Morphology, Mixing, Twin-ScrewMorphology and Mixing in Twin-Screw Extruders
                                   Blend Morphology Development
Morphology Development, compounding, Twin-Screw Extruder during compounding in a Twin-screw extruder
Integrated Control System          Considerations for Choosing an Integrated Control System
Integrated Process Control         The Applications and Benefits of Total Integrated Process Control
                                    Properties, Polyolefin Plastomers
COF, Seal Performance, OpticalOptimizing COF, Seal Performance, and Optical Properties of Polyolefin Plastomers
Computer Simulation, Film Blowing  Computer Simulation of Film Blowing
Purging Compound                   An Improved Purging Compound for Polyamides and Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Copolymers
                                   Investigation during .
Mixing, Non Linear Effects of Polymer Flows of Non Linear Effects of Polymer Flows during Mixing .
                                   Phase Inversion during Compounding of
Phase Inversion,Compounding of Polycaprolactone/Polyethylene Blends Polycaprolactone/Polyethylene Blends
                                   Rheology and Processing of Polycarbonate/Carbonate/Carbon Black Composites.
Rheology, Processing, Polycarbonate/Carbonate/Carbon Black Composites.
                                   Processing of Thermoplastic Elastomers and Rubber Modified Rubber Polymers on Continuous
Processing,Thermoplastic Elastomers and Rubber Modified Rubber Polymers,Continuous Operating Compounding Machines Operating Compounding Ma
                                   Polymer Melts in Shear
Rheology, Morphology, Layered The Rheology and Morphology of Layered Polymer Melts in Shear
Blown Film Process, A Review A Review of the Blown Film Process.
                                   Modular Coextrusion Stacked Dies for Blown Film
Blown Film, Modular Coextrusion Stacked Dies
                                    Cooling and Gauge Tolerances in
Blown Film Extrusion, OptimizedOptimized Cooling and Gauge Tolerances in Blown Film Extrusion
                                   Study of Kinematics and Low Density Film Blowing
Blown Film Extrusion, Kinematics and Dynamics, Linear Dynamics of Polyethylene of a Linear Low Density Polyethylene
                                   The Effect of Processing Variables on Peel Strength Performance in Coextrusion Blown Film ............
Coextrusion Blown Film, Peel Strength Performance
                                   Films, Layer Layer Geometry on Tie Layer Adhesion of Coextruded Films....
Tie Layer Adhesion,Coextruded The Effect of Geometry
                                   Analysis of Flow in Screw
Analysis, Flow in Screw Extruders, Kinematic Conditions . Extruders, Effect of Kinematic Conditions .
Screw Design, Newtonian Fluid Flow Design and Newtonian Fluid Flow
                                 Design of Single Screw Extrusion
Design, Sinusoidal Barrier Mixing Element,Sinusoidal Barrier Mixing.Element for Single Screw Extrusion .
                                 Computer Simulation Extruders
Computer Simulation, Conventional and Barrier Screwof Conventional and Barrier Screw Extruders
                                 Coupled Simulation of Die and Extrusion Flows Using Three Dimensional
Coupled Simulation, Die and Extrusion Flows, Three Dimensional
                                 Analysis Flow, Isothermal Non Newtonian
Analysis, Non Isothermal Non Newtonian of NonModular List/Buss Kneader Flow in a Modular List/Buss Kneader
                                 Residence Time Flow, Screw Extruders
Residence Time Distribution, Three Dimensional Distribution in Screw Extruders Three Dimensional Flow Effects on
                                 The Division Agglomerates in Molten Environment of Polymers: A Physical Model for Mathematical Description
Model, Agglomerates in Molten Environment of Polymers
                                 Analysis of Dynamic Seals in Screw Extruders
Analysis, Dynamic Seals in Screw Extruders
                                 Stress Distribution in Solid Polymer Compacts .
Stress Distribution, Solid Polymer Compacts .
                                 Theoretical and Analysis of in Single of Solids Conveying in Single Screw Extruders.
Solids Conveying, Theoretical and Experimental Experimental AnalysisScrew Extruders.
                                  Melting Characteristics, Polyethylenes,
Frictional Behavior, Density and Frictional Behavior of Pblyethylenes with Respect to Density and Melting Characteristics
                                  Considerations, of Different Types of Low Density Polyethylenes and Screw Design Considerations
Melting Behavior, Screw Design Melting BehaviorDifferent Types of Low Density Polyethylenes
                                 Wave Pattern Instability in Multilayer Coextrusion-An Experimental Investigation.
Wave Pattern Instability, Multilayer Coextrusion, Experimental
                                 Enhanced Dies
Enhanced Dies, Unique Tubing Applications . for Unique Tubing Applications .
                                 Analyzing Channel Geometries
Analysis, Flow, Dies Containing Different the Flow through Dies Containing Different Channel Geometries
Underwater Pelletizer (UG400) Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Waterflow in an Underwater Pelletizer (UG400)
Die Design, Profile              Profile Die Design by Pressure Balancing and Cross Flow Minimization
                                 The Use of Three Dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics in the Design of Extrusion Dies
Design,Extrusion Dies, 3-D Computational Fluid Dynamics in the
                                 Optimal Design of
Design,Optimal, Linearly Tapered Coat Hanger Diea Linearly Tapered Coat Hanger Die
                                 Study of Self Reinforced Polypropylene from Continuous Melt Extrusion
Self Reinforced Polypropylene, Continuous Melt Extrusion
Reactive Extrusion               Effect of Processing Parameters on the Compatibilization of Polypropylene and Poly(butylene terephthalate) Blends by One S
Reactive Modification of Polypropylene Modification of Polypropylene
                                 Polypropylene Graft Modified with Glycidyl Methacrylate and Styrene.
Reactive Modification of Polypropylene
Reactive Extrusion               Innovative Products from Post Consumer Nylon Carpet via Reactive Extrusion
                                 Acceleration of Chemical Reaction in Reactive Extrusion Accompanied by Devolatilization
Reactive Extrusion Accompanied by Devolatilization
Crystallization, Extrusion . .   Crystallization Behavior of the Blends of Pet and PBT by Extrusion . .
Reactive Extrusion Simulation Simulation of Reactive Extrusion: Polymerization of Caprolactam in a Modular CoRotating Twin Screw Extruder
                                 Mixing of Low Viscosity and High Viscosity Polymer Melts in a Modular CoRotating Twin Screw Extruder
Mixing, Low Viscosity and High Viscosity Polymer Melts,Modular CoRotating Twin Screw Extruder
                                   in a Twin Screw in a Twin Screw Extruder Based
Mixing Characteristics of RubberMixing of Rubber Extruder Based on Drag Flow on Drag Flow
                                  Twin Screw Extruders: Contribution of the Different Screw Functions
Residence Time Distributions in Residence Time Distributions in Twin Screw Extruders
                                 SIGMA-Computer Aided Process Simulation of Intermeshing CoRotating Twin Screw Extruders
SIGMA-Computer Aided Process Simulation of Intermeshing CoRotating Twin Screw Extruders
                                 Pressure Profile in an Intermeshing Counter Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
Pressure Profile, Intermeshing Counter Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
Devolatilization Model           A Model of Polymer Devolatilization
Devolatilization Extruder Analysis nalyzing Devolatilization Extruders for Residuals Optimization . .
Devolatilization                 Devolatilization of Filled Polymeric Materials: I-Batch Study
                                 Experimental Screw Extruder
Dewatering by Intermeshing CoRotating TwinAnalysis of the Dewatering Processing by Intermeshing CoRotating Twin Screw Extruder
Compounding                      Compounding of Glass Reinforced Plastics in Corotating Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruder with Novel Mixing Sections . . .
Compounding                      Twin Screw Extrusion Processing of Filled Polymers .
Compounding                      Experimental Study of Extruding Behavior against Material Property in the Filler Mixing by Intermeshing Co-Rotating Twin Sc
                                 Compaction and Conveying Behavior
Compaction and Conveying, Counter Rotating Twin Screw Extruder of (Suspension) PVC Powder in Counter Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
                                  State, Intermeshing Counter Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
Heat Transfer Behavior, PowderHeat Transfer Behavior of Powder State in Intermeshing Counter Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
Extrusion Lines, .High Precision High Precision Extrusion Lines .
                                 Predicting Actual Temperature Distributions in a Polymer Stream Using an Adjustable Depth, Exposed Tip Thermocouple As
Predicting Actual Temperature Distributions
                                 Heat Melt Sections
Heat Transfer Coefflcients in ExtruderTransfer Coefflcients in Extruder Melt Sections
                                 Axial Conduction in a Convectively Heated/Cooled Extruder Barrel
Axial Conduction, Convectively Heated/Cooled Extruder Barrel
                                 A Analysis and Residence Time Measurement,Twin Screw Extruder
Online Technique for Morphology, New Online Technique for Morphology Analysis and Residence Time Measurement in a Twin Screw Extruder
                                   with a Helical Barrel Line with a
On Line Viscosity Measurement Measure Viscosity OnRheometer Helical Barrel Rheometer
                                 Profile Control System
Profile Control System,Sheet Forming with a Melt Bank for Sheet Forming with a Melt Bank
Surging Suppression              Surge Suppression-A New Means to Limit Surging
                                 Blown Film Resins Made in of Phillips Slurry Loop Process (153)
Blown Film Characterization of Metallocene CharacterizationtheMetallocene Resins Made in the Phillips Slurry Loop Process (153)
                                  of Cast, Tubular and Biaxially Stretched Tubular and Biaxially Stretched Poly(butylene terephthalate) Film (227)
Formation and Characterization Formation and Characterization of Cast, Poly(butylene terephthalate) Film (227)
                                 Measurement (42)
Measurement of the Curvature Defect in Films of the Curvature Defect in Films (42)
                                 Spherilene Process Shrink Film (744)
Spherilene Process LLDPE for Conventionally BlownLLDPE for Conventionally Blown Shrink Film (744)
                                 Extrusion of Oriented LCP Film (181)
Extrusion of Oriented LCP Film (181)
                                 Extrusion of
Extrusion of Syndiotactic Polystyrene (188) . Syndiotactic Polystyrene (188) .
                                   Calculating (400)
Calculating Power of Extruder Melt SectionsPower of Extruder Melt Sections (400)
                                   Barrier Screws for Grooved Barrel Extruders-High Performance Extrusion for
Barrier Screws for Grooved Barrel Extruders-High Performance Extrusion for a Broad Range of Resins (478) a Broad Range of Resins (478)
                                   Extrusion of Non-olefinic Polymers with a (755)
Extrusion of Non-olefinic Polymers with a Fluoroelastomer Processing Aid Fluoroelastomer Processing Aid (755)
                                   Increasing Pelletizing Extruder Output
Increasing Pelletizing Extruder Output with Fluoropolymer Alloys (930) with Fluoropolymer Alloys (930)
                                   The lnfluence of Using Fluoropolymer the Extrusion Characteristics of the Extrusion Resin Blends (9002)
The lnfluence of Using Fluoropolymer Processing Additives to ImproveProcessing Additives to Improve LDPE/LLDPE Characteristics of LDPE/LLDPE Resin B
                                   Investigation Fully Intermeshing Twin Screw Fully Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruders Pressure Distributions (501)
Investigation of Mixing Patterns in CoRotatingof Mixing Patterns in CoRotatingExtruders Mixing Elements Using DynamicMixing Elements Using Dynamic Pre
                                   Velocity Profiles in the Nip Region of a CoRotating Twin Screw Extruder: Transitions between (428)
Velocity Profiles in the Nip Region of a CoRotating Twin Screw Extruder: Transitions between Forward and Reverse Elements Forward and Reverse Element
                                   Experimental and Statistical Analysis of Residence Time Distribution in (676)
Experimental and Statistical Analysis of Residence Time Distribution in Corotating Twin Screw Extruder Corotating Twin Screw Extruder (676)
                                   Study Screw and RTD in a
Study of Flow and RTD in a ZSK Twin of FlowExtruder (328) ZSK Twin Screw Extruder (328)
                                    Design in Corotating Twin Screw Extruders (588)
Pressure Generation and ScrewPressure Generation and Screw Design in Corotating Twin Screw Extruders (588)
                                    in CoRotating, Intermeshing Twin CoRotating, Intermeshing
Filling Length and Degree of Fill Filling Length and Degree of Fill in Screw Extruders (661) . . Twin Screw Extruders (661) . .
                                   Analysis and Distribution in Residence Time Distribution in Intermeshing CoRotating Finite Element Simulations (511)
Analysis and Modeling of the Residence TimeModeling of theIntermeshing CoRotating Twin Screw Extruders Based on Twin Screw Extruders Based on Finite
                                   in Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruders (437)
Practical Aspects of Processing Practical Aspects of Processing in Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruders (437)
                                   A Scientific .
A Scientific Approach to Screw Design (834)Approach to Screw Design (834) .
Trouble Shooting Extrusion Problems (1)Shooting Extrusion Problems (1)
                                     DOE Optimisation by Means (514)
Screw Optimisation by Means ofScrew and Multiple Regressionof DOE and Multiple Regression (514)
                                   Extrusion of Thin Gauge Polypropylene Sheet (54)
Extrusion of Thin Gauge Polypropylene Sheet (54)
                                   Response Surface Analysis of Average Residence Times in a CoRotating Twin Screw Extruder (552)
Response Surface Analysis of Average Residence Times in a CoRotating Twin Screw Extruder (552)
                                   Modular Tangential Counter Rotating Twin Screw Extrusion: Non-Newtonian and
Modular Tangential Counter Rotating Twin Screw Extrusion: Non-Newtonian and Non-Isothermal Simulation (226)Non-Isothermal Simulation (226)
                                   Analysis and Modeling of Polymer Devolatilization in Screw Extrusion and Compounding Processes (663) .... 156
Analysis and Modeling of Polymer Devolatilization in Screw Extrusion and Compounding Processes (663) .... 156
                                   On the Effect of Shear Polymeric Materials (184) . . .
On the Effect of Shear Flow on Devolatilization of FilledFlow on Devolatilization of Filled Polymeric Materials (184) . . .
                                   Phase Inversion of Viscosity Variation with Temperature (619)
Phase Inversion during Compounding-The Effect during Compounding-The Effect of Viscosity Variation with Temperature (619)
                                   Screw Channel Subject to Wall Screw Channel Subject to Wall Slip (183) .
Extrusion Flow in Partially Filled Extrusion Flow in Partially Filled Slip (183) .
                                   Scale Effects upon Mix Melting of Multiphase Polymer Blends in ZSK Extruders (940)
Scale Effects upon Morphology Development duringMorphology Development during Mix Melting of Multiphase Polymer Blends in ZSK Extruders (940)
                                     Carcass: Rate of Mixing (411)
DSC Picture of a Polymer BlendDSC Picture of a Polymer Blend Carcass: Rate of Mixing (411)
                                   Influence the Kneading Disc Efficiency in the Kneading Screw Extruders (34)
Influence of Design on Mixing Efficiency inof Design on Mixing Region of CoRotating Twin Disc Region of CoRotating Twin Screw Extruders (34)
                                   An Experimental Study of the Frictional and Solids Conveying and Melting in Single Screw Plasticating Extruders (165)
An Experimental Study of the Frictional and Viscous Forces Responsible for Viscous Forces Responsible for Solids Conveying and Melting in Single Screw P
                                   A in Single Screw Plasticating Extruders (163) . .
A New Model for Solids ConveyingNew Model for Solids Conveying in Single Screw Plasticating Extruders (163) . .
                                   Modeling and Simulation of the Solids in Polymer Extrusion (300)
Modeling and Simulation of the Solids Conveying and Unfilled Regions Conveying and Unfilled Regions in Polymer Extrusion (300)
                                   Stress Strain Behavior of Polymer Pellets (360)
Stress Strain Behavior of Polymer Pellets (360)
                                     the Intermeshing Conveying in the Intermeshing CoRotating Twin Screw Extruders with Three Sub-Conveying Zones (433)
The Model of Solid Conveying inThe Model of SolidCoRotating Twin Screw Extruders with Three Sub-Conveying Zones (433).
                                   Understanding High Rate CoRotating Twin Screw Extruders (306)
Understanding High Rate and High RPM Compounding onand High RPM Compounding on CoRotating Twin Screw Extruders (306)
                                   State of with Calcium Carbonate (332) .
State of Dispersion-Polypropylene Filled Dispersion-Polypropylene Filled with Calcium Carbonate (332) .
                                     Behavior against Material Property in the against Material Property in CoRotating Twin Screw Extruder (II) (465)
Experimental Study of ExtrudingExperimental Study of Extruding Behavior Filler Mixing by Intermeshingthe Filler Mixing by Intermeshing CoRotating Twin Scr
                                   Application of Expanded Volume Single Screw Kneaders (427)
Application of Expanded Volume Intake Sections in ReciprocatingIntake Sections in Reciprocating Single Screw Kneaders (427)
                                     Filled and Preparation of Highly Filled Molding (609)
Mixing and Preparation of HighlyMixing Feedstock for Ceramic Injection Feedstock for Ceramic Injection Molding (609)
                                   Experimental Study in a Kobe Steel NexT Continuous a Kobe Steel
Experimental Study of Flow Mechanisms and Mixing of Flow Mechanisms and Mixing inMixer (222) . NexT Continuous Mixer (222) .
                                   Lubrication of Pumps (486) Bearings in Gear Pumps (486) .....
Lubrication of Hydrodynamic Bearings in Gear Hydrodynamic.....
                                   Investigation Pelletizer (UG 400) Underwater Pelletizer (UG 400) (329)
Investigation of Water Flow in an Underwater of Water Flow in an (329)
                                   Designing an (76) ......
Designing an Extruder Additive Injection ValveExtruder Additive Injection Valve (76) ......
                                   Front End Drive
Front End Drive Single Screw Melt Pump (80) ....Single Screw Melt Pump (80) ....
                                    for Extrusion Lines (97)
Advanced Film Winding System Advanced Film Winding System for Extrusion Lines (97)
                                   Non-Isothermal Viscoelastic Flow Simulation of a High Speed Wire Coating Process (665)
Non-Isothermal Viscoelastic Flow Simulation of a High Speed Wire Coating Process (665)
                                   Flow Visualization in .. .. ...
Flow Visualization in a Stacked Type Spiral Die (118) a Stacked Type Spiral Die (118) .. .. ...
                                   Polyflow A Design on Inverse Die/Mandrel Design for High (846)
Polyflow A Treatise on Inverse Die/Mandrel Treatisefor High Consistency Silicone Elastomer Consistency Silicone Elastomer (846)
                                   Model for the Calculation of the Model for the Calculation of the (132)
Development of a Mathematical Development of a Mathematical Pressure Drop in Extrusion Dies Pressure Drop in Extrusion Dies (132)
                                   Pressure Drop of (458)
Pressure Drop of the Polymer Melt Flow in a Pipe the Polymer Melt Flow in a Pipe (458)
                                   Coextrusion Layer Thickness Distribution Improvements
Coextrusion Layer Thickness Distribution Improvements via Equipment Design (187) . . via Equipment Design (187) . .
                                   Transient in Coat Hanger Dies (293)
Transient Simulation of Coextrusion FlowsSimulation of Coextrusion Flows in Coat Hanger Dies (293)
                                     Melt Delivery Systems (399)
Calculating Surge Dampening inCalculating Surge Dampening in Melt Delivery Systems (399)
                                   The Effect of Die Characteristics of Polyethylenes (751) .
The Effect of Die Lip Temperature on the Surface Lip Temperature on the Surface Characteristics of Polyethylenes (751) .
                                   Interfacial Instabilities during Coextrusion of LDPEs (119)
Interfacial Instabilities during Coextrusion of LDPEs (119)
                                     Three Dimensional
 Three Dimensional Analysis of Coextrusion (143) . Analysis of Coextrusion (143) .
                                   Ultrasonic Characterization
Ultrasonic Characterization of Extrusion Instabilities (334) of Extrusion Instabilities (334)
                                   Ultrasonic Monitoring
Ultrasonic Monitoring of Foaming in Polymers (301) of Foaming in Polymers (301)
                                 Non-Destructive Bubbles in Gas Assisted Injection Molded Gas (982)
Non-Destructive Product Characterization of GasProduct Characterization of Gas Bubbles inParts Assisted Injection Molded Parts (982)
                                 Measurement and Modeling of Thermal Contact Resistance
Measurement and Modeling of Thermal Contact Resistance at a Plastic Metal Interface (217)at a Plastic Metal Interface (217)
                                 Measurement of Temperature Profiles during Polymer Processing (835)
Measurement of Temperature Profiles during Polymer Processing (835)
                                 An Adjustable
An Adjustable Gap In-Line Rheometer (781) Gap In-Line Rheometer (781)
                                 Comparison of Velocity Measurements and Slit Dies (131)
Comparison of Velocity Measurements and Different Calculation Methods in Different Calculation Methods in Slit Dies (131)
Reactive Extrusion               Reactive Extrusion: Grafting GMA onto Polypropylene (839)
Compounding (TPO)                Effect of Compounding Conditions and Composition on the Performance of Talc/Ethylene-Octene Copolymer/Polypropylene
                                 Comparison of and Numerical, Velocity and Numerically Predicted Velocity Distributions in a Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extru
Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruder, ExperimentalExperimentally MeasuredDistributions
                                 Method to Evaluate the Homogenization of
Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder, Homogenization of Bimodal PolyethyleneBimodal Polyethylene in a Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder (309)
                                 Mixing Characterization System
Mixing, Drag Flow Phase, Kneading Blocks, ViscoelasticBased on Drag Flow Phase III-Effect of Kneading Blocks on a Viscoelastic System (833)
                                 A Rheological Model for
Blown Film, Rheological Model, Polyethylene Properties the Prediction of Polyethylene Blown Film Properties (3001)
                                 The Influence of Sealant Modulus on the Bending Stiffness of Multilayer Films (3002) 35
Multilayer Films, Sealant Modulus, Bending Stiffness
Model, Spiral Mandrel Dies       A Model of Polymer Melt Flow in Spiral Mandrel Dies (3008) 41
                                 Extrusion, LLDPE Film Properties,Film Quality
Grooved Feed vs. Smooth Bore A Comparison of Grooved Feed vs. Smooth Bore Extrusion on LLDPE Film Properties and Film Quality (3010)
Flow Analysis, Twin Screw Extruders Analysis of Twin Screw Extruders-Pressure and Drag Capability of Various Twin Screw Elements (672)
                                 Analysis of
Analysis,Micromixing,Twin Screw Extruders Micromixing in Twin Screw Extruders Using Reactive Polymer Tracers (157) .
                                 Characterization of Kneading Block Performance in
Characterization, Kneading Block Performance, Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders (831)
                                 Experimental Studies on Melting and Fill Distribution, Simulation ,Experimental
Modular Self-Wiping Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder, Melting,Fill FactorFactor Distribution and Comparison to Simulation in a Modular Self-Wiping Co-Rota
                                 Influence of Polymer State and Kneading Block Blends
Co-Rotating Intermeshing Twin-Screw Extruder, Mixing Efficiency of PE/EPODE Structure on Mixing Efficiency of PE/EPODE Blends in Co-Rotating Intermes
                                 Shear Polyethylene
Shear Refining, Branched Low Density Refining of Branched Low Density Polyethylene (642) 76
                                 An Empirical Study for the Optimization Experiment
Optimization,Barrier Flight Clearance, Single Stage Extrusion, Design of of the Barrier Flight Clearance for Single Stage Extrusion Using Design of Experimen
                                 Investigation of the Shear Stresses Experienced during Melting Using Novel Microencapsulated Dye Sensors (199)
Shear Stresses, Melting,Novel Microencapsulated Dye Sensors
                                 Sensible Computerized Extrusion Control for Simple Systems (554)
 Extrusion Control, Sensible Computerized
                                 Computer Simulation of Melt Flow in Wave Screws (754)
Computer Simulation, Melt Flow, Wave Screws
                                 Why Corrosion Resistant Screws Can Bind in the Extruder Barrel (979) .
Corrosion Resistant Screws, Bind, Extruder Barrel.
                                 The Aerodynamics of Cooling of Blown Film Bubbles (182).
Cooling of Blown Film Bubbles, Aerodynamics
                                 Tension in Multilayer Film Casting of Polymer Melts (472)
Tension, Multilayer Film Casting, Polymer Melts
                                 The Effect of Coextrusion on Bubble Kinematics, Temperature Distribution and Property Development in the Blown Film Proc
Blown Film Process, Coextrusion, Bubble Kinematics,Temperature Distribution, Property Development,
Blown Film Extrusion, Cooling Characteristicsinto the Cooling Characteristics of Blown Film Extrusion Lines (212)
                                 Metallocene Catalysed Polyethylene in Blown Film Applications-A Comparison
Blown Film Applications, Metallocene Catalysed Polyethylene, Monoextruded Blended Films, Coextruded Films between Monoextruded Blended Films and Co
                                 Future of Single Screw Extruder Screw Design (184)
Single Screw Extruder Screw Design, Future
                                 An Experimental Investigation Plasticating Extruders, Experimental
Solids Conveying in Smooth and Grooved Barrel Single-Screw of Solids Conveying in Smooth and Grooved Barrel Single-Screw Plasticating Extruders (458)
                                 Control Volume Analysis of Feed Flow
Solid Conveying, Control Volume Analysis of Feed Flow in Extruders in Extruders (382)
                                 Predicting the Processability of BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) Material for Film Applications on Laboratory Scale (
Prediction, Processability of BOPP
                                 Double Bubble Tubular Film Extrusion Investigation of Polyamide 6 (877)
Double Bubble Tubular Film Extrusion, Polyamide 6
                                 The Molecular Structure, Rheology, Morphology and Orientation
Polyethylene Blown Film Properties, Effects of Molecular Structure, Rheology, Morphology and Orientation on Polyethylene Blown Film Properties (339)
                                 Tensile Properties and Orientation Evolution with Processing Conditions in Polyethylene Blown Films (729)
Polyethylene Blown Films, Tensile Properties and Orientation
                                 Surface Roughness of Roughness
Blown Linear Low Density Polyethylene Films, Surface Blown Linear Low Density Polyethylene Films (422)
                                 Influence of Design on Mixing Performance
Mixing Performance, Design, Axial Discharge Continuous Mixer-LCMAX 40 in an Axial Discharge Continuous Mixer-LCMAX 40 (944) 178
                                 In-situ Visualization of Novel Polymer
In-situ Visualization, Novel Polymer Droplet Morphologies, Extrusion Droplet Morphologies during Extrusion (711) 183
                                 A Comparative Study of the Use of High Intensity Dispersive Mixers and Co-Rotating
High Intensity Dispersive Mixers, Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders,Manufacture of High Quality Color Concentrates Twin Screw Extruders in the Manufactu
                                 Mixing Co-Rotating TSE
Mixing, Low Molecular Weight Additive,of a Low Molecular Weight Additive in a Co-Rotating TSE: Morphological Analysis of a HDPE/PDMS System (834) 19
                                 Polymer and
Polymer and Particle Separation, Extrusion Particle Separation during Extrusion (187) 205
                                 A Phenomenological Model for Flow-Induced Crystallization (910) .
Model, Flow-Induced Crystallization, Phenomenological
                                 Relative Viscous Viscous and Elastic
Layer Thickness Uniformity, Coextrusion,Effects ofand Elastic Forces, Forces on Layer Thickness Uniformity in Coextrusion (104) ....
                                 Sections, Computer Modeling
Mixing, Rhomboidal Distributive Comparative Study of Rhomboidal Distributive Mixing Sections Using Computer Modeling (496)
                                 Modeling of a Reactive Extrusion Process in a Single-Screw Extruder (192)
Modeling, Reactive Extrusion Process, Single-Screw Extruder
                                 Simulation of Phase Domain Breakup and Coalescence Using the Lattice-Boltzmann Method (684)
Simulation, Phase Domain Breakup, Coalescence,Lattice-Boltzmann Method
                                 Modeling of the Thermal Homogenising Effect of Cross-Hole Mixing Element for Single Stage Extrusion (200)
Modeling, Thermal Homogenising, Cross-Hole Mixing Element, Single Stage Extrusion
                                 The Inter-Related Aspects of Scaling Up a Complete Tube Extrusion Line (934).
Scaling Up, Complete Tube Extrusion Line
Profile Extrusion Process        The Significance and Use of Statistics in the Profile Extrusion Process (32)
                                 Blown Film
Blown Film Extrusion, LLDPE/LDPE Blends Extrusion of LLDPE/LDPE Blends (134)
                                 Experimental Study of
Mixing Sections, Single Screw Extruder, Experimental Various Mixing Sections in a Single Screw Extruder (497).
                                 A Mixing Study of Various Single Screw Mixing Elements Using In-Line Melt Analysis (I.M.A.) (71).
Mixing, Single Screw Mixing Elements, In-Line Melt Analysis (I.M.A.)
                                 Performance of Extrusion
Mixing, Stratablend Mixing Screw, Single-Screw a Stratablend Mixing Screw for Single-Screw Extrusion (340)
                                  New Dispersive Mixers
Mixing, New Dispersive Mixers, Single Screw Extruders for Single Screw Extruders (884)
Mixing, Colour, Single-Screw Extrusion Configuration Effects on the Colour Mixing Characteristics of Polymer in Single-Screw Extrusion (94) 284
                                  A Three-Dimensional Analysis of the Effect
Design, Extrusion Dies,Three-Dimensional Analysis, Die Body Deflection of Die Body Deflection in the Design of Extrusion Dies (883)
                                  with Metal Insert, Automotive Profile with Metal Insert Numerical Simulation and Die Design (235)
Coextrusion, Automotive Profile Coextrusion of an Numerical Simulation,Die Design
                                   Dies,Wire Analysis of Spiral Mandrel Dies for Wire Coating Application (148) .
Design, Analysis, Spiral MandrelDesign and Coating Application
                                  Recent Research on Mathematical Design of Spiral Mandrel Dies (325)
Design,Spiral Mandrel Dies, Recent Research, Mathematical
                                  Characterization of the Lubricant Fluoroelastomer Blends
Characterization, Lubricant Layer, High Density Polyethylene andLayer Formed at the Interface between the Extrudate and the Die Wall during the Extrusion
                                  Recording Pressure and Melt Temperature in Extrusion (867) 320
Pressure,Melt Temperature,Extrusion, Recording
                                  Effect of a High Performance Melt
High Performance Melt Pump, Drive System, Flow Rate Uniformity Pump and Drive System on Flow Rate Uniformity (932)
Gear Pump, Bearing Design         Gear Pump Bearing Design for Improved Plastics Processing (469)
                                  Ultrasound: A Virtual Instrument Approach for Monitoring of Polymer Melt Variables (313) 335
Ultrasound: Monitoring of Polymer Melt
                                  Computer Based, Interactive Training in Extrusion (980)
Computer Based, Interactive Training,Extrusion (980)
                                  Polymerization in Chain Screw Extruder – Effect of Screw Configuration on Distribution
Reactive Extrusion, Backmixed Extruder Reactor, a TwinAddition Copolymerization, Copolymer CompositionMWD and Copolymer Content
                                  Grafting Extrusion of Low
Grafting, Extrusion, Polyethylene, Rheological Behavior Density Polyethylenes
                                  Mixing Performance of Twin Reactive Polymer Tracers
Distributive Mixing, Melt-melt blending, win Screw Extrusion, Screw Extruders during Melt-Melt Blending
                                  Mixing Analysis of Reactive Extrusion Process in a
Twin Screw Extrusion, Finite Element Method, Reactive Extrusion, Flow Efficiency Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder Screw Element Channel
Twin Screw Extrusion, Reactive Continuous Polymerization of Polyetheramide Tri-Block Copolymers in a Modular Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
Processind Aids, Gel Formation The Use of Polymer Processing Aids to Reduce Gel Formation in Polyolefin Plastomer Extrusion "A Batch Light Scattering S
Peel strength, Acid Coploymers The Influence of Stress on Peel Strength of Acid Copolymers to Foil
                                  A Performance LLDPE, Metallocene-LLDPE
Blown Film, Hexene LLDPE, High New High-Performance LLDPE For Blown Film Application
                                  The Effects of Film Winding Tension and Melt Temperature on COF and Other Properties of PE Blown Film
Film Winding Tension, PE, Blown Film
Slip, Anitblock, Films            The Effects of Slip and Antiblock Additives on Oxygen Transmission Rate of Highly Permeable Polyolefin Plastomer Films
                                  Use of Stereolithography for Extrusion Dies
Profile Extrusion, Die Design, Stereolithography, Rapid Tooling
Finite Element Method, Dies       Design and Optimization of 3-D Extrusion Dies using Adaptive Finite Element Method
Die Flows, Viscoelastic Fluids Mathematical Modeling of 3-D Extrusion and Die Flows of Viscoplastic Fluids with Wall Slip
                                  Extrusion of LLDPE Die Pressure Reduction, Processing
LLDPE Extrusion, Surface Melt Fracture, Sharkskin, Through Polypropylene Coated Dies Additives
Melt Fracture                     A Criterion for the Onset of Gross Melt Fracture of Polyolefins
                                  Effect of Elongational Viscosity on Die Design for Plastic Extrusion
Elongational Viscosity, Extensional Viscosity, Extrusion, Die
Metallocene, Polyethylene, RheologyBlending and Coextrusion of Metallocene Catalysed Polyethylenes in Blown Film Applications
                                  Maximize Barrier Performance of Reduced-Gauge HDPE Film
Ineffective Film Thickness, WVTR of Reduce Gauge Films, Maximize WVTR Performance
Medical Tubing                    Medical Kink Resistant Tubing
Medical Tubing                    The Manufacture of Close Tolerance Medical Tubing
                                  Continuous Polymer Melt Filtration
Continuous Polymer Melt Filtration, Filtration, Polymer Melt Filtration
                                  Extrusion of Mixing
Polyurethanes, Screw Design, Barrier Screw,Engineering Thermoplastic Polyurethanes
Metallocene, Polyethylene         Processing Trends of Metallocene Linear Low Density Polyethylenes and Their Influence on Single-Screw Design
                                  Extrusion Operation
Metallocene, Extrusion, Single Screw, Polyethylene Window for Filled Metallocene Polyethylenes
High Speed Extrusion              Ultra High Speed Extrusion of Various Polymers
                                  Examination of Starve-fed Single
Starved-fed, agglomeration, compounding, single screw extrusion Screw Extrusion In Conventional and Barrier Feed Screws
                                  Polymer Blend, PMMA, SAN
Low Viscosity Additive, Miscible A Quantitative Investigation of Mixing in a miscible SAN/PMMA Blend
                                  Experimental Comparison of Floating Ring Mixing Devices
Mixing Rings, Screw Design, Mixing, Color
                                  A New Dispersive and Distributive Static Mixer for the Compounding of Highly Viscous Materials
Static Mixer, Extrusion, Dispersion, Mixing
Dispersive Mixing                 Experimental Study of a New Dispersive Mixer
                                  The Effect of Scale-Up on the Processing Behavior of a Blend Exhibiting Phase Inversion During Compounding
Scale-up, Phase Inversion, Polystyrene/Polyethylene Blends, Blade Design
Melting Model, Single Screw       A Melting Rate Model Based on Extrusion Data
                                  The Effect of Flight Radii Size on the Performance of Single Screw Extruders
Solids conveying, Extrusion, Flight Radii, Degradation
Melt Temperature                  Control of Melt Temperature on Single Screw Extruders
Grooved Barrel                    The Adjustable Grooved Feeder Extruder
                                  Flow Patterns in Special Twin Screw Extruder Mixing Distribution
Twin Screw Extruders, Mixing Enhancers, Drag and Pressure Flows, Residence Time Elements
                                  Residence Analysis
Residence Time Distribution, Twin Screw Extruder Time for Twin Screw Extruders
Velocity, Twin Screw Extruder Velocity Distributions in the Nip and Translational Regions of a Co- Rotating Twin-Screw Extruder
                                  Effect of Speed, Tip Clearance
Twin Screw Extruder, Mixing, High ScrewKneading Block Tip Clearance on Performance of Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruders
Elastomer Compounding             New Twin Screw Element Design for Elastomer Compounding
                                  Color Measurement Techniques for Rapid Determination of Residence Time Distributions
Extrusion, Residence Time Distribution
                                  Bubble Dynamics in Viscous Flow
Bubble Deformation, Bubble Growth, Extensional Flow, ShearShear Flows
                                  Lattice Boltzmann Simulations as a tool to Examine Multiphase Flow Problems for Polymer Processing Applications
Lattice Boltzmann, Immiscible Blends, Spinodal Decomposition, compounding
                                 Novel BEM, Static Pineapple Mixers
Mixing Simulation, Extrusion Modeling,BEM Simulation of Mixing in Polymer Flows Including Non-Linear Effects
Extrusion Modeling               Modeling Extrusion Processability for Materials with Various Molecular Parameters
                                  Updated Lagrangian
Film Casting, Draw Resonance, Simulation of Draw Resonance in Film Casting Using Material Description of Motion
                                  Deflection, of Flat Extrusion Dies and Feedbacks
Extrusion, Die Design, Die BodyThe Design Clamshelling, Computational Fluid Dynamics
Cast Film                        Cast Film
                                 Motors Drives, AC Flux Vector Application
Extrusion Drive Control, Solid State DC and Drives for ExtrusionDrives, Servo Drives
                                 Computer Simulation of Plastics Compounding Operations in Twin-Screw Extruders
Twin Screw Extruder, Mathematical Modeling, Process Simulator, Software
                                 3-D Analysis
Extrusion, Twin Screw, Modeling, Simulation of Fully Flighted Screws of a Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
Twin Screw, Simulation           Analysis of Mixing in Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders Through Numerical Simulation
                                 Fast Design
Network theory, Simulation, Mixing Section of Mixing Sections by Means of Network Theory
Pin Mixer                        Numerical Investigation on Mixing in a Pin Mixing Section for Screw Extruders
Carreau Model, Extrusion Design  Extrusion Design with the Carreau Model
Film                             Blown Film Tutorial
Film                             Fundamentals of the Tenter Frame Process for Biaxially Oriented Film Manufacturing as Applied to Polypropylene Polyester
Film Handling                    Air Entrainment Effects in Plastic Film Handling and Winding The State of the Art
PLI, Deflection, Rolls           Roll Design: A Review of the Basics
PP, Compounding, Calcium Carbonateof Compounding Conditions on the Dispersion of Highly Filled CaCO3/PP Compounds in Twin-Screw Extruder
Transient Flow, Twin Screw       Transient Start-Up Flow in a Modular Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
Fill Length, Twin Screw          Fill Length Determination for a Non-Intermeshing Twin-Screw Extruder
Buss Kneader                     A Comparative Study of Fiber Breakage in a Buss Kneader, Modular Co-Rotating and Counter-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
                                 Visual Research of Melting Mechanism of Polymer Pellets in Intermeshing Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extrusion
Twin Screw Extruder, Dissipative Mix-Melting, inter-particle Fricional Heating, Melting Sub-Stages
                                 Tradeoffs in Blown Film Processing-Structure-Property Behavior of LLDPE Type Resins from Chrome, Metallocene and Zieg
LLDPE, Chromium, Zieglerr-Natta, Metallocene, Blown Film, Rheology
Tear Strength, Blown Films       The Relative Influences of Process and Resin Time-Scales on the MD Tear Strength of Polyethylene Blown Film
                                 Film Casting of a
Film Casting, Neck In, Edge Beading, StreamlinesLow-Density Polyethylene Melt
Films                            ―Single-Site‖ Catalyzed Polyolefin for Fresh-cut Produce Packaging: A Comparison Between Monoextruded Blends and Coex
Protien Films                    Batch and Continuous Processing of Protein Films
Blown Film                       Processing Variables and the Scaling Parameters in Blown Film Extrusion
                                 Residence Distribution Models for Twin Screw Extruder
Residence Time Distribution, Residence Volume Distribution, Residence Revolution Distribution, Twin Screw Extruder
Twin Screw Extruder              Pressurization and Energy Characteristics of ZSK40 Twin Screw Elements: The Power of Spreadsheet and Good Experimen
                                 A Physico-Mathematical Dispersion Process
Twin Screw Extruder, Process Simulation, Mineral Fillers,Model for the Dispersion Process in a Co-Rotating Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruder
                                  Twin Screw Extruders, Numerical Simulation, Dispersive Mixing
Mesh Superposition Technique, Non-Isothermal Modeling of Co-Rotating and Contra-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
                                 Simulation Carbonate
Twin Screw Extrusion, Dispersion, Calcium of CaCO3 Dispersion in a PP Matrix During Twin Screw Extrusion
                                 Mean Distribution
Twin Screw Extruder, Residence TimeResidence Time Characterization in Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder: Screw Configuration Comparison
                                 Measuring of Layer Deformation in Coextrusion Using Unique Feedblock Technology
Coextrusion, Feedblock, Layer Rearrangement
                                 Numerical Simulation of Bi-Layer Extrusion Flow Within a New Conical Extruder
Coextrusion, Simulation, Rotor Speed, Extrudate Bending
Coextrusion, Viscoelastic        Viscoelastic Stress Calculation in Multilayer Coextrusions
                                 Evaluation of
Coextrusion, Layer Thickness, Die, FeedblockLayer Spreading in Coextruded Structures via a Modular Die
Tubing, Die Design               Design and Analysis of Crosshead Annular Die for Braided Tubing Extrusion
Flexible Membrane Dies           Latest Development Concerning Slit Dies with Integrated Flexible Adjusting Membranes
Die Design, Die Simulation       Elongational Effects of Die Flows: Pressure Distribution and Shape Prediction
                                 A Three-Dimensional Analysis
Coextrusion, Extrusion Die, Three-Dimensional Encapsulation of Coextrusion in a Single Manifold Flat Die
                                 A New Barrier Mechanism, Solid Deformation
Single Screw Extrusion, Barrier Screw, Melting Screw Design Utilizing Solid Bed Deformation With Forced Melt Removal
                                 Heat Transfer in Extruder Screws
Single Screw Extrusion, Heat Transfer
Extruder Analysis, Transparent Extruder Analysis Utilizing a Transparent Extruder and Simulation Software
                                 Incompressible Model of
Solids Conveying, Incompressible Model, Slip Boundary Solids Conveying In A Single-Screw Extruder
Single-Screw Mixing              Simulation of Shearing and Mixing Sections
                                 Comparison of Experimental and
Melting, Solid Bed Ratio, Friction, Shear Rate, Delay in Melting Predicted Data for Conventional Single Screw Extruders
                                 Backmixing in Screw Extruders
Backmixing, Single Screw Extrusion
Single Screw Extrusion           Obtaining Flow Properties Directly From An Extruder
                                 Rubbing Mechanisms of Polymers on Metal Surface Relevant to Extrusion
Rubbing Mechanisms, friction, Solids Conveying
                                   Melting Mechanism, Single Screw Extrusion
Groove-Feed, Solids Conveying,Investigation of the Melting Mechanism Within A Grooved-Feed single Screw Extruder
Melting Mechanism                Melting Phenomena and Mechanism in Polymer Processing Equipment
Energy Dissipation               The Heating/Melting Mechanism of Plastic Energy Dissipation
                                 An Polymer Processing Aid
LLDPE, Barrier Screw Design, Film,Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Polymer Processing Additives (PPA) on the Melting and Gel Formation Mechan
Twin-Screw Extrusion, Melting Physical Model of Polymer Pellets Melting in Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extrusion
Blown Film, Stability             Blown Film Bubble Instability Induced by Fabrication Conditions
Extrusion Coating                 Prediction of Temperature Profile Across Coating and Substrate in the Nip
Permeation, Membranes             Permeation Processes in Barriers and Membranes: Complimentary Differences
                                   Cast Film, Film Processability, Film Property
Metallocene Propylene Polymer,Assessment of Metallocene Propylene Polymer for Cast Film Applications
Polymer Processing Additives The Influence of Polymer Processing Additives (PPA) on the Surface and Optical Properties of Polyolefin Plastomer Blown F
                                  Benefits LLDPE, LDPE
Coextrusion, Streamline Coextrusion Die,of Coextruded LLDPE/LDPE film vs. Blended LLDPE/LDPE Film
                                  Study of Extrusion, Reactive Extrusion
Polypropylene, Degradation, Twin Screw Polypropylene Degradation in A Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
                                  Continuous Polymerization Continuous Polymerization
Reactive Extrusion, Polycaprolactone, Twin Screw Extruder,of Polycaprolactone in a Modular Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
                                  Continuous Anionic Polymerization of Polyamide-Based Thermoplastic Elastomer in a Counter-Rotating Twin Screw Extrude
Reactiver Extrusion, Polyesteramide
                                  Effects Fiber, Screw
Composite, Twin Screw Extruder, Glassof TwinNylon-6Compounding Conditions on the Mechanical Properties of Nylon-6/Glass Fiber Composites
                                  Breaking Barriers
Polypropylene, Talc, Compounding,Densification to Higher Output Rates with Densified Ultrafine Talc During Melt Compounding on the CoRotating Intermes
                                  Relationship Between Local Residence Twin Srew Extruder
Local Residence Time, Distributive Mixing, Infrared Temperature Probe, Time and Distributive Mixing in Section of a Twin Screw ExtruderTwin-Screw Extrude
                                   Extrusion, HIPS
Flow Surging, Solids Conveying,Flow Surging in Single-Screw Plasticating Extruders
                                  An Experimental Investigation Barrel, Experimental Design, DOE
Solids Conveying, Extrusion, Friction, Smooth Barrel, Grooved on the Influence of Barrel Temperature on the Output of a Constant Depth Screw with Grooved
                                  The Effect of Feeding Mode on Dispersive Mixing Efficiency in Single-Screw Extrusion
Dispersive Mixing, Feeding Mode, Single Screw Extruder
Extensional Flow Mixer            Compressive Study of a New Extensional Flow Mixer
Design, Screw, Optimization       Computer Design and Screw Optimization
Devolatilization, Foaming         Devolatilization of Polymers by Diffusion and Foaming
                                  Real-Time Dielectric Measurements During Extrusion of Filled Polymers
Dielectric, Sensor, In-Line, analyzer
Solids Conveying, Plastication The Processing of Renewable Resources using a Short Single Screw Extruder With A Combined Section for Solid Conveying
Metallocene, Foams                Extrusion of Closed Cell Very Low Density Flexible Syntactic Foams Using Metallocene Catalyzed Polyolefins and Thermopla
PBT                               Effects of Moisture Content, CEC, and Processing Conditions on Mechanical Properties and Long-Term Reliability of PBT Fib
Temperature, Extrusion            Estimating Fully Developed Melt Temperature in Extrusion
                                  Numerical Simulation of Blown
Blown Film, Cooling Air, Aerodynamics, Temperature Profiles Film Cooling
                                  Modeling Flow-Induced Crystallization in Film Blowing
Film Blowing, Simulation, Flow-Induced Crystallization, Modified Giesekus Model, Rigid Rods
                                  Sharkskin Melt Sharskin Melt Fracture
Blown Film, High Performance Hexene-LLDPE, Fracture in High-Performance Hexene-LLDPEs
                                  Edge Effects in Film
Film Casting, Edge Effects, Neck-in, Edge Beading Casting of Molten Polymers
                                  Influence Distribution, Weight Distribution on LLDPE Blown Film Processing Conditions and Property Sensitivity
Blown Film Processing, Molecular Weight of Molecular Polyethylene, Structure-Property Relationship
LLDPE, Blown Films                Tensile Properties of Linear Low Density Polyethylene
                                   Simulator, Process-Geometry Relationship
Blown Film Extrusion, ComputerUnderstanding the Interrelationship Between Blown Film Process Variables and Bubble Geometry Using a Blown Film Extrus
                                  ANSI Standards Combined With European Hazard Ranking Reduction Prioritization
Safety Standards, Web Processing Machinery, Risk Asseessment, Hazard Ranking, Hazard Methods Provide Plastic Web Processors With Powerful Tools F
                                  Orientation Measurements Online
On-Line Orientation Chaaracterization, Biaxial Orientation, Birefringence, Orientation Characterization Techniques
Quality Measurements, On-line On-Line Product Quality Measurements
Rheology                          On-Line Rheological Measurements
Temperature, Extrusion            Melt Temperature Considerations
Extrusion, Ethylene/Styrene InterpolymersCharacterization of Ethylene/Styrene Interpolymers
Blends                            Dispersion in High Viscosity Ratio Polyolefin Blends
Profile Extrusion                 Cooling of Extruded Plastic Profiles
Cooling, Shrinking                Predicting How the Cooling and Resulting Shrinkage of Plastics Affect the Shape and Straightness of Extruded Profiles
PS, Sheet, Quality                Effects of Processing Conditions on Extruded Polystyrene Sheet Feedstock Quality
Sheet, Films, Bank                Bank Measurement Leads to Improved Quality of Extruded Sheets or Films
Nucleation, Extrusion, Foam       Nucleation in Foams Extrusion
Rools, Contrabend, Deflection Making Flat Sheet Using Contrabend Rolls
Propylene, On-line, Melt Strength n-Line Melt Strength Enhancement of Polypropylene for Extrusion Coating
                                  Wall-Liquid Heat Transfer Coefficients Blends
Batch Intensive Mixers, Extrusion, Heat Transfer Coefficients, Polymer in Batch Intensive Mixers
PEX, Multi-Layer, Barrier, Pipe The Extrusion of Multi-layer Barrier Tubing From Cross Linked Polyethylene (PEX)
                                  Nanocomosites: The Importance of Processing
Nanocomposite Processing, Organoclay
                                  Factors Affecting Adhesion of Tie Layers Between
Coextrusion, Tie Layer Adhesion, Extrudable Adhesives, Maleic Anhydride Grafted Polypropylene and Polyamides
                                  Coextrusion of High Barrier
Coextrusion, Liquid Crystalline Polymers, Barrier, PackagingFilm Containing Liquid Crystalline Polymers
                                  Polylactide, A New Thermoplastic For Extrusion Coating
Extrusion Coating, Biodegradability, PLA
LLDPE Blends, GPC,                A TriSEC and 3DTREF Approach to Polymer Blend Design
Encapsulation Die, LLDPE, HDPE Use of Encapsulation Dies for Processing Linear Polyolefin
Acid Copolymers, Oxidation        Resins in Extrusion Coating as the Primary Factor for Bonding Acid
                                  The Case against Oxidation
LLDPE, Extrusion Coating          Copolymers to Foil Extrusion Coating Applications
                                  A New mLLDPE for
Wave Instabilities, Die Design The Effect of Layer Stretching on the Onset of 'Wave' Interfacial
                                  Instabilities in Coextrusion Flows
                                 The Effect of Flow, Slip
Die Design, Extrusion Die, Three-DimensionalWall Slip on the Performance of Flat Extrusion Dies
Die Swell, Design                Streamline Die Design Method for Complex Geometries
Profile Dies                     Flow Balancing of Profile Extrusion Dies
                                 A New Concept in Coextrusion Dies
Coextrusion, Die Design, multi-layer film
                                 Three-Dimensional Finite Volume Method, Free Surface
Multilayer Coextrusion, Numerical Simulation, CAE, Non-Isothermal Numerical Analysis of Multi-Layer
                                 Predicting Transfer, Simulation Program
Blown Film Extrusion, Cooling Model, Heat the Cooling Conditions at Blown Film Extrusion Lines by
Pipe Extrusion, Flex Ring        Modeling the Cooling Air StreamThickness Tolerances in Pipe
                                 New Technique to Reduce Wall
                                 Numerical Calculation of Strains and Stresses in Film Blowing
Blown Film, Temperature Profiles, Film Stresses
                                 Structure Development during Film Blowing
Structure Development, Film, SALS, Crystallization
Blown Film, Cast Film, LLDPE Comparison of the Mechanical Performance of the Extruded Blwon
                                 and Castthe Modulas Gap
                                 Bridging Polyolefin Thin Film
                                 The Use of Maleic Anhydride-Containing Concentrates ot Effect
Coextrusion, Tie Layer Adhesion, Extrudable Adhesives, Maleic Anhydride Grafted Polyethylene, EVOH
HDPE, Properties                 Adhesion between Relationships and Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol
                                 Structure-Property Polyethylene in HMW-HDPE Blown Film
                                 Predictive Model Helps Develop New High-Performance HDPE for
Blown HDPE Film, WVTR Barrier Films, HDPE Blown Fim Physical Properties
                                 Plastic Film Applications
                                 Barrier Energy (PED), Polymer Processing Equipment
Melting Mechanism, Plastic Energy Dissipation Dissipation (PED) a Major Contribution to Melting of
                                 Polymers in Polymer Compounding Equipment
                                 The Effect of Three-Lobe, Off-Set Kneading Blocks on the Dispersion
Twin-Screw Extrusion, Compounding, Polystyrene, Dispersion
                                 A Calcium Carbonate Method (DEM), Particulates in Co-Rotating
                                 of Predictive Melting Model for PolymerCorotating Twin-Screw Extruder
Melting Model, Polymer Particulates, Discrete Element in Polystyrene Resin
Melting, Twin-Screw Extrusion Twin Screw Extruders
                                 Comparative Melting Trials in ZSK Extruders
Melting Mechanism, Twin-ScrewMelting Phenomena and Mechanism in Co-rotating Twin Screw
Energy Dissipation, Single-Screw Extrusion Rise in a Single Screw Pump-Extruder
                                 Flow Analysis in Single Screw Extruders
Flow Analysis, Single-Screw Extrusion
Fluted Mixer Geometry, Mixing, #d View of Fluted Mixing Elements
Foam Extrusion, Turbo-Screw Turbo-Screw, New design for Foam Extrusion
                                 Three-Dimensional Volume Method, CAE
Single-Screw, Numerical Simulation, 3D Flow, FiniteNumerical Analysis of the Single Screw
                                 Plasticating Extrusion Extrusion, PS
                                 The Effect of a Worn Process
Wear, Feed Casing, Flow Surging, Solids Conveying, Feed Casing on Plasticating Extrusion
                                 Simulation and Analyses of the Polymer-Pellet-Flow in the First
Polymer-pellet Flow, Solids Conveying
                                 Analysis of ratio, Screw
                                 Section of aFeed Characteristics on the Performance of Groove-Feed
Groove-feed, solids conveying, pellet aspect Singleregrind
Extruder, Grooved Barrel, Barrier ScrewScrews in Helically Grooved Barrels: Operating Characteristics
                                 and Conveying for Simulation Models
Solids Conveying, Grooved barrel, Implications Model for Determing the Throughput for Ultra-Short
                                 Single Screw Extruders with Spiral-Groove Cylinders
                                 Scaleup of Melt Conveying Parameters in
Melt Conveying, Counter Rotating Non-intermeshing Twin-Screw Extruder Counter-Rotating Non-
                                 Intermeshing Twin Screw Stability
Compounding, In-line, Pressurization, efficiency, PressureExtruders Design on Control Pressure
                                 In-Line Compounding: Effect of Screw
Dispersive, Distributive, Mixing Stability and Distributive Mixing Characterization in Extrusion
                                 An Adjustable Pressure Barrel for Counter-Rotating Non-Intermeshing
Melt Conveying, Counter Rotating Non-intermeshing Twin-Screw Extruder
                                 Impact Twin Screw of Nylon
Impact Modification, Preblended(CRNI) Modification Extruders6,6 - An Experimental Study
                                  vs. Downstream Mixing, Notched Izod, Interparticle Distance
Single-Screw Extrusion, Torque Dynamic Torque of a Single Screw Extruder
                                 Screw Cooling Affects in Single Screw Extruders
Screw Cooliung, Single-Screw Extrusion
                                 An Experimental Comparison of the Improved Mixing obtained from a
Single-Screw Extrusion, Barrier Screw, Mixing
                                 Mechanical Screw Design
Mesh Superposition Technique, New Barrier Mixing in PinPin Mixers, Experimental and Numerical
                                 Single-Screw Extrusion, Extruders: Numerical Simulation, Dispersive Mixing
Melting, Melt Index              Analysis
                                 Dependence of Melting Behavior on Melt Index
                                 Free Radical Grafting of Maleic Anhydride on Polypropylene in the
Reactive Extrusion, Grafting, Maleic Anhydride, Polypropylene, Supercritical CO2
                                 Presense of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
                                 Chain Extension of PA- 6 and PA-6/66 Coplymer via Reactive
Chain Extension, Polyamide 6, Reactive Extrusion, Triscaprolactamyl Phosphite (TCP)
                                 Extrusion with Triscaprolactamyl Extruders
Extruder, Viscosity Regulation, Control Regulation for Polymer Phosphate (TCP)
Reactive Twin-Screw Extrusion, The Influence of Screw Design on the Stability of a Reactive Twin-
                                  Foam Control
                                  Screw Extrusion Approach
Twin-Screw Extruder, Pressure Drag Flow BasedProcess to Determining Filled Volumes within a Co-
                                  A Physics
                                  rotating Twin-Screw Extruder
                                  A Physical-Mathematical Model Modeling, Process Behavior
Mixing Elements, Intermeshing Corotating Twin Screw Extruder, for the Description of the Process
Viscosity Ratio                   behavior of Mixing Elements
                                  Mixing behavior of a Model Miscible Binary Polymer System having
Gear Boxes                        Powerful Gearboxes for Ratio
                                  Extremely Low ViscosityPlastics Extrusion Especially in the US Market
Filtration, Porous Media          - A Market Study
                                  Non-Newtonian Flow and Debris Deposition in an Extrusion Filter
Compounding, Polymer Blends Medium Fingerprints for Compounding of Polymer Blends - An
Cable, Cooling                    Industrial Prospective
                                  Cooling of Coated Cable
                                  Microporous Polyolefin Film for Battery Separator
Lithium, Microporous, Film, Separator
                                  Statistical Process Control
Extrusion, Statistical Analysis, Process Variables, variation Applied to the Extrusion Process
                                  A Study Weight Distribution, of Polycarbonate in Solids Conveying
Polycarbonate, Processability, Molecularon the ProcessabilitySolids Conveying Zone
                                  Zone of Extrusion Screws
Extrusion, Screw Design, Optimization, Generic Algorithms using an Optimisation Approach
Visioplasticity, Modeling         Physical Modeling of Elastomer Extrusion using the Visioplasticity
Conical Extruder, Die Geometry Effect of Die Geometry on the Orientation of the Velocity Field during
                                Bi-Layer Extrusion with ofConical Extruder
                                An Experimental Study a the Flow of an Encapsulated Polymer Melt
Blown Film, Coextrusion, Encapsulation, Die Design
Extrusion                       through a of Polymer Melts under Intensive Shear-Thinning Inducing
                                Extrusion Unique Blown Film Die
                                Lower Pressure and Temperature Requirements
Paste Extrusion, Polytetrafluoroethylene of Polytetrafluoroethylene as Related to Paste Extrusion
                                Polyethylene Die Deposit - Measurement, Formation Mechanism and
Die Deposit, Die Swell, Polyethylene, Shear-Induced Fractionation
Blown Film                      Routes to Reduction
                                Measurements of Microstructural Variation in Blown Films
TiO2, Pigment, Blown Film       The Effect of TiO2 Pigment Particle Size and Masterbatch Rheology
                                Mass Mass Transfer, Variable Diffusion and a within
                                on theTransfer between a Slender BubbleCoefficient the
Bubble Deformation, Extensional Flow, Dispersion Performance of TiO2 Pigment Variable Diffusion
Melting, Friction               Coefficient Liquid in an Extensional Flow Pellets caused by Friction
                                Modeling the Melting Process of Polymer
Extrusion, Color Change, PVC Study of Color Change Kinetics during RPVC Extrusion
                                Valve Screw Design - A New
Screw Design, Design Optimization, Shear Ring, Valve ScrewConcept on Screw Design
Devolitization                   Devolitization of Polymers in a Transparent Double-Screw Extruder
PLLA, Reactive Extrusion         Influence of the Reactive Extrusion Conditions on the Free Radical Indiced Carboxylation of Poly (L-Lactide)
Screw Design, Twin-Screw Extrusion Screw Flights Offer New Opportunities for Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
                                 Pressurization and
Screw Design, Twin-Screw Extrusion, Strainer Disk Energy Characteristics of Strainer Disk Elements CFD Calculations and Experimental Results
Conductivity, Partial RTD        In-Line Measurement of Local Residence Time Distribution in a Twin Screw Extruder
Film Curl, Blown Film            Reducing Curl in Multilayer Blown Film – Part 1: Experimental Results, Model Development and Strategies
Blown Film, Barrier Film         Reducing Curl in Multilayer Blown Film – Part 2: Application of Predictive Modeling in a Barrier Cereal Liner Film
                                 Temperature Isolation
Blown Film, Temperature Isolation, PVdC Coextrusion in Blown Film Dies
Die Design, Modeling             3D FEM Simulation of Feed-Block Profiling for Flat Die Coextrusion
Processing Aids                  The Use of Polymer Processing Additives to Improve Melt Processing of m-LLDPE Extrusion
                                 Screws for Plastics Processing
Screws, Construction, Replacement, Economics
Barrier Screws, Screw Design Barrier Screws – Their History and Their Function
Barrier Screws, Screw Design Things Your Screw Designer Never Told You About Screws
                                 Barrier Screw, Direct Drive
Grooved Barrel, Smooth Barrel, Screw and Barrel Design for Grooved Feed VS. Smooth Bore Extruders
Mixing                           Mixing in Extrusion - Part One General Considerations
Modeling                         Application of a Single Screw Extruder Simulation Towards Design
                                 Troubleshooting Dehumidifying Dryers
Dryers, Dewpoint, Moisture, Desiccant
Pelletizing Dies, Instability    Melt Flow Instability Studies of Metallocene in Catalyzed LLDPE in Pelletizing Dies
LDPE, Die Lip Build-up           Die Lip Buildup in the Extrusion of Highly Filled Low Density Polyethylene
                                 Optimization of the Flow Distribution
Extrusion Die Design, Flow Balancing, Finite-Volume, Optimization in Profile Extrusion Dies
                                  Design, Rheological and Mechanical Design of
Stackable Dies, Rheological DieCoupled Die Deflection, Velocity Measurement Stackable Spiral Dies
                                 Numerical Simulations of Multilayer Coextrusion Processes
Numerical Simulation, Finite Element Method, Coextrusion
                                 Computer Aided Optimization of Extrusion Dies
Extrusion Die Automatic Optimization, Evolution Strategy, Simulation, Network Theory, FEA
                                 The Use of Die Design
Extrusion, Free Surface, Profile Dies, ProfileThree-Dimensional Computation Fluid Dynamics in the Design of Profile Dies
Automated, Sheet, Die, Design Automated Sheet Die Design
                                 Improved Screw Design for Maximum Conductive Melting
Solid Melt/Mix, Conductive Melting, ET
                                 Analysis Conveying, Analytical Model
Polymer-Pellet Flow, Hopper Flow, Solidsof the Polymer-Pellet-Flow into the First Section of a Single Screw
                                 Extruder Output - Pressure
Output, Pressure Gradient, Power Law Fluid, Leakage Flow Relationships for Power Law Fluids Including Leakage Flow
Mixing                           An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of a New Class of Insert Based Rotor Stator Extruder Mixers
                                 Pressure Distribution in Screw Extruders
Pressure Profile, Screw Extruder, Troubleshooting, Melting
Modeling                         Analysis of Flow in Single Screw Extruders
                                 An Experimental Investigation of Screw Configuration on Temperature Rise in Single Screw-Pump Extruders
Extrusion, Temperature Rise, Screw, Barrel
Mixing, Twin Screw Extrusion Parametric Study of Mixing Efficiency in a Kneading Block Section of a Twin Screw Extruder
                                 Description of Transport
Compounding, Transport Mechanisms, Process Model Mechanisms in Planetary Roller Extruders
                                 Numerical Simulation of Bulk Polymerization of (epsilon)-Caprolacton in Extrusion
Polymerization, Caprolactone, Simulation, Reactive Processing
Nanocomposite, Analytical        Cartography in Flatland: An Overview of Analytical Techniques for Characterizing Nanocomposite Morphology
Nanocomposite, PP                Nanocomposites: A Single Screw Mixing Study of Nanoclay-Filled Polypropylene
Nanocomposite, Compounding Twin Screw Extrusion Guidelines for Compounding Nanocomposites
                                 Twin Screw Extrusion
Nanocomposite, Polyurethane, Twin Screw Extrusion of Polyurethane Nanocomposites
Polyisobutylene, Stretch, Cling The Effect of Extrusion Processing Conditions and Polyisobutylene Concentration on the Properties of Polyethylene for Stretc
                                 Effect of High Density Polyethylene and Melt Temperature on Crystallization Dynamics During Film Blowing of Linear Low De
Structure Development, Film, SALS, Crystallization
                                  Simulation, Finite Element Blowing Process
Film Blowing Process, TransientTransient Simulation of FilmMethod, Two-Phase Model
LLDPE, Haze, LDPE                The Influence of Small Amounts of LDPE on the Morphology and Resulting Haze of LLDPE Films
                                 Rheological Properties and Their Influence Bingham Plastic
Wood-Polymer Composite, Rheological Properties, Single Screw Extrusion,on Extrusion Characteristics of HDPE-Wood Composite Resins
PVC-Wood                            Characterization of Apparent Viscosity with Respect to PVC-Wood Fiber Extrusion Process
                                    Structure Development in Fiber Extrusion of Isotactic Polypropylenes of Varying Tacticity
Isotactic Polypropylene, Fiber, Crystal Structure, Orientation
                                    Fiber Orientation
Conical Extruder, Coextrusion, Fiber Processing in Multilayer Tubes From a Conical Extruder
                                    Investigation of Extruder, Compounding, Distribution in Special Mixing elements for Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
Residence Time Distribution (RTD), Twin Screwthe Local residence Time Mixing
Glass Fibers, Compounding           New Developments in Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extrusion for Production of Long Glass Fiber Composites
                                    Thick Composite Extrusion Process
In-Line Compounding, Co-Extrusion, Profile Cooling, Thick Composite Extrusion
Twin Screw Extrusion                The Evolution of Direct Extrusion Using High Speed Twin Screw Extruders
                                    In-Line Compounding: Stability
Melt Pump, In-Line, Pressurization Efficiency, PressureCharacterization of melt pump Performance
                                    Fundamental Characterization of Polypropylene Extrusion
LLDPE, PP, Screw Design, Melting Flux, Solids Conveying, Plastication
ABS, Melting, Mixing, ET, ScrewAn Experimental Study of the Flows in an Energy Transfer Screw
Single Screw, Two-Stage, Stability  Stability of Two-Stage Single-Screw Extruders
                                     Profile, Barrier Screws, Simulation
Plasticating Extrusion, Pressure Experiments and Simulations with Barrier Screws
                                    Effect of Screw, Extrusion
Grooved Feed, Solids Conveying, Barrier Groove Feed Geometry on the Performance of Grooved Fed Extruders
                                    An Experimental
Extrusion, Solids, Convey, Temperature, Output Investigation of Solids Conveying - Flow Rate and Temperature Rise in Single Screw Extruders
                                    A Recycling, Screw Design for the Re-Processing of Multi-Layer or Multi-Material Plastic Formulations
Mixing, Plastication, Single Screw,Plasticating Blending, Mixed Plastic Recycling
Transient Model, Output FluctuationsTransient Behavior of Extruders: Input Disturbances
                                    Evaluation of Melting Performance of a Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
Twin Screw Extrusion, Melting Process
Twin Screw Extrusion, Melting Process Model for Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruders
                                     Polyester, Behavior Melt, Viscous Energy Dissipation
Melting Mechanism, AmorphousThe MeltingPreformedof Amorphous Polyester in a Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
Extrusion, Melting, Visualization Experimental Study of LDPE Melting in a Twin Screw Extruder Using On-Line Visualization and Axial Pressure and Temperat
                                    Comparison of Polymer Blends
Melting Mechanism, Plastic Energy Dissipation,the Experimentally Observed TSE Melting Lengths with Those Predicted from Simple Plastic Energy Dissipat
Extrusion, Polyethylene, MeltingThe Melting Behavior of Polyethylenes Synthesized with Ziegler-Natta and Constrained Geometry Catalysts
                                    Dispersed Solids
Extrusion, Simulation, Dispersed Solids Melting Melting Model in Single Screw Extrusion
                                    The Melting Characteristics of Polycarbonate Resins
Polycarbonate, Screw Design, Melting, Extrusion
PVdF                                A Tubular Melt Extrusion of Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride): Structure/Process/Property Behavior as a Function of Molecular Weigh
                                    The Influence
Impact, Polyethylene, Blown Films, Orientationof Solid-State Morphology on the Impact Strength of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene Blown Films
Film, Aging                         Effect of Aging on Film Properties of Ethylene-Alpha Olefin Copolymers
                                    Measuring Dart Impact Strength of Polyethylene
LLDPE, Polyethylene, Dart Impact Strength, Toughness, ASTM D1709 Method AFilms
LLDPE, Blocking                     Blocking of LLDPE Films - Effect of Surface Morphology
Cast Film                           The Effect of Extrusion Processing Conditions on the Thermal and Mechanical Performance of Extrusion Cast Metallocene P
Film Coextrusion, Temperature Modeling of the Temperature Profile in Film Coextrusion
                                    In-Line Measurement of
In-Line Monitoring, Particles, Image Analysis, Extrusion Dispersed Phase Properties Using the Scanning Particle Monitor
Ultrasound, Screw Wear, Barrel Application of Ultrasound in the Determination of Fundamental Extrusion Performance: Barrel and Screw Wear Measuremen
                                    Application of Ultrasound in the Determination of Fundamental Extrusion Performance: Residence Time Distribution Measure
Ultrasound, Residence Time Distribution
                                    In-Line Monitoring of
In-Line Monitoring, Additives, UV Spectra, Extrusion Polymer Additives During Extrusion Using a UV Spectrometer
On-Line Heat Transfer, Blown Film   Online Measurements and Heat Transfer Issues in Blown Film Extrusion
Wire Coating, modeling, Wall Stress Numerical Analysis of Wire Coating: Inereactions Between Material Rheology, Flow Domain, and Process Conditions
                                    Measurement of Interfacial Instabilities during Coextrusion of LDPEs in Flat Dies
Coextrusion, interfacial Instabilities, LDPE
Free Surface, Profile Dies          Compensating for Die Swell in the Design of Profile Dies
Boron Nitride, Surface Energy The Effect of Surface Energy of Boron Nitride on Polymer Processibity
Fluoropolymers, Processing Aids     Fundamentals of Melt Fracture Elimination using Fluoropolymer Process Aids
                                    A Survey
Dies, Coextrusion, Manifold, Feedblock of Manifold Designs for Flat Die Extrusion
Film Properties, Blown Film         Blown Film Characterization
Blown Film, Film Properties         Real-Time Estimation of Crystallization Half Time During Blown Film Extrusion and its Influence on Final Film Properties
Cast Film, Film Properties          The Effect of Orientation on the Mechanical Performance and Thermal Properties of Extrusion Cast Metallocene Polyethylen
Blown Film, Heat Transfer           An Investigation into the Cooling of Blown Film
Draw Resonance, Film Casting, Process Stability Enhancement by Encapsulation Extrusion Method
Film Blowing, Draw Resonance Stability and Nonlinear Dynamics of Film Blowing
                                    Stagnating Flows at the Screw Tip During Extrusion
Screw Tip, Stagnating Flow, Screw Tip Design
Solids Conveying                    Single Screw Solids Conveying - Different Polymers and a General Purpose Screw
                                    Temperature Measurement
Temperature Measurement, Thermocouple Mesh, Melting in Single Screw Extrusion: Late Melting and Thermal Instabilities
                                    Effect of Extruder Screw Geometry on Melt Temperature Profile
Melt Temperature, Screw Geometry, Barrier Screw
                                    Air vs. Water Cooled Single Screw Extruders
Barrel Heater, Barrel Cooling, Air Cooled, Water Cooled, Heat Transfer
                                    Performance Analysis of a Variable Barrier Energy Transfer Screw
Screw Design, ET, Melting, Mixing, ABS
                                    Novel Barrel Heating with Natural Gas
Barrel Heating, Natural Gas, Energy Cost
                                    A Novel Method of Measuring Viscosity and Tracing the Morphology Evolution Using Single Screw Extruder: The Screw Rheo
Screw Rheometer, Viscosity, Morphology, Single-Screw Extruder
Melting, Polymer Blends, Visualization Visualization of PS/PP Melting Mechanisms in a Twin-Screw Extruder
Devolatilization                    Application of Large Volume Processors in Polymer Processing
Devolatilization                    Engineering Analysis of Devolatilization of Additives in Intermeshing Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
                                    Predicting Plastic Energy Dissipation (PED) Using Phenomenological Constitutive Equations for Glassy and Semicrystalline P
Plastic Energy Dissipation, Constitutive Equation, Compression, Melting
                                     Screw Extruder, Newtonian Fluid
Drag Flow, Pressure Flow, Twin Flow Behavior of Kneading Blocks through Conveying Elements and Kneading Blocks
2D Composite Model, Hybrid FEM/FDM  2D Composite Models of Modular Intermeshing Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
                                    Study on
Axial Circular Flow, Flow Field Simulation the Characteristic of Axial Circular Flow Field in Co-Rotating Intermeshing Twin-Screw Extursion
Polymerization, Reactive Extrusion Modeling of Polymerization of e-Caprolactone in Twin-Screw Extruder: Reaction in Conveying Screw Element
PSE Element, Simulation             Investigation on Extrusion Property of PSE-Polygon Screw Element in Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
Deformation and Breakup, Blends     Modeling of Polymer Drop Deformation and Breakup During Melting Under Shear Flow Using Volume-of-Fluid Method
Grooved Barrel and Screw, FoamsNew Machine Conception for the Extrusion of Biodegradable Foams and the Influcence of Process Parameters on Product
Kneader, Reciprocating Singl Screw, PVC Design and Performance Characteristics of the Kneader Reciprocating Single Screw Extruder
                                    Effect of the Slip Condition Along Roters on the Mixing Efficiency of Internal Mixers
Batch Mixer, Slip Condition, Mesh Superimposition
Clay, Nanocomposites                Polymer-Clay Nanocomposites: Tailoring Structures with Processing Conditions
                                    New Intermeshing Pin Mixer, Striation Thickness, Reorientation
Mixing, VIP Mixer, Twente Mixing Ring, Cavity TransferMixer for Extrusion
PTFE, Paste Preforming              Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Paste Preforming: The Effects of Viscosity and Surface Tension of Lubrication
Wood-polymer Composite              Extrusion Characteristics of HDPE-Wood Composites
                                    Temperature Gradients in the Channel of a Single-Screw Extruder
Temperature Measurement, Fluorescence, PC
                                    Design of a Soft Sensor for Polymer Extrusion
Sensor, Viscosity, in-line, Capillary
Melting, Single Screw               Some New Observations Regarding Melting in Sinlge Screw Extruders
Solids Conveying, Single-Screw,Kinematics of Solids Conveying
Pipe, Polyethylene, Hydrostatic, The Influence of Morphology on the Failure of Polytethylene Pipes in Hysdrostatic Pressure Tests
                                    Troubleshooting Mixing Problems in Single-Screw Extruders
Mixing, Single-Screw, Screw Design, Melting
                                    Computer Aided Troubleshooting of Flow
Troubleshooting, Problem Solving, Computer Aided, Die Drool, Vent Extrusion Problems
Pelletization, Granulation          Troubleshooting Underwater Pelletization Processes
Twin-Screw, Kneader, Fillers, Bipolar Platesof Compounds with High Filler or Fiber Loading on Screw Kneaders
Troubleshooting                     Basic Extrusion Models as Diagnostic Tools in Extrusion Trouble Shooting
Oriented Polypropylene, PP          Effect of Xylene Solubles in Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene
Sponge Rubber, Cell Structure Matching of Vulcanization with Blowing Reaction in Sponge Rubber Compounds
                                    Simultaneous Characterization of Dispersive and Distributive Mixing in a Single Screw Extruder
Renyi Entropy, Dispersive Mixing, Distributive Mixing
TPU, BaSO4                          Extrusion of BaSO4 Filled Medical Grade Thermoplastic Polyurethane
                                    Study of
Pelletization, Micropellets, Polyethylene the Micropelletization Process
                                    Processing Nanocomosites on a Kneader Reciprocating Single Screw Compounding System
Nanocomposite, Kneader, Twin Screw, Compounding
Elongational Flow, Flat Dies        An Analysis of the Effect of Elongational Viscosity on the Flow in a Flat Die
                                    Wave Interfacial Instabilities at Coextrusion in Flat Dies: Simulation and Experimental Results
Coextrusion, interfacial Instabilities, LDPE, Flat Dies
                                    Experimental Observations and Analysis of LDPE Melt Flow in Coextrusion Geometries
Coextrusion, Instability, Birefringence, Velocity
                                    A Non-Isothermal 3D Fem Study
Spiral Die Mandrel, Temperature Distribution, Mass Distribution of Spiral Mandrel Dies with Non-Symetrical Input
                                    Sensitivity of
Die Design, Flow Balancing, Taguchi AnalysisFlow Distribution and Flow Patterns in Profile Extrusion Dies
Sheeting Dies, Optimization         An Optimization-Based Approach to Compute Sheeting Die Designs for Multiple Operating Conditions
Elongational Flow, Twin-Screw Simulation of Polymeric Flow in a Twin-Screw Extruder: An Analysis of Elongational Viscosity Effects
                                    Twin Screw Extruder and Continuous Mixer Rate Limitations
Twin-Screw, Continuous Mixer, Rate Limitations
                                    Plastic Energy Dissipation (PED) of Uncompatibilized and Compatibilized Polymer Blend Systems
Plastic Energy Dissipation, Polymer Blands, Compatibilization, Melting
                                    Simulation of
Co-rotating Twin-Screw, Deep Screw Flights the Fluid Flow of Deeper Screw Flights for Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
                                    Deconvolution of Resisidence Time Distribution Signals to Individually Describe Zones for Better Modeling
Twin-Screw, Residence Time Distribution, Controls
                                    Development and Verification of a Method to Optimize Individual Screw Elements for Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
Twin-Screw, Compounding, Optimization
Single-Screw, High-Speed            A New High Speed Extruder With Melt Separation
Bubble Instabilities, Blown Film Effects of Molecular Structure of Polyethylenes on their Bubble Instabilities in Film Blowing Extrusion
Flow Simulation, Cluster Computing  Cluster Computing in Numerical Simulation of Extrusion Flow
Bubble Instabilities, Blown Film, Dynamics of Criteria for Bubble Instabilities in a Single Layer Film Blowing Extrusion
Blow Film, Resin Selection          The Effect of Blown Film Processing on Conventional and Metallocene Catalysed Polyehtylenes
Flim Blowing, Flow-Induced Crystallization of Blown Film Process of Semi-Crystalline Polymers
Optical and Mechanical Properties   Effect of Polymer Processing Conditions on Shrinkability of LDPE and LLDPE Films, and on Optical Properties of LLDPE Film
                                    On the
Bubble Deformation, Extensional Flow Deformation of a Slender Bubble in a Carreau-Yasuda Liquid in an Extensional Flow
Data Acquisition                    Development of Monitoring Software for an Extrusion Process
Recycle, Twin-Screw            Non-Reactive Process for Recycling of Cellular Phones
Recycle, Twin-Screw, Reactive Extrusion Process for Recycling of Cellular Phones
                               Structure, PBT/PE
Morphology Development, Fibril Morphology Development and Rheology of HDPE/PBT Blends
                               2D Composite Models of Modular Tangential Counter-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
Counter-Rotating Twin Screw, Hybrid FEM/FDM
Coextrusion, Film              Simulation and Experimental Study of Two-Layer Film Coextrusion
Coextrusion, LDPE              The Effect of Different Batches of the Same Polymer on the Flow in Flat Coextrusion Dies
                               Extrusion Simulation and Experimental Validation to Optimize Precision Die Design
                               A Role of an Uneven Temperature Distribution at the Flat Die Inlet on the Die Performance
                               Effect of Elongational Viscosity on the Flow in a Spiral Die
                               Automatic Balancing of Profile Extrusion Dies: Experimental Assessment
                               Eliminating Surface Melt Fracture Using PPA: The Role Of PPA Domain Size
                               A Modeling of Viscoelastic Coextrusion Flows in Multi-Manifold Flat Dies
                               Heat Transfer Coefficients and Screw Temperature Profiles in Modular Twin Screw Extrusion Machines
                               Residence Time Distribution Comparison for Different Polyethylenes in a Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
                               Melting Mechanisms for PS/PP Blends in a Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
                               Investigation in Power Consumption of Twin Screw Extruders in Respect of Scale Up Theory
                               Elongational Flow in Multiple Screw Extruders
                               A Perturbation Method to Characterize Melting During the Extrusion of Polymers and Blends
                               Kinematics Model of Solids Conveying of LDPE
                               In-Line Measurement of the Polymer Melting Behavior in Single Screw Extruders
                               Solid Bed Melting in Single Screw Extruders- An Alternative First Order Mechanism
                               Entropic Mixing Characterization in a Single Screw Extruder
                               The Influence of Melt Rheology on the Specific Output Rate of Broad Molecular Weight Distribution Polyethylenes in Single S
                               Performance Characteristics of Elongational Mixing Screws
                               Melt Temperature Homogeneity in Single Screw Extrusion: Effect of Material Type and Screw Geometry
                               Design of a Self-Compensating Melt Flow Regulator for Plastics Extrusion
                               Melting of Polymer Blends in a Shear Field - Experimental Investigation
                               Real-Time Structural Measurements in a Three-Layer Blown Film
                               Experimental Observations of LDPE Melt Flow in Coextrusion Geometries
                               Experimental and Numerical Studies of Blown Film Cooling
                               Stability of the Nonisothermal Film Blowing Process
                               Effect of Crystallization Kinetics on the Morphology of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene Blown Films
                               Rheological Evaluation of the Processability of Polyethylenes for Extrusion Coating
                               The Effect of Extrusion Conditions and Material Properties on the Gas Permeation Properties of LDPE/LLDPE Silage Wrap F
                               A Modeling of the Film Blowing Process by Using Variational Principles
                               Influence of Processing Conditions on the Mechanical Properties of Nylon 12 and LDPE Tubing
                               Computational Design of U-Profile Die and Calibrator
                               A Study on the Thermal Performance of Calibrators
                               Performance of Boron Nitride and its Combinations as Processing Aid in the Extrusion of Ziegler-Natta Polyethylenes
                               Optimizing Purge Time at Product Change by Blow Film Extrusion by Selective Modification of Process Parameters
                               Lip Actuator Performance in Automatic Profile Control Systems for Flat Die Extrusion
                               Advances in Spiral Die Design
                               New Screw Design for Cooling Extruders
                               Gentle Compounding of Natural Fiber Filled Thermoplastic Composites
                               Factors Affecting the Performance of Carbon Black Master Batches in Wire and Cable Applications
                               Processing Polyethylene Terephthalate on a Single Screw Extruder Without Pre-Drying Using Hopper and Melt Degassing
                               Recycleability of Polymer-Clay Nanocomposites: Part 1 - The Influence of Multiple-Extrusions on Structure and Mechanical P
                               Recycleability of Polymer-Clay Nanocomposites: Part 2 - The Influence of Multiple-Extrusions on Thermal and Rheological P
                               Practical Approach to Screw Breakage and How to Avoid Failures
                               Effect of Screw Surface Properties on Extruder Performance
                               Representation of Polymer Melt Rheology Data
                               Die Lip Sensitivity in Cast Film Dies
                               Metering Channel Flows and Troubleshooting Single-Screw Extruders
                               Reactive Extrusion of Starch-Polyacrylamide Graft Copolymers
                               Scale-Up Consideration of Polymerization in Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruder Based on 3-D Numerical Simulation
Compatibilizing Of PET/PA Blends With a New Coupling Agent in a Twin Screw Extruder
Effect of Pre-Made Compatibilizer and Reactive Polymers on Polymer Drop Breakup
Chemical Coupling of Rubber Polymers With Modified PTFE Micro Powder During the Rubber Mixing Process
Eliminating Interfacial Instability in PE/Tie Interface Using a Multi-Layer Streamlined Coextrusion Die (SCD)
The Effect of Multilayer Rheology on Coextrusion Die Design
Coextrusion in Cast Film Process
Investigation of Interfacial Instabilities in Nanolayer Extrusion
The Effect of Slip Additives on Interfacial Instabilities in Coextrusion Flows: Theoretical and Experimental Investigation
Delamination and Adhesion of Co-Extruded Sheets
The Effect of Using Preheated Pellets in Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruders
Continuous Compounding of EPDM Roofing Formulations on Co-Rotating, Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruders
Real-Time Ultrasonic Monitoring of Barrel Wear, Screw Misalignment and Deflection
Development of a Stiff, Void Free, Low Density Plastic Wood Replacement
Realtime Process and Quality Control in Polymer Extrusion - Detection and Sizing of Particulate Inhomogeneities in Flowing
Effect of Process Variables on Residence Time Distribution Using In-Line Ultrasonic Device
Hydraulic Conveying of Plastic Pellets
PTFE Paste Extrusion: Effect of Physical Properties of Lubricants
Study of Processing Behavior of Extrudate PTFE Paste
The Determination Of ―Best‖ Viscosity Model for Shear Thinning Fluids from Capillary Rheology Experiments
Comparison of the Flow in Co-Rotating and Counter-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruders
Extrusion of HDPE -Wood Blends
Analyzing Air Gap Dynamics in Extrusion Coating by Means of Dimensional Analysis
Study of Nonlinear Dynamics and Stability of Isothermal Film Casting Using a Two-Dimensional Process Model
Experimental and Numerical Study of the Post-Extrusion Conditions in Ribbon Extrusion Process
Optimization of a Flat Die Geometry
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Nano-Scale Polymeric Rheological Properties and Extrusion Flows
On the Breakup of a Non-Newtonian Drop in an Extensional Flow
Continuous Extrusion of Proteinaceous Polymers
3-D Flow Field Simulation of Unusual Screw Element with Wedge-Shaped Leading Flight Flanks in Intermeshing Counter-Ro
The Effect of Stabiliser Type and TiO2 Concentration on the Rheology of uPVC Profile Formulations
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R.A. Barr, C.I. Chung                         12   1966          Midland-Ross Corp.
Imrich Klein, D.I. Marshall                   12   1966          Western Electric Co.
A.M. Fazzari, B.H. Maddock, R.B. Staub        12   1966          Union Carbide Corp.
W.M. Gallahue                                 12   1966          Mount Hope Machinery Co.
Ronald C. Kowalski                            13   1967   809    Esso Research & Engineering Co.
Zehev Tadmor, Ilan J. Duvdevani, Imrich Klein 13   1967   813    Western Electric Co.
B.H. Maddock                                  13   1967   835    Union Carbide Corp.
Richard M. Griffith                           13   1967   843    American Cyanamid Co.
Edward Heyman                                 13   1967   848    E.I. duPont deNemours & Co.
H.A. Ellott, Louis F. Erb                     13   1967   857    Hercules, Inc.
Victor A. Matonis                             14   1968   316    Monsanto Co.
W.J. Schrenk, T. Alfrey, Jr.                  14   1968   322    Dow Chemical Co.
T. Alfrey, Jr., E.F. Gurnee, W.J. Schrenk     14   1968   330    Dow Chemical Co.
Michael A. Rodgers, Preston J. Heinle         14   1968   337    Motorola Inc.
William G. Frizelle, Donald C. Paulson        14   1968   340    General Motors Institute
David H. Harry                                14   1968   349    General Motors Institute
R.F. Craig, E.N. Barnes, J.L. Rakes           14   1968   661    Phillips Petroleum Co.
Dr. A. Buckley, H.A. Long                     14   1968   664    Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd.
Glenn A. Pettit and P.E. Ahlers               14   1968   670    Barber-Colman Co., Johnson Manufacturing Co.
George P. Kovach                              14   1968   676    Koro Corporation
John W. LaBelle                               14   1968   679    Foster Grant Co.
Earl W. Veazey                                14   1968   N.A.   Dow Chemical Co.
James N. Wells                                15   1969   110    Armstrong Cork Company
Robert B. Gregory                             15   1969   114    Frank W. Egan & Company
R.L. Boles and D.C. Bogue                     15   1969   119    E.I. duPont deNemours & Co., Inc., University of Tennessee
H.L. Davis, D.C. Bogue                        15   1969   123    University of Tennessee
Gene A. Bialas, Jerry W. Crowder, James L. White   1969   126    University of Tennessee
Arthur F. Korney, Jr.                         15   1969   132    B.F. Goodrich Chemical Company
Shigezo Murakami, Kanji Otani                 15   1969   136    Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
Chan I. Chung                                 16   1970   373    Esso Res. & Eng. Co.
B.H. Maddock                                  16   1970   374    Union Carbide Corp.
D.I. Marshall                                 16   1970   375    Western Electric Co.
Robert B. Gregory                             16   1970   376    Egan Machinery Co.
Frank E. Simo                                 16   1970   477    Eaton Yale & Towne Inc.
John L. Witt                                  16   1970   484    Alma Plastics Co.
James A. Hetzer                               16   1970   492    Indus. Nucleonics Corp.
H.T. Kim, J.P. Darby                          16   1970   537    B.F. Goodrich Chemical Co.
James F. Carley                             16       1970          544        University of Colorado
Paul H. Squires, Carl F.W. Wolf             16       1970          552        E.I. duPont deNemours & Co., Inc.
Bryce Maxwell                               16       1970          558        Princeton University
R.C. Donovan                                16       1970          561        Western Electric Co.
Gerald Bareich                              16       1970          569        Imperial Oil Ltd.
Z. Tadmor, I. Klein and E. Broyer           17       1971          136        Scientific Process & Research, Inc., Israel Institute of Technology
Z. Tadmor, I. Klein and L. Katsir           17       1971          141        Scientific Process & Research, Inc., Israel Institute of Technology
Imrich Klein, Zehev Tadmor                  17       1971          148        Scientific Process & Research, Inc.
Peter Fischer, Herbert K. Rahlfs            17       1971          197        Reifenhauser KG
Richard J. Farrell                          17       1971          202        Sprout, Waldron & Co., Inc.
Jean-paul Rousselet                         17       1971          206        Pechiney-Saint-Gobain
Brian T. Procter                            17       1971          211        Power-Gas Corp.
Jerry J. Pollack                            17       1971          267        Reliance Electric Co.
L.E. Dowd                                   17       1971          274        Chemplex Co.
Wolfgang A. Mack                            17       1971          278        Werner & Pfleiderer
M.D. Stansfield                             17       1971          282        Sterling Extruder Corp.
R.C. Neuman                                 17       1971          316        B.F. Goodrich Chemical Co.
Pravin L. Shah                              17       1971          321        Reynolds Metals Co.
Robert P. Socha                             17       1971          326        Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
S. Everett Perlberg, Rex C. Seanor          17       1971          329        United Engineering & Foundry Co.
Fred Kish                                   17       1971          530        Celanese Plastics Co.
Bryce Maxwell                               17       1971          537        Princeton University
                                            17       1971          A.         Lowell Technological Institute
Rudolph D. Deanin, Raymond E. Bedard, Vittorino G. Dossi, Stephen 541 Oroth and Frank J. Borzenski, Frank C. Jaarsma
                                             Ballenger, J. Nelson Dalton, aJorge M. Rodriguez and Domenico Acierno
James L. White, Donald C. Bogue, Timothy F. 17       1971          545        University of Tennessee, University of Naples
C.D. Han, R.R. Lamonte                      17       1971          548        Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
Georg Menges, Manfred Meissner              17       1971         N.A.        Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
Peter Klenk                                 17       1971         N.A.        Kunststoffwerk Ber. Anger GmbH & Co.
M.L. Heckaman                               18       1972          512        Uniroyal, Inc.
Imrich Klein                                18       1972          516        Scientific Process & Research, Inc.
Louis F. Street                             18       1972          520        Welding Engineers
Rober L. Miller                             18       1972          525        NRM Corp.
R.J. Malinowski                             18       1972          702        Uniroyal, Inc.
Theodore B. Carvalho                        18       1972          708        Chas. T. Main, Inc.
G. Menges, W.O. Predohl                     18       1972          717        Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
Leonard J. Meyer                            18       1972          722        Cosden Oil & Chemical Co.
George A. Kruder                            18       1972          726        Koehring Co.
G. Menges, U. Kosel, R. Hegele, W. Elbe     18       1972          784        Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
G. Menges, V. Giegerich                     18       1972          793        Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
Don H. White and Nick R. Schott             18       1972          797        University of Arizona, Lowell Technological Institute
George A. Kruder, Joon T. Kim               18       1972          802        Koehring Co.
Chan I. Chung and R.J. Nichols, G.A. Kruder 19       1973          115        Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Koehring Co.
Z. Tadmor, S.D. Lipshitz, R. Lavie          19       1973          122        Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
Aharon Kaplan, Zehev Todmor                 19       1973          129        Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
George A. Kruder, Russell J. Nichols        19       1973          137        Koehring Company
Zehev Tadmor, Imrich Klein                  19       1973          145        Scientific Process & Research, Inc.
Don Biklen                                  19       1973          254        Beringer Company, Inc.
S.J. Chen                                   19       1973          258        Kenics Corporation
Dieter Gras                                 19       1973          263        Werner & Pfleiderer Corp.
Walter J. Schrenk                           19       1973          269        The Dow Chemical Co.
Dr. Wolfgang A. Mack and Walter Neubert     19       1973          321        Werner & Pfleiderer Corp., Bielomatic Luze Co.
Mark Labovitz, Robert A. Paradis            19       1973          327        Diamond Shamrock Chem. Co.
Ronald P. Titlebaum                         19       1973          332        USM Corporation
Shannon Madison, Don Knoop                  19       1973          336        Whirlpool Corporation
Bryce Maxwell                               19       1973          342        Princeton University
Kenneth Bowman                              19       1973          379        U.S. Dept. of Labor
J. Michael Collister                            19     1973   381   Crane Plastics Manufacturing Co.
J.Paul Dyer                                     19     1973   384   Chas. T. Main, Inc.
Robert P. Webber                                19     1973   388   E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc.
Nick R. Shcott and Govind Bommi*                19     1973   572   Lowell Technological Institute, *Nylon Product Corp.
David B. Todd, James W. Hunt                    19     1973   577   Baker Perkins Inc.
                                                G.     1973
L.B. Keller, E. Orlowski and E.J. Morrisey, and 19 Holderby   583   Hughes Aircraft Co., United States Air Force Materials Laboratory, United S
R. Farber, J.M. Dealy                           19     1973   589   McGill University
S.J. Chen, and W.E. Segl                        20     1974   126   Kenics Corp., Exxon Chemical Company
N.R. Schott, J.N. Berg, R.H. Flynn              20     1974   133   Lowell Technological Institute
W.R. Moulton                                    20     1974   137   Bolton-Emerson, Inc.
D.d. Zimmerman                                  20     1974   139   Celanese Corp.
P.W. Springer, R.S. Brodkey, R.E. Lynn          20     1974   143   Ohio State University
T.p. Bragg and M.D. Held                        20     1974   147   Diamond Shamrock Corp., United Sierra Div., Cyprus Mines Corp.
J.M. Losson                                     20     1974   231   Solvay & Cie
I. Klein                                        20     1974   237   Scientific Process & Research, Inc.
J.D. Miller, D.H. White                         20     1974   243   University of Arizona
B.H. Maddock                                    20     1974   247   Union Carbide Corp.
R.R. Kraybill                                   20     1974   331   Eastman Kodak Co.
H. Chang, R.A. Daane                            20     1974   335   Beloit Corporation
C. Gutfinger, E. Broyer, Z. Tadmor              20     1974   339   Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
J.R. Sims                                       20     1974   344   Packaging Industries, Inc.
G. Menges, W. Hoffmanns                         20     1974   348   Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
H.H. Winter                                     20     1974   349   University of Wisconsin
H.M. Kennard                                    20     1974    37   Fluid Dynamics, Div. of Brunswick Crop.
R.H. Reinhard, A.R. Crixell, C.L. Loney, P.W. Tidwell 1974     40   Monsanto Polymers & Petrochemicals Co.
N.R. Schott and L. Lak and G. Smoluk            20     1974    43   Lowell Technological Institute, Crelin Plastics Div., Albany International, Br
R.J. Nichols, G.A. Kruder                       20     1974   462   HPM Div., Koehring Co.
N.J. Brozenick and G. Kruder                    20     1974   466   Borg-Warner Chemicals, HPM Div., Koehring Co.
R.L. Adams                                      20     1974   469   Werner & Pfleiderer Corp.
G.J. Kucinkas, Sr.                              20     1974    47   LFE Corporation
D.B. Todd                                       20     1974   472   Baker Perkins Inc.
E. Doring, G. Menges                            20     1974   476   institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
E. Veazy                                        20     1974   480   Dow Chemical Co.
F. Martelli                                     20     1974   483   Gerd Lester Corp.
C.I. Chung and D.T. Lohkamp                     21     1975   363   Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Exxon Chemical Co.
A.Thakrar, A.C. Hettinger                       21     1975   366   AMP Inc.
G.J. Kucinkas, Sr.                              21     1975   370   LFE Corporation
G. Menges, H. Hensel                            21     1975   373   Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
M.H. Tusim, C.I. Chung                          21     1975   418   Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
G.A. Kruder                                     21     1975   423   HPM Div., Koehring Co.
G.A. Kruder, R.J. Nichols, R.E. Ridenour        21     1975   429   HPM Div., Koehring Co.
J.J. Duska, J. Gasior, A.W. Pomper              21     1975   434   Hartig Machinery Div., Midland-Ross Corp
D. Wolf, D.H. White                             21     1975   439   University of Arizona
J.R. Johnson                                    21     1975   502   Uniroyal Inc.
D.A. D'Amato                                    21     1975   506   Farrel Co. Div., USM Corporation
W.B. Campbell                                   21     1975   510   Fellows Corporation
A.M. Dickerson and C. Rhein                     21     1975   513   Plaskolite Inc., Sakas, Inc.
J.F. Carley, W.C. Smith                         21     1975   594   University of Colorado
J.T. Marcus                                     21     1975   599   Fluid Dynamics, Div. of Brunswick Corp.
R.P. Barthelemy                                 21     1975   601   Beringer Company, Inc.
R.B. Gregory                                    21     1975   604   GK Systems, Inc.
W. Michaeli, G. Menges                          22     1976   186   Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
P.d. Frayer                                     22     1976   189   University of S. Mississippi
D.H. Avery                                      22     1976   191   Armorflight Group, Southeast BiMetallics
D.A. Pieszak, K.B. Connole                      22     1976   193   Western Electric Co., Inc.
D. Anders                                       22    1976   350   Transmares Corp.
D.B. Todd, D.K. Baumann                         22    1976   354   Baker Perkins Inc.
C.Y. Cheng                                      22    1976   358   Sterling Extruder Corp.
R.J. Nichols, G.A. Kruder, R.E. Ridenour        22    1976   361   HPM Div. Koehring Co.
J.T. Lindt                                      22    1976   429   Shell (Holland)
J.J. Duska, J. Gasior                           22    1976   432   Midland-Ross Corp.
H.T. Kim                                        22    1976   439   B.F. Goodrich Chemical Co.
I. Klein                                        22    1976   444   Scientific Process & Research
G.A. Kruder, R.J. Nichols, R.E. Ridenour        22    1976   450   HPM Div. - Koehring Co.
C.D. Han, R. Shetty                             22    1976   539   Polytechnic Institute of New York
C.D. Han, R. Shetty                             22    1976   544   Polytechnic Institute of New York
A.M. Litman, N.R. Schott, S.W. Tozlowski        22    1976   549   U.S. Army Materials and Mechanics Research Center
R.D. Higdon                                     22    1976   552   Industrial Nucleonics Corp.
H.E. Harris                                     23    1977   423   Harrel, Inc.
J. Worthberg, G. menges                         23    1977   426   institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
C.L. Woodworth                                  23    1977   430   Monsanto Co.
J. Wortberg, P.B. Junk, G. Menges               23    1977   434   Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
E.E. Agur, J. Vlachopoulos                      23    1977   438   McMaster University
D. Rao, C.D. Han                                23    1977   441   Polytechnic Institute of New York
C.D. Han, D. Rao                                23    1977   443   Polytechnic Institute of New York
W.J. Schrenk, T. Alfrey, Jr., N.L. Bradley, H. Mack   1977   448   Dow Chemical Co.
Z. Bakerdjian                                   23    1977   452   Union Carbide Canada Ltd.
S.D. Wood                                       23    1977   455   Allied Chemical Corp.
M. Hess, K. Eise                                23    1977   460   Werner & Pfleiderer, Stuttgart, West Germany; Waldwick, NJ
F. Fischer                                      23    1977   464   Reifenhauser KG, Maschinenfabrik
B.A. Politzer, D.G. DeVivo                      23    1977   469   Measurex Corp.
G.A. kruder, R.E. Ridenour                      23    1977   473   HPM Corp.
C.Y. Cheng                                      23    1977   477   Sterling Extruder Corp.
H. Herrmann, U. Burkhardt, S. Jakopin           23    1977   481   Werner & Pfleiderer
E.M. Mount, III, C.I. Chung                     23    1977   488   Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
C.I. Chung                                      23    1977   491   Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
R. Kushida, C. Daksia                           24    1978   438   Jet Propulsion Laboratory
G.E. Johnson, M.A. Townsend                     24    1978   441   Vanderbilt University
D.H. Avery, D. Csongor                          24    1978   446   Armorflite Group
R.A. Lai-Fook and R.A. Worth                    24    1978   450   University of the West Indies, UMIST, Manchester, England
J.F. Carley and T. Endo and W.B. Krantz         24    1978   453   Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, Toray Industires, Inc., University of Colora
H.H. Winter                                     24    1978   462   Institut fur Kunststofftechnologie
E. Uhland                                       24    1978   466   Institut fur Kunststofftechnologie
S. Takiura, T. Nagasawa, Y. Shimomura           24    1978   471   Ube Industries Ltd.
C.Y. Cheng                                      24    1978   476   Sterling Extruder Corporation
G.A. Campbell                                   24    1978   479   Buss-Condex, Inc.
I. Patterson, T. DeKerf                         24    1978   483   Ecole Polytechnique
L. Erwin                                        24    1978   488   University of Wisconsin-Madison
R.T. Fenner, A.P.D. Cox, D.P. Isherwood         24    1978   494   Imperial College of Science and Technology
S. Jakopin, H. Herman                           24    1978   498   Werner & Pfleiderer Corporation
J.M. McKelvey                                   24    1978   507   Washington University
B. Franzkoch, G. Menges                         24    1978   512   Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
R. Kushida                                      24    1978   516   Jet Propulsion Laboratory
I. Klein, R. Klein                              24    1978   519   Scientific Process & Research, Inc.
D.W. Riley, I. Klein                            24    1978   525   Scientific Process & Research, Inc.
G. Mennig                                       24    1978   529   Deutsches Kunststoff-Institut
D.H. White and D. Wolf                          24    1978   532   University of Arizona, Ben Gurion University of the Negev
N.R. Schott, D.V. Saleh                         24    1978   536   University of Lowell
B. Maxwell, M. Nguyen                           24    1978   540   Princeton University
R.F. Bayless                                    24    1978   544   Egan Machinery Company
J.D. Cist, J.G. Smith                       24      1978   548   E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc.
D. Fingerle                                 24      1978   551   Institut fur Kunststofftechnologie
G. Menges, G. Wiegand                       24      1978   557   Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
A.A. Frederickson, Jr.                      24      1978   561   Measurex Corporation
N.E. Rudd                                   24      1978   565   LFE Corporation
D.C. Huang and J.L. White                   25      1979   126   Chemplex Company, University of Tennessee
R.J. Brown, H.T. Kim, J.W. Summers          25      1979   130   BFGoodrich Chemical Division
R.M. Griffith, J.T. Tsai                    25      1979   135   The General Tire & Rubber Co.
W. Michaeli, G. Menges                      25      1979   141   Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
C.D. Han and H.B. Chin                      25      1979   146   Polytechnic Institute of New York, Allied Chemical Corporation
D.W. Riley, I. Klein                        25      1979   153   Scientific Process & Research, Inc.
C.Y. Cheng and C.G. Gogos                   25      1979   156   Sterling Extruder Corp., Stevens Institute of Technology
E. Grunschlob                               25      1979   160   Institut fur Kunststofftechnologie
W.I. Patterson, P. Branchi, J. Paris        25      1979   166   Ecole Polytechnique
H.H. Winter                                 25      1979   170   Institut fur Kunststofftechnologie
E.M. Mount III and J.G. Watson and C.I. Chung       1979   176   ICI Americas Inc., University of Miami, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
H. Werner, K. Eise                          25      1979   181   Werner & Pfleiderer, Stuttgart, West Germany; Waldwick, NJ
G.A. Kruder, R.E. Ridenour                  25      1979   188   HPM Corporation
Z. Tadmor, P. Hold, L. Valsamis             25      1979   193   Farrel Machinery Group, USM Corporation
P. Hold, Z. Tadmor, L. Valsamis             25      1979   205   Farrel Machinery Group, USM Corporation
H.R. Scharer, P. Hold                       25      1979   212   Farrel Company
S. Dormeier                                 25      1979   216   Gesamthochschule (Universitat) Paderborn
D.B. Todd                                   25      1979   220   Baker Perkins Inc.
G.M. Gale                                   25      1979   223   RAPRA
S.C. Malguarnera                            25      1979   231   Texas A&M University
I. Klein                                    25      1979   238   Scientific Process & Research, Inc.
K.Y. Ng, L. Erwin                           25      1979   241   University of Wisconsin-Madison
D. Wolf and D.H. White                      25      1979   245   Ben Gurion University of the Negev, University of Arizona
W.L. Sadier                                 25      1979   710   Schmutz Manufacturing Company
A. Ganapathy, R.W. Roberts, P.I. Chang      25      1979   712   The University of Akron
A.M. Birks, L.E. Dowd                       25      1979   714   Chemplex Company
J.E. Ericson                                25      1979   718   Packaging Films Division-E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc.
H.f. Baier and F. Jacobi                    25      1979   720   Reifenhauser U.S. Sales Corp., Brueckner Maschinenbau
C.B. Jones                                  25      1979   724   Pillar Corporation
J.F. Carley and P.T. Kitze                  25      1979   728   Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, University of Colorado
J.A. Biesenberger, P. Mehta                 26      1980    30   Farrel Co.
E. Uhland, M. Dienst                        26      1980    36   Berstorff Corp.
I. Sirovic and N. Cvjeticanin and I. Catic  26      1980    41   INA-Organic Chemical Ind., Rade Koncar, University of Zagreb
J. Lutterbeck, G. Menges, H. Potente        26      1980    44   Institut fur Kunstsoffverarbeitung
E. Bergweiter, G. Menges, A. Dierkes, W. Micheali   1980    50   Institut fur Kunstsoffverarbeitung
D.H. White and D. Wolf                      26      1980    53   University of Arizona, Ben Gurion University of the Negev
C.Y. Cheng                                  26      1980    57   Sterling Extruder Corp.
G.A. Kruder, R.E. Nunn                      26      1980    62   HPM Corp.
G.M. Gale, M.T. Penny                       26      1980    69   Rubber and Plastics Research Assoc.
E. Haberstroh, G. Menges                    26      1980    72   Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
W. Rahim                                    26      1980    77   Crompton & Knowles Corp., Davis-Standard Div.
J.C. Golba, Jr.                             26      1980    83   General Electric Co.
C.L. Tucker III                             26      1980    88   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
R.R. Kraybill                               26      1980    92   Eastman Kodak Co., Manufacturing Technology Div.
U. Masberg, G. Menges                       26      1980    96   Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
F. Ramm, G. Menges                          26      1980   100   Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
H.J. Yoo, C.D. Han                          26      1980   103   Polytechnic Institute of New York
C.D. Denson, B.K. Hwang, Jr.                26      1980   107   University of Delaware
C.J. Rauwendaal                             26      1980   110   Raychem Corp.
L.S. Perrone                                26      1980   668   Dionex Corp.
L.A. Rosenthal                                   26     1980   671    Union Carbide Corp.
P.E. Jacobs                                      26     1980   675    U.S.I Chemicals Co.
Z. Bakerdjian, M.Y. Ilahie                       26     1980   678    Union Carbide Canada Ltd.
N.A. Peppas, G.S. Sekhon                         26     1980   681    Purdue University
J.M. Torregrosa, J. Druz and A. Weill            27     1981   604    Ecole D'Application Des Hauts Polymeres, Centre National D'Etudes des T
J.d. Muzzy, R.S. Roberts, A.R. Enuga, T. Mitchell27     1981   610    Georgia Institute of Technology
H. Herrmann, K. Eise                             27     1981   614    Werner & Pfleiderer Corporation
C.J. Rauwendaal                                  27     1981   618    Raychem Corporation
H. Werner, J. Curry                              27     1981   623    Werner & Pfleiderer Corporation
D. Anders, W. Muller                             27     1981   627    Berstorff GmbH
J. Lutterbeck, H. Potente, G. Menges             27     1981   632    Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
D.W. Gailus, L. Erwin                            27     1981   639    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
P.H. Squires                                     27     1981   643    Du Pont Company
G.A. Kruder, R.E. Nunn                           27     1981   648    HPM Corporation
D.E. McClelland, C.I. Chung                      27     1981   653    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
M. Abbaoui and C.G. Gogos                        27     1981   657    Algerian Petroleum Institute, Stevens Institute of Technology
K.T. O'Brien                                     27     1981   661    Stevens Institute of Technology
J.E. Flood, J.L. White, J.F. Fellers             27     1981   664    University of Tennessee
E.M. Mount, C. Chappell, T.W. Haas               27     1981   666    ICI Americas Inc.
G.M. Gale                                        27     1981   669    Rubber and Plastics Research Association
J.A.O. Emmanuel, L.R. Schmidt                    27     1981   672    General Electric Company
W.L. Krueger                                     27     1981   676    3M Company
W.L. Krueger                                     27     1981   679    3M Company
S. Basu                                          27     1981   682    Raychem Corporation
E. Fischer                                       27     1981   689    Institut fur Kunststofftechnologie, University Stuttgart
K. Geiger                                        27     1981   693    Institut fur Kunststofftechnologie, University Stuttgart
C.R. Finch, W.J. Schrenk                         28     1982   N.A.   The Dow Chemical Company
R.J. Nichols, J. Yao                             28     1982   416    Welding Engineers, Inc.
C.J. Walk                                        28     1982   423    Rohm and Haas Co., Research Div.
D.H. White, A. Homaidan and D. Wolf and N.R. Schott 1982       427    University of Arizona, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Ben Gurion Universi
J.A. Biesenberger, G. Kessidis                   28     1982   431    The Institute of Polymer Processing Technology, Stevens Institute
G.A. Kruder                                      28     1982   434    HPM Corp.
R.V. Turkovich, L. Erwin                         28     1982   439    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
D.C. Lounsbury                                   28     1982   441    Crompton & Knowles Corp, Davis-Standard Div.
T.H. Kwack, C.D. Han                             28     1982   445    Polytechnic Institute of New York, Dept. of Chemical Engr
C.V. Detter                                      28     1982   447    Phillips Chemical Co.
D.B. Todd, H.G. Karian, J.D. Layfield            28     1982   449    Baker Perkins Inc.
D.S. Done, D.G. Baird                            28     1982   454    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
G. Menges, K. Beiss                              28     1982   458    Instiut Fuer Kunststoffverarbeitung
W. Michaeli                                      28     1982   461    Carl Freudenberg
E.E. Agur, J. Vlachopoulos                       28     1982   465    McMaster University, Dept. of Chemical Engr.
B. Elbirli, J.T. Lindt and S.R. Gottgetreu, S.M. 28     1982   469    University of Pittsburgh, Arco Chemical Co., Div. of Atlantic Richfield Co.
B. Elbirli, J.T. Lindt and S.R. Gottgetreu, S.M. 28     1982   472    University of Pittsburgh, Arco Chemical Co., Div. of Atlantic Richfield Co.
F. Mokhtarian, L. Erwin                          28     1982   476    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
P. Hold, D.H. Sebastian, R. Kumar                28     1982   480    Stevens Institute of Technology
D.C. Huang and R.N. Shroff, M. Shida             28     1982   483    Raychem Corp, Chemplex Co.
Y.J. Kim, H.B. Chin, C.D. Han                    28     1982   487    Polytechnic Institute of New York, Dept. of Chemical Engr.
R. Shetty                                        28     1982   490    The Mearl Corp., Decorative Film Division
H.G. Karian, E.A. Leach                          28     1982   493    Baker Perkins Inc.
B.R. Liang and J.L. White, J. Spruiell and B.C. 29      1983
                                                  Goswami       92    East China Institue of Textile Science and Tech, University of Tennessee,
C. Muhrer, C. Guerrero, W.I. Patterson           29     1983    95    Ecole Polytechnique de Montrial
A. Mayer, E. Winkel, G. Menges                   29     1983    99    Institut Fuer Kunststoffverarbeitung
P. Makila and E. Syrjanen                        29     1983   101    Abo Akademi, Dept. of Chemical Engr. and Tervakoski Oy
B. Elbirli, J.T. Lindt and S.R. Gottgetreu, S.M. 29     1983   104    University of Pittsburg, Dept. of Metallurgical & Materials Engr. and Acro C
G.M. Gale                                        29     1983   109    Rubber and Plastics Research Association
C. Howland, L. Erwin                             29    1983   113   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
H.J. Suchanek, H. Potente                        29    1983   117   University of Paderborn
D.H. Sebastian, J.A. Biesenberger                29    1983   121   Polymer Processing Institute at Stevens Institute of Technology
T. Dobroth, L. Erwin                             29    1983   124   Massachusetts Institute of Tech., Dept. of Mechanical Engr.
W. Thiele                                        29    1983   127   American Leistritz Extruder Corp.
R.J. Nichols                                     29    1983   130   Welding Engineers, Inc.
R.J. Nichols, F. Kheradi                         29    1983   134   Welding Engineers, Inc.
G.P. Collins and C.D. Denson and G. Astarita     29    1983   138   Mobil Chemical Co., University of Delaware, University of Naples, Dept. of
H. Yamane, J.L. White                            29    1983   142   University of Tennessee
H. Helmy                                         29    1983   146   Egan Machinery
C.J. Rauwendaal                                  29    1983   151   Raychem Corp.
T. Kanai, J.L. White                             29    1983   155   University of Tennessee
H. Ashizawa, J.E. Spruiell, J.L. White           29    1983   158   University of Tennessee
K. Kapfer, K. Eise, H. Herrmann                  29    1983   161   Werner & Pfleiderer Corp.
D.B. Todd, H.G. Karian                           29    1983   164   Baker perkins Inc.
C.I. Chung and R.A. Barr                         29    1983   168   Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Robert Barr, Inc.
I. Klein, R. Klein                               29    1983   170   Scientific Process & Research, Inc.
H. Lappe, H. Potente                             29    1983   174   University of Paderborn
M. Viriyayuthakorn, R.V. DeBoo                   29    1983   178   Western Electric Co.
S. Basu                                          29    1983   183   Raychem Corp./Stanford University
C.J. Rauwendaal                                  29    1983   186   Raychem Corp.
E. Haberstroh, G. Menges                         29    1983   200   Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
G.M. Gale                                        30    1984    2    Rubber and Plastics Research Association
Russell J. Nichols                               30    1984    6    Welding Engineers, Inc.
Kurt Eise, Heinz Hermann, Klaus Kapfer           30    1984    10   Werner & Pfleiderer Corporation
Dietmar Anders                                   30    1984    15   Herrmann Berstorff GMbH
Wataru Minoshima, James L. White                 30    1984    20   University of Tennessee
Rick Knittel                                     30    1984    23   Sano Design & Machine Co.
E.W. Veazey                                      30    1984    26   Dow Chemical Company
Robert W. Miller                                 30    1984    30   ARCO Chemical Company
Clyde V. Detter                                  30    1984    33   Phillips Chemical Company
Kazuo Tamemoto                                   30    1984    37   ASAHI Chemical Ind. Co., Ltd
Laurence E. Dowd, Michael L. Opacich             30    1984    40   Chemplex Company
Jungrim S. Haw, C.D. Han                         30    1984    44   Polytechnic Institute of New York
H.H. Winter and H.G. Fritz                       30    1984    49   University of Massachusetts, University of Stuttgart
E. Mitsoulis, J. Vlachopoulos, F.A. Mirza        30    1984    53   McMaster University
Chris Rauwendaal                                 30    1984    59   Raychem Corporation
P. Michel, H. Potente                            30    1984    64   Univeristat of Paderborn
J.M. Kenny, J.M. Castro, N.J. Capiati            30    1984    69   Plapiqui, UNS-CONICET
J.T. Lindt                                       30    1984    73   University of Pittsburgh
D. Chan, L.J. Lee                                30    1984    77   The Ohio State University
Montri Viriyayuthakorn, Bahiru Kassahun          30    1984    81   Western Electric Company
Chris Rauwendaal                                 30    1984    85   Raychem Corporation
Chibao Miaw                                      30    1984    89   General Electric Company
James F. Stevenson                               30    1984    93   The General Tire & Rubber Company
J. Breil, G. Menges                              30    1984    97   Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
Robert a. Malloy, S.A. Orroth, S.J. Chen, R.J.   Van   1984
                                                 30 Hooft     102   University of Lowell
Heribert Lappe, H. Potente                       30    1984   108   University of Paderborn
G. Bolder, G. Menges                             30    1984   112   Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
Professor Lewis Erwin, Jeffery Dohner            30    1984   116   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
C.L. Woodworth                                   30    1984   122   Monsanto Company
David B. Todd, Harutun G. Karian                 30    1984   127   Baker Perkins, Inc.
Joseph A. Biesenberger, Shau-Tarng Lee           31    1985    2    Polymer Processing Institute, Stevens Institute of Technology
Hso-Pan Han, Chang Dae Han                       31    1985    8    Polytechnic Institute of New York
Russell J. Nichols, Paul E. Lubiejewski          31    1985    12   Welding Engineers, Inc.
Michael Kearney, Peter Hold                    31         1985    17   Farrel Company
William A. Kramer                              31         1985    23   Crompton & Knowles Corporation
Chris Rauwendaal                               31         1985    30   Raychem Corporation
B.K. Hwang, A. Kharazi, A. Nicholas            31         1985    34   Union Carbide Corporation
K.S. Hyun, W.A. Trumbull, S.R. Jenkins and C.I. Chung     1985    38   The Dow Chemical Company, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
H.J. Stamato, R.A. Weiss                       31         1985    42   University of Connecticut
David Bigio, Lewis Erwin                       31         1985    45   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stephen T. Balke                               31         1985    49   Xerox Research Centre of Canada
R.W. Nelson, L. James Lee                      31         1985    54   The Ohio State University
Chris Rauwendaal                               31         1985    59   Raychem Corporation
                                               31         1985
Costas Gogos, Mustapha Abbaoui, Batara Sianturi, Jisheng Shen     65   Stevens Institute of Technology
Stephen J. Derezinski                          31         1985    69   Eastman Kodak Company
Yucheng Peng, Jianhua Wu                       31         1985    73   South China Institute of Technology
Chibao Miaw, Alex Hasson, Gary Balch           31         1985    76   General Electric Co.
Jorg Nordmeier, Georg Menges                   31         1985    80   Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
Thomas Dobroth, Professor Lewis Erwin          31         1985    89   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
T.A. Huang, G.A. Campbell                      31         1985    89   Mobil Chemical Company
K.F. Strater, J.M. Dealy                       31         1985    93   McGill University
J.H. Sayago, S.P. Petrie                       31         1985    96   University of Lowell
K.Z. Hong                                      31         1985   100   The Dow Chemical Company
E.H. Roberts, P.J. Lucchesi, S.J. Kurtz        31         1985   104   Union Carbide Corporation
James F. Machen, John D. Schuster              31         1985   108   The University of Toledo, Autotec, Inc.
A.D. Siegel, P. Hold                           31         1985   113   Farrel Company
James F. Stevenson, L. James Lee, Richard M.31   Griffith 1985   118   GenCorp
G. Menges, J. Schmidt                          31         1985   123   Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung in Industrie und Handwerk
S.R. Doshi, J.M. Dealy and J.M. Charrier       31         1985   127   McGill University, Industrial Material Research Institute
                                               31         1985
Chin-Yuan Ma, James L. White, Frederick C. Weissert, Kyonsuku Min131   The University of Akron
Louis S. Henderson, III                        31         1985   135   ARCO Chemical Company
Evan Mitsoulis                                 31         1985   139   University of Ottawa
William K. Leonard                             31         1985   144   3M Company
Joseph A. Biesenberger, Shau-Tarng Lee         32         1986   846   Stevens Institute of Technology
R. Chella, J.T. Lindt                          32         1986   851   University of Pittsburgh
Martin Mack                                    32         1986   855   Berstoff Corporation
Tadamoto Sakai, Noriaki Hashimoto              32         1986   860   Japan Steel Works
David Bigio, Wayne Townsend, Jr.               32         1986   864   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Robert A. Esposito                             32         1986   870   Monsanto Polymer Products Co.
A.P. Plochocki, S.S. Dagli and J.E. Curry and J. Starita1986     874   Polymer Processing Institute, Werner & Pfleiderer, Rheometrics
Kyonsuku Min, James L. White                   32         1986   879   The University of Akron
B. Alzner and Wayne F. Allen, and Desider Csongor         1986   883   Abbott Laboratories, The Black Clawson Company, Amorflite Co.
Yoshihiro Matsukura, James L. White            32         1986   888   University of Akron
Thomas Dobroth, Dr. Lewis Erwin                32         1986   893   MIT-Industry Polymer Processing Program
R.A. Malloy, S.J. Chen, S.A. Orroth            32         1986   901   University of Lowell
Gregory A. Campbell, B. Cao                    32         1986   909   Clarkson University
Toshitaka, Masakatsu Kimura, Yuji Asano        32         1986   912   Idemitsu Petrochemical Corporation Ltd.
Chris Rauwendall                               32         1986   917   Raychem Corporation
Stephen J. Derezinski                          32         1986   924   Eastman Kodak Company
A.I. Isayev, N. Famili                         32         1986   930   University of Akron
                                               32         1986
J.M. Charrier, R.V. Ciplijauskas, S.R. Doshi and F.A. Hamel      939   McGill University, National Research Council of Canada (NRCC)
                                                Hamel 1986
S.R. Doshi, J.M. Charrier, J.M. Dealy and F.A. 32                944   McGill University, National Research Council of Canada (NRCC)
Helmut Schule, Hans-Gerhard Fritz              32         1986   948   Instiut Fur Kunststofftechnologie
Louis S. Henderson, III, Steven G. Schon       32         1986   953   ARCO Chemical Company
Peng Yu-Cheng, Chen Zi-Yun                     32         1986   959   South China Institute of Technology
A.E. Zachariades, Bin Chung                    32         1986   965   IBM Almaden Research Center
Chris Rauwendaal                               32         1986   968   Raychem Corporation
I. Bruker, C. Miaw, A. Hasson, G. Balch        32         1986   975   General Electric Company
Alex Hasson, Chibao Miaw, Gary S. Balch       32      1986   979    General Electric Co.
Harutun G. Karian                             32      1986   988    Baker Perkins Inc.
Robert E. Jerman                              32      1986   995    Rohm and Haas Company
S. Dormeier, H. Kleinhans                     32      1986   1002   Universitat-Gesamthochschule-Paderborn
W.A. Kramer                                   33      1987    34    Davis Standard
P.P. Shirodkar and S.D. Schregenberger        33      1987    37    Mobil Chemical Co.
G.A. Kruder, W. Calland                       33      1987    41    HPM Corp.
B. Yang, L.J. Lee                             33      1987    46    Ohio State University
B. Elbirli, K. Amellal                        33      1987    51    Algerian Institute of Petroleum
K. Amellal, B. Elbirli                        33      1987    55    Algerian Institute of Petroleum
C. Rauwendaal, J.F. Huosz                     33      1987    60    Raychem Corp., Twente University of Technology
C. Rauwendaal, J.F. Ingen                     33      1987    64    Raychem Corp., Twente University of Technology
J.M. McKelvey                                 33      1987    69    Washington University
E.L. Steward, A.W. Cline                      33      1987    73    Davis Standard
S. Meder                                      33      1987    77    Universitat Stuttgart
S.T. Lee, J.A. Biesenberger                   33      1987    81    Sealed Air Corp., Stevens Institute of Technology
J.F. Nangeroni, C.d. Denson                   33      1987    87    University of Delaware
R.W. Foster, J.T. Lindt                       33      1987    90    University of Pittsburgh
S.J. Derezinski                               33      1987    98    Eastman Kodak Co.
R.I. Tanner                                   33      1987   103    University of Sydney
                                              33      1987
A. Karagiannis, H. Mavridis, A.N. Hrymak, J. Vlachopoulos    106    McMaster University
C. Schwenzer, G. Menges                       33      1987   109    Institut Fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
C.D. Han                                      33      1987   113    Polytechnic Institute of New York
C.S. Tucker, R.J. Nichols                     33      1987   117    Welding Engineers, Inc.
S. Shah and S.F. Wang, N. Schott, S. Grossman 33      1987   122    Fisher Guide, University of Lowell
D.B. Todd                                     33      1987   128    Baker Perkins, Inc.
S.K. Dey, J.A. Biesenberger                   33      1987   133    Stevens Institute of Technology
M.H. Mack, T.F. Chapman                       33      1987   136    Berstoff Corp.
M.L. Booy and F.Y. Kafka                      33      1987   140    Retired, E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc.
T. Sakai, N. Hashimoto and N. Kobayashi       33      1987   146    The Japan Steel Works, Ltd., Japan Steel Works America, Inc.
V. Kumar and L. Erwin                         33      1987   152    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Kraft, Inc.
H. Hermann, H.J. Nettelnbreker and A. Dreiblatt       1987   157    Werner & Pfleiderer GmbH, Werner & Pfleiderer Corp.
D. Bigio, L. Erwin                            33      1987   164    University of Maryland, Kraft, Inc.
D. Bigio, W. Stry                             33      1987   170    University of maryland, Creare, Inc.
E.W. Veazey, N. Barrera                       33      1987   175    Dow Chemical Co.
P.C. Gates                                    33      1987   181    Polysystem machinery Mfg. Inc.
R. Knittel                                    33      1987   184    Sano Design & Machine Co., Inc.
J.R. Wagner, Jr.                              33      1987   189    Mobil Chemical Co.
E.M. Mount, III                               33      1987   194    Mobil Chemical Co.
J.R. Collier, J.S. Gunasekera, S.M. Sargand 33        1987   203    Ohio University
A.I. Isayev, C.M. Wong, X. Zeng               33      1987   207    University of Akron
W.F. Allen                                    33      1987   211    Black Clawson
P.Y Cheng and W.Y. Jian                       33      1987   213    South China Institute of Technology, Guangzhou Chemical Industry Resea
C. Cheng                                      34      1988    34    Exxon Chemical Co.
A. Giacomin, S. Doshi                         34      1988    38    Texas A&M University, McGill University
R. Gregory                                    34      1988    41    Robert Gregroy Associates, Inc.
E. Steward, W. Kramer                         34      1988    45    Cromptom & Knowles Crop.
S. Houlihan                                   34      1988    51    Parker Hannifin Corp
D. Todd                                       34      1988    54    Baker Perkins Inc.
D. Bigio, D. Penn                             34      1988    59    University of Maryland
D. Kalyon, A. Gotsis, C. Gogos, C. Tsenoglou 34       1988    64    Stevens Instiute of Technology
H. Larsen, A. Jones                           34      1988    67    E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc
V. Notorgiacomo, J. Biesenberger              34      1988    71    Stevens Institute of Technology
J. Colbert                                    34      1988    76    Baker Perkins Chemical Machinery
R. Nichols, J. Lindt                          34      1988    80    Welding Engineers, In., University of Pittsburgh
D. Bigio, S. Zerafati                           34     1988          85        University of Maryland
W. Szdlowski, J. White                          34     1988          89        The University of Akron
K. Nguyen, J. Lindt                             34     1988          93        University of Pitsburgh
K. Kapfer                                       34     1988          96        Werner & Pfleiderer GmbH
W. Krueger                                      34     1988         102        3M Co.
S. Derezinski                                   34     1988         105        Eastman Kodak Co.
Y. Gau                                          34     1988         109        Union Carbide Corp.
G. Menges, H. Langhorst                         34     1988         114        Institute for Plastics Processing
R. Kline                                        34     1988         120        Hoechst Celanese Corp.
C. Rauwendaal, J. Ingen Housz                   34     1988         125        Raychem Corp., Twente University
Y. Guo, C. Chung                                34     1988         132        Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
J. Vlachopoulos, P. Behncke, J. Vlcek           34     1988         137        McMaster University
E. Mitsoulis                                    34     1988         140        University of Ottawa
D. Sebastian, A. Kiani, R. Rakos                34     1988         145        Stevens Insitute of Technology
D. Smith                                        34     1988         149        Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering Co.
W. Bode                                         34     1988         151        Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering Co.
D. Lounsbury                                    34     1988         158        SANO, Inc.
H. Brax                                         34     1988         162        BC Enterprises, Inc.
S. Shapiro                                      34     1988         165        Aeonic Systems
                                                34     1988         168         Vergnes
J. Charrier, R. Ciplijauskas and A. Catani, C. de Grandpre and J. Agassant, B. McGill University, IGM/CNRC, CEMEF/Ecole des Mines
Y. Shu, S. Chen, J. Cheng                       34     1988         172        University of Lowell
W. Feistkorn                                    34     1988         175        Windmoller & Holscher
J. Perdikoulias, J. Vicek, J. Vlachopoulos      34     1988         179        McMaster University
C. Lee, I. Peat, L. Wild, P. Fernando           34     1988         183        USI Chemicals Co.
H. Kang, M. Cakmak, J. White and , M. Pollack 4 3      1988         187        University of Akron, Eastman Kodak Co.
R. Infante                                      34     1988         193        Dynisco, Inc.
W. Wareham, T. Healy                            34     1988         197        Dynisco, Inc.
K. O'Brien                                      34     1988         201        Hoechst Celanese Crop.
W. Virginski                                    34     1988         205        Davis-Standard Division
D.L. Cooke, T. Tikusis                          35     1989          22        Novacor Chemicals Ltd.
K.K. Dohrer, D.H. Niemann                       35     1989          28        Dow Chemical Co.
T.W.D. Chan, L.J. Lee                           35     1989          31        The Ohio State University
B. Cao, P. Sweeney, G.A. Campbell               35     1989          35        Clarkson University
R. Keller, John Brown                           35     1989          39        Plastics Machinery
A.D. Gotsis, D.M. Kalyon                        35     1989          44        Stevens Institute of Technology
M.H. Kim, J.L. White                            35     1989          49        The University of Akron
R. Brzoskowski, T. Kumazawa, J.L. White         35     1989          54        The University of Akron
M. Haupt                                        35     1989          59        Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung(KV)
A. Kiani, R. Rakos, D.H. Sebastian              35     1989          62        Stevens Institute of Technology
R.Rakos, A. Kiani, D.H. Sebastian               35     1989          66        Stevens Institute of Technology
R.H. Lie, D. Song                               35     1989          69        South China University of Technology
K.S. Hyun, M.A. Spalding                        35     1989          72        Dow Chemical USA
E.L. Steward                                    35     1989          75        Crompton & Knowles Corporation
F. Zhu, S. Fang, N. Wang                        35     1989          87        Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology
Z. Fuhua, W. Naiyi and C. Liging                35     1989          90        Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology, Eastern China Institute of Chemic
N. Wang, F. Zhu                                 35     1989          93        Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology
J.P. Christiano                                 35     1989          96        John Brown Inc.
C.I. Chung, N. Wang                             35     1989         100        Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
C. Rauwendaal                                   35     1989         104        Raychem Corporation
C. Rauwendaal                                   35     1989         108        Raychem Corporation
S.J. Derzinski                                  35     1989         111        Eastman Kodak Company
E.L. Canedo, L.N. Valsamis                      35     1989         116        Farrel Corporation
M.H. Mack                                       35     1989         120        Berstorff Corporation
D.M. Kalyon, H.N. Sangani                       35     1989         124        Stevens Institute of Technology
J.A. Bikker, R. Smith, W.E. Baker               35     1989         129        Queen's University
D. Bigio, J. Corner, A. Vashishat             35     1989   133    University of Maryland
J.H. Frey, J.F. Nangeroni, C.D. Denson        35     1989   137    University of Delaware
S.K. Dey, J.A. Biesenberger                   35     1989   142    Stevens Institute of Technology
J.T. Lindt, R.W. Foster                       35     1989   146    University of Pittsburgh
R.W. Foster, J.T. Lindt                       35     1989   150    University of Pittsburg
K.T. Nguyen, J.T. Lindt                       35     1989   154    University of Pittsburg
P.S. Mehta                                    35     1989   159    Hoechst Celanese Corporation
S. Zerafati, D. Bigio, L. Greenan             35     1989   164    University of Maryland
D.B. Todd                                     35     1989   168    APV Chemical Machinery, Inc.
B. Cao, P. Sweeney, G.A. Campbell             35     1989   172    Clarkson University
L.T. Schneider                                35     1989   175    Buss(America), Inc.
R. Bessemer, C. Martin                        35     1989   179    Killion Extruders, Inc.
V.E. Malpass, J.T. Kempthorn, A.F. Dean       35     1989   183    Ferro Corporation
E. Mitsoulis                                  35     1989   187    University of Ottawa
U. Yilmazer, C.G. Gogos, D.M. Kalyon          35     1989   191    Stevens Institute of Technology
J. Perdikoulias,and C. Tzoganakis, J. Vlachopoulos   1989   196    Brampton Engineering(1983) Inc., McMaster University
M. Meier                                      35     1989   200    Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung(KV)
M.A. Huneault, P.G. Lafleur, P.J. Carreau     35     1989   203    Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
J.H. Chen, H.L. Ren                           35     1989   206    South China University of Technology
J.K. Ghosh, X. Wang , J.R. Collier            36     1990    38    Lousiania State University
B. Bessemer                                   36     1990    44    Killion Extruders, Inc.
C.Y. Cheng                                    36     1990    49    Exxon Chemical Company
J. Shen, C. Gogos                             36     1990    55    Stevens Institute of Technology
H.T. Pham, K.S. Hyun                          36     1990    60    Dow Chemical Company
K.T. O'Brien, A. Rosato, Y. Lan               36     1990    64    New Jersey Institute of Technology
J. Bowman, S.M. Rolland, R. Coppard, R. Rakowski 1990        69    Fusion Plastics Limited, BICC plc, Brunel University
G.A. Kruder, W.N. Calland                     36     1990    74    HPM Corporation
R.F. Dray                                     36     1990    86    Dray Mfg. Inc of Texas
S.B. Vad, S.P. Chum, W.L. Huang               36     1990    90    Dow Chemical Company
P.A. Sweeney, J.K. Klewicki, G.A. Campbell 36        1990    94    Clarkson University
M.J. Goins, L. Sun, M. Miller                 36     1990    98    Fina Oil and Chemical Company
H.J. Kang, J.L. White                         36     1990   104    University of Akron
J.P. Wu, J.L. White                           36     1990   110    University of Akron
                                              36     1990
S.W. Sinton, J.C. Crowley, G.A. Lo, D.M. Kalyon, C. Jacob   116    Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory Stevens Institute of Technology
W. Thiele, W. Petrozelli, D. Lorenc           36     1990   120    American Leistritz Extruder Corporation
M.H. Mack                                     36     1990   125    Berstorff Corporation
J.A. Bessenberger, S.K. Dey, J. Brizzolara    36     1990   129    Stevens Institute of Technology
D.H. Sebastian, R. Rakos                      36     1990   135    Stevens Institute of Technology, Polymer Processing Institute
A.D. Gotsis, Z. Ji, D.M. Kalyon               36     1990   139    Stevens Institute of Technology
D. Bigio, P. Herman                           36     1990   143    University of Maryland
T.W. McCullough, R. Rakos, D.H. Sebastian 36         1990   147    Dow Chemical Company, Stevens Institute of Technology
G. Xiaozheng, W. Rong, W. Naiyi               36     1990   153    Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology
E. Mitsoulis, X.L. Luo                        36     1990   156    University of Ottawa
Z. Ji, A.D. Gotsis, D.M. Kalyon               36     1990   160    Stevens Institute of Technology
E.L. Canedo, L.N. Valsamis                    36     1990   164    Ferrel Corporation
J. Dooley                                     36     1990   168    Dow Chemical Company
K. Amellai, P.G. Lafleur, B. Arpin            36     1990   172    Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
W.A. Kramer                                   36     1990   176    Davis-Standard
S.A. Best                                     36     1990   182    Exxon Chemical Company
R.C. Kowalski                                 36     1990   1902   Exxon Chemical Company
D. Bigio, M. Wigginton                        36     1990   1905   University of Maryland
D. Suwanda, S.T. Balke                        36     1990   1908   University of Toronto
T. Sakai, K. Nakamura, S. Inoue               36     1990   1912   Japan Steel Works
D.W. Yu, C.G. Gogos, X. Xanthos               36     1990   1917   Stevens Institute of Technology
P.A. Callais, R.T. Kazmierczak                36     1990   1921   Pennwalt Corporation
S.S. Dagli, M. Xanthos, J.A. Biesenberger       36      1990   1924   Stevens Institute of Technology
U. Berghaus, W. Michaeli                        36      1990   1929   Institut Fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
D. Rosendale, J.A. Beisenberger                 36      1990   1934   Stevens Institute of Technology
J. Curry, P. Andersen                           36      1990   1938   Werner & Pfleiderer Corporation
S. Frenken, D. Lyons, W.E. Baker                37      1991    40    Queen's University at Kingston
B. Bessemer                                     37      1991    46    Killion Extruders, Inc.
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M. Esseghir, V. Semas                           37      1991    54    Stevens Institute of Technology, State University of New Jersey
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J. Dooley, B. Stout                             37      1991    62    The Dow Chemical Company
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O. Appel, W. Michaell                           37      1991    79    Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
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J.R. Thompson                                   37      1991    88    Crompton & Knowles Corp.
K. Cassidy, D. Bigio                            37      1991    92    University of Maryland
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C.K. Shih                                       37      1991    99    E.I duPont de Namours & Co, Inc.
C. Miaw, G. Balch, A. Vlosky                    37      1991   105    Process Engineering & Chemistry Laboratory
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X. Geng, C. Zhu                                 37      1991   128    Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology
C.J. Rauwendaal                                 37      1991   132    Rawendaal Extrusion Engineering, Inc
L. Czyborra, W. Michaeli                        37      1991   137    Institut Fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
E.L. Canedo, L.N. Vaisamis                      37      1991   141    Farrel Corporation
D. Bigio, W. Baim                               37      1991   146    University of Maryland
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W.W. Boda                                       37      1991   153    Battenfield Gloucester Engineering
E.W. Veazey, N. Barrera                         37      1991   158    The Dow Chemical Company
R. Nittel                                       37      1991   170    Sano, Inc.
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T. Bartilla, P. Andersen                        37      1991   189    Maag Pump Systems
P.A. Sweeney, G.A. Campbell                     37      1991   194    Clarkson University
T.W. Womer                                      37      1991   198    NRM-Steelastics Corporation
D.M. Simpson, I.R. Harrison                     37      1991   203    The Pennsylvania State University
D.L. Cooke, M. Koylch                           37      1991   206    Novacor Chemicals Ltd
F.J. Velisek                                    37      1991   211    Mobil Chemical Co.
G.A. Campbell, P.A. Sweeney, J.N. Felton        37      1991   218    Castle Associates
J.H. Conner, D.L. Bigio                         37      1991   223    University of Maryland
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C G. Hagberg                                    38      1992    2      Monsanto Chemical Company
T. Sakai, N. Hashimoto, and K Kataoka           38      1992    7      The Japan Steel Works
W. Schuler                                      38      1992    15     Hermann Berstorff Maschinenbau GmbH
J. Grillo and P Andersen, E Papazoglou          38      1992    20    Werner & Pfleiderer Corporation ARCO Chemical Company
J. H Conner and D l Bigio                       38      1992    31     University of Maryland
K Kerres and W. Michaeli                        38      1992   412     Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung
R. Stehr and P Andersen                         38      1992   416     Maag Pump Systems AG
E. Mitsoulis and H. J. Park                     38      1992   421     University of Ottawa
R. Ramanathan and J. Dooley                     38      1992   426     The Dow Chemical Company
M. A. Huneault, P G. Lafleur, and P J. Carreau 38       1992   431    Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
W. H. Miller, C.-C. Lee and J. F. Stevenson     38      1992   436    GenCorp Automotive and GenCorp Research
X. Shen and R. Malloy                              38    1992         918      University of Massachusetts at Lowell J. Pacini Dynisco Corporation
T. W. McCullough and B. T. Hilton                  38    1992         927     The Dow Chemical Company and Manteq International Inc.
C. C. Chen                                         38    1992         931      DuPont Electronics
P L. Shah                                          38    1992         937     Rheo-Plast Associates, Inc.
A. Kiani, P. Andersen, J. Curry, and U. Burkhardt38      1992        1310     Werner & Pfleiderer Corporation
T. Fukuoka and K. Min.                             38    1992        1317     Sekisui Chemical Co. Ltd. and The University of Akron
Z. Ji and D. M. Kalyon                             38    1992        1323      Stevens Institute of Technology
J. H. Conner and D. 1. Bigio                       38    1992        1328      University of Maryland
Z. Chen and J. L. White                            38    1992        1332      The University of Akron
A. O. Adewale and J. L. White                      38    1992        1336      The University of Akron
U. Sundararaj and C. W. Macosko                    38    1992        1802     University of Minnesota, Twin Cities C.-K. Shih, E. 1 du Pont de Nemours
J. Shen and C. G. Gogos                            38    1992        1804      Stevens Institute of Technology
D. Bigio and W. Baim                               38    1992        1809      University of Maryland
J. H. Conner and D. 1. Bigio                       38    1992        1815      University of Maryland
Z. H. Shi, P Sammut, and L A. Utracki              38    1992        1818     Industrial Materials Institute V. Bordereau Rhone-Poulenc Chimie
M. W. Pendley and M D. Wobser                      38    1992        1824      Occidental Chemical
T. 1. Butler and S. E. Pirtle                      38    1992        1833      Dow Plastics
R B. Secor                                         38    1992        1841      3M Engineering Systems and Technology
J. Perdikoulias and W. Wybenga                     38    1992        1848      Brampton Engineering
L E. Keller                                        38    1992        1853      Mobil Plastics Europe
A. Lawal and D. M Kalyon                           38    1992        2158      Stevens Institute of Technology
J. X Rietveld and S. D. Al-Ramahi                  38    1992        2162      University of Wisconsin-Madison
C Y. Cheng and R E. Christensen                    38    1992        2165      Exxon Chemical Company
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D. Lounsbury and J. Thompson                       38    1992        2175      Davis-Standard
W. S. Lee and C.-W Park                            38    1992        2181      University of Florida
D B Todd                                           38    1992        2528      Stevens Institute of Technology
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M A Spalding and K. S. Hyun                        38    1992        2542      The Dow Chemical Company
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V. Firdaus and P P Tong                            38    1992        2550      Mobil Chemical Company
S.S. Dagli, K M. Karndar and M. Xanthos,           39    1993          18     Polymer Processing Institute
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T. Butler and R. Patel                             39    1993          51     The Dow Chemical Co.
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A.K. Babel and G.A. Campbell                       39    1993         444     Clarkson University
L.T. Kale and D. Hager                             39    1993         449     The Dow Chemical Canada Inc
S. Kurtz                                           39    1993         454     Union Carbide Corporation
P.O. Tong and V. Firdaus                           39    1993         457     Mobil Chemical Company
P.A. Sweeney and G.A. Campbell                     39    1993         461     Clarkson University
R.M. Patel and T.I. Butler                         39    1993         465     The Dow Chemical Co.
P.R. Hornsby. J.F. Tung and K. Tarverdi            39    1993         470     Brunel University
W. Michaeli and A. Grefenstein                     39    1993         474     Institut fur Kunststoffverabeitung
M. Hallden-Abberton                                39    1993         481     Rohm and Haas Inc
                                                   S.H.  1993         488
J. Grenci, S. Dey, C. Jacob, A. Patel, S.S. Dagli, 39 Patel and M. Xanthos,   Polymer Processing Institute
S.G. Cottis, K.M. Natarajan, D. Elwood and X. Xu,  39    1993         492     Enichem America, Inc
K. Ebner and J.L. White                            39    1993         499     The University of Akron
K. Powell                                          39    1993        1046     GE Corporate Research and Development
L. Chen G.H. Hu and J.T. Lindt                     39    1993        1055     University of Pittsburgh
M. Mack and A. Pfeiffer                            39   1993     1060      Berstorff Corp
N. Dontula and G.A. Campbell                       39   1993     1524      Clarkson University
M. Spalding, J. Dooley, K. Hyun and S. Strand, 39       1993     1533      The Dow Chemical Company
                                                   39   1993
C.G. Gogos, M. Esseghir, B. David, D.B. Todd and D. Sebastian,   1542      Polymer Processing Institute
                                                   39   1993
M. Spalding, D. Kelley and S. KarandeC. Wood and A. Christie     1546      The Dow Chemical Company;Black Clawson Company
P. Shah, E. Steward, G. Yazbak                     39   1993     1554      RheoPlast Assoc, Davis-Standard, , Dynisco
R. Nichols, R. Wailionis and R. Cornell            39   1993     1562      Farrel Corporation
W. Michaeli and M. Behrens                         39   1993     1570      Institut fur Kunststoffverabeitung
H. Potente, Y.H. Du, J. Haubler and D. Hanning, 39      1993     1576      University of Paderborn
W. Michaeli and L. Spix,                           39   1993     1580      Institut fur Kunststoffverabeitung
C. Ranwendaal,                                     39   1993     2232      Rauwendaal Extrusion Engineering
L. Chen, G.H. Hu and J.T. Lindt,                   39   1993     2238      University of Pittsburgh
S. Derezinski                                      39   1993     2243      Eastman Kodak Company
S.K. Dey, C. Jacob and D.B. Todd,                  39   1993     2248      Polymer Processing Institute
                                                   39    Harnel,
R. Gendron, M.M. Dumoulin, J. Tatibouet, L. Piche and A.1993     2256      Industrial Materials Institute
Dr. A. Kiani, H.J. Samann                          39   1993     2758      Werner & Pfleiderer Corporation, Werner & PfleidereGmbH
D.-S. Bang and J. White                            39   1993     2763      The University of Akron
F. Thibault and P.A. Tanguy, D. Blouin             39   1993     2767      Laval University, P.H. Tech. Inc
P. Gramann and T. Osswald                          39   1993     2774      University of Wisconsin-Madison
A. Lawal and D. Kalyon                             39   1993     2782      Stevens Institute of Technology
F.H. Ling                                          39   1993     2786      Polymer Processing Institute
X. Geng and J. Li                                  39   1993     2793      Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology
M. Huneault, P. Lafleur and P. Carreau,            39   1993     3338      Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
G.C. Georgiou, M.J. Crochet                        39   1993     3344      The University of Cyprus,Universite Catholique De Louvain
W. Michaeli and F. Poehler                         39   1993     3347      Institut fur Kunstoffstoffen Verarbeitung
J. Dooley, B.T. Hilton                             39   1993     3354      The Dow Chemical Company, Manteq International
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T.W. McCullough, B.T. Hilton                       39   1993     3372      The Dow Chemical Company, Manteq International
J. Grillo, E. Papazoglou, S. Petri,                39   1993     3380      Werner & Pfleiderer Corp ARCO Chemical Company, University of Massac
J.P. Christiano                                    39   1993     3386      Davis Standard
A. Lawal and D. Kalyon                             39   1993     3397      Steven Institute of Technology
Z. Chen and J. White                               39   1993     3401      The University of Akron
G. L. Young, T. J. Pope,                           40   1994       2       The Dow Chemical Company,15
T. I. Butler, S. Lai, R. P. Patel, J. E. Spuria,   40   1994       15      The Dow Chemical Company,28
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A L. Simons, V. Firdaus,                           40   1994       38      Mobil Chemical Company, 38
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A. Sakthivel,                                      40   1994       70      Hercules Incorporated,
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J. Dooley, R. Ramanathan,                          40   1994       89      The Dow Chemical Company
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R. C Constable,                                    40   1994      127      BP Chemicals Inc.
P. J. Kim, J. L. White,                            40   1994      131      University of Akron
J. R. Thompson,                                    40   1994      142       Davis Standard-Division of Crompton Knowles Corporation
M Yagi,                                          40       1994        146         Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd.
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J. P. Christiano,                                40       1994        239         Davis Standard-Division of Crompton Knowles Corporation
S. Satija, C. S. Tucker,                         40       1994        248         Rohm and Haus Co. , Welding Engineers
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C. Rauwendaal,                                   40       1994        261         Rauwendaal Extrusion Engineering
W. Baim, D. Bigio,                               40       1994        266         University of Maryland
                                                  J.      1994
C. G. Gogos, M. Esseghir, D. W. Yu, D. B. Todd,40 E. Curry,           270         Polymer Processing Institute Werner & Pfleiderer Corporation
S. J. Derezinski,                                40       1994        278         Eastman Kodak Company
E. L. Steward,                                   40       1994        282         Davis Standard-Division of Crompton Knowles Corporation
                                                 40       1994        Spalding,
C. G. Gogos, M. Zafar, D. Sebastian, D. B. Todd, K. S. Hyun and M. A. 288         DMI, PPI and Dow
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S. Zerafati, D. Bigio,                           40       1994        310         University of Maryland
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T. A. Plumley, M. A. Spalding, J. Dooley, K. S. Hyun,     1994        332         The Dow Chemical Company
                                                 40       1994
A. Biswas, B. A. Davis, P. J. Gramann, L. Stradins, T. A. Osswald,    336         University of Wisconsin-Madison
R. W. Halle, D. S. Davis,                        41       1995         2          Exxon Chemical Company
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W. W. Bode,                                      41       1995         32         Battenfeld-Gloucester Engineering
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F. Driver, A. P. Plochocki, S. I. Kogan,         41       1995         47         Polymer PLUS Lab and Stevens Institute of Technology
H. Gross                                         41       1995         51          Kunststoff-Verfahrenstechnik
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R. Shanker, R. Ramanathan,                       41       1995         65         The Dow Chemical Company
J. Dooley, K. Hughes,                            41       1995         69         The Dow Chemical Company
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I. Klein, R. J. Klein,                           41       1995         81         Scientific Process and Research, Inc.
H. Gross,                                        41       1995         88         Kunststoff-Verfahrenstechnik
J. Curry,                                        41       1995         92         Werner & Pfteiderer Corporation
C. Y. Cheng                                      41       1995         98          Exxon Chemical Company
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T. Li, I. Manas-Zloczower,                       41       1995        113         Case Western Reserve University
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J. L. Radovich, Jr.,                             41       1995        145         Davis-Standard
M. V. Karwe, V. Sernas,                           41       1995     150       Rutgers—The State University of New Jersey
W. A. Kramer,                                     41       1995     155       Davis-Standard
G. Nagarajan, G. A. Campbell,                     41       1995     162       Clarkson University
K. C Xing, H P. Schreiber,                        41       1995     167       Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
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J. Perdikoulias, C. Tzoganakis,                   41       1995     176       Brampton Engineering, University of Waterloo
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L. Dietsche, J. Dooley,                           41       1995     188       The Dow Chemical Company
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C. Maier,                                         41       1995     237       GE Plastics
B. Kim, J. L. White,                              41       1995     242       University of Akron
U. Barth, G. Scheel, M. Pahl,                     41       1995     250       Berstorff GmbH, University of Paderborn
                                                  41       1995
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G. A. Campbell, G. Nagarajan, D. Small, J. Staples,        1995     268       Clarkson university. Eastman Chemical
S. J. Derezinski,                                 41       1995     286       Eastman Kodak Company
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E. L. Canedo, L. N. Valsamis,                     41       1995     312       Farrel Corporation
J. W. Cho, J. L White,                            41       1995     321       University of Akron
                                                  B.       1995
M. C. van der Burgt, M. E. van der Woude, L. P. 41 M. Janssen,      328       University of Groningen
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C. Maier, M. Lambla, K. Ilham,                    41       1995    2015       GE Plastics,EAHP-ULP
                                                  41       1995    2020       Industrial Materials Institute,
M. A. Huneault, M. F. Champagne, L. E. Daigneault, M. M. Dumoulin, National Research Council of Canada CNRC
W. Hellmuth,                                      42       1996      2        Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering Co., Inc.
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R. Ratnagiri, C. E. Scott,                        42       1996      59       Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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