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									Introduction to ISO 9001 in

      By: Raju Karki
             History of ISO 9000

 After world war II, Europe was ruins, beside
  forming the NATO as a precaution to another world
 European Community([EC] now the European
  union [EU]) strived to unify Europe
 They commissioned the International Organization
  for Standardization (IOS) in Geneva to write a set
  on non-binding quality standards that companies
  could use to evaluate the quality management
  systems of potential suppliers

 Over eight years, the organization wrote the ISO 9000
  series of standards that the EU accepted as single quality
  standards to be adopted by all member countries.
 ISO 9000 was released in 1987
 IOS became ISO, which is actually form isos, the Greek
  word for equal.
 In U.S, the Registrar Accreditation Board(RAB), the
  American National Standards Institute(ANSI), and the
  ASQ are all working toward complete international
  recognition for the United States.
 The U.S version of ISO 9000 is Q9000.
 The first update in 1994 , the second revision released in
  December 2000, now referred to as ISO 9001:2000
              What is ISO 9000

 ISO 9000 is the structural framework of a business
  system that specifies, in very broad terms, the
  necessary components of a quality management
 ISO 9000 details the basic requirements of the
  quality function for all industries
 It is important to note ISO 9000 is not a product
  standard. Rather it is a system standard.
 Its primary purpose is to provide organizations with
  useful internationally recognized models for
  operating a quality management system.
      ISO 9001:2000. The Next Step in ISO
              9000 Certification

 New ISO 9001, was published on December
  15,2000, three year transition period for all
  companies to become certified to the new standard.
 As of December 15, 2003, all certificates issued to
  the current ISO 9000;1994 standard will become
 The purpose behind the new ISO 9001:2000
  standard was to provide users an opportunity to add
  value and enhance their performance through
  continuous improvement of their processes.

 ISO 9001:2000 applies to all types of
  organizations. It doesn't matter what size they
  are or what they do. That are recognized
  and respected throughout the world.
 ISO 9001:2000 has replaced the old ISO:9001
  1994 standard. In addition, the old ISO:9002
  1994 and ISO 9003 1994 quality standards have
  been discontinued.
 If you're now ISO 9001 certified, ISO 9002 or
  ISO 9003 certified, you're going to have to
  become ISO 9001 2000 certified.
           A Comparison of Standards
                   ISO 9000: 1994 Standards

Standard     Description
ISO 9000-1   Guidelines for selection and use of applicable
ISO 9001      Model for quality assurance in design,
             development, production, installation and
ISO 9002     Model for quality assurance in production,
             installation and servicing.
ISO 9003     Model for quality assurance in final
             inspection and testing.
       Eight quality management
      principles of ISO 9001:2000
These eight principles are:
 Customer focused organization
 Leadership
 Involvement of people
 Process approach
 System approach to management
 Continual improvement
 Factual approach to decision making
 Mutually beneficial supplier relationship
      The phrase consistent quality
          management system
 Consistent: An assurance to the customer that
  products and/or services are produced with a
  consistent level of quality.
 Quality: When all the features of a product or a
  service satisfy a customer’s related stated or
  implied needs.
 Management: The direction or control of the
  enterprise; those in charge of the “system”.
 System: The organizational structure, procedures
  and resources necessary to implement quality
         For Certification purpose

 Organization will now have to possess a
  documented management system that takes the
  inputs and transforms them into targeted outputs.
  Something that effectively:
 Says what they are going to do;
 Does what they have said they are going to do;
 Keeps records of everything that they do-especially
    The basic process to achieve these
     targeted outputs will encompass

 The client’s requirements;
 The inputs from management and staff;
 Documented controls for any activities that
  are needed to produce the finished article;
 And, of course delivering a product or
  services, which satisfies the customer’s
  original requirements.
         Influence of ISO 9001

 Not only quality system and software quality
  management is influenced by ISO 9001
 Other software processes such as project
  management, testing and resource
  management also influenced.
 Assessment of 25 companies.

 Compliance with ISO 9001 sends very strong
 Be a pioneer in your industry.
 Ability to sell to the EU.
 Attract new customers and new markets.

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