Introduction to Wikis by yec10699


									Introduction to Wikis
 Nicole C. Engard
 Internet Librarian 2006
 October 25th, 2006
 Track D301: Wikis in Libraries
What is a Wiki?
A wiki is an editable website that
  does not require users to know
  HTML. Most have a system to
  record changes so that at any
  time, a page can be reverted to
  any of its previous states.
     Wikis: Collections of Pages

    Main Page                 Contact Us              Resources

             edit                       edit                    edit

    •Wiki pages look like web pages
    •Anyone with a web browser can read a wiki site
    •Anyone with the proper permissions can edit a wiki site

Illustrations adapted from Guillaume du Gardier. What is a wiki? June 2, 2005
Wikis: Collaborative Spaces
 • Great places for brainstorming
 • Use to draft policies
 • A way to share the secretary
   responsibilities in a meeting
 • Empowers the user
Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia
  • English
         1,445,000 articles
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish

Why use a wiki?
 • Easy to learn – no HTML required
 • Easy way to share knowledge
 • Easy way to collaborate across borders
 • Ability to revert back to old versions
 • Ability to track who’s done what & where
 • Fostering collaboration among friends
   and/or colleagues

      Team Resources
        • State assumptions about resources
          allocated to this project
            −   People
            −   Equipment
            −   Locations
            −   Support & outside services
            −   Manufacturing
            −   Sales

             • Highlight any procedural differences from
               usual projects of this type
             • Discuss requirements, benefits, and issues
               of using new procedures


Wiki Sites
    − largest consumer wiki farm; 23 languages
 • Twiki, Jotspot

 • Huge list of wiki software
Let’s Get On With The Show

 Nicole C. Engard
Fostering Collaboration

 An Intranet story by
  Nicole C. Engard of
  Jenkins Law Library
   Jenkins Intranet Timeline

2001 – Intranet 1.0 Completed

2005 – Computers in Libraries & Strategic Plan

2006 – Intranet 2.0!!
Problems to Solve

     #1               #2               #3              #4

No Easy Way      Organization:    Important data   Content all had
To Collaborate   No navigation    Locked up in     To go through
Between          On Intranet &    Word Docs –      The web team -
Departments      No logical way   Was not          Very centralized
                 To find info     Searchable
Enter Intranet
  Version 2
Welcome Internet Librarians!                         Wed - Oct. 25, 2006

 Conference Info      Internet Librarian 2006           Calendar

                      Contact Information

      D301                      Nicole C. Engard
                                  Web Manager
                                                        The Article
    Wikis in                   Jenkins Law Library     Intranet 2.0:
    Libraries                                          Fostering
 Collaboration           What I Learned Today…         Magazine ,
                                                       vol. 30, no. 3,
on our Intranet
                                                       2006, p.16
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