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									            Valley Gardens Middle School
            Days                                                                   June 18 & 25, 2010

Dear Parent or Guardian,

By now you have probably heard about the Multi-Activity Days (MAD) that all students of Valley
Gardens will take part in on Friday, June 18th, and Friday, June 25th. These days are not Community
Resources Days, and therefore students have not yet paid for them. They operate on a pay as you go
basis, where prices for activities range from $2 to approximately $27.00 and include transportation if
required. Fees and permission forms are due by Thursday, May 27th. Now is the time to plan ahead for
those funds.

Due to the Manitoba Schools Safety Document, some activities will require parents to sign a waiver form
and/or possibly an Element of Risk form. The guidelines in this document are being used to plan all of
our MAD activities and any out of school activity throughout the division. Although this document
requires extra effort to plan these events, we are confident that they will also be safer because of it.
Thank you for your extra effort in signing additional forms to allow your child to attend the exciting
events of their choice. (Having students choose their own events is after all one of the great benefits of

Students will sign up for these activities on a first come, first served basis with grade 8 students on Tues.
March 16th, Gr. 7 on Wed. March 17th, followed by Gr. 6 students on Thur. March 18th. Students
will be allowed into the school at 7:30a.m to sign up. Students should not arrive at school before 7:30, as
there will be no supervision before this time. Doors will open at 7:30.

Please note the following:
    Students must bring this sheet with them on their sign-up day with their top 5 choices
    (numbered 1-5 to speed up registration)
    Parent or guardian signature must accompany each student’s choice list or students will not be
    allowed to sign up
    Students must pay a $5 non-refundable deposit on sign-up day for each activity which has a cost
    greater than $5, and $2 non-refundable deposit for each low cost activity. Cheques are payable to
    Valley Gardens Middle School.
    Students will not be allowed to sign up for another student if that person is not present.
    If students wish to ensure that friends get the same activity, they should stand in line with those people.
    Switching activities after the sign-up will not be allowed.
    Students may not attend the same activity both days (exception skateboarding)
    When low registration numbers cause an activity to be cancelled, every effort will be made to give
    priority to the affected students.
    Refunds will not be issued, unless the MAD committee cancels an activity. Funds can be redirected to
    an alternate activity in case of a cancelation.
    Costs listed are approximate and may change when final number of students is totalled.
    Students unable to attend or ill during their sign up day may come on Friday March 20th at lunch. This
    special signup opportunity will be set up in the pit area following the lunch dismissal. If these days
    are missed, students will need to see Mr. Lischka to sign up on their return to school.
    When an activity is full, there will be a waiting list of 5 spots per activity should space open up.
    The school late policy will be in effect, where students with 4 or more lates in May or June will not
    be allowed to participate.
    Students are encouraged to make their own lunch arrangements for these days. If needed, supervision
    will be provided at school for those who stay.

OF $5.


______Archery (am)/10 Pin Bowling (pm) ($18)        ______ Archery (am)/10 Pin Bowling (pm) ($18)
______ Cooking with Chocolate ($10)                 ______ Cooking with Chocolate ($10)
                                                    ______ Duct Tape Art ($10)
______ Fencing ($12)                                ______ Fencing ($12)
______ Fishing (Fort Whyte) ($12)                   ______ Fishing (Garson) ($20)
______ Glow Golfing (am)/Wall Climbing (pm) ($23)   ______ Glow Golfing (am) /Wall Climbing (pm) ($23)
______ Go-Carting/Mini Golf/Batting Cages ($21)     ______ Go-Carting/Mini Golf/Batting Cages ($21)
______ Golf ($20)                                   ______ Golf ($20)
______ Farm Tour-Six Pines ($15)                    ______ Horseback Riding ($27)
______ Lilac Resort Water Park Fun ($16)            ______ Lilac Resort Water Park Fun ($16)
______ Swimming/Beach Volleyball ($9)               ______ Waterslides ($13)
______ Skateboarding ($7)                           ______ Skateboarding ($7)

______ Sports Day – ($2)                            ______ Sports Day - ($2)
______ Wii Games – ($2)                             ______ Wii Games – ($2)
______ Web Page Design – ($2)                       ______ Web Page Design – ($2)
______ Stained Glass art – ($2)

______ Quiet Room ($0)                              ______ Quiet Room ($0)

      I have reviewed my son’s/daughter’s preferences for the M.A.D. choices. I am
      forwarding the required deposit fees (cash preferred) of $______. ($2.00 or $5.00
      per activity with a cost)

      _____________________________________                 ___________________________
                  (Student Name – print)                          (Teacher Advisor)


      To assist you in making your choices, please refer to the
      attached page with information on each of the 20 or so
      activities being offered.
                                       2010 MAD Activities
Archery/10 Pin Bowling (Heartland Archery/ Chateau Lanes) – In the morning, set your sights on the
target at the Heartland Archery Club, located on Keenleyside, off Nairn Avenue. Learn the intricacies of
this sport and how to shoot a bow and arrow. Later 10-pin bowling games (Bingo Bowl or Glow Bowl) at
Chateau Lanes on Nairn Ave. This activity includes: archery, at 2 or more bowling games and the
bowling shoes rental. Students can bring a lunch or purchase it at the bowling lanes (additional cost for
student). (Max. 30 students, Cost $ 18)

Cooking with Chocolate (Valley Gardens Nutrition Lab) – Calling all chocolate lovers! Spend the day
making special gourmet chocolate treats such as truffles and lollypops for you and your friends. Students
will have a regular lunch break. (Max. 16 students, Cost $10)

Duct Tape Art - Stuck on Duck (Valley Gardens Art Room) – Are you a fan of The Red Green Show?
Duct tape can fix anything, but did you know that it is also one of the latest art craze? Some examples of
possible creations may include: wallets, roses, a prom dress, or a hat. Our resident expert, Mr. Ivison
will guide your way. Students will get a regular lunch break. (Max. 16 students, Cost $10)

Farm Tour –(Six Pines Ranch) - Check out the feathered friends (baby chicks, chickens, peafowl, and
emu's); lots of kittens, bunnies & puppies to play with; experience the hayloft (can you find your way out
of the maze?), you could meet "Piggles, Wiggles & Giggles"; there's the hayride; a chance to feed a sheep
& baby calf . This activity is for those interested in experiencing life on a farm in a very controlled
environment. Students are to bring their own lunch. A picnic area will be provided. (Max. 30, Cost $15)

Fencing (Kildonan East Collegiate gym) – Parry, beat parry, whip-over, reprise, attack, counter attack,
feint, flick. These are all fencing terms or manoeuvres that are part of the sport of fencing. Sport
Manitoba will introduce you to the sport and provide you with all equipment and training to get you
started. Students will have a regular lunch break. (Max. 30 students, Cost $10)

Fishing (Garson, MB) - Get hooked!! Talk about the “big one” that got away. Spend a lazy, leisure day
fishing at the catch and release Garson Sport Fishing Park. Bring your favourite book, iPod, and snack
foods. Some food is available on site, but your own lunch is recommended. Rods, tackle and bait are
provided or you may bring your own. (Max. 20 students, Cost $20)

Fishing (Fort Whyte Center) - We have second fishing opportunity available this year. This is also a catch
and release location. You will need to bring your own rod and tackle for this adventure. Your bait will be
provided. Our outdoor education expert, Mr. Wallace, will be available to provide you with instruction
around baiting hooks and casting. (Max. 20 students, Cost $12)

Glow Golfing/Wall Climbing (U-Putz/Vertical Adventures) This day of adventure begins with 18 holes
of Glowing Mini-Golf at U-Putz on McPhillips. From there we will travel to Vertical Adventures where
they will learn the basic techniques of bouldering, belaying, and prusiking from certified instructors. A
waiver must be signed. After the instruction, students will get a chance to try their Spiderman-like
technique at climbing the beginner level to expert level climbing walls. What a great lifelong skill to
possess! Students should bring a lunch, a site will be provided to eat. Students are required to bring
bike or skateboarding helmets. (Max.40, Cost $23)

Go Carting, Mini-Golf, Batting Cages – (Thunder Rapids Amusement Park on Portage Ave). This is
the spot to try out your Mario Andretti skills!! Activities include: 3 Go-Cart rides or Bumper boat rides,
1 round mini-golf- (18 holes), 10 pitches in batting cages (slow & fast ball), transportation and taxes.
Students can bring lunches from home or purchased on site at an additional cost to students (a BBQ
hotdog package will be offered this year). Extra go-cart rides or bumper boat rides can be purchased for
about $4.00 on that day. Students must be a minimum 54” tall. (Max. 40 students, Cost $21)
Golf (Shooters Golf Club on Main St.) - Learn how to drive, putt and score a hole-in-one using golf rules
and etiquette. A small bucket of balls will be provided for students, to practice, and then it’s on to a 9-hole
round of golf and maybe time for a game of Mini-Golf to finish off the day. Clubs are required for this
activity. However, pull carts for $3.00, and a 12 set of clubs can be rented for $5.00 each plus tax (this is in
addition to the cost below). At the time of registration students can indicate if they need clubs. Lunch can
be brought from home or purchased at the club. (Max. 40 students, Cost $20)

Horseback Riding (Miracle Ranch) – A short driver to Miracle Ranch brings us into another world.
Your day includes going on a trail-ride, a hayride, and finally end the day with a hot dog lunch around a
fire pit. Activity cost includes: hayride, trail-ride, hot dog lunch, transportation and taxes. If students
choose to bring a lunch from home, they may do so but the cost will be the same. Students are required
to bring bike or skateboarding helmets. (Max. 20 students, Cost $27)

Lilac Resort Water Fun Park (Highway #1 East) – Slide, swim, splash, ride, pedal, soak up sun, play
games…and more. One of Manitoba’s greatest family fun parks has opened its doors for schools to
attend and enjoy. Students may bring their own lunch or purchased food on site. Come try it out. (Max.
40 students, Cost $16)

Skateboarding (Forks Market SkatePark) – Can you perform nose grind, ollie, half pike-knuckle, a
dragger, a carve, or a 360 flip. Can you ride the bowl? Well I can’t, but if you can or are interested in
trying, then this is your day. You will spend the day at the Forks Market skatepark. A bag lunch is
recommended. There is food available at the Forks Market. Students are required to bring bike or
(Max 40 students, Cost $7)

Sports Day (Valley Gardens) – Students will spend the day at Valley Gardens playing a variety of sports
both indoors and outside. Some possible sports offered would be: volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball,
badminton, and floor hockey. Mr. Derksen or Mr. Beettam has got a busy day scheduled for you, so
round up your friends and come on out for some exercise. Students will have a regular lunch break.
(Max. 30 students, Cost $2)

Stained Glass Art (Valley Gardens) – Discover the beauty of Stained Glass. Mrs. Doney has agreed to
share her secret of creating a masterpiece in one day. All materials will be provided. Students will have
a regular lunch break. (Max. 16 students, Cost $2)

Swimming/Beach Volleyball (Oasis campground) - The Oasis is the scene for a relaxing and fun day of
swimming and playing beach volleyball. Don’t forget your sunscreen, hat and volleyball or Frisbee!!
Students can bring lunch from home or purchase it there. (Max. 40 students, Cost $9)

Waterslides (Fun Mountain Waterslide Park on Hwy #1) - Students can enjoy a splish-splashing good
time, with or without an inner tube. Relax in the hot tub, soak up some sun, play volleyball or take cover
under a shady canopy. Sunscreen/block is recommended along with a shade hat. Students can bring their
lunch from home or it may be purchased at the park. (Max. 40 students, Cost $13)

Wii Games (Valley Gardens) – Can you bowl? Can you golf? Can you play tennis? Can you shoot pool?
Can you “dance a revolution”? Are you a “guitar hero”? Do you like adventures? Are you a “gamer”?
Then this activity is the place for you. Students will have a regular lunch break. Students will be asked
to help by bringing in their games and systems. Age appropriate games only will be allowed. (Max.
30 students, Cost $2)

Web Page Design (Kildonan East Collegiate) – So you think you’re good on the computer and the
Internet? Can you design your own web page? Find out how to create an awesome web page at KE.
Students will have a regular lunch break and spend the morning and the afternoon developing their
masterpiece. Some basic computer experience is necessary. (Max. 24 students, Cost $2)

Quiet Room (Valley Gardens) – If you would rather read, draw or complete your favorite su-du-ko
puzzle or crossword puzzle in a quiet space such as the library, then this is your place to be. A regular
lunch break will be given to students. (Max. 25 students, NO Cost activity)

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