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									Workflow SIG Meeting

John Peters, Workflow SIG Coordinator
Please attend the OAUG Annual Meeting of the Members for more information.
                    Wednesday, April 16, 2008 at 1:00 p.m.
                           Wells-Fargo Theatre
• John Peters, JRPJR, Inc.
  Workflow SIG Coordinator

• Karen Brownfield, Solution Beacon

• We do not work for Oracle. The Oracle
  Development and Support that support
  Workflow were unable to attend. I have
  worked with them to create this presentation.
• Future of Workflow
• Some information from Oracle
• Workflow Builder and MS Vista
• Workflow SIG Discussion
• Other sessions of possible interest at
• Other resources for Workflow Information
Versions of Apps People Are On
•   Pre-11.5.9
•   11.5.9
•   11.5.10 – don‟t know RUP version
•   11.5.10, pre ATG H, RUP4
•   11.5.10, ATG H, RUP5
•   11.5.10, ATG RUP6
•   Pre-12.0.4
•   12.0.4
Future of Workflow
• Desupported as an Oracle product for
  standalone use.
• No longer part of the 11G DB install. Will be
  installed as part of the Apps Tech Stack.
• Still heavily used in R12 and will be
  supported by Applications Technology Group.
• Will not be used in Fusion.
BPEL -    Business Process Execution Language

• BPEL is the primary replacement for Workfow

• You can use BPEL today with your 11i and
  R12 Applications.

• Attend some of the BPEL sessions at
  Collaborate‟08 to get some exposure to this
  powerful tool.
Workflow Replacements
 Process Navigator Flows
 – Migrated to ADF Task Flows
 – In Oracle AS11 a new feature, Activity Guides, is planned to target these
    use cases
 Page Flows
 – Migrated to ADF Task Flows
 Simple Deferred Activities (DML activities)
 – Database Events
 – BPEL can also be used
 XML Transaction Flows
 – Transformations capabilities of E-Business Suite
 – BPEL can also be used
 Business Processes
 – Orchestration of system services and human tasks
 – BPEL can also be used
 Account Generators
 - SubLedger Accounting
Workflow & Blackberry Devices
 “The following is from Robert Wunderlich and Vijay
 Shanmugam, both in Oracle Development”
• „It should be clarified, that we do not
  support/certify Blackberry directly.‟
• ML Note: 459342, Blackberries Can Approve
  The Workflow Notifications
  1. Workflow notifications can be approved from Blackberry in
     11.5.10 ATG PF.H RUP 7 through bug 6242825, but at this
     stage it not available for the customers and not yet certified
     by the Development.
  2. To function in 11.5.10 ATG PF.H RUP 7 it also may need a
     different e-mail template such as OPEN_MAIL_OUTLOOK.
     Which may cause trouble for the e-mail approvals to work
Workflow & Blackberry Devices                                    (cont)

• ML Note: 459353.1, External Tracking Note For Bugs
  On Top Of (RUP6) – 5903765

• Patch 6802716, can be applied on top of
  11i.ATG_PF.H.RUP5 and 11i.ATG_PF.H.RUP6
   – You need to contact Oracle Support for the password to download this

• Patch 6344618, is a backport which can be applied
  on top of 11i.ATG_PF.H.RUP5
   – requires password from support
   – Strongly suggest 6802716 because if a client applies 6344618 and later
     goes to 11iRUP5 or 11iRUP6, this will be broken until they apply 6802716.
Bulk Notification Response
• Allows users to select like notifications and
  provide the same response
   – Patch 6722406 is one-off for11i.ATG_PF.H.RUP6
     (requires password from support)
   – This will also be available on 12.0.5
Mass Retry Errored Activities
• This is implemented as a Concurrent
  Program to mass retry errored activities.
  – Available in 11iRUP6, 5903106
  – Available in 12.0.2, 5934464
Workflow Directory
  “The following is from Robert Wunderlich and Gary Grant,
  from Oracle Development and Support respectively”
• How many of you have had trouble trying to activate
  a responsibility that was assigned to the user and
  deactivated in the past?
• ML Note:433473.1, Unable To Activate a User
  Responsibility Assignment that Existed Before
• This note has both a patch fix from 11i and R12 as
  well as instructions for a workaround.
• This works I have implemented this at two different
Framework Regions in Notifications
  “The following is from Robert Wunderlich and Gary Grant,
  from Oracle Development and Support respectively”

• Advanced Topologies that do not allow
  callback by load balancers from the Apps Tier
  which so far as I can tell is all of them.
• Set the profile option WF: Workflow Mailer
  Framework Web Agent (WF_MAIL_WEB_AGENT) to
  an actual Apps Tier web server.
• This profile is only used to pull framework
  data in so it can also be embedded in the
  body of an email.
Oracle Workflow Best Practices
Release 12 and Release 11i
 “The following is from Robert Wunderlich and Gary Grant,
 from Oracle Development and Support respectively”

• ML Note: 453137.1
• Topics:
  –   Running Agent Listeners for Oracle Applications
  –   Choosing Not to Use E-mail Notifications
  –   Running a Notification Mailer Only for Oracle Alert
  –   Defining Dedicated Notification Mailers
  –   Cleaning Up the WF_NOTIFICATION_OUT Queue
  –   Maintaining Mailer Parameters in AutoConfig
  –   Assigning Workflow System Administrator Privileges
  –   Running Workflow Control Queue Cleanup
  –   Purging Workflow Data Troubleshooting
Workflow Status Diagram Failure
  “The following is from Robert Wunderlich and Gary Grant,
  from Oracle Development and Support respectively”

• ML Note:420704.1
• The workflow status diagram is failing on
  environments where 11i ATG_pf.h.RUP4
  4676589 or later has been applied. In the
  Workflow form "Status Monitor", while
  selecting a Workflow Type and clicking the
  button "View Diagram" the user receives the
  message "Page can not be found" in the
  client browser.
Status Diagram Not Working
After 11.5.10 or R12 Upgrade
  “The following is from Robert Wunderlich and Gary Grant,
  from Oracle Development and Support respectively”

• ML Note: 304685.1, After upgrading to 11.5.10 or
  R12, going into Workflow Administrator and try to
  view "Status Diagram"
• You receive the following error:
  You have encountered an unexpected error. Please
  contact the System Administrator.

1. Set the profile option Server Timezone.
2. Bounce the Apache Server.
 WF Queue Backup & Rebuild
“The following is from Gary Grant, from Oracle Support”

• Patch, 6405534,

• Patch 6640470, 11.5.9

• Both patches require passwords from Oracle Support to
  download them
Note from Gary Grant
Oracle Support
 “Users should be aware that one-off patches
 in the future will require a password from
 Support. It is the same for interim patches
 from Server Tech so the experience should
 not be new.”
Workflow Builder Client and Vista
• Has anyone other than me attempted to
  install the Workflow Builder Client on
  Microsoft Vista?
• ML Note: 551484.1, Unable To Install
  Workflow Builder On Microsoft Vista
  “There is plan as of now to certify it. This is due to the
  desupport notice (Note.391546.1) of all standalone
  workflow installations. Workflow is now an exclusively
  Applications 11i technology. All customers requiring
  the functionality of Workflow are encouraged to
  upgrade/migrate to Oracle BPEL Process Manager
  for new and future projects.”
What can I do to make
this SIG more useful to
the OAUG Members?
Workflow SIG Web Site
• After many months of promises here it
  is…well almost. I was unable to load it due to
  an unknown change on the server.

• Send me feedback on changes you would
  like to see…
Workflow List Server
• Should I setup a list server? We have Yahoo
  groups (oracleworkflowsig · Oracle Workflow
  SIG), but it is not really active.
• Only 181 members.
• Historically seen very light usage.
Workflow SIG Board
• The Workflow SIG currently only has me as
  the SIG Coordinator.
• Should we create a Board and have elections
  for the Workflow SIG?
• Is anyone interested in assisting with the
  Workflow SIG?
• Any recommended SIG improvements?

• What would you like to see?
Collaborate’08 Workflow Sessions
• Care and Feeding of Workflow – What's New
  – Thurs 8:30 Room 407
• Fueling the Workflow Engine – Writing
  Custom PL/SQL To Be Called From Your
  Workflow Processes
  – Tues 9:45 Room 304
• Implementing Customizations in the Trading
  Community Architecture using Workflow
  Business Events
  – Tues 4:45 Room 405
Collaborate’08 Workflow / BPEL Sessions

 • Using BPEL and Workflow to Build Integration
   Components for the E–Business Suite
    – Tues 4:45 Room 406
 • BPEL for Workflow Developers
    – Mon 3:30 Room 405
Collaborate’08 AME Sessions
• Oracle Approvals management (AME) Case
  Studies for AP, PO and HR
  – Wed 3:15 Room 405
• Oracle Approvals Management (AME) Drives
  Email Approvals of Invoice Images
  – Mon 2:15 Room 405
• Customers as Approvers Through AME and
  TCA Hierarchy
  – Tues 9:45 Room 407
Collaborate’08 AME Sessions            (cont)

 • Using the Approvals Management Engine
   – Wed 4:30 Room 406
 • Get What You Want: Designing Approvals
   Management Engine (AME) Rules for Your
   iProcurement Approvals
   – Thur 9:45 Room 403
 • Using AME (Approvals Management Engine)
   for Requisition Approvals in Release 12
   – Wed 9:45 Room 109
                    Available at
                           Order or Reserve Your
                               Copy Today!

  Installing, Upgrading and
Maintaining Oracle E-Business                      The Release 12 Primer –
Suite Applications                       Shining a Light on the
                                                      Release 12 World
                           The ABCs of Workflow for
                            Oracle E-Business Suite
                          Release 11i and Release 12
My Contact Information
 John Peters
 JRPJR, Inc.

 Copies of the presentation will be on:

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