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                                                              Student Led Conferences
 Principal’s Message ...………...1                                      are a Success!
                                                    During early release days, February 13th and 14th,
 Shiloh Cluster Fine Arts.........1                 students and parents in grades 3-5 were
                                                    pioneering a new concept of the students leading
 Cookie Dough Sales…………...1                         the conference! This procedure was put in place,
                                                    so that not only would the parent have an
 National Counselor Week….1                         understanding of how the child was performing in
                                                    school, but the child would also have that same
 Black History Month…...……..2                       knowledge. This new understanding by the
                                                    student gives them the opportunity to take more
 Parent Resource Center .........2                  ownership in their progress. All students in
                                                    grades 3-5 created their own data notebooks.
                                                    They spent many hours analyzing their own data
 Spotlight on Fourth Grade.....3                    and used that data to create colored graphs in the
                                                    computer lab. These data note books included
 Counselor’s Corner…………...3                         information such as their reading level, predictor
                                                    scores and results on the Gateway and CRCT
 Distinguished Gentlemen…..3                        test, Benchmark results in reading and math,
                                                    writing levels and so much more! Teachers had                                              !"
 Spring Carnival.………………..4                          the flexibility of adding additional information as it                                ##
                                                    suited their classroom needs. Parents and
 Help Wanted…...........................4           students completed surveys at the conclusion of
                                                    the conference. Parents indicated that they liked
                                                    this procedure because it gave the students a
                                                    chance to really think about their school work and
                                                    that children now have a clear understanding of
                                                    how they are performing. Annistown plans to
                                                    continue this type of conference next school year
                                                    during the February conferences. Conferences
               Mon. March 10th                      held in October will remain in the traditional
                 No School                          teacher-led format for all students.

       Thurs. March 13th—7:00 p.m.                                                                           Annistown celebrated Counselor Week Feb.
                                                                                                             4th -8th by showing our counselor how much
  General PTA   Meeting(1st   &   3rd   Performs)
                                                                                                             we appreciate her contributions to our school.
              Thurs. March 20th                                                                              Students and teachers showered her with
                                                                                                             gifts of thanks and appreciation. Mrs. Terri
                Report Cards                                                                                 Allen, an educator for 20+ years, brought
  Tues., March 25th, Chick-fil-a Spirit Night                                                                many wonderful programs to our school. She
                                                                                                             makes students feel special and is always
                                                                                                             ready to listen to their concerns. Some line up
                                                                                         !                   at her door to have a moment of her time
                                                       "#                                               $    because they know she will be there for them.
                                                                                                             Feel free to call her for advice and direction.
                                                         %& &      '                                         Mrs. Allen also leads small group sessions
                                                                    ( )"*&                                   and visits classrooms for large group discus-
                                                                                                             Thank you Mrs. Allen for being a SUPER
                                                                                                             COUNSELOR! You are displaying excellence!
    A Celebration of Black History!!
    On February 21, 2008, Annistown 2nd and 5th grade students
    highlighted famous African Americans. Fifth graders sang
    the Negro National Anthem and recited a choral reading
    about Dr. Martin Luther King. The Second graders lined the
    hallways dressed as famous Americans during their Wax
    Museum display. The students were well rehearsed and
    truly knowledgeable about the person they portrayed. Even
    though it rained, the gym and hallways were packed with
    parents! It was a wonderful night of learning!

                 ! " # $ "% % & &

'        ()               *                              +                   ,

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'       /!"           0       0                      1               0               *          *               ,

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$ #!"   #!            4                  5                       6               0        -         .               '   7

'       /8"                       9!9"                       *                           ,"-                -

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9/ !!        (9 ! !               4                                      0               - :5
                                 *                                    2                        )
                                                                              The fabulous fourth grade team hails from Jamaica, Mary-
                                                                              land, New York, Tennessee, and Texas. Collectively, we
                                                                              bring to Annistown Elementary School seventy-eight years
                                                                              of outstanding teaching experience. We believe the old ad-
                                                                              age that "it takes a village to raise a child" and we encourage
                                                                              all parents to come and spend some time with us.
                                                                              We are differentiating instruction, enriching the curriculum
                                                                              with projects, and encouraging our students so that they will
                                                                              be prepared for the upcoming Criterion Reference Compe-
                                                                              tency Test (CRCT). This test will be given the mornings of
                                                                              April 15-April 18. Please keep in mind that this is a promo-
                                                                              tion test for all fourth grade students. Students must achieve
                                                                              a minimum score of 800 in Reading, English Language Arts,
                                                                              Math, and Science to be promoted to the fifth grade. A score
                                                                              of 300 is required for Social Studies. The fourth grade team
                                                                              is confident that our students will show that Annistown is
                                                                              accepting only excellence! Go Tigers!!!!

                                                                 Classroom Guidance will continue in grades K-2 next week. We will be working on
The Distinguished Gentlemen program is celebrating a sec-        cooperation and team building skills. Upcoming Events: Test Taking Skills in
ond year at Annistown Elementary School! Coach Dale              March - Grades 1 - 5 as we get ready for the CRCT.
Grant, who joined Annistown this year, has taken over the        Awareness Activities are being planned for May 1. We would like to have a Career
reigns of the program with assistance from Mrs.Balak. The
                                                                 Fair, highlighting the careers/occupations of parents and community. If you would
boys selected for the program are 5th grade students. Stu-
                                                                 be willing to make a presentation to a class regarding your career/occupation , or if
dents are nominated by their teachers and are required to fill
                                                                 you are willing to help in any way, email me at:
out an application and write an essay about why they want to
be a part of the program. Coach Grant and the boys meet          Ladies of Distinction will plant flowers around Annistown. If you would like to help
once per week and have discussions about the characteristics     with this community service project, please contact me.
                                                                 National School Counseling Week was Feb. 4th - 9th was Na-
                                                                 tional School Counseling Week. Annistown students and staff
                                                                 showered me with gifts, cards, and notes. I am honored to serve
                                                                 the students, parents and staff of Annistown Elementary School.

                                                                        Fifth Grade Gateway/Grade 5 Writing Assessment
                                                                  All GCPS fifth grade students will participate in Georgia’s performance-based
needed to develop into successful young men in today’s soci-      writing assessment on March 5, 2008. Passing the 5th Grade Gateway/Grade 5
ety. Several guest speakers have visited Annistown and            writing Assessment is a promotion requirement for each student. The Grade 5
talked to the young men about such things as education, re-       Writing Assessment consists of an evaluation of the student’s response to an
spect, and making positive choices now and in the future. The     assigned prompt. The student prompt may be persuasive, narrative, or informa-
visitors included a police officer, Senator Everson, and Mr.
                                                                  tional. Each student paper is scored by multiple raters who independently rate the
Robins, a former NFL player. Major Taylor, the first black
                                                                  composition on four qualities of effective writing. These qualities, or domains of
Mayor of Gwinnett County, visited at the end of February
                                                                  effective writing should be present in a composition regardless of the topic on
sharing positive advice with the young men. We plan to par-
ticipate in community service sometime before the end of the      which the paper is written. The domains are Ideas, Organization, style, and Con-
school year. The Distinguished Gentlemen is a great program       ventions. The Fifth Grade Teachers and students at Annistown have been using a
that aspires to have a positive influence on 5th grade boys as    variety of techniques and strategies since the beginning of the year in order to be
they grow and develop into productive young men!                  prepared for the assessment on March 5th. After the writing assessments are
                                                                  scored, a Student Score Report will be sent to parents.
                                                                Executive Board Nominations! Make a                                  SPRING CARNIVAL
          *                                     3               difference for your school: Nominations                                VOLUNTEERS
                                                                are being accepted for the executive com-
0         /$     99              "#                         "
                                                                mittee for the 2008-2009 school year.                         Help is needed with a variety of
                                                    3   "       Please contact Cathi Alls                                     tasks at the upcoming Spring
                                                                ( if you are willing to
                                                                                                                              Carnival on April 26th. If you can
                                                                serve as an officer or chair one of our
                                                    "                                                                         give of your time, talent and/or
                                                                many committees. The PTA needs more
                                                                                                                              treasure, please contact Arthur at
    '                "                3                         Announcing PayPal! It is easier than
                             0            /8                    ever to join the PTA. Simply go to our
                                                                website at                                                            RELAY FOR LIFE
                         0                '                                              VOLUNTEERS
                                                                m and pay for your membership ($4.50)
               < 3
                                                                using your credit card.
                                                                                                                              Annistown Elementary' Relay for
                                                                Grade 3 Writing Assessment Evaluation                         Life team needs volunteers for a
                                                                Georgia State guidelines require all third graders to         "Parents Morning Out" event.
                                                                participate in an evaluation in the month of March. The       Please contact Arthur Williams
                                                                window for the evaluation is from March 17 through
                                                                March 28. Third grade Teachers evaluate several writing
                                                                samples written by each student in order to collect           s or Kimberly Bridges
                                                                information about student writing performance. This
                                                                information is useful for instruction and preparation for
                                                                future writing assessments. Teachers will rate the            .us for more information and to
                                                                compositions on four qualities of effective writing. These
                                 0            9; /!!&4          domains are Ideas, Organization, Style, and Conven-           volunteer of your time, talent,
                                                                tions. A copy of the student’s scores will be sent home       and/or treasure.
                                 *                              at the end of the evaluation time period.

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