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Introduction to Lean
Principles 101
A First Course for mainly repetitive
Manufacturing Environments

6725 Airport Road, Suite 200
Mississauga ON
L4V 1V2
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Tue/ October 7 / 2008
8.00am » 3:30pm
  Introduction to Lean Principles 101
  in partnership with:
                                                  6725 Airport Road, Suite 200           Ontario partners:
                                                        Mississauga ON

                                                      Tue/ October 7 / 2008
                                                        8.00am » 3.30pm

  For those seeking a clear foundation understanding of Lean principles, and/or those in a largely
  repetitive manfucaturing environments, this one-day, interactive, hands-on, simplicity-driven
  workshop makes Lean Thinking and Lean Manufacturing principles easy to understand through
  the use of a daylong learn-by-doing simulation. Participants become team members in the Sky-
  View Aircraft Company, a manufacturing operation that has to adopt Lean/World Class thinking to
  increase productivity to improve its competitive position to secure a large contract. The process is
  based on the understanding that it is people who make processes- and plants- successful and they
  do it by threading lean thinking, common sense, Value Stream Mapping, operations layout, quick
  setup, visual approaches, and more throughout a very busy one-day experience. This one-day
  program provides the 20% of the broad training that provides 80% of the value.

  Using interlocking blocks (Lego) in the four-phase assembly process, team members work and
  learn together. They gather the data they need to understand the concepts as they assist their
  team in making the company successful. As they proceed, their results are captured visually. They
  participants become directly involved as they use the data they generate- not data given to them
  from a textbook.

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