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					                                                                     breaks for America’s wealthiest families – leaving America’s
                                                                     neediest families further behind.
           FROM BUDGET
   HOUSE BUDGET CUTS TOTAL                                           We must act right away to ensure that Congress does not
                                                                     approve unjustified and unneeded tax breaks, and that there
            $50 BILLION                                              are no cuts to those the vital programs on which our nation’s
 Poor Children & Families Bear Brunt                                 most vulnerable families depend in their struggle to lift
                                                                     themselves out of poverty.
Congress has proposed between $36 and $50 billion in cuts to
programs that our most vulnerable and struggling families               ACTION ALERT: HELP STOP
depend upon and deserve. The House will vote on the future
of a variety of critical programs as early as next week. The         OUTRAGEOUS BUDGET CUTS THAT
Senate has already voted $36 billion in cuts. These cuts are                HURT CHILDREN!!
still preventable if we act now!
                                                                          URGE THE HOUSE TO MAKE THE RIGHT
An estimated 9 million children will be hurt by $9.5 billion in                CHOICES FOR CHILDREN
proposed cuts to Medicaid.         Also, pending approval is
permission for states to charge premiums and co-payments in                    Call toll free: (888) 233-1221 to
Medicaid services for children. And although children living                Reach the Congressional Switchboard
significantly below the poverty line will be immune from the
proposed premiums and co-payments, other “less                       Tell your House Representative to make the right choices for
impoverished” families who will have to pay may be forced to         children. Urge them to vote NO on the budget bill when it
forego needed health care services. Furthermore, critical            comes up for a vote next week in the House of
comprehensive health and mental health treatment previously          Representatives.
provided through Medicaid will be cut for these “less
impoverished” families.                                              If you want to send an email to your House Representative to
                                                                     urge them to vote No on the budget bill and tax cuts, go to
Also among the cuts proposed is an $844 million cut in food          Children’s Defense Fund’s Action Council website at
stamps during the next five years. This will impact on the  Also check the CDF Action Council
nutrition and wellbeing of approximately 300,000 individuals         website at for more details about specific cuts
and families.                                                        that will harm sick, hungry, abused and poor children.

Medicaid and food stamps are not the only programs on the
chopping block, families with children under six years of age
who are involved in the TANF program, otherwise known as
                                                                                      Special Attention
welfare-for-work, will be subject to an increase in the work
                                                                     Medicaid Matters, a coalition united to stop budget cuts for the
requirement from 20 hours to 40 hours work per week. This, in
                                                                     poor and tax breaks for the wealthy has targeted key House
combination with a mere $500 million proposed funding for
                                                                     Representatives to vote against the budget proposals. While
child care and the proposed cut of $5 billion in child support for
                                                                     CDF-NY urges you to call your local Representative to ensure
single family households, will place a great strain on families
                                                                     that your voice is heard, we also ask that you reach out to the
and children living on the edge.
                                                                     following New York State Representatives:
And as if the proposed cuts were not enough, the Senate is
also scheduled to vote soon on $70 billion in additional tax

Representative                     County
Peter King                         Suffolk, Nassau
Vito Fossella                      Kings, Staten Island                                 PUBLIC BENEFITS FOR
Sue Kelly                          Dutchess, Orange, Putnam
John Sweeney                       Saratoga, Essex, Washington                          IMMIGRANT FAMILIES
John McHugh                        Hamilton, Madison, Oswego
Sherwood Boehlert                  Seneca, Cayuga, Tompkins                           CDF-NY Training Session in the
James Walsh                        Wayne, Ononaga                                    Support for Working Families Series
Tom Reynolds                       Niagara, Orleans, Monroe
Randy Kuhl                         Schuyler, Yates, Ontario
                                                                              When: Friday, November 18th, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

                                                                              Where: CDF-NY, 420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 655, between
     VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!                                                        43rd and 44th Streets. (Grand Central Station subway lines)

        Children Can’t Vote.                                                  What: “Helping Immigrant Families Navigate the Maze of
                                                                              Public Benefits.” The session will cover eligibility requirements
           But You Can.                                                       and access issues for immigrant clients related to public health

       Remember to Vote on                                                    insurance, food stamps, child nutrition and tax credits. This
                                                                              session will be offered in English. If you have any questions,
       Tuesday, November 8th                                                  please call Minerva Delgado at (212) 697-2323 x 122. Space
                                                                              is limited. To RSVP, please email
                                                                              indicating your name, organization and number of guests.
New Child Support Regulation Will Hurt Families: A new
regulation forcing parents to open a child support court case in
                                                                                         MARK YOUR CALENDAR
order to receive child care will impact negatively on New York
families. This regulation may endanger domestic violence                      Margaret Mead Film Video Festival:
victims, cause familial strain, force parents to place their                  When: Friday, November 4th, Program F2 at 6:30 p.m.; and
children in unsafe child care and leave single parents to take                Saturday, November 12th, Program F24 at 4:00 p.m.
time off work to go to court in order to receive the child care               Where: American Museum of Natural History, Central Park
they need. “Sistas on the Rise,” a young women’s social and                   West at 79th Street
economic advocacy group, is urging New Yorkers to advocate                    What: The festival will feature a highly unique program of short
for the repeal of this regulation. For more information on how                films that combine both animation and documentary. Feature
you can help stop this regulation, call 718-991-6003.                         titles include Ryan by Chris Landreth, Flashbacks from My
                                                                              Past: Starry Night by Irra Verbitsky, Coming to New York by
Reports about Latinos and Education: The Pew Hispanic                         Robert Castillo, Mouse Heaven by Kenneth Anger, The Moon
Center recently released new reports that examine Latino                      and Sun by John Canemaker, and Doubled Up by Samantha
youth in high schools and colleges. According to the reports,                 Moore. For more information, call (212) 769-5305 or visit
Latino adolescents are more likely to attend the nation’s largest    For tickets call (212) 769- 5200.
public schools than Black and White adolescents. It was also
reported that foreign-born adolescents who drop out of our                                 HURRICANE DISASTER
nation’s schools have usually fallen behind in their education                                INFORMATION
even before coming to America. Despite issues regarding
dropouts, a report found that an increasing number of Latinos
                                                                              Visit CDF-NY’s Hurricane Katrina section at for
are attending college. For more comprehensive information
                                                                              more information on resources available to evacuees.
regarding the high school environment, schooling abroad and
college enrollment reports, visit
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Food Insecurity Has Risen: According to the USDA, in 2004                         “CHILD DEFENDER” INSTANTLY!
38 million American families were food insecure. This number
rose by 2 million from the previous year and it has remained a                Would you like the “Child Defender – New York” delivered
growing problem for the fifth year in a row. Of the 38 million,               every Friday, giving you more time to respond and organize
approximately 14 million affected by food insecurity are                      around action alerts? Our emails go out each Friday morning
children. Despite the USDA report, the House of                               and are delivered instantly. Let us know your email address by
Representatives is still considering the $844 million in food                 faxing it to (212) 697-0566 or emailing us at
stamp cuts.          For more information, please visit             

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