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					A guide to wetland regulations
Volusia County
            Wetlands are a valuable resource and, as such,       River Water Management District to
            needs to be preserved and protected for the          determine if an area is a wetland (or
            benefit of everyone. Volusia County has many         delineate) can be found on the Internet at
            acres of wetlands that vary as much in their         www.dep.state.fl.us/water/wetlands.
            function as in the plants                            Several general indicators on a piece of land
              that grow in them.                                 suggest the presence of wetlands. Simple
                                                                 indicators include:
                  Wetlands are known by many names. Even
                                                                       • Dark, mucky soils and some
                   the same wetlands are called different
                                                                         sandy soils
                    names in other parts of the state or
                                                                       • Standing water after rain
                                                                       • Exposed roots on trees
                                                                       • Swollen tree bases
                      Some of the most common names
                                                                       • Water lines and “lichen” lines
                                                                       • Presence of some ferns
                             • Lagoon                                  • Cypress, water oak, pond pine,
                             • Swamp                                     ash or elm trees
                             • Cypress dome                            • Floodplains
                             • Marsh
                             • Grass pond                        These indicators are only a guide. You may
                             • Hammock                           still have wetlands even though you do not
                             • Bottomland                        have any of the conditions listed above.
                             • Wet prairie
                             • Bayhead                           Often, maps and aerial photographs can be
                                                                 useful in determining the presence or absence
                        Wetlands are a type of surface water     of wetlands. Volusia County has a wide variety
                        body. Other water bodies include         of maps and aerial photographs available for
                       lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks, borrow      reviewing and purchase at the property
                       pits, ditches and canals. Vegetation,     appraiser’s office or in the Environmental
                      soils and hydrology are the major          Management and Growth Management
                     factors in determining if an area is a      departments. Many smaller wetlands do not
                     wetland. If designated wetland plants       show up on large-scale planning maps or on
                      dominate an area, if a soil type listed    the U.S. Geological Survey’s topographic
                       as “hydric” (wet) is present, or if       quadrangle maps, and therefore may require
                       hydrologic indicators, such as water      site-specific evaluation. Four agencies
                       marks on trees, are present, then the     routinely regulate activities in wetlands within
                       site will probably be a wetland. All of   Volusia County.
                       the agencies in Volusia County
                    determine the “landward extent” of           Sometimes permits are required from more
                 wetlands by similar methods.                    than one agency or from all agencies. These
                                                                 agencies include:
            Because state and federal agencies’ rules vary           U.S. Army Corps of Engineers — USACE
            and methods have some differences, wetland               St. Johns River Water Management
            boundaries may not coincide. Information on                District — SJRWMD
            the methods used by the Florida Department of            Florida Department of Environmental
            Environmental Protection and the St. Johns                 Protection — FDEP

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     St. Johns River Water Management District • 4049 Reid Street • P.O. Box 1429 • Palatka, FL 32178-1429
                 Phone: (386) 329-4500 (Palatka headquarters) • On the Internet: www.sjrwmd.com
    Volusia County Environmental Management                          intended to identify all the permits or approvals
      Division — EMD                                                 required for a particular project.
    Local city/town governments
                                                                     If you are proposing any of the following activities,
Not all activities in or near wetlands are regulated or require      you should contact the indicated agency or agencies
permits. This brochure focuses on the wetland permitting             to determine your permitting requirements.
requirements for small projects in Volusia County. It is not

                A c t iv i t y                        USACE   FDEP         S J RW M D                  EMD
        Boat dock and slip                              X       X               X                       X
        Boat ramp                                       X       X               X                       X
        Filling                                         X       X               X                       X
        Dredging                                        X       X               X                       X
        Plant clearing by hand                                  X                                       X
        Plant clearing by machine                         X     X                 X                     X
        Plant clearing by chemicals                             X                                       X
        Revetment                                         X     X                                       X
        Seawall                                                 X                                       X
        Mangrove trimming                                       X                                       X
        Upland buffer impacts                                                     1                     X
        Fence                                             X    X                  X                     X
        Bridge                                            X    X                  X                     X             .

                   1 – For activities within the Tomoka and Spruce Creek basins

      It is your responsibility to obtain all of the required permits for your project b e f o re work begins.

      For additional information, you may wish to contact one of the following:

 V ol us i a C ou n t y E n v i r o n m e n t a l                    F l o r i d a D e p a r t m e n t o f E n v i r o nme ntal
 Management Division                                                 P r otection
 123 W. Indiana Ave.                                                 3319 Maguire Blvd., Suite 232
 DeLand, FL 32720-4621                                               Orlando, FL 32903-3767
 (386) 736-5927, DeLand                                              (407) 894-7555
 (386) 254-4612, Daytona Beach                                       www.dep.state.fl.us/water/wetlands
 (386) 423-3303, New Smyrna Beach
 www.volusia.org                                                     U . S . A r my Corps of Engineers,
 S t . J o h n s R i v e r Wa t e r M a n a g e m e n t              P.O. Box 4970
 District                                                            Jacksonville, FL 32232-0019
 Altamonte Springs Service Center                                    (904) 232-1680
 975 Keller Road                                                     or
 Altamonte Springs, FL 32714                                         602 North Palm Ave.                                  US Army Corps
 (407) 659-4800                                                      Palatka, FL 32177                                    of Engineers¨
 www.sjrwmd.com                                                      (386) 325-2028


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