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Mahnomen Elementary School Handb


									              Mahnomen Elementary School
                     2008 - 2009
Adopted By:
The Mahnomen Board of Education
August 11, 2008

1   Activity Tickets
1   Admittance: New Students
1   Attendance
1   Behavior
1   Bicycles, Roller blades, Skateboards
2   Breakfast and Lunch Program and Billing
2   Cell Phones
2   Child Abuse and Neglect Law
2   Citizenship
3   Classroom Celebrations
3   Communications
3   Directory Information
3   Elementary Newsletter
3   Electronic Devices
3   Emergency Forms
3   Evacuation Drill
3   Field Trips
3   Fire Drills
4   Homework
4   Invitations
4   Law Enforcement and Local Officials
4   Legal Names
4   Library
4   Lock down drill
4   Locker/Cubby coat areas
4   Loss of Textbooks/Library Books
5   Lost and Found
5   Open House
5   Pets
5   Personal Items
5   Physical Activity
5   Planning, Evaluation, Reporting (PER)
5   Promotion
5   Report Cards/Conferences
6   School Hours
6   School Visitation: Brothers, Sisters, Friends,   Relatives
6   School Visitation: Parents
6   Special Education
6   Storm Emergency Closings
7   Student Records
7   Tardiness
7   Telephone Use
7   Tornado Drills
7   Track
7     Vending Machines
7   Head Lice
8   Illness At School
8   Immunizations
8     Medication
8     Physical Education and Swimming Policy
8     Public Health Records
8     Swimming and Ear Tubes
8     Vision/hearing/Scoliosis
9   Administrative Discretion
9   After School Detention
9   Amorous Activity
9   Behavior Discipline Notice
9   Behavior Management Plan
10  Bullying - Minnesota Statute
11  Bullying - School District Action written
11  Bus Privileges
11  Bus Rules
12  Classroom Rules
12  Conduct Expectations
12  Conduct at Games in the Gym
12  Conduct at Football Games
12  Drugs & Alcohol
12  Gang Symbols
13  Harassment
13  Illegal or Dangerous Articles
13  In-School Suspension
13  Internet Rules
14  Leaving School Grounds
14  Notification of Dangerous Students
14  Out of School Suspension
14  Playground Rules
14  Reasonable Force/Dangerous Students
14  School Dress Rules
15  School Programs, Pep-Feast, and Concert Courtesy
15  Suspension - Expulsion
15  Tobacco Possession/Use
15  Weapons/Federal Gun-Free Schools Act
16  Band Lessons
16  Dance Team
16  Elementary “Saturday” Basketball
16  Elementary “Saturday” Tackle Football
16  Elementary Wrestling
16  Jr. High Sports Participation
17  Prairie Fire Theater
17  Release Time Classes
17  Safety Patrol
18  Family Educational Right and Privacy Act
19       Harassment and Violence Reporting Form

                              Dr. Ramona Miller, Principal
                                     P. O. Box 319
                                     310 Madison Ave.
                                  Mahnomen, MN 56557
                                  Phone: 218-935-2581
                                   Fax: 218-935-5827

August 11, 2008
MORE ARE PLANNED FOR EVERYONE. A great year is what is planned for the students.
We are asking for your support and patience during the rest of our construction this fall.
We really had not planned on the delays that have happened but when everything is done, the
building will be much safer and we all will enjoy the changes. If we can assist your child during
this transition with anything, please let us know.

For the safety of all of the students, I’m requesting that ALL PARENTS AND VISITORS sign
in at the office before going to the classrooms. If you are picking up your child for an
appointment stop in the office for a pass notifying the teacher of your child’s early dismissal. If
your child is going to be absent, call Lisa at 935-2581 between 7:30 and 8:45 so they can notify the
teacher. You may also use our school web page at to contact us.
We would like to extend an invitation to you to visit your child’s classroom during the school year.
I do ask, however, that you make arrangements with your child’s teacher before the day of visit.
The children also enjoy having their parents or grandparents eat lunch with them. Please call and
tell the office personnel if you are coming to eat lunch. An adult lunch costs $3.25 and must be
paid the day you come in.

I would like to invite parents to volunteer at school. We are always in need of help in the
classrooms or on a special project. Without the help of the parents, we could not accomplish a
number of things.
I am excited about having your child in school and getting the new year under way. My door is
always open. If there is anything that I can do to assist you or your child, please let me know. I am
looking forward to a successful and great year.

Dr. Ramona Miller
2008 - 2009 CALENDAR DAYS
September             2                     First Student Day of School
                      22                    NO SCHOOL - Staff Development
October               3                  EARLY DISMISSAL - buses leave at 1:00 p.m.
                      16 - 17       NO SCHOOL - Education Minnesota Break
November              5                  Parent/Teacher Conferences (evening)
                      6*                 NO SCHOOL Elementary- All day Conferences
                      7                  NO SCHOOL K-12 - Compensation day
                      27 - 28       NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break
December              12                    EARLY DISMISSAL - buses leave at 1:00 p.m.
                      23                    EARLY DISMISSAL - buses leave at 1:00 p.m.
                      24-31                 NO SCHOOL - Winter Break
January 2009          1-2                   NO SCHOOL - Winter Break
                      5                     Back to School
                      16-19                 NO SCHOOL - Staff Workshop/Development
February              11                    Parent/Teacher Conferences (evening)
                      12*                   NO SCHOOL Elementary - All day Conferences
                      13                    NO SCHOOL K-12 - Compensation Day
                      16                    NO SCHOOL - President’s Day
                      27                    EARLY DISMISSAL - buses leave at 1:00 p.m.
March                 20 - 23       NO SCHOOL -
April                 9                     EARLY DISMISSAL - buses leave at 1:00 p.m.
                      10 -13                NO SCHOOL - Spring Break
May                   24                    Graduation
                      25                    NO SCHOOL- MEMORIAL DAY
                      28                    EARLY DISMISSAL - buses leave at 11:00 p.m.
                                            Last day of school for Elementary & High School
                      29                    NO SCHOOL - Staff Workshop

Unused storm days will be used in the following order 5/23, 4/13 and 3/20, 5/29.
* Elementary students only will not attend school on November 6th, February 12th.
Dr. Ramona Miller

Lisa Schoenborn

Tammy Francis
Linda Long

Jean Uhlir
Janice Woods

Sharon Lefstad
Becky Olson
Carolyn Worden

Lavon Cook
Peggy Darco
Judy McCollum

Bill Rutherford
Terry Schoenborn

Cheryl Hendrickson
Brian Larsen-Schmidt

Randy Bartz
Jan Langemo
Julie Sanders

Teresa Klinkhammer
Cam Knutson
Theresa Podlak

Josh Bendickson
Steve Houdek

Kimberly Antonsen

Holly Ristau

Jill Bisek - 5/6 Band
Sandi Maeyaert - 5/6 Music
Diane Kochmann - K-4 Music

Shellie Bueng

Mitch Drobnick
Steve McMullen
Diane Spaeth
Sandy Thompson

Jessica Ness
Bev Gunderson
Kathy Stronstad

Adelle DeVries
Anita LaVoy

Jim Olson

Becky Evenson
Dave Workman

Robin Bendickson
Sheila Clark
Kathy Gieseke
Laura Gulseth
Marci Haider
Jeanine Houska
Tim LaVoy
Doris McCollum
Tammy Neis
Laura Trautner
LaVonne Voltz
Jean Zayic

                               GENERAL INFORMATION
Activity Tickets:
Activity tickets can be purchased in the elementary office. The price is Elementary students -
$10.00, High School students - $15.00, Adult - $25.00, Sr. Citizen - Free. The ticket will admit the
student to all the regular season athletic events. This does not include the tournament or play-off
Admission price per game is $2.00 Students, $4.00 Adults.

Admittance: New Students
For your child’s smooth transition into our school, register your student in the elementary office
prior to his/her first day of attendance if at all possible. You must state the name of the school your
child last attended. A phone call from the office will be made to the school last attended for records
to be sent.
Attendance is necessary for your child to succeed at school. If your child is absent, please call the
Mahnomen Elementary Office between 7:30-8:45 a.m. at (935-2581) or send a note explaining the
absence. According to MN STAT. 120A.22 the school can require a parent or guardian to verify in
writing the reason for a child’s absence from school. Excused absences are illness, medical, dental,
orthodontic or counseling appointments, family emergencies, death or serious illness or funeral of
an immediate family member or other exemptions included in the district’s attendance policy.
Parents are urged to plan their annual vacations so as to not conflict with school attendance.
However, should this not be possible, the principal and teachers should be informed ahead of time
in order that study arrangements can be made.
According to Minnesota Statute 260A.02, three un-excused absences per school year in the
elementary school is considered Continuing Truant. A school attendance officer or other
designated school official will notify the parent/guardian that the child is truant. Seven un-excused
absences per school year is considered Habitual truant. Legal steps will be taken by the school to
control truancy in our school. Legal steps may include filing a Children In need of Protection
(CHIPS) petition with either the Tribal Court or the Mahnomen County Court systems. If chronic
absenteeism continues because of illness, a doctor’s excuse may be required.

Attendance & Extracurricular Activities
Students may not participate in extracurricular activities or any program on the day of an absence if;
       1. More than one half of the classes were missed
       2. A student is suspended
       3. Assigned detention
       4. Any unexcused absence

To be a successful member of society, students must take responsibility for their own behavior. All
students are expected to be courteous to each other and to the adult members of the staff. The
students are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner that they will not disrupt the
instructional program or interfere with the rights of others. Fighting, harassing, threatening others,
verbal abuse, arguing, talking back, and profane language or gestures are not acceptable behaviors.
If a serious problem occurs, consequences will be forthcoming.

Bicycles, Roller blades, Skateboards:
It is assumed that students using bicycles, roller blades, and skateboards to get to school have
permission to do so from their parents/guardians. Due to competency and safety, the school
suggests only students above third grade use bicycles, roller blades, and skateboards to get to
school. Use of such items is not allowed on school grounds including the track, during the school
day. Students must walk bicycles, roller blades, and skateboards off the school grounds at
dismissal. If the student has shoes with roller blades built into them, the roller blades must be kept
inside the shoes during school.

Breakfast and Lunch Programs and Billing:
A complete hot lunch program is available. The School District will provide healthy and safe
school meals programs that will comply with all Federal, State and local statutes and regulations.
The district will work on the nutritional guidelines and procedures for the selection of foods and
beverages made available to ensure food and beverage choices are consistent with current USDA
Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
Parents should review the school policy and direct billing statements below. Parents/guardians are
asked to pay $35.00 in advance for elementary student lunches by the 3rd day of each month.
One milk is offered with the meal however, if your child wishes to have an extra milk, he/she will be
charged $.30.         Price per meal                Lunch
                      Grades K - 6 Full pay - $1.75          Reduced - $.40
                      Grades 7 -12 Full pay - $2.00          Reduced - $.40
                      Adult          Full pay - $3.25              ----
                      Grades K - 6 Full pay - $1.00          Reduced - Free
                      Grades 7 -12 Full pay - $1.00          Reduced - Free
                      Adult          Full pay - $2.00              ----
If the account is less than adequate to pay for breakfast and/or lunch a student in the household will
be allowed to charge two meals. A milk or grain item will be offered at breakfast and a sandwich
and milk will be offered at lunch. Parents/guardians may call Delane at (218) 935-2211 to find out
the exact amount they owe for their child’s account. Students who prefer to carry their lunch may
purchase milk at school. Milk should be paid for by the same billing procedure.
Free and/or reduced price lunches are available to all students who meet the requirement established
by the Federal Government. Any student, parent or guardian may receive an application form by
contacting the office. The applications must be filled out completely and returned before the prices
are adjusted. The applications are reviewed by the administration and parents are notified of the
student’s eligibility.

Cell Phones
Students are asked to turn in their cell phones to the elementary office in the morning and pick them
up at the end of the day. Students are not allowed to use cell phones on school grounds
during school day hours. If a cell phone has not been turned in and is seen by any faculty or
staff member, the phone will be confiscated and turned into the Principal’s office. The student can
pick up the phone at the end of the school day. Should there be a second offense, the phone will be
held until the student’s parent/guardian can pick it up from the Principal, where a plan will be set up
for any further offenses. The Mahnomen School District and the Minnesota State High School
league prohibits cell phones in locker rooms at anytime.

Child Abuse and Neglect Law:
As required by Minnesota State Statute 626.556 all cases where there is reasonable cause to believe
a child is neglected, or physically or sexually abused, shall immediately be reported to the local
welfare agency or to law enforcement.

Recognizing that the student of today is a citizen of tomorrow, the school does everything possible
to promote good citizenship. Every attempt will be made during the school year to promote the
patriotic ideals of our American system of government. This will be done through class work,
reciting the Pledge of Allegiance once or twice a week, programs, singing, and other means at our
disposal. Anyone who does not wish to participate in reciting the pledge for any personal reason
may elect to do so. Students must respect another person’s right to make that choice.

Classroom Celebrations:
Classroom celebrations will encourage the use of healthy choices and portions. The staff will limit
the use of food and beverages as rewards for students. When possible the celebration will take
place during the last hour of the school day so it does not interfere with school meals. A list of
healthy snacks will be provided to parents and staff.

The school will be making a concentrated effort to maintain good communication with parents.
Working together will help students be successful! Parents are expected to complete a Student
Information Form to be used by the school personnel. If you change your address or phone
number during the year, please notify the office.

Directory Information
Public information shall include names and pictures of students participating in or attending
extracurricular activities and school events. If you do not want your child’s name or picture used in
the local paper, notification must be made in writing.

Electronic Devices
Electronic devices are not allowed during the school day. If your child has permission to use an
electronic device during the school bus ride, we ask that such items be turned into the office as soon
as they come to school and then picked up at the end of the day for the ride home. The school is
not responsible for lost devices if they were not turned into the office.

Elementary Newsletter:
We issue an elementary newsletter each week that is sent home with your child. The newsletter is
also available on our web site. If you have any contests, fund-raisers, events, etc., that you would
like the children to know about, we encourage you to use the newsletter. Please call Lisa at 935-
2581 with that information.
Emergency Forms:
Parents are expected to complete a Student Information Form to be used by the school personnel.
If you change your address or phone number during the year, please notify the office. If the
emergency contact people or numbers change, we also need to be aware of the change.

Evacuation Drill:
An evacuation plan is in place and will be practiced periodically during the school year.
Field Trips:
The school has been supportive of trips that enhance the educational programs. The principal
approves the number of field trips any one class may take. Decision for approval rests upon the
correlation between the trip and classroom curriculum, as well as budgetary concerns. Trips are
always well supervised. Students will not be allowed to participate without parent/guardian
knowledge and permission. It is requested that parents/guardians sign the consent form on the
Student Information Sheet that is sent home at the beginning of the year. Please feel free to call the
teacher should a question arise.

Fire Drills:
Minnesota State Law requires every school to hold a minimum of five (5) fire drills per year.
Mahnomen Public School complies with the law and will record the date and time of each drill.
There are times when students will have homework. The amount of work brought home will
depend on how much of the assignment was completed in school. The amount of work will vary
according to individual ability and use of study time in school. Children should do their own work,
and if they need help, parents should try to guide them. Please do not do your child’s work for
him/her. Help your child in reviewing lessons before tests. One of our goals is to encourage
students to take responsibility for completing their assignments. “School work comes first”
should be stressed, before TV or other entertainment.
The school requests that all invitations to birthday parties or other special events be handled outside
of school to avoid confusion and hurt feelings.
Law Enforcement and Local Officials
The school will require that formal contact with students, when appropriate, by Sheriff’s
Department, Probation, Human Service, Mental Health, and Indian Child Welfare staff be done only
after documented proof of contact with parents or repeated attempts to contact parents. If one of
named agencies, is conducting an investigation or there is an emergency that involves child
protection concerns, the parents will NOT be notified by the school but by the appropriate agency.
The school wants to cooperate with other agencies but believes that parents need to know about
such contacts in advance. All visitors, are asked to sign in at the office before contact is made.
If a student violates a district policy that also violates a law, the student will be referred to law
enforcement. The school may ask law enforcement officials and trained dogs to search the school,
the parking lot and school grounds for illegal substances. Violators will be prosecuted and parents
Legal Names:
School policy requires the use of a child’s legal name on all documents generated by the school.
Use of nicknames in the classroom is permitted, provided parents approve.

We need your help to make enthusiastic readers of your children. Please share and discuss the
books brought home. Also, try to find time to read daily to your child. Enthusiastic readers are
made, not born.

Lock Down Drill
A Lock Down Drill plan is in place and will practice 5 drills during the school year as required by
Minnesota State Law.

Locker/Cubby Coat areas
School lockers are the property of the school district. At no time does the school district relinquish
its exclusive control of lockers provided for the convenience of students. Inspection of the interior
of lockers may be conducted by school authorities for any reason at any time, without notice,
without student consent, and without a search warrant. The personal possessions of students within
a school locker may be searched only when school authorities have a reasonable suspicion that the
search will uncover evidence of a violation of law or school rules. As soon as practicable after the
search of a student’s personal possessions, the school authorities must provide notice of the search
to students whose lockers were searched unless disclosure would impede an ongoing investigation
by police or school officials.

Loss of Textbooks/Library Books
Students may be required to pay for textbooks, library books, and/or materials owned by the school
that have been lost or irresponsibly damaged.

Lost and Found
Lost articles of clothing are placed in the office. Please encourage your child to inquire about and
look for these articles. The School is not responsible for any item(s) missing from a student’s desk,
locker or backpack. Do not bring valuable items to school. All personal items need to stay at
home. Borrowing items, without permission from the owner, is stealing. Students that have items
missing or stolen must report it to the teacher. If personal items are used for the bus ride, they
must be checked in at the office and then picked up at the end of the day for the ride home.
Open House:
The Parent Communication Network (PCN) sponsors an Open House each fall. We encourage
parents/guardians to attend the open house to meet your child’s teachers, to visit the classrooms, to
attend the meeting, and to visit the parenting fair in the hallways.

We DO NOT encourage bringing pets to school because of the chance of rabies or other diseases
that may be transmitted to the children. Please contact the Elementary Principal for information
and approval prior to bringing a pet to the classroom.
Personal items:
We strongly discourage bringing personal items to school because the items could be damaged or
lost. The school can not be held responsible for personal items. If your child has permission to
use a CD player or other electronic device on the school bus we ask that such items are turned in to
the office as soon as they come to school and then picked up at the end of the day for the ride
Physical Activity:
The elementary students may have 20 minutes of supervised recess time during the day. The
activity should encourage moderate to vigorous physical activity. The classroom teachers will
provide short physical activity breaks between lessons or classes, as appropriate.
Elementary students arriving before class time begins will participate in a walking program in the
mornings. The after-school program will provide for physical activity on a daily basis for all

Planning, Evaluation, Reporting (PER):
State law requires that certain subject areas be evaluated on a rotation basis each year. Results are
reported in accordance with State PER laws.
Promotion of students from one grade to the next grade is the goal of every teacher for every
student. While working toward promotion the following criteria will be considered:
       1. Recommendations from a transferring school.
       2. Communication with parents.
       3. Teachers will look at other options and teaching strategies for children that are
       4. Children entering Kindergarten in the fall must be 5 years of age on or before September
          1st. Students coming from other states must have met the leaving state’s age
       5. Encourage parents to look at the age of their child and the child’s social and emotional
           development before entering kindergarten.
       6. Retention will be the last option for the student.

Report Cards/Conferences:
Report cards are issued at the end of each quarter. Conferences will be held in the fall and spring.
You may arrange for a special conference at any time you wish. To do so, please call the teacher at
school if you have any questions or concerns.

School Hours, Breakfast, Start & Dismissal Time:
       Elementary office hours: 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Official class start time is 8:25 a.m.
       Early Childhood: 8:20 - 11:45 p.m.
       K - 3: 8:25 a.m. - 3:05 p.m.
       4 - 6: 8:25 a.m. - 3:10 p.m.
Breakfast is served 8:00 a.m. - 8:20 a.m. Students are not allowed in the classroom until 8:25
a.m. unless approved by teacher. All students are to be in the cafeteria or other permitted areas
before class time. Students who arrive before class time will participate in a walking
program in the gym. Students should not leave or be picked up before dismissal time
(3:05/3:10). Parents are to wait for their children in designated areas until the children are
dismissed. Please do not go to the classrooms.
School Visitation: Brothers, Sisters, Friends, Relatives, etc.
A visit to school by a student’s brother, sister, other relative and/or friends causes disruptions to the
learning program. Liabilities arise in these instances which the school and its personnel are not
insured against; consequently, such visits are not allowed.
School Visitation: Parents
You are always welcome to visit school. Please work with your child’s teacher to arrange a
mutually convenient time for both of you. Upon entering the building, you MUST REPORT TO
THE OFFICE AND SIGN IN. This procedure is for the safety and protection of the students and
staff in the school. The main door to each building is unlocked but the remaining doors will be
locked. This is not meant to discourage parents/guardians from visiting school.

Special Education:
A full range of special education programs are offered at Mahnomen Schools. Special education
identification and placement rests upon a complex system of referrals, individualized assessment,
and the identification practices that are based on the state and federal eligibility criteria.
The main objective of the special education programs at Mahnomen School is to provide an
environment in which all learners are able to develop positive attitudes toward themselves and others
and experience success in school. Individualized academic and behavioral programs are based on
the learners needs.
Mahnomen School supports the concept of providing service in the least restrictive environment as
required by law. Special needs learners are included in regular classroom environments to the
maximum extent possible, based on data collected, insuring continuous progress.
The student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) team will determine the appropriate placement for
the student. The IEP team will also address the Minnesota State Tests for each student.

Storm/Emergency Closings:
The school will make emergency announcements on the following radio stations: Mahnomen -
KRJM (101.5 FM); Fargo - WDAY (970 AM), KFGO (790 AM); Detroit Lakes - KDLM (1340
AM); Fosston - KKCQ (1470 AM), KKEQ (107.1 FM); Ada - KRJB (106.3 FM). If the weather
is threatening please listen to one of these broadcast stations for cancellation, late start, or early
dismissal announcements.
It is imperative that you have a storm home in town for your child. There have been times when
transportation has been impossible. Please indicate the storm home on the Student Information
sheet. If you do not have a storm home notify the school.
Student Records:
If your child will be transferring to another school, we ask that you stop in or call the elementary
office to inform school officials of your student’s last day of attendance. Records will be sent to
the new school.
School District policy expects students to arrive at school on time. Arriving late interrupts his/her
educational program and the educational program of others. If a student arrives after 8:30 a.m.,
he/she will be recorded tardy. Excessive un-excused tardiness follow District policy and procedure
and may lead to the filing of a truancy petition under Minnesota Statute 260A.02.
Being at school on time is very important for your child. Tardiness is disruptive to a child’s (and
his/her classmates) classroom learning experience. Please make every effort to have your child here
on time. Tardy students must stop in the office and get a tardy slip.
Telephone Use:
       Calls to Students:
We ask that students not be interrupted during school hours except in case of an emergency.
However, if it is necessary to reach your child on a school day between 8:30 a.m. and 3:05 p.m., call
935-2581. Office personnel will relay your message to your child. We ask that the policy of no
unnecessary interruptions to the instruction be observed.
       Calls to Teachers:
If you wish to speak with your child’s teacher by telephone, please call before school or right after
school. If you call during the day, a message will be given to the teacher, or left on voice mail.
       Student Use:
School phones are for business purposes, not for use by the students, unless an emergency arises.
Students will not be allowed to use the telephone to make arrangements to stay with a friend, etc.
These arrangements should be made the previous evening. Students will also be discouraged from
making calls home because they forgot a book or their homework, shoes, instruments, etc. It is
important that the student assume the responsibility for bringing items they need each day.
       Cellular Phones:
Student cell phone use is not permitted during the school day. If a student brings a cell
phone to school, it must be turned in to the office and can be picked up at the end of the day. The
school will not be held responsible for personal items. See Cell Phone section.
Tornado Drills:
Tornado drills will be held periodically. We do participate in the statewide drill in the spring.

Use of the track is encouraged however the track is for walking and running only. Use of roller
blades, skateboards and bicycles is strictly PROHIBITED as they may damage the surface of the
Vending Machines:
Elementary students are not allowed to use any vending machine anytime during the school day.
This includes before school starts and at the end of the day.

                                     HEALTH ISSUES:
Head Lice
Incubation period is variable; the eggs hatch in one week. Until adequately treated, the lice are
easily communicable. Control of head lice includes excluding child from school if live lice are
found. All family members should be examined. A note from the parent stating that the child is
under treatment would be appreciated when the student returns to school. The student will be
checked upon returning to school to be sure treatment was completed.

Illness at School
If it has been determined that a child needs to go home because of illness, the parent will be
notified. It is very important that parents give us an emergency telephone number of someone who
can come to get their son/daughter in the event that we cannot reach you.

Minnesota Statutes 1980, Section 123.70, requires that all children who are enrolled in a Minnesota
school be immunized against Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and
Hepatitis B allowing for certain specified exemptions. All students are expected to be in
compliance on the first day of their entry into school. An immunization record will be kept on file
for each student as required by law.
Minnesota law and Mahnomen School Policy state: that unless a school has a licensed school nurse
only school personnel may administer medication. In order to do so, the school personnel must
have the following:
       1. Written permission from parents or legal guardian.
       2. Written orders from the doctor. Please get this sheet from the office or nurse for the
               doctor to complete.
       3. Prescription medicine MUST be in the original medication bottle from the
               pharmacy with the label.
The above applies to prescription medications or any medications prescribed by a doctor. School
personnel may not delegate this responsibility/authority to anyone else.
For nonprescription medication, commonly called “over-the-counter” medications, a written
permission slip is all that is required. Parent/guardian should bring medications to school.
School personnel is compelled by law to comply with the above requirements. We appreciate your
cooperation and understanding in helping us to do so.
Physical Education and Swimming Policy:
Physical education is a required course for all elementary students. Participation is NOT optional.
Please notify the teacher of any limitations your child may have. If a medical doctor provides a
written explanation of non-participation, the student may be excused from participating.
The district has a tremendous swimming facility and offers swimming instruction to all students.
This is a required segment of the physical education program. Students will need a medical excuse
by a doctor if they are not able to participate.

Public Health Records
A health record is kept for each student. It follows the student from Early Childhood through
Grade 12. The health record is updated each year by information obtained from parents/guardians.
Please inform the school each school year regarding a student’s health problems.
 Swimming and Ear Tubes
The school has a wonderful swimming facility and offers swimming instruction to all students.
This is a required segment of the physical education program. Students will need a medical excuse
from a doctor if they are unable to participate due to ear tubes or other medical reasons. Please
notify the office if your child has tubes in their ears.
Vision and Hearing, Scoliosis
Vision and hearing and Scoliosis screening will be completed according to State Health Department
recommendations. Parents/Guardians will be notified by the school if a professional examination is

                              SCHOOL RULES/POLICIES:
All students are expected to be courteous to each other and to adult members of the staff. Students
are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner that they will not disrupt the instructional
program or interfere with the rights of others. Successful learning is contingent upon the self-
discipline of students. Any type of fighting, harassing, or threatening others, verbal abuse
(including arguing and talking back), profane language or gestures is not acceptable. Depending on
the level of harassment or threatening statements, the district’s Harassment and Violence Policy
may be used instead of a behavior referral.

Administrative Discretion
Administration may use discretion in determining what course of action is warranted for all
disciplinary issues. Administration will determine if intent or a threat exists on a case-by-case
basis. Other appropriate action may be taken.

After-School Detention
Parents/Guardians will be notified if their child is to stay after school because of behavior. Riding
the school bus does not excuse children from staying after school. It is then the responsibility of
the parent/guardian to provide transportation for their child.
Amorous Activity
The school is a work place for students and staff. The display of amorous physical contact
(hugging, holding hands or other body areas and kissing,) is not appropriate in a school setting. If
staff warnings are not followed, consequences will be assigned.
Behavior Discipline Notice:
A discipline notice (Noon Restriction) will be written when a student is not following a classroom,
playground, bus or building rule. The student will eat lunch in supervised locations during the
lunch period. After completing lunch, the student will call and/or write a letter to their
parent/guardian explaining his/her discipline notice.

Behavior Management Plan:
A student is removed from the classroom, immediately, if he/she is physically or emotionally
endangering self or others.
       A. Physical aggression directed toward another person with intent to hurt.
       B. Swearing and foul language (i.e. any discriminatory or derogatory verbal expression that
           is perceived as verbal or sexual harassment).
       C. Inappropriate language or gestures directed toward school staff or the refusal to
cooperate with reasonable requests.
       *Amorous Inappropriate Activity- hugging, kissing, hanging on each other, etc.
       *Cheating- may result in loss of grade or points
       *Disruptive Behavior- classroom or hallway behavior that disrupts staff or students
       *Dress Code- See School Dress Code
       *Forging a Signature Grade K-3 -
       *Name Calling/Swearing- not directed toward individual
       *Nuisance Devices- toys, cards, electronic devices, or personal items.
       *Scuffling/horseplay- mutual poking, pushing, shoving
       *Unexcused tardiness to class
              1st offense                    Warning
              2nd offense                   Noon Restriction (NR), letter sent home
              Subsequent offenses NR, home contact and/or loss of privileges

       *Aggressive Physical Behaviors - Fighting, pushing, hitting, kicking with aggression.
       *Bullying/Threatening/Harassment- verbal or nonverbal
       *Forging a Signature Grade 4-6 -
       *Insubordination- willful refusal to follow directives
       *Leaving assigned area without permission-
       *Gang Symbols- to wear, draw or display any item symbolizing a gang or secret society
       *Smoking/Chewing/Possession of Tobacco- in school or on school property
       *Theft or Possession of Stolen Property
       *Vandalism- property damage
       *Verbal abuse/Swearing/Name Calling- discriminatory, abusive, obscene threatening
       language, sexual talk, racial, ethnic, sexual or religious slurs
                1st offense                    Noon Restriction (NR), letter sent home
                2nd offense                    **In School Suspension (1/2 to full day)
                Subsequent offenses **In School Suspension with additional
                                          consequence related to the offense
       *Disorderly Conduct-disruptive and out of control behavior (student does not respond to
       staff interventions)
       *Extortion- obtaining money, property, or services of any sort by threat
       *Assault on Student/Staff- with objects or body intended to harm
       *Possession of Objects- objects designed/intended to be used as a weapon
                1st offense                    **In or Out of School Suspension
                2nd offense                    Out of School Suspension with additional
                                               consequences related to the offense.
                Subsequent offenses Out of School Suspension

       *False Fire Alarms/Bomb Threat/Setting Fires- including but not limited to firecrackers
       chemical or imploding devices, and tampering with sprinkler systems or fire
       *Illegal Drugs/Alcohol
       *Possession of Ammunition/Weapon- bullets or other objects designed to be used as a
              1st offense/subsequent   See Tobacco/Weapons section.

**ISS hours may be turned into noon restriction time for the same number of hours. This will be
determined on an individual bases.

Bullying - Minnesota Statute 121A.03, .40-.56, .69
DEFINITIONS: For purposes of this policy, the definitions included in this section apply.
A. “Bullying” means any written or verbal expression, physical act or gesture, or pattern thereof,
by a student that is intended to cause or is perceived as causing distress to one or more students and
which substantially interferes with another student or student’s educational benefits, opportunities,
or performance. Bullying includes, but is not limited to, conduct by a student against another
student that a reasonable person under the circumstances knows or should know has the effect of:
                 1. harming a student;
                 2. damaging a student’s property;
                 3. placing a student in reasonable fear of harm to his or her person or property; or
                 4. creating a hostile educational environment for a student.
B. “Immediately” means as soon as possible but in no event longer than 24 hours.
C. “On school district property or at school-related functions” means all school district buildings,
school grounds, and school property or property immediately adjacent to school grounds; school
bus stops, school buses, school vehicles, school contracted vehicles, or any other vehicles approved
for school district purposes, the area of entrance or departure from school grounds, premises, or
events, and all school related functions, school-sponsored activities, events, or trips. School district
property also may mean a student’s walking route to or from school for purposes of attending
school or school-related functions, activities, or events. While prohibiting bullying at these
locations and events, the school district does not represent that it will provide supervision or assume
liability at these locations and events.
Bullying-School District Action - Written
A. Upon receipt of a complaint or report of bullying, the school district shall undertake or
authorize an investigation by school district officials or a third party designated by the school
B. The school district may take immediate steps, at its discretion, to protect the complainant,
reporter, students, or others pending completion of an investigation of bullying, consistent with
applicable law.
C. Upon completion of the investigation, the school district will take appropriate action. Such
action may include, but is not limited to, warning, suspension, exclusion, expulsion, transfer,
remediation, termination, or discharge. Disciplinary consequences will be sufficiently severe to try
to deter violations and to appropriately discipline prohibited behavior. School district action taken
for violation of this policy will be consistent with the requirements of applicable collective
bargaining agreements; applicable statutory authority, including the Minnesota Pupil Fair
Dismissal Act; school district policies; and regulations.
D. The school district is not authorized to disclose to a victim private educational or personnel data
regarding an alleged perpetrator who is a student or employee of the school district. School
officials will notify the parent(s) or guardian(s) of students involved in a bullying incident and the
remedial action taken, to the extent permitted by law, based on a confirmed report.

Bus Privileges
Riding the school bus is a privilege, not a right. Students are expected to follow the same
behavioral standards while riding school buses as they are on school property or at school
functions or events. All school rules are in effect while a student is riding the bus or at the bus
stop. All district students in grades pre K-10 are provided with bus safety instructions during the
first week of the school year. Students are required to demonstrate an understanding of the bus
safety lessons. District 432 has established formal bus policies, rules, and regulations which can be
reviewed in the school offices. Parental written permission is required in order for a student to ride
a different bus after school or to leave with someone other than their parent/guardian.
Bus Rules
      1. Immediately follow the directions of the driver.
      2. Sit in your seat facing forward.
      3. Talk quietly and use appropriate language.
      4. Keep all parts of your body inside the bus.
      5. Keep your arms, legs, and belongings to yourself.
      6. No fighting, harassment, intimidation or horseplay.
      7. Do not throw any object.
      8. No eating, drinking, or use of tobacco or drugs.
      9. Do not bring any weapon or dangerous objects on the school bus.
     10. Do not damage the school bus.
       1st offense             Warning by bus driver/report to principal.
       2nd offense             1 day suspension from riding the bus.
       3rd offense             2 days suspension from riding the bus.
       4th offense             3+ days suspension from riding the bus.
       subsequent offenses     Considered individually. Students may be suspended for
                               longer periods of time, including the remainder of the year.
When a student goes 60 calendar days without a report, his/her offenses may start over at the first
offense. The student’s growth in self-behavior management, integrity, and the like will be
considered. Consequences for school bus/bus stop misconduct will apply to all regular and late
routes. Decisions regarding a student’s privilege to ride the bus in connection with co-curricular
and extra curricular events (field trips or competitions) will be at the sole discretion of the school
district. Parents/Guardians will be notified of any suspension of bus privileges.
Classroom Rules
Each teacher in the School District develops his/her own classroom management. Each classroom
has its own set of rules, consequences, and rewards. These rules are reviewed with the students and
posted in each of the classrooms.
Conduct Expectations:
The following items are expectations that all students need to follow.
       A. Use appropriate language.
       B. Show respect for others, yourself, and school property.
       C. Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.
       D. Walk in the hallways.
       E. Follow directions the first time they are given.
Conduct at games held in the gymnasium:
Students are encouraged to attend all home games. Because of the large number of people in a
small area, we will expect our students to follow the rules listed:
       1. Trips to the concession stand and bathrooms should only occur at half-time and between
           games. Students should never leave while the game is in play.
       2. No walking or running on the playing area of the floor.
       3. No loitering in the lobby, gym, or restrooms.
       4. No booing or un-sportsmanlike conduct will be allowed.
       5. During the National Anthem, students will remove their caps, will face the flag, put their
           right hand over their heart and sing.

Conduct at football games/track meets:
Students are encouraged to attend all home football games and track meets to support our teams.
Students will be expected to follow the rules listed:
       1. Students will remain behind the fence that surrounds the field.
       2. No booing or un-sportsmanlike conduct will be allowed.
       3. During the National Anthem, students will remove their caps, will face the flag, put their
          right hand over their heart and sing.
Drugs and Alcohol:
Alcohol and drug use by students is wrong, harmful, and illegal. Any use constitutes abuse.
Drinking, showing obvious signs of having been drinking, using drugs or the possession of drugs
or alcohol on school property, (including any area within eyesight of the school) will require the
school to notify parents immediately for removal of the student. The law enforcement office will be
notified. Violation will result in suspension from the school.
Gang Symbols:
If a student is drawing gang symbols on his/her papers, the student may be asked to throw the
paper away and/or redo the assignment. If the drawings are on a visible body part, the student will
be asked to use soap and water to remove the drawings. If the gang symbol is on an article of
clothing, the student will be asked to turn the item inside out or the school will provide a different
clothing item for that day. The student will be asked not to wear the item of clothing to school
again. Any dress, hand signals or gestures identifying gang membership/affiliation are prohibited.
Any gang related materials will be given to the Sheriff’s Department.

Students are to be respectful. Comments, actions, or clothes which create an unwelcome response
by another person are inappropriate. Sexual, religious, and racial harassment incidents will be
reported to the school’s Human Rights Officer or the Principal. The Mahnomen School Board has
passed a policy prohibiting harassment and violence. For the complete policy, contact the principal
or superintendent. The reporting form is included in the handbook.
Illegal or Dangerous Articles:
Illegal items in a student’s possession or items used in a potentially dangerous manner shall be
confiscated and submitted to the police or returned to the parents. This includes such items as: all
aerosol cans (deodorant, hair spray), lighters and matches, any drug paraphernalia, dangerous
object, or substance. Violators may be suspended. Laser lights, tasers and other nuisance articles
are prohibited and will be confiscated.

In-School Suspension:
Students who are disruptive to their educational surroundings or who do not respond to less
restrictive consequences may be placed in a supervised setting within the school. Students placed in
in-school suspension will be expected to do school work and cooperate with staff.

Internet Rules
A student is expected to behave ethically on line and in person.
       1. You will not download music files because of the legality issues and because it takes so
           much bandwidth, it slows down the networks throughout the school.
       2. Intimidate others using e-mail
       3. Use improper language
       4. Look up or download inappropriate visual or written documents.
When you use a computer at school it should be for educational purposes only.
      1. Playing games and reading e-mail will only be allowed as an award by teachers in
         the lab.
      2. Instant messenger programs (AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, Google talk
         or chat rooms) are not allowed.
      3. Personal blogging sites (Face book, My Space,) have been blocked.
The school has a software program called a “firewall” which is a kind of software that blocks
inappropriate materials. This is mandated by law, and done for your protection. Sometimes some
things get through, and as long as you exit immediately, you will not face consequences. If you
share what you’ve found, print it out, save it by bookmarking it or keep it on your desktop, you will
lose computer privileges. If you use a proxy server or similar device to get around the firewall, you
will also lose computer privileges. Inappropriate materials include:
        1. Inappropriate pictures.
        2. Inappropriate speech (words or words that promote hate).
        3. Violent pictures or words
Using the Internet for research. Mahnomen subscribes to several reference services that you can
access from the school web page to help you in your research. Although this is “free”
information, when you use items from one of these sources, you will need to correctly document
where you found that information.
        1.      You can access an on-line encyclopedia,
        2.      Magazine articles,
        3.      Web pages.
        4.      Pictures using Google search.
Consequences for misuse of the internet at Mahnomen Public Schools
        1st offense: Student will write a letter his/her parents and to the instructor explaining
                       what rule that student broke and why the rule is important.
        2nd offense: Student will write a letter his/her parents and to the instructor explaining
                       what rule that student broke and why the rule is important and only be
                       allowed to use the computer under direct supervision of a teacher or aide for
                       one month.
        3rd offense: Student not allowed to use the internet.

Leaving School Grounds:
Once a student reports to school she/he is not permitted to leave the school or grounds until
dismissal time. If a student must leave, a written excuse by the parent/guardian must be given to the
teacher or principal in advance. No students will be excused to go up town for pop, candy, etc. The
principal and/or teacher may call the parent to confirm and/or verify the written excuse. If a student
leaves the school grounds without permission, 1 day of in-school suspension will result. Written
permission from a parent/guardian is also required in order for a student to ride a different bus after
school or to leave with another person.

Notification of Dangerous Students (MN 121A.64a)
Under the dangerous student policy set by the State Department of Education, if a student meets the
definition of a dangerous student, by law and policy, the teachers and parent of the child, will be
notified. The definition of a dangerous student is: “incidents of violence means willful conduct in
which a student has threatened or caused physical injury to person(s) or significant damage to
property, regardless of whether related to a disability or whether discipline was imposed. This does
not include injury or damage which is accidental or is the result of negligence. An incident of
violence includes an incident described in notices received from either law enforcement or the
juvenile courts”.
A dangerous student report must be filed with the Commissioner of Education on the incident by
the principal.

Out-of-School Suspension:
For students that can not follow the rules and in-school suspension has been used, out of school
suspension will be the next step used by the principal. Some incidents, such as possession or use
of illegal drugs, possession of a weapon, out of control behavior, will result in out of school
suspension on the first occurrence. Out of School suspension can only be assigned by the

Playground Rules
** Rules are enforced to keep children physically and emotionally safe. **
Students are expected to play in appropriate areas. Please make sure your child is properly
dressed for the weather conditions. Throwing snow or snowballs, fighting, and playing games
involving severe body contact (such as wrestling, king-of-the-hill, smear, tackle football and etc.) are
not allowed. Students are encouraged to enjoy themselves and their friends on the playground.
Students are also expected to go outside at noon. All general rules for school apply on the
playground as well.
        First Offense:        Warning.
        Second Offense:       Five minutes time-out against wall.
        Third Offense:        Student is removed from the playground area.
        Fourth Offense:       Student meets with principal, who contacts the parents/guardians.

Reasonable Force / Dangerous Students
A teacher, school employee, school bus driver or other agent of a district may use reasonable force
in compliance with Minnesota Statutes 121A.582 and other laws.
School Dress Rules:
The School District does not have a dress code, but good judgment should be used by both the
parent and student in selecting their dress for the school day. Clothing does not need to be
expensive but should be clean and neat. Students should not wear clothing that:
       1. Creates or may create a disruption to the learning process within the school.
       2. Advertises in any way (including jewelry) products that are contrary to accepted health
           and moral codes.
       3. Shirts, caps, or jackets that advertise tobacco, drugs, alcohol, gang, sexual or profanity,
           marijuana, or pictures of the previously listed items.
       4. Casts a poor light on nationality, ethnicity, religious groups or gender, or has the intent
           of communicating gang membership.
       5. Students are not to wear hats, caps, visors or bandanas in the building during the day or
       at indoor activities.
       6. Shirts must cover the entire stomach and backs of the student. Mid-drift, halter style,
       fish net, or low cut tops are NOT appropriate. Tank tops need to be appropriate to age
       and gender. The colored undershirts are NOT allowed to be worn separately. Low rise
       pants and short shorts are NOT appropriate. If a student wears an item that creates a
       distraction they will be asked to change it or will borrow something different to wear. The
       student will be reminded to not to wear the item to school again.
       7. Hooded baggy sweatshirts are discouraged. If worn, hoods must be be down at
       all times.

School Programs, Pep-Fests, and Concert Courtesy:
       1. Students are expected to maintain a high standard of courtesy.
       2. There should be no talking or horseplay during the program.
       3. Appreciation for performers should be shown in a proper manner - no whistling, booing,
          or shouting or walking around during performances.
       4. At the end of the program, students are to remain seated until their teachers take them
          back to the classroom.
Suspension - Expulsion
Occasionally it becomes necessary to suspend or expel a student from school. In this event, all
procedures will be governed by MSA 121A.40 more commonly know as MN Pupil Fair Dismissal
Act. The regulations of IDEA (special education) will be followed also.
Under the provision of the law, students may be suspended or expelled from school for any of the
following reasons:
       *willful violation of any reasonable school board regulation.
       *willful conduct which materially or substantially disrupts the rights of others to
              an education.
       *willful conduct which endangers the student, other students, or school

Tobacco Possession/ Use:
Possession of tobacco products is prohibited at school (including any area within eyesight of the
school). If any tobacco products are found, they will be confiscated and destroyed. The student
will write a letter to his/her parent. If another violation occurs, a day of in-school suspension will be
assigned. By State Law and by the School Board policy, use of tobacco by students is forbidden
on school property. If students are caught using tobacco products, the parents will be notified, a
report will be filed with the local law enforcement office and a day of in-school suspension will
be assigned. If a child has a second violation, the same steps will be followed but the number of
days of in-school suspension will increase.

Weapons/Federal Gun-Free Schools Act:
In 1994, the President and legislature enacted the Federal Gun-Free Schools Act. In order for
schools to be eligible for any federal funds they must adhere to its guidelines. The school board
shall expel, for a period of at least one year, a pupil who is determined to have brought a firearm (as
defined in 18 U.S.C. Section 921) to school, subject to modification of the expulsion on a case-by-
case basis. A firearm is defined as a weapon capable of firing a projectile object.
Mahnomen Public Schools has a no tolerance policy for the possession of any weapon or use of
any item as a weapon. In Minnesota Statute 609.02, subd.6 defines a dangerous weapon as any
firearm or any device designed as a weapon and capable of producing death or great bodily harm.
The intent and the manner in which the weapon is used will be considered during the investigation
and the consequence. The school will search a student’s person and/or locker. Minnesota Statute
609.66, subd.1d(b) recites that “whoever possesses, stores, or keeps a replica firearm or a BB gun
on the school property is guilty of a gross misdemeanor.” If a person also uses or brandishes
such a weapon on school property, they would, under subd.1d(a) of that section, be guilty of a
felony. If any such item is found, law enforcement will be notified.

Students will not be eligible to practice or play in a game if they get a behavior referral or
are absent during the school day. Check with your coaches for specific rules he/she may
also use.
Band Lessons:
Toward the end of the fourth grade year the high school band director gives students the
opportunity to begin instrumental lessons. These take place during the summer and are continued
once a week during the school year. Two concerts are usually performed during the fifth and sixth
grade school years.
Dance team:
During the school year, elementary students may participate in a week of concentrated after-school
practice, supervised and trained by high school dance line students, under the direction of the dance
line advisor. There is an opportunity for them to perform for the public after the training.
Elementary “Saturday” Basketball:
During the winter, elementary students in grades 3 - 6 are also given the opportunity to sign up for
basketball skills and lessons. This program is run on Saturdays by community volunteers and is an
intramural program.

Elementary “Saturday” Tackle Football:
In the fall of the year fifth and sixth graders are able to participate in elementary football. The
games are played on Saturdays against neighboring teams. The teams may also play during half
times of home varsity football games. The program is run after school by community volunteers.
Elementary Wrestling:
Elementary wrestling is another offering to the elementary students. This is an after-school
program and runs for several weeks with two and three practices per week, depending upon the
age/level of the students. There are also opportunities for tournament play, usually on Saturdays.
The high school wrestling coach is in charge of scheduling and running this particular program.
Jr. High Sports Participation:
During the school year, sixth grade students may have the opportunity to participate in a variety of
Junior High sports including; Basketball, Golf, Track and Wrestling. The students practice with the
junior high team after school and are invited to compete in games and tournaments. Sixth grade
participation is a privilege, therefore students will not be dismissed before 2:45 p.m. to compete.

Prairie Fire Theater:
In January, students in grades 1-6, are given the opportunity to participate in a theatrical production
by a theater group that visits our community during the year. The students will have audition and
play practice after school until 8:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday with performances on Friday
afternoon, Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.

Release Time Classes:
The School District cooperates to allow release time for religious/cultural instruction program. The
time is scheduled once a week for grades one through six beginning in October and ending in
April. On the Student Information Sheet there is a place to make if your child is to attend and
where. Children not attending are to report to class at the regular beginning school time for
supervised study hall. Once a child has signed up for release time classes, she/he is expected to
continue attending the entire year.

Safety Patrol:
The school safety patrol program is set up to safely assist children in crossing streets on their way
home from school. Fifth and sixth grade students are selected to serve on the Safety Patrol. It is an
honor and a responsibility to serve. Members must obey school and classroom regulations to
continue to serve as a Safety Patrol member. Two patrol students are located at each corner
crossing near the school at dismissal time. For the Safety Patrol to serve efficiently, it must have
the full cooperation of parents/guardians as well as students. Obedience to the patrol and safety
rules should be encouraged at home. Parents/guardians should set a good example by picking up
and dropping off passengers at designated areas only. The Mahnomen American Legion sponsors
the Safety Patrol Program and the Legionville training for the safety patrol captains.

                          Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act:
Educational records which identify or could be used to identify a student, except for directory
information, will not be released to members of the public without the written permission of the
student’s parents/guardians.
The School District will not release information contained in a student’s educational records, except
directory information, to any third parties except its own officials, unless those parties agree that the
information will not be without the parent or eligible student’s prior written consent.
Statement of Rights
Parents and eligible students have the following rights under the Family Educational Rights and
Privacy Act, the Minnesota Government Date Practices Act, the confidentiality of Information
section of the regulations implementing the Education for all Handicapped Children Act of 1975,
and the Data management Policy of Independent School District.
        1. The right, if asked to provide private or confidential data, to be informed if (a) the
purpose and intended use of the data within the school system: (b) whether he/she may refuse or is
legally required to supply the requested data: (c) any known consequences data; and (d)
the identity of other persons or entities authorized by state or federal law to receive the data.
        2. The right to inspect and review the student’s education record.
        3. The right to explanation and interpretations of the record.
        4. The right to have a representative of the parent or eligible students inspect and review the
        5. The right to exercise a limited control over other people’s access to the student’s
education record.
        6. The right to seek to correct the student’s education record; in a hearing if necessary.
        7. The right to report violations of the rules and regulations, cited above, to the Department
of Education.
        8. The right to be informed of the above rights.
All rights and protections given parents under the above statutes, regulations, and this policy
transfer to the student when he or she reached the age 18 or enrolls in a post secondary school.
The student then becomes an ‘eligible student’.
Parents or eligible students wishing access to or copies of students record policies and
administrative procedures should present their request to the Building Principal/Director or to the
Superintendent of Schools.
Copies of this STATEMENT OF RIGHTS will be made available to parents through publication in
the official local newspaper. Copies are also available from the district administrative offices upon
                  INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT #432
General Statement of Policy Prohibiting Religious, Racial or Sexual Harassment

Independent School District #432 maintains a firm policy prohibiting all forms of discrimination.
Religious, racial or sexual harassment or violence, including verbal and physical assault, against
students or employees is discrimination. All persons are to be treated with respect and dignity.
Sexual violence, sexual advances or other forms of religious, racial or sexual harassment by any
pupil, teacher, administrator or other school personnel, which create an intimidating, hostile or
offensive environment will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Home address:

Work address:

Home Phone:                                        Work Phone:

Date of Alleged Incidents(s):

Circle as appropriate: sexual / racial / religious / verbal or physical assault
Name of person/s you believe harassed or was violent toward you or another person:

Describe the incident(s) as clearly as possible, including such things as: what force, if any, was
used; any verbal statements (i.e. threats, requests, demands, etc.); what, if any, physical contact was
involved; etc. (Attach additional pages if necessary.)

Where and when did the incident(s) occur?

List any witnesses that were present:

This complaint is filed based on my honest belief that                                        has
harassed or has been violent to me or to another person. I hereby certify that the information I have
provided in this complaint is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Complainant Signature                                  Date

Received By:                                                   Date

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