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									Lauren Farmer

ENG 300

Creative Advertising may be the only way to advertise.

       The evolution of advertising has come a long way, going back to the mid 1400s,

after Johannes Gutenberg created movable type. This created a brand new exciting way to

get the word out. Newspaper print was entertainment, new technology that was sure to be

seen and studied by practically everyone. People wanted the paper, and everyone who got

a hold of one would read or look at the paper and see the ad. People in the 21st century

are surrounded by so much advertising in the paper, on TV, on the internet and bill

boards they don‟t even pay attention them. What in the world can advertisers do to make

potential consumers want to buy their product and not ignore their ad? Welcome to the

new age of advertising, in adver-games! We live in a totally different world now, and

there is a lot more to do and see! Advertisers need to keep up with us in our new age of

technology. According to Jane Chen and Mathew Ringle, “Advergaming is the use of

interactive gaming technology to deliver embedded advertising messages to consumers.”

In short, the advertising message is central to game play.” (Can Advergaming be the

future of interactive advertising? Par 4)

       How sneaky do advertisers have to be to reel kids in? “ Marketers are using the

Internet to reach young people, but they have to be sly. For most Gen Y kids—those born

in North America after 1979—(about 60 million at last count.) technology comes second
nature.” Says Michael Snider, author of “HEY KID‟S LETS PLAY ADVER-

GAMES!”(Par 2.) The fact that marketers and advertisers are told to be “sly” just sounds

so sneaky, but at the same time the idea to advertise to kids through playing games is

simply brilliant! Its like candy land for Gen Y kids! To define this slyness, Snider is

saying that these kids are being exposed to advertising with out even realizing it. Most

kids spend hours on the computer a day, and what do these kids do when they are bored?

Well play games of course! It is just ingenious to reel these potential consumers in with

fun! “It‟s all designed to get them to tell Mommy, „Look how much fun I am having!”


          These advergames are so much more effective than other types of advertising

because kids, or any one for that matter can be exposed to the product/logo/spokes person

for a longer amount of time, and they don‟t have to pay for each time the kid is exposed

like a TV commercial or radio advertisement. “ A commercial will last for 20 seconds or

so,” says Jeffrey Devensky, a child psychology professor at McGill University. “An

adver-game will last for 20 minutes. The more kids actively engage in something and the

more feed back they get, the more likely they‟ll ask their parents to get something” says

Derevensky (qtd. in Snider para.7) So you may be wondering what companies participate

in this brilliant scheme to reel in young consumers? “Practically every kids‟ toy maker,

cereal, entertainment outlet and even some clothing stores now offer similar immersive

advertising in the form of games or contests. (HEY KIDS! LETS PLAY ADVER-

GAMES. (Paragraph 8.)
       I decided to check out this whole “ADVER-GAMES” thing out, I am still young

and admit to loving technology, (especially my lap top which basically it would be hard

for me to survive with out) so basically I would be a very easy person to get hooked or at

least entertained; I must say that in my search for “ADVER-GAMES” they weren‟t hard

to find. Basically any fast food, ice cream, toy had a web site with some kind of online

game or activity for kids. I must say that my results were different than I thought they

would be. The burger joins that I checked out on the web didn‟t have much kid like fun

on the site. (I remember growing up and playing “McKids” which is an original Nintendo

game where you are a kid running abound trying to eat fries and cokes for points on

basically an obstacle course to get to the next level.) At they do not have

a Kids page or any thing like that, they do have a tab that said “Have‟n Fun” which I

clicked thinking it would be the fun Ronald McDonald page, but no… It was a salad. Call

me crazy but salads and fun really have no correlation. I really think McDonalds was

very wise not to have an advergame due to legal issues. People blame the company for

making them fat. (Which is totally irresponsible) With them having no kind of averages

or advertisement of people eating burgers it keeps them one step safer from getting into

more trouble.

       Continuing on my search I had to check out Barbie! I could have easily played on

Barbie‟s web site for hours. (I am 21 years old and didn‟t even like Barbie that much as a

kid.) Barbie was “so glad” that I was there! We are currently standing in her living room,

and she just turned on her flat screen and what was on you might ask? Only a commercial

for…you guessed it, Barbie! I got to play in her closet, change the room color picks out
her clothes, and even a cute pet! ( My favorite site was

for Ben and Jerry‟s ice cream. They have a really cool website, in the “FUN STUFF”

zone there was lots of cool stuff to do, and not all of the games had to do with ice cream!

The logos are cute and colorful, and it came to my attention that after about a half hour I

could really go for some Chunky Monkey. (

       Adver-gaming is not just for kids though, even Jack Daniels has games on their

website! Obviously you have to be 21 to even get in the site, but once you are in you are

free to look at every thing, even the “just for fun” page with trivia and games. I played

the “bartender challenge” where I was playing and learning how to make some adult


      “Advergaming can drive brand awareness by associating the product with the

lifestyle or activity featured in the game. This Advergaming format is most effective

when the content and theme of the game play logically or emotionally reinforces the

brand image. I took this as some thing that you would do in your every day life or some

thing that is familiar or interesting to you. “ According to Jane Chen and Matthew Ringel

who wrote “Can Advergaming be the Future of Interactive Advertising?” (Par 9.)

Americans (and probably most of the world) are surrounded by so much advertising

every day, that we are unfazed and completely ignore the ad usually. The best way

Advertisers are going to reach potential customers these days without physically having

them try the product is through interactive web sites and gaming. The potential consumer

is going to have to interact or do some thing they enjoy to actually remember the product
and want to buy it. They might even tell their friends, family or even do a little research

on it. Bottom line is that advergaming is a new form of advertising that is perfect for

Generation Y kids who spend tons of time on the internet/computer. Most websites have

to keep up with the technology, or kids will go somewhere else and they will lose their

business to another company.

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