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Why Arbonne


									Why Arbonne? Check your labels!
Arbonne does not use the following ingredients in any of their products!

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It breathes, taking in oxygen and
releasing carbon dioxide. Taking good care of your skin should be a priority. All
petrochemicals pollute our water and destroy marine life. Avoiding them is essential for
your health and for the good of our environment. Take time to check the ingredient labels
on your skin care products. Petroleum and its derivatives are not beneficial ingredients
for the general care of your skin.

      WARNING! Have you turned over your jars of skin, body & hair care lately? It's amazing
       what you'll find! Product ingredients to watch out for include mineral oil a common
       petroleum derivative... you know, from the same stuff you put in your car and lawn
       mower! You will find it in a variety of skin care and beauty products. This refined
       petroleum product forms a film on the surface of your skin and cannot be absorbed (think
       of it like liquid SaranWrap). It blocks the pores and the skin’s natural respiration. Mineral
       oil may also cause allergic reactions and dryness. TEST: Put a cracker in a cup of water
       and another cracker in a cup of baby oil. Let them sit a minute. Watch what happens to
       the cracker (representing your skin) in water. Now, take the cracker out of the baby oil
       and break it in half. Puzzled... well, you could keep that cracker in there from here until
       the end of the world and it'll still be crisp just like it popped right out of the box! Mineral
       oil cannot penetrate your skin... water does!
      Petroleum jelly (petrolatum), another petroleum derivative, forms a heavier film on the
       surface of your skin. When your skin perspires and releases water containing salt and
       chemicals, it aids the liver and kidneys in detoxifying your body. Like mineral oil,
       petrolatum blocks the skin’s natural breathing and excretion functions.
      Paraffin wax is a hard, white material refined from petroleum by using various solvents.
       Ceresin is another petroleum product, it’s considered a higher-grade of paraffin. Toluene
       is commercially derived from petrochemicals. It can be found as a solvent in cosmetics,
       nail polish remover and dyes. You will also find it as a binding agent in gasoline.
      Beeswax: Beeswax is a sticky sealant. It attracts pollutants, dirt and bacteria and glues
       them onto the skin as it seals the pores.
      Benzene is a petrochemical used as a solvent in cosmetics. It can cause depression,
       convulsions, coma and death.
      Acetone:
      Solvent Alcohol: Many skin care products contain solvent alcohol in the form of propyl,
       isopropyl (petroleum derivatives) or SD alcohol (specially denatured ethyl alcohol).
       These alcohols are very drying to the skin.
      Lanolin: An oily excretion of sheep (sheep sweat!), lanolin is a common lubricating
       ingredient in skin formulas. Extracted from the wool, lanolin has been indicated as a
       cause of allergic skin reactions in sensitive people. Sheep are bathed twice a year, their
       wool boiled down and the lanolin skimmed off the top. Imagine not washing your hair for
       2 months, scooping of the oily stuff and sticking it in your jar of moisturizer.
      Collagen: Contrary to what others might tell you, collagen CAN NOT be absorbed into
       the skin. It is an animal product (derived from chicken's feet and used cooking grease)
       that is sometimes added to cosmetics as a moisturizing agent. Collagen molecules are
       too large to penetrate the skin and can therefore clog pores, and, in some cases, cause
       allergic reactions. If you want collagen, you have to inject it. If you want to strengthen
       collagen and elastin, use our NutriMinC line of products.
      Artificial Colors: Formulated chemically from a wide variety of sources, artificial colors
       are known to cause allergic reactions in some people.
      Artificial Fragrances: Chemical fragrances have been known to create allergic skin
       reactions and photo-sensitivity in some people.
       One of the ingredients that irritates me the most is a by-product that comes from dead
        animals and used cooking grease from restaurants. Please click here for the full article on
        this horrible ingredient.

NOT a Barbie Girl! (news article on petroleum ingredients)
Here's an interesting article printed from the Arizona Republic, Sunday, December 26,

"Barbie's new 'makeup' designed to aid environment; Mattel to drop petroleum-based plastics."

Barbie is about to become environmentally correct. Her creator, Mattell Inc. the world's largest
toy maker announced this month that it would begin an effort to eliminate petroleum-based
plastics which have been linked to an assortment of environmental and health problems, from
its most popular doll and many of its other toys. Mattels' decision to use plant and vegetable-
based plastics instead of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, only partly quieted and angry controversy
surrounding a host of plastic toys. Greenpeace is one of about a dozen public advocacy groups
that have campaigned against vinyl plastics - not only because so much manufactured that is
not degradable and poses and eventual threat to the Earth's ecosystems, but also because of
potential health risks.

Some ingredients in polyvinyl chloride, including lead, cadmium, and phthalates, can leach of
out plastic under certain conditions and present serious health risks, the advocacy groups

 The company's announcement came directly after it was asked by reporters about the results
of new tests by the National Environmental Trusts, A Washington -based environmental group,
on the content of plastic toys made by Mattel and 16 other manufacturers. These products,
specifically bathtub or squeeze toys are designed for children under 3 who often put them in
their mouths and suck on them. The consumer groups say the toys, which contain phthalates,
chemicals that have been found to cause liver, kidney and reproductive problems in animals
may present an immediate danger.

The Mattel announcement also came just before 15 countries of the European Community, as
expected imposed a ban on the teethers and rattles and also required safety labeling on other
plastic toys that are not designed for the mouth but that often end up there.

Our Arbonne has been petroleum-free for over 24 years!! Look at what harm we have been
saving ourselves and our clients from!!! After all, putting petroleum-based products on our
skin harms our organs, and fetuses. (This according to Dr. John Lee).

Arbonne has the perfect millennium products - petroleum-free skin care!!!!! Friends don't
let friends wear petroleum!

           For more information, contact Kristen Glancey at

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