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									Bovis Lend Lease China
      ovis Lend Lease, the project                 Asia Pacific – headquartered in Sydney
      management and construction arm                                                           Design, Project
      of Lend Lease, was formed in 1999,      Bovis Lend Lease has an established track         Management & Construction
when Lend Lease Corporation acquired          record of global delivery through sector
Bovis, a century-old construction business    specialisation, strong technical services and
                                              local delivery experience.
from P&O Company and merged it with                                                             We create landmarks
former Lend Lease Projects.
                                              Bovis Lend Lease has repeatedly been
                                              voted ‘The Most Preferred Construction
                                              Contractor & Project Manager’ (World
                                                                                                International knowledge
                                              More information about Bovis Lend Lease           transfer
                                              can be found on our website at
                                                                                                Safety is our business
Lend Lease HQ in Sydney, Australia
                                                             Statue of Liberty Restoration

Lend Lease Corporation, established in
1958, is one of the largest Integrated Real                                                   Bovis Lend Lease operates in 8 countries
Estate companies in the world. Lend                                                           across Asia Pacific:-
Lease Corporation is headquartered in
Sydney and is listed on the Australian                                                             Australia
Stock Exchange. Lend Lease Corporation                                                             Singapore
operates in three Real Estate businesses:                                                          Malaysia
     Retail & Communities                                                                          China
     Investment Management                                                                         Hong Kong
     Project Management & Construction                                                             Taiwan
     & PFI                                                                                         Japan
                                              Bovis Lend Lease operates in most of the
More information about Lend Lease             industry sectors in Asia Pacific and, among     Bovis Lend Lease has a substantial presence
Corporation can be found on group             others, has specialisation in the following:    in China, employing over 250 professional
website at                                                                  engineering, project management, technical
                                                   Industrial                                 and support staff. Over the last 10 years BLL
Bovis Lend Lease is one of the Top 10              Retail & Entertainment                     has completed over 200 projects in China,
Global Project Management, Design &                Pharmaceuticals                            including over 100 manufacturing facilities
Construction firms in the world. Bovis Lend        Commercial                                 projects for multinational clients, in roles
Lease employs 7500 people worldwide,               Hotels & Leisure                           ranging from Turnkey contractor, to EPCM to
operating out of our 82 offices in 34              Education                                  consultant Project Manager.
countries. Bovis Lend Lease has more               Health
than 600 projects under management at              Infrastructure                             Bovis Lend Lease China headquarters is
any time.                                          Defence                                    located in Shanghai, with Branch Offices in
                                                   Residential                                Beijing, Hong Kong and Taipei, and we
Bovis Lend Lease has operating presence            Sports & Leisure                           currently have project offices in 4 provinces of
in three regions:                                                                             China.
                                              In Asia Pacific, Bovis Lend Lease has over
     Americas – headquartered in New          50-years track record of delivering projects
     York                                     in several countries across the region.
     Europe Middle East & Africa –
     headquartered in London
                                                                                                  Deutsche Bank
                                                                                                  ING Barings
 Key Sectors in China                                                                             SIG Combibloc
                                                                                                  Amkor Technology
 While BLL China is capable of providing                                                          BPB Industries
 Project Management and Construction                                                              Banyan Tree
 Services for most of the industry sectors,
 we have dedicated Business Units to
 service our clients in some of the                  GE Medical System, Wuxi
 specialised sectors:-

 Commercial & Retail

 Area of Specialisation                        Our Value Proposition
      Retail                                      We have the necessary Technical and
      Commercial                                  Industry Sector knowledge to produce
      Mixed Use Development                       a better financial outcome for our
      Refurbishments / Fit-out                    clients                                    CTS New Manufacturing Facility, Tianjin
                                                  We are able to produce Innovative
 Competencies                                     Effective Solutions which enable us not
                                                  only to exceed client’s expectation but
      Retail Planning                             also to minimise the total project cost    Our Service Offerings
      Development Management                      We are Flexible to the needs of our
      Concept Design & Feasibility Analysis       clients and deliver What and Where the     Our suite of Service Offerings in Asia include:
                                                  clients want us to deliver
                                                  We have Global Experience with Local            Turnkey Design & Construction
                                                  Expertise which ensures that world’s            Design & Construct - Guaranteed
                                                  best practices can be delivered to our          Maximum Price
                                                  clients locally                                 General Contracting
                                                  We guarantee Surety of Delivery and             Managing Contractor
                                                  that sets us apart from the strongest of        Engineering Procurement & Construction
                                                  our competitors                                 Management
                                                  We have robust systems and risk                 Construction Management
                                                  taking ability to ensure the Lowest End         Project Management
                                                  Cost for our clients                            Design Management
                                                  We are Relationship Driven and take             Real Estate Consultancy
                                                  pride in the Trust and Confidence that
Shanghai Racquet Club, Shanghai                   our clients place in our abilities

                                               Some of our Clients in China
 Area of Specialisation
                                                  General Electric
      Food & Beverage                             Black & Decker
      Consumer Products                           Cisco Systems
      Industrial Equipment                        Nokia
      Medical Electronics                         SMIC
      Speciality Chemicals                        Philips
      Warehousing & Logistics                     ASMC
 Competencies                                     SAP Labs                                   Goldman Sachs Office Fitout, Shanghai
                                                  Haarman & Reimer
      Facility Concept & Feasibility Studies      Danisco Cultor
      Master Planning                             NCR
      Process & Utility Design                    Citibank
      Commissioning & start-up
Recent Projects                                programmes is led by an Incident & Injury         Our Contract Details
                                               Free philosophy, which aims to provide
     C. Steinweg New Warehouse,                employees from worksites through to the           Level 20, Evergo Tower, 1325 Huai Hai Road
     Shanghai                                  Managing Director with the skills and             ( c ), Shanghai 200031
     GE Campus, Shanghai                       empowerment necessary to maintain the             Tel: 86 21 6445 2938
     Nokia Campus, Beijing                     highest health and safety standards. This         Fax: 86 21 6445 2397
     BP China Office Consolidation,            responsibility begins at Board level and          Website:
     Shanghai                                  determines the geographies the Group will
     International Nutritional Company         work in and the types of projects it is willing
     Manufacturing Facility, Shanghai          to undertake.
     Polartech New Facility, Suzhou
     GE Healthcare – Ameresham
     Manufacturing Facility Expansion,
                                                                                                           OUR VISION
     BPB New Plasterboard
     Manufacturing Facility, Changzhou
     Banyan Tree Resorts, Yunan                                                                    A leading international Retail &
     Mary Kay Cosmetics Facility,                                                                    Residential Property goup,
                                                                                                        integrated with strong
     Silver Tie Centre, Beijing
     Shanghai Racquet Club, Shanghai                                                                investment management and
     GE Medical Systems, Wuxi                                                                        Construction Management
     CTS Assembly & Test Facility, Tianjin                                                                    Business
     SMIC FAB 1&2, Shanghai                    Sustainability
     Da Chang Water Plant, Shanghai
     ASMC FAB 3, Shanghai                      Society expects us to be accountable for           The key to our realization of this
                                               what we take, what we create and what
                                                                                                   vision is an emphasis on a set
                                               we leave behind. We recognize the
                                               legacy of our efforts has to be viable                 of core company values
                                               and enduring.                                       characteristic of our approach
                                                                                                             to business
                                               At Bovis Lend Lease, sustainability is more
                                               than just about “being green”. We recognize
                                               our operations have a profound
                                               environmental impact. We also believe our
                                               social and economic influences are just as
                                               important, and that all three dimensions are
                                               often interdependent.
        Silver Tie Centre, Beijing
                                               Core to our commitment is making every
                                               effort to achieve “win-win-win” outcomes
                                               where possible.
Environment, Health & Safety
                                               Our commitment to Incident & Injury Free;
Bovis Lend Lease will operate Incident         building strong relationships with like-
& Injury Free and we are committed to          minded partners; working with communities
realising this wherever we have a              inclusively; and empowering our people to
presence.                                      do great things for themselves and the
                                               organization, are fundamental to our
At Bovis Lend Lease, workplace health          success.
and safety remains of paramount
importance in the way the Group conducts       Bovis Lend Lease has always been
its business. The Group is committed to        dedicated to creating more than financial
fostering a culture in which individual        value through its operations. It is the vision
employees seek to achieve a workplace          which our company is built.
free of incidents, injury and fatalities. To
this end, the Group’s health and safety

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