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					           HIAWATHA CUSD 426
                               H I AWATH A                    D I S T R IC T                       B U L L E TI N

                                                                                                VOLUME XXXII, ISSUE 2
                                                                                                        DECEMBER, 2009

   SPECIAL                       WE HAVE MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR
                                  By Christine Demory                student will have the honor        longtime Kirkland resident,
• Wednesday, Dec. 2                                                  of wearing the costume;            past school board member,
  Sports Booster Meeting
  7:00 pm
                                  This is the time of year for       they will be judged on their       and stalwart supporter of
                                  reflection and expressions of      performance in costume, as         our community and
• Thursday, Dec. 3
                                  gratitude, and our                 well as enthusiasm and             schools. The assembly
  PTO Meeting 7:00 pm
                                  community has had much to          academic achievements.             included memorable
• Saturday, Dec. 5                be grateful for this year! Our     We look forward to seeing          performances by
  Cheer and Dance
  Kids Clinic                     citizens have rallied around       our new mascot cheering            Dan Monaco who played a
  8:30 am - 12:00 pm              our schools, supporting us         on our teams at future             stirring rendition of “Taps,”
• Sunday, Dec. 6                  not just financially, but with     events.                            along with the Elementary
  Lion’s Club Christmas           kind words and actions,                                               students who nearly blew
  Party 5:00-9:00 pm              hours of volunteering, and         Finally, our community is          the roof off the building
• Monday, Dec. 8                  standing up for what they          indebted to our many               with their song, “Thankful
  FAB Meeting 7:00 pm             believe in — our school            veterans, past and present.        for the U.S.A.”
• Wednesday, Dec. 9               district. These parents and        At our recent Veteran’s Day
  Cheer and Dance Kids            citizens have risen above          assembly, organized by Kim         Thanks also go to Penny
  Clinic 6:00 -7:00 pm            and beyond the call by             Sparrow (Thank you, Kim,           Damiani for the beautiful
• Monday, Dec. 14                 vigorously promoting the fine      fabulous job!), citizens, staff    banner she prepared for the
  School Board Meeting            efforts of the staff,              and students gathered to           event, as well as to all our
  7:00 pm
                                  organizations, and those           pay tribute to those who           students and staff who
• Tuesday, Dec. 15                who work tirelessly to ensure      defend our freedom.                placed a multitude of stars
  JH/HS Winter Concert
  7:00 pm
                                  Hiawatha schools are the           Student leaders and the            of honor on it.
                                  best possible environment to       High School Choir led the
• Friday, Dec. 18
  K-5 Class Parties
                                  groom our students for a           pledge of allegiance and           Yes, we truly have much to
  1:00 pm                         future of responsible              the National Anthem,               be grateful for, even in
                                  citizenship and the lifelong       followed by guest speaker          these challenging times.
• Friday, Dec. 18
  Early Dismissal:                pursuit of knowledge.              Lt. Col. Patrick Brennan,          Thanks to each and every
  K-5 2:00 pm                                                        Retired U.S. Army, a               one of you for your past and
  6-12 2:10 pm                    In addition, we would like to                                         continued support.
• Friday, Dec. 18                 sincerely thank Corky
  End of 2nd Quarter              Haberstich for her generous
• Dec. 21 - Jan. 1                donation of a Hawk mascot
  No School Winter Break          costume. This costume is a
                                  loving tribute to her husband
                                  Dennis’ memory, whom she
 Angie Messenger                  lost in an accident earlier
 messenga                 this year. We are truly
 815.522.3336 X2633               grateful for this kind gift, and
                                  each time it is worn, Dennis’
                                  legacy will live on. A contest
 Mary Jo Downen                   will be held to determine                   Left to Right: James M. Littlejohn, U.S. Army, SSG Retired,                                                           Lt. Col. Patrick Brennan, Ret. U.S. Army, and school board
 815.522.2285                     which Hiawatha Senior                    member Henry Burgweger pose with the Wall of Honor banner
HIAWATHA ELEMENTARY                             “LEAD OUT LOUD”
                                                N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N
                                                On October 21st Hiawa-
Fourth Grade Honors:   Fifth Grade Honors:      tha’s 8 FFA members and
Haley Ackerman         Kalin Bahena             Mr. Poynter traveled to In-
Harrison Barrett       Annalee Collins
                                                dianapolis, Indiana for the
Cole Dunbar            Priscilla Cosme
Jacob Edwards          Elizabeth Embury         82nd annual National FFA
Taylor Endre           Antonio Escalante        Convention. Once in Indian-
Daniel Escalante       Megan Exner              apolis the Pacer’s Conseco
Allison Lovell         David Gonzalez           Field House and the Colt’s
Alexis Martinez        Jarrett Hill             new Lucus Oil Stadium
Kevin Martinez         Sean Hines               were the home to over
Jonathon Moore         Jared Hornbeck           53,000 FFA members, ad-
Miranda Nelson         Eric Letterer            visors, and guests.
Erick Powell           Alexis Ross
Kristyn Ruegsegger     Dylan Russom             The theme of the Convention was: “Lead Out
Jack Sunderlage        EJ Seija
                                                Loud.” Our Hiawatha FFA strives to Lead Out
Hana Warren            Kenneth Taylor
                       Nathan Taylor
                                                Loud in our school and community. Students
Fourth Grade           Savanna Taylor           were continually reminded of how FFA promotes
High Honors:           Alex Thibodeaux          premiere leadership, personal growth and ca-
Garrett Braden         Hazel West               reer success. The guest speaker, Mike Rowe,
Abigail Cooper         Jason Wittenberg-Maymi   host of Dirty Jobs, impressed the Hiawatha FFA
Josephine Downen       Edwin Yockey             members. They also gained a lot of career, col-
Emma Duffield                                   lege, and scholarship information from the Na-
Nicole Kilcullen       Fifth Grade              tional Convention Career and Business Show.
Mark Kryger            High Honors:
Justin Parisot         Hannah Corn              Some of our FFA members’ fondest memories
Chloe Schneider        Madeline Dashney         will be the extremely moving and inspiring
Sadie Schultz          Dale Giebel              speech from Josh Sundquist a 23 year old young
Cecilia Snider         Kristen Hoffman
                                                man who over came cancer and a leg amputa-
Alex Stevens           Adam Spear
                       Braden Watson            tion to be a professional snow skier.
                       Jessica Znamenski
                                                While in Indianapolis we toured a Bee Farm and
                                                Organic Dairy Farm. We learned about the sci-
                                                ence and business skills that are used in unique
                                                agriculture production and agri-tourism.

                                                Hiawatha was also very proud to have a National
                                                Delegate, Bronwyn Burgweger. She represented
                                                the state of Illinois giving a testimony for the
                                                global engagement committee as well as mak-
                                                ing important decisions for the National FFA Or-
                                                ganization. She also participated in a “Day of
                                                Service” where she worked at a community-
                                                learning center where she winterized their com-
                                                munity garden and got rid of invasive species of

                                                This years National FFA Convention was a big
                        Grade 7 Honors        Grade 9 Honors            Grade 11 Honors
                        Courtney Bolin        Desiree Andujar           Carlene Bachar
                        William Corn          Savanna Campbell          Bradley Baxter
                        Danielle D'Amato      Abigail Garcia            Bruno Frankowski
                        DJ Getzelman          Zachary Murray            Terry Griffis
                        Hannah Hehn           Dakota Quimby             Alexis Hauck
Grade 6                 Allen Letterer        Derek Ross                Angel Hernandez
Perfect Honors          Casey Martinez        Tatiana Spung             Anthony Laskowski
                        Levi Novotny          Dale Steinhorst           Cassandra Lutz
Daisy Velazquez
                        Skyler O'Hern         Ashley Tamraz             Samantha Monaco
                        Brandon Phelps                                  Margaret Murray
Grade 6                                                                 Gabriel Orozco
High Honors             Amber Sheehan         Grade 10                  Matthew Paulsen
Jasmine Ascencio        Jace Williams         Perfect Honors            Catron Puckett
Cassandra Barrett                             Rocky Czerwinski          Alexis Wachowski
Kaitlyn Carlson         Grade 8               Emily Darling             William Wittwer
James Haberstich        Perfect Honors        Amanda Hamrick
Brooke Koehnke          Hannah Haak           Lauren Keneway            Grade 12
Madison Marshall        Mikayla LaRocco       Jordan Williams           Perfect Honors
Lauren Watson                                                           Abigail Ascencio
                        Grade 8               Grade 10                  Joseph Congine
Grade 6                 High Honors           High Honors               Kevin Dube
Honors                  Austin Collins        Angelica Andrianopoulos   Ioana Istrate
Jaceton Clark           Joseph Crase          Samantha Flores           Jason Keneway
Presley Fisher          Denise Escalante      Nicole Percudani          Seth Oates
Victoria Irizarry       Betsy Koehnke         Kyler Yeomans             Brett Peterson
Sarah Macek             Morgan Leese                                    Staci Ramos
Shelby Mech             Michael Mercado       Grade 10 Honors
Jacob Mlodzianowski     Reyman Solis          Henry Burgweger           Grade 12 High Honors
Philip Nordgren         Haley Zuberbier       Eisa Garcia               Valentina Andrianopoulos
                                                                        Alyssa Bramm
Daniela Orozco                                Deanna Gordon
                                                                        Bronwyn Burgweger
Ashley Prell            Grade 8 Honors        Paige Holman
                                                                        Timothy Cao
Cassandra Puentes       Mackenzie Adamson     Anna Meyer                Kelsi Freeman
Kaylee Schneider        Trevor Endre          Sarah Trujillo            Jacob Miller
Yulissa Solis           Dylan Hauck           Brendan Wascher           Kelsey Miller
Hailey Thevenot         Lucas Leffelman                                 Cassandra O'Hara
Matthew Winkler         Franklin McDaniel     Grade 11                  Jacob Papke
Dakota Zuberbier        Christa Nordgren      Perfect Honors            Diana Sanderson
                        Matthew Swanson       Micaela Canchola          Jessica Startzel
Grade 7                 Benjamin Watson       Trucker Harber            Kendra Steinhorst
Perfect Honors          Michelle Wittwer      Ryan Manzer               Crystal Thompson
Kelly Aves                                                              Grace Trujillo
Samuel LaRocco          Grade 9               Grade 11                  Larry Walton
Lexie Leffelman         Perfect Honors        High Honors               Ashley Witterholt
                        Eduardo Canchola      Jevonnie Andujar
Grade 7                 Donald Giebel         Diana Ascencio            Grade 12 Honors
High Honors             Kyle Winkler          Addison Freeman           Breyonna Baisden
                                                                        Anthony Barone
Edward Cardona                                Laura Gee
                        Grade 9 High Honors                             Joline Conro
Byron Downen                                  Aubrey Leonard
                                                                        Miriam Hack
Bailey Duffield         Holly Bonilla         Tessa Mollet              Kayla Luepkes
Tyler Hamrick           Danielle Clark        Michele Novelli           Brittany Lutz
Kyle Hines              Amanda Dreas          Sarah Schmidt             Brennan Moriarity
Emeryss Rigard          Kristina Elmore       Richard Shipley           Nickolas Parisot
Lirio Rubio             Lauren Leffelman      Matthew Speer             Jace Quimby
Michael Speer           Abigail Turner        Patrick Spung             Kaitlin Tamraz
Alanna Sterling         Alicebeth Wittwer     Michael Wittwer           John Watson
Jay Watson                                                              Ally Williams
On October 30, the History Club took their first field
trip of the year to 3 different sites. First on the list
was the John Deere Historic Center in Grand DeTour.
The club saw a live blacksmith, toured the Archaeo-
logical Center, and John Deere’s home. Next on the
list, students toured the Dixon Historic Center and
learned how Dixon influenced the life and values of
Ronald Reagan. The third stop was a section of the
Berlin Wall donated to the city of Dixon after the fall
of the wall. The club concluded their trip by visiting
the boyhood home of Ronald Reagan. Next up for the
club will be their own History fair on February 15. To see what topics and projects the students are doing
for the fair, visit the History Club page on Mr. Johnson’s Teacher Web Page.

                                                    TECHNOLOGY CLUB NEWS
                                                    The Technology Club for students in grades six
                                                    through twelve is off to a great start. The club began
                                                    their year by learning about the impact the iPod is
                                                    having on culture around the world. The club has also
                                                    learned about what happens to your computer when
                                                    you throw it away and the different parts of the world
                                                    it could travel to and why. The club investigated some
                                                    new products on the market including Windows 7
                                                    and the Motorola Droid. The club also has taken
                                                    some computers apart and put them back together
                                                    as they learned the inner workings of a computer. In
                                                    November, the club will be learning about Cyber War-
                                                    fare and in December, Adobe Photoshop. The club
                                                    will finish meeting in late December and take a field
                                                    trip in early January.

The National Honor Society, along with the National Junior Honor Society,
will hold their annual Rec Nite for students in grades 6-8 on November 20,
2009. The cost to enter is $5.00 and the event will run from 6 pm to 8 pm.
The National Honor Society also elected its new officers for the year.
Abigail Ascencio – President
Kendra Steinhorst – Vice-President
Kevin Dube – Treasurer
Staci Ramos – Secretary
Jake Miller – Director of Homeland Security
Abigail Acensio, Kevin Dube, and Kendra Steinhorst were also selected by
their peers to apply for the National Honor Society Scholarship. The stu-
dents will fill out an online form to compete for a $10,000 scholarship.
Sun                      Mon                          Tue                           Wed                              Thu                          Fri                          Sat
                                                      1B                            2A                               3B                           4A                           5
                                                      BBB (H) Christian Liberty     Sp. Booster Mtg. 7:00pm          GBB (H) Somonauk             BBB @ Somonauk               GBB @ Rfd. Christian Life
                                                      Academy                       Girl Scout Mtg. 3:00 Cafeteria   F/S 5:45pm V 7:15pm          F/S 5:45pm V 7:15pm          F/S 5:00pm V 6:30pm
                                                      F/S 5:45pm V 7:15pm                                            PTO Meeting 7:00pm                                        Cheer and Dance Kids Clinic
                                                      JHBBB (H) Westminster                                          JHBBB (H) Riley 7th 4:00pm                                8:30am – 12:00pm
                                                      7th 4:00pm 8th 5:00pm                                          JHBBB @ Riley 8th 4:00pm                                  Open Gym 1:00-4:00pm
                                                      Open Gym for BB/SB 7:15-                                       6-8 Art Club 3:15-4:45pm                                  HS Gym $3.00 admission
                                                      8:00am                                                         Open Gym for BB/SB 7:15-
                                                                                                                     Adult Open Gym 7:00-9:00pm
                                                                                                                     Elem. Gym $3.00 admission
6                        7B                           8A                            9B                               10 A                         11 B                         12
Kirkland Lion’s Club     GBB @ Serena                 BBB (H) Rockford Keith        Kids Clinic Practice 6:00-       Santa Store 8:00-2:30        Santa Store 8:00-2:30        Tri-M Nursing Home Visit Field
Christmas Party 5:00pm   F/S 5:45pm V 7:15pm          F/S 5:30pm V 7:00pm           7:00pm HS Gym                    MNCT JHBBB @ Prairie         BBB (H) Serena               Trip
                         MNC JHBBB Consolation        FAB Mtg. 7:00pm                                                Grove 8th TBA                F/S 5:45pm V 7:15pm          Open Gym 1:00-4:00pm
                         Tourney @ Riley              MNCT JHBBB @ Prairie                                           Adult Open Gym 7:00-9:00pm                                HS Gym $3.00 admission
                         7th TBA                      Grove 7th TBA                                                  Elem. Gym $3.00 admission
                         MNC JHBBB Consolation        JHGBB Meeting 6:00pm in the
                         Tourney @ Westminster        HS IMC
                         8th TBA                      Open Gym for BB/SB 7:15-
13                       14 A                         15 B                          16 A                             17 B                         18 A                         19
                         GBB (H) Earlville-Leland     BBB @ Alden-Hebron            Girl Scout Mtg. 3:00 Cafeteria   GBB @ Indian Creek           Early Dismissal              GBB @ AFC
                         F/S 5:45pm V 7:15pm          F/S 5:30pm V 7:00pm                                            F/S 5:45pm V 7:15pm          K – 5 2:00pm                 F/S 2:00pm V 3:30pm
                         Board of Education Meeting   6-12 Winter Music Concert                                      BBB @ Mooseheart             6 – 12 2:10pm                BBB @ Durand Tourney
                         7:00pm EL. IMC               7:00pm                                                         F/S 5:30pm V 7:00pm          End of 2nd Quarter           V TBA
                                                      Open Gym for BB/SB 7:15-                                       6-8 Art Club 3:15-4:45pm     Elem. Holiday Parties 1:00   Open Gym 1:00-4:00pm
                                                      8:00am                                                         Open Gym for BB/SB 7:15-                                  HS Gym $3.00 admission
                                                                                                                     Adult Open Gym 7:00-9:00pm
                                                                                                                     Elem. Gym $3.00 admission
20                       21                           22                            23                               24                           25                           26
                         No School                    No School                     No School                        No School                    No School
                         Winter Break                 Winter Break                  Winter Break                     Winter Break                 Winter Break
                         BBB @ Durand Tourney         BBB @ Durand Tourney
                         V TBA                        V TBA

27                       28                           29                            30                               31
                         No School                    No School                     No School                        No School
                         Winter Break                 Winter Break                  Winter Break                     Winter Break

                                                                                                                                    December 2009
       Monday                 Tuesday               Wednesday             Thursday               Friday
                       1CHICKEN PATTY ON      2 BAKED HAM          3 CHICKEN              4 BBQ ON BUN
                       BUN / BAKED CHIPS      AUGRATIN POTATOES    QUESADILLA             BAKED FRIES
                       GREEN BEANS            ROLL W/ BUTTER       SPANISH RICE/ CORN     MIXED VEGGIES
                       APPLESAUCE             MANDARIN ORANGES     PINEAPPLE              MIXED FRUIT
                       MILK                   MILK                 MILK                   MILK

CARROTS / PEARS        APPLES                 BUTTER / MANDARIN    PINEAPPLE              PEACHES
MILK                   MILK                   ORANGES / MILK       MILK                   MILK

CORN                   TREAT                  GRAVY / ROLL W/      REFRIED BEANS          VEGGIE BEANS
PINEAPPLE              FRUIT                  BUTTER / FRUIT       APPLESAUCE             FRUIT
MILK                   MILK                   MILK                 MILK                   MILK

21                     22                     23                   24                     25

     NO SCHOOL              NO SCHOOL               X-MAS               NO SCHOOL                MERRY
                                                    BREAK                                        X -MAS

28                     29                     30                   31

     NO SCHOOL              NO SCHOOL               X-MAS               NO SCHOOL     DECEMBER 2009

  Mondays Breakfast      Tuesdays Breakfast   Wednesdays Breakfast  Thursdays Breakfast      Fridays Breakfast
FRUIT                  SAUSAGE                FRUIT                FRUIT                  YOGURT
JUICE / MILK           APPLESAUCE             JUICE / MILK         JUICE / MILK           JUICE / MILK
                       JUICE / MILK

The Kirkland Public Library would love to have you participate in some exciting
Christmas activities:

                                           • Saturday, December 5
                                             at 11:00 am: We will meet at the
                                             Kirkland Village Hall for our Chil-
                                             dren’s Christmas Tree Decorating
                                             Party. Then we will make our way over to the library for some
                                             hot cocoa and cookies. Parents of preschoolers are asked to
                                             stay and help their young ones.
                                           • Thursday, December 10 at 10:30 am: Adult Friendship Hour-
                                             We will make Christmas gifts to give away or keep.
                                           • Monday, December 21 at 10:30 am: Story time
                                           • Monday, December 28 at 10:30 am: Story time

                                        Be sure and visit our new website at to check on up-coming events, new books, Friends of the Library
and much more.

We had 48 entries for the Voice of Democracy contest sponsored by Belvidere’s VFW Post 1461, who
wrote about whether American heroes still exist. Winners were Micaela Canchola, third place and $50;
Valentina Andrianopoulos, second place and $75; and Brett Peterson first place and $100. Brett’s taped
speech now competes at the district level. Commander Greg Kelm will present their awards at a banquet
in the spring. Thank you to those in the community who judged.

History fair may be in the spring but both English honors classes are almost done with their 1200-1500
word research papers about innovations in our society. Topics range from barbed wire to Ray Bradbury’s
effects on literature, from Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars to innovative ways the Underground Railroad
worked. Students have been delving into old books, interviews and independent field trips to learn about
their topics. Hopefully, we’ll have most of them qualify to go to state in the spring. Besides the content,
we are learning much about working primary sources, organization, citing sources, and creating adden-
dums. Thank you to all of you in the community who have helped in our search for information.

Yearbook has collected over 350 caps so far this year. Thank you to all of you who send your Cash for
Caps and Swiss Valley caps to the school. We also pick up caps at the local Marathon gas station.

English III students have finished their second book essay and are into Lord of the Flies. The honors Eng-
lish students have finished reading a Nobel or Pulitzer prize winning book and took on the role of being a
professional critic, writing critical analysis on one specific aspect of the book. We started this project by
annotating every Nobel and Pulitzer winner in the last 20 years. We hope to publish those and our critical
analysis in a notebook for future classes.

The freshmen reviewed literary devices and short story elements by reading stories and writing and cri-
tiquing their own. They just finished their study of the Illiad and Odyssey and are undertaking writing and
illustrating their own four chapter epic. They are also in the midst of studying irony in Mark Twain’s Prince
and the Pauper.
D I D T H E Y SAY O U R                            SANTA STORE
SCHOOL YET?                                        Santa Store is a
Kids love to hear their school's                   service provided
name on the radio especially when it               by the PTO that
is the morning after a big snow-                   allows
fall! In the event that it is nec-                 students in
essary to close school due to                      grades Pre K-5
severely inclement weather,                        to purchase very
that announcement will be                          inexpensive gifts
made on the following radio/television networks:   for their family
WLBK 1360 FM                 WIFR TV 23            Envelopes will
WDKB 94.9 FM                 WREX TV 13            be sent home
WZOK 97.5 FM                 WTVO TV 17            the first week in
                                                   December with
This announcement will also be made using our      each student.
Connect-Ed calling notification system.
                                                   Where: Chorus room
     WAKE UP AND WALK!                             When: December 10th & 11th
     Once again, our school corridors are avail-   If you have any questions or would like to
     able every day for your morning exercise      volunteer to help with the Santa Store, please
     program. You are welcome to walk inside       call Lori Ortman at (815) 522-3219.
     from 6:15 am to 7:30 am.

                                                                       Pamela Clark
                                                                       Henry Burgweger
                                                                       Eric Baron
                                                                       Martin Banks
                                                                       Sharon Miller, Secretary
                                                                       Jack Novelli, Vice President
                                                                       James Williams, President
                                                                       Board of Education

                                                                 It’s A Great Day To Be A Hawk

                            KIRKLAND IL 60146                          Fax: (815) 522-6619
                                                                       Phone: (815) 522-6676
                           RURAL      KIRKLAND
                                                                         Kirkland IL 60146
                                                                         410 South First Street
                                                                         Administration Offices
                                                                         Mrs. Christine E. Demory

                                                                       HIAWATHA C.U.S.D. #426
 Kirkland, IL
    PAID                                                                THE HAWKS
 U.S. Postage                                                           HOME OF
 Nonprofit Org.

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