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									Hamilton Heights Elementary School Newsletter
 August 28, 2008                                                          Principal - Mrs. Heather Gorgas
 Volume 1, Issue 1                                                     Dean of Students – Mr. Mike Hilton

                           Principal’s News                          as a Special Education Instructional
                                                                     Assistant, and Miss Brown will be working
                                                                     with our students on reading
                           Welcome back to school! I am very         intervention. Felicia Tindal will join our
                           excited to serve as Principal of Hamilton Special Education staff as well.
                           Heights Elementary! Our school has a      Something new this year, we will give
                           reputation of excellence and we will      ISTEP+ twice as the state of Indiana
                           continue our hard work and dedication
       Upcoming                                                      makes the switch from fall testing to
                           to remain an outstanding place for your spring testing. The ISTEP+ testing dates
        Events             children to learn!                        are below:
                           We have a few new faces among us as       Fall Testing – Sept. 15th – 26th, 2008
 ♦   September 1 – NO      we begin this school year! In addition    Spring Testing – Mar 2nd – 11th, 2009
     SCHOOL                to our new Special Education teacher                       Apr 27th – May 5th, 2009
                           joining us who spent last year at HHMS,
 ♦   September 3 –         Mrs. Brittney Hensley, I’d like to        We are excited to be back to school and
     Fundraiser kick off                       th
                           introduce our new 5 grade teacher,        hope that this year will be one of the
 ♦   September 4 – PDD     Miss Andrea Holt. Andrea comes to us      best! If you ever need anything, don’t
                           from Anderson University. In addition     hesitate to contact us in the front office
     12:55 dismissal
                           to Miss Holt, we have hired Mrs. Knott    and we’ll be happy to assist!
 ♦   September 9 – PTO
                                                                           Here’s to a great school year!
     Meeting 6:30 HHES
 ♦   September 10 –                                                                 Mrs. Gorgas
     Market Day pick up
     6:30 – 7:30 pm                                     School News
 ♦   September 12 –
     Midterms sent home    Writing Celebration                            PTO Information
 ♦   September 15-26 –     In connection with our school                  Thank you to all who
     ISTEP testing         improvement goals, we will                     attended the ice cream
 ♦   September 24 –        celebrate student writing in our               social on August 7th. We
     School picture day    building. Our focus is on the 6                had a wonderful turnout!
 ♦   September 25 – 5th    traits of writing. As we begin the
     grade Science convo   school year we are reviewing all 6
 ♦   October 3 –           Traits: Organization, Voice,
     Homecoming – early    Sentence Fluency, Word Choice,
                                                                             September 15th - 26th
     dismissal             and Conventions. As we progress
                                                                                  ISTEP TESTING
                           through the year we will focus and
      Hamilton Heights                                                      Please have your student
     Elementary School     dig deeper studying each of the
                                                                              to school each day on
         25150 SR 19       traits.
        P.O. Box 400
                                                                              time and well rested!
      Arcadia, IN 46030                                                       Please don’t schedule
           Phone:           Principal Pride Awards                          appointments during the
       (317) 984-3547                                                         testing dates if at all
                            Throughout this school year,                             possible.
            Fax:            those students who receive
       (317) 985-3540
                            Principal Pride Awards will be
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     Nurse’s Corner
With the new school year under                Third Grade News                       Fourth Grade News
way, children are at an
increased risk of sleep                   Third Grade has gotten off to a             Our group discussed this at
deprivation. Getting into a new           great start this year! After                our meeting this morning.
routine can be difficult as the           getting to know each other, the             We are reviewing for
strict schedule of school                 building, and classroom                     ISTEP. Our flexible,
abruptly takes the place of late          procedures, students began                  differentiated Math groups
summer nights. It is                      traveling to their flexible Math            are operating. Everyone is
recommended that school-aged              groups. In the near future, we              reviewing 6+1 Writing
children get 10- 11 hours of              will begin the same type of                 Traits.
sleep a night. Sleep deprivation
                                          grouping for Reading. Our
affects not only academic and
social skills, but a childs health
                                          Social Studies focus is on
as well. Lack of sleep is                 citizenship and building
detrimental to a child’s                  relationships is the focus in
development. It is important for          Health.
adults to act as role models and
provide a strict sleep routine for
children to follow to allow them
the best nights sleep. This will                Fifth Grade News
help children reach their highest
potential each day.”                      Fifth grade is going
                                          through some exciting
   A Note from Special                    changes right now!                             September 1st
                                          We've started our
       Education…                         math/science switches. It's been                Labor Day
Learn about common special
education terms. ADHD, BIP, IEP -
                                          a lot of fun getting to know all of             No School
                                          the different students in 5th
are you in the know when it comes
                                          grade. Also, the fifth grade is
                                                                                          Have a fun
to special education acronyms?
Feeling comfortable with these            planning a science convocation on                and safe
terms will help you communicate           September 25th, which should be a               three day
more effectively about your child's       great way to wrap up ISTEP
needs. Here's a look at some of the       testing.                                         weekend!
acronyms you might come across as
you and your child navigate the
special education process.
ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder
ADHD - Attention Deficit                  Special Areas – Art, Music, Physical Education
Hyperactive Disorder
BIP - Behavioral Intervention Plan
                                        In Elementary Physical Education,       Nutcracker Ballet performance
ESL - English as a Second Language
FBA - Functional Behavioral             we have reviewed procedures,            on December 5 at Clowes Hall.
Assessment                              played putt putt golf, did the
GT - Gifted/Talented                    Toucanz Obstacle Course and are                        ART
HI - Hearing Impaired                   beginning soccer skills. The first       Third, fourth, and fifth grades
IDEA - Individuals with Disabilities    Specialty Day will be November 5.       have all started their Art to
Education Act
IEP - Individualized Education                                                  Remember pictures. Artwork
                                                      MUSIC                     will be sent off to the company
Program (sometimes called
Individualized Education Plan)
                                        Music classes are learning about        in September and packets will
IQ - Intelligence Quotient              our National Anthem, The Star           be sent home towards the end
LD - Learning Disabilities              Spangled Banner. The fourth             of Sept. Our Artist of the
LRE - Least Restrictive Environment     graders will attend The
TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury                                                    Month is Pablo Picasso.
VI - Visually Impaired

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