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					                          TEEN SCENE
                                    Iberia Parish Library

Volume 1, Issue 3          Board Game
  October 2005
   MARK YOUR                  Has it been a while since you have played a good game of
   CALENDAR!           Monopoly or Scrabble? Do you want to try out that new game
                       Cranium? Join us this Tuesday, November 22 for a good
 Teen Movie Night      old-fashioned board game night! We will be playing Monopoly,
                       Scrabble, Cranium, Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit and more. There
  Wednesday, Nov. 9    will be refreshments and lots of fun at this gathering. Call
      6-8 p.m.         373-0075 to let us know you are coming. Tell your friends, and
  Wednesday, Dec. 7    have some fun! This program is sponsored by The Friends of the
      6-8 p.m.         Library and the Iberia Parish Library. Ages 13-18 welcome!

 Board Game Night

  Tuesday, Nov. 22
   5:30-7:30 p.m.

Teen Advisory Board

  Tuesday, Nov. 29
   5:30-6:30 p.m.

Duct Tape Workshop

  Tuesday, Dec. 13
   5:30-7:30 p.m.

   Spring 2006                Teen Movie Night!
  Watch for new        We have scheduled the fall            Call us at 373-0075 to let us know
  programming          sessions of Teen Movie Night, and     that you will join us.
   next spring         we hope that you can join us.
   including a         These evenings are sponsored by             Ages 13-18 welcome!
 POETRY SLAM!          the Friends of the Library and the
                                                                 All features are rated PG.
Check out the new
                       Iberia Parish Library, and are free
                       of charge. We have refreshments       Check the back of this newsletter
 Teen Page of the
   Website @           and seats waiting for you!            for complete listings of upcoming
www.iberia.lib.la.us                                         movies!
                                         FUN WITH DUCT TAPE
                                                Do you like duct tape more than the average person?
                                         Have you ever wondered how to make those duct tape
                                         wallets your friends carry? Join us for this new workshop
    Bringing the World to You            where we will show you the craftiness of duct tape. Make a
                                         wallet, rose, bookmark and more! We will show you how
                                         to make these basic items, and show you that duct tape
                                         can be used to make things like purses, belts, visors, ties
                                                                      and many other nifty things.
                                                                      Hey, you can even use your
                                                                      new knowledge to create
                                                                      cheap presents for your family
         445 E. Main Street                                           for Christmas. This workshop
        New Iberia, LA 70560
                                                                      will be held Tuesday,
        Phone: (337) 373-0075
                                                                      December 13 from 5:30—7:30
                                                                      p.m. at the Main Library, and
                                         snacks will be provided. ‘FUN WITH DUCT TAPE’ is
 W E ’ RE O N T H E W E B !              sponsored by the Friends of the Library and the Iberia
W W W . I B E RI A . L I B . L A . U S   Parish Library. Ages 13-18
C H E C K O UT T H E N E W               welcome. Space is limited, so
       TEEN PAGE!                        please call 373-0075 to register for
                                         this event.

 Teen Movie
Night! (cont.)

 Kiki's Delivery Service                         Teen Advisory
  Wednesday, November 9
 The Nightmare Before
      Christmas                                The next TAB meeting will be held Tuesday,
  Wednesday, December 7                  November 29 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. At this meeting,
                                         we will plan for events, such as the POETRY
    All features are from                SLAM, coming up in the spring. Let us know what
    6:00 p.m.—8:00 p.m.                  kind of programming you would like to see for
                                         teens. If you are not already a member of the Teen
                                         Advisory Board, call 373-0075 to join. The TAB is
                                         sponsored by the Friends of Library and the Iberia
                                         Parish Library. Ages 13-18 welcome!

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