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                             GEARLEG INTERSECTION FAIRINGS

NOTE: Wash off mold release film with water ONLY. Fiberglass components tend to drift if
not stored properly. Should drifting occur assemble the sections per steps 1 - 3, then store
until drift is reversed.
The fairings have approximately (1/8”-RV8)(3/8”all other models) added on the forward
section for fine tuning during the overall assembly. The intersection fairing when
assembled becomes an integral part of each wheelpant section and should align with the
toggle joint. No body filler should be required on the exterior if the sections are trimmed
and fitted correctly.

STEP #1 Trim each section to the edge of the tooling marks. DO NOT trim inside.

STEP #2 Align ALL tooling marks, tape together.

STEP #3 When ready for assembly. Trim the assembly to the edge of the tooling marks. DO NOT trim
         beyond the tooling marks.

STEP #4 On the aircraft as one assembly (start at the top and work down), align and adjust the gearleg
          fairing and the upper and lower intersection fairings with the wheel pant as necessary to
          achieve a uniform fit. The forward section(s) may be trimmed inside the aft tooling mark
          without adversly affecting proper fit. A small amount of trimming on the trailing edge of the
          gearleg fairing is acceptable.

STEP #5 When all fairing alignments are completed. Trace the outline of the lower intersection fairing
         onto the wheel pant.

STEP #6 Cut out the area 1/16” inside the line in step #5.

STEP #7 Bevel the edge of the fairing and the wheel pant opposite each other to achieve a flush fit.

STEP #8 Place a small bead of bodyfiller or fiberglass resin on the beveled edges and bond the
          components. Alternative method: Aluminum duct tape applied to the exterior will hold
          alignment until completing step #9.

STEP #9 Fiberglass the intersection fairing to the associated wheel pant sections by placing one or two
          layers of fiberglass on the interior overlapping 1” to 2” on either side of the bonding joint.

STEP #10 Nominal space is provided between the intersection fairings and the gearleg fairing for an anti-
         chafe material. For a custom fit: apply your favorite bodyfiller (1/16”) to all inside edges and
         press together. This will fill any irregularities between adjoining pieces.

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