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									                                                         ITEM # 5.1

                            STAFF REPORT

ACTION:                 A public hearing before the Bend Planning
                        Commission to consider a proposed street name
                        change for SW Bradbury Way to SW Cyber Drive
                        as the result of a partition and continuation of
                        SW Cyber Drive to SW Bradbury Way.

HEARING DATE:           May 14, 2007

FILE NUMBER:            07-150

APPLICANT:              City of Bend

STAFF:                  Deb Walker, Management Assistant


Due to the approval of a partition and the alignment and continuation of
streets, staff proposes to change the name of SW Bradbury Way to SW
Cyber Drive.


This street name change application has been submitted as a result of an
approved partition application that will connect SW Cyber Drive to SW
Bradbury Way. These streets are located in the southwest section of
Bend near the Mt. Bachelor Park and ride parking lot.

There is one address that will need to be changed and the address
number will remain the same.
                                                           ITEM # 5.1

File 07-32, a partition application (outlined in yellow on following map)
was approved March 29, 2007.

In the Administrative Review and Decision issued by the Planning
Division, conditions of approval numbers 6 and 7 refer to constructing
improvements to Bradbury Way and also reference that Bradbury Way
may be required to be renamed SW Cyber Drive. The applicant will be
bringing Bradbury Way up to City street standards as it is currently a
private street.

Of properties that have street frontage to Bradbury Way, only one uses a
Bradbury Way address. When the street name change is approved, only
the name will change in their address. The street number will remain
the same. A letter was received from the co-owner of the commercial
building that has the Bradbury Way address. The co-owner feels there is
no compelling reason to change the address and that the name does not
fit the neighborhood his business is located in due to the craftsman
styling of the buildings. The co-owner asks for compensation for the
costs to the CPA business for printed materials if the address change is
approved. If compensation is not granted for the costs related to the
address change, the co-owner asks for a one year delay in renaming the
                                                            ITEM # 5.1
The styles of buildings in an area rarely have anything to do with the
name of the street they are located on. It is the policy of the city to use
one name for streets and eliminate other names when streets are

It is not possible to delay renaming the street for a year. The street
connection completion is projected to be to be built and open to through
traffic in October of 2007. This will give the co-owner a few months of
his requested time delay of the street name change. We can delay the
effective date of the ordinance to October 15, 2007.

Emergency services supported the proposed name change.


Staff recommends the proposed street name change be approved for SW
Bradbury Way to become SW Cyber Drive and delay effective date of ordinance
changing the name to October 15, 2007.

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