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THe oFFIcIAL e-NeWSLeTTeR oF THe NoRTH TexAS SupeR BoWL xLV HoST commITTee • Vol. 1, No. 23 • December 10, 2009

The Grammy-award winning country superstar — and first act of the Host
Committee’s Kick-Off Concert Series — talks about football, Tim McGraw’s
most annoying sports habit and who she hopes to see in Super Bowl XLV
   BY paiGe Smith

F         aith Hill has established herself as
          one of the music industry’s top per-
          formers, with a voice that is as pow-
erful as it is recognizable. Her 15-year career   2010 Kick-Off Concert Series
has been highlighted by the sale of over 30              Faith hill                          Sting                     tBa Spring 2010
million records worldwide, during which time
she has celebrated 13 No. 1 singles and 20
No. 1 videos. In fact, 1999’s Breathe, 2002’s
Cry and 2005’s Fireflies all debuted consecu-
tively at #1 on Billboard’s Top Pop Album
Chart and Country Chart, making her the only
female artist ever to accom-
plish this feat.                                  BASS PERFORMANCE                 AT&T PERFORMiNg ARTS             COWBOyS STADiuM – Arlington
                                                  HALL – Fort Worth                CENTER – Dallas
    A five-time Grammy
Award winner, Hill will
launch the Kick-Off
Concert Series with                                           giVE thE giFt OF Faith
a performance at                                              Want the perfect stocking-stuffer this holiday season? Tickets are now on
Fort Worth’s Bass                                             sale for the Host Committee’s historic Kick-Off Concert Series. Season subscriptions
Performance Hall on                                           (which include performances by Faith Hill on March 6 at Bass Hall, Sting on May 22
March 6, 2010. We                                             at the Winspear Opera House and yet to be announced mega-act on Sept. 10 at
caught up with Hill to                                        Cowboys Stadium) start as low as $1,500. To learn more go to
find out if she really                               or call Kristen Miles at 214-252-5107.
is that big of a
football fan.
                                                                  high school, and being           Before last year’s Super Bowl, you
So, are you                                                       married to a man (country        sang “america the Beautiful.”
really that                                                         superstar Tim McGraw)          You’ve also sang “the National
big of a                                                            who schedules his life
                                                                                                   anthem” at several high-profile
                                                                            around football
football                                                                                           games, including Super Bowl XXXiV
                                                                            games, it makes it
fan?                                                                       a lot easier. Around
                                                                                                   at the Georgia Dome in atlanta,
Faith: Of                                                               our house in football      when your beloved titans were in
course. I truly                                                        season there’s a big        the game. What are the special
am a football                                                          routine. Dinner has to      challenges with a gig like that?
fan. Particularly men                                                 be planned out around        Faith: First off, it’s hard to sing. I sang it
find it hard to believe                                            the game, homework has          once before a Dallas Cowboys playoff game
that women can be                                                to be finished. It’s an           and as I walked out to the center of the foot-
big fans of football,                                             all-gather-around the            ball field, I forgot the first word of the song.
but I love it. I loved                                             television time.                I asked the young lady next to me who was
it in junior high and                                                                              walking me out: “Do you know the first very


      HOST TO

FAiTH HiLL, Cont.
first word of ‘The National Anthem?’” Now,        ever looked at me. Not one single player
remember, this is all as I am walking out and     looked at me. I was like: This is awesome.
they’ve introduced me already. She goes,          They are ready for this game and I know it.
“No, I don’t, I’m sorry.” I was like: “Oh, my     I was excited. Seeing that sideline just fired
gosh, I cannot remember the first words of        me up.
The National Anthem!” I was just panick-
ing because it was nowhere in my mind. I          are there other sports teams in the
thought: “I’m going to have to sing ‘Amazing      hill-mcGraw household that draw
Grace.’” But as soon they stopped applaud-        as much passion as the titans?
ing, I finally got it. Oh, say can you see.                                                          to date, the North texas Super
                                                  Faith: Well, we are Titans supporters 150
Inside I was thinking, ‘Good gracious alive.’                                                      Bowl XLV host Committee has
                                                  percent, but the New Orleans Saints was
Now for the Super Bowl, because the                                                                confirmed seven $1 million Founding
                                                  the team I grew up watching with my mom.
Tennessee Titans were there, it took all the                                                       Sponsors. monies from these
                                                  She was a huge football fan. And Tim being
pressure off of me. I was so psyched up for                                                        founding partners go towards the
                                                  from Louisiana, that was his team. So that’s
them. I was facing their sideline when I was                                                       host Committee’s budget.
                                                  a team we always pull for too. But the Titans
singing “The National Anthem” and I just                                                             the first seven Founding Sponsors
                                                  will always be my No. 1 team. I think we’re
remember looking at them and they never                                                            are:
                                                  going to have a good year this year.

           fter the concert spotlights fade and   tournament associated with the Game, and
             the celebrities leave North Texas,   through NFL commercial affiliates. The
               the funds generated by the eve-    Host Committee will match that $1 mil-
   nings at Bass Hall, Winspear Opera House       lion via sponsorship, and a portion of the
   and Cowboys Stadium will make a lasting        proceeds from the Concert Series will help
   impact. A portion of the Kick-Off Concert      to fund the center’s long-term operating
   Series sponsorships and subscriptions will     budget.
   directly benefit the youth initia-                       Proving further that Super Bowl
   tives put in place by the NFL and                      XLV isn’t just about football, the
   Host Committee.                                        Host Committee has created its
       “Sharing the proceeds of                                own youth education pro-
   the Concert Series                                                      gram — SLANT 45:
   with the youth                                                           Service Learning
   initiatives of the                                                       Adventures in
   Host Committee and                                                      North Texas. This
   NFL is the right                                                     historic initiative will
   thing to do,” says Kit                                               task elementary-aged
   Sawers, Vice President                                              students from across
   of Special Events for                                              the region to undertake
   the Host Committee.                                               projects to better their
   “It demonstrates the high                                    communities. The SLANT 45
   demand our volunteers put on making the        Action Team is chaired by former Dallas
   Super Bowl in North Texas more than just       Cowboys great Daryl Johnston.
   a football game.”                                  The project’s goal is to have 20,000 stu-
       The NFL leaves a legacy to youth           dents log at least 45,000 service-learning
   and education in each Super Bowl city          hours in communities across the region.
   by establishing an NFL Youth Education         In conjunction with Dallas-based Big
   Town (NFL YET) in an economically disad-       Thought, a nationally recognized, private,
   vantaged area. The program was founded         nonprofit creative learning education
   on the philosophy that by coupling educa-      organization, the Host Committee will col-
   tion with recreation, disadvantaged chil-      laborate with area schools and community
   dren can overcome the obstacles to success.    groups to engage students in what will be
   The NFL will donate $1 million through         one of the largest youth-oriented service-
   the proceeds of the NFL Experience held        learning projects in U.S. history.
   during the Super Bowl, the charity golf            – Angie Bulaich


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