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									        March 2004

The Use of Duct Tape                                                22nd Annual Winter Conference
I grew up believing if you can't fix it with electric fence wire    Our 22nd Annual Winter Conference at the Topnotch Resort
and duct tape, it can't be fixed. My previous medical uses for      and Spa in Stowe, Vermont was another great success. The
duct tape were limited to holding back endotropic eyelids on        meeting continues the tradition of selling out all available
newborn lambs and for a pressure dressing to control bleeding       classroom space and maintaining a waiting list of interested
of an avulsed horn of older, more aggressive ram lambs (after       PA’s from across the country.
the vet told me to use play dough or clay to plug the artery).
                                                                    Despite frigid temperatures, the attendees found much to
With budget cuts and HMO’s, can we find other ways to use
                                                                    enjoy during the recreational breaks with all that the resort
duct tape to help control medical costs?
                                                                    and the Stowe area offers, some even braving the elements to
                                                                    ski and snowshoe in the sub-zero temperatures.
By now we have all heard probably a dozen results of studies
where duct tape was worn on a wart for six-day periods, after       The conference continues to see a groundswell of interest that
which the area was soaked and scraped with pumice or an             exceeds the current capacities of the resort classroom and
emery board before duct tape was reapplied. After two               exhibit space. We are doing everything possible to accommo-
months, results were similar to cryotherapy, with a lot less pain   date as many as possible while we await the development of
and trips to the office. What else can we treat with duct tape?     a larger conference facility at Topnotch. Universally, the atten-
                                                                    dees continue to prefer the current facility to any other larger
Suggestions for medical uses of duct tape from hikers include:      option in the area.
 1 don't leave home without it;
                                                                    In addition to 161 registrants, we hosted 24 exhibitors and 18
 2 duct tape works well as a substitute for moleskin
                                                                    faculty. The event is anticipated to finish with a balance after
 3 carry a roll to fix your tent, your canoe and your feet
                                                                    expenses of $28,000 which is similar to last year’s margin.
 4 it makes a great waterproof ankle support over a thin sock
    or medical tape                                                 Over 85% of participants rated the conference as excellent,
 5 duct tape can be used to attach tree limb splints                our highest evaluation score possible.
    to extremities
                                                                    Planning will be underway early this summer for the 2005
There are many stories of hikers sustaining serious lacerations,
                                                                    event which will be held on February 3-6, 2005 again at
with wound edges approximated, and held by duct tape for
                                                                    Topnotch. The event will be held in early February this com-
the remainder of the hike, sometimes for days. Many hikers
                                                                    ing year to provide better spacing after the holidays, and to
have reported a well healed scar at the conclusion of their
                                                                    insure mid-winter snow conditions.
                                                                    Participants interested in staying at Topnotch would be best
Entering "duct tape" into an internet search engine will find       served to secure reservations now for the 2005 meeting which
people who truly have time on their hands. There are thou-          always sells out the room block at the resort prior to the pub-
sands of references and whole sites dedicated to duct tape.         lished deadline. Room reservations can be made by calling
The real “Duct Tape” guys have a site where they sell their cal-    802-253-8585 or visiting for fur-
endars, videos and books, all dedicated to uses of duct tape.       ther information.
The more creative medical uses include economical facial
                                                                    See you in 2005!
                                        Continued on last page

                                            T h a n k Y o u t o Newsletter
PAAV Business Meeting
Every year the PAAV annual meeting is held at the Topnotch             John Bond, Membership Committee
winter conference. This seems to be a good time for mem-               This role is somewhat "irrelevant" now that we have CMA
bers to gather for an update on current events and to take             doing much of this. But this year, John will redefine his role
care of the business of keeping our constituent chapter alive          by working with CMA more closely to do a more intensive
and well. It's also the best time to have a group of Vermont           recruitment effort to bring in more members. This may be
PAs together in one place to get something done. In addition           especially important in 2005 since we may go to the legisla-
to discussing old business and reviewing issues of ongoing             ture at some point and we want a unified coalition.
interest, it is also a time to address new business concerns,          Membership dues invoices were sent in December and
to nominate and elect new officers and to discuss the PAAV             were due at the end of January.
annual budget and CMA contract. The PAAV currently has
                                                                       Cary Stratford, CME Committee
85 members and we had 20 members in attendance. Here
                                                                       The CMA contract needed to be renewed. The Hotel contract
are some highlights:
                                                                       at Topnotch is set through 2005 conference. Catherine Foss
Linda Weiss was the 2004 recipient of the Martin Devlin                spoke about conference revenues. Space and numbers at
Scholarship Award. Linda is a second-year PA student at the            Topnotch are always an issue for us. We are limited to 150
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy-Notre Dame in                        attendees. We had to refuse 25-30 people to attend and this
Manchester, NH. Linda received a $1000 check towards her               costs us in revenue. We eagerly await the larger Topnotch con-
educational expenses and she will also come to the 2005                ference center. We can still consider the Stowe-Flake for the
PAAV conference for FREE! Congratulations Linda!                       future. The 2005 conference dates will be February 3-6, 2005.
Rob Berrick presented a generous and unexpected $250                   Conference Discounts for Board members
gift to the Martin Devlin Scholarship Fund on behalf of the            • 100% for President and CME chair
Paul Padula Memorial Golf Tournament Committee.                        • 50% for other board members and
                                                                          committee chairpersons
Committee Report-Highlights:
Becky Singer, Wellness Coordinator                                     The CMA contract was voted on and approved-Many thanks
Becky is currently participating on an impairment commit-              for all of their good work.
tee through the Vt. Medical Society, VIPIP She has agreed to
                                                                       Our next Board meeting will be in June as always, your
be a longer term participant in this role which is very nice.
                                                                       attendance is welcome. Stay tuned!
She brought some information to the conference for PAs
who may need to utilize these resources.                                                - Belle McDougall, PA-C, Waterbury Center

                                              Scenes from Stowe

                                                      Topnotch Resort and Spa

Conference Attendees in the Meeting Hall                                                      PAAV members, Rosairre Bisson and Illyo
                                                                                              McCray discussing business at the Annual
                                                                                              Members Meeting

                                           Cary Stratford discussing the plans for the next
                                           conference in February of 2005
PAAV Mail-Bag - We’ve heard from ...                                Spring CME Update
Lorrie Dupuis, wife of Norman Dupuis PA-C, whose full               As part of our ongoing efforts to provide benefits to our
time job is with an orthopedic surgery team at Fletcher             members and sound educational programs to all PAs in
Allen. Norman is presently in Iraq with a medical support           Vermont, we are pleased to announce the first in a new
unit through the MA National Guard. He is expected to be            series of “Mini-Meetings” sponsored by the Physician
there for one year. Norman missed the January meeting               Assistant Academy of Vermont to be held April 30 at the
because he was at Fort Drum training. She did not want the          Woodstock Inn & Resort.
PAAV to think he was becoming an inactive member and
                                                                    We welcome three outstanding speakers for this evening on
was hoping to get some information on the Martin Devlin
                                                                    three very different topics. Dinner will be served in the
scholarship fund. "Martin was an inspiration to us. Both
                                                                    meeting room during the second talk. Members are encour-
Norman and I loved to listen to his tapes he would send. He
                                                                    aged to take advantage of this networking and CME credit
was the one who kept Norm's spirits up, while he was look-
                                                                    gathering opportunity. We welcome non-members to
ing for a job here in Vermont."
                                                                    come, to join us, and to take advantage of the reduced
Thanks Lorrie for the note and to Norman for his service.           member rate at future CME meetings.
                                                                    The Woodstock Inn has extended a remarkable room rate of
Alice Mello who writes that "As there are a few more PA's
                                                                    only $125. As it’s a Friday evening, if you’re not working on
working at DHMC in Lebanon, we have begun to meet
                                                                    Saturday, why not take advantage of this and take a clearly
monthly for networking, comraderie, etc. Tom Wansleben
                                                                    well deserved break. You are entitled to use the facilities at
is the head of that group and a great resource for anyone
                                                                    their state of the art health and fitness center on Saturday.
interested in PA positions within DHMC. Tom Wansleben,
PA-C a longtime PAAV member was recently appointed to               We look forward to seeing you in April.
the DHMC Credentialing Committee, the first PA to ever
                                                                                               - Cary Stratford, PA-C, Springfield
hold that position. Yeah for Tom and the positive changes he
has tried to make at this place."
Asked Tom about the appointment and his response was,
"Not really a big deal. I sit on the DHMC Credentialing
Committee. A multidisciplinary group of MDs, NPs and now a
PA. I was asked to be on the committee as they have not had
any PAs on before and with the increasing hiring of PAs
throughout the institution, I felt this was a good opportunity to
promote the profession. We review all new staff applicants and
those up for review including MDs, NPs, PAs CRNAs, Nurse
midwives and ancillary employees (PT, OT, etc.)"
While it may not seem like a big deal to Tom, the PA
profession was built on a lot of little steps forward.
There is no better person to represent PA's than Tom.

Charlie Butterick. PA-C of the Health Center in Plainfield
was elected to serve as the PAAV president beginning in July
of 2005. Working as a PA for over 28 years, Charlie is "look-
ing forward to serving the organization." The PA's in
Plainfield are considering hosting a PAAV party one night at
the conference at their condo. Costume theme ideas are
slippers and hats (yes, clothes in-between!) or duct tape
accessories. Suggestions are welcome c/o

That's it from the mailbag, send your PA news, or news about
colleagues to for the next issue.                    For More Information
                                                                    PAAV Administrative Office                Download
                                                                    tel: 603-643-2325                    a registration form
                                                                    email:                 on

                                                                     Woodstock Inn Reservations: 1-800-448-7900
Martin Devlin Student Scholarship                                 Health Care (continued)
I’d like to thank you all for the honor of receiving the Martin   peels, ouch! ER’s could save money as bandages and
Delvin Scholarship Award this year. Not only is it incredibly     restraints could come from the same roll. Duct tape can be
helpful in offsetting some of the expenses of being a PA stu-     used to control vomiting, but there is a black box warning
dent, but it is truly an honor to be given the award. It was      about aspiration. Contraception is another area where duct
so nice meeting many of you at the conference in Stowe,           tape could help, holding on the transdermal birth control
which I look forward to attending again next year. You guys       patches but duct tape as a barrier method probably won’t
put on quite a nice event!                                        catch on as quickly. Face lifts, breast lifts, anything lifts could
                                                                  be completed quickly with no scarring. Equipment suppliers
For those of you I haven’t met yet…I’m a 2nd year PA stu-
                                                                  could use duct tape to make UNNA boots, EKG leads, and
dent at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health
                                                                  stethoscope diaphragms. Whether in a speciality practice or
Sciences in Manchester, NH. This used to be the PA pro-
                                                                  primary care, patients who drone on over their medical
gram at Notre Dame College, which closed in the middle of
                                                                  woes could be quickly and efficiently silenced.
2002. After finishing a year of didactic work, it was time to
get out and start my clinical rotations this past January. I      I realize that duct tape probably isn’t the cure-all for the ris-
completed an elective rotation in hematology/oncology and         ing cost of health care. Thinking outside the box will help
am currently doing my psychiatry rotation at Fletcher Allen.      some, supporting the care we give and providing relief from
Now don’t get me wrong, I know we need the first year to          fear of litigation will help keep medical costs down even
get to the second, but rotations are SO much better than sit-     more. Feeling defeated that I wasn’t able to solve this prob-
ting in the classroom all day!! Even in the short time I’ve       lem with duct tape, “put da lime in da coconut; make you
been “out” I’m amazed at how much I learn from each               feel better” chimes in the background from the radio.
patient I see.                                                    Hmmmm... maybe that would work. Look for ways to
                                                                  decrease the cost of healthcare using limes and coconuts in
I have many more rotations to go, many of which are in
                                                                  the next issue.
Vermont. Hopefully I will cross paths with some of you who
are preceptors to students. I look forward to learning from                                     - Marge Bower, PA-C, Montpelier
Thanks again for the scholarship.
                                                                           We welcome your feedback, suggestions,
                        - Linda Weiss, PA-S, Manchester, NH              articles and comments. Email

           PAAV Administration • 45 Lyme Road - Suite 304 • Hanover, NH 03755
                  Tel: 603-643-2325 • Fax: 603-643-1444 •
        PAAV Staff: Catherine Foss, Administrative Director; Jeffrey Dumont, Production and Design Coordinator;
            Erica Kronewitter, Member Services/Conference Registrar; Marge Bower, PA-C, Newsletter Editor

                         Physician Assistant Academy of Vermont                                                       First Class
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