Semen Bill of Sale by ramhood1


									                           SEMEN/BREEDING BILL OF SALE
                           WITH A “LIVE CALF GUARANTEE”

Date: ___________

Seller:       Travis Eckroth
              P.O. Box 102
              Flasher, ND 58535 701-391-4869 cell          701-597-3367 home

Buyer’s Name & Address:        _________________

SIRE: #650 Hammer Down (ABBI#10057004)
SEMEN: # of straws:_________ at $100 per straw (US Funds: Cashier Check, Money Order,
or Wire Transfer)

Collection Date & Facility: April 9, 2008 Hawkeye Breeders Service – Adel, IA or
High Plains Genetics – Piedmont, SD.

Seller warrants that all reasonable care and caution was taken during Semen collection and
processing. Buyer assumes all risk and is responsible for the care of the Semen upon taking
possession or transfer.

For the sum of $        dollars, paid to Seller on this date, Seller agrees to the sale of the
above mentioned Semen to Buyer.

LIVE COVER OPTION: Buyer has the option to deliver open cow(s) to Seller for Live Cover
to #650 Hammer Down for a fee of $200 per cow for a period of up to 60 days with no cow care
charges, $200 flat fee.
                                  “LIVE CALF GUARANTEE”

This contract includes a “Live Calf Guarantee” which is contingent upon the future availability
of Semen from #650 Hammer Down (ABBI#10057004). In the unlikelihood that Semen is no
longer available due to the result of death, disease, infertility or any other cause, then this
contract is null and void. Buyer understands the risks and accepts the terms of this contract.

A “live calf” is a newborn calf that stands, nurses without assistance, and lives at least 24 hours.
If a calf is born dead, Buyer has the right to rebreed the cow the next breeding season, provided
the Buyer notifies Seller within 15 days of the death with written confirmation by a licensed
Veterinarian. The fee for the one-time delivery of one straw of semen for re-breeding is $50,
plus shipping, per straw. Seller is not liable if cow(s) fail to become pregnant on the re-breed.
Buyer cannot trade or sell any of the Hammer Down straws, Seller has the right to void this
contract if Buyer fails to comply.

The Buyer has the option to purchase a live bull calf from Travis Eckroth for a fee of between
$1250 - $1500 per calf, plus delivery, in the event that Buyer has failed to raise a live calf sired
by #650 Hammer Down. Price will be determined based upon the Dam’s background and
production history.

Buyer must pay all fees before Seller ships or transfers Semen, or before delivery/pickup of cows
or of live bull calf at Seller’s ranch.
Buyer must furnish a signed copy of this contract to Seller to enter into the terms of this contract.
Buyer is responsible for all costs associated with shipping frozen Semen.

This breeding contract is entered into the State of North Dakota and will be interpreted and
enforced by North Dakota Laws. Upon signatures, this contract will be binding on both parties.

Dated this _____________ day of _________________, 20             , under the Laws of the State of
North Dakota.

Seller’s Signature: (Travis Eckroth)


Buyer’s Signature:


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