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       B R E A K I N G T H E C YC L E O F V I O L E N C E • F O S T E R I N G H O P E & H E A L I N G
June/July 2005                                                                                               Volume 20, Number 3

Childhood Bullying                                                                           A Message From the
                                                                                             Executive Director
No Small Problem
                                                                                             Dear Gentle Reader:
Bullies have long been thought of as an inevitable
part of growing up. But according to a recent                                                At no time in our history have our
Kaiser Family Foundation study, children eight to                                            services been more important, and,
15 years old rate bullying as a bigger problem                                               perhaps, at no time in our history
than racism or pressure to have sex or use alcohol                                           has our existence been so challenged.
and other drugs. Some believe that bullying is an                                            While government reports cite a
indicator of more serious violence. A recent study by health-care professionals of           significant reduction in numbers of
sixth- to tenth-grade students found that bullies were more than five times more             domestic violence cases reported,
likely to carry weapons than children who did not engage in such behavior. At                local and national headlines continue
school or on the way to or from school is the most likely setting for bullying to            to shock and concern us. For
occur and there are bullies of all races and socio-economic status.                          example, in Alabama, there are
                                                                                             significant numbers of domestic
What does all of this have to do with the mission of the FSC? A 1993 Norwegian               violence cases currently being
study found that students identified as bullies in middle school are six times more          litigated or pending trial—they made
likely to be convicted of a crime by the age of twenty-four, abuse their own                 headlines in Crenshaw, Dallas,
children and/or spouse, have substance abuse problems, multiple divorces, and                Elmore, Montgomery and other
are less likely to be promoted at their job.                                                 Alabama counties within the last
                                                                                             year. Most recently, our state and the
The home life of the childhood bully is characterized by rejection and frigidity.            nation have been stunned that one
Parents of bullies are more likely to use severe physical punishment and be                  of Alabama’s own, Natalee
abusive. The families of bullies tend to be socially isolated. There is often chaos in       Holloway, is missing in Aruba, most
the home and frequent parental conflicts. The family seldom uses problem-solving             suspect the victim of foul play. With
strategies and violence is considered a solution.                                            this, and dozens of other similar but
                                                                                             less widely publicized scenarios,
Thanks to a Children’s Trust Fund grant, the FSC is able to focus on bullying                playing out on our streets, in our
prevention education in local elementary schools. Tarin Majure, the agency’s                 homes and among our families on a
outreach prevention educator, goes into the elementary schools with the nationally           daily basis, it seems that services for
                                   recognized program, Second Step. The program              victims of family violence and child
                                   teaches anger management, empathy and                     abuse are having to hang on for dear
   People don’t get along          problem-solving skills to students. In addition, the      life.
   because they fear each other.   agency recently offered a workshop on the topic
   People fear each other          by nationally known speaker Esther Williams,              In the last several months, advocates
   because they don’t know                                                                   have written countless letters to
                                   who says that we can change our school climate
   each other. They don’t
                                   so that respect is valued as much as athletics or         members of congress, urging them
   know each other because
   they have not properly          academics. Many times the inappropriate                   to renew their commitment to the
   communicated with each          behavior is a cry for help from the bully. Ms.            federal legislation, the Violence
   other.                          Williams states that anger management training            against Women Act (VAWA) and the
                                   works. “Research shows that 93-97 percent of              Victims of Crime Act (VOCA), which
       Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  children will use some of the anger management            provide funding for domestic
                                   skills they learn.”                                               “Gentle Reader” continued on page 4

                                             Developing Links
Home Run Evening for
Dedicated FSC Board                          Hot Biscuits…Warm Hearts
and Staff                                            by Anna Lee Ingalls, development director

                                             Montgomery Biscuits Baseball is hot and
An exciting first pitch thrown by FSC        heavy into their second season with a
Board President John Averrett,               recommitment to the Family Sunshine Center.
followed by an incredibly rousing            Sherrie Meyers invited representatives to her
rendition of the national anthem by          office following the inaugural season to
Exodus Case Manager Claudette
                                             recommit the baseball organization to our
Rogers were just harbingers of the
wonderful evening to come as staff
and board members shared a
memorable night of camaraderie,              But the heart of the matter will never be
laughter and Montgomery Biscuits             more explicitly demonstrated than on that magical evening when the charitable
baseball in May. “Truly, everyone was        ticket donor portion of the Biscuits’ marketing gift package came up to bat and
amazed that our own were at the              hit a grand slam into the hearts of all who experienced the scene.
mound for the first pitch and at the
mike for the national anthem. That           Six tickets came available for clients in early May. When Children’s Advocate
created great pride for us all,” said
                                             Tracey Kendrick got the call from the FSC Development Office, she knew exactly
Development Director Anna Lee
                                             what to do with the favor. That very day a mother and her five children had
                                             entered shelter and were already looking for ways to fill their weekends.
On May 25, about 65 of the FSC
family—board members, staff and              The biggest day of the season for Sherrie and her staff came on May 14th as
their families—enjoyed the food, fun         they readied themselves to entertain corporate sponsors and send them home
and frolic that come with a night out        with a happy memory. Little did anyone know that it would also be the
at a Biscuits game. “We were so
                                             brightest day in the lives of six people at the crossroads of their lives.
pleased that our partnership with the
Montgomery Biscuits yielded such a
wonderful opportunity for our staff          The family arrived and surprisingly found themselves on the way up to the
and board members to share an                owner’s suite. There they spent the rest of the evening with Sherrie, her other
evening getting to know each other           guests and all the amenities of special treatment…perfect weather, seats at home
and just having fun. Everyone works          plate, their choice of air conditioning or fresh air, a fabulous dinner, comfortable
so hard to achieve our mission, it’s         seating, TV, unbelievable desserts, and the hearts of the Biscuits staff.
important to be able to offer a little
getaway during the week,” said FSC           After the final fireworks fell to the ground everyone in the suite was up to head
Executive Director Karen Sellers. “I
                                             for home recounting an evening of winners…not on the field but in their hostess
was so excited to see that staff and
board members brought their                  and their neighbors from our shelter. We shall never forget one child asking the
mothers, children or grandchildren to        dessert waitress if she loved her job because she got to make people happy
the game. It was truly a family affair.”     everyday… or when an FSC staff member was approached with a hug from one
                                             of the children and the question, “Can we plan another vacation sometime soon?”
Board members and staff alike were           All eyes watered when Sherrie showed up in the ninth inning with an autographed
very grateful to the Biscuits                baseball for the son. Our emotions crumbled when the mom thanked Sherrie for a
management for such an enjoyable             wonderful evening and she in turn acknowledged the woman’s difficult challenges.
gift. “We were delighted we had such         As their embrace unfolded, bystanders heard the mom say, “When I feel down the
a beautiful evening to be out at the
                                             most, I just look at my scars and bruises and feel lucky to be where I am.”
game. Thanks to everyone associated
with the ongoing gifts Montgomery
Biscuits Baseball continues to give us!      If you have ever heard Sherrie Meyers pitch her baseball teams, you will recall it
It is an incredible package that is          is all about “family fun.” Saturday night showed us that she means what she says
making a significant impact on our           on her ball field and off. Her commitment aids our mission to foster hope and
mission,” Anna Lee said.                     healing.

“I had a great time. I thought it was        On Monday morning the mother said it was the happiest she has ever seen her
            “Home Run” continued on page 3   children’s faces. We do believe in miracles and we believe Montgomery Biscuits
                                             Baseball is truly about helping build stronger communities.

TAM times TEN! / SAVE THE DATE!                                                       “Home Run” continued from page 2

                                                                                      really fun to get to socialize with co-
Coach John McWilliams met with                                                        workers outside of the office,” said
the development office on May 20th                                                    Shelter Counselor Ellie Barta-Moran.
to begin planning his 10th annual
Tennis Across Montgomery (TAM). It                                                    Human Resources Director Barbara
will culminate on October 8, 2005                                                     Lemley was very excited about the
at the traditional site, Huntingdon                                                   opportunity to bring staff together for
                                                                                      an activity outside the workplace. “It
                                                                                      was really thrilling. It enhanced our
                                                                                      cohesiveness as a group by allowing
“Coach,” as he is known around                                                        interaction after working hours in an
here, is working to confirm another                                                   informal setting. It was especially nice to
free beach trip for the person who raises the most money. Last year’s event raised    have our FSC group spotlighted —
$29,610 in cash proceeds with 60 sponsors and 32 people participating in Serve        throwing out the opening pitch and
                       Fest. Coach firmly believes the amount can be doubled and      singing the national anthem. We are so
                       asks everyone with or without tennis skills to consider        grateful to have received such a gift
                       collecting pledges at 50 cents or a dollar to every MPH        from the Biscuits organization,” she said.
                       they serve on event day.
                                                                                      Prevention Educator Paula Royal was
                                                                                      “glad to get outside the Family
                      Join in Coach’s spirit to “Serve an ace against child abuse.”   Sunshine Center, to bring our families
                      For more information call the FSC business office at 206-       together away from work and just
                      2100 or Coach at 396-4253.                                      have fun. It allowed us to get to know
                                                                                      each other on another level. The
                      Serve others by serving in Tennis Across Montgomery. YOU        evening was pleasant and, as always,
                      can make a difference!                                          the stadium was beautiful. And, it’s
                                                                                      just not all about baseball. It’s truly a
                                                                                      family experience,” she said.

                                                                                      The Montgomery Biscuits adopted the
FSC Receives Grant Notifications — Two to Fund                                        FSC in the early days of their venture
Outreach Efforts                                                                      in Montgomery. The services they
                                                                                      provide the agency include an
                                                                                      ongoing full page ad in Biscuits
The last several months have involved a flurry of activity as development staff
                                                                                      programs; FSC posters located on the
has scurried to identify new fund-raising prospects and apply for local, state and    inside of bathroom stall doors; a
federal grants.                                                                       public service announcement
                                                                                      regarding domestic violence that runs
“The good news is, several of our grant applications came through,” said Amy          during the games; and an FSC message
Newell, FSC development coordinator. According to Amy, the help of intern Fran        that runs on the scoreboard during
Wood made a real difference. “Fran did such a good job writing the grant              the seventh inning. Another portion
applications, we received awards from the Elmore County Community                     of their gift package to the FSC is in
Foundation and the Autauga Area Community Foundation.” These funds will be            the works.
used by Outreach staff to publish DV ads in the Wetumpka Herald and the
                                                                                      “You guys all do amazing work and
Prattville Progress during October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month.                are a true asset to the community!”
                                                                                      said Biscuits Assistant General Manager
Amy and Fran were also successful in securing grants from Alpha Kappa Alpha           Pat Day. He plans to get with Outreach
sorority (for summer programs for children in shelter) and St. John’s Episcopal       Supervisor Melanie Beasley and Public
Church (for repair of the floor at the E.V.E.N. program.) In April, the FSC was       Relations Specialist Leisa Johnson soon
notified that it had received grant funding from the Kiwanis Club of Montgomery       to work on scoreboard and broadcast
to refurbish the shelter playground.                                                  commercials.

“We are always pleased to receive grant funding, and always appreciative to the
grantors. There are a number of agencies that have a tradition of giving to the
FSC, and we truly would have a hard time achieving our mission without them,”
said Karen Sellers. “We also thank Amy, Fran and all the FSC staff who have
pulled together to help achieve our grant objectives.”

                                                                                                                             R  3
“Gentle Reader” continued from front cover

violence services. In addition, we
                                             Legislative Links
have been in ongoing contact with
our local legislative delegation,
                                             DV Makes News in South Carolina — It Could Happen
urging them to support the funding           Here
of domestic violence shelters and
child advocacy centers across the                                           Sometimes a perpetrator of domestic violence may
state. (The legislature adjourned                                               not be a person striking a blow. Instead, it
without passing the General Fund                                                  may be a person perpetuating a misguided
budget, and will be addressing that                                                 attitude. And, such perpetrators always
budget in special session sometime                                                   harm more than one victim. In fact, the
over the summer.)                                                                    numbers can grow exponentially as the
                                                                                    message spreads: DV is nothing serious.
While domestic violence makes                                                      Women should just walk away. If the
headline news across Alabama and                                                 victims would just behave differently, the
the nation every day, it seems unfair                                         perpetrator might control his or her anger.
and counterproductive that we must
spend so much precious time pressing         “You may be surprised how many people think this way. We are just fortunate
lawmakers to fund our programs.              in our service area that the majority of our colleagues understand the critical
While it is very encouraging that            nature of domestic violence,” said Executive Director Karen Sellers.
reports indicate a reduction in the
number of domestic violence cases            Who are such perpetrators? They are the people who fail to fully understand the
reported, victims continue to seek           seriousness of domestic violence, unwittingly communicating to the public that
our services and the costs to meet           the issue is not important—that victims of DV can somehow prevent what
their needs continue to rise. So, until      happens to them, or should simply walk away. “It’s never that simple. In fact,
our aggressive prevention efforts are        75 percent of domestic violence victims who become homicide statistics are
totally successful, I would continue to      killed when they try to get away,” Karen said.
pray that those responsible for
appropriating our tax dollars would          A recent incident in South Carolina reinforces how easy it is to misunderstand
recognize the vital nature of the            DV. The situation involved two bills before the South Carolina legislature, one
services we provide, and somehow             dealing with cock fighting and the other dealing with domestic violence. Both
make our jobs easier by fully funding        bills aimed to make both acts of violence a felony instead of a misdemeanor.
the functions we perform, so that we         What was the outcome? The bill regarding cock-fighting passed, making it a
can more completely focus on our             felony in the state of South Carolina to engage in that “sport.” On the other
primary mission.                             hand, at least initially, the DV bill was tabled. One proponent for tabling the
                                             legislation was so outspoken and his remarks so inflammatory that he created an
’til next time,                              uprising among DV advocates and the public in general. His comparison of the
                                             two bills—he favored stiffer penalties for cock-fighting because it reflected all the
                                             cruelty of games in the Roman coliseum, while he felt the bill addressing
Karen                                        penalties for repeat domestic violence offenders deserved more scrutiny because
                                             DV victims should never allow it to happen a second time—was aired many
                                             times on local and national television. (Since that time, probably because of the
    Don't forget to visit our website        legislator’s serious gaff, the South Carolina legislature has revisited the DV bill.)
          for mission updates
                                             How dangerous is it to misunderstand the true nature of DV? It can be LETHAL.
        valuable resource links              It is especially dangerous when the people who misunderstand occupy positions
                                             of power and respect because people listen to them. Because they do not take
          Donating on line                   the matter seriously, others may not—not even victims. “When a victim looks
            saves a check,                   around and sees that highly respected people think that domestic violence is just
     stamp and envelope for you              a little family problem, and should be kept in the family, everyone suffers,” said
          and valuable time                  Karen. “Because of misguided attitudes, victims may not seek assistance but
         and funding for us.                 allow the dynamic to run its natural course, which, tragically, often ends in
                                             severe injury or death, and a new generation of perpetrators.”

Thank You, Volunteers!
April 1 — May 31, 2005
Rosa Amendt                       Annette Davis                                 Devaris Jones                             John Sawyer
Jennifer Ament                    Bonnie Deal                                   Aaron Kelly                               Steve Searcy
Kim Asberry                       Susan Diamond                                 Jane Killian                              Winn Seay
Sam Austin                        Daniel DiLaura                                Antoinette Knighten                       Novis Sessions
John Averrett                     Joan DiLaura                                  Mark LaBranche                            Sonya Sheets
Leah Bailey                       Rose Drennon                                  Landmark Church of Christ                 Sherlock, Smith & Adams
Jean Baldwin                      Shaquatta Edgar                                   Campus Ministry                       Shayla Sistrunk
Glen Bannister                    Joan Ensley                                   Marteal Laster                            Andrea Smoak
Baptist Family Medicine           Susan Enzweiler                               Tonya Lee                                 Heather Stinson
    Residency Program             Jamie Ewald                                   Beverly Malone                            Suzanna Stinson
Donna Barber                      Sam Fiefield                                  Mami Mason                                Strait Gate Christian Center
Karen Benton                      First Christian Church Disciples of Christ    Angie McLellan                            Jay Taffet
Vette Berrian                     Karen Fisher                                  Brendan McTear                            Juliana Taylor
Cherie Bethel                     Don Fisher                                    John McWilliams III                       Vivian Terrell
Lynda Billingsley                 Tammy Fleming                                 John McWilliams IV                        Carolyn Thomas
Sheila Blackshear                 Amanda Fleming                                Chayrisse Mears                           Christine Thomas
Crystal Blair                     Mona Flowers                                  Monica Merriweather                       Anastasia Thompson
Dawn Bliss                        Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church       Montgomery Academy Students               Cassandra Turner
Betty Blue                            Young Professionals Sunday School Class   Carol Morris                              Nicole Turner
Chauntye Boswell                  Kim Gaither                                   Paul Moscarelli                           Ramona Ward
Belinda Bradley                   Melissa George                                Barbara Murphy                            Ray Warren
Toni Bruner                       Ithica Gilbert                                Latoya Myers                              Brooke Watford
Brittany Busby                    Sherry Gilliard                               Charmica Pace                             Mary Weilder
Bettie Carmack                    Deborah Hansen                                Susie Person                              Paula Weiss
Amey Carter                       Joanne Harrison                               Maya Pettiway                             Carrie Wells
Catrice Chandler                  Chuck Heim                                    Classie Pickett                           Tracy Whitacre
Cailin Chrismer                   Brittany Hendrix                              William Pike                              Ashley Killian White
Julie Claussen                    Joyce Hester                                  Heather Ploski                            Nowell White
Judy Cobb                         Jeanie Holloway                               Greg Pool                                 Bobby Whitehead
Lee Cobb                          Charlene Holtsford                            Katie Poundstone                          Kelly Williams
Heather Coleman                   Nat Huelsing                                  Kristina Pressley                         Jackie Williams
Leslie Craft                      Janice Jackson                                Stephen Pridgen                           Monica Williams
Sheree Crawford                   Katherine Jackson                             Camilla Prince                            Felicia Williams
Laura Crum                        Edwina Jackson                                Mary Ann Putt                             Marty Williams
Beth Crum                         Matt Jerles                                   Wanda Robinson                            Rachael Williford
Jack Cuddy                        Bettye Johnson                                R.J. Routzahn                             Keisha Woodyard
Janna Davenport                   Articia Johnson                               Cecelia Russell
Alice Davidson                    Annamarie Jones                               LaShasta Sankey

                                         We strive for accuracy in volunteer recognition.
                          If there is an error, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 206-2100.

The Revival of the FSC Speakers’ Bureau
The Family Sunshine Center receives              “This is one job we had waiting for                          Current Volunteer Needs:
many requests during the year for                our new Outreach Supervisor. We are
speakers for civic clubs, churches,              very committed to developing a good                          • Spanish-speaking volunteers for
school groups and others. “I have been           group of volunteers who can fulfill                            on-call interpretation
especially pleased, as well as                   some of the many requests we have
motivated to revive our Speakers’                for speakers. As our work expands in                         • Volunteers for donation pick up
Bureau, by the volume of requests the            rural counties, we know the volume of                          and deliveries
Family Sunshine Center receives for              requests will also increase,” noted
speakers and various presentations               Anna Lee Ingalls, director of                                • Volunteers interested in assisting
around our seven-county service area,”           development.                                                   with our annual fundraiser Tennis
said Melanie Beasley, outreach                                                                                  Across Montgomery
supervisor who has been on the job               Volunteer speakers will be asked to
for several months.                              undergo several hours of training,                           • Volunteers to assist in rural
                                                 which will include tips on public                              counties with our Life Line cell
“For some time, the Family Sunshine              speaking and information regarding                             phone collection project
Center has planned to strengthen its             the Family Sunshine Center’s mission
Speakers’ Bureau, which includes                 and services. Anyone interested in                           To volunteer, contact the volunteer
developing and training a new group              volunteering for the Speakers’ Bureau                        coordinator at 206-2100.
of volunteer speakers,” said Karen               may call the outreach supervisor at
Sellers.                                         334-206-2100.

Thank You, Donors!
April 1 — May 31, 2005
                                                                    Honorariums & Memorials
HONORARIUMS                                                                                  MEMORIALS

In Honor of Ms. Lyndall Ross Barlow            In Honor of Ken & Jessica Sanders             In Memory of Bess Coates                        In Memory of Rebecca Rogers
    by friends of Lyndall Ross Barlow              by Ms. Sandra Nickel                          by Ms. Katherine Hancock Crum                   by Robert L. & Betty B. Wells
In Honor of David & Martha Martin              In Honor of Mark & Kim Strickland             In Memory of Jean Turner Harper                 In Memory of Charlotte B. Weeks
    by Ms. Sandra Nickel                           by Ms. Sandra Nickel                          by Mr. & Mrs. Warner L. Mathis                  by Ms. Rosemary Elebash
In Honor of Kelly Noblin                       In Honor of Kent & Kathleen Thompson          In Memory of Martha Nonnenmann
    by Ms. Virginia Noblin                         by Ms. Sandra Nickel                          by Annamarie & Gary Jones
                                                                                                    Gunter & Geraldine Wendlandt

                                                              Memorials for Stephanie Harmon are listed on page 7

                                                                   Financial & In-Kind Donors
Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence                 Ann Haynes                                                      Martha Reid Sunday School Class
Alabama Department of Economic & Community Affairs          Kathleen Ann Healey                                         Cristina H. Rendleman
Alabama DHR- Contract Receivable                            Hi Tech Assets Inc.                                         River Region United Way
Aldersgate United Methodist Church                          Judy G. Horton                                              Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail Foundation
    United Methodist Women                                  Cynthia A. Huggins                                          Micheal Robinson
        Christian Outreach                                  Anna Lee Ingalls                                            Tonya D. Rogers
        Lester Spencer Circle                               Isle Obama Parrotheade Club                                 Shirley K. Rose
Virginia J. Andrews                                         Gina T. Izer                                                Barbara Allen Rosser
Jerry & Roberta Atkinson                                    Esther S. Jones                                             R. J. Routzahn
Autauga Area Community Foundation                           Ron Jones                                                   Saint James High School
Mark & Sharron Ayers                                        Althea Katrinia Jones                                           Key Club
Lesley Bass                                                 Fred R. & Jean T. Jones                                         IPRL Class
Greg & Phyllis Beavers                                      Victoria’s Secret - The Shoppes Eastchase                   Timothy Mark Schall
Lavette Berrian                                             Cheri Jordan                                                Sandra G. Segel
Clinton Berry                                               Tom & Jane Adams Killian                                    Mamie Sellers
Lynda G. Billingsley                                        William T. Killian                                          Angela T. Shelby
Ron & Jennie Botterbusch                                    Karl & Lauren Kirkland                                      Beth K. Shepley
Betty Brantley                                              Carol H. Kloess                                             Sherlock, Smith & Adams, Inc.
Thelma P Braswell                                           Knights of Columbus Auxiliary 12150                         Beverly Smith
Barbara A. Brazell                                          Linda A. Lashlee                                            Sharleen Smith
Joseph M. Bridges                                           Elizabeth S. Launder                                        Janice A. Snipes
Latrenda Britt                                              Lee & Lan Florist Inc.                                      Sojourners Club
Mary Frances Bruce                                          Anne M. Levin                                               St. John’s Episcopal Church of Montgomery
Edith T. Bryant                                             Angela S. Locklar                                           Pamela D. Stallworth
Rodney W. Byard                                             Lynn A. Lonergan                                            Linda G. Stearns
Mary G. Cargile                                             Alice Lucynski                                              Linda Sterne
Khristen Jane Carlson                                       Ann Martin                                                  Esther M. Stock
Carrabba’s Italian Grill                                    Maxwell/Gunter Air Force Base                               Peggy W. Suddath
Glenda H. Carroll                                               Commissioned Officer Training School                    Brenda Summerlin
CCRW                                                        Sherry McCollough                                           Lynda W. Sutter
Children’s Trust Fund                                       Lenda E.H. McElwee                                          Marilyn R. Taylor
Chilton County United Way                                   McIntyre Middle School                                      William H. & Linda O. Tilly
Christ the Redeemer Episcopal Church                        Mary Campbell McLemore                                      Judy B. Van Heest
City of Montgomery                                          Myrtle J. McLeod                                            Lois M. Van Houten
Colonial BancGroup/Loan Department                          Medical Outreach Ministries                                 Sonja Vanderberry
Crenshaw County Domestic Violence Task Force                Memorial Presbyterian Church                                Derrell L. Vaughn
Donald R. & Joan M. Crocker                                     Mission & Benevolence Fund                              Christopher M. Vucovich
Dalraida Baptist Church                                     Menefee Dill Fund                                           WSFA - Channel 12
    Ruth Sunday School Class                                Patricia A. Meyer                                           Pat Waldrop
Dalraida United Methodist Church                            Renee' D. Michael                                           Hal Walker
    Social Action Circle                                    Ann Michaud                                                 Beatrice H. Walton
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.                            William J. Mitchell                                         Joan C. Watterson
William D. Douglass                                         The Montgomery Academy                                      Joan L Welsch
Elizabeth C. Dunn                                               Middle School                                           Gunter F.H. & Geraldine R. Wendlandt
Eagle Awards & Corporate Gifts                              Al & Ann Montgomery                                         Tracy Whitacre
Joan Edelman                                                Montgomery Area Doll and Toy Club of Alabama                Whitfield Memorial United Methodist Church
Elmore County Community Foundation                          Montgomery Biscuits Baseball                                    Ladies Bible Class
Robert Graham & Leigh Ann Esdale                            Montgomery County Commission                                    United Methodist Women Missions
Carolyn A. Estes                                            Brenda J. Moulton                                           Gerry S. Wilfing
Exchange Club of East Montgomery                            Mt. Zion Baptist Church                                     Terry & Nancy Williams
Family Guidance Center of Alabama, Inc.                     Randy & Colleen Murphy                                      Arthur & Jane Williams
Family Sunshine Center Associate Council                           .
                                                            Ann P Muscari                                               David Wills
First Christian Church Disciples Of Christ                  Newcomer’s Club of The Greater Montgomery Area              James W. Wilson
First United Methodist Church                               Louise J. Newell                                                                 .
                                                                                                                        Walter A. & Judith P Wilson
    Tower Class                                             Wesley P & Merlin O. Newton
                                                                      .                                                 Barry L. Wilson
Mary Reid Fisher                                            Becky B. Norton                                                           .
                                                                                                                        Dan & Leah P Winn
Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church                     Betty Norwood                                               Xi Beta Psi
Robert P & Barrie H. Froese                                 Robert Paschen                                              Ronald E. & Carolyn K. Yarbrough
Melissa C. George                                           Jerrilyn Petty                                              Noble Yelverton
Maudelle M. Gilliland                                       Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity                                   Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
Girl Scouts of South Central Alabama                            Alabama State University                                    Alabama State University
    Troop 202                                               Joan O. Pierce
GracePointe Church of Christ                                Leslie Prim
Laura and Judy Halse                                        Ridgecrest Baptist Church

     We strive for accuracy in donor recognition. If there is an error, please contact the Development Office at 206-2100.

 R  6
In Memory of Stephanie Harmon
                        The FSC leadership and staff mourn with the                    grandfather, B.R. Lowe, helped oversee the renovation and
                        family of Stephanie Harmon, a beautiful                        construction of the FSC shelter and Exodus program, Stephanie
                        young lady whose full potential will be                        also took a personal interest in our clients. While a student at the
                        unrealized due to the tragic lack of judgment                  Montgomery Academy, she did community service work with the
                        of an impaired driver. With her death came                     children of the FSC,” said Karen Sellers. “We know this family
                        the end of many hopes and dreams, and the                      occupies a special place in the heart of our community because of
                        ultimate fear of all parents: the loss of a child.             the tremendous outpouring of love and support the Family
                        However, everyone touched by Stephanie —                       Sunshine Center has received in the name of Stephanie Harmon. I
                        and there were many — must find comfort in                     sincerely hope that the Harmons can find some level of
                        the celebration of her life. During her short                  consolation in the fact that many families in the grip of violent
                        life, she loved and was beloved, she touched                   crises will find refuge and hope in the services provided by the
and was touched by many, she grew gifted in many areas and                             FSC, and that those services are being supported by their friends,
shared those gifts in fruitful ways, and she served a purpose that                     neighbors and colleagues who wanted to remember the life of
we all share, which is to grow a giving heart and scatter its seeds                    their precious daughter in a meaningful way.”
among others who are blessed in understanding the joy of giving
and the warmth of receiving.                                                           While much can and will be said about Stephanie by those who
                                                                                       knew and loved her best, the FSC staff — those who worked closely
“Barrie Harmon, who has been our agency’s insurance                                    with Barrie through the years and those whose hearts break with
representative for as long as I’ve been at the FSC, wanted his                         the family because they can only project the depth of bereavement
daughter to understand that good fortune should never be taken                         one would feel to lose a child—wish to express their most sincere
for granted. While the entire Harmon family have adopted an                            condolences and prayers that the Harmon family will be lifted on
FSC family at Christmas for a number of years, and Stephanie’s                         the wings of angels in this time of grief and sorrow.

Gifts given in memory of Stephanie Harmon:
Kristen R. Adair                                         Thomas B. H. & Bonnye O. Ely                                Virginia Noblin
George M. Akers                                          Brian Ensley                                                Robert F. & Karen A. Northcutt
Alabama Shakespeare Festival                             Donna W. Farrior                                            Tabor R. & Caroline B. Novak, Jr.
Amtech, LLC                                              F & C Construction, LLC                                     Jack Owen
Mr. & Mrs. Whit Armstrong                                Paul & Barbara Flowers Foundation                           Pearson Management Group
Robert T. & Sally B. Ashurt                              Elizabeth G. Gallion                                        Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Co.
Associated Insurance Adminstrators, Inc.                                     .
                                                         Joseph E. & Mary P Garrison                                 Pepsi - Cola Bottling Company of Luverne, Inc.
     Operating Account                                   Corinna M. Gauntt                                           Ray B. & Anne H. Petty
BankTrust                                                Fletcher & Lacy Gibson                                      Pickwick Antiques
Robert W. & Julia A. Bannon                              Spencer Hall                                                Jack Porter
Harry M. & Terri M. Barnes                               Reginald T. & Anne E. Hamner                                Jacqueline B. Porter
Mr. & Mrs. Joe F. Bear, Jr.                              Harlequins                                                  Beverly Rutland
Beasley Allen Crow Methvin Portis & Miles PC             Robert B. Harwood, Jr.                                      T. L. III & Susan C. Samuel
Karl B. & Maxine E. Benkwith                             Herron House Antiques, Inc.                                 Shannon Sanders
Clinton Berry, Jr.                                       Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Hester, III.                              Mr. & Mrs. Samuel L. Schloss
Elizabeth W. Blackmon                                    W. Inge & Camille Elebash-Hill                              Tom C. & Karen B. Sellers
Boys & Girls Clubs of Montgomery Board Fund              James W. & Sally B. Hodo                                    Steven S. Sharp
Bill & Carol Lansden Brewbaker                           John M. & Jean H. Holloway                                  Lee H. & Jane D. Sims
Carl B. & Betty W. Brown                                 James B. & Cecily O. Hulett                                 Mr. & Mrs. Maury D. Smith
Jane Bryan                                               Jackson Hospital Clinic, Inc.                               Southern Controls, Inc.
Dan M. & Peggy M. Buckley                                Johnstone Adams Bailey Gordon & Harris, LLC                 SouthTrust/Wachovia Corporation
Heath Buckner                                                 Attorneys at Law                                       Mr. & Mrs. W. Holt Speir, III
Louis C. III & Lang Cardinal                             Cheri Jordan                                                Charles A. & Winifred L. Stakely
Alex H. & Helen J. Carothers                             Stephen A. & Samye W. Kermish                               Harold M. III & Mary Margaret Sylvest
Malcolm R. & Diane R. Carson                             Barbara F. Lemley                                           George W. & Paulette B. Thompson
A. Craig & Susan S. Chapman                              Leroy Hill Coffee Company, Inc.                             Linda Y. Thornbury
Christian Testing Laboratories, Inc.                     Ralph & Ellen Loeb, Jr.                                     United Fire Group
A. Sidney Coleman                                        Scott & Mary Lowe                                           Sue J. Vancleave
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Coleman                            Magnum Roofing Company L. L. C.                             Crystal J. Walker
Laurie Cooper                                            Marshall Construction                                       James N. & Adele V. Walter
William S. & Margaret Day Craddock                       Mr. & Mrs. Mark C. Martin                                   Laurie Jean Weil
Charles M. & Edith J. Crook                              Mr. & Mrs. Warner L. Mathis                                 Arthur & Jane Williams
Crum Charitable Foundation                               James & Cheryl Matthews                                     Terry & Nancy Williams
Elizabeth Burford Crump                                  McAlpine Tankersley Architecture, Inc.                      Barry L. Wilson, MD
CV Holdings, LLC                                         J. Fairley McDonald                                                               .
                                                                                                                     Walter A. & Judith P Wilson
Donald H. Jr. & Ruth B. H. Dahlene                       McIntyre & Fitzpatrick Realty Co., Inc.                                    .
                                                                                                                     Dan & Leah P Winn
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Davis, Jr.                           The Tom & Amy Methvin Foundation                            Ronald E. & Carolyn K. Yarbrough
The Delaney Foundation, Inc.                             William J. Mitchell                                         Noble Yelverton
Dixie Electric Company, Inc.                             Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts                              Robert H. & Florence H. Young
L. Susan Doss                                            Johnny & Pat M. Moore
General Jim & Jeanne Leighton Drummond                   Nichols, Meinert & Associates Architects, LLC

                                        The above list reflects gifts given in memory of Stephanie Harmon as of June 23, 2005.
                                     Any gifts received after that date will be reflected in the August/September 2005 issue of LINKS.

             Montgomery Area Family Violence Program, Inc.                                                                              Non-Profit Org.
                              /d.b.a./                                                                                                   U.S. Postage
                          Family Sunshine Center                                                                                            PAID
                                                                                                                                         Permit #647
                                                                                                                                        Montgomery, AL
                                   P Box 5160
                             Montgomery, AL 36103-5160

       Office:                                              334.206.2100
       E.V.E.N.                                      334.262.3219 or 3319
       24-Hour Crisis Line                                1.800.650.6522
       24-Hour Local Crisis Line (collect calls accepted)   334.263.0218
       TTY Hotline for the Hearing Impaired               1.800.787.3224
       Fax:                                                  334.206.2111

        The Family Sunshine Center is a River Region & Chilton County United Way Agency.

 Our Mission: To end family violence and foster hope and healing. To offer immediate response and a safe haven in crisis. To provide advocacy, counseling,
    and support for families to empower them to lead safe and violence-free lives. To promote community awareness through education and training.

This project was supported by Subgrant #04-FV-VS-009, awarded by ADECA/Law Enforcement Traffic Safety Division/Bureau of Justice
Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice. The opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in
this publication are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of ADECA/the U.S. Department of Justice.

  Congratulations Hyundai
  We at the FSC would like to congratulate Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama on the grand opening of its
  Montgomery plant on May 20, 2005.

  The team members of Hyundai’s Engine Shop adopted the FSC as a team building community service project slightly
  more than a year ago. Since that time they have completed eight project days — a total of 1,125 volunteer hours,
  valued at $19,339. This has been an invaluable help to our mission, and we look forward to a continued partnership.

  We wish you all the best as you officially kick off your Alabama venture!

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