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                                                          History of Golf For Women
                                                              By Kenneth Gorveski

  Women’s golf had its emergence when Mary, Queen of Scots played the game in 16th century.
However, the first known women golf tournament was held at Mussel burgh golf club in Scotland in
between two fishwives in the year 1811. Women’s golf improved significantly in 1930s and numerous
matches were conducted on both local and state levels.

 Women’s Professional Golf Association was established in 1944 to organize and promote the game.
However, WPGA could survive only for 5 years and from the experience Ladies Professional Golf
Association was founded in 1950. The association opens a new era for women’s golf. Nowadays,
women’s golf is experiencing its utmost boom. Many golfers are willing to take active part in

Women’s golf has four major championships- Kraft Nabisco championship, LPGA championship, U.S
women open and Women British Open. Though there are some other important events like Evian
Masters, LPGA (Ladies professional Golf Association) does not recognize them as majors.

 Kraft Nabisco championship is an official money event that exceeds $2 million. The tournament was
founded by Dinah Shore in 1972 and was previously called Dinah Shore championship. The winner is
awarded the green jacket of LPGA along with cash awards.

 LPGA championship is the major women’s golf event. The winners of this event are automatically
qualified for the Stanford Financial tour championship. The specialty of LPGA championship is that
only professionals can take part in it as against U.S and British open where professional and amateur
players can participate. However, the rule was relaxed in the year 2005 to allow then-amateur player
Michelle Wie.

 U.S open is conducted by USGA (United States golf Association). When compared to its male’s
counterpart, U.S open has not gained enough recognition. The U.S women’s open is open to any
professional or amateur player. There is no age limit for participation. In the event held in 2007,
12-year old Alexis Thompson was qualified to take part.The winners of other three major
championships are automatically qualified to participate in U.S open.

Women’s British open is one of the leading events in women’s golf. It was founded by the Ladies Golf

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union in 1976. Since the sport did not receive any reputation in the past, the organizers found it difficult
to get excellent golf courses to host the events. However, nowadays many link courses are ready to
host British open. The golfers can get a place in the event in three ways. Most of the golfers are given
exemptions and the important among them are the top 15 from the previous year’s Women British
open., top 35from current year’s Ladies European tour and top 70 on the LPGA tour money list.

 The non-exempt players are selected by final qualifying method. Along with these two ways, overseas
qualifying is also allowed. Five places are allotted to top five entrants who won highest place in LPGA
list. Women’s golf events have gained immense popularity and there are lot of enthusiasts who are
keen to learn this game and explore their talents.

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                                              Men And Women Golfing Together
                                                          By George Crystal

 Men have been playing golf for years, but you do not hear much about women playing golf as much as
you do men. The fact is that women have been playing golf as long as men have. Some of the world's
best women golfers are deceased now, but in their time, they were the top leaders in the game of golf.
Today, you will see just as many women golfers on a golf course as you do men. There are even
women's golf clubs, shoes and other accessories. Men and women have developed a mutual
understanding that women are sometimes just as good if not better than the men are.

Most men start playing early in life, where some women wait until later in life to take up the game. You
will see couples going away for golf weekends or even golf vacations. It is a fine day to spend enjoying
a game that you both find relaxing and enjoyable. Women as well as men play the same courses with
the same amount of ease. If you have ever seen the professionals play, you know that women put as
much effort into their game as men do.

Women as well as men are providing golf lessons for children and adults who want to learn the game
of golf. Many of these professionals have their own golf courses and schools that you can go to learn
from a professional. Golf is a funny game if you really think about it. You go out on the grass and hit a
ball around the course while trying to beat the par for one hole and sink a ball into a small hole. It
sounds funny that adults would find this so appealing, but the point is golf is a popular sport that has
more players than the NFL football you watch every week.

Golf for men and women as well as children takes a level of skill. You have to line up the ball and the
driver to make your way down the fairway. This is not as easy as it sounds. You have to hold the club
right, stance is important and you have to have some power to drive the ball a great distance. Once
you land on the green, you have to use a putter to put the ball into a small hole. The greens and
fairways are not always flat, you have angles, hills, water, sand bunkers and even some rough terrain
around the courses.

If you think you need to find a hobby, golf is for the most part relaxing and it is something you can do
with your partner. You can start out practicing on the driving range, which is nice for improving your
swing and distance. Women and men both enjoy golfing and find it to be a sort that can involve the
entire family. There are still a handful of golf courses that cater to men only, but this is far less than
years ago. Women and men are welcome at the golf course for tournaments and a leisure game of

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