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									                                                                January 2008 : Issue 123

                                                Servicios • Opportunidades de Trabajo
                                               Casas y Apartamentos en Renta • Plomero


By Phone:   Llámenos, Se Habla Español

1-800-771-7758                           As Low as
                                         $   1400
                                         per month!
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     Sudoku . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 26   investment should be thoroughly investigated
     Funny Stories – Life’s Like That! . . . . .page 31
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CLUES ACROSS                           CLUES DOWN, cont.
1. Norse god of thunder                1. Florida city
5. Haiku translator Robert             2. Same as Rollo
                                       3. Number system base 8
9. Erase recorded information
                                       4. Relative magnitudes of 2
14. Blood clam genus                       quantities
15. Irish Republic                     5. A common liverwort
16. Intermediate ecological stage      6. Afflicts
17. Lucretia Coffin __, Am. femi-      7. W. Romanian city
    nist                               8. Like the stalk of a moss cap-
18. Scaled map showing land                sule
                                       9. Former Portuguese monetary
    divisions                              unit
19. Indian shot plant                  10. Not abstract
20. Obvious                            11. Set "Rule, Britannia" to
23. Slant away                             music
24. Borne on the water                 12. Capital of Yemen
25. Scandinavian god of discord        13. Ardor
                                       21. Veterans battleground
27. Hip-hop violinist Ben-Ari
                                       22. Not I
30. Unfasten                           26. Knot in a tree
34. First offer to sell stock to the   28. Marsh frog genus
    public                             29. Vedic god
37. Village of Jesus' 1st miracle      31. No (slang)
39. Author An_____ France              32. Away from wind
40. Old Glory                          33. Foot (Latin)
                                       34. An individual unit
43. Feeling of fear and mystery        35. River and city in N. Brazil
44. Pretentiously artistic             36. Come into existence
45. Em___: show host                   38. ____ Spumante (Italian
46. Pictures                               wine)
48. Vents                              40. ___bert, CO 80834
50. Pigmented eye membrane             41. Person with powers of foresight
                                       42. Amino acid found in most proteins
52. Struggle against                   47. A slow way to drink
57. After a prayer                     49. Seaport (abbr.)
60. Bouncing toys                      51. Acromyn for 1st Ammendment right
63. 55120 to 55123                     53. Either of Shoshoneon peoples
65. ____sole: undergarment             54. Sequence of eight
66. American state                     55. Ice or roller
                                       56. Town in Surrey, England
67. Lariat
                                       57. About aviation
68. __ Ladd, actor                     58. Postal service material
69. London Gallery                     59. Oh, God!
70. Days long past                     61. Celebration
71. Mentally healthy                   62. Capital is Muscat
72. German river                       64. Grandmother (Br.)

              Last Issue’s Crossword Answers

                                                                               AMS TOWING/GAZU TOWING
                                                                                  Compramos Carros
                                                                                     Para Yonke.
                                                                                 Pagamos Buen Precio
                                                                                  Con o Sin Papeles.
                                                                               24 HRS SERVICE (323) 514-3196
                                                                               (323) 419-6207 (323) 873-5035
                                                                               (323) 399-7316 (323) 419-9310
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   Cardio a Key to a Successful                                              Shedding Pounds Doesn't
        Exercise Regimen                                                    Require Shedding Favorites
(MS) - When it comes time to                                           (MS) - Once the holiday season has come and gone, many peo-
lose weight, many people look                                          ple resolve to shed those inevitable extra pounds packed on by
to the nearby fitness center to                                        the abundance of good food that's available throughout the sea-
help them shed those extra                                             son. Oftentimes, shedding these pounds is associated with
pounds. When entering a gym                                            shedding good food. However, there are many recipes available
for the first time, newcomers                                          that can help dieters lose a few holiday pounds, gain some extra
are often overwhelmed by the                                           energy and not miss out of the foods they love most.
buzz of activity and the clank-
ing of weights coupled with the                                                                        Providing such recipes was the
host of machines they seem to                                                                          goal of Rachael Anne Hill, a cer-
know nothing about.                                                                                    tified nutritionist, food writer and
                                                                                                       broadcaster,         and    Tamsin
While an initial foray into the                                                                        Burnett-Hall, a fellow food writer,
gym can be intimidating, it's                                                                          with their book, "The Powerfood
important to keep in mind that                                                                         Cookbook," a collection of
one of the best ways to lose weight is something you've                                                recipes tailored for people who
been doing almost since the day you were born. Since the                                               want to lose a few pounds while
moment you took your first step, you've been doing cardio,                                             still enjoying some of their
or cardiovascular exercise. More widely referred to as aerobic         favorite cuisine, such as this recipe for "Goulash Meatballs."
exercise, cardio has a number of benefits, not the least of
which is losing weight.                                                Goulash Meatballs - Serves 6
• Cardio strengthens bones. Osteoporosis is a bone disease             Meatballs
in which the bones become brittle and fragile due to tissue            1/3 onion, very finely chopped
loss. This tissue loss can be the result of age or deficiencies in     1 pound, 2 ounces extra lean pork mince
calcium or vitamin D. A workout that includes jogging or even          1 slice whole-grain bread, processed to crumbs
fast walking can reduce the risk of osteoporosis because, as           1 teaspoon paprika
the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) points out, these           1 teaspoon smoked paprika
weight-bearing activities strengthen the skeletal system. NOF          1 teaspoon dried sage
also notes that any exercise in which feet or legs are bearing
the weight, including dancing and climbing, are effective cardio       Sauce
exercises.                                                             2/3 onion, very finely chopped
                                                                       1 cup chicken broth
• Cardio reduces body fat. Including cardio in your regular            2 garlic cloves, crushed
exercise routine helps to increase lean body tissue while              1 red and 1 green bell pepper, deseeded and diced
reducing fat. If the goal of your weight loss is to look better,       2 teaspoons paprika
then including cardio in your regular routine is a great way to        14 ounces canned, chopped tomatoes
achieve this. While this might sound simple, the more calories         1 tablespoon tomato paste
you burn, the more pounds you'll lose, and cardio has proven           Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
to be a great way to burn calories.
                                                                       To Serve
• Cardio can reduce blood pressure. Many people choose to              5 ounces whole-wheat spaghetti
lose weight not because of a New Year's resolution, but                2 cups shredded green cabbage
because their doctor (or their body) has told them they need to        2 tablespoons low-fat sour cream
shed weight to survive. For those with high blood pressure,
                                                                       Start the sauce by cooking the onion in 1/4 cup of the broth in a
cardio has proven an effective way to lower blood pressure. A          covered casserole for 4 to 5 minutes until softened. Stir in the gar-
2002 study at Tulane University found that aerobic, or cardio-         lic, peppers and paprika and cook for one minute, then add the
vascular, exercise lowered blood pressure in all groups of peo-        tomatoes, tomato paste and the remaining broth. Season and sim-
ple, whether they had pre-existing conditions or had normal            mer, uncovered, for 10 minutes.
blood pressure.
                                                                       While the sauce is cooking, mix the meatball ingredients together
                                                                       with seasoning and shape into 24 small balls. Brown the meatballs
• Cardio can help relieve the pain of arthritis. A cardiovas-          in two batches in a nonstick frying pan, then add to the sauce and
cular program that includes water exercise can be especially           simmer for 20 minutes.
valuable to arthritis sufferers. Such exercise can help keep the
joints moving while strengthening the muscles around the               Cook the spaghetti in a large saucepan of lightly salted boiling
                                                                       water for 7 minutes, then stir in the cabbage and cook for a further
joints. In addition, cardiovascular exercise increases energy          5 minutes. Drain and divide the pasta and cabbage between
levels, which helps arthritis sufferers better handle some the         warmed bowls. Spoon the meatballs and sauce over the pasta and
daily tasks that have become difficult as a result of the arthritis.   top each serving with a teaspoon of sour cream.
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                                 GENERAL REAL ESTATE              GENERAL REAL ESTATE             GENERAL REAL ESTATE

                                          ACTON                   BILL JACKSON WITH               GRANDMA BUYS HOUSES
   9050 Carron Drive                SELL YOUR HOUSE               FIRST TEAM REAL ESTATE          Apartments, Commercial
  Pico Rivera, Ca. 90660                 IN 7 DAYS                                                Property or Land! **Late
  (562) 949-7113                  ACTON STOP FORECLO-
                                                                  Specializing in L.A. County &
                                                                  Orange County Handling Both
                                                                                                  Payments or Foreclosure
 www.californiavillages.com                                                                       OK** NO-EQUITY, NO-
                                          SURE!!!!!                                               PROBLEM!! Don’t WAIT!!
Spacious Studio, 1 & 2 Bedroom                                    Sellers & Buyers For Any
   Apartments $857-$1,457
                                 No Equity? No Problem!!! (1-                                     Call Renee (562)436-5956
                                                                  Assistance Please Contact me
    ✓ Designer Upgrades            866)676-SELL (7355) &
                                                                  at 714-642-5444
    ✓ Patios / Balconies               (310)489-7149
    ✓ Fitness Center              www.webuysouthbay.com                                           HOMEOWNERS:
    ✓ Pool & Sundeck                                                                              1-HOUR        REFINANCE!!
    ✓ Gated Access                                                 DISTRESS SALE                  “We lend on equity, not cred-
                                                                   Bank Foreclosures! Free List   it!” CASH-OUT Refinance
                                                                                                  Specialists! LOW rates, NO
$100 OFF Move-In Costs w/Ad      CLOSURE      Behind    on         of Foreclosure Properties!
                                                                                                  Pre-Pay, NO points available!
      *On Approved Credit        Payments? NO EQUITY               Receive       a       FREE     Se Habla espanol. 1-800-
                                 NEEDED.          Services         Computerized Print Out!        764-0035      www.lowerour-
                                 Guaranteed. NO COST to            FREE Recorded Message.         rate.com
                                 You! (562)244-1744, 24            The Real Estate Group 1-
                                                                   877-641-2334 ID#1042           HORSE COUNTRY
                                                                                                  BARSTOW 4.3 Acre View
                                        BANK REPO!!                                               Lot with 3bdrm, 2ba Remod,
                                       No Money Down!              FORECLOSURE OPPOR-             Mfg Home, New Rf, Furn,
                                   Long Beach Duplex 2-3           TUNITIES!                      Ktchn, Etc, Ok to Brd Horses,
                                                                   DOWNEY-6 Bedroom, 5            $150,000. Cash & Fire Victim
                                   Bedroom & 2-Bath, Yard,
                                                                                                  Discount. 310-625-6168
                                    Parking, 2-Car Garage,         Bath, 3300 sq.ft.
                                    $499,000 OBO. Others           LA MIRADA-3 Bedrooms,
                                  Available! Call for a List of    Den & Pool- $460K.             LONG BEACH, BEACH
                                  Other Bank Repo’s! Broker        WHITTIER-3 Bedroom, 1          AREA Luxury 2 Bedroom, 2
                                     Sergio: 562-889-2860                                         Bath Condo, View, Remodel
                                                                   Bath $399K. Bank Owned!        Kitchen, Inside Laundry, 2
                                      No Agents Please.            Zero to 3% Down.               Parking Spaces, Low Price!!!
                                                                   3 Units for $619K              No $$ Down. Agent: 562-810-
                                                                   Call Brk Rojas 562-943-5577    6722

                                                                                                  REAL ESTATE LICENSE
                                                                                                  SCHOOL Special Through
                                                                                                  End of the Month! Earn
                                                                                                  $60,000 Your 1st Year!
                                                                                                  Certificate in 3 Weeks! $100
                                                                                                  Off with this Ad! 562-216-
                                   BAD CREDIT?
                                                                                                  WE BUY HOUSES FOR
                                   We Can Help!                                                   CASH     or    Take
                                                                                                  Payments! *Any House,

                                   We can permanently                                             Area, or Condition! *Avoid
                                 improve your credit score!                                       Foreclosure!* Save Credit!
                                                                                                  Close Quickly! Call (714)225-
                                  Call now for a FREE                                             5162

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  ***MONEY TO LOAN***             FULLERTON DON’T MISS            FORCED TO SELL!                     BELL Low Rent 2
    Good or Bad Credit.           OUT! Balcom Park has            Steal this Condo at $179K!       Bedrooms $785 w/Garage.
     Combine 1st & 2nd            Spacious Apartment Homes.       Near Long Beach State            single $450. Low Deposit.
 Mortgages & Save! Behind                                         College. Pool, Spa, Tennis
                                  Newly          Remodeled                                         We have Other Ones. 562-
    on Payment Ok! Call:                                          Courts, Gym, and Beautiful
                                  Apartments and Property.                                                 928-8088
       (310)766-4021.                                             Grounds. 562-216-5849
                                  Gated Community & Parking.
                                  Sparkling Pool. Laundry,
                                  BBQs, 1-Bedroom, from           MOTIVATED SELLER!!!                  HOUSE FOR RENT
                                  $1050 Month, 2-Bedroom          Arcadia Condo, completely             New Construction!
We Can Help!!!!!!!!!
                                  from $1395 Month. $600          Remodeled! 4 Bedrooms, 3          DESERT HOT SPRINGS
Cut Your 30yr Payment in
                                                                  Baths, 1700 sqft! Very           3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, 3 Car
1/2. Ask Me How. You Got          Move-in Special! 714-879-
                                                                  Spacious! Walking Distance           Garage. Huge Yard!
Bad Credit? Do You Want A         0931.                           to Shopping Centers & Easy
Credit Home Loan? Call Fred                                                                          $1650/month. Call Now!
                                                                  Freeway Access! Near Great
951-522-6761. Call Paul 949-                                                                             323-605-2019
                                                                  School District! $585,000.
842-1804                          IT’S PARADISE! Lynwood          Call Now!!! Anna 562-397-
homesloansrealty@yahoo.co         Palm Villa Apartment Homes.     5017
m                                 Immaculate, Spacious 1& 2                                        LONG BEACH 2 Bedrooms
                                  Bedroom Apartment Homes                                            $780 w/Garage & Yard.
                                  in a Gated Community,                  LOTS/LAND                    3 Bedrooms $950 2
APARTMENTS FOR RENT               Sparkling Pool. Ask About our                                     Bathrooms, Garage and
                                  Move-in Bonus. 310-669-         LUCERNE VALLEY LOT                          Yard.
 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath, 2 Car         9077.                           AVAIL Mountain Views.            Single $450. Low Deposits.
       Garage For Rent                                            Corner 2-Acre w/Electricity.     We have Others in Different
       Immaculate New                                             $59,000obo Great Location                  Areas.
 Construction! Stainless Steel       NEWLY UPGRADED!!             for Building! agt/owner 310-            562-928-8088
  Appliances! $1,895 Month.         COMPLETE COMMUNITY            594-0201. Others Available.
             And                          RENOVATION!
 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 2 Car          BUENA PARK 2-Bedrooms
   Garage House for Rent          from $1,375. Trash, Water &
   Remodeled! Appliances           Gas Paid. New Appliances!
   Included! $2,695 Month.
      Paul 562-712-9804
                                 Cabinets & HardWood Flooring!
                                     Air & Heating, Laundry
                                                                                                     WE BUY
 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath, 2 Car
                                  Facilities. No HUD. 877-635-
       Garage For Rent                                                                             ★ Fast Cash! ★
       Immaculate New
 Construction! Stainless Steel                                                                      Any condition!
  Appliances! $1,895 Month.
             And                                                                                    Any Location!
                                         Bank Repo
 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 2 Car
   Garage House for Rent                Only $1,000 Down.
                                                                                                   No Commission!
   Remodeled! Appliances            3 Bed 2 Bath 2 Car Garage.                                     www.powerhousecorp.com
                                   $1,057/month, 360 Payments.
   Included! $2,695 Month.
      Paul 562-712-9804                    5.99% A.P.R.                                            626-236-8188
                                  (714) 420-0910 Randi
MENT HOMES. Beautiful,                                             INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE
spacious     2     Bedroom                                                                         We Have a Loan
Apartment Homes in a Gated                                        BUY LAND NOW                      for Everyone
Community Near Disneyland            2847 E. Valley Blvd.
and Angel Stadium. Starting         West Covina, Ca. 91792              10% Down                    No Broker Origination
at $1325. 888-295-6760               (626) 965-4530                 Financing by Owner                  Fee or Points
                                    Spacious 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom     50 Parcels to Choose from in     SAVE $$$ ON YOUR LOAN
DON’T        MISS      OUT!       Apartment Homes $1,087-$1,597      North L.A./South Kern
DOWNEY VILLAGE APART-                 ✓ Designer Upgrades                                          The Mortgage Depot
MENT HOMES. 1 Bedrooms.               ✓ Patios / Balconies         500 Photos, Maps, Info at:
A/C,       Cozy,      Newly           ✓ Central Air/Heat               www.fwood.com                is a Direct Lender
                                      ✓ 2 Pools & Playground
Remodeled! (Selected Unite)           ✓ Gated Access                    SE HABLA ESPAÑOL
                                                                                                   Refinance or Purchase.
Gated Community. Sparkling
Pool.     Award     Winning        MOVE IN SPECIAL*                 Great for your 1031 Exchange   310-849-2655
                                   $100 OFF Move-In Costs w/Ad
Landscape. Starting at $970.
$600 off 1st Month. 888-298-            *On Approved Credit       661-270-0065                     FHA, Conventional & ALT A

   Call the Super Shopper at 1-800-710-2156 to place your ad! www.SuperShopper.org
              Call 1-800-710-2156 to Place Your Ad • Super Shopper • January 2008 • Issue 123 • Page 7

  HOUSES FOR RENT                                 LEASE                     MOBILE HOMES                   HOUSE FOR SALE

    LOS ANGELES 2                       GARDENA                         FOR SALE BY OWNER               3 HOMES FOR THE PRICE
   Bedrooms, Spacious                   Combination         Shop,       1344 sqft Mobile Home in        OF 2 CONDOS in Redondo
w/Garage and Yard $780. 3               Warehouse,   Office   and       Beautiful Senior Gated Pk 2     Beach.     Owner     Highly
                                        Showroom. Great Condition.      Bdrm, 1 3/4 Ba, Fam Rm,         Motivated. 562-290-9222.
   Bedrooms, Garage, 2                                                  Dining Rm, New CPT, Paint,           ————————-
Bathrooms and Yard $950.                Vacant. On Major Street.
                                                                        Tile. $95,000 Low Space         3 CASAS POR EL PRECIO
Single $450. Low Deposits.              Secured Yard and Parking.
                                                                        Rent. 714-421-3918              DE 2 CONDOMINIOS en
                                        Agent Joaquin (323)893-
       562-928-2988                                                                                     Redondo Beach. Vendedor
                                        6581.                                                           Motivado. 562-290-9222
                                                                        OWNER DESPERATE TO
   SPACE FOR RENT                                                       SELL!!! WHITTIER Senior 5
                                        STORE FOR LEASE                 Star Gated Park. Corner Lot.    Buy Me...I’m Beautiful!
                                        City of Maywood at Atlantic &   Large 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath.        WHITTIER 4 Bedroom, 2-
SPACE 4 RENT                            slauson. Approx 900-1725        Completely       Upgraded!      Bath, 2 Car Garage. Huge
Gardena        Big          Empty       sqft. Rent $1.40 per sqft.      Vacant!    $25,000   Below      Master Suite w/Full Bath and
                                        Cams $.45 per sqft. Call        Market Value! $65,000obo.       Walk-in Closet. Central AC &
Backyard for RV or Trailer.                                             Call Now! 714-209-6885          Heat. Recently Remodeled!
                                        Now! 562-694-1626
Also Empty Lot for Parties                                                                              Security Alarm System. Price
Etc. We also Provide Valet                                                                              Reduced to $528,000. Will
                                            MOBILE HOMES                   HOUSE FOR SALE               Help with Closing Costs! Call
Parking     Services       for    all                                                                   Nora: 323-573-2832!
Occasion. Mini Market and                                               FREE MONEY!
                                        FOR SALE
                                                                        COMPTON 2-3 Bedroom
Store     Shelves    for       Sale.    2003 Fleetwood 2 Bdrm, 2                                        DIVORCE SALE! MUST
                                                                        Homes. Up To $150,000
Please     Give     us     a     Call   Bath, Hardwood Floors,          Down Payment Assistance.        SELL! Beautiful 4 Bedroom,
                                        Open Floor Plan. Owner          Low Monthly Payments.           2 Bath, 2 Car Garage Home
(310)686-4375.           Ask      for                                                                   Completely     Remodeled!
                                        Anxious! Low Sp. Rent-          Other Cities Available! Habla
Manuel.                                 National 310-534-5755           Espanol. Gloria 562-843-        Large Family Room with a
                                                                        7090.                           View! Large Yard! A Must
                                                                                                        See!!! Michael 562-577-

                                                                                                        FOR SALE BY OWNER
                                                                                                        Hawaiian           Gardens
                                                                                                        Remodeled Home. 2 Bed, 1
                                                                                                        Bath, 2 Car Garage. Formal
                                                                                                        Dining     Room,     Hugh
                                                                                                        Backyard. R 2 Lot. 949sq.ft.
                                                                                                        6438sq.ft. Lot. Se Habla
                                                                                                        Espanol. Linda 310-968-

                                                                                                        GOVERNMENT GRANTS!
                                                                                                        Long Beach & All -Areas Up-
                                                                                                        To $100,000. Closing-Paid!!
                                                                                                        Free-List of Properties AVAIL-
                                                                                                        ABLE. Bank-Repos. Fixers!!
                                                                                                        Many-Others!! Agt. 562-308-

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   HOUSE FOR SALE                  HOUSE FOR SALE

GREAT INVESTMENT!               Own in Orange County!
4 Unit 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom     Cheaper than Renting! Brand
Property     for  Beginning     New Golden West Homes!
                                Many Floorplans to Choose          DONATE YOUR CAR                              PARALEGAL SERVICES
Investor, No Rent Control.
                                from in Family and 55+
Seller May Pay Closing Cost     Communities.      Excellent
ONLY for Approved Buyer.        Financing and Warranties.        HELP THE CHILDREN                              $$$ACCESS          LAWSUIT
Call Chryar Mortgage &          Call Ed Ballinger 714-342-       Donate Unwanted Vehicles                       CASH NOW!!! As Seen on
Investments Ask for Al @        8281                             and Receive a $2,000 Gift                      TV. Injury Lawsuit Dragging?
                                626-622-2887.                    with     Mention    of    Ad.                  Need $500-$500,000+ Within
                                                                 Certificate and Tax Write Off.                 48/Hours? Low         Rates.
Lic #01720382.                                                   Free     Towing     Maximum                    APPLY NOW BY PHONE! 1-
                                     VISIT US ONLINE             Deduction Hassle Free. 1-                      866-386-3692
                                 AT www.SuperShopper.org         877-482-8383                                   www.injuryadvances.com
BUY!!!! Superb Investment
Opportunity.      Completely    WHITTIER Lease with Option
Remodeled 2 Bed, 1 Bath         to Buy! 4-Bedroom, 2-Bath,               SERVICES
Home. Detached Garage &         2-Car Detached Garage.
                                1720 sq.ft. $20,000 Down         97% Commercial Loans Up
Carport, Outdoor Fireplace &
                                then Take Over Payments!         To         $1.5mil.       No
builtin BBQ. Totally remod-
eled Walls, Wiring, Plumbing,
                                $3200 Month Includes Tax &       Documentation       Required.                       Call Us To Place
                                Insurance. Call Now! 562-
Fixtures, Floors & Windows!     903-9089
                                                                 Verifiable          Seasoned                        Your Ad Today:
                                                                 Verification of Deposit. No
Zoned R3 to Build Additional                                     Credit Check or Credit Score                             1 (800)
Units. 6162 Easton St Los                                        Required. From $300K to
Angeles 90022. Mr Roman
                                COMMERCIAL PROPERTY
                                                                 $50mil. For More Info Call
213-509-8073.                                                    Fred 951-522-6761
                                HISTORIC ROUTE 66                homesloansrealty@yahoo.co                       www.hiringnow.org
                                Approx. 3.3 Acres Between        m
                                Victorville & Barstow. Metal
 Motivated Seller!!!            Warehouse & Old wood,
 *IMMACULATE FAMILY HOME*       Rock, Brick Building on          THE NEW LYNWOOD WOR-
                                Property. Near the Resort        SHIP CENTER
    3 Bedrooms, 2               Town of Silver Lake, in          A Church for the Entire
   Baths 1418 sq ft             Helendale. Call Toni!!! 310-     Family. Sunday Morning
 House on 19,000sqft            707-4139.                        Service.    10am    Prayer.
                                                                 10:30am Children Church.
  lot HUGE Front &                                               10:30am-12:30pm Church
                                OFFICE AND RETAIL SPACE          Service. Thursday Night
      Back Yards.
                                                                 Bible Study 6:30-8pm. Friday
    Attached 2 Car               FOR RENT COMMERCIAL             Kids and Youth Club 4pm-
   Garage. Asking                SPACE IN LOS ANGELES            8pm. 11984 Santa Fe Ave
                                  & MONTEBELLO AREA!             Lynwood, Ca 90262
 $210,000obo Agent                 Approx. 800sqft, can be       Tel: 310-639-9961
 310-351-0430, 714-             used or retail or as a profes-
                                sional office. Ready for Move
       236-9125                     in. $1160 month. Call
                                 Richard 323-725-7100 x226
3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Home.
Large Remodeled Kitchen,
Fireplace. Large Yard. 2 Car
                                                                                MEDICAL CLINIC OF LONG BEACH
                                                                                 Services:                             Other Services:
Garage. No Credit OK! 0                                                          • Diabetes, Cholesterol, Anemia       • Warts
                                                                                 • Arthritis, High Blood Pressure,     • Weight Control
Down,           Government                                                         Allergies                           • Personalized Exercises
Financing! Call Now! 562-                                                        • Infections/STD’s                    • Mesotherapy
577-7776                                                                         • Colds, Flu                            (fat reduction)
                                                                                 • Pap Smear                           • Botox
                                                                                 • Surgeries/Toe Nail Infections       • Chelation
                                                                                 • Pregnancy Exam                      • Massages (back pain, neck,
NEW LOW PRICE!                                                                   • Gastritis                             shoulders, etc.)
3-Bedroom, 2Bath, 2 Car           Call now to                                    • DMV Physical

                                                                      50% off
Attached Garage. 1330 sqft                                                                              Physical Therapy for Automobile Injuries

Home Located on Cul-de-          place your ad!                                                          Pharmacy Available for Cash Patients
                                                                                                        Complete Physical and Blood Exam $100
Sac. Quiet Neighborhood.
                                 1-800-710-2156                   1st Consultation                             Vitamin B-12/B Complex
                                                                                                              Insurance or Cash Accepted
Remodeled Kitchen. Easy
Financing! only $309,000!
Call Now! 562-688-9592
                                 SuperShopper.org                562-728-9600 • 273 E South St Long Beach, CA 90805

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                                                                                                    CASAS DE VENTA

                                                                                                 OTORGAS DEL GOVIER-
                                                                                                 NO!! Long Beach y Todas las
                                                                                                 Areas. Hasta $100,000. Lista
      ALFOMBRAS                         SERVICIOS                    CASAS DE VENTA              de     Propiedades   gratis.
                                                                                                 Repocisiones y muchas mas.
MARIN’S CARPET CLEAN-                                             Cerca de Ejecusion de          Lislie 562-843-7524
                                 LEGALIZACION Y TRANS-
ING                                                               Hipoteca 3 Recamaras 2
                                 PORTE      de    Vehiculos   a
Lavamos Alfombras      de                                         Banos Cocina Remodelada,       VENTA DE DIVORCIO!! LA
Carros y Casas, Muebles,         Mexico.            Mejoramos     Chimenea. Yarda Grande.        TIENE QUE VER Linda Casa
Cotisacion Gratis. Usamos        Cualquier Precio por Escrito.                                   de 4 Recamaras, 2 Banos,
                                                                  Garage para 2 Carros. No
Maquinas Profesionales. A                                                                        Garage para 2 Carros,
                                 Trabajos        Garantizados.    Credito OK! 0 Deposito.        Recien Remodelada, Cuarto
Muy Buen Precio. Trabajo
                                 (323)494-4468.                   Financiamiento     por   el    Familiar Con LInda Vista,
Garantizado. Carlos 323-                                                                         Yarda Grande. La Tiene Que
                                                                  Govierno. Llame al 562-577-
313-8463                                                                                         Ver. Michael 562-577-5381
     ELECTRICISTA                                                                                    CONSTRUCCION
                                PARA REMODAELACIONE               Casa Hermosa en Area
E L E C T R I C I S T A                                                                         “Construccion general/
                                del interior llame a don          Deseable. 3 Recamaras, 2
RODRIGUEZ                                                                                       plomeria”! Necesita sacar
Comercial y Residencial.        miguel. Hacemos trabajos          Banos. Amplia. Lista Para     permiso en la ciudad?
Instalaciones, Reparaciones     electricos, plomeria, pintura,    Moverse. Techo Nuevo. Aire    le puedo ayudar.
d/Cableado, Cortos Circuitos,                                     Acondicionado.      Yarda     Mario (323)228-5411
etc. Presupuestos Gratis.                                         Grande Con BBQ y Jacuzzi.     #LIC 632133
(562)965-2699, (562)712-        Todo en remodelacion.             Agente Joaquin (323)893-
2594.                           (213)300-5597                     6581.

  Call the Super Shopper at 1-800-710-2156 to place your ad! www.SuperShopper.org
★                                          ★
★   FIGUEROA’S                             ★
                                                                                                      Banos Para Fiestas
                                                                                                       y Consturccion
★                                          ★
★                                          ★                                                             Precios Economicos.
★                                          ★
★                                          ★
                                                                                                           Entrega Sabado.
★   Especialistas en cobre.                ★                                                          Se Levantan los Domingos.
    Problemas de drenaje,                  ★
                                                                                                        Para mas Informacion:
★    Lineas de gas, agua,                  ★
    estableze garbage disposable, insta-   ★                                                         (310)
★                                          ★
★    laciones de valvulas y calentones,    ★                                                         955-7697
★                                          ★
★          problemas de goteras.           ★
★                                          ★
★   Casa:  323-569-2461                    ★
★                                          ★
★    Cell: 323-533-7325                    ★
★                                          ★                                                         www.eagleportable.com

                        CLINICA MEDICA DE LONG BEACH
                       Servicios:                               Otro Servicios:
                       • Diabetis, Colesterol, Anemia           • Verrugas
                       • Artritis, Alta Presion, Alergias       • Control de Peso
                       • Infecciones/Enfermedades               • Ejercicios personales
                         sexualmente transmitidas               • Mesotherapy
                       • Resfriados, Dolores                      (reduccion de grasa)
                       • Papanicolao                            • Botox
                       • Cirugias/unas enterradas               • Suero Vitaminado
                       • Prueba de embarazo                     • Masaje (sobador) (dolor de
                       • Gastritis                                espalda, cuello, hombros, etc)
                       • Fisico para el DMV
                                                   Terapia Fisica por Accidentes de Autos
     50% de Descuento en                   Farmacia Disponible para pacientes pagando en efectivo.
                                              Examen fisico y examen de sangre completo $100.
      su Primera consulta                               Vitamina B-12 / Complejo B
                                                  Aceptamos aseguranza privada o efectivo.

    562-728-9600 • 273 E South St Long Beach, CA 90805

                                                                                                           iRegistrese Ahora!
                                                                                                            Ayudante de Enfermera (CAN)
                                                                                                          Ayudante de Salud de Casa (HHA)
                                                                                                              • Formacion corta • Plan de pago
                                                                                                                    • Ayuda de colocacion
                                                                                                           1-877-GENOVA1           4   3   6   6   8   2   1
                                                                                                                    1300 W. Olympic Blvd. Ste 401
                                                                                                                       Los Angeles CA 90015
                                                                                                                             Hablamos Español
                 Call 1-800-710-2156 to Place Your Ad • Super Shopper • January 2008 • Issue 123 • Page 11

      CONSTRUCCION                      CONSTRUCCION                          CONSTRUCCION                       PLOMERO

*ARGUETA CONSTRUC-                MARQUEZ CONTRUCCION                     PLANOS Y CONSTRUC-              “ALL STAR ROOTER”
CION*                                                                     TION                            PLOMERIA        GENERAL.
                                  Se Hacen Remodelacionez
Residencial/Comercial.                                                    En    General     Adiciones,    Expertos en Drenaje, Cobre,
Casas            Nuevas,          Exterior-Estucco, Techos,               Remodelaciones de Casas,        Calentadores.         100%
Remodelaciones,                   Cemento, Ladrillo, Ventana,             Legalisasion de Adiciones sin   Garantia.      Lic#864342.
Addiciones.      Trabajo          Block       Interior-Drywall,           Permiso. Calidad y Rapidez      Estimados Gratis. (562)639-
Garantizado. Seguro de            Pintura, Textura, Molduras,             Garantizada. Alfredo 323-       5556. 1(877)663-7470.
Construccion.  (323)854-                                                  316-3205
                                  Granito, Ceramica, Puertas.
2060. Rodrigo Lic# B-
707159.                           Estimados Gratis. (323)236-                                             ACEVEDO’S PLUMBING
                                  7633 (323)526-9767 Gonzalo                    MERCANCIA                 Rooter, Llaves, Molinos
                                                                                                          Bilers, Heaters, Lineas de
CONSTRUCCION GENER-                                                                                       Agua y Gas Destapamos
AL. 12 ANOS EXPERIEN-                                                     $GRATIS 100 BLUE                Drenajes, Tinas y Toilets a
                                  MENDOZA’S CONSTRUC-
CIA Trabajos Garantizados,
                                  TION & GARAGE DOORS
                                                                          JEANS           Levis,          Muy Buen Precio. (323)223-
Pintura,          Plomeria,                                               Guess, Gap, Diesel,             3521 (323)595-8227
Electricidad,       Techos,       Tile   Remodelacion     en
Cementos,        Adiciones.       General    Tile    Framing              Lucky,      Tommy’s,
Landscaping.     (310)467-                                                Trueligion, Elly, Etc.          Repiping! Copper. Servicio
                                  Bathrooms,      Keychains.                                              de Drenaje Reparacion de
2010, (310)762-9876.                                                      Compre 200 Reciba
                                  Presupuestos        Gratis.                                             Floor Heatings. Instalacion
                                  Plomeria y Electricidad.                100 Gratis $2.99                de      Water     Heaters,
FRANK’S HAULING                   Cubrimos Todas Las Areas.               Cada Pieza. 818-                Residencial y Comercial.
Demolicion,      Acarreamos,                                                                              (310)676-3388    (213)453-
Construcion, Se Limpian
                                  (626)523-8601    (626)442-              522-9824.      Speak            4446 Lic#784206.
Yardas...Servicio         de      8132.                                   English
Contenedores. Estimados
Gratis. Cell: (818)554-5926                                                                                  AUTOS DONADOS
Work: (818)708-7729                                                               HERERIA
                                                                                                          EYESORE IN YOUR DRIVE-
                                                                          Remodels,         Bathrooms,      WAY? Pago $$$$ por tu
                                                                          kitchens,      Tile,    Paint     jonke. Recojida Gratis.
                                                                          exterior/Interior, Etc. We       Compro tu jonke 323-864-
                                   Reposeida por el Banco                 Accept      Credit    Cards.              8567
                                   Solo $1,000 de Entre. 3 Recamaras,     (562)972-5607 No License.
                                     2 banos, Garage para 2 Carros.
                                    $1,057, 360 Pagos. 5.99% A.P.R.                                         COMPRA DE AUTOS
                                                                           COMPRAS DE CASAS
                                   (714) 420-0910 Randi                                                         ABEL TOWING
                                                                          REMATE                           Compramos Todo Tipo de
                                                                          Ejecucion de una Hipoteca       Carros Para Yonke con o Sin
                                                                          Bancaria. Gratis Lista de        Papeles. Servicios las 24
                                  D.J. CENTROAMERICA                      Propiedades de Ejecucion de     Hrs. Pagamos Buen Precio.
                                     Se Toca Musica Para Toda             una Hipoteca. Reciba Gratis          Semana Mexicana.
                                  Occasiones: Reggae, Merengue, Cumbia,   una              Impresion        Llamar sin Compromiso:
                                          Punta, Nortena, Banda           Computarizada.       Gratis      (310)817-3216, (323)810-
                                      Gran Especial $50.00 por Hora.      Mensaje Registrado. The            9838 o (310)766-0128
                                       Llame Para Mas Infomacion.         Real Estate Group 1-877-
                                  (310) 537-4034 (562) 335-9287           641-2334 ID#2042

                                      COMPRO                              Mariachi America
     Long Beach
 1-Recamara, 1-Bano                “BABY FORMULA”                          De Guadalajara
                                                                           Brinda lo Mejor en Musica
   Espacio de Traila               iiiLLAME AHORA!!!                           de Ayer y Siempre.
 $1,000 Deposito $718
     Pago Mensual
                                  (213) 219-3378                              Precios Rasonables.
                                                                          Llamar para mas Informacion.
                                   Pregunte por Maritza                   323-385-3820 Florentino
   (310) 863-3102                  Le Sobraron?
(G-28: $15,735 Precio total,
13% Fijo
20-anos)                           No Las Ocupa?
                                   No LasTire Yo
                                   Se Las Compro!!

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  COMPRA DE AUTOS                         TIENDAS                       CASAS EN RENTA               APARTAMENTOS EN RENTA

ALGOS TOWING                    Almacen de Errendamiento                BELL Abajo Costo 2            ES EL PARAISO! Palm Villa
$$$ Por su Carro Viejo,         Ciudad de Maywood entre              Recamaras $785 y Garage.         Apartments en Lynwood
Chocado, Descompuesto,          Atlantic     y     Slauson.              3 Recamaras $950.            inmaculado espacioso 1 y 2
Etc. Pagamos Muy Bien de        Approximamente         900-                  Single $450.             Recamaras en Comunidad
Acuerdo al Ano del Carro.       1725sqft. Renta $1.40 por            Depositos Bajos Tengo Otras      Privada    Con     Alverca.
Atencion 24 Horas. (323)596-    sqft. Cams $.45 por sqft.               Mas. (562)928-8088            Pregunte por Nuestro Bonus
                                Llame al 562-694-1626.                                                de Mudanza. 310-669-9077
6158 (818)679-7670.
                                                                         CASA DE RENTA
                                VENTA DE PROPIEDADES                                                  FULLERTON NO SE LO
       SOLDADURA                                                         Nueva Construcion.
                                                                      DESERT HOT SPRINGS              PIERDA!!! Balcom Park
                                Invierta Inteligentemente.            3 Recamaras, 2 Banos, 3         Tiene          Apartamentos
IRON WORK                       Compre            Propiedades                                         Espaciosos. Apartamentos
                                                                       Carros. Yarda Grande.
Ventanas, Folding Gates,        Reposeidas. Directamente                                              Recien        Remodelados.
                                                                     $1650 al Mes. Llame Ahora!
Fence Soldadura, Roll UP        de el Banco, Poco de                                                  Comunidad       y    Parking
Doors, Bardas de Block, Tile,   Enganche            Requerido.                                        Privado. Alverca, Lavanderia,
Linolio, Pisos de Cemento       Refiancie Hoy, Saque Dinero,                                          BBqs. Una Recamara Desde
Reparaciones. Presupuesto       Estabilize y Baje sus Pagos.             CASA DE RENTA                $1050 al Mes. 2 Recamaras
Gratis. Pregunte por Juan       Llame Hoy Alberto Romero                 Nueva Construcion.           desde $1395 al Mes. $600
                                323-327-3330                          DESERT HOT SPRINGS              Para Moverse. 714-879-0931
                                                                      3 Recamaras, 2 Banos, 3
                                CONDICIONADOS DE VENTA                 Carros. Yarda Grande.          NO SE LO PIERDA!
Lucero’s Iron Work                                                   $1650 al Mes. Llame Ahora!       Apartamentos en Downey
SOLDADURA/WELDING en                                                       323-605-2019               Village 1 Recamara. A/C,
General. Fences, Security       O.C. HEATING & AIR
                                COND. INC. Llame para                                                 Comodo,             Recien
Doors,    Gates,    Window                                                                            Remodelado.    Comunidad
                                Ventas, Instalaciones y              LONG BEACH 2 recamaras
Guards,     Etc.    Trabajo                                                                           Privado,           Alverca.
                                Servicio. Especialisamos en           $780 y Garage con Yarda.
Garaztizado. (800)532-5705,     Retro-Fitting,       Custom                                           Empesando desde $970
(310)9402487.                                                         3 Recamaras $950 con 2          $600 Descuento en el Primer
                                Designs, Casas Viejas,                 Banos, Garage y Yarda.
                                Remodelaciones            y                                           Mes. 888-298-3351.
                                                                       Single $450. Depositos
                                Addiciones. Servicio las 24
            PISO                                                     Bajos Tengo Otras en Varias
                                Horas. Lic#882674 (310)                                               NO SE LO PIERDA!! Lucera
                                                                        Areas. 562-928-8088.
                                413-4429                                                              Apartments en Anaheim.
RODRIGUEZ SOFT FLOOR-                                                                                 Hermoso     y    Espacioso
ING Instalamos, Carpeta,                                                 LOS ANGELES 2                Apartamento       de     2
Mosaico, Vinilo, Piso de        AIR WEST
                                Calenton/Aire Condicionado.            Recamaras, Amplia con          Recamaras en Comunidad
Madera, Piso de Ceramica,                                              Garage y Yarda $780. 3         Privada.     Cercas     de
                                Servicios y Instalaciones.
Linolio. Estimados Gratis.                                              Recamaras $950 con            Disneyland y Angel Stadium
                                Reparamos Todas Clases de
Llame (323)841-2023                                                   Garage y 2 Banos, Amplia        desde $1325. 888-295-6760.
                                Marcas mas Estimados
                                Gratis en Instalaciones. No            con Yarda. Single $450.
                                Deposito. Gas Company                 Depositos Bajos. 562-928-
      ELECTRONICO                                                               2988.
                                Financing 714-978-7877

Panel   100     amplificador      $ Pico Rivera / Whittier / SFS $
$1399, 200 amplificador           Top Pay For Cars
$1699, Detector de Humo           Running Or Junk
                                   Compra Carros
$89, Recreo de Luces $89.         Buenos O Jonke
Lic#853477. (310)989-4017               Free Towing
Julio                                  (562) 699-4802 or
www.cuellarelectric.com               (562) 644-1980 24/7

 Invierta en su Futuro          MUDANZAS/MOVING
Invirtiendo en Terrenos            (714) 615-0582
                                  Dentro y Fuera del Estado.
                                                                     VENTA DE LIQUIDACION!
      10% de Entre,                Precios Bajos, Estimados            LO TENEMOS TODO!!!!!!! NUEVO Y USADO!!!
Financiamiento por Dueno         Gratis. Moving Services. 5%,         Cuadros: $5 +                Relojes: $2 +
                                     10%, 50% Descuento
                                                                      Escritorios: $25 +           Camas: $25 +
  50 Paquetes para escoger             Para informacion
                                 714-615-0582 949-722-1048            Sillas: $2 +                 Equipajes: $5 +
 entre el Norte L.A./Sur Kern       714-615-0435 Freddy               Televisiones: $10 +          Centro de Entretenimiento: $50 +
500 fotos, mapas, para mas                                            Zapatos Nuevos: $5 +         Savanas: $1 +
   inf. www.fwood.com                                                 Radios: $5 +                 Tuallas de Dos Piesas: $0.50 +
  Perfecto para su cambio                                             Tocadores: $60 +             1970’s Records: $0.50 +
          de 1031                                                     Buros: $25 +                 Comedor con 4 Sillas: $60 +

 661-270-0065                                                         Y Muchas Cosas Mas!! 310-834-6317
            Call 1-800-710-2156 to Place Your Ad • Super Shopper • January 2008 • Issue 123 • Page 13


                                                       FOR SALE
MIRADA            Pinecrest
Apartments          Recien
Remodelados.        Parking
Privado,     Alverca,     2
Lavanderias.    1     y   2             HOLY SCROLLS                      WANTED ITEMS                        AUTOS WANTED
Recamaras,      Empesando
desde $1050 con un Ano de
                                  RUSH                                  Sell Your Used/Unused                WE BUY ANY
Arrendamiento. $500 para
                                       U.N     BAND                             Albums                       CAR,TRUCK,
Moverse. Llame 888-275-
                                  INDUSTRY                             Collector buying used and
                                                                                                             OR VAN! Any
                                  SUNFAST,2/3 WASTE                   unused record albums & 45s
                                  FEW.COOLING SINK-                  issued in 50s & 60s. 626-665-           Condition! And
       MUDANZAS                   ING.                                            4448                      we pay top dollar!
MUDANZAS POSADA                          POOL TABLES                     AUTOS WANTED
Mudanzas Locales y Afuera                                                                                           AUTOS
del Estado. Buen Servicio.                                           $$$TOP DOLLAR$$$
                                         NEW & USED
Precios       Razonables.                                            We buy cars, vans, & trucks!         LYNWOOD MOTORS
                                   Pool tables & game room
Preguntar por Sr. Posada.                                            FREE TOWING                          Financing Available. Top
                                        supplies all sizes                                                Quality Used Cars. 11099 S.
(213)384-1380    (213)509-                                           Same Day Service.
                                          $549 and up.                                                    Atlantic Ave Lynwood Ca
6712.                                                                A MAGNUM TOWING
                                       Delivery available.                                                90262
                                     14324 Woodruff Ave              323-216-0390                         Tel: 310-632-7731
          VENTAS                   Bellflower\(562)461-2774                                               Fax: 310-632-7746
                                   Also do repairs & covering        CA$H*CA$H*CA$H
GARAGE DOORS                       www.breakzonebilliardsupplies.c   Top    Dollar    for   Your           JUNK CAR REMOVAL
Venta de Puertas, Abridores                      om                  Junk/Unwanted Vehicles. No
Automaticos para Garage.            Open Tues-Sat 1pm-7pm            Paper Work Needed. Free              ALGOS TOWING
Tambien            Hacemos          Must Mention Super Shopper       Towing. (562)712-7304.               $$$ For your Old , Crashed
Reparaciones. Presupuestos                                                                                Non Operating Car. We Pay
                                                                                                          Really Good Depending on
Gratis. Para Mas Informacion
                                   SUPER SHOPPER                     CASH FOR CARS                        the Year of the Car. Attention
Llamar a Nicolas (888)984-                                                                                24 Hours. (323)762-0110
4894 y (310)990-6168               Ready to do some                  TRUCKS & VANS.                       (818)568-2285.
                                    spring cleaning?                 RUNNING OR NOT
iALTO! TRANSMISIONES               Place an ad to sell               ANY CONDITION.                       EYESORE IN YOUR DRIVE-
                                                                                                            WAY? Top $$$$ Paid for
en Inventario Servicio Mismo       your old items not                TOW     IS   FREE.                    your junk car. Free pick-up.
Dia, Revision/Grua Gratis.
                                  being used anymore.                PLEASE        CALL:                  Car Transfer Available up to
Aceptamos V/MC Javier                                                                                       4 Cars. Compro tu jonke.
(310)604-4743      (310)637-             CALL                        (323)972-1413
1186.                               1-800-710-2156                   (323)201-1228

  LIQUIDATION SALE!                                                   POOL TABLE ZONE
   WE HAVE IT ALL!!!!!!! NEW & USED ITEMS!!!                         Brand NEW Pool Table
 Pictures: $5 & up
 Desks: $25 & up
                               Clocks: $2 & up
                               Beds: $25 & up
                                                                     & up
 Chairs: $2 & up               Suit Cases: $5 & up
 TV’s: $10 & up                Entertainment Centers: $50 & up         $25 off
                                                                      on accessories
 Brand New Shoes: $5 & up      Sheets: $1 & up                        with purchase
 Radio: $5 & up                Towels: $0.50 & up                     of pool table.                   We also carry bars, poker table,
                                                                                                pub table and other game room supply.
 Dressers: $60 & up            1970’s Records: $0.50 & up
 Night Stands: $25 & up        Kitchen Table w/4 Chairs: $60 & up        Call Now (888) 514-0484
     MANY MANY MORE ITEMS!!!! 310-834-6317                                      www.pooltablezone.com

  Call the Super Shopper at 1-800-710-2156 to place your ad! www.SuperShopper.org
                                                                                                              Shockadoo Electric Co.
                                                                                        HANES and ASSOC.
                                                                                                                       ★ Can Lights
                                                                                                                       ★ Radiant Ceiling Heat
                                                                                         ELECTRICAL                    ★ Service Changes
                                                                                           SERVICES                    ★ Remodel Works
                                                                                      References Available             ★ New Circuits
                                                                                           CA Lic. 894981              ★ Ceiling Fans

                                                                          (562) 308-6533                      Over 20
WOMEN SEEKING MEN                       MEN SEEKING WOMEN                 Residential & Commercial
                                                                                                              years of
                                                                            ★ New Panels/Sub-Panels
                                                                          ★ Recessed Lights/Ceiling Fans     experience
                                      I just won lump sum of money         ★ Add Plugs Inside and Out
SBF looking for a single
                                      and I would like to spend it with       ★Electrical Attic Fans
black/white male. 5’10+. tired        my future wife. Box#1739            ★ New Construction/Remodels        (562) 577-6760
of being along? Let’s meet &                                              No Cost Pre-Sale Inspection                     CA LIC (C-10) 893052

see if we have chemistry              Single male 42, looking for sin-
                                      gle christian female over 30
together. Box #4581
                                      under 50, race open. Must be
                                      Trustworthy. Over 4ft under 5ft.
                                                                                                             Eagle Portables Inc.
                                      Must attend church. Not money                                          Rent portable toilets & sinks
                                      hungry. Box#1550                                                        for construction sites and
                                                                                                                    special events.
The Super Shopper Dating advertisers would like to hear from                                                 We specialize in commercial,
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✁                                                                                                             • FAST Response Time (If not answered
                                                                                                                immediately, call returned within 20 minutes)
                                                                                                              • FAST Service Call Arrival (usually within
                                                                                                               1 hour for non-emergency jobs)
Name _________________________________________
                                                                                                              • NO Overtime

Address _______________________________________                                                               • 7 Days/24 Hour Service

                                                                                                              • Solve Drain & Sewer Location

City __________________State________Zip __________                                                            • Slab Leaks & Repairs

                                                                                                              • Toilet Repair / Replace (upgrade to a more
Daytime Phone__________________________________                                                                 powerful, more efficient model)
                                                                                                              • Water Heaters (repairs-installations)

❑ I am a Man seeking a Woman                                                                                  • Pipe Repairs & Re-Piping
❑ I am a Woman seeking a Man                                                                                  • Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades &
25 word free ad (additional words are $1.20 per word):                                                          Residential, Commercial & Industrial

 ______________________________________________                                                                FAST, RELIABLE, CLEAN,
                                                                                                                COURTEOUS SERVICE

 ______________________________________________                                                                  $25.00 off
                                                                                                                Your First Service Call
 ______________________________________________                                                                              with This Coupon

Send your free ad to: Super Shopper Dating 4425 Atlantic                                                             MOBILE AUTHORITY
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before calling).                                                                                               Saving Orange & L.A. Counties Since 1989
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                                                                                                                                                 CLEANING SERVICES

                                                                                                                                                HOUSE CLEANING
                                                                                                                                                We       Clean     Houses,
                                                                                                                                                Apartments and Commercial
                                                                                                                                                Property. Reasonable Prices.
                                                                                                                                                Professional Work. For More
                                                                                                                                                Info or Rates Please Call
                                                                                                                                                562-313-5358 or 562-313-

                                                                                                                                                  COMPUTER REPAIR

                                                  A-1 PERFORMANCE                                                                               COMPUTER SERVICES
                                                  ROOTER & PLUMBING                                                                             Computer
                                                   Specializing in plumbing.                                                                    Installation: Hard Drives,
                                                   Sewer and drain cleaning.                                                                    Backups, USB, Printers,
                                                                                                                                                Virus/Spayware Removal,
                                                 24hr Service                                                                                   Monthly        Maintenance
                                                                                                                                                Services. Affordable Prices,
                                                 Lic#896712                                                                                     Flexible Timing. At your
                                                 Fast Service                                                                                   Home/Office. Call Siva 714-
                                                 Reasonable Rates                                                                               www.sivacomputers.com

                                                  23 yrs. Professional Experience
                                                 (562) 292-1061                                                                                 *ARGUETA CONSTRUC-
                                                                                                                                                New Houses, Remodels,
                                                                                                                                                Additions. Work Guaranteed.
                                                                                                                                                Licensed for Construction.
                                                 Carpet Cleaning                                                                                (323)854-2060. Rodrigo Lic#
(562) 439-5309                                                                                                                                  B-707159.

 The Eco Friendly                               24 HR. Emergency Water Damage
 Alternative with                               • Residential &
                                                  Commercial              218-2636
                                                • Water Damage
 Zero Down Time                                   Restoration
                                                • Car Interior Cleaning   Se Habla Español
                                                • Carpet Repair &
                                                  Restretching           FREE ESTIMATE
 “Clean, Green & Dry”                           • Odor Control
                                                • Area Rugs
                                                • Deep Steam Cleaning
                                                                       $10.00 OFF
                                                                          WITH THIS COUPON
Commercial * Residential * Marine               • Truck Mounted Unit

562-331-1921 • LSV Development Inc.                                                              TUB MASTER
                                                                                                  We Refinish Tubs and Tiles
• Brand New Kitchen Starting at $6,950                                                        FULL USE OF BATHROOM… IN 12 HOURS!
 (oak cabinets, granite counter tops)                         You Name It,                                   Specializing in:
• Brand New Bathroom Starting at $4,900                                                      Tubs, Tile, Sinks, Showers, Formica Countertops,
 (new fixture, toilet, bath tub and tile floor, tile wall)
                                                              We Can Do It!                         Fiberglass Units, European Coating
                                                                                                       5yr. Warranty - Free Estimates
• We do Hardwood Floor, Laminate Floor, Carpet                                                           Can Use The Next Day!
• Interior, Exterior Painting, Crown Molding                                                 Ken Davis - Office: 310-695-695-7544
• Tile, Marble or Travertine                                                                          Cell: 562-743-3777
                                                                                                   Toll Free: 888-474-2284

                  $250 off
• Concrete Drive Way                                                                                  Satisfaction Guaranteed!

                or free stove
                                                                                                                           $200 INCLUDES
                                                                                                                             CHIP REPAIR
     Call James
                                                                                                                          2 COATS PRIMER
                                                 for kitchen or                                                            3 COATS WHITE
                                             bathroom remodeling.
                                                                                                                           2 COATS CLEAR

   Call the Super Shopper at 1-800-710-2156 to place your ad! www.SuperShopper.org
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CONSTRUCTION/CONTRACTORS            CONSTRUCTION/CONTRACTORS                           FLOORING                            HANDYMAN

FRANK’S HAULING                     REMODELING & ADDI-                         RODRIGUEZ SOFT FLOOR-                QUALITY WORK. REA-
Demo, Hauling, Construction,        TIONS                                      ING Installers, Carpet Tile,                SONABLE
Yard Clean-Up...Roll off Bins       New Construction, Framing,                 Tile, Vinyl, Hardwood, VCT           PRICES. 20 years experi-
Service. Free Estimates.            Kitchens & Baths! Excellent                Tile, Ceramic Tile, Vinyl Tile.       ence. Painting, Molding,
Cell:(818)554-5926                  References, Reliable! Free                 Etc. Free Estimates. Please             Drywall, Tile, Doors,
Work:(818)708-7729                  Estimates.     Lic#724991                  Call: (323)841-2023.                Windows, Repairs. 714-728-
                                    (323)733-7252    (323)898-                                                                1305
      JM CONSTRUCTION                                                                 HANDYMAN
      AND CONTRACTOR                                                                                               TONY’S HANDYMAN
    Full remodels, room addi-       STOP      CONSTRUCTION                      BANDERAS CONCRETE                  RESIDENTIAL & MOBILE-
   tions, & new Construction,       INC. FREE ESTIMATE.                          Block-walls, Driveways,           HOMES. Water & Damage,
 we can help you through the        Plumbing,         Framing,                  Patios. Sidewalks, Bricks-         Drywall, Texture, Painting.
 building permit process. Also      Extension,       Electrical,                walk, Flower beds, Pavers,         Tile,   Plumbing,    Water
  repairs & installations, car-     Roofing, Kitchen, Drywall,                 Landscaping, Tree Trimming          Heaters. (714)797-0253
  pentry, electrical, plumbing,     Concrete, Bathrooms. Cell #                     & Removel. Pedro               (714)826-2482
  flooring, wood fencing, dry-      323-377-5517 Office #323-                    Banderas, 310-283-7966
     wall, hard floor tiling and    750-1850
    concrete. Quality work at       Lic#818087
 affordable prices. (310)940-
            Lic #894860                                                       ★★★★★★★★★★★
                                                                              ★ AARON BUYS CARS ★
PRO MAINTENANCE                                                               ★     Trucks Running or Not!    ★
Apartment & Home Specialist                                                   ★ Top Dollar Paid! Free Towing. ★
Construction, Maintenance,                                                    ★ Se Habla Español. No Pink OK. ★
Plumbing, Painting & Hauling                                                  ★    323-974-7283 ★
Call Judy: 562-433-9460                                                       ★★★★★★★★★★★

                                         **AAA Rated Donation**

                                     Donate Your Car                                                                 WANTED:
                                                                                                                    YOUR TRADE
                                       Boat or Real Estate                                                                    Cash for
                                     • IRS Recognized Charity
                                                                                                                    ★Car ★Truck ★RV ★SUV ★Boat
                                                                                                                     Instant Cash in 5 Minutes
                                     • Fully Taxed Deductible
                                                                                                                    WE PAY TOP DOLLAR$
                                     • Free Pick up & Tow
                                                                                                                     Huntington Beach Auto Buyers
                                     • Any Make or Condition                                                              13970 Beach Blvd.
                                    1-800-934-4311                                                                   (714) 898-6151
                                      www.outreachcenter.org                                                         (949) 291-2029

                                      DONATE YOUR CAR,
                                       BOAT, TRUCK, RV
                                                                               CASH PAID FOR ANY VEHICLE
                                    American Red Cross                            $$ CASH NOW $$ !!
                                                                                                        Pink Slip or Not         Mention the Super
                                                                                                        Running or Not           Shopper & Receive
                                                                                                                                $10 EXTRA
                                    1-800-620-GIFT                                                 FREE TOWING
                                                                    4 4 3 8
                                             • Free Towing
                                           • No DMV Hassle
                                           • No Smog Check
                                      Consult your accountant for                                         TOWING
                                           tax advantages.
                                    On behalf of San Bernadino Red Cross.                      (562) 307-0414
                               Bring this publication with you to your interview!
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 MOVERS/STORAGE                  PLUMBING                        PAINTERS                   AIR & HEATING

  *$60.00 PER HOUR*                                     John’s Painting                AIR WEST
                         “ALL STAR ROOTER”                                             Heating            and      Air
  24 HR/7 DAYS. BEST                                    Interior, Exterior, Painting   Conditioning... Service and
                         General Plumbing. Experts in
 MOVERS, SERVES ALL                                     and Decorations. We Also       Installations..... We Repair all
CITIES. DISCOUNT FOR     Drainage, Copper, Heaters.                                    Brands Plus Free Estimates
                                                        Put Tile, New Windows and      on Installations. No Money
 HANDICAP & SENIORS.     100%           Guaranteed.                                    Down.       Gas        Company
                                                        Other House Repairs Etc.
GREAT PRICES, CALL US    Lic#864342. Free Estimates.                                   Financing 714-978-7877.
                                                        Office: 562-869-6008
                         (562)639-5556. 1(877)663-      Cell: 562-644-9235
        T16384.                                                                        O.C. HEATING & AIR
      323-630-9971,      74703                                                         COND. INC. Call for sales,
                                                                                       installations & service.
                                                                                       Specializing in retro-fitting,
                                                                                       Custom designs, older
                                                                                       homes, remodels & add-ons.
                                                           Cannot get                  24 Hour Service. Lic#882674

 Available monies                                                                      (310)413-4429
   for Trustees                                         approved for loan?
                                                        BAD CREDIT? We can help!             REMODELING
  Business Notes
                            Social Security               We can permanently
 Court Settlements         Disability Appeals           improve your credit score!     WE      REMODEL         YOUR
Annuities and More                                       Call now for a FREE           HOME OR OFFICE! We
                           “If we don’t win your                                       Specialize in Closets! Kitchen
                                                             consultation!             Cabinets, Bedroom Closets,
Get your monies           case you pay nothing”
sooner not later.
                                                         877-216-2950                  Garage Cabinets, Pantries,
                                                                                       Sliding Doors, and ANY Work
                              ATTORNEY                                                 you May Need! Call for a
Call: 888-239-0616         TONY S. ADDERLEY                                            FREE Estimate! Ruben 323-
     818-239-0616         1-800-296-7724

Professional           Tax       U.N BAND INDUSTRY
Preparation                      SUNFAST,2/3 WASTE
We’re Here All Year! Family      ING
Owned and Operated Since
*Small Business Bokkeeping              FIREWOOD
*All Business Taxes
*Personal Taxes                  MIXED FIREWOOD DELIV-
*Notary Service                  ERED $140 1/2 Cord. $250
                                 1 Cord. Stacking Available for
Hours: M-F 9am-5pm
                                 more Information (310)530-
Eves/Sat/ by Appointment
                                 6660        www.allstarland-
1230 E Wardlow Rd LB

        WINDOWS                                                        TAKE THE HIGH ROAD
                                                                        TO A NEW CAREER!!
    GLASS & WINDOW               CAMACHO’S AUTO GLASS              CR&R Inc. has immediate openings for experienced drivers.
  Frameless Shower Doors         Serving the Greater L.A. Area    We Offer: • Excellent Wages           Qualified Applicants:
 3/8 and 1/2in. Thick Glass.     & Surrounding Counties.          • Professional Work Environment                        • Valid CDL
  Replacement for Broken         Mobile Service & Best Prices.    • Family Medical, Dental & Vision             • Clean DMV Report
                                                                  • Life Insurance & Pension Plan     • Commercial Driving Experience
Glass, Aluminium and Vinyl       (323)445-5499
  Retrofit. Window Custom
 Made. (Closet Mirror Door
  and Wall Mirrors). FREE
ESTIMATES 562-728-7525.
                                 PARADIGM GLASS
                                 Custom Shower Doors,
                                                                                 Apply in person or send resume to:
     Fax 562-860-9842            Mirrors,      Closet   Doors      CR&R Inc. 11292 Western Ave., Stanton, CA 90680
                                 Installation. Free Estimates.
                                                                     (714) 826-9049 Fax: (714) 890-6361
                                 Se Habla Espanol. (909)455-                         Email: Vickiw@crrmail.com
  HEALTH & FITNESS               4254.

MENT      FDA     Approved.           ELECTRONICS
Medical Vacuum Pumps,
Viagra, Testosterone, Cialis,    FREE ESTIMATES
Gain 1’’-3’. Se Habla            Panel 100 Amps $1,399, 200
Espanol. 619-294-7777 Call       Amps      $1,699.   Smoke
                                 Detectors $89, Recess Lights         IMMEDIATE OPENINGS
                                 $89. Lic#853477 (310)989-
                                 4017 Julio www.cuellarelec-
                                                                         FOR DRIVERS
  APPLIANCE REPAIR               tric.com                          PAID TRAINING, FULL BENEFIT PACKAGE, MUST
                                                                    HAVE GOOD DRIVING RECORD, A COPY OF H-6
3-Ton Coil, Furnace, 13-                                              LICENSE FOR FIVE YEARS, NO FELONIES,
Seers Condenser, $3,200.
Service & Repairs. Free          A.D.R. GARAGE DOORS                NO MORE THAN TWO MOVING VIOLATIONS OR
Estimates Senior Discounts!      WINTER SPECIAL 2 Car              TWO ACCIDENTS WITHIN THE LAST 36 MONTHS,
Mario. (562)233-1299.            Garage $450. Springs &
                                                                          NO DUI IN THE PAST 15 YEARS.
                                 Repairs. Free Estimates.
                                 (909)618-3402. Lic#880848.
 CARPET/ HARDWOOD                                                   IMMEDIATE OPENINGS IN: ARCADIA,
                                                                  COMPTON, POMONA, SAN BERNARDINO,
30th year. 3-Rooms $28.50,                                        PASADENA, RANCHO CUCAMONGA, AND
5-Rooms      $48.50,    Sofa                                            EAST L.A. VALLEY AREAS.
$34.50.     Includes     Pre-
Spotting,         Defleaing,
Deodorizing,         Repairs,                                           START YOUR TRAINING TODAY!!
Restretching,      Instal-Dri.
Truck Equipment. Deepest
Extraction.     Guaranteed.                                             CALL RECRUITING
Carpet, Upholstery Dyeing.
No      Hidden      Charges.
                                                                    OFFICE (909) 379-1010
(714)540-1849, (949)454-                                             CELL (909) 771-0704
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                                                                                              DRIVERS NEEDED!
                                                                                              Class A, Min 1 yr Exp. No
                                                                                              Felonies. No DUI’s NO More
                                                                                              Than 2.5 Points. Full Time,
                                                                                              Part Time, Day to Day Shifts.
    ADMINISTRATIVE                 ADMINISTRATIVE             ADMINISTRATIVE                  Local Work. Great Pay, Great
                                                                                              Benefits. English a Must.
       Administration                                           **COMPUTER**                  Please Call 562-407-2300
                                CALL NOW TOP
                                                                 OFFICE JOBS
Busy Long Beach office is       PAY!!                     Answering phones typing
                                Schematic Grocery                                                    HANDY MAN
seeking reliable data entry &                              filing. Will train on com-
heavy phone admin assis-        R    e    s   e      t                 puter
tant. Must have good phone                                     at a training facility          EXPERIENCED HANDY-
voice, friendly and profes-     Merchandisers.                   No Experience                  MAN OR APARTMENT
sional. Must be computer lit-   Needed         Now!                Necessary                  MAINT. TECH Southern Los
erate and able to type mini-    Transportation                   (562) 949-0449               Angeles, Orange, Western
mum of 30 words per                                                                                    Riverside
minute. 3pm to 9:30 pm          Required. Grocery or                                              Counties.Plumbing,
Monday thru Friday. $8.00       S c h e m a t i c        APPOINTMENT SETTERS                      Electrical, Painting,
per hour to start plus admin-   E x p e r i e n c e                                                   Carpentry
istration bonus. Call Steve                              APPOINTMENT          SETTERS            $20+ p/h to start, F/T
before 2pm or John after        Required.          All
                                                         NEEDED!                              (562)426-7000 LA & N. OC
2pm at 562-728-7000 to set      Southern California      10am-3pm or 4pm-9pm. No                (949) 582-8085 S. OC
up interview.                   Areas. 714-278-9397      weekends. Long Beach Office.         (951) 351-1977 W. RIVER-
                                Night & Day Shifts       Hourly plus lots of bonuses!                     SIDE
                                                         Average reps earn $15 per hour.
                                                         Top reps earn $30 per hour.
                                                         Must read and speak English           CUSTOMER SERVICE
                                                         well. If you have a positive atti-
                                                         tude, good attendance, motivat-      APPOINTMENT SETTERS
                                                         ed to be a top producer, we want     NEEDED!
                                                         to interview you! 10 seats open      10am-3pm or 4pm-9pm. No
                                                         now. Call 24 hours 562-293-          weekends. Long Beach
                                                         3044.                                Office. Hourly plus lots of
                                                                                              bonuses! Average reps earn
                                                         BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES               $15 per hour. Top reps earn
                                                                                              $30 per hour. Must read and
                                                                                              speak English well. If you
                                                          Free 100 Jeans All Brands!          have a positive attitude, good
                                                          All Sizes! Levis, Guess,            attendance, motivated to be a
                                                          Tommy Hilfiger, Blue, Lee,          top producer, we want to
                                                          diesel Etc. Buy One Get One
                                                                                              interview you! 10 seats open
                                                          Free=$150.00 Each Limited
                                                                                              now. Call 24 hours 562-293-
                                                          Offer. Open One, 1st come
                                                          1st serve. 818-489-8805
                                                          English Speaking Only.
                                                                                              Customer Service - Health
                                                          LIVE     YOUR     DREAMS            Insurance
                                                          Introducing New High Impact
                                                          Products that Work! Real            Position involves calling
                                                          Body Makeovers Without              prospects that have inquired
                                                          Surgery. Help Others as a           about a health insurance plan
                                                          Hope Broker. Call 800-220-          and assisting client over the
                                                          0665.                               phone to fill out an on-line
                                                                                              application. Good computer
                                                                                              and internet skills required.
                                                                    DRIVERS                   Applicant must also be well
                                                                                              spoken and have the ability to
                                                          CLASS A DRIVERS                     learn multiple insurance
                                                          HAZMAT       DOUBLES A              plans quickly. This is a part
                                                          PLUS                                time position that can lead to
                                                          Immediate Openings! Local,          full time and bigger opportu-
                                                          Full Time & Part Time,              nities for the right person.
                                                          Benefits. Santa Fe Springs &        Call Steve at 562-283-1606
                                                          Ontario Locations. (562)404-        for a telephone interview.
                                                          3628, (909)923-5200.                $10.00 per hour plus bonus.

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       EDUCATION                           GENERAL                       REAL ESTATE                   SALES

CAREER          POSITIONS          EARN MORE MONEY                    AWARD WINNING          SALES
AVAILABLE Paid Training.           If You Want to Make More
Base Pay + Commission &                                                 REAL ESTATE          $10.00 per hour plus bonus!
                                   Money Without Quitting Your
Bonus. We Help you Obtain          Present Job....Please Call              SCHOOL            Weekly Pay Check.
Your License While you Get                                           Begin a New Career      Long Beach Office.
                                   Mike at 1 (866) 832-6121.
Paid. Call 562-498-7475 Ext:
251 or 562-440-9181.                                                   with High Income      Honest, Reliable,
                                   GLOBE        COMMUNICA-
                                                                      Potential!! Special    Self- Motivated and
                                   TIONS                              $199. Also Do You      Productive
                                   Has Positions in Long Beach       Need to Renew your      Sales People Needed.
  A MEANINGFUL CAREER              for Cable TV, Modem &                License?? Call       Call 562-283-1601 Ask for
                                   Telephone Installers. Must                                Roger
     Get Paid for Helping                                            Donna 562-333-4313
   Families Solve Financial        have Own Transportation &
   Problems. High Earning          Valid DMV. Contact Brian:
   Potential. Set your Own         562-989-3117.                          SECURITY             WORK FROM HOME
 Hours. For More Information,
   Call our Brand New Long                                                                  HELP WANTED
         Beach Office.                   REAL ESTATE                 HIRING SECURITY        Earn extra income assembling
         562-677-4539                                                GUARDS        FT/PT    CD cases from home. Start
                                                                     Work Close to Home!    immediately no experience nec-
                                   WANT TO GET INTO REAL
                                                                                            essary. www.easywork-great-
BECOME       A   WINNING             ESTATE BUT NEED THE             $8.50-$14.00/hr Will   pay.com 1-800-405-7619
CRAPS PLAYER. LEARN A             INCOME OF A STEADY JOB?            Help Obtain Guard      ext:607
UNIQUE METHOD MAKES                 Now Offering an Exclusive
$500 IN ONE HOUR $99.00            Salaried Transition Program.
                                                                     Card. Call Mon-Fri
STARTS          TRAINING.         For More Information Call us At:   10am-4pm (714)799-
www.learntoplaycraps.net             1-800-728-7277 EXT: 326         0808
Training Since Feb 1998
562-298-3788 Louie



Busy Long Beach office is
seeking reliable data entry &
heavy phone admin assis-
tant. Must have good phone
voice, friendly and profes-
sional. Must be computer lit-
erate and able to type mini-
mum of 30 words per minute.
3pm to 9:30 pm Monday thru
Friday. $8.00 per hour to start
plus administration bonus.
Call Steve before 2pm or
John after 2pm at 562-728-
7000 to set up interview.

EARN $10-$15/HR + BONUS
 $50 Signing Bonus! AM/PM
 Shifts, No Weekends. Paid
   Training. 562-293-3044

Be An Immigration
$399 Includes:
Certificate, Resume,
training job, Job placement
assistance. High demand for
both freelance and law
position. Call 626-918-3599

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                                 Aging Healthily Not a Mystery
(MS) - Whether it's fruitful or not,                                               physician for any specific dietary
people tend to worry more about                                                    changes, but in general reducing
their health as they age. For some,                                                fat intake while including more pro-
the worrying can be productive,                                                    tein in your diet is a good start
forcing them to overhaul a lifestyle                                               toward combating the production
that might not be healthy. For oth-                                                shift that takes place as the body
ers, the worrying might only com-                                                  ages.
pound existing problems.
                                                                                   Another thing to expect as you age
While it's understandable and nec-                                                 is changes to your cardiovascular
essary to focus more on health as Daily exercise, regardless of                    system. The most noticeable
the aging process progresses, tak- age, is one way to ensure the                   change is the heart loses some of
ing care of oneself and aging aging process is a graceful one.                     its efficiency with respect to pump-
healthily doesn't have to be as hard                                               ing blood. Part of that loss of effi-
as it seems. Instead, having an understanding of the         ciency is due to blood vessels losing some of their
human body and what happens to it as it ages can go          elasticity, making it harder for blood to be pumped.
a long way toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle well       With the heart now working harder to do the same job
into one's golden years.                                     it's been doing for years, certain changes must be
                                                             made to reduce stress on the heart. One is reducing fat
Whenever health comes into question, the first thing to      intake. Someone who has a diet high in fat runs the
cross most people's minds is their diet. Dietary             very dangerous risk of having fatty deposits form on
changes are necessary as we get older for a variety of       their artery walls, stiffening those walls as a result while
reasons.                                                     increasing blood pressure and making it even harder
                                                             for the heart to pump blood. This is another reason to
• Shifting energy levels:                                    reduce fat intake as you age.
One of the foremost reasons diet changes are needed
as we age is the loss of energy that comes with age.         While much of the discussion thus far has focused on
Because the body's energy levels decrease over time,         ways to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight,
fewer calories are needed to function on a daily basis.      many people, particularly the elderly, find themselves
If caloric intake is not reduced as we age, weight gain      underweight as they get older. Unbeknownst to many,
and other negative physical consequences can result.         being underweight can be just as damaging as being
• Weakening bones:
Dietary changes are also necessary to defend oneself         Perhaps the biggest risk you run when being under-
against injuries that can result from bones weakening        weight is associated with turning a cold or other short-
as the body ages. As we get older, bones begin to lose       term illness into a much bigger problem. Keeping a
mineral content, making them more susceptible to             healthy weight helps ensure that your body is resilient,
breaks and other injuries. In addition, the body is more     fully capable of handling some ailments, such as cold
susceptible to osteoporosis, a condition in which bones      or flu, that can afflict anyone, regardless of age. Being
become brittle and fragile, as it ages. Calcium can help     underweight lessens your energy reserves, meaning
prevent injuries to bones and osteoporosis, emphasiz-        you won't be able to bounce back as quickly should
ing the importance of making calcium a part of your          you get the flu or a cold. Sometimes, you might not be
daily diet.                                                  able to bounce back at all, leading to permanent dis-
                                                             ability or, in some cases, death.
• Shift in production:
Ever wonder why a middle-aged man can eat the same           For those who are underweight, be sure to eat three
diet as a young man but the physical evidence (name-         meals a day. Underweight people can find that finish-
ly the difference in body type) will not indicate this to be ing a meal is tough. If you're in that boat, this is okay,
true? This is because as a body ages it begins pro-          but make sure you eat the highest calorie foods on the
ducing more body fat and less muscle. This means             plate first. If you need to leave anything on the plate,
reducing the amount of fat in your diet as you age and       don't leave the items that will help you get back to a
exercising more to combat the reduction in muscle tis-       healthy weight.
sue production is necessary. It's best to consult a
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                      Hockey Word Search
 See how many related words you can find and circle throughout the puzzle below.

    HAT TRICK                                                                        • 1890: Nelly bly com-
     PERIODS                                                                         pleted her circumnavi-
    SLAP SHOT                                                                        gation of earth in 72
       GOALIE                                                                        days, beating the
   BODYCHECK                                                                         record.
         ICE                                                                         • 1924: the first winter
     FACEOFF                                                                         olympics OPEN in
  PENALTY BOX                                                                        france.
                                                                                     • 1961: president john
                                                                                     f. kennedy held the
                                                                                     first presidential news
     GLOVES                                                                          conference broadcast
    BLUE LINE                                                                        live on television and
       CHECK                                                                         radio.

     Nurse Assistant (CNA)
    Home Health Aide (HHA)
       • Short Training • Payment Plan                           Is Now Hiring For:
            • Placement Assistance
         Genovanursing@sbcglobal.net                            *Data Entry $9.25/hr*
    1-877-GENOVA1      4   3   6   6   8   2   1
                                                               *Mail Sorters $8.00/hr*
          1300 W. Olympic Blvd. Ste 401                         Must Pass Drug Screens &
             Los Angeles CA 90015
                                                                    Background Check
       213-383-7487                                          Must Have Reliable Transportation.
                Hablamos Español
                                                                     Call for Appointment
                                                                    Positions available in Carson.
                                                                 Must have a min. of 6 months work
                                                               experience in a warehouse environment.

                                                            (310) 637-5138
                                                 Start Your Medical Career Here.
                                                Job ready in months, not years!!!
                                                                         Medical Assistant
                                                Bonus: Certification Medical Training & Phlebotomy Training
Attention City of Industry Area Residents!
                                                             Massage Therapy
                                                       Computerized Office Management
                                                   Certification Medical Biller Training & Insurance Coding

                                                  Training with the best healthcare professionals.


                                                                                                 Day & Evening Classes
                                                                                                             Financial Aid
                                                                                                     Available if Qualified
                                                                                                           Lifetime Job
                                                                                                   Placement Assistance
                                                                                                    Accredited by ACCET

★ COMMERCIAL PLUMBING                        Country Villa Health Services is looking for dedicated, team oriented people to
                                             come join our team at our large breath taking SNF in Seal Beach. We are cur-
  FORMAN                                     rently hiring for the following positions:
★ PROJECT MANAGER                                                    Admissions coordinator
★ HVAC CAD DETAILERS                         This position revolves around admission inquiry intake and insurance verification, will also
                                             include some marketing to the hospital discharge planners and physicians. Must have
  3D AUTO CAD 2007                           great communications skills and a friendly warm.

★ SAFETY TECH                                                    Case Manager and Assistant
                                             The ideal candidates should be well versed in all aspects of case management. Must be
★ SERVICE TECHS                              effective problem solvers with strong communication skills and an ability to build and
                                             maintain relationships with our customers. These are Full Time positions. License nurse
★ PLUMBERS                                   preferred for Case Mgr. 1-2 year’s experience preferred.

                                                                      Part Time Receptionist
★ SHEET METAL INSTALLERS                     Moderately busy front desk needs a person with a great attitude and excellent customer
                                             service and phone skills.
   Must have commercial &                                          Medical Records Designee
                                             Must have knowledge of medical terminology, ICD-9-CM. Title 22 and OBRA. Duties include
   mechanical background.                    maintaining file system, auditing charts and medical coding. We offer a pleasant working
                                             environment, great pay and benefits.

  Excellent opportunities and                                 Temporary Social Services Asst.
                                             The candidate will participate and be responsible for all facility programming, attend regu-
    full benefits package.                   lar care planning and monitor behavior programs. Preferred knowledge in MDS documen-
                                             tation and discharge planning.

   Call 800-659-4669                                                                  Drivers
                                             Have fun at work! Drivers needed. Must have Class “B” License.

or Fax Resume 858-974-6500                     We offer competitive wages and a supportive work environment.
                                                            Call, apply in person, or fax your resume to:
                                             Country Villa Seal Beach, 3000 Beverly Manor Rd., Seal Beach, CA 90740
                                                            TEL: (562)598-2477 / Fax: (562)594-8086
                                                 jobs@countryvillahealth.com / www.countryvillahealth.com
                                                             COUNTRY VILLA SEAL BEACH
Page 24 • Super Shopper • January 2008 • Issue 123 • Call 1-800-710-2156 to Place Your Ad
                        CALL NOW TOP PAY!
                         Schematic Grocery
                        Reset Merchandisers
                           Needed Now!
                             Transportation              House
                          required. Grocery or
                          schematic experience
                         required. All Southern
                            California areas.
                        (714) 278-9397
                            Night & Day Shifts          562-289-0006

                                                         SALES REPS NEEDED
                                            GREAT PAY
 National Merchandising Co.
Seeking Experienced Reset Merchandisers                           Unlimited Income Potential!!
                                                                    • HOT Leads Only
   Grocery, Home Improvement,                                       • Hourly Vs. 40% Commission
    Drug & Convenience Stores                                       • More Cash Incentives for performers

     ★ Benefits Available
                                                                    • Friendly environment
                                                                    • Benefits after 90 days

    ★ Part-time & Full-time                                         • Paid training
                                                                  Morning & evenings shifts are available.
 Call Stanley Mon-Thurs 10am-3pm                                  jobs@exploretalent.com

     (800) 406-2780                                           818-849-3232
                                                          Explore Talent              Discover Talent Online!

       With The New Law In Effect Your Car’s Registration
         Can Be Suspended By The DMV. Don’t Risk it!
 Don’t think about it…
 Call us today and save $$$
      Out of state license
      Low down payment
                                                              No Problem
                                                            We Can Insure You
  Gas Card
  (with purchase)
  (with purchase)

Call Us Today
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  WORK FROM HOME                      INSURANCE

LIBERTYINTERNATIONAL           Customer Service - Health
FREEDOM Phone Cut Your         Insurance
Phone Bills Down to Almost
Nothing and Earn $K-
$5K/Month Part Time The        Position involves calling
Simplest        Home-Based     prospects that have inquired
Business      Ever!  Instant   about a health insurance plan
Bonuses. Flexible Hours        and assisting client over the
Residual Income-Be Your
                               phone to fill out an on-line
Own Boss Work At Home-No
Experience        Necessary.   application. Good computer
Starting at $150.              and internet skills required.
jdmcrx1991@yahoo.com           Applicant must also be well
(626)786-9196                  spoken and have the ability to
                               learn multiple insurance
                               plans quickly. This is a part
                               time position that can lead to
                               full time and bigger opportu-
  Call Us To Place             nities for the right person.
  Your Ad Today:               Call Steve at 562-283-1606
                               for a telephone interview.
       1 (800)                 $10.00 per hour plus bonus.

                                                                Fun By The Numbers
                                                                Like puzzles? Then you'll love sudoku. This mind-
                                                                bending puzzle will have you hooked from the
                                                                moment you square off, so sharpen your pencil and
                                                                put your sudoku savvy to the test!

                                                                Here's how it works:
                                                                Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken
                                                                down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the
                                                                numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and
                                                                box. Each number can appear only once in each
                                                                row, column and box. You can figure out the order in
                                                                which the numbers will appear by using the numeric
                                                                clues already provided in the boxes. The more num-
                                                                bers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

           Be sure to tell them that you saw their ad in the SUPER SHOPPER.
                                           LOOKING 4 A CHANGE?
                    Travel Jobs
                    No Experience
                                            Wanted 18-24 Guys & Gals.
                    No money to start!     Free to Travel Coast to Coast.
                                           Representing Fashion/Sports
                    Must be energetic!              Publications.
                                              2 Weeks Paid Training.
                    Call Karen Williams,
                    leave message:                Call Today
                    323-301-9389           1-866-680-9311

                                                                               My Real Estate Co.
                                                                                DRE APPROVED
                                                                              REAL ESTATE SCHOOL
                                                                              LIVE SESSIONS!
                                                                              CALL DARLENE EXT: 119

Monday thru Friday from 4pm to 9pm or
Monday thru Friday from 10am to 3pm             Long Beach -
                                            Timeshare reservationists.
HOURLY PAY - WEEKLY PAY CHECKS              Set appointments for major
                                            resort's sales presentations.
     GREAT ATMOSPHERE                             Hot leads!

                                            No experience required.
                                              Professional atmosphere.
                                            Positive, self-motivated people
                                             will earn $500.00-$1000.00

CALL 24 HOURS: Long Beach/LA:                  working part time hours.

                                            Located in Bixby Knolls area.
                                                  Call 24 hours
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                   The Good and the Bad of Sub-Prime Lenders
                                (MS) - Sub-prime            that seem too good to be true; many, in fact, are. Sub-
                                loans     are    largely    prime loans were also the mainstay of the flipping phe-
                                responsible for push-       nomenon, where borrowers didn't worry about financ-
                                ing the real estate mar-    ing terms since they believed their flip would turnover
                                ket into the strato-        quickly in the sellers' market.
                                sphere in years past.
                                They enabled people         Risky Options
                                who would not normal-       Sub-prime lenders employed "tricks" to make loans
                                ly be able to finance a     more affordable to those who couldn't swing prime
                                home a shot at the          mortgages. They lowered underwriting standards and
                                American dream.             offered a bevy of "affordability" products, like extra-
                                                            long-term or "interest-only" mortgages (in which prin-
                                Now that the housing        cipal payments are deferred for a time) and loans with
                                bubble has popped, or       low teaser interest rates, known as hybrid mortgages,
is at least deflating rather quickly, many sub-prime        that balloon after a few years.
borrowers who negotiated unconventional loans are
feeling the heat. Some lenders are facing bankruptcy        Today, these risky lending options have backfired.
as a result of high foreclosure rates on sub-prime          With slowly rising interest rates, many sub-prime bor-
deals. But it could be the people who bought homes          rowers have found themselves unable to pay the
with fancy financing that are paying the ultimate price.    escalating mortgage bills. As a result, more and more
                                                            are defaulting on their loans. This has a trickle-down
Defining Sub-Prime Lending                                  effect to lending organizations.
To understand the sub-prime market, it's important to
clarify just who sub-prime lenders and borrowers are.       Late payments increased to around 12.6 percent last
Sub-prime lenders offer loans to borrowers who do not       autumn, according to Morgan Stanley, up from about 7
qualify financially for traditional mortgages. Many         percent at the end of 2003. And many sub-prime
times sub-prime lenders are independent organiza-           lenders are closing their doors, forced into bankruptcy.
tions, but increasingly they've become a subset of          Big banks are also facing the heat. General Motors,
larger mainstream banks and lending organizations.          which subsidizes lending organization Residential
Sub-prime lenders rarely advertise themselves as            Captial, may have to take a $1 billion hit to cover bad
such. The way they are identified is by the prices of       loans. Due to sloppy lending, HSBC has seen bad-
their financing options, including higher rates of inter-   debts rise to over 35 percent, nearly $10 billion dollars
est, which will nearly always cost sub-prime borrowers      as of 2006.
more in the long run.
                                                            Getting the Best Deal
Sub-prime borrowers are those who do not qualify for        If you're looking for a mortgage, consider these tips to
prime loans. This is largely due to a poor credit rating.   avoid the possible pitfalls of sub-prime lending.
It may also be because adequate funds are not on
hand for a substantial down payment on a home.              • Don't jump on a mortgage solicitation without first
                                                            shopping around with other lenders.
Sub-prime lenders were seen as heroes when they
helped millions realize their home-buying dreams. But       • Know your financial standing and credit score. Sit
these lenders can also be seen as money-hungry ene-         down with a prime lender and talk about eligibility for
mies. Many time sub-prime lenders actively solicit bor-     mainstream financing.
rowers who would normally qualify for prime mort-
gages. Whether through lack of knowledge or                 • Keep in mind that the too-good-to-be-true scenarios
research, these borrowers get hooked by the sub-            often are. If you cannot afford a home right now with
prime marketing strategy and end up getting roped           mainstream financing, think about whether a few
into a mortgage that will cost them more. In fact, many     changes down the road (saving more for a down pay-
sub-prime lenders will target current mortgage holders      ment, addressing debt) might make it possible in the
with refinancing schemes and money-back options             near future.
         Looking For
  Motivated, Experienced
 Inside Sales Representatives
  Ready to Make Money…
Company Leader in the Market is Looking for
Positive and Enthusiastic Representatives to
  Sell Advertising for The Super Shopper.
             Bilingual is a plus.

★ Must be a Strong Communicator
       w/ability to close ★
         ★ Make an unlimited
         amount of money ★
    ★ Hourly and Commission ★
            ★ Weekly Pay ★

         Call for Appointment
       10:00am-3:00pm Mon-Fri

      ask for Roger x251
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                  SKYBLUE OFFERS A

           CALL US NOW!

                 OR VISIT US ONLINE AT:
         Call 1-800-710-2156 to Place Your Ad • Super Shopper • January 2008 • Issue 123 • Page 31

             FUNNY STORIES – Life’s Like That!
My neighbor, Ted, and I lost our longtime spouses within a year of each other, so we naturally gravitated
towards each other. Eventually, to the delight of our friends and relatives, romance blossomed and we
decided to marry. There were, however, quite a few giggles from the congregation when our selected pas-
sage from Matthew, 22:35-40, was read. "Thou shalt love thy neighbor..."

Our three-year-old daughter is a determined night owl whose demands deprive us of much sleep. Her trips
to the bathroom are particularly disruptive, so I was glad to hear her get up in the wee hours and go to the
toilet herself. To my disappointment, though, she headed to our room afterwards instead of back to her
bed. "Mommy," she whispered. I lay still, feigning sleep and hoping she'd give up. "Mommy," she hissed a
little louder. No response. "Hey, Mom!" she yelled. I gave up. "What is it?" "Will it wake you up if I flush the

My husband went to the mall with my "Dear Santa" list. One item was perfume. Not having a fragrance in
mind, I'd written that I would like something subtle. Hours later I got an exasperated call. "I'm having a very
hard time finding Something Subtle," he told me. "The sales clerk wants to know who makes it."

Getting the lights on the Christmas tree can be a production that ranks right up there with hanging wallpa-
per. Throughout the process, I usually direct my husband as he secures the lights on each branch. One
Christmas, however, when we finally stood back and flicked on the light switch, I noticed that one branch
obscured our prized angel ornament. I grabbed the pruning shears, mounted a stool, snipped once, and
the lights went out. My ever patient husband, bless his heart, quietly said, "You don't have your glasses
on, do you, dear?"

Sean, my son, was 12 when he first decided to do his own laundry. He called me at work to ask how much
soap to use. "About a capful," I replied. I arrived home a few hours later to find suds halfway up the base-
ment stairs. "How much soap did you use?" I said, gaping at the mess. "Only a capful," he said sheepish-
ly, holding a damp baseball cap.

Needing to shed a few pounds, my husband and I went on a diet that had specific recipes for each meal
of the day. I followed the recipes closely, dividing each in half for our individual plates. We felt terrific and
thought the diet was wonderful-we never felt hungry! But then we realized we were gaining weight, not los-
ing it, and I checked the recipes again. There, in fine print, was: “Serves 6.”

My 12-year-old daughter was shopping with a friend near my office one morning and called to ask me to
meet them later for lunch. "I'd love to!" I said, feeling blessed to have such a thoughtful daughter. "Great!"
she replied enthusiastically. "Now I don't have to save money for lunch."

I was sitting on the patio with my grown son, who was visiting for the weekend, and we were admiring our
lilac bush. "How long has it been there?" he wondered. "We've had it for years," I told him, "but it never
took off until you moved out." "Oh, yeah!" he said. "That used to be third base!"

About an hour after our son Noah was born, and while my parents were getting acquainted with him, our
minister stopped in to visit. Noah, who had been quiet until then, cried as soon as the pastor spoke. "That's
odd," the pastor said, "he should be used to my voice. He's been hearing my sermons for nine months."
"Yes," Dad retorted, "but this is the first chance he's had to comment on them."
Long Beach/LA 562-293-3044

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