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                               Cavalier Chronicles
Editor: Teresa Barry                                                                                                      May 2008                                                                                             2007-2008 Issue 7

         The W.T. Woodson mission is to create an environment where all students achieve and maintain high levels of academic performance,
            value learning, appreciate diversity, and demonstrate responsible citizenship. This newsletter is published monthly by the PTSA.
     Jeff Yost, Principal     Catherine Potter, PTSA President        Carol Mallory, Director/Student Services

                                                                             From the Principal
       A Message from PTSA PRESIDENT,
                                                                             Your children continued to do well as we ended the third quarter of
                   Catherine Potter                                          this school year. As the end-of-school-year approaches, our calendars
                                                                             become filled with award programs, drama and musical performances,
IT’S TIME TO BUY A BRICK FOR WOODSON                                         and athletic competitions. Consider yourselves invited to attend any of
                                                                             our events – the staff and students appreciate your support.
The Woodson Renovation project is more than halfway
                                                                             Listed on our webpage are dates and times for the final exams. To
completed, and we are finally seeing a light at the end of the
                                                                             view our exam schedule or any event, log on to the Woodson website at
rubble! While the Renovation does improve the main
                                                                    Also, parents can view the Student
building, there will still be some projects that will be left
                                                                             Rights & Responsibilities, Regulation 2601, online. As we near the end
unfunded, such as landscaping the front grounds, cleaning and
                                                                             of school, a review of the policies and procedures is a good reminder to
refurbishing the interior courtyards, purchasing benches, and
                                                                             both parents and students of behavioral expectations.
various other items. To raise money to assist in purchasing
these items, the PTSA is starting a “buy a brick” campaign.                  Thank you for your continuing support to our students in so many ways.
There will be a brick plaza built in between the auditorium and
the front office entrance that will landscaped with small trees,
planters, and a sculpture/center piece. This project will not                Jeff Yost
start until after the Renovation is completely finished, in the
Summer of 2010, but we are starting now to raise the money.

The bricks will be sold individually for $100 each, and will                 WOODSON SUPPORTS EFFORTS OF
include up to three lines of engraving. If you have a student                FAIRGRADE TO CHANGE THE FCPS
graduating this year, what a great present a brick could be!
For example, I am buying one for my son so mine might read:                  GRADING SYSTEM
                        “Charlie Waltrip
                                                                             At the May PTSA meeting, Megan McLaughlin, a founding
                         Class of 2008”
                                                                             member of FAIRGRADE and a former Georgetown
Attached to this Newsletter is a “Buy A Brick” purchase sheet
                                                                             Admissions officer, gave a presentation advocating a change
that will give you more details.
                                                                             in the FCPS grading system to be more in line with other
                                                                             nationally ranked school systems. Specifically, FCPS students
PTSA ELECTION RESULTS:                                                       are at a disadvantage compared to students from other school
Elections were held at the May 13 PTSA meeting, and the                      districts with respect to college admissions, impacting our
following officers were elected:                                             students’ opportunities for merit scholarships, Honors
                                                                             programs, NCAA athletic eligibility, and car insurance “good-
            PTSA EXECTUTIVE OFFICERS FOR                                     driver” discounts.
                2008-2009 SCHOOL YEAR
                                                                             In the last three years, 15 other school districts, which
President       Catherine Potter 703-385-5088               previously used a tougher grading scale similar to ours, have
                                                                             determined that it hurt their students and have switched to the
Vice President Ed Hackett        703-978-4480          standard 10 Point Grading Scale. Adopting a 10 Point Grading
Treasurer       Sandy Barron     703-426-5320               Scale and increasing the weight for Honors and AP courses
                                                                             will benefit FCPS students. It will encourage students to take
Recording Sec. Vicki Chamlee     703-426-0185
                                                                             more challenging courses, and it will allow students to receive
Corresp. Sec.   Susan Crawford 703-764-2719
                                                                                                                           continued on page 2

                                                           Cavalier Chronicles     1
From the PTSA President, continued                                        FCPS BUDGET ISSUES
the fair grades they deserve. After the presentation, the                 TIME FOR PARENTS TO LOBBY!
Woodson PTSA unanimously voted and approved the
following motion:                                                         It is official—Fairfax County raised the real property taxes by
                                                                          3 cents, but the amount allocated to FCPS schools was less
“Woodson PTSA strongly endorses the efforts of                            than the amount needed to meet Superintendent Dale’s
FAIRGRADE, and urges the FCPS School Board to revise the                  budget. Therefore, Superintendent Dale has made many
existing FCPS grading scale to be more in line with other                 modifications to the budget to reduce this deficit, including:
nationally recognized public high schools, including but not
limited to returning to a 10 point grading scale, and to address              •     Reducing employees’ market adjustment increase to
its weighting policies for Honors and AP courses as well. In                        2 percent, rather than the 3 percent in the School
addition, to avoid having another class of eligible college                         Board’s advertised budget, a reduction of $17.5
applicants be penalized, Woodson urges that the Board vote to                       million.
make this change as soon as possible, to be implemented in
the Fall of 2009, and to make such change retroactive to                      •     Eliminating expansion of full-day kindergarten to an
ensure that all existing students will have a report card that                      additional 21 elementary schools for a savings of
reflects the revised grading system.”                                               $5.7 million.

I know I said this before, but it is worth repeating. Until this              •     Eliminating expansion of the Foreign Language in
year, I was not aware of the negative impact our 94-100                             the Elementary School program to an additional 16
grading scale had on college admission decisions, but I can                         schools, saving $1 million.
assure you from personal experience that this is indeed the
case. As everyone is aware, college admissions have become                    •     Increasing class size by 0.5 student, cutting $11
much more competitive these past few years, and a student’s                         million and 158 school positions.
GPA is a crucial element of the application. The same is true
when applying for scholarships, particularly for merit                        •     Redesigning summer school, Project Excel, QUEST,
scholarships. FCPS students are at a definite disadvantage                          the Student Accountability program, the Summit
because the difficulty of our grading system makes earning a                        program, and the Young Scholars program to save
good GPA harder, not so much for the exceptional students,                          $8.6 million.
but for the good to excellent students. For example, a student
who earns a 93 in each of his classes in Montgomery County,               Please check out the fcps website at
Maryland, will have a 4.0 GPA, as Montgomery County uses a      
traditional 90-100 grading scale. In contrast, a student from             for more information. The School Board will be voting on the
Fairfax County will earn a 3.5 GPA (both school systems have              reduced budget on May 22nd, so don’t delay in getting your
IB and AP credit, but I am leaving it out of my example). If              comments to the Board members!
we assume each student has the same SAT test scores and took
the same classes and activities, which applicant do you think a           The email address for the Board of Supervisors is
prestigious private college would take? Even if they took the    (the clerk will then
FCPS student, I can tell you that this student probably would             distribute your email to each Supervisor).
not be eligible for a merit scholarship, while the Montgomery
County student would, as the cutoff for many merit
scholarships is either 3.7 or 3.8.

Please do not let another class of Woodson students suffer                Thanks…
because FCPS has institutionalized a grading policy that
no longer is in the best interest of our children. Act now
                                                                          from the PTSA Hospitality Committee
and share your stories with the FCPS Board members. It is
                                                                          The WTW PTSA Hospitality Committee would like to send a
as easy as sending an email. Here is the address to reach all
                                                                          sincere "Thank you" to all the Woodson parents who helped
the Board members:                                                        put on a great Teacher/Staff Appreciation Luncheon on May
                                                                          6! It received rave reviews from everyone who joined us! We
The email address for the Board of Supervisors is                         could not have done it without all the great foods that were (the clerk will then                      donated and the wonderful group of parents who came that
distribute your email to each Supervisor).                                day to lend a hand. The luncheon caters to 250 Woodson
                                                                          teachers and staff, so this is a huge event. It was truly a
Also, make sure you go to Fairgrade’s website                             group effort! Thanks again – Maureen Burt and Chris Mavity
( sign the petition at:

                                                            Cavalier Chronicles 2
                                 W.T. WOODSON HIGH SCHOOL PTSA

         The Woodson PTSA is raising money to help fund various beautification projects around the school. We are
building a brick gathering plaza in front of the School, between the new main entrance and the auditorium. The brick
plaza will contain benches, sculptures and planters. Each individual brick costs $100, and will be engraved as you specify
below. The plaza will be built once the Woodson Renovation Project is fully completed. It is a great graduation present
for your senior!

            Yes, we’d like to reserve the permanent bricks below. I understand that up to 3 lines may be used for engraving.

4 x 8 Brick

4 x 8 Brick

  C     H     A    R    L    I     E         W    A    L    T   R    I    P
  C     L     A    S    S          O     F        2    0    0   8

                                       PLEASE RETURN THIS FORM AND YOUR CHECK PAYABLE TO:

                                                 Woodson High School PTSA
                                                     9525 Main Street
                                                     Fairfax, VA 22031

Name: ________________________________________ Phone: (_______) _________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________________
City: ____________________________________ State: __________________ Zip: __________________
Email Address: ___________________________________________ Amount Paid: ___________________

                         If you have any questions, please contact Catherine Potter at

                                                      Cavalier Chronicles 3
Spotlight on the PTSA:
    Volunteer Opportunities                                            W.T Woodson Class of 2008
                      By Eileen Nelson
                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                   BACCALAUREATE
            Become a Part of the PTSA
  We Need You, We Want You, We Welcome You                                    Sunday, June 8, 2008
Over this year we have highlighted volunteer opportunities
inside the PTSA. We hope that you will consider becoming an
active member of our community. Those of us who have taken
the plunge have found the experience to be rewarding and a lot
                                                                                W.T. Woodson
of fun. It’s a chance to learn more about the Woodson
community, meet new people, and become part of the place                      Bedinger Auditorium
where your children spend a significant amount of their time.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact
Catherine Potter at or at 703-385-5088.                  A prelude to graduation, Baccalaureate is
                                                                         a multi-faith, inspirational farewell service
                                                                                  sponsored by the PTSA.
         Spring Fundraiser Final Talley
                                                                      The ceremony provides seniors a time to reflect
                     Woodson Rocks                                        on the past years and to be encouraged
                                                                                  as they move forward.
Thanks, Woodson, for bringing the total this year for the
PTSA Spring Fundraiser over $11,500. Teacher, organization,
and team requests were honored, and more will be done in the             Student speakers and musical presentations
fall. Because of you, ESOL students were able to experience              are highlighted, and the Senior Class Photo
theater productions at George Mason. We helped students                        Montage DVD will be viewed.
participate in a robotics competition. We assisted with the
registration and travel costs for state and national DECA
competitions. We funded Girl’s State, and we helped to                        FEATURED SPEAKER:
renovate some of the Woodson courtyards.
                                                                               Ashley Rhodes-Courter
Your donations are much needed and well used. We hope that                Author, Three Little Words: A Memoir
next year you will continue your generosity and remember to
give again to the PTSA Spring Fundraiser.

                                                                             A reception honoring the graduates
              PTSA Family Members                                              will follow in the cafeteria, and
                                                                        a professional photographer will be available.
                    A Note of Thanks                                           Family and friends are invited.
Thanks to all of our family members: those who get
volunteered by those of us who volunteer! Thanks for helping           THIS IS THE ONLY OPPORTUNITY
to stuff envelopes, blow up balloons, and pick up messages
from other kids whose volunteer parents are using you both as              FOR SENIORS TO WEAR
go-betweens. Thanks for keeping dinner warm after meetings.               THEIR CAPS & GOWNS AT
Thanks for listening when we gripe about taking on more than
we meant to, and then for not shaking your heads when we
continue to take on more. Mostly, thanks for your support and               *** DON’T MISS IT! ***
love. Woodson really is worth all the time and effort.

                                                      Cavalier Chronicles 4
                     W.T. Woodson High School Baccalaureate
                               Sunday, June 8, 2008
                Professional Cap & Gown Portraits Taken at Baccalaureate!
                                   (Cafeteria B between 12:30-1:30 or 3:30-4:30)

Danny Chu of DigiPixArt, Inc. ( will have professional studio equipment on location to take
individual and group portraits and candid shots of your graduate, family, and friends!
Complete and return this form, with payment, to reserve your studio session time(s). Payment and forms must be
received by Thursday, June 5th to qualify for the advance schedule pricing.

                                   **ONE FREE 5x7 WITH EACH SITTING! **
           Additional prints and candid shots will be available by Tuesday, June 10th at
                                             Order early for best pricing!
                                         Proceeds go to the WT Woodson PTSA.

                    Questions? Contact Cindy Wilson at or (703) 764-2798.

                                       Baccalaureate Photo Reservation Form
Student/Parent Name: __________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

City/State: ________________________________________            Zip: ______________________

Phone: (      ) __________________________________________________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________________________

                                  SITTING FEE: $20 - in advance; $25 - day of
                                       *ONE FREE 5x7 PER SITTING*

                                    Individual ____ Family ____ Add’l Group____
                                            (one sitting fee required for each)
                                     Total: _____ @ $20 each advance reservation.
                                            (Price will be $25 each the day of.)
                                     Make check payable to WT Woodson PTSA.
                Return form by Thursday, June 5th to the Baccalaureate Box in the Main Office or mail to:
                                            W.T.Woodson High School PTSA
                                            ATT: Baccalaureate Photography
                                                  9525 Main Street
                                                 Fairfax, VA 22031

                                                  Cavalier Chronicles 5
                               Important announcements for
                           SENIORS and THEIR PARENTS
Notes from the Senior Parent Meeting, April 2, 2008
(Repeated from previous edition)

Scholarships and Correct Student Email Addresses:
Mrs. Ishii needs information on all scholarships offered to
WTW seniors. Please send your information to:                                  Order your Graduation DVD! She also needs the correct email             Seniors, would you like to have a full-color video chronicle of
address for your son/daughter. Your senior should Enter              your graduation? Parents, would you like to enjoy your
Blackboard; Click Personal Information (found in the                 son/daughter’s graduation without the hassle of videotaping?
Toolbox); Click Edit Personal Information; Type the email            Well, we have the solution!! A professional filmmaker will be
address he/she actually uses; Click Submit; Click OK; Click          recording the Graduation Ceremony. Copies will be available
OK; Click Family Connection to migrate the email address to          for only $18 and will be mailed to you in early July.
the Family Connection System.
                                                                                  MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO:
DATES TO REMEMBER:                                                                W.T. WOODSON HIGH SCHOOL
Senior Awards Friday, May 30, 7:30 a.m., the Joan Bedinger                 ~~The copies will be sent via mail in early July.
   Auditorium                                                                ~~Please send in your order form ASAP to:
Senior Exams                                                                             Barbara Clark @
         Wednesday 6/4 6th & 7th periods                                        9525 Main St. Fairfax, VA 22030
         Thursday 6/5 3rd & 5th periods (depart after 5th)                  (You can also just drop it by the main office)
         Friday 6/6 2nd & 4th periods (depart after 4th)                             Order deadline: June 15th
         Monday 6/9 1st period                                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Prom Friday, June 6, 8 p.m. to midnight, at The Waterford at
   Fair Oaks. Tickets TBA.                                           _____# of DVD’s ordered. ($18 each)
Senior Dinner/Picnic TBA
Baccalaureate Sunday, June 8, 2:00 p.m. The Joan Bedinger            Please print clearly ☺
GRADUATION Thursday, June 12, 2:30 p.m., at                          Student Name:
   Robinson Secondary School                                         __________________________________________________
Cavalier Cruise All-Night Graduation Party                           Check # _________/______________
   Thursday, June 12, 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., at                    Cash ___________________
   Oak Marr Recreation Center. Parent Volunteers are                 Home Phone Number: _______________________________
   needed! Contact Lisa Rampino at 703-426-0179 or                   Your Name: _______________________________________ or Shobha Gadamsetty at 703-503-9525               Address: __________________________________________
   or Or go to                                    __________________________________________________

Graduation rehearsal details TBA
                                                                     SENIOR EXAM SCHEDULE 2008
Senior Contract Letter: Should have arrived in the mail
around May 1st (on blue paper). Read it carefully, sign and          Exam Day 1 - 6th period, 7th period June 4 (Wednesday, Red Day)
return the Senior Contract to Mrs. De Frees in the Main              Exam Day 2 - 3rd period, 5th period June 5 (Thursday, Blue Day)
                                                                     Exam Day 3 - 2nd period, 4th period June 6 (Friday, Red Day, Prom)
Office no later than the end of the school day on Friday, May
                                                                     Exam Day 4 - 1st period, Grad Rehearsal June 9 (Monday, Blue Day)
30, 2008.                                                            Senior Activity Days June 10, 11
                                                                     Graduation June 12
Senior Fee: Be sure you have paid the “Senior Fee” ($50) and
that your son/daughter has paid any outstanding financial            UNDERCLASS EXAM SCHEDULE 2008
obligations by 3:00 p.m., Monday, June 9. See Mrs. De Frees
                                                                     Exam Day 1 - 1st period June 11 (Wednesday, Blue Day, FULL day)
in the Main Office.                                                  Exam Day 2 - 2nd period, 4th period June 12 (Thursday, Red, ½ day)
                                                                     Exam Day 3 - 3rd period, 5th period June 13 (Friday, Blue, ½ day)
Graduation caps & gowns will be distributed tentatively on           Exam Day 4 - 6th period, 7th period June 16 (Monday, Red, ½ day
May 30 and June 2 during all lunches. Any questions
regarding graduation announcements should be directed to the
Herff-Jones representative for Woodson at 703-594-3982.

                                                       Cavalier Chronicles 6
     Woodson Community Coalition of Fairfax County Public Schools Safe and Drug Free Youth supports
                                              Project Hospitality
Project Hospitality is an initiative of the Safe Community             unite the whole community in promoting common sense
Coalition, supported by all Fairfax County School Community            and safety for our area youth on prom night.
Coalitions and a key component of the “Parents Who Host”
campaign in Fairfax County. Through this community-wide                County law enforcement, business, and community leaders
education program, we urge parents to plan alcohol-free                support this program of uniting our community to keep our
post-prom parties for their graduating seniors.                        seniors’ special night free from accidents and tragedy.

The Woodson Community Coalition, along with Fairfax                    Colonel David M. Rohrer, Fairfax County Chief of Police, has
County leaders, join the Acting Surgeon General of the United          endorsed the initiative, stating, “During the 2008 Prom
States, Rear Admiral Steven Galson, MD, MPH, in calling on             Season, the Fairfax County Police Department has reaffirmed
all citizens to reduce underage drinking and to restrict               our partnership with Project Hospitality. It is through
teenagers’ access to alcohol. Rear Admiral Galson states               community partnerships like this one that we can have a
recent research demonstrates that alcohol harms developing             positive effect on underage drinking and promote a safe and
adolescent brains and that young people who start drinking             memorable prom experience.”
before the age of fifteen are five times more likely to have
alcohol-related problems later in life. Fairfax County Board of        Jim Wordsworth, Virginia Director Emeritus of the National
Supervisors Chairman Gerald Connolly, Police Chief David               Restaurant Association and Chairman of the Small Business
Rohrer, and School Board Chairman Daniel Storck strongly               Council of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, remarks: “This
support the Countywide Initiative to Reduce Underage                   program has two measurable goals – the immediacy of further
Drinking and the “Parents Who Host, Lose the Most” (PWH)               reducing the incidents of underage drinking and bringing the
public awareness campaign to educate parents about the                 Hospitality Industry, local law enforcement and parents
dangers of providing alcohol to those under 21 years old. This         together on this life threatening issue with our young people.”
campaign was initiated by the nineteen school-community
coalitions under the Safe and Drug-Free Youth Section of               Paul Giovanini, General Manager of the Sheraton National
Fairfax County Public Schools and implemented by the                   Hotel in Arlington, agreed and stated, "Our hotel, like many in
Countywide Initiative to Reduce Underage Drinking task force           the Northern Virginia area, will be host to a number of local
consisting of over 35 organizations including the school-              High School Proms. Under no circumstances will prom
community coalitions, county agencies, the police, the school          attendees or non- prom party crashers be allowed to rent
system, faith leaders, and community organizations. The                guestrooms or suites without full-time parental attendance and
objectives of “Parents Who Host, Lose the Most” are:                   supervision. We will also screen all reservations prior to the
                                                                       event and monitor check-in registration for absentee parents."
-- to inform parents about the health and safety risks of serving
alcohol to teens.                                                      As Project Hospitality founder Margaret Vanderhye notes, “In
-- to increase awareness of and compliance with the 2006               the happy and expectant atmosphere surrounding prom season,
revised Virginia underage drinking laws.                               students may easily blur the distinction between adult settings
                                                                       and privileges that accompany prom night with adulthood
Founded 13 years ago by Margi Vanderhye, a McLean parent               itself. Parents should communicate clearly that the
and member of the Virginia House of Delegates, Project                 consumption of alcohol, the use of hotel party rooms, or the
Hospitality each spring brings together area hotels, motels,           total suspension of rules and expectations are not acceptable.
restaurants, public and private schools of Fairfax,                    Our goal is that students and their parents remember Prom
Arlington, and Alexandria, and the police to promote safe              2008 as a special highlight of the school year.”
prom nights for high school seniors. Through this initiative
we hope to persuade parents to chaperone the parties they              For Further Information, Contact Sherry Wells, SCC Project
host and discourage un-chaperoned post-prom parties in                 Hospitality Committee Chair; 703-241-0335.
hotels. Because many parents are unaware that the legal age            For information on “Parents Who Host, Lose the Most”
for drinking is 21, we inform parents that there are legal             contact Sara Freund, co-chair of the Countywide Initiative to
consequences for them and their teens if they permit                   Reduce Underage Drinking at
underage drinking. We let parents know that if they rent a
hotel room for a post-prom party, the hotels require them              Note: the Va. Dept of Motor Vehicles Carrier Section will provide
                                                                       verification that limousine companies available for prom night hire
to be there chaperoning the party the whole time. If there             have proper operating authority. Call toll free 1-866-878-2582.
is an accident, the adult signing for the room is legally
liable. We warn parents about the dangers of teens driving             More resources to help keep our youth safe this prom season:
under the influence of alcohol that night, and therefore we
urge parents to offer their own teens and their friends a    
ride out of any risky situation with no questions asked. In
circulating the dates and places of the proms to area hotels, Students Against Destructive Decisions
restaurants, and the Arlington and Fairfax County police, we           (SADD) has a Contract for Life.

                                                         Cavalier Chronicles 7
                                Cavalier Cruise News
                                                     This ship’s about to sail!

AHOY NIGHT OWLS!                                                                        Would you like
Senior parents, we need you. Cavalier Cruise (the all-night
graduation party) sets sail on June 12 at Oak Marr Recreation
Center, but right now we don’t have a full second crew. Yeah,
                                                                                    GREAT SEATS
we know…who wants to be up that late? Wait a minute –
OUR KIDS! And since they’re up, we need to be too. Please
contact Pam Herbert or call 703-503-
                                                                                    for graduation?
5068 and agree to work the 2 to 6 a.m. shift. (By the way, we
know you have family in town for graduation -- we ALL do --
but they’ll be sleeping so they’ll never know you’re gone!)
                                                                          Enter the raffle to benefit Cav Cruise.
Not sure if your name is on the volunteer list? Go to:               Take as many chances as you like; they are $5 each!

SENIOR PARENTS ASK:                                                               First prize wins 4 front row seats

* “HAVE WE MISSED THE BOAT??”                                                     Second prize – 4 second row seats
If your student has not been registered for Cav Cruise, it is not                   Third prize – 4 third row seats
too late. In fact, we’ve sent out registration forms to the
seniors who are not yet on the list. Please return these as soon       BY June 5th, send in your name, phone number, email
as possible. We want as many of the Class of 2008 together on          address, home address, number of chances you wish to
June 12 to celebrate their graduation safely and happily               purchase, and your check made payable to WTW
together. ALL ABOARD! Join the fun!                                    Cavalier Cruise.
* “HOW DO I KNOW IF MY SENIOR IS ALREADY                                                     SEND TO:

A list of already registered seniors is posted at
                                                                                           W. T. Woodson                             Attn: GRAD SEATS Raffle
                                                                                          9525 Main Street
For further questions, contact Chip Gertzog at                                           Fairfax, VA 22031 or call (703) 280-9742.

                                                                       Thank you to our donors…
While we would encourage registration before June 12 , if a
student is in good standing at Woodson, he/she can register at         On the following page, we acknowledge and thank all
the door with picture ID, consent form signed by                       the parents, staff members, organizations, local
parent/guardian and $75 check (made out to WTW Cavalier                businesses, and community leaders who have supported
Cruise) or cash. Without the signed form, a parent/guardian            the 2008 Cavalier Cruise – the all-night, alcohol-free,
must accompany the student and sign the form at the door.              drug-free graduation party for our very special seniors.
                                                                       It is not too late to support this special event. Please
                                                                       send your tax-deductible donation to the school, ATTN:
                                                                       Cavalier Cruise.
A list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found
at For further
help, contact Susan DiMaina at or call
                                                         Cavalier Chronicles 8
                            Jim & Donna Garfield            Ron & Ann Marlow            Hoot & Carol Thompson
Parents & Staff             Daniel & Doris Gearing          Mark & Kate Martins         Mary Tousignant
                            Chip & Barbara Gertzog          Paul & Amy Masschelin       Evan & Jody Trebing
Georgina Abban              Rita & Allen Gina               John & Kaye Matusik         Tom & Mary Ann Troyano
Roy & Andrea Ahrens         Lew Goldberg                    The McCoy Family            Greg & Kay Tubbs
Mohammed & Martha Alami     Ken & Rhonda Goldstein          Chris & Laurie McManus      Alan & Kathleen Tye
Matt & Ann Ames             Mike & Bev Gray                 John & Parvin Meyer         Susan Tyson
Maria Ardaya                Mark & Donna Greer              Jadz Janucik Meyer          Jim and Sandy Tyson
Cynthia Atiyeh              Stephen Hackman                 Steve & Jenny Michalak      Peri and Scott Ulrey
Wally & Vivian Bacon        Mark & Karen Hamilton           John & Polly Miller         Homayoon & Rana Valian
Nina & Stephen Ballard      Sharon Harrison                 Kevin & Leslie Moore        Tami & John Verheul
Sandy & Claude Barron       Bill & Jan Harrod               Hugh & Lori Mueller         Katrina Wei Wang
Lisa Becklund               Paul & Pam Herbert              Bob & Merri Mukai           Jennifer Webb
Robin Nelbach Behunik       Bill & Loretta Herrold          Janet Muldoon               Bob & Nancy Webb
Leo & Carol Belovitch       Harry & Barb Hink               Mike & Erica Mullins        Gary & Marilyn
Paul Bethke                 Debra & Everett Hoeg            Edward & Donna Naybor            Welschenbach
Lauri & JerryBeyer          Robin & Tom Hoffman             Maurie & Artie Negrin       Richard & Doneen Whitaker
Mark & Nancy Bidus          Douglas & Nancy Holl            Jeff & Eileen Nelson        Jay & Sheryl White
John & Shelly Bond          David Honey                     Georgette Nelson            Clark & Patty Whitman
Ben & Jocelyn Breeland      Bob & Linda Hooks               O'Brien Family              David & Linda Williamson
Meg & Bob Brennis           John & Chris Hoover             Jose & Donna Olivero        Laura Williamson
David & Cindy Brent         Gary & Christine Horne          Ellen & Josh Oppenheim      Jeff & Evy Willis
Larry & Judith Brooks       Michael & Ellen Horwath         Thomas & Renee Ostebo       Robert & Donna Wilson
John & Chris Buchanan       Byron & Carole Howe             Lisa and Bob Pafe           James Winchester & Kathy
Rob & Janet Burns           Jeff & Nancy Hubbard            John & Susan Patton              Macleod
Beth & Jerry Burroughs      William Hwang                   Matt and Liz Train Peters   Martin & Susan Woodward
Maureen Burt                Nicole Jabaley                  Phil & Cindi Phillips       Carla & Bill Yaglou
Reginald & Diane Butler     John & Debbie Jacobs            Debra Pickus
Anne & Frank Cahill         Brenda & Larry Kahan            Catherine Potter & Carl
Allan & Ivy Capar           Daniel & Sara Kallick                Waltrip
Faye Carroll                Mark & Diane Kaplon             Mike & Carolyn Pravlik      Business &
Susan Cheney                Brian Kelly                     Mary & Ty Prettyman
Bob & Glenda Coleman        Pat & Ellen Kerrigan            Joe & Margaret Procaccino   Organization
Joe & Lois Conway           Bok & Sung Kim                  Annette Pugnetti                   Donations
Chris & Jan Coogan          Jim & Peggy King                R Quesada
John & Kelly Cooper         Sam & Chery King                John & Judy Regan
Steve & Kelly Coppinger     Dennis Koeppel &                Gordon & Nancy Rice         Area Landscaping, Inc
Tyler & Carmela Corey            Janet Bartelmay            Marleen & Richard Richlak   Buffa's Dance Studio, Ltd
Robert & Colleen Cramer     Greg & Dona Koerner             Nick & Helen Rothery        Canterbury Woods
Gerard & Kathy Dache        Greg Kohlhaas                   John & Lisa Rzepka               Elementary School PTA
Joel & Carol Dahnke         Howard & Sherri Kohr            Eric & Debra Scheider       Comfort & Joy Wellness Spa
James & Gail Dalberg        A. Komendantor                  John & Adrienne             Dr. Laurence Murphy
Francisco Dallmeier &       Donna & Jim Konigsberg               Schumacher             Dr. Paul Olenym
     Joy Parton             Howard Krawitz                  Bill & Cynthia Schutt       Drs. Wallert & Bagden
Greg & Lilia Darroca        Daniel & Lisa Kubiske           Jim & Kathie Scutt          Fairfax Auto Parts
James & Cindy Davidson      Deborah Larson                  Al & Helen Selgas           Frost Middle School PTA
Debbie & Dave Dexter        Tammy & Jim Laurent             Charles & Jane Seong        Glory Days Grill
Bryan & Michelle Dierkes    John Leggat                     Rick & Chloe Shelby         Hooters of Fairfax
John & Susan DiMaina        Dan & Jean Leonard              Yutao Shen                  Hopsfrog Tavern
John DiTieri                Frank & Linda Leonard           Marilyn & Tim Sitts         Judith Wonus
Martey Dodoo                Paul & Julia Leslie             N. Shaw & JoMarie           Main Street Shell
Patrick & Carol Driscoll    Leo & Kitsie Letalik                 Griesgraber            Med-First
David & Lucy Dube           George & Margaret Lidster       John Sollosi                Oak View PTA
Paul Duvall                 Peter & Helene Longden          Adrian & Dawn Stanton       Potomac Nationals
Jim & Clare Evans           Pam & Glenn Lorenz              Lynn Stanton-Hoyle          Sisterhood of Olam Tikvah
TA & Pam Fischer            Yue Kong & Yuk Mui Louie        Meg & Mark Stofko           St Matthew's Methodist
Don & Dana Fitzgerald       Jim & Dottie Lydon              Ravi Subramanyam                 Church
Dave & Debbie Fogg          Jane Mack                       Richard & Jane Taylor       Subway
Carole & John Fredrickson   Dave & Margie Madsen            Brent & Susan Thalacker     Supervisor Sharon Bulova
Nagesh & Shobha             Beth Mailand                    Dick & Margaret Thaxton     Tessie Wilson
     Gadamsetty             Julia Margulies                 Hank Thomassan              The Carol Greco Group

                                              Cavalier Chronicles 9
           Student Services Watch
                                         Student Services Director – Carol Mallory
Ms. Shelly Buckingham A - CHAM   Ms. Camille Morrone HOH – LEA Ms. Amy Hubbard       RI – THA
Ms. Earline Wilson    CHAN – FAN Ms. Tish Marshall   LEB – MOY Ms. Nancy Morris      THE – Z
Mr. Grady Ford       FAO – HOG Ms. Denise Park       MOZ – RH  Ms. Beverly Chestnutt Center Students
Congratulations to the students selected to attend the                please make requests for course changes in writing to Carol
Governor’s Schools. These are residential summer programs             Mallory, director of Student Services. Mrs. Mallory will make
held on college campuses throughout the Commonwealth to               course changes only for exceptional reasons after June 24.
provide outstanding students the opportunity to enrich their
“remarkable talents in diverse and meaningful ways.” Students         As you plan for the end of the school year, please be aware
were chosen via a competitive application process. We                 that in high school the first day a student may take a pre-
congratulate the following students on their selection.               arranged absence to end his/her school year early is May
                                                                      28, 2008. Pre-arranged absences will not be approved for
Priscila Borba, French                                                vacations. Please submit a parent-signed letter to Carol
Katherine Bruner, Spanish                                             Mallory, Director of Student Services, at least two weeks
Nicole DiAntonio, Russian                                             before the requested last day of school, clearly stating the
Ariel Gibberman, Humanities                                           reason for the request. Final exams may have to be arranged
Marta Hansen, Humanities                                              during the summer for students ending the school year early.
Agnes Kim, Spanish
Diana Kim, Agriculture and Life Sciences                              Family Connections is now available on the parent
Olga Korostelina, Humanities                                          blackboard site. This is a very helpful tool when researching
So Eun Lee, Visual and Performing Arts                                colleges with your student. Summer is also a time to explore
Crystal Lu, Agriculture and Life Sciences                             some college possibilities. Family Connections provides an
Jane Miller, French                                                   invaluable tool when trying to match a student’s profile with
Brendan Rice, Visual and Performing Arts                              the profile of the college. Please have your student help you
Tae Hoon Yoon, Latin                                                  navigate to some of the scattergrams to help you get an up to
                                                                      date picture of the GPA and SAT scores of WTW students
                                                                      who have been accepted or denied admission to college.
Encore, the Summer School Booklet, is available online and
by hard copy in the counseling office. Registration begins            The College Planning Packet is being handed out in eleventh
May 12 and ends June 24. There is no late or on-site                  grade English classes during the week of May 16. There are
registration this year. Personal checks are not accepted and all      three parts to this packet: your student’s self assessment, your
students must have their counselor sign the registration              parent responses, and your student’s activity record
form. Students can qualify for reduced tuition only by                (resume). Seniors will be meeting their counselors in
qualifying for free or reduced lunch. Classes fill quickly and        September to clarify the application process. Counselors
courses will close when they reach capacity. Please register          would appreciate packets back by the end of this school year if
early and remember to have your student’s counselor sign the          possible so that they can get a head start on writing college
registration form.                                                    recommendations. If that is not possible, early September
                                                                      would be a great second choice date.
Students who plan to take a summer course for WTW
credit at a site other than through FCPS must complete a              Many of you have asked about the NCAA Clearinghouse. This
Request Form for Transfer Credit before the end of the school         is an online application that the student completes and then
year. The form is available in the counseling office (E33).           brings to the counselor’s office the two forms which the
                                                                      NCAA Clearinghouse provides to be printed and sent in with
The last day to request a change in your student’s course             the transcripts.
selection for the 2008-2009 school year is June 24, the last
contract day for counselors. Please do not leave an email or          Summer is almost here, and those of you with students who
phone message for counselors after June 24. Please review             don’t have plans for the summer should consider encouraging
with your students the schedule that will come home the end           your student to volunteer. Volunteering can be fun, and we
of May. If you find an error, or your student needs to make a         encourage the students to pick some interest and volunteer in
change, please have the student contact the counselor.                that area. Mrs. Ishii has a list of volunteer activities and
Remember: June 24 is the last day for changes. During July,           numbers to call.

                                                        Cavalier Chronicles 10
                                   Woodson Athletics
Sports Physicals offered                                              W. T. Woodson Athletic Boosters:
at Woodson on June 10                                                 CAPITAL CAMPAIGN program
                                                                      In conjunction with the Renovation, the Athletic Boosters
 The Sports Medicine staff will conduct physicals at Woodson
                                                                      have launched a three-year Capital Campaign program to raise
on Tuesday, June 10, 5pm to 8pm. Physicals will be
comprehensive, will complete the requirement for the VHSL             $1.5 million. The funds will support WTW athletic programs
physical required for participation in athletics in Virginia, and     so that they may keep pace with the latest technology and
are good for the entire 2008-2009 school year. The cost is $40        promote the highest level of competition by further enhancing
per student; checks can be made payable to WT Woodson                 our athletic facilities, equipment, and programs. This will not
Boosters. Athletes must bring their VHSL physical forms with          only benefit Woodson students, but also those in the Woodson
pages 1, 2 & 4 completed and signed by a parent/guardian.             community who utilize many of the athletic facilities. The
These forms can be picked up in the Activities Office or found        program has already purchased and installed mats for the
online at Students will also need to wear athletic      cheer/gymnastic/dance room, a new softball scoreboard,
clothing and running shoes. Please pre-register at
                                                                      equipment for the new weight room scheduled to open in Select “click
to pre-register.” You will receive a confirmation email within 24     September, and an indoor batting cage for the softball and
hours. Walk-ins also accepted and all are welcome, so please          baseball teams. Among the major purchases we intend to
spread the word. Use entrance #2. All money raised goes               make with the proceeds from the Capital Campaign are new
directly to support the Woodson Athletic Training Program.            scoreboards (stadium, main gym, baseball); Bermuda grass,
Contact Kelly Fickes,                          land grading, and sprinkler systems for baseball and softball
                                                                      fields; synthetic turf field for the main stadium; and a certified
CREW:                                                                 outdoor track. Here are some of the ways you can help:
At the Ted Phoenix Regatta on May 3, the Woodson Crew
Freshmen Boy’s Eight won the Gold and qualified for the               1) Participate in the Matching Contribution Campaign. A
SRAA National Championships. Freshmen Girls came in 5th in            family whose children participated in Woodson athletic
their finals, and our novice Men’s boat 4th in their heat.            programs has donated $25,000 to the Capital Campaign
                                                                      effort. Because of their belief in this program the family has
At the VSRC Championships on May 10, Woodson entered
seven boats. In our events, all our boats proceeded through
                                                                      also pledged to match dollar for dollar all donations which are
heats to either Finals or Petites, an accomplishment we believe       made to the Capital Campaign by parents and alumni through
few other teams can boast. This is a remarkable achievement           October 2008 up to an additional $25,000 donation.
in that in some events there were as many as 24 competitors.          Information regarding this program is available on the Booster
Regrettably, however, only one boat medaled. The Men’s                section of the web site, and it will be
Lightweight Eight won the Silver medal placing second in              updated throughout the year. You can make your (tax
Finals. That brings our “medal count” for the 2008                    deductible) check out to: W.T. Woodson Athletic Boosters
Championship Series to 18 with one championship trophy.               and send to : 9525 Main Street , Fairfax , Va. 22031-4099.
Four boats qualified for the SRA National Championships:
Boy’s Lightweight Eight; Girl’s Junior Eight; Boy’s Senior Four;
                                                                       2) Buy Services from Contributing Companies. Verizon has
and the Boy’s Junior Four. That makes five boats (including the       offered to help support this Capital Campaign program by
Boy’s Freshmen Eight) that will be going to Oakridge, TN, a           making a contribution for each item ordered of a Verizon
significant accomplishment for your team.                             broadband or entertainment service (also known as
                                                                      FIOS). This program has already resulted in Verizon donating
                                                                      over $1,700 in recent months. All you need to do is call 1-
Cavalier Charge Golf Tournament                                       888-695-5299 and provide the Booster's tracking code which
                                                                      is: 1089. HB Services (764-0498) a long time booster
After careful consideration it has been decided to move
                                                                      sponsor, has offered to help support this Capital Campaign
the annual Cavalier Charge Golf Tournament to a Fall 2008
                                                                      program by making a contribution of $50 for each new order
date. It was felt a June date might create too many conflicts
                                                                      of four or more windows placed by a Woodson family.
(e.g., Cavalier cruise, graduation, etc.) for those who would
normally wish to participate in, or donate items to, the              The Campaign would like to acknowledge and thank the
tournament. Therefore, the golf tournament will be held in late       companies and families that have contributed so far, including
September or early October at a facility in Northern Virginia.        but not limited to Case Design and Donald Strehle on behalf
Information regarding the tournament will be provided in              of BB&T Bank. BB&T has donated $5,000 and pledged an
the Cavalier Chronicles, the WEmail, and online in the                additional $5,000 in each of the next two school years.
Booster section of the Web site
                                                                      Thank you in advance for your support! For any questions
once it becomes available.
                                                                      or offers of support, please contact the Capital Campaign
                                                                      Chair, Sam King, at

                                                        Cavalier Chronicles 11

                              W.T. Woodson Renovation
                             End of the School Year Report
In each Newsletter this year, we are keeping you updated as to the progress being made with the Renovation, as well as letting you
know of any changes in the expected Renovation schedule. As we close the 2007-2008 school year, I thought it would be a good time
to give you a glimpse of where we are and where we are headed through the summer and into the fall as school opens in September.

UPDATE!!!!! …… UPDATE!!!! ………… UPDATE!!!!


REMINDER: We will loose the Auditorium and the Main Gym during the 2008-2009 school year.

WHERE ARE WE TODAY? Everyone had high expectations as we began this school year; we were all anxious to see what the new
Woodson would offer. The School Administration and the Renovation team worked very hard this year to keep us informed, stay on
schedule, and showcase the finished product.

Milestones Achieved: The following milestone were met by the renovation team and were turned over to the Administration at
various times throughout this school year:

Hallways A & B 100 and 200: They were completed 5 months early and are now in use. New classrooms for Math, English, Social
Studies, Special Education, Language Arts, Students with Physical Disabilities and the WTW TV Station are housed in these
hallways. A partial move took place on April 4 & 5, and the remaining classrooms were to be turned over in mid-April.
Woodson and Frost Bus Lane: Now open, turned over to the school 5 months earlier than expected. Please follow all signage
carefully. This traffic lane is one-way. Please do not try and enter the Woodson Campus from Pickett Rd.

New Science Wing: One of the highlights of the year, it has been in use by students and teachers since Nov. 2007.
Bathrooms: Many new bathrooms have been opened in the new wings; additionally the bathrooms across from the main gym have
been completed and are now in use.

Auxiliary Gym: The gym was completed and turned over to the school in November 2007
Home and Visitor Bleachers: Both the home and visitor bleachers were completed this year.
Concession Stand/Ticket Booth: This new structure is fully operational and has been used during various sports events.
Baseball Field Lighting/Softball Press Box: Have been installed.

Parking Lot lighting: Has been installed in the lots off of Whitacre.

Dance/Cheer/Gymnastics Room: Completed and in use by sports teams.
New Locker Rooms and Showers: The new locker rooms and showers have been installed and are now operational.
Athletic Trainers and Director of Student Affairs Offices: New offices are now in use by both departments.
Lecture Hall: Is now open and is the temporary home of the Woodson library.

Fine Arts Wing: Will be completed in June.

New Administrative Offices/Student Services: Will be completed by the end of June.

Weight Room/Driver Ed Classroom: Will be completed in September.

                                                      Cavalier Chronicles 12
Entrance Tower: Will be completed at the end of June.

Main Stadium Lighting and Press Box: Will be completed by September.

Cafeteria A & B: Will be completed by the end of August.

Library: Is almost completed and will be opened in September.

Auditorium: We will turn the auditorium over to the renovation team at the end of this school year. The expected date of return to the
Fine Arts Department is in late spring of 2009.

Main Gym: We will loose the use of the Main Gym in spring 2009, with expected return date of Sept. 2009.

In May, after the opening of the Fine Arts Wing, Whitacre Road entrance #1 will be closed for curb and gutter installation. Parents
who persist in dropping their students behind the trailers rather than use the Kiss and Ride will not be able to exit onto Whitacre Road
or be allowed in the bus lane to exit onto Pickett Road. Vehicles attempting to drop off students in these and other areas will be
directed to the Kiss and Ride.

Please become familiar with the Kiss and Ride entrance, located beside the DIT fenced parking area from Whitacre Road that leads to
the new tennis courts. The safety of students, rather than the convenience of quick yet often risky drop-offs in random areas around the
parking lots and streets, should be everyone's main consideration. Please use Kiss and Ride for dropping off students in the morning.

Suggestion Box. Don’t forget to let us know what’s working and what’s not as we begin to transition over into the many newly
completed areas of the school. If you have a question or concern about renovations, drop a note into the PTSA Renovation Suggestion
Box just inside the Administration Office. We will work with Principal Yost and the FCPS Renovation Team to answer these concerns
in a timely fashion.

Finally, please do not hesitate to email either of us if you have any questions or concerns about the renovation.

Catherine Potter                    Jim Scutt
PTSA President              Renovation Liaison  

Student Achievements                                                     Musical Events
The English Department announces the results of this year's              The Woodson Orchestra will perform their last concert of
English Department Writing Awards competition. From over                 the year on Tuesday, May 27, at 7pm in the auditorium.
40 entries, the winners are: Ji Min Lee, Freshman class;                 Selections will include “Polivitsian Dances,” Leroy Anderson
Kelly Webster, Sophomore class; Katie Mayfield and Maria                 favorites, and the “Berceuse and Finale” by Stravinsky.
Straight, Junior class; and Tory Jarvis, Senior class.                   Refreshments will be served prior to the concert. It’s free and
Congratulations to these fine young writers!                             open to the public, and no tickets are required. Please come
                                                                         and bring a friend. Contact: Melodie Simms,
DECA International Career Development Conference:
Congratulations to the W.T. Woodson DECA members who
competed at this year’s DECA ICDC in Atlanta,
                                                                         The Woodson Band program will present their spring
Georgia! With thousands of high school competitors, our
                                                                         concert on Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at 7:30 pm. in the
chapter had three students recognized on the national stage:
                                                                         auditorium. Among other works, the Concert Band will
Joe Choi, Jon Conway, and Neil Moynahan. From these
                                                                         perform “Where Never Lark Nor Eagle Flew” by James
three, Joe Choi placed in the second-tier finalist round and is
                                                                         Curnow. The Symphonic Band’s presentation will include
one of fifty Fairfax County competitors holding such a
                                                                         “Gershwin” arranged by Warren Barker.
title! The advisors would like to congratulate all Woodson
DECA members for an extremely successful DECA year!
                                                                         The Woodson Chorus will perform on Wednesday, June 4, at
                                                                         7 pm, also in the auditorium.
To submit information to this newsletter, please send articles and
announcements to The first issue of               Come out and enjoy the talents of Woodson’s award-winning
school year 2008-2009 will be published in early August. Please          singers and instrumentalists!
welcome the incoming Cavalier Chronicles editor, Carole Post.

                                                         Cavalier Chronicles 13

5/26      Memorial Day holiday, no school                   6/08       Baccalaureate, 2 pm, auditorium
5/27      Woodson Orchestra Performance, 7 pm,              6/10       Sports Physicals, WTW Entrance #2, 5-8 pm
              auditorium                                    6/11-16    Underclass exams
5/28      Woodson Band Performance, 7:30 pm,                6/12       Graduation, Robinson, 2:30 pm
              auditorium                                    6/12       Cavalier Cruise All-Night Graduation Party,
5/29-30   SOL make-ups and re-takes                                    Oak Marr Rec Center, 11 pm-5 am
5/30      Senior Awards, 7:30 am, auditorium                6/17       Last day of school!
6/04-09   Senior exams
6/04      Woodson Chorus Concert, 7 pm, auditorium
6/06      Prom, The Waterford at Fair Oaks, 8 pm            Woodson Sports: For competition schedules and other
6/07      SAT testing (not at Woodson)                      information, go to and click

W.T. Woodson High School PTSA
9525 Main Street                                                               NON PROFIT ORG
Fairfax, VA 22031                                                                   US Postage
                                                                                Fairfax, VA 22030
                                                                                   Permit No. 75


                                              Cavalier Chronicles 14